Hello my friends

It’s been quite cold and snowy up this way
and I have had to do a lot of snow blowing
with the snow blowers.  For those that know
not of what a snow blower is,  it’s a machine
that you push through the snow or may be
self propelled in some models,  but you still
have to stand behind and push them as they
with augers and paddles push the snow up
a tube and toss it which ever direction you
choose to clear a path.  They can be quite
taxing on an old man like me,  but they’re
better than having to use a plain old snow
shovel 🙂  Yep,  they’re better,  but they still
wear me out.  Especially when doing during
a blizzard as I did Saturday.  I looked like
a snowman when I was done.  My hair was
completely white with snow and ice.  Judy
took a few pictures of me snow blowing and
of when I was done.  My old camera finally
died so I had to order me another one and
it should be here by the end of the week, so
until then,  I will be having to use Judy’s
camera which I am not familiar with,  but
it will have to do till possibly Thursday or
Friday if it does not get delayed some place.
I did manage to take a few pictures before
my camera totally kicked the bucket LOL.
I’m gonna have to one day soon get on the
ball and start getting a few more books of
mine published. I have 5 at the moment that
are ready aside from me needing to create
cover photos, front pages and end pages
for the books.  I might start work on them
in the next while,  but no hurry.  I already
have 14 books published 🙂 and now all I
need is for is people to start buying them 🙂
Oh well,  it’s not like I write poetry to make
money.  I have written poetry for well over
5 decades and it’s just something that I do.
It’s a big part of me just like music.  and it
has intensified my passion for photography.
We all need hobbies that we enjoy doing
no matter if we are paid for them or not 🙂
The enjoyment makes it all worth while.
Living life expecting to always be paid in
cash or waiting for a congratulations and
trophy of some kind might end with many
regrets.  The best gift you can get by doing
something that you enjoy is a smile and
a peaceful heart.  I think of Bob Ross
when I think of a peaceful heart.  He so
enjoyed painting,  that I am sure that he
would of painted no matter if he were
on TV or not.  I used to watch him all of
the time and I still to this day watch him
on the Pluto network in the reruns of his
peaceful painting of happy clouds and
happy trees.  I did sort of enjoy clearing
our driveway,  but that was very taxing
on my old body hehehe.  I had to go out
a couple of times last night when the snow
was coming down and snow blow some
paths for the boys to go potty because
the snow was way to deep.  It was up to
my waste.  Yep,  this kind of life is not
for the meek of heart or that don’t like
snow and cold weather LOL.  I actually
prefer it over hot weather.  Summer is
a season that I could do without hehehe.
Of course there are parts of winter that
I could do without as well,  such as the
subzero temps and then the days that
allow the snow to melt a bit and then
refreeze becoming ice making a skating
rink out of our driveway and the roads.
The snow is beautiful even though there
are times I must clear it.  Still I cannot
handle temperatures near or above 80.
I am hot natured in the worst way on
top of the fact my many health issues
make it hard for me to survive the heat.
Although during summer I do manage
to take a few good landscape pictures
and other things.  Anyways,  life goes
on.  Right now we are worried about
our landlord.  He hasn’t been home in
a good while and I think he might have
had an accident.  I called the Houlton
hospital and they said he is not there.
I might check Bangor hospital this
week if I don’t hear from him before.
God has been good to us as we have
encountered trials in the passing days.
We know that He is watching over us
as well as many angels and many kind
spirits that are looking after us.  We
feel blessed.  I reckon it’s time that I
began reading back on all that I have
written here to see I can find a decent
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So
it’s away I go,  to that lil place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have stumbled upon a fairly decent
title near the halfway mark of my
rambling and now after checking I
see that it has not been used yet,  so
used it shall be today.  Here goes…


Looking for a thank you
and searching for praise
might make time seem
like a ocean of waves.
Crashing thereupon you
as expectant falls apart
time can often display
a moment’s broken heart.
So look for the blessings
in things that you do
while not just expecting
a thank you to you.
Find in your heartbeat
a pathway to grow
with God as your guide
in life to and fro.
For when we’re expecting
a pat on the back
we make room for sadness
that fades into black.
Look for the moments
as minutes connecting
found as enjoyment
not always expecting.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 30,  2022

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and maybe even a little bit of my
rambling.  Oh yea,  the other day I had
to get our only neighbor to come and
jump our car off and while he was here
he asked me if I had removed some of
the underpinning on the backside of our
house I said nope,  then he said well it
looks like the last storm may of blown
some of it off.  So Thursday after we
got the car started and drove to town
to buy a new car battery and got back
home,  I took a big piece of paneling
through to deep snow and fixed what
I was able of the underpinning and then
shoved the paneling down up against
the house and then threw some snow up
against it to make sure it stayed there.
It should be good at least until the snow
starts melting LOL.  Then I’ll see about
getting some more underpinning and
fix it correctly or whatever.  Anyways,
that’s all I have for you other that what
I tell you every week and that is I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10
more poems and 22 more haiku for all
of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I do believe it is time for me
to begin searching for that hardly elusive
off switch,  but surely not before I wish
you a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Okey
dokey,  so now where can that ornery
off switch be trying to hide this week?
Hmmmm,  looking in all of the passed
obvious hiding spots 🙂  Now looking
in the not so obvious hiding spots LOL.
I see ya you silly thing.  Trying to hide
behind my spirit box that was given to
me by our grandson Christian for a
Christmas gift.  It’s not really that big
so hiding behind it was not very bright 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
11 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Vision of Words

Country lifestyles
within the trees
become as visions
a moment sees.
Scented as dreams
a passionate view
a vision of words
that seems anew.
Timelessly ticking
as clocks on a wall
the words describe
a time stood tall.
Standing as sights
that live on and on
a vision of words
as a scenic song.
Sung of a moment
a passionate sight
words in a rhythm
of a day and night.
Seconds multiply
to a song of birds
seen as a blessing
a vision of words.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2022

Living on Dreams

Dreamt up illusions
in a lonely mind
become a doorway
to a point in time.
A place of memories
you memorized well
now but a dream
in a memoirs hotel.
Paid up for lifetimes
as you dream away
of a time and place
a wondrous display.
A long winding road
may hold the views
as living on dreams
might surely infuse.
Creating a pathway
a journey of hearts
dreams find a way
a blessing imparts.
Found in a picture
times photograph
dreams continue on
as shadows to cast.
Becoming roadways
to so many things
this is what’s known
as living on dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2022

Shining Bright

Thoughts emotions
timeless views
might shine bright
in daily news.
Scenes of seasons
journeys trails
might become our
times details.
Seeming as endless
guiding the way
the sun of moments
displays a day.
It may be but only
a time or two
seeming as a dream,
yet an older view.
Snow of a moment
might become
merely reflections
of the shining sun.
It might expose
an afternoon sight
a scenic dream
shining bright.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2022

Flowers of Life

Living for the time
embracing a dream
might formulate
a free flowing scene.
Time as a flower
blooming of desire
living as a breath
upon a high wire.
Struggling balance
of our every step
as flowers blooming
so often inept.
We strive for style
that’s me and you
flowers of life
that the others view.
They may not see
what’s living within
God given beauty
or where we’ve been.
They may only see
a husband or wife
and not the sight
of flowers of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2022

Standing in Waves

Time rolling inwards
creates a turnstile
that seems as waves
the seconds compile.
Stood and awaiting
for time to roll in
waves of emotions
surely transcend.
Creating the ripples
of a scenic allure
while they so calmly
form a seasonal tour.
Waters reflecting
as a living cuisine
while we’re standing
in a timeless dream.
Echoes of nature
that remind of years
create the moments
a heartbeat endears.
Passion is flowing
as an ocean engraves
footsteps splashing
standing in waves.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 26,  2022

Kneeling in White

Looking all around
while in the snow
places and faces
may seem to grow.
Displaying ventures
in a wintery view
while kneeling down
in a time so anew.
Recording memories
of a time and place
as that of a child
I surely embrace.
Remembering times
that echo of dreams
kneeling in white
in wintertime scenes.
Seeming a window
this time long ago
that I visualize
in seasonal snow.
It might be illusion
this magical sight
a child long ago
kneeling in white.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 26,  2022

Railroad Tracks

Journeys thoughts
begin a phase
minds of moments
so many ways.
Seeming scented
times compile
on railroad tracks
a journey’s mile.
Passing segments
snow of white
the railroad tracks
create a sight.
Becoming stories
blessings divine
the railroad tracks
create a time.
Written moments
become seen
as the tracks
within a dream.
Time is pathways
living details
the railroad tracks
of cold steel rails.
Just like a book
of times abstracts
our life continues
as railroad tracks.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 27,  2022

Yesterday’s Past

Time is a moment
a counted array
that is of echoes
of yesterday’s day.
Seasons of sights
become memories
yesterday’s past
as deep blue seas.
Seen as an ocean
yesterday’s trials
become as dreams
of so many miles.
Sunlight shining
creates and forms
times of the mind
a season adorns.
Often as pictures
time once attained
maybe of winter
seasons acclaimed.
Spoken as seconds
shadows to cast
future meets now
in yesterday’s past.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 27,  2022

Heart of Winter

Memories minutes
become a view
as time displays
an awesome hue.
A scenic stage
becomes a dream
as heart of winter
a magical scene.
Essence of Heaven
a scenic delight
displays a window
so wintery white.
God sent blessings
that surely breathe
as that of a heart
moments conceive.
Providing scenery
sent from above
as heart of winter
so full of love.
Giving emotions
as an icy splinter
turning to beauty
heart of winter.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 28,  2022

Moments Breath

Seconds surround
as minutes pass
giving a breath
as moments amass.
Conjoining scenes
become as views
creating dreams
as moments infuse.
Forming thoughts
prayerful designs
moments breath
seeming as rhymes.
Echoes of beauty
become a smile
often breathing
as seconds compile.
With a heartbeat
one may express
all of their love
in moments breath.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 28,  2022

for Jan 29,  2022

Pointless arguments
about silly things in life
can cause a divorce.

Beyond our choices
lives the pathways life gives us
that we must accept.

Time’s necessity
forms journeys we must travel
where we need to be.

Opening doorways
that should never be opened
can lead to trouble.

Living in silence
words can find ways to enter
and live in your mind.

Beyond what we see
there might be many moments
we’ve yet understood.

Scenes from poor eyesight
might look a little blurry
so seek a good view.

Living for a time
can become a waited loss
if time never comes.

Seeking for a dream
can display many versions
some good and some bad.

Life of an oak tree
can become shade for a day
or for a lifetime.

Tomorrow’s journeys
may need begun with a thought
of what path to choose.

Scents of a candle
can fool many that smell it,
but taste they have not.

Living on the edge
can often cause you to fail
due to lack of room.

Finding time to breathe
in the middle of a storm
needs you to pray first.

Heaven sent pathways
might have a few holes within
to make you stronger.

Changing a tire
you only fix what that rolls
and not the engine.

The answers we find
might be filled with more questions
to seek answers for.

Years become shadows
of our moments existence
so make them the best.

Moments without words
can become loudest of all
as actions will speak.

Cherished memories
are often of silliness
that we remember.

Yesterdays of life
might be filled with much regret
as we moved too fast.

Time is an ocean
with waves that may become rogue
and catch us off guard.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 29,  2022

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