Use The Tools


Hello my friends

So how was your weekend?  I hope the weather for you has been as
good as it has been here.  Of course for my family and friends in Texas
I know you might not be having the same cool weather,  but it looks
as though according to my PC weather programs that today will be in
the 70’s for ya and that sounds nice.  Hehehe of course that is for the
northern sector of Texas hehehehe.  The southern sector might be in
the 80’s to lower 90’s.  Oh well,  it’s 69 degrees right now up in this lil
northeastern Maine town and it looks like it will not get to but maybe
72 degrees today and yes rain is in the forecast.  More rain,  but not to
awful much hehehe!  OK,  so it’s off of the weather forecasting and on
yet another topic.  A couple of musician friends of mine from Amherst
Maine are supposed to try to come up today and jam a little.  We shall
see whether they make it up or not LOL.  It’s a good 2 hour drive up
this way.  Steve said he would call before they headed out,  but they
were gonna eat breakfast first.  Judy is gonna pick up some pizzas
from Pizza Hut on the way home from work for us to have to snack
on while we play hehe.  I hope they make it up!  If they don’t,  then
Judy and I will have plenty of pizza to eat for dinner today and also
tomorrow LOL and maybe even a few snacks in-between hehehehe.
In any case,  I’ve got dishes to wash soon after I finish this article.
Judy’s twin sister and hubby came over the other day and we had
a good visit.  We always love it when they come to visit.  We don’t
get any other type of company.  It’s sort of quiet here in the Pearce’s
household except of course when I begin playing my conga drums :).
I just called my mom and we rattled a bit.  I try to always keep in
touch with her as best that I can.  Her mom is driving her nuts it
seems.  I think grandmother is just about ready for the nursing
home.  She will turn 102 September 20th hehehe.  I can’t imagine
living that long.  Can you imagine all the things she has seen in
life as far as changes in the world????  I can’t even fathom it :).
The years I’ve been alive has been more than I can handle LOL.
Hehe I think I am a handful for Judy as well :).  We get to talking
about things that we’ve done in the past and she just sits with
amazement at all that I have ventured through in my lifetime :).
I’ve had a busy life!  That could also account for a lot of health
issues I have now huh!!!!  LOL,  yea,  I reckon it sped up the
health issues a tad.  Oh well,  I can’t undo what is already done.
I did learn a lot through my ongoing turnstile of living hehehe.
I found out when I was just a little kid that a bed sheet does not
work near as well as a parachute LOL.   Nope,  I came tumbling
down quickly when I leapt from the top of the garage hehehe.
The sheet didn’t even slow me down a bit LOL!!!  Ye old broken
bones and all from my growing up had many lessons that came
in forms of pain.  Yet,  I did learn,  that if there is a lightning
storm about,  it is not the wisest idea to go out and adjust the TV
antenna hehehehe :).  ZZZZZZAP!!!  I can still feel that tingle.
Fortunately it was just a little surge through the ground,  but
none the less it tingled hehehehe if ya wanna call it a tingle ;).
Yeppers,  life has had many lessons for me,  such as not to go
climbing up in the tree house if there is a tornado or something
similar in the midst LOL.  Especially when you have boards
with nails in them down below that are the ongoing process of
the tree house build hehehehehe.   I got blown out of the tree
and nailed a few 2 x 4’s to my back. Mom and dad had to
take me to the doctor to have the nails and boards removed :).
Fortunately the nails did not hit any vital organs :),  but now
when I get a suntan hehehe it looks like a pin cushion on my
back hehehe.  Ya can see all the scars LOL!!!  My youth was
full of many lessons,  yet God watched over me all the while so
as to make sure that I survived the lessons.  I bet I wore out
a ton of guardian angels hehehe.  God allows many things in
our lives,  being He knows that lessons will come from them.
Without the troubles,  we would have not a lesson to have
learned and therefore have nothing to share with another.
Do ya think Benjamin Franklin knew right away that electricity
was so shocking hehehe.  NOPE!!!  I can imagine he felt much
of the very same jolt that I felt which set off that little light bulb
in his head.  Hey,  if I light up,  maybe other things will too LOL.
Our history is built upon many a oops-a-daisy.  Accidents are
what that make many of our tools to come to be.  God gave
us each one a brain to learn from our many oops-a-daisy’s,  yet
many will continue making the same mistakes thinking it will
be different the next time while doing the same old thing hehe.
Use the tools that God gave to you.  Your memory and also
the old common sense to know right from wrong.  We have so
many blessings in life,  yet we often will just ignore them as we
will struggle to try and be like somebody else.  Be yourself!!
I guess I need to be hushing here and taking my little venture
back through all I’ve written to that place of recollection that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  I believe I found a good title not too far back in
my rereading.  Now let’s see what I can do with it LOL!!!

Use The Tools

A life full of bumbles
and troublesome days
could be the lessons
in wonderful ways.
All of the tools
we stumble upon
might be the problems
dusk unto dawn.
Lessons from mishap
counted as fools
might be the pages
to use as the tools.
A life full of struggles
in here thereabout,
might in the future
just come help you out.
So use the tools
that God has allowed
to help tomorrow
with more so endowed.
Lessons will come
as maybe some times
that you had lemons
while wanting some limes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2009

I sure hope that came out right LOL.  I never know if anybody will
get what I’m talking about hehehe.  Time will tell :).  Well it seems
as though Fall is coming quickly.  Judy and I have already seen a few
trees changing colors.  I’m excited.  I love to see the color changes
and better yet hehehe get them on film or in this day and age digital.
LOL,  times have changed haven’t they.  If I were to have to rely on
film for my camera to get pictures,  it would cost us a fortune to get
what all I take LOL.  Yeppers,  I love my camera with its 2 gig card.
I could get a bigger SD card,  but why LOL.  That is big enough for
what I take unless of course I take few videos hehehe.  That is why
I have a back up SD card hehe.  None the less,  we both love to take
pictures.  I tried editing some of the pictures before,  but to be quite
honest,  none of them actually turned me on.  Maybe we will take
another photo quest this Thursday.  We might get some early fall
colors on film.  I guess it’s time for me to be finding that off switch
to turn myself off,  but before I do that hehehe I guess I need to tell
ya what I tell ya every week and that is I wrote some more poems.
I wrote yet another couple of Christmas poems.  Oh and I of course
wrote some more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there LOL.
I also added all of the YoVille message haiku I wrote this week.
Hehehe I wrote 10 haiku this time for YoVille, so added with all
the poems which is 10 and the regular haiku which is 22,  I have
written 32 haiku this week.  Yikes is right!!!!  Who’s a thought I
had that much going on inside of my head LOL,,,…!!!  Well, it’s
time for me to be finding that off switch,  but before that I must
wish you a wonderful week.  Remember that Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now where’s that off switch hiding this time?
Hehehe the exact place I left it last week LOL….by my soda!!!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 10 hehehe 🙂

Christmas Enlightens

Seasons of blessings
come day by day
as time is changing
its weather and way.
Summer is leaving
and welcoming fall
to with its timeframe
retrace it all.
Painting with colors
of red, green and blue,
fall comes retracing
with its special hue.
Seasons move on then
and winter moves in
with the beginning
of Christmastimes grin.
Christmas enlightens
the blessings we find
that are the makings
of winters type mind.
Soon there’ll be snowflakes
floating up high
searching and seeking
a place to comply.
Landing in rhythms
as they’ve always done,
snowflakes will land there
in time one by one.
Seasons will follow
this greatest detail
that is with Christmastimes
snowflakes set sail.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2009

Might Be Lessons

Lessons come
from things we’ve done
while we accuse
each other one.
Trials are taken
as we strive
to daily somehow
stay alive.
Lessons come
and show us how,
yet some people
don’t endow,
Sometimes things
again we need
will be lessons
daily seed.
Many ventures
that we view
might be lessons
through and through.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2009

Strength Deep Inside

Tremors of emotions
make pathways explode
when we are carrying
a real heavy load.
The mere emotions
may seem to arrive
with many nightmares
that seem so alive.
We can control them
if only we’ll seek
Heavens emotions
as Jesus we speak.
Kneeling and praying
for strength deep inside
will make the tremors
to not so abide.
Yet it takes truly
your prayers day by day
to take the tremors
and wash them away.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2009

The Crossroads

Peace is a value
that many don’t know,
for they are always
afraid yet to grow.
Some may see peace
as no way to choose,
because of their past days
of Hell so profuse.
Peace is a value
we can make to be
if we will only
help others to see.
Sometimes connections
believings and so
can make the crossroads
to Heavenly grow.
God is the center
that provides us our peace
yet we must seek for
the war minds to cease.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009


Portions of potholes
in life as we see
sometimes describe all
of our history.
Troubles in numbers
as potholes arrive
seem to in someway
just help us survive.
It’s with the portions
of potholes each day
that are the tools
that help guide the way.
Portions of potholes
may not display need,
yet it’s the potholes
that sometimes plant seed.
We gather lessons
from potholes we’ve found
that in some weird way
will help us around.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

Those Chimes

I hear the wind chimes
singing their tune
early in the morning
to the late afternoon.
I hear their music
as they play so mellow
with voices in the breeze
just seeming to grow.
I hear the wind chimes
right there by my door
playing their music
just like times before.
They needn’t not practice,
for they have it right
as they go chiming
in the dark of the night.
I hear their music
just like passion time
as all the melodies
that are so divine.
Singing their songs
those chimes never fail
to give me some Heaven
and take away Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12, 2009

Old To Anew

Seasonal voices
are sounds that we hear
day to day daily
each time of the year.
Voices so mellow
and then oh so loud
become all the makings
that time is endowed.
Seasons emotions
are sometimes with pride
as they’re displaying
their ongoing ride.
Seasonal voices
are heard in the wind
many portrayals
beginning to end
and looking closely
you’ll see how they change
sometimes with beauty
and sometimes so strange.
Seasonal moments
are found where we view
so many patterns
from old to anew.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

A Wonderful Way

Longing for sleigh bells
I find myself deep
here within seasons
of wanting filled sleep.
Eyes opened wide
I dream while awake
of all the sleigh bells
that my mind can make.
Sweet little moments
when I was just a boy
I sit here dreaming
of each little toy.
My little tractor
I pedaled so fast
lives in the minutes
of Christmas of past.
I can remember
that Lionel train
going around the tree
many times and again.
Smoke as it billowed
from its little stack
while it would travel
on its little track.
Christmas back then
was dreams into view
waiting for Santa
to bring something new.
The gifts might of been
maybe not big to see,
but I loved them all
that were given to me.
The Christmas of then
is remembered today
as all the blessings
of a wonderful way.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

So Many Fragrances

When in a fragrance
of scented so fine
you might not see
what’s another design.
Within a fragrance
there might be a sight
hidden as a flower
in the dark of the night.
Sometimes we inhale
what we recognize
and all the other
just slips passed our eyes.
When in a fragrance
we may just ignore
what that another
we might just adore.
So many fragrances
slip passed our view,
because we’re too focused
on me and or you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

Look For Likenesses

Lives are abounding
from here to afar
living maybe not as
the way that you are.
We are with differences,
yet just the same,
for we are human
as same way we came.
Flesh and blood people
in colors and voice
living together
with difference of choice.
We need to sever
the difference we see
and look for likenesses
in you and in me.
Lives in conjunction
with minds here and there
still are abounding
with God’s love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

for Sept 12,  2009

Jingling wind chimes
make music in the night air
as rhythms design.

Moments in a voice
may be silent but heard clear
as lines on a face.

Under the moonlight
the stars seem to emulate
many dreams at night.

Time is now passing
leaving summer to find rest
until it returns.

Listen to the breeze
and you will hear its sweet song
as a breath of life.

See the wings flapping
of a little hummingbird.
They make it to hum.

A bird in motion
leaves a trail in the minutes
as songs in the wind.

Harvesting true love
needs be done with special care
or you bruise the crop.

A little of design
makes the greater of the lot
when it’s done with love.

Time is important,
so make good use of your time.
It does not repeat.

Seek for the blessings
that Christmas can enlighten.
It’s about Jesus.

Long winded people
leave many trails of others
wishing for ceasing.

A penguins journey
is a cold and bitter one
with love in its heart.

The level of heartbeats
is determined by the truth
of love deep inside.

Lingering segments
will distinguish what we view,
yet facades will fade.

Time makes the story
as either good love or bad.
The truth will be seen.

Painting a moment
needs be done with a true heart
so to make it shine.

Hear a great blessing
as a new born baby cries
with its own first breath.

Long awaited thresholds
might be times filled with worry,
because of our fear.

One with another
makes the world to go around.
It’s us holding hands.

Pointing at others
leaves three fingers pointing back.
Take care where you point!

Soon fall will display
as colors all come shining
of red unto gold.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

YoVille Haiku

The weather of time
is the sand in an hour glass
which describes each day.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2009

Wonders will display
when you’re least expecting them,
so don’t be surprised.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2009

Winter’s befalling
while the seasons move onwards
with much more to see.

Enhanced are journeys
when we pay more attention
to the good not bad.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 8,  2009

Minutes universe
might seem as the forever
that problems exist.

Days may be burdened
as we find ourselves wanting
what we should not have.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 9,  2009

Wise is the flower
that awaits for the sunshine
with arms opened wide.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 10,  2009

The season’s changing
leaving portions of itself
as we remember.

We are the blossoms
of some day to day flowers.
Use seasons to bloom.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 11,  2009

Many cornerstones
are built on our decisions,
yet others profit.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 12,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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