Not a Clue


Hello my friends

I hope you had a nice weekend.  It was
Ok for us.  Today I had an appointment
with VIP to get new rear brakes  put on
our car as well as 2 new tires and an oil
change.  Yeppers,  it was costly,  but it
needed to be done.  I was there from 10
to 12 noon.  The car stops a lot better
now.   We were going to a cook out at
Judy’s sister Trudy’s house,  but I didn’t
get hardly any sleep and then spending
2 hours at VIP didn’t help,  so when I
got home Judy could tell that I was not
feeling well and asked if I might want
to stay home and I thought it best.  So
she went and Rocky and I are hanging
out together.   I have been thinking of
lying down and trying to get some rest,
but thought I would do a little writing
on this first.  I’ve been blanking out
from time to time,  so I think I might
ought to lay down and rest my eyes in
hopes of getting a few minutes of sleep.
And so with that,  I will be back in a
few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I’m back.  I rested for about 30 minutes
and I feel that I can finish this now 🙂
There really hasn’t been much going on
around here,  but then I did mow a lil
Monday and then do a couple of short
conga drumming videos, then Tuesday
I did a couple more  videos of me on my
conga drums.  Not much went on the
day after that,  but Thursday Judy had
a scheduled stress test in Bangor so I
stayed home with Rocky and Barbara
went down there with her.  We didn’t
see fit to leave Rocky caged up for 7
or more hours  being Bangor is a two
hour drive one way and we had not a
clue to how long the stress test would
take.  Rocky doesn’t do well on long
drives.  Anyways,  Thursday was also
my birthday and when she got home
that evening we went up to Presque
Isle and ate dinner.  I turned 67 LOL.
It sounds like the milk went bad huh!
I turned hehehe.  So yep,  getting older
with each passing year.  Judy’s not too
far behind me.  Just a couple of months
but I still think she’s gorgeous and gets
more gorgeous with each passing day.
Me on the other hand hehehehe,  well
I can imagine I’m not that easy to look
at LOL.  She still says I’m handsome
and if that is what she sees then that’s
all that matters to me 🙂  Saturday we
went to town and did some shopping
at Walmart and Judy picked up a few
prescriptions.  I can’t think of anything
else that we did.  Life continued on as
the clocks continued ticking hehehehe.
God is still watching over us as well
as the many angels and kindly spirits
that He has sent to help us when we
are in need.  We pray for God to also
watch over each one of you and guide
you as time moves ahead.  May you
find peace within His Words. Amen.
Now I guess it’s time for me to begin
reading back over all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have found a fairly decent title near
the halfway mark of my rambling and
now after checking,  I see that it has
not been used yet.  So used it shall be.
Here goes…

Not a Clue

Windows of seconds
minutes might seem
that of a nightmare
or maybe a dream.
We might misread
a moment in time
 and have not a clue
of what we’ll find.
The ventures may be
but only a glance
a seasonal moment
that seconds enhance.
Don’t let a moment
to be all that’s you
for the truth may be
you have not a clue.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 3,  2023

There ya go.  I hope you liked the poem
and maybe even a little of my rambling.
I can’t think of much else that needs to
be said other than what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
and 22 more haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find
1 or 2 of either or both that you like 🙂
Now I do believe it’s time for me to be
searching for that old ornery off switch,
but not before I wish you an enjoyable
Labor Day and a blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now,  where can that ornery
thing be trying to hide this week????
Hmmmm,  I think I spy with my one
good eye a bit of movement behind my
camera again.  Are you trying once
again to do a selfie LOL?  You need
to be in front of the camera and not
behind it ya silly thing.  I thought by
now you would know how that works.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Autumn’s Memories

A season full of colors
 can enhance our dreams
if we open up our eyes
to a doorway to scenes
Leaves of imagination
can transpose our mind
and create a living stage
of a heaven sent design.
Time is so often viewed
as a perplexing phase
that you may encounter
within lifetimes of days.
Look for the blessings
amidst colors of time
and let God to help you
to find peace of mind.
Our life can be blissful
within so many degrees
if we’ll remember things
as autumn’s memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 28,  2023

Voyage of Vision

Dreams and illusions
with scenic details
can become windows
a heartbeat entails.
Life seeming magical
as a voyage thru time
can create pathways
inside of your mind.
Use your imagination
and unleash a place
to a sea sight journey
with warm embrace.
Within the moments
time might drift on
to a radio memory
of a sweet love song.
Maybe a sweet tune
reflecting of a time
that you remember
as a scenic design.
Seen as a heartbeat
with a living flow
a trickling essence
of life to and fro.
Seeming as ripples
of timeless decision
blessings continue on
in a voyage of vision.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2023

Paths in a Field

Wandering journeys
sequenced in style
often become stories
of an eventful mile.
Driven by hopeful
and guided by faith
as paths in a field
give warm embrace.
Presenting windows
to places in time
paved within grass
with life to unwind.
Open up your eyes
to blessings of sight
on pathways of life
the moments invite.
Your destinations
might be revealed
with many blessings
as paths in a field.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2023

Deep in Thought

Found in summer
time becomes lost
within the sunshine
and shadows across.
Memories heighten
of winters of time
as deep in thought
instills on the mind.
White snowy scenes
bring coolness to fill
found in our minds
as life’s windowsill.
Temporal moments
wintertime brought
now within summer
are deep in thought.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2023

Driving Along

Stages of roadways
open with voice
directions pathways
moments of choice.
We are the drivers
on mindful arrays
found on a journey
of many displays.
Some as the clouds
that form in the sky
and some as roads
to a whether or why.
The sun may shine,
but be not in view
while driving along
to then thereunto.
Reach in your mind
and pull out a song
as you’re traveling
or just driving along.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2023

Glimpse of Moon

Looking skyward
there may be signs
seeming illusional
as cosmic designs.
Clouds in a haze
of a magical sight
that then reveals
hint of moonlight.
Seen as a glimmer
within the frame
a glimpse of moon
on a windowpane.
It may seem faint
this point in time
just like a dream
within your mind.
Continue looking
with eyes agleam
and find a sight
a wondrous scene.
Let it to become
a harmonious tune
as a sight to see
a glimpse of moon.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 31,  2023

Reflecting Minds

Seeking a doorway
to now and beyond
can create pathways
that go on and on.
A river’s reflection
can imitate a voice
time’s running water
as rhythm of choice.
Minds of emotions
and wonderful finds
continue living on in
our reflecting minds.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 31,  2023

Seen in a Way

Often our vision
gets lost a degree
things within life
we think we see.
Visions of a place
or page in a book
 seen as a moment
a little mistook.
Time might show
a mere memory
seeming reflected
of loves history.
Shadows of then
that now display
might be a dream
seen in a way.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 31,  2023

Autumn is Alive

Breath of wonder
a moment instills
as seasons change
like turning wheels.
Seeing the stages
from green to gold
as summer ends
and colors unfold.
Even the animals
of timeless days
enjoy the moments
in their own ways.
Canadian geese
might swim about
within the waters
in ways and out.
Enjoying the time
a seasonal sight
as they continue
rest before flight.
It’s a true blessing
how times arrive
when after summer
autumn is alive.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1,  2023

Wits End

When time comes thru
and shows a path
it might be a shadow
that images cast.
It might test patience
as moments unwind
and create wits end
with time after time.
Your feet might hurt
from walking about
or mind may ache
with times of doubt.
Look for the good
that time might hide
deep in your mind
or a different side.
Open your eyes up
to help from a friend
and don’t stay lost
within wits end.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1,  2023

for Sept 1,  2023

Beyond yesterday
today gives us choices
to help be better.

Living for a time
can become as a hindrance
if the time is gone.

Thriving on others
can make you as a weakling,
if you never try.

Sharing a moment
with a liar  and a thief
can create regret.

In search of seconds
in the minutes of moments
can lose you in time.

Within emptiness
is a place that can be filled
with mindful thinking.

The tears of sadness
can look just like happiness
to ones with no clue.

Entering a doorway
to a place you’ve never been,
you need take caution.

Tomorrows thinking
can often become worry
about silly things.

Life can become grass
that needs to be de weeded
due to lack of care.

Living in a dream
we might awaken some nightmares
that were well hidden.

Choosing the wrong door
you might walk into trouble
so choose them wisely.

Wandering pathways
can become journeys to Hell
if you’re not careful.

A hint of sunshine
can create a hurtful glare
that will burn your heart.

Storming emotions
often become hurricanes
and destroy ones lives.

The faces of worry
might be hidden behind doors
that ones have locked closed.

Years will become seen
as glimmers of memories
so make them the best.

When hearing thunder
you might not of seen the light
that came before it.

Answers to questions
often end with more questions
that have no answers.

Lining up people
as barricades in your life
some might be evil.

Glancing at today
you might see many mistakes,
so find the blessings.

The beat of a heart
is like a drummers rhythm
keeping us alive.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 1,  2023

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