I Have Rambled


Hello my friends

It’s that time of the week again hehehe! Yep, it’s time for me
to begin my little rambling session LOL! How have you been?
I’ve been doing OK. A little sad that Judy and I did not make it
down to my friend Steve’s house last Thursday for me and him
to jam, but we had an awesome little jam session last Sunday eve.
I got a few videos of us and have uploaded them to my UTube
channel. We’re scheduled to drive down to his place Wednesday
and attempt to get some better recording done LOL. Actually we
didn’t do too awful last Sunday being it was the first time that we
had even met in person, much less played any music together :).
If ya wanna watch and listen to the recordings we did last week,
then go to my UTube channel which is a link at the end of my
journal. Also if ya are wanting to get into the Christmas mood
being that Christmas isn’t but a hop skip and a jump away, then
take a visit to my friend Ben Geurts Old Fashioned Christmas site.
Well alrighty then hehehe, it’s time to get on with the journal :).
The weather up this ways has been on the cold side. Our heater
has come on often, being it’s dipped down to the freezing mark.
I hope Fall doesn’t get frozen away LOL. Judy and I both love
to get pictures of all of the different colors. We got some great
ones last year. Hoping to get some better ones this year. It looks
as though we might have us one hard winter this year. It’s gotten
a fast start. Some of our neighbors were flying their model plane
the other day. Actually it was not a model, but what do ya call
them things anyways LOL??? I guess ya call it a toy airplane :)!
Well. other than all that, it’s been a pretty regular week up here.
We’re expecting a bit of rain and a bit of cold weather for this
week. Hehehehe did I say a bit of cold weather?? What was I
thinking???? It’s 58F degrees right now at 12:30 PM. I got a
late start on my writing today, being I had a rougher than usual
night last night. I try not to complain, because it does nobody
any good! Soooo it’s on with the journal LOL. Judy and I have
made plans to eat at a restaurant in Presque Isle Maine for our
up coming anniversary October 2nd. There’s a little restaurant
there called Governors. Can you believe we have put up with
each other for soon to be, 8 years LOL! Yep, we have our lil
spouts once in a while just like any marriage, but all in all it’s
been great, Except of course the lil part about me being stuck
way up here away from my friends and family. Oh well, that’s
life. Maybe I’ll get to see them one year or another. So it’s onto
another section of thought. Back to the videos and all. I do hope
you get a chance to watch them. They’re pretty entertaining if
anything hehehe. I thank God for the gifts He has given me, such
as gifts of poetry and music. If it were not for those gifts, I don’t
know what I would do. I have a fond memory of the good times
in my past and yes of course I tend to remember the bad times
as well, but I try not to let them tarnish my perception on what
good I actually had in my life. Don’t let the bad thoughts engulf
you and take away the good. It’s the good times we remember
that will make the bumpy roads ahead a little smoother. Yet,
do not live in the memories. By living in the memories, you take
away the time for any good to come about today. You’ll never
know where good times might evolve from. God puts blessings
in the strangest places sometimes. Be ready for the blessings!
I’ve had them come when I was surely not looking for them :).
Well, I guess I have rambled quite enough huh! Yeppers, it’s
therefore time for me to be taking my little venture through all
I have written here and see if I can find a good word or phrase
back in my recollection of words. back to that place that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I’ve heard that many of you like
my RECOLLECT VILLE best of all hehehe. Go figure!!!!!!!!!
Well, it seems that I may have stumbled upon a good title to use
for the brand new poem for today. Now, let’s see if I can write
a poem using it. Hehehe here goes!!!!

I Have Rambled

I’ve used thoughts
to help you see
the sight of times
the same as me.
I have rambled
thoughts each day
to help you learn
to kneel and pray.
God gives blessings
through our words
that may seem
as a flock of birds.
I have rambled
so often found
trying to reach
our common ground.
We may differ
with our views,
but God’s blessings
fills our shoes.
Times of notions
days on mind
I have rambled
time to time.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 20, 2009

I hope that you liked my poem. I never know what I will write
about until I begin writing hehehe. I started to write yet another,
but I thought, NAW, you’ve got plenty down in the poetry and
haiku sector of this mess LOL. The poem I have rambled means
that many times we may consider ourselves as just rambling,
but others may benefit with just a word or two. God knows, I
ain’t got a clue about why anybody would wanna read this mess.
LOL, I guess people need to know that they’re not alone in the
world of craziness hehehe. Yes dear friends, craziness intervenes
into everybody’s lives. Yet many try to hide it. I say, let people
know that I’m human too. God sent His Son to be there when
we are with the crazies of life. No, I’m not talking about people.
I’m talking about moments that drive ya crazy, ya silly :)!!!!!!!!!!
Hehehe I reckon it’s about time for me to be searching for that
old off switch on myself, but before I do that I guess I need to
tell ya what I tell ya every week hehehe and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haikus. Well, this week I wrote as usual
10 poems, but to go along with my regular 22 haiku, I have
10 YoVille haiku messages agin. I did a little extra again this
week and most days I shared two haiku, except of course Friday
and Saturday which I only wrote one. I wrote the first 9 earlier in
the week. So all in all, you have 33 haiku to sift through. Have
a blast! Oh yea, I also wrote 2 Christmas poems LOL :)! OK,
so before I go searching for that old off switch, I must wish you
a most wonderful week and always remember that Jesus loves
you and we do too. Now where’s that off switch hiding this time?
There you are you silly thang. Hiding behind my ears is not a
good place to hide LOL!!….See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 10 agin hehehe ­čÖé

Memoirs of Me

Lost in a memoir
of minutes emotion
I find it seems like
a deep blue ocean.
All of the moments
of timeless display
seem to be washed in
every which way.
Lost in a memoir
so very deep,
I find I’m thinking
about all the heap.
Lessons from minutes
with times in a mess
lost in a memoir
I seek for the best.
The minutes emotions
time does recall
seems to be patterns
bled through it all.
Turnstiles confusions
in memoirs of me
seems to distinguish
all that I see.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Not Far Apart

Places and people
are timelessly seen,
yet some distinguish
as red blue and green.
So many people
don’t see what is there,
for they look onwards
without not a care.
Lost deep within them
is self-righteous views
left in the standing
of only their shoes.
So many places
so many ignore,
being they’re choosing
to say they deplore.
We need to change
how we daily view
when we are looking
at me and at you.
Places and people
we need to take heart
because we may find
that we’re not far apart.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Glance Again Now

Glance now above you
and now down below.
Now take a minute
to think where you’ll go!
Glance in the distance
and then where you are.
Do you think you will
get very far?
Glance now to past time
and then to today.
Can you recall what
good got away?
Look to your insides
and then to what’s seen.
Do you do always
what you truly mean?
Glance at the window
and then at the door.
Do you like windows
that show a bit more,
or do like doorways
with a bit of surprise?
Tell me are you living
in truth or just lies?
Glance again now
up high above you.
Do you think Jesus
will like what you do?
Glance deep inside now
and look in your heart,
before you take notion
to tear things apart.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Seasons of Time

Within the foothills
of a path here and there
I found a blessing
in sights everywhere.
From where I stood
I saw in my view
seasons surrounding
the sights thereunto
and with each step
I took in my stride
I saw the foothills
somehow open wide.
My views were enlightened
as there clear as day
was the very essence
of God on display.
He gave me some colors
that came as surprise
and they each melted
right into my eyes.
I saw some yellows
like none then before
that seemed say then
come now and explore.
I walked over to them
and saw on the ground
where God had given
a place to be found.
I place in the middle
of foothills design
I saw the leaves
of the seasons of time.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

You’ll Find Christmas

Seek for the blessings
and you will find,
something from Jesus
there on your mind.
Seek for the threshold
of troubles galore
and you might find them
and maybe much more.
Seek for the moments
you wish to remember
and you’ll find Christmas
of minutes December.
Seek for the portholes
of time there and to
and you will find them
living in you.
Seek for your wanna
and surely you’ll get
troubles in doubles
of timeless regret.
Seek for your needs now
and surely you’ll see
blessings from Jesus
that He’s given free.
Seek for your greed’s now
and surely you’ll find
lessons from wanna
that’ll wear on your mind.
Seek to find Christmas
as it should be found
and you’ll find Jesus
with gifts all around.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

More Tools At Hand

Just when you think
that you’ve seen it all,
God will then display
colors for fall.
Just when you think
you’ve seen every view,
God will then display
another so new.
Just when you think
that time can’t go on,
God will then display
another to dawn.
Just when you think
that you’re a mistake
God will then display
the blessings you make.
Just when you think
you have all you need
God will then display
how to plant seed.
Just when you think
you’ve done all you can,
God will then display
more tools at hand.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

A Moment of Smile

Living on daydreams
can tear down your view,
for they can maybe
discourage what’s you.
Try not to live in
a world of fantasy
and let the daydreams,
become what to be.
Live in a daydream
just once in a while
if you are seeking
a moment of smile.
Yet if you live there
with each day and time
then you’ll lose focus
on this days design.
Living in daydreams
can surely prevail
what that seems Heaven
and turns into Hell.
So let your daydreams
be once in a while
when you are seeking
a moment of smile.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Stirred Into A Smile

A little peace
stirred into a time
can make beginnings
of a greater design.
A kind word
or deed that is done
can make a greater
days setting sun.
A little moment
of smiles that ones share
can display heartbeats
of ones love and care.
A little glow
from a grin that is made
might be what’s needed
for others then laid.
A little peace
stirred into a smile
might be the thing
to help all the while.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Seasons of Minutes

Seasons are coming
and going their way
leaving their changes
in every display.
Things are arriving
and then they are gone
just as beginnings
of each daily dawn.
Seasons are painting
on canvass of time
some seeming textbook
and some out of line.
Seasons are showing
what they don’t rehearse
as they with rhythm
sing their verse by verse.
Seasons of minutes
and hours and days
lead us through journeys
of wonderful ways.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

Christmas To Come

I am now longing
for that special view,
one such as Christmas
with that joyful hue.
I am now longing
for that day to come
that has the blessings
of Jesus God’s Son.
Also I’m longing
for that Christmas snow
that makes me laugh
with Ho Ho Ho Ho.
I am now seeking
a Christmassy song
playing on the radio
beginning each dawn.
Then through the day
the songs I will sing
about my savor
Jesus The King.
I am now longing
for Christmas to come,
the birth of Jesus Christ
God’s Only Son.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

YoVille Haiku

A little flower
with its beginning in spring
knows that it will pass.

Footprints in timeframes
might not seem to go no where,
yet they may lead home.

Ones in a hurry
may be found without reason
while time moves along.

A good comedian
does not use another’s pain
for laughter today.

Points in a vision
find the minutes in a view
that somehow conjoin.

Yesterday’s mishap
added to pain of today
creates many views.

The lights might be on,
yet the house might be empty
with only shadows.

The links of a chain
may be rusted and weathered,
but still be real strong.

The heartbeat of love
is patterns of emotion
painted in the eyes.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 14, 2009

The heartbeat of love
is patterns of emotion
painted in the eyes.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Sept 19, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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