Passed The Torment


Hello my friends

How’s the weather in your part of the world? It’s been pretty
nice the last few days up here. In the mid 70’s and the rain has
finally backed off a tad LOL. Judy and I weren’t able to do our
picture taking cruise last Thursday due to neither of us feeling
up to it. Maybe this Thursday we will do it hehehe. God only
knows. I just got through posting an ad in Craig’s List in hopes
of finding SOMEONE up here that wants to play some music.
Hope I find somebody. I am totally bored of playing by myself.
I’m used to playing with a band. Anyways, maybe something
will happen. Until then, I guess I will continue playing by myself
and doing a few videos here and there LOL. Ok, so it’s onwards
to another topic. Judy’s place of business is doing OK, yet they
had to hire a new guy to help with issues. One of the cooks was
in an car accident and bruised up his ribs and face. He is doing
OK and may be back to work this week. The new guy will then
go to temporary as he was told he would when hired. Other
than that, Judy and I are still playing the games on FaceBook.
LOL, I feel at times like a little kid playing Pet Society and all
the others, yet they do fill up the empty space when I can’t find
anything else to do, which I might add, is OFTEN. Wish we
lived in town, but we don’t, so I do the best that I can to hang
onto my sanity hehe hehe. I’m hoping that my buddy Dave
can make it down from Caribou to play a little before he has
to go back home to Texas. Until then, I’ll just pray and play
alone hehehe. Of course I will continue to play as I have, no
matter one way or another LOL if I have no choice. There’s
not much else to tell ya about, being it’s pretty much the same
as it was last week hehehe only a different day. Yep, up this
ways, life don’t change much other than snow/cold/rain/wind/
cold/snow/cold /snow/cold/snow/cold hehehe, ya get my drift!
The poetic part of my hemisphere is still doing its thing hehehe.
I though still don’t actually begin writing my thoughts down
until maybe Thursday, Friday or Saturday LOL. It seems to
work for me. I’ll sit down and revisit my thoughts and the
poems begin to flow. On most occasions, I will write most
of the poems and haiku within a 3 hour period LOL. Yet I
do spend a bit longer reading back over them checking for
ye ole typo’s LOL. I never know what’s gonna come out of
my head. This week I wrote a couple of Christmas poems :).
Yes I love Christmas and I love snow To A DEGREE!!!!!!!!
Hehehe if you’ve ever been up here during the LLLOOONG
winter or ya live up here then I’m sure ya understand hehehe.
I reckon if ya live in the neighboring states you also know
what I’m talking about LOL. I’m used to maybe 1 inch of
snow at the max and winter only lasting maybe two months
with the low of at the maximum 15 degrees for a day or so.
Not even close to the winters up here LOL, Not even close!
Yet God manages to put much beauty in the midst of it all
and makes it worth while. Yes, sometimes we need to see
a little misery to be able to see the good. It’s like climbing a
mountain. The climb is torment, yet the view is stupendous.
Let yourself look passed the torment to see what’s awaiting.
Heaven is a wonderful place. Make peace with God today
and take Him into your heart for we never know when our
time on Earth will be up. Do the best that you can today,
for tomorrow has no guarantee. I guess it’s time for me to
be taking my little venture back through all I’ve written to
that place of recollection and see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem. So it’s off I go to that reminiscing place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found me a good
title, Now let’s see what if anything hehe I can do with it.

Passed The Torment

Storms of value
come and go
days surrounding
good and woe.
Times of planting
then to reap
find the value
many keep.
Passed the torment
many find
sometimes better
peace of mind.
Yet the midst of
many fail
and find burdens
daily well.
Holes of troubles
buckets pull
passed the torments
living school.
Let this moment
that you’ve found
help you search
for solid ground.
God is there now
waiting true
passed the torment
with anew.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 9, 2009

Ok, so there hehehe. I hope that made a little bit of sense to ya.
I know it’s not my best, but I tried. Actually I never know what
poems are going to make sense to others. Many times it will be
the ones I thought that were not that great. So only God knows
who they are meant for! It may be you :). Well, I guess I need
to be finding that old off switch on myself so I can get started
with washing the dishes and finding something to cook Judy and
I for dinner for when she gets home. So, before I find and click
that old off switch, I guess I need to tell ya what I tell ya every
week. Hehe actually I kind of spilled the beans in the other half
of this journal didn’t I LOL. Yeppers, I wrote 2 Christmas poems
to go with the tons of others that my good friend Ben Geurts has
published on his Old Fashioned Christmas site. His link’s located
at the end of this journal along with a few other wonderful links :).
Back to the poems LOL, Yeppers I wrote 10 poems AGAIN and
22 haiku AGAIN hehehe. Those seem to be the magic numbers :).
With that said I reckon it’s time to be saying goodbye and search
for that old off switch, So have a wonderful week and remember
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s that bloody off switch
hiding this time. LOL, Ain’t it always in the last place ya look :),
which means stop looking :). If you keep looking for things after
you’ve found them, it means a few of your marbles have gone and
rolled away LOL. Found it under all my paper work, UGH and
double UGH hehehehe! Reaching for the off switch and CLICK,
See ya zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
You guess it ­čÖé
10 and 22 hehehe

Morning’s Conclusion

Morning whispers
sounds of the leaves
blowing briskly
high in the trees.
Morning’s greetings
are but a sound
sometimes as echoes
of all there around.
Morning whispers
a silent hello
while it continues
to put on its show.
Morning awakens
bringing its phase
painting the pictures
of coming of days.
Morning is shadows
of all that is left
found in the nighttimes
own very best.
Morning’s conclusion
says in a way
nighttime has ended
so welcome today.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Where and Why

In the moment
time may cease
leaving but a
ounce of peace.
Moments makings
may be found
with us searching
for true ground.
In the moment
we may find
shadows of a
different mind.
Lessons surely
come and go
in the moment
how to grow.
Though so many
look away
and don’t seek
a better day.
In the moment
ones may die
leaving questions
where and why.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Then After Fall

Summer has spoken
its words so clear
as every essence
I see and I hear.
Scenes all around me
seem to just say
summer has spoken
with day after day.
My eyes are seeking
for times oh so great
as of Christmastime
I anticipate.
Blessings on hillsides
painted so true
white all around me,
Christmas anew.
Summer has spoken
and is soon to cease
leaving us pictures
of fall color peace.
Then after fall
I surely will find
Christmas with flavors
inside of my mind.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

May Need To See

Hands sometimes grasping
are seeking to find
what that is maybe
bad for the mind.
Hands in a blender
describe so to say
many just grasping
day after day.
Sometimes the troubles
turn into gain
as there are lessons
after the pain.
Looking at minutes
might seem rather long,
yet in a moment
time will be gone.
Hands that are reaching
may need to see
how that a moment
can change you and me.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Dreams As A Friend

Winter is coming
with white fallen snow
soon after summer
has ended its show.
Winter is waiting
for its time and phase
to be the picture
of wonderful days.
Winter brings Christmas
with every times scene
painting the hillsides
with white over green.
Winter is coming
as summer is found
saying it’s over
with all there around.
Christmas will come then
and surely I’ll see
white snow just glistening
on every tree.
Yet as I’m waiting
for summer to end
I’ll just remember
my dreams as a friend.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Let Someone Help You

Heartbeats of many
are heard as a sigh
when some will silently
tell ones goodbye.
Many will store
all their feelings inside
while they’re just watching
their time coincide.
Heartbeats of many
will sometimes fall prey
to all the burdens
of day after day.
Not letting others
to know how they feel
will make problems grow
that they try to conceal.
Let now your heartbeat
to take on the stride
letting some others
to be then inside.
Let someone help you
to take on your quest
and you may find then
your troubles are less.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Now Through December

Grab a sweet sunset
and hold it tight
as time slips slowly
into the night.
Hold that sweet sunset
as night displays
times you’re awaiting
of coming of days.
Grab and hold tightly
the sunset’s prelude
and don’t let it end
as just misconstrued.
Remember that sunset
deep in your heart
when you’re in nighttimes
dreamland of art.
Grab a sweet sunset
you can remember
of all the seasons
now through December.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

What God’s Painted

Heaven sent rainbows
paint up the skies
with many questions
of wonders and whys.
God gives the beauty
so great then to see
Heaven sent rainbows
for you and for me.
They are so blissful
painted so fine
with all the colors
in every design.
Spray out some water
from an old water hose
and you may see then
some little rainbows.
Heaven sent rainbows
colored just right
are what God’s painted
to be our delight.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Wisdom is Misunderstood

Wisdom is gathered
as time moves along
and we think most days
we’ve done it wrong.
Maybe the turmoil
and maybe the pain,
might at this moment
drive us insane,
yet it’s the turnstile
that needs to play
so as to give you
lessons today.
Wisdom is sometimes
not clearly seen
and it may play out
as angry and mean.
So often wisdom
is misunderstood
and those around then
not see the good.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

Today’s Sorrow

Yesterday’s storm clouds
might be today’s sun
needed in some way
to get some good done.
When in a cloud burst
know there’s a clue
why that the timeframe’s
happening to you.
Sometimes a storm cloud
may need to be
so as to help you
to grow a degree.
Yesterday’s storm cloud
might just be rain
pouring down lessons
to help you to gain.
Look passed the storm clouds
and on to tomorrow
and know that there’s reasons
for today’s sorrow.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

for Aug 8, 2009

Pictures we’re painting
are lessons of days gone by.
Time is an artist.

Leave your yesterdays
with a clear open mind.
You may learn something.

The links of a chain
hold the anchor to the ship.
Without them, it drifts.

Peace is what’s needed
to make great every place
yet God must be there.

Yearn for the blessings
and be thankful for troubles,
blessings in disguise.

Old withered pictures
with the cracked and peeling paint
may display artwork.

The length of today
is the way that you view it.
Choose your dilemma.

Hands in cookie jars
are children’s points of Heaven,
reaching for the stars.

The glimmer of now
may be embers tomorrow
that’s needing to pass.

Windows of prayerful
make days pass more peacefully,
so give it to God.

Yearning another’s
may just burden you deeply.
Be happy with yours.

Feel the breeze blowing
as it rushes passed your mind.
You will find blessings.

Heart to heart people
in disheartened atmospheres
forget who they are.

Letters from my home
flavor minutes with sweetness,
yet now are a dream.

Lasting is the scene
of the memorized moments
that live in the mind.

I can see the clouds
as they float high in the sky
with journeys of time.

Temporal moments
are paintings to remember,
for they will be gone.

Is your glass filling
with wisdom that is needed
or is it empty?

A cool summers breeze
on a day just like today
makes now not so bad.

Morning will follow
the nightlong shadowed pathway
and display the truth.

Horror is detail
painted as what many see.
We may never know.

While pitching a tent
make sure that the direction
doesn’t face the sea.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 8, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
and for those of you that missed a few weeks,
here is my new web site that my good friend Ben
Geurts bought for me. He publishes my Christmas
poems on his Old Fashioned Christmas site at the
link above….God bless
my friends page below
and once again the poetry contest at
Me on UTube
Your frosty friend Bill ­čÖé