He Will Do


Hello my friends

It’s not so well around our home these
days.  Judy has been in the ER since last
Thursday night with a collapsed lung.
They are keeping watch on her draining
her lung in hopes of it healing itself,  but
by tomorrow/Monday they will make the
decision to transport her down to Bangor
to be operated on.  She made it through
the Lobectomy removing a large cancer
lobe,  but as she began coughing through
time caused a hole in her lung.  PLEASE
pray for her.  I love her and need her to
be well.  I’m sorry,  but I’m not in much
of a mood for writing right now,  which
I hope that you can understand,  but I’ll
hopefully be in better shape after all of
this.  Again,  please keep her in prayer
as well as me,  for I am missing my Judy
terribly,  but I know that Lord God is in
control and He will do what He sees is
needed to be done.  I’ll give an attempt
to finding a title to a poem and writing
one for ya,  but don’t get your hopes up.
I think this title that I found just a few
lines back might work.   Here goes…

He Will Do

God gives the methods
the pathways to shine
often as the windows
seeming not so divine.
Struggles come in view
as time does its thing
while hearts become life
of a sad song to sing.
Yet God is watching us
and never looks away
as He helps us whenever
we take time to pray.
Though we are human
and worry comes alive
when pathways we see
may seem to not survive.
But God never wavers
in His promise to renew
being there for us always
with things He will do.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 3,  2023

I hope you liked the poem.  It was all that
I was able to come up with.  Have a great
week and please,  remember us in prayer.
I pray that you are doing well and if you
are not,  then I pray that God puts His
mighty touch upon you.  I’m not looking
for that ornery off switch this week.  It can
just stay hidden as I unplug 🙂

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Written in Style

Fluid like words
flowing thru time
transmit pathways
as seasons of mind.
Doorways opening
to cinematic sights
that life writes in
and a time alights.
Creating formats
of a seasonal smile
found within words
written in style.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27,  2023

Autumn Remembered

The colors displayed
still live in my mind
as autumn reflections
of a moment in time.
Life was as a camera
taking photographs
creating the moments
that now are the past.
Seeming as a dream
the leaves were found
up high in the trees
to fall on the ground.
Yesterdays of then
are as sweet memories
autumn remembered
with seasonal trees.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 27,  2023

The Wait

Times might come
as crossing a road
the moments in life
seasons bestowed.
So we must await
to continue to pass
unless we hurry on
and cause a crash.
Look for the signs
of the passing cars
found as troubles
of awaiting scars.
Learn how to find
the time and date
that is much better
found in the wait.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 28,  2023

Summertime Shadows

Found in the shrubbery
shadows might appear
that are of a moment
our heartbeats endear.
Often it will enlighten
a special time and face
found in a summertime
that time can’t replace.
Thriving within pages
of a distant photograph
as scenes within scenes
that went by too fast.
Look in the shrubbery
and find your memory
summertime shadows
oh so happy and free.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 28,  2023

Awaiting For The Time

Many of our scenes
are but only facades
when seeming alone
is ripples applause.
Waves are awaiting
to carry you thru
while time may seem
a horrendous view.
Locate a heartbeat
filled full of prayer
and then be blessed
with a new day’s air.
A breath will come
and fill your life
when peace is found
with lesser of strife.
You may feel alone
as you look around,
but God is always
there to be found.
He knows your mind
and where to start
awaiting for the time
to fulfill your heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 29,  2023

Ship So Faint

While in the waves
our life may shift
back and forth
with times adrift.
We might think
that we’re all alone
within the waves
our flesh and bone.
Yet the viewpoint
many may see
their waves of life
in the same degree.
It might not look
the same as you,
but it might have
a similar view.
The sails may seem
with good restraint.
but be like you
as a ship so faint.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 28,  2023

Memories Seen

Inside of a time
there’s memories
sights and sounds
as rustling leaves.
A page of a book
with living words
recalled as a time
as a sky of birds.
This might begin
an unending tale
loved ones of life
that have set sail.
Journey’s of time
may seem to fly
creating illusions
of times gone by.
Yet a heartbeat
seeming a dream
might be reality
as memories seen.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 1,  2023

Transpired Details

A sky of illusions
on an eve of day
can form dreams
in a magical way.
Transforming life
into scenic sights
as God’s window
of time ignites.
Becoming scenes
as a work of art
transpiring times
to a living heart.
Opening passages
with windy sails
displaying times
transpired details.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 1,  2023

The Best of Times

When looking back
on our yesterdays
my mind remembers
those magical ways.
Just being together
and sharing the view
of now and again
of the old and anew.
I still can remember
the day we met
for it is a moment
that I’ll never forget.
Your heart so true
and loving eyes
that sparkled within
the heavenly skies.
I’m looking forward
to more designs
to be with my wife
the best of times.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 1,  2023

Clouds of Prayer

Heartbeats of time
drift on in the sky
as clouds that billow
with hello goodbye.
Speaking blessings
telling them clear
as prayers of a time
say what we hear.
Words of a breeze
as a passage of air
the heavens above
are clouds of prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 2,  2023

for Dec 2,  2023

Bitter tastes of hate
can corrupt the love of life,
so seek for God’s peace.

Thriving on a dream
might unfold many nightmares
that we didn’t see.

Distorted moments
of our tomorrows todays
might prove unhealthy.

Shimmering sunsets
in an evening of daylight
soon melts into stars.

Years of emotions
often create many paths
we were not aware.

Trivial problems
can become mountains of time
if we let them grow.

The winds of moments
can seem to blow very hard,
but be just a breeze.

Threading a needle
is hard without some patience,
so calm your spirit.

Tempting a madman
can create a tornado
that needs left alone.

The pages of time
are without any numbers
or those we can see.

Today we can learn
from all the many crossroads
that got us to here,

Shadows in the night
might seem real terrifying,
but be only trees.

Resting on laurels
might show how little we know
about who we are.

When talking too much
you might not hear others speak
and miss out on facts.

Years of illusions
can unfold a destiny
living in a lie.

Glancing at the sun
you will surely lose your sight
if you look too long.

Within a heartbeat
holds many sights of wonder
found within the eyes.

Walking on a beach
that lives in your memories
you might find your dreams.

Lost in a storm cloud
some rain might surely appear,
but God sends us peace.

Seek to evolve
and let the past be lessons
as you grow beyond.

Echoes of ourselves
are often found in others
learning from our paths.

Let time do its thing
and focus on needs of now
letting God help you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 2,  2023

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