Hello my friends

How are you today? Has your weekend been a fairly decent one?
I hope it has. This passed week has been another some what rainy
one, yet it seems to have kept the temperature down as well. Not
that it ever actually gets hot up here LOL, but it do get humid after
the rains and my body turns to Velcro LOL. It sticks to everything.
Judy and I are planning on taking a picture taking cruise this coming
Thursday being my PC weather program says it’s not supposed to rain
that day. I hope it’s right hehehe. This kid needs to get out and away
from this house for a while before he goes nuts :). My friend David
from Texas is supposed to be coming up to Caribou August 13 to see
his mom and he said he might try to drive down to New Limerick if
he can squeeze it in. He wants to play some music with me. We used
to jam together many years ago and we were actually pretty good :).
I can understand if he doesn’t make it down though, being I know he
hasn’t seen his mom in years. I would want to spend much of my
time with my mom as well. Oh well, I’ll leave the light on for ya dude,
hehehe just like Motel 6 LOL. If we do get to jam, I’ll do a little video
of us. That would be a treasure to me and I’m sure to you as well.
The weather today is supposed be high of 75 F and yes you guessed it,
hehehehe rain showers this evening AGAIN. I think the rain is trying
to see if it can compete with the snow LOL. It snows about 5 months
out of the year up here if not more LOL. Winter is slowly making
its come back. It will be here before we know it. Hehehe, Ok we’ll
know it LOL. We’ll wake up and brrrrrrrrrrrrr, turn on the heater.
My mom wants to come back up and my sister has already made
the mention that she’s saving up for next summer so her and mom
can come up again. Peggy says she will not have things going as
she did last year God willing. She wants to spend a little more time
with us and sight seeing. They didn’t get to see much last summer.
I told mom to come up during the winter hehehehe, and she said no
way Jose. She don’t do cold and snow hehehehe. Especially tons
of snow hehe. I’m dealing with it, for I have no choice but to deal
with it hehehe. I guess I could stay inside allllllllll winter long and
do as a bear, hibernate, yet I ain’t a home body and I gotta get out
ever so often and breathe. Plus I don’t do hibernating, because hehe
it involves sleeping and that’s something I cannot do much of with
my health issues LOL. I’d be an irritated bear hehehe grrrrrrrrrrr.
Yet God manages to put beauty within many of the surroundings
and it makes living up here a little more tolerable. I love to sight
see. Both of us do, but I think I do just a tad more, being it’s my
way of seeking smiles. I can find a smile on a hillside or a lake
that is off in the distance. Maybe even a windmill churning away
as it provides means for ones to live. Yes, I love to sight see and
find what I can photograph. I will many times leave out nothing.
Hehehe sometimes I will snap away as Judy drives down the road.
I’ve gotten a lot of great pictures that way :). God has put many
things for us to look at and even take a snap shot or two. I think
way too many of us will hole up in the house and not even take a
look to see what’s beyond their horizon. Sometimes you’ve gotta
look passed the immediate surroundings to see the beauty. Take
the time today or maybe tomorrow to look at what God has put
for you to view. Take a camera with you if you can and snap a
few pictures to reminisce at a later date and regain that moment.
That’s what we do :). OK with that said, I guess I need to be off
to my little place of recollection of passed things written and see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title of
today’s poem. So it’s off I go to that little place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found a good title. Now let’s
see what I can do with it LOL…..Here goes nothing!!!


Let yourself breathe
a breath of today
one that believes
of another fine way.
Breathe in the sights
of scenes here and there
as you go searching
for a new breath of air.
Let all God’s blessings
be seen as you view
while you are breathing
the here thereunto.
Let yourself breathe
the best you can find
and let it help you
to clear up your mind.
Breathe in with patience
and love as you go
as you go searching
for what does bestow.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 2, 2009

I hope that I made a little sense with that poem :). Also I hope I didn’t
bore ya to tears with my rambling LOL!!! It’s beginning to look like rain
outside. Yeppers, Mr. Sunshine is leaving us once again. Or hehehehe
is that Mrs. Sunshine :)??? Hehehe I don’t know and frankly my dear I
don’t give a frappe hehehe. Right now there’s a cool breeze blowing and
it feels good. My mom said ship her some of this down to her in Texas.
I asked her if she also wanted me to ship some of our winter cccccccold
with snow and she said in so many words Nope no way hehehe. Oh well,
hehehe I tried. Not that I could ship it if I wanted to hehehe, because
I could make a fortune sending it to people that have never seen snow :).
Of course they would all be leaning on the return policy LOL! Well,
my better half just walked in from work, so I need to be winding this up.
I hope I have said something that has made you either smile or think or
maybe both hehe. I guess I need to be searching for that old off switch
on myself, but before I do that, I will tell ya what I always do and that
is, I wrote some more poems and haikus. I hope a few of them touch
base with ya. Have a wonderful week and remember that Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now where’s that off switch hiding this time????
Yo, it’s stuck to the window screen talking to a fly LOL. Got it :).
Not the fly hehehe!!!!! See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 ­čÖé

Step Anew

One by one
and two by two
we go moving
me and you.
Some are walking
days alone
the only way
they’ve ever known.
One by one
is their own way
moving as they
do each day.
Two by two
though many move
seeming as a
daily groove.
We have patterns
that we find
that are daily
on our mind.
One by one
and two by two
sometimes needs a
step anew.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Goodbyes and Hellos

Windows and curtains
have places in time
some to be opened
and some hid behind.
Places and patterns
are painted in style
sometimes a minute
and sometimes a mile.
Hands held together
are sometimes the fad
yet many hands are
found lonely and sad.
Doorways we enter
will sometimes conclude
better for many,
yet some misconstrued.
Windows and curtains
we open and close
are filled with many
goodbyes and hellos.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

The Format of Morning

The format of morning
is dawns greatest scene
sometimes with paintings
with bright red and green.
Colors come playing
in dawn of the day
as they find pictures
of words which to say.
Dawn paints stories
of morning from night
while it so slowly
displays its delight.
With every format
it displays so well
paintings of mornings
we yearn to foretell.
God gives the pictures
as each day’s anew
the format of morning
of red green and blue,

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Yesterdays Mind

Since my own yesterday
I’ve learn now today
how to better than
I did another day.
We’ve got our yesterdays
lessons we’ve found
that can each guide us
to better solid ground.
Yesterdays journey
might of been bittersweet,
yet we can learn then
the right things to eat.
Lessons from turnstiles
of pathways we’ve seen
can turn to wisdom
to show what they mean.
God allows yesterdays
times to unwind
so we can learn from
our yesterdays mind.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Timeless Delights

Flowers are growing
as I look outside
looking with passion
with eyes opened wide.
I’m seeking flavors
of colors to see
such as some roses
red velvet for me.
My eyes are searching
from here thereunto
for all the colors
of red green and blue.
I seek the blessings
of a daily cuisine
blended together
if you know what I mean.
The sunshine above me
is making highlights
of all God’s blessings
of timeless delights.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Footsteps on Gravel

Footsteps on gravel
will crunch as they go
on down the pathway
of time to and fro.
Footsteps on gravel
can sometimes be heard
as conversations
of word after word.
Listen real closely
as it makes its sound
while making footsteps
right there on the ground.
Footsteps on gravel
may sing a little song
that entertains you
as you move along.
So take a listen
to the gravel one day
as you walk onwards
your own special way.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Why Not Seek God!

Sometimes a moment
might seem a bit grand
and at the moment
you not understand.
Sometimes a minute
may seem as an hour
as but a moment
is there to empower.
Let Jesus help you
when moments are great
and He will help you
with that time and date.
Sometimes we falter
at showing we’re weak
simply because
we don’t want ones to peek.
We all get weary
as time moves ahead
so why not seek God
and not just sit in dread!

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Sometimes It’s Choices

I’ve seen the torment
and found so to say
a better tomorrow
from thens yesterday.
Sometimes our viewing
needs back to front
leaving the minutes
of yesterdays grunt.
We’ve all seen minutes
of troubles ahead
as we’ve arrived at
what’s then done and said.
I’ve seen the torment
of not letting go
of all the problems
that times did bestow.
Sometimes it’s choices
that makes sad and gray,
because we don’t want to
let God guide the way.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Maybe That Smile

A man in a clown suit
may seem to smile,
yet underneath it
a frown may compile.
A person seen smiling
may not be so true.
They may not want to
show their pain to you.
A mornings glimmer
of someone you see
may be the minute
that’s given for free.
A man in a clown suit
or persons sweet smile
may be the thing to
help you all the while.
So why not act as
the clown in the suit
or maybe the person
with smiles as a loot.
Maybe that smile
that you falsely displayed
might turn to pages
of real that is made.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

Take A Little Time

Seen is a fraction
of all that is there,
for all we’re viewing
is a bit to compare.
God gives the pictures
with texture and taste,
yet many miss them
as times go to waste.
Seen is a fraction
of moments we view,
yet we will often
look past thereunto.
God’s given paintings
of timeless landscapes,
yet we will often
look for different shapes.
Take a little time
to view and to see
all that God’s given
to you and to me.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

for Aug 1, 2009

Having is blissful
when it is coming from God,
otherwise it’s bad.

Raindrops by morning
make many flowers to bloom,
yet many will not.

Stories we’ve painted
as our lives move thereunto
may be colored in.

When we see people
we will sometimes just judge them,
rather than accept.

Look passed yesterday
and see what today offers.
It may surprise you.

Sometimes stood sheepish
you might find all the answers
as pride dissipates.

So many wonder
what the times are presenting
and miss what’s today.

Shallow is a pond
as feelings that many wade.
Some think they’re deeper.

A simple stones throw
will designate the distance
of broken windows.

Letting your guard down
doesn’t mean that you are weak.
It means you are strong.

Letters in sequence
make the stories to set sail
to journeys beyond.

Friends stood together
when they’re many miles apart
still make them stronger.

Sunshine is peeking
and getting my attention
as rain comes again.

Withering minutes
designate the moments time
to change its picture.

Glancing at summer
in this new found scenery
I find much to see.

Scenarios change
as time makes many motions.
The future’s to come.

Look at what you’ve found
as time has turned its pages.
Today’s a new book.

Harboring sadness
may prevent your happiness.
Let go of what was.

Walking down a path
you may see a certain sign
that says turn around.

Beyond your vision
is the glimmer of hopeful.
It just takes Jesus.

Sunshine awakes me
with its wonderful essence
that makes life to grow.

Don’t jump too rashly,
for you may have misconceived
what now you perceive.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Aug 1, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
and for those of you that missed a few weeks,
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