The Birds


Hello my friends

I hope the heat has not melted you too much.
It’s even a lil bit warm up this ways,  but not
too bad.  Saturday had a high 85 and it’s the
same for today,  but at the moment it’s a bit
higher than that.  My weather program says
that it’s 86 F degrees,  but starting tomorrow
the temp’s supposed to drop to the mid 70’s.
In any sense,  we’re camping in front of the
air conditioner LOL.  There’s nothing that’s
needing done outside today 🙂  Yeppers, we’re
staying inside and staying cool.  Judy’s been
busy crocheting anything she can and she’s
gotten pretty good at it.  I of course am still
doing my boring poetry pictures that nobody
wants to read LOL.  Writing creating them
helps me to keep my sanity whether anybody
reads them or not hehehe.  Although I’m sure
there are many that enjoy them 🙂  Next topic.
Actually it’s pretty much the same as always
here at the Pearce’s Place.  Last Thursday
we went to town and got us each a pizza
from Pizza Hut and they fed us for 3 days
as we only eat like 2 to 3 slices of pizza a
day.  So,  they are cheap dinners,  but being
that we ate the last of our pizzas last night,
we will have to figure out something to fix
for dinner tonight LOL.  I’m sure that we’ll
think of something.   We always do 🙂  So,
what else is there to talk about?  I ordered
me some more T shirts being many of mine
are old and ripping or the fact that I have
out grown them hehehe gut wise,  but most
of them are just old.  Yes I do most of my
non grocery shopping on the internet.  I can
often find better deals there that I can’t find
in our local Walmart or other stores.   The
cold of winter has left us to not return until
October or maybe even September 🙂  Yep,
summer is a short lived epidemic up here 🙂
and I like that.  Of course heating oil has
gone up a whole lot,  but we’re hoping and
praying that it goes down before winter gets
here.  Oh well,  I reckon we’ll survive one
way or another.  We live such an exciting
life hehehe.  It’s looking as though all the
birds that were in the bird house outside
have flown the coop.  The baby’s learned
how to fly.  We might put up yet another
bird house or 2 for birds to make homes
in.  The birds had gotten used to us and
poked their heads out and let us to take
their pictures.  Our little boy/dog Rocky
is doing well.  He hates the heat as well 🙂
So we all stay camped out in the computer
room.  It’s the coolest room in the house
and when we go to bed I aim the AC to
where it splits the vents to the bedroom
and the computer room and then have
a fan in the bedroom that blows the cold
air from the computer room into the
bedroom.  LOL hey,  it works.  I can’t
let the computer room get too hot or the
computers will fry.  It happened one time
long ago and I’m doing all I that I can
to prevent it from ever happening again.
Thankfully we only have a few days of
summertime heat in the 80’s and a bit
a above.  Most of our summers are in
the mid 70’s  thank God or I wouldn’t
be able to do much outside and I like to
take pictures.  We’re planning on taking
the drone out that Judy gave me for a
Christmas present and giving it a little
test flight and see how many times that
we crash it LOL.  Neither of us has ever
flown a drone or flown anything for that
matter hehehe.  Yep,  I’m not psychic or
anything,  but I see many crashes in the
drones future hehehe.  Oh well,  Judy
said it didn’t cost that much.  If we get
a little enjoyment from it,  that’s great.
It has a camera on it so we can take a
few pictures in flight if we don’t crash
it first and break the camera Hahaha.
We’ll have to keep it flying low until
we sort of get then hang of it.  Anyway,
that’s our plans.  God is still watching
over us.  We can feel His presence with
us as well as many angels and kindly
spirits that watch over us and help us
when needed.  We’ve most surely been
blessed to have each other and to be
able to share our experiences in life.
We’ve had good times and bad times,
but it’s the bad times that make the
good times to shine.  Thank You God
for never giving up on us and never
wavering in Your ways.  You are our
hope and love for the future.  AMEN.
Now I do believe it’s time for me to
be reading back on all I have written
to see if I can find me a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found me a decent title near the
center of my rambling and now after
checking I see that it’s not been used,
so used it shall be.  Here goes

The Birds

The days and weeks
that fly on by
might leave echoes
of when and why.
Thinking of times
we let fall away
as birds that fly
to yet another day.
We need to seek
the blue sky above
with eyes of hope
and Godly love.
Look on beyond
the now and again
and find the best
within the wind.
Seek the beauty
beyond ones words
and find the joy
just like the birds.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 26,  2022

There ya go.  I hope you liked to poem and
maybe even a little of my rambling hehehe.
So what else is there to tell ya?  Well please
continue to keep my friend Sara W in your
prayers.  She is not doing well. I guess that’s
all I have for you other than what I tell you
nearly every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more
poems and 22 more haiku for all the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find 1 or
2 of either or both that you like.  Now with
that said,  I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search for that hardly elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you all a wonderful
blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Okey dokey so
where can that ornery off switch be trying
to hide this time.  So far,  it seems its been
rather lazy in the hiding department LOL.
Hmm,  Searching old hiding spots and the
ones that were not hiding spots.  Where
can that silly thing be?  LOL doing a lil
climbing today huh.  I saw you peaking
around the top of the little statuette that
some of our previous neighbors gave us
that says,  “I think you’re nice” 🙂  Yep,
I saw ya cresting the top of it hahahaha.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Dreamers Boudoirs

Sentimental dreams
of a time’s location
can become a sight
of our eyes vacation.
Scented of emotion
the places we recall
become a boudoir
in a timeless wall.
Windows exposing
times and places
often as reflections
a heart embraces.
Seasons transfixing
on window frames
dreamers boudoirs
with many names.
Textures unleashing
a season of stars
living as heartbeats
dreamers boudoirs.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2022

Sentimental Stage

Life becomes recorded
deep in our minds
often as a time frame
of wondrous designs.
Seeming as a dream
sentimental is a breeze
time is a doorway
within our memories.
We may for a moment
see time run away
becoming a reflection
of a distant day.
Recollecting a pet
or a friendly face
becomes as teardrops
our hearts embrace.
Remember the times
and smiles of age
while letting them live
in a sentimental stage.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 20,  2022

Ode To June

Time draws near
as June’s soon gone
becoming memories
often sung as a song.
June has emotions
that become designs
synchronizing ages
to live in our minds.
The green of a field
or blue sky above
textured with clouds
that are full of love.
Seeming as painted
the artwork reveals
June in its essence
with scenic appeals.
Time then becomes
as a musical tune
sung as a moment
I call ode to June.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 21,  2022

Advancing Echoes

Looking ahead
the road may seem
as just but an echo
of a passing scene.
A blue sky of time
might form a sight
as a cloudy essence
a wintertime white.
There might be life
of a different array
seen as a passage
in a magical way.
Mysterious stages
are set up in time
as that of blessings
seeming so divine.
So many see them
as a passing frame
becoming echoes
of time so insane.
Look for the joy
in all that bestows
heavenly blessings
advancing echoes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 21,  2022

Illusionary Sky

Life is perplexing
as pages are turned
a book of illusions
our eyes discerned.
Seasonal grandeur
becomes fantasies
scented of grasses
with a living breeze.
Seeming a window
that creates views
times so illusionary
might then infuse.
Life’s living stories
words in the wind
become as blessings
moments transcend.
Timeless perception
unleashes a smile
growing prospering
a seasonal style.
Heartbeats beating
help seconds to fly
living in breezeways
of illusionary sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2022

Dreams of The Past

Snowscapes of time
create many things
loved ones of life
within winter scenes.
The sight of a heart
that beats of love
evolves in dreams
from high up above.
Dreams of the past
that shadows unveil
come full of stories
so timeless to tell.
Remembering life
as times history
a dream of design
now wishing to see.
It brings me a smile
that shall surely last
thinking of the love
dreams of the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 22,  2022

Tomorrows Become

Thresholds beginnings
become as the miles
that moments display
as certain styles.
Seeming as the tracks
to a distant array
our tomorrows in life
might seem as today.
The very same rails
leading to memories
as pathways conjoined
as a distant breeze.
Blowing the same way
as a time long ago
the tomorrows become
as a repeated flow.
Traveling mindsets
still holding to a few
many will carry on
the way that they do.
Don’t let reflections
to become as a drum
beating of the misery
as tomorrows become.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2022

Glimmer as Gold

Held as a memory
time can unfold
ages of reflections
of days of the old.
Scenery enhanced
as a timeless view
shining so brightly
as moments anew.
Remembering life
as a distant dream
can create stardust
a magical scene.
Sunshine beckons
with a little style
displaying sights
showing its smile.
Waters may ripple
of young and old
giving an essence
a glimmer as gold.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 23,  2022

Troublesome Flows

So many problems
flow as a river
becoming senseless
that times deliver.
Troublesome sights
of now and then
become the echoes
the waters begin.
Flowing as anger
and flowing as hate
time becomes alive
and our daily trait.
Listen to the water
as it flows through
and let it become
peace within you.
Living in the mind
as a peaceful rose
and not letting in
troublesome flows.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 24,  2022

Dreamers Fantasy

Life’s a storybook
written within time
that seems magical
in scenes so divine.
Pages upon pages
of words in a way
written in grasses
of a cloudy array.
Stages are entailed
as ages of scenes
artistically found
timeless dreams.
Forming illusions
creating a path
storybooks telling
future and past.
A sweet sky of blue
that clouds entwine
becomes as a story
living in the mind.
Enveloping a heart
in a classic style
opening windows
showing a smile.
The grasses of life
may be concealed
waiting to be then
moments revealed.
Creating mirrors
reflected desires
minds remember
time acquires.
Doorways of time
may surely become
as fantastic dreams
of a new day’s sun.
Each scene of life
is real clear to see
for it’s become as
dreamers fantasy.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 24,  2022

for Jun 25,  2022

Then’s a memory
that becomes a reflection
as time moves along.

Patience is gathered
as impatience is beaten
allowing a breath.

Challenging others
for what you know little of
can show you a fool.

Temptations of life
can create many problems
if we don’t resist.

Travels remembered
become as the memories
found when disabled.

Waterless rivers
are as minds without thinking
becoming deserts.

Lost within moments
seconds can become mountains
creating worry.

Stretching your chances
can become thinner in time
leaving slim chances.

Irritations grow
as echoes of history
dig into our mind.

Our blessings in life
become the best memories
when troubles are near.

Thought creates hopeful
if we let God to help us
and we don’t give up.

Yesterdays of life
become as lessons to learn
or times to repeat.

Storybook settings
of seasonal memories
can create a smile.

Yearning for things
that are not truly needed
can envelop you.

The changes in life
might be filled with confusion
that creates a storm.

Living for moments
could leave you in much despair
as time takes its toll.

When guarding your heart
you might prevent the goodness
from entering in.

Seconds and minutes
become as our reflections
when hours multiply.

A distant sunrise
can awaken the flowers
and make them to bloom.

Deep beneath a lie
holds the truth of a moment
awaiting to be seen.

The passing breezes
that cool down a summer’s day
are often not felt.

Complaining always
keeps the negative alive
leaving emptiness.

©By Bill Pearce
Jun 25,  2022

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