Hither and There


Hello my friends

The weather has been fairly nice temperature
wise.  Although it seems to have rained every
other day.  I did manage to get most of my
mowing done though,  before it rained again.
Our neighbor Bernard came out and we had
a friendly little chat.  It was nice talking to
him.  I’ll miss them when they move.  He has
helped me many times with snow blowing as
well as mowing when I was unable to do it
myself.  I’ve always tried to do my best to
return the favor.  I mowed the back of their
house when I was doing ours Saturday.  It’s
what good neighbors do.  Bernard is a few
years older than me,  but he’s in little better
 health than I am. His wife is not in all that
good of health and so she stays inside most
of the time.   Anyways,  we will miss them.
Well if ya haven’t noticed yet,  I am writing
my journal on the regular day this time and
not Saturday,  being there are no plans for
today 🙂  So here I sit rambling on about all
that I can recall of our escapades of the
past few days.  Last Sunday we had a great
visit with Christian.  He said he might come
again in a couple of weeks.  We had a nice
visit with Helena (his mom) when she came
to pick him up Monday.  Yep,  we had a
great visit.  That was the most excitement
we’ve had around here for a while,  which
doesn’t say much for our activities hehehe.
We did go to Walmart Tuesday for sodas
and then Thursday I did a little mowing
when Judy headed to town for her doctor
appointment.  My vertigo was kicking my
butt too LOL.  I was worn out by trying
to stay standing while I mowed hehehe.
I did though manage to get a lot done,
but not near what I had wanted to do 🙂
so Friday I got back out and did some
more,  but it seems my vertigo took a
little break and let me mow quite a bit
this time.  Then Saturday,  Judy and I
went back to Walmart to pick up a few
things we forgot to get on Tuesday and
then we took a little drive to the Houlton
Farms Dairy bar and got some ice cream.
I got me a hot fudge sundae and Judy
got an upside-down banana split.  It was
a good day to do so and when we got
home I made the decision to finish up
with the mowing or at least all that my
old body would allow me to do hehehe.
Bernard told me not worry about the
rest of it,  because he’d take care of it 🙂
I’m thankful that my vertigo has given
me a break.  It was hard to get around
while trying to keep my balance.  There’s
not much else to tell you about our little
ventures hither and there.  Our boy/dog
Rocky is doing well.  He’s as ornery as
ever.  He still wakes us up when he thinks
we should be getting up LOL.  He feels
that he must come and tell me goodnight
every night.  He is so sweet.  God is still
watching over us as are the many angels
that He has sent and kindly spirits that
are with us daily.  I do wish that I was
in better health and we had the finances
to travel to Texas,  but at the moment
due to my health and gas prices,  it is
not going to happen at least not any
time soon.  I’m sure that when we are
to travel that God will intervene and
give us a way.  In the mean time,  we’ll
just continue loving one another and
finding the joy in life.  Thank You
God,  for always loving us and giving
us what we need to make it another day.
We are so very thankful for all that You
have done for us and all that we’re sure
that You will do.  AMEN and AMEN.
Now I do believe I need to be reading
back over all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that
I always call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found me a decent
title near the halfway mark within my
rambling and now after checking,  I
see that it has not been used yet,  so
used it shall be.  Here goes…

Hither and There

Minds of a moment
may stroll thereabout
pathways of choices
in ways and out.
We might see things
seeming as illusions
in hither and there
creating confusions.
Time might be stages
of ages deception
needing our choices
to seek a correction.
Changing our views
in how we perceive
the hither and there
that we now believe.
Sometimes people
get locked in a view
not seeing what all
that’s really so true.
Look within hearts
and see what grows
that’s not just flesh
the moment bestows.
Find the blessings
and answers to prayer
found within people
of hither and there.

©By Bill Pearce
May 22, 2022

Okie dokie,  there ya go.  I hope you liked
the poem and maybe even my rambling 🙂
I hear thunder outside our window which
means,  we’re soon to get some rain or we
might even be getting it as I sit here writing
to you LOL.  With the fan on in here it sort
of hinders the sound of rain unless it comes
down like it did last night,  in buckets LOL.
Well,  I reckon I’ve told you all there is to
tell other than what I tell you nearly every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like.  Now with that
said,  I do believe it’s time for me to begin
searching for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a blessings filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Alrighty then,  now where can that
ornery off switch be trying to hide this time?
LOL Something tells me that it’s afraid of
thunder,  because I hear my aspirin bottle
rattling and now I can even see it leaning
against the bottle hehehe.  Are ya scared?
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Momentary Places

We may often recall
timeless cuisines
as many reflections
seeming as dreams.
They might become
as a living memoir
written within mind
as a timeless star.
A weathered place
that life unveils
in a moment’s time
of a heart’s details.
Found in a season
as a dreamer’s view
that one day was
a moment so new.
We may remember
some smiling faces
found within time’s
momentary places.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2022


Living as a breath
time continues on
so often repeating
a really sad song.
One without words
as the music plays
filling a threshold
in so many ways.
Look deep within
and find the words
flying within you
as a flock of birds.
Let God show you
blessings of time
found in a prayer
a fragrant design.
Let life to bloom
a heavenly sight
one that lives on
within God’s light.
Let anger become
as lessons to learn
found in a prayer
a life to discern.
Open your heart
a let in God’s care
fulfilled so truly
found in a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2022

Echoes of Mind

Windows of ages
form in our eyes
as time becomes
all we memorize.
Scenic reflections
mirrors of style
so many moments
may then compile.
Forming a scene
as dreams so true
echoing stardust
in a season’s view.
There may be life
of a distant array
searching around
for another day.
One with essence
of a story to tell
found as an echo
of a wishing well.
Leaves might be
as a point in time
displaying colors
as echoes of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
May 17,  2022

Warm Embrace

Cold of winter
snow that fell
becomes many
stories to tell.
Scenes so white
as clouds above
warm embrace
as timeless love.
Our memories
might become
a time and place
said and done.
As life and love
come into view
a heart recalls
the old and new.
Many dreams,
a smiling face
that gave life
a warm embrace.

©By Bill Pearce
May 17,  2022


Entwined in time
the past might be
sights and sounds
of our history.
Winters so white
as stories prevail
becoming essence
of a scenic detail.
Living as a breath
of a time and place
life is enveloped
in a timeless taste.
Echoes mirrored
reflecting a day
as heartbeats beat
from day unto day.
Remembering love
within but a time
as painted pictures
inside of the mind.
Sight comes alive
as timeless hues
enveloped within
choices we choose.

©By Bill Pearce
May 18,  2022

Seeming as Paint

Passing a moment
might leave a trace
of a home faraway
and a smiling face.
It may seem as art
this timeless scene
painted in a way
it seems a dream.
Though it may be
a mere photograph
of a scented aroma
found in the past.
Grasses of green
and a sky of blue
can emulate scenes
of a timeless hue.
We might imagine
an old rustic style
a house and barn
that dons a smile.
The mere moment
might grow faint
but yet live on
seeming as paint.

©By Bill Pearce
May 18,  2022

Life is Found

Greenest of hues
that time displays
become so alive
in wondrous ways.
Seasons transform
moments in time
into that of magic
a scenic design.
Minds may recall
a seasonal flair
that life is found
as a breath of air.
Doors are opened
windows are too
giving springtime
a wonderful view.
We might not see
the changes made,
but later may find
life’s lemonade.
Passing of phases
may then astound
with opened eyes
true life is found.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20,  2022

Flower of Hope

Now gives a chance
to change our hue
in words we say
and things we do.
Now is a moment
as a breath of air
giving us hopeful
in a daily prayer.
Just like a flower
we show our style
as day after day
seconds compile.
Minutes are gained
as time ticks on
as a flower of hope
sings a sweet song.
Singing of beauty
that God provides
we can become
where peace abides.
A place of hopeful
a place of peace
heartbeats beating
a loving increase.
Let God’s blessings
wash you as soap
and then create
a flower of hope.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20,  2022

Sky of Thought

Sometimes a view
becomes many things
as clouds overhead
create many scenes.
Living times emotions
created in the skies
become as a doorway
welcoming our eyes.
We might discover
a place we remember
in a sky of thought
as a burning ember.
It might show signs
of ones moved on
or times remembered
of a distant dawn.
Many of our dreams
are as clouds of time
floating on becoming
sights in our mind.
Scenes as seasons
of a little or a lot
might live on and on
in a sky of thought.

©By Bill Pearce
May 20,  2022

Envisioned Style

Life paints pictures
in a scenic array
envisioned by many
in dreams one day.
As a season of snow
that shadows cast
so many dream of
the future and past.
Envisioning artwork
on a canvas of white
as Christmas dreams
such a magical sight.
Heartfelt moments
that so many dream
become envisioned
as a tasty cuisine.
Snowflake blessings
of a wintery day
disperse paintings
of an awesome array.
Creating doorways
and windows to view
that ones envision
as life all anew.
Forming an essence
as a scenic smile
found within time
an envisioned style.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21,  2022

for May 21,  2022

Looking too closely
at the problems in our life
we might suffocate.

Seconds and minutes
become connected in time
creating chances.

Illusions of life
might be wanted deceptions
that we bring in view.

Patterns proceeded
might only be copycats
trying to be liked.

Many of our views
might be clouded by our minds
not knowing the facts.

Sheltered from a storm
you might not see the troubles
until you’re exposed.

Versatile people
might show many qualities
but not so perfect.

Today gives chances
to break yesterday’s pattern
and create anew.

The winds of our minds
might blow briskly with a breeze,
but yet be useless.

Allowing others
to tell you who you should be,
loses who you are.

Challenges in life
help us to become stronger
and learn from the past.

Within a moment
holds many choices to make
and chances to take.

The windows of time
are as doorways to travel
while using our mind.

Praying for others
gives many prayers in return
of how you’re praying.

Some forget others
when the good times come in view
and do for themselves.

Changes within us
might not be seen by others
until they’re exposed.

Forever mindsets
create their own perception
of what today is.

Limitless pathways
can come across our journey
and we might still fail.

Holding to the truth
and not letting the liars win
you’ll find the answers.

Above and beyond
what we do and do not do
there are lessons learned.

Searching for a friend
amidst a group of actors
you might find a fake.

With but just a breath
you can make someone to smile
amidst their sadness.

©By Bill Pearce
May 21,  2022

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