My Dad


Hello my friends
to all the dads out there

It’s another beautiful day up here with a high of 72F degrees
which it is right now. It’s supposed to get a little bit warmer
starting Wednesday. Maybe 79F degrees then a little warmer
Thursday and Friday to the lower 80’s, but supposed to drop
back down to the upper 60’s and lower 70’s after that with a
few showers here and there. Not too bad huh! Well I guess
I’ll see if I can find anything to talk about hehehe. Benny has
been wearing his new sunshades and cap quite often and he
looks really cute in them. I bought the shades mainly for him
to wear during wintertime so he doesn’t go snow blind hehe.
When we got him last March, he spent most of his time with
his eyes squinted because of the suns reflection in the snow.
He’ll be 1 year old this coming July. We’re gonna get him a
little doggy birthday cake of some sorts hehehehe. He’s our
little boy. We let him out a hour or so ago for him to go to
the bathroom and he’s still outside. I may let him back in
when I find a good place to stop writing. Heck, Judy might
let him in when she wakes up. LOL, if I let him in before she
wakes up he’ll jump on the bed and begin with his kisses to
mommy until she wakes up. Judy let him out, but before
he went out he jumped up on the bed and drowned me with
doggie kisses 🙂 Can’t sleep through that hehehehe. There
hasn’t been much of a change around the house. Judy and
I walk Benny on a leash to the mailbox and back to check
the mail most every day when of course it’s not raining 🙂
Benny likes to play tug of war with his leash hehehe. Judy
gets pulled along behind him as he tries to look and smell
of every little thing and go everywhere LOL. Yeppers he’s
our baby. Judy and I are still busy with all of our farms
in FarmTown on Facebook every day. We’re waiting for
them to add another farm for us to buy hehehe. They’ve
added more facilities, but I ain’t got no place to put them,
so I need another farm and so does Judy. Yes, I know,
we’re BORING, but we enjoy life and being together.
Soon we’ll be taking off in the car to take pictures around
the countryside. I’m sure Benny will be with us most of
the time. After all, we’ll want to get him in some of the
pictures hehehe. I went over to our neighbors house late
Friday night after their son Julian sent me a message via
Facebook saying come on over Bill, we’ve got a big fire
going. I brought my little bongos over and they all took
turns trying to play them LOL. I played them a while and
Truman the youngest asked, how can you move your
hands so fast hehehe. I told him I had been playing the
drums especially the bongos and conga drums since I
was about 6 or 7 years old. When I went into the first
grade and in music class they let us choose which of the
instruments we wanted to play, I chose bongos, being
I was driving my mom and dad crazy with my always
beating drum beats on the furniture at home hehehehe.
Anyways, we had fun at the bonfire, but I had promised
Judy I wouldn’t be gone long and when I returned home
I was greeted by Benny trying to climb up my legs to give
me a kiss. When I headed to the computer room through
our bedroom, Benny hopped up on the bed and tried to
grab me with his paws to pull me close and lick/kiss me.
LOL he is sooooooo cute! He missed me 🙂 I can’t even
imagine how he would react if either Judy or I were gone
for a day or longer LOL, but that ain’t happening, at
least to my knowledge. Only God knows the time that
I am to leave this Earthly body and be with my dad and
all that have gone before me. I made a promise to Judy
and Benny that my spirit would always be watching over
them. Benny will know, being dogs are more alert to
things that we never see. I know my dads spirit is here
looking after Judy and I as well as my mom and sister
Peggy. Heaven is not the end, but the beginning of yet
another journey in a life that is forever. God’s love is
so very great that He gives us each one a chance to
change our lives around and meet His Son. None of
us will ever know the true expanse of Heavens joy until
we get there. Until that day we can only dream of its
glory. Let God show you the footsteps that you are
to take through your conscience. Don’t dilute your
conscience with drugs or alcohol, for if you do, you
will regret it. I’m not saying it’s wrong to drink, but
I am saying if you do, you need to do it in moderation.
Find God’s blessings in life as you open your eyes to
the things that you might of been overlooking before.
Now I think it’s time once again for me to be taking
my little journey back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that might
work well for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. Hmmmm
it looks like I may of found a good title just a little ways
back. So now, let’s see what I can do with it.

My Dad

Timeless stories
now survive
my dad told me
while alive.
Things remembered
pages turned
are the stories
I’ve discerned.
My dad surely
loved me true
in the things
he’d say and do.
He still loves me
now today
in his spirit
bodied way.
My dear daddy
truly shows
love remembered
through echoes.
Echoed love
beats lessons true
while my dad
still stays in view.
Now I vision
Fathers day
here with my dad
every way.
He is always
here with me
with his love
through history.

©By Bill Pearce
June 17, 2012

I hope you enjoyed my rambling as well as maybe the poem.
I was on about the next to last line of the poem when I heard
the door being struck by Benny hehehe. Judy let him back in
and he was anxious to see me. Judy opened the door and he
came running in jumping up to kiss/lick me ALL OVER hehe.
I guess that was his way of saying Happy Fathers day daddy.
He is such a sweetie. I wrote yet another Fathers Day poem
yesterday and sent it to my mom and sister to share. I made
it up into a picture to be printed out and hung. Peggy said
I said everything in the poem that she would’ve ever wanted
to say. I truly love my dad and he will always be with me in
his spirit and in my heart. I see his eyes looking back at me
when I look in the mirror and they are smiling 🙂 Well I guess
it’s about time for me to tell you what I tell you every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yet this
time I wrote 12 poems but only gonna share 11 of them being
one of them is an anniversary poem I wrote for my friends
Ben and Diane Geurts. They have gone out of their way to
make sure that Judy and I are OK and have become as our
family. None the less I am posting the 11 which one of the
poems is the Fathers Day poem I wrote yesterday and also
the 3 Christmas poems I wrote along with all the others
Friday. Yes, I also wrote once again 22 more haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there. So, that’s about it and
therefore it’s almost time for me to begin searching for
that confounded off switch that loves to play hide and seek,
but not before I wish you all a most joyful and blessed
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now,
to find that silly off switch. Found it laying down in the
floor with Benny trying to hide in his curly hair hehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Daddy It’s Now Fathers Day

Daddy I now think of you
each day as time goes by,
thinking of the things we’ve done
as time began to fly.
I wish I could be with you now
and we could talk and share,
but daddy I now always know
you’re here with love and care.
With your spirit standing close
as Jesus guides my day.
Daddy I’ll remember always
how you taught to pray.
Thank you for your guidance dad
and all that you did give,
for it’s with those lessons then
that help me now to live.
Daddy it’s now Fathers Day
and I think of you
and all the love you gave to me
through the things you’d do.
You gave wisdom day to day
to ones needing love
as you shared your daily gifts
that came from God ABOVE.
Thank you daddy for your gifts
and helping me to see
that God is greatest in my life
for Jesus died for me.

©By Bill Pearce
June 16, 2012

Find Through His Blessings

When a dark shadow
appears in your heart
search for God’s blessings
to tear it apart.
If that dark shadow
of timeless detail
reminds you of moments
of your living Hell
let Jesus shine on
with His love so bright
as He fills heartbeats
with Heavenly Light.
Find through His blessings
truth then and there
that shows the moments
that none can compare.
The greatest of blessings
from God’s Only Son
that have shined brightly
as they’ve begun.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Beyond Our Footsteps

Beyond our footsteps
actions will show
from all the moments
of then to and fro.
Building on segments
that we each have made
we might find blessings
found in the shade.
When troubles find you
look for a smile
beyond the moments
of which you compile.
Try to remember
what good that you’ve found
within your footsteps
of all there around.
Let Jesus help you
to see through the grey
and help you find your
blessings today.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Mornings Dew

Visions of sweetness
come in my view
when see dawning
of mornings dew.
Sweet drops of water
here there around
that seem to sparkle
when they are found.
All of these visions
come oh so clear
as I find summertime
year after year.
Sweet summers showers
come from the sky
as many blessings
to water what’s dry.
I find that summertime
has its own view
with many moments
of mornings dew.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Christmas Card

A sweet Christmas card
that you can remember
might bring back timeless
found in December.
A sweet little letter
you might of found
might bring you Christmastime
then back around.
One Christmas moment
that’s found in a word
might be a blessing
your heart has heard.
A sweet Christmas card
that you found one day
might bring you blessings
of God’s wondrous way.
Use those sweet memories
that you have found
to bring the blessings
of Christmas around.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Sometimes An Angel

Can you hear angels
singing so great
as they encompass
our moments fate.
They’re all around us
watching and waiting
for God to give them
His designating.
If you will listen
you might hear singing
about all the blessings
through God’s everything.
Can you see angels
in seasons delight
in all your friendships
of each day and night?
Sometimes an angel
might truly transcend
and become someone
that you call a friend.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Another Summer Mile

Right now this summer
I now recall
that greatest season
that comes after fall.
It’s with my heartbeat
I now remember
Christmastime burning
as a sweet ember.
I find the blessings
alive and so well
thriving as Christmastimes
own living bell.
Right now this summer
beyond all the heat
I find the memoirs
of good that defeat.
Blessings of Christmastime
brought as a smile
that help me make it
another summer mile.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Singular Seconds

Singular seconds
ticking in time
might disclose minutes
of moments design.
Singular seconds
of you and me
might end up being
all that we see.
Singular viewpoints
we thought so true
could just be echoes
of me and you.
Singular moments
we’ve stood to stare
might be reflections
that we just compare.
Singular seconds
minutes complete
might be the shadows
of our own feet.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

A Christmas Thought

A Christmas thought
that time disclosed
might be what that
God’s proposed.
He might be just
telling you
what you’re needing
now to do.
A Christmas thought
that’s now so clear
might make better
for next year.
Sometimes thinking
thoughts of then
can help future
times begin.
A Christmas thought
that time has shown
might disclose
you need atone.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Shattered Windows

Sleepless nightmares
come to take
what our dreams
all wish to make.
Shattered windows
come in view
when we let them
become true.
Don’t allow the
shattered times
to grow as
nightmares designs.
Learn from heartache
that you seen
and then find
a better dream.
Shattered windows
you’ve looked through
can be lessons
within you.
Shattered windows
now and then
can make better
things begin.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

Remembered Summers

Now as the wind blows
I’m looking sad
as I remember
what all that I had.
Sweet remembered summers
of decades ago
live in my memories
all that I know.
I find I’m saddened
by what I lost
when I ran quickly
with troubles I tossed.
Yet now the summers
of which I can see
bring to me happiness
given for free.
Yes remembered summers
will surely be found
when I look closely
at all there around.
Within a tree leaf
that floats in the breeze
I see the summers
of the tall Texas trees.
I recall blessings
of Heavens delight
as now remembered
of summers so right.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

for June 15, 2012

A moments thinking
can destroy what good you have
if you allow it.

Planting a seedling
doesn’t guarantee its growth
for you must water.

A little flavor
can either make good or bad
what you are tasting.

Senseless directions
leave mishap amidst their wake
filled full of regret.

A flowers journey
begins with a little seed
planted in the ground.

Today is a day
that allows us some changes,
for yesterday’s gone.

Posting some comments
might unknowingly cause pain,
so be real careful.

Living as your great
could explode right in your face
with times not so great.

Bringing a shadow
along for the ride through time
might disclose heartache.

Arrogant people
leave bitterness in their wake
as oceans of lies.

Scenes of passion
fill the minds of emotion,
but don’t be a fool.

Letting your yearning
to guide you blindly each day
might end in sadness.

Similar people
are not always connected
in the same journeys.

Today is a place
we often will have fear of
before it arrives.

Pools of problems
stand as turmoil’s stagnation
when we allow them.

While walking quickly
you might pass some great moments.
Take time to enjoy.

Leftover blessings
can enhance your tomorrows
that are needing smiles.

Mornings transgressions
can end with Lord God’s blessings
through a little prayer.

Times designations
needs some patience to get there,
so keep it on course.

Many find questions
as lifestyles masterpieces
filled with deception.

Within a mirror
there is often your own sight
that others don’t see.

Marking calendars
does not guaranty the truth
in new calendars.

©By Bill Pearce
June 15, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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