Let A Smile


Hello my friends

How have you been? Has springtime sprung where you are?
It’s sort of looking like it up here, that is as much as it ever
has looked like springtime up here. The snow is all gradually
melting away AGAIN. It’s 41F degrees right now with the high
supposed to be 50F degrees. Tonight’s supposed to get down
to 34F degrees. There’s not much that has happened up this
way other than our hot water heater springing a leak. Judy
and I had noticed the water in the walkway of our bathroom
and we thought it was Benny using the potty. Now we really
feel bad about scolding him, but I would never hurt the little
guy. We apologized to him for the mistake. He’s still happy.
He loves it when I get in the floor with him and wrestle with
him. He also loves an old belt that I never use being that I’ve
sort of out grown it :). Benny and me play tug of war with it.
Ain’t that about right. They always like the things that were
not meant as toys the best LOL. Anyways, Benny’s laying
down on the floor beside me. I took him outside early this
morning so he could play and potty. He had fun. I left him
out there for a bit and came in and wrote a few poems. Then
I went to check on him and saw he was still running around
having fun, but when I started to go back in, he also wanted
to go back in. He doesn’t like to be alone much. Love that
boy. He’s exactly what Judy and I needed, being we are
both retired and disabled. We’ve nothing but time to spend
with Benny. He does though wear us out time to time 🙂 I
sprained my ankle trying to run with him as best that I can
and play with him. LOL, an asthmatic running. I’m sure
the neighbors could hear me breathing hehehe. My old
legs are telling me now how stupid I was to try to run,
but I’m sure I will do it again when I am able hehehehe.
I spend a lot of time with him in the living room floor
wrestling with him. He loves us to play with him. Yet,
he too gets tuckered out hehe LOL. The little guy was
pooped last night after me having a tug of war with my
belt. LOL he laid down in the floor and looked like a
dead dog hehehe. I held the belt over his head and he
just raised his head as if to say NO Way Jose hehehehe.
Judy’s still asleep. After I finish this, I’ll head to the
kitchen to see what I can fix us for brunch. I’m sure
Benny’s hungry. He loves his little Cesar dinners 🙂
I usually mix in some puppy chow are something with
it so he gets a good balanced meal. Gotta take care
of our little blessing. God gives us all blessings, but
we may not see them due to our own distraught sight.
Sometimes it helps to step back from the moment and
see all the blessings that you have gained throughout
time. Then look to find the good in the moment that
is there with you. Let a smile find your face even if
you do not feel like smiling. Sometimes that smile
can change the whole outcome of the day. Search
your heart for God’s Grace, for it is there. Often
we’re just needing a time out for a moment. Take
a breather and then let Jesus help you to find your
footing in the day. Now I think it’s that time once
again for me to begin my little venture back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that might work for the title for
today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that
little place of my recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. Found a good title. Now,
let’s see what I can do with it. Here goes!!!!

Let A Smile

Scenes we find
from then and there
could be our own
answered prayer.
Let a smile
to shine on through
in the things
you say and do.
Mornings flavors
can be seen
as a moments
running stream.
Let a smile
to shine today
in your moments
will and way.
Leave the sadness
that you’ve found
in God’s Hands
of solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

OK, so there ya are once again. Hehehe my old brain
is tired. I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe even
the poem. I guess rather than me begin rambling again
I need to be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that
is, I wrote 10 more poems and 22 more haiku and all of
them this morning. 1 of the poems is a Christmas poem.
Yes, I begin writing new Christmas poems each year at
the end of the year passed. I send them all to my friend
and publisher in Holland. He has a Christmas site that
he keeps up all year round and he has all 500 plus of my
Christmas poems published there. If you love Christmas
as much as Judy and I love it, take a visit to his site.
His link is at the end of the poems and all along with
many others. Ok, so it’s time for me to once again be
searching for that freaking off switch, but not before
I wish you a most joyful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that silly
off switch. Ahhah, caught ya riding piggy back on
Benny hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Also another Thoughts To Use

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Mornings Sunshine

Morning’s risen
with it’s flare
come from nighttimes
own night air.
Sunshine’s shining
now I see
as God’s blessings
oh so free.
Now I sit back
watching true
mornings sunshine
and its view.
The stage is set
for now and then
mornings sunshine
to begin.
With my curtains
now not drawn,
I can see
the mornings dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

A Minutes Whisper

Within the seconds
counted in frame
a minutes whisper
does then attain.
It finds its moments
counted so true
as it continues
on with its view.
A minutes whisper
may not be seen
while it will sometimes
just be a dream.
Often the minutes
whispers in time
are just a seasonal
moments design,
for with the minutes
of whispers detail
there are some fragments
of seconds set sail.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Birdies At Play

Seen in the distance
a little black bird
sings its sweet song
that springtime has heard.
High upon a treetop
it chirps away
with the beginning
of every spring day.
Yet there’s confusion,
when it looks down,
for there is still snow
found on the ground.
This little black bird
is not alone,
for there’s a red breasted
robin in tone.
It sings then also
while stood in snow
wondering where all
did springtime go.
These are the seasons
up here each day
as I just watch the
birdies at play.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Creating A Sunrise

God brings together
mornings of time
creating a sunrise
scenic design.
God makes the morning
from shadows seen
coming from nighttimes
minutes cuisine.
The sun slowly rises
up in the sky
as God then maybe
makes clouds to fly.
It’s God’s Own artwork
that which is done
as He makes morning
with each rising sun.
Creating a sunrise
is not complete
until God says so
and has a seat.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Windows of Heartbeats

Windows of heartbeats
is but a story
displayed as patterns
sometimes so gory.
Time can be rhythms
beating in tune
as but a heartbeat
morning to noon.
Sometimes one heartbeat
might become loud
with all the seasons
it has endowed.
Windows of heartbeats
can surely find
ways to enlighten
your own very mind.
Let not the rhythms
with every heartbeat
become so shallow
that time can defeat.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Winters Weather

Time is breaking
scenes each day
as the winter
goes away.
Winters weather
is soon gone
with beginnings
of new dawn.
Dawns of seasons
sort of seen
as northeasterns
sign of spring.
Ages displayed
as a stage
with the turning
of a page.
Winters weather
soon moves on
as dear springtime
comes to dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Wonder Wander

Many wonder
wander too
where there lives
are going to.
Many see the
days ahead
as but only
pain and dread.
Many wonder
wander when
time’s conclusions
then begin.
Stages wages
turned too soon
might make life
a saddened tune.
Many wonder
wander days
while their mind is
in a daze,
Let those moments
wonder wander
be what’s learned
from over yonder.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Without Christmas

Our forgiveness
would not be
without Jesus
then to see.
Without Christmas
we would lose
all our chances
Heavens dues.
Jesus gave us
ways to find
peace and love
from time to time.
Without Christmas
we would die
without chance for
Jesus gives us
ways from sin
and new life
we can begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Looking Forward

While in motion
we can strive
better ways
to stay alive.
Looking forward
and not back,
you can find your
way on track.
yet use lessons
from the past
as the ways
to find contrast.
Looking forward
to today
you can find a
better way.
It might sometimes
take some time
to make forward
peace of mind.
Yet it’s glimmer
can be found
through Lord Jesus
solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

God’s Creations

When staring out
across the way
God’s creations
paint each day.
Seasons painted
here and there
are the artwork
none compare.
Moments glimmer
in each sight
during day
and also night.
God’s creations
find a place
as a smile
upon my face.
So I wake up,
look and see
all that God has
given me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

for Apr 1, 2012

are the doors opened and closed
with choices to choose.

Mornings remembered
as the shadows of nighttime
with light upon it.

Beginning each day
needs a little prayer to God
before stepping out.

Watching birds sing
can bring you great joy each day,
but listen also.

Welcome some changes,
for changes can bring you growth.
Beware bad changes.

Doorways we’ve entered
can often lead to nowhere,
but a dead end road.

The leaves on the trees
blow briskly in the morning
as winds come and go.

Today’s beginnings
come with some glimmers of hope
as Lord God provides.

Angels of mercy
shadow us throughout each day
as watchful blessings.

A minute in time
might seem as if it’s hours
through our impatience.

A flowers answer
is decor and aroma
when springtime arrives.

Useless arrogance
might just be your own downfall
which ends in sadness.

Looking across time
you might find your reflections
in other people.

Waiting for patience
could lead you down a sad road
that ends in despair.

Don’t lean on because,
for it’s not a good answer
for what that is truth.

The lines on a face
paint a picture of ones life
and how it was done.

Morning times venture
can be a whole lot better
if you choose to smile.

Paving your walkway
needs be done with solid ground
or it will just sink.

Effortless people
will sit back and watch others
rather than to help.

Beginnings in time
are the fragments of each day
that God’s provided.

Leaving yesterday
and not dealing with the past
can destroy today.

Without some flowers
life would just be a few weeds
that we would mow down.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1, 2012

Thoughts To Use
by Bill Pearce

A True Friend

is someone you might disagree with
from time to time. You may even have
yelling matches from time to time with
them and maybe even say the words
“I hate you” time to time, but in the end
you’re still best of friends with forgiveness,
because you know it’s all just a moment.
Let true friendship live in your heart
as time goes by and don’t let the mere
moments to take that away.
See the love!!

God bless from Bill
©Mar 30, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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