Don’t Worry, Be Happy


Hello my friends

How has your weekend been? Ours has been on the
soggy side being it’s rained most every day. My weather
programs on my PC say that it’s supposed to rain every
single day this week. Today’s high is supposed to be in
the upper 60’s. Right now at 12:42 it’s 61F degrees and
yes raining. I tried to put Benny outside so he could go
potty, but he said no way dude. I couldn’t push him
out the door hehehe. He decided to hold it as long as he
can I think, but me thinks he might have to go out there
whether he likes it or not pretty soon hehehe. I could see
him squirming, but for now, he has laid in here in the
floor behind me. I called my mom last night and was
sitting in the recliner in the living room talking to her
when Benny decided he wanted to sit in my lap and so
he hopped right on up and began kissing/licking me :).
I said Benny OK knock it off, I can’t talk to my mom
while your doing that hehe. I don’t know why he likes
me so much 🙂 I torment him with baths, haircuts and
also slight spankings when he does wrong hehehe. I
guess he knows they’re for his own good. OH yea :),
I also wrestle with him a lot hehehe. Judy’s finally
gotten to where she wrestles with him often. I told her
that she needs to do it also, being I’m POOPED quite
often hehehe. Now he has two play mates. Benny’s
still laying down there in the floor comfy cozy. I had
a thought that maybe he had done a naughty and went
potty in the house, but I turned on the bedroom light
and looked and nothing. He can’t get into any other
part of the house at night being we put up the guard
fence, so he’s holding it in. He loves snow, but hates
rain hehehe. Go figure! He hasn’t yet seen the mass
of snow that we get up here being we didn’t get him
until March 10 of this year in the lesser of the snow
season. Yet, he did get to see a lot of snow hehehe
compared to what he might of seen before. There
was still a lot of snow and plus it was still snowing
pretty much every other day on into April. I talked
to our little neighbor boy yesterday and he told me
they sold the little dog that they were keeping for
their grandma, being her health was getting too bad
to be able to take care of it. So sad, but hopefully
it went to a good home. Yet I feel sad for grandma,
because I could tell when I saw her that she really
loved Buddy. Yeppers, that was his name. Buddy
was a Shih Tzu and apparently had just recently
gotten a hair cut hehehehe because he looked a lot
like Benny aside from the curly hair hehehehe and
being black. None the less, Benny doesn’t whine to
see him anymore. He didn’t really seem to care for
Buddy for some reason, but would look out the
back door when he was outside. Yet when I let him
outside, Benny would stay in the front of our home
and never want to go to the back to visit Buddy.
Really weird hmmmmm. Oh well, I guess dogs
can be picky about who they are friends with the
same as us LOL. I guess it’s time to move on to
another topic. Judy is still asleep and I would be
asleep if my dear bowels and my arthritis would
let me, darn it 🙁 Oh well, I guess I’ll survive 🙂
Oh yea, just to set the records straight hehehehe
we don’t actually go to bed until around 5:00 AM
or thereabouts and often don’t turn off the TV and
try to go to sleep until around 6 hehehe so Judy
still being in bed isn’t because she’s lazy. The fact
is that we were both night owls when we met. I
had worked night shift for many a decade and
always slept during the day. Judy worked in the
evening shift at Elm Tree diner so she too would
stay up most of the night LOL. She also worked
the nightshift at Whataburger in Greenville Texas
where we lived, but when we moved up here, she
ended up taking a job at the Elm Tree again on
the day shift which sort of messed us both up hehe.
So now that she is retired the same as I, we both
have gotten back to our normal habitat of sleeping
during the day and getting up in the afternoon or
thereabouts to eat breakfast LOL. It’s still raining
outside. Hehehe, thank God it ain’t raining inside.
Benny would be in a horrible mess hehehe. Well,
hmmm what have we been up to? All I can think
of is the regular day to day stuff. Oh yea, Judy
and I went over Barb’s (Judy’s older sister) for her
surprise birthday on the 18th. We had a great time,
but had to leave Benny at home, because they’ve
got two female Siberian Husky’s and we thought
Benny might cause a scene, but maybe next time
we go, we might bring him to see how it works.
Well, Benny heard Judy get up and he went to
see what she’s doing. Now, both Judy and I took
Benny to the front door for yet another chance
at going outside to potty. Judy put his new little
purple raincoat on him and I sat him outside on
the top step. He didn’t wanna go outside in the
rain hehehe. But he’s now down the steps and
maybe get it over with LOL. Hehehehe, Judy’s
getting dressed and donning her raincoat so she
can go out there with him. She thought that he
might be more apt to go potty if she’s out there
in the rain with him LOL. We shall see hehehehe.
Well, maybe this time I’ll make it to another
topic and not bounce back to the old hehe. Here
at the Pearce’s Place we have still been doing all
of our regular stuff such as goof around on all of
our FarmTown farms on Facebook. We’re still
waiting for them to give us another farm hehehe.
14 just isn’t enough LOL. OK back to Benny 🙂
Judy just ran in here to grab her camera so she
could take some pictures of Benny in his new lil
purple raincoat that she bought him hehehehehe.
She said, “he looks so cute”! Well, as you can
tell by my writings, God has given us blessings
through Benny. God gives us each one blessings,
but often we will overlook them due to our blind
eyes searching the wrong areas of our lives and
letting greed to infiltrate our chances for a smile.
See the simplest blessings in life and you might
then find the greater ones beyond that. Don’t let
wanting for others blessings to prevent you from
seeing your own that God has given you. Often
they are right in front of our face and other times
we might need to turn around to see them, due
to us being headed the wrong way. Find the joy
in life through Jesus. Let His blessings shine as
the sun in your life. Don’t let sadness to envelop
you and exist with you every day. Of course you
will have sadness, but it’s with sadness that we
can see the good times even more clearly if we
will just take the time to look. As the song goes,
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” hehehe. Well I guess
it’s time for me to begin my search for the title
for today’s new poem, so it’s away I go to that
place of my recollection through all that I’ve
written here for some word or phrase that might
work. So it’s off I go to that place that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I may have
found a good title, but we shall see hehe LOL.
Here goes………..

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Don’t let the sad times
overtake you.
Search for the goodness
within your view.
Don’t worry, be happy
about now today
and let all your sadness
to just drift away.
Don’t let the darkness
to be all you see.
Let Jesus shine on
with His love for free.
Don’t worry, be happy
and just shout and sing
about all of God’s love
in every blessing.
Don’t let the bad times
to just wear you down.
Don’t worry, be happy
and let loose that frown.
Find you a smile
that can brighten the day
and watch all the sadness
to just fade away.

©By Bill Pearce
June 24, 2012

OK so I hope ya enjoyed my rambling and maybe even
the poem hehehe. Don’t ask me how I end up writing
certain poems. I just see a title or something in my view
that gives me a thought and I start writing. Like when
I sit down to write all of my poems and haiku. I never
have an idea of what I will write. I just begin writing
as a title comes to mind. LOL often I’ve gotta check to
make sure I haven’t already used the title, being I’ve
written over 7000 poems hehehe and over 500 of those
are Christmas poems LOL HoHoHo. So yes, at times
I have trouble coming up with a title that I haven’t used
already 🙂 It’s still raining and yes Benny is back in the
house and NO he did not go potty because it was raining.
Judy put down the potty board with puppy paper on it,
so maybe if he has to go too bad, he will use that hehehe.
I sprayed it with puppy training spray to let him know
that he can use it if he wants to, but we shall see LOL.
None the less he’s right beside me now laying in his
little bed fast asleep. So I reckon it’s time for me to be
telling you what I tell ya every single week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yeppers 10 more
poems with 2 of them being Christmassy HoHoHo hehe.
Also once again, I wrote 22 more haiku for all my haiku
lovers out there. Ok with that said I guess I need to be
searching to find that confounded off switch, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to
find that off switch that just loves to play hide and go
seek with me LOL. Found it, hiding behind Benny 🙂
trying to make as if it’s just a measly fur ball hehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Oh yea, one poem is about Benny hehehe
Figure out which one if ya can LOL

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Day Has Ended

When morning comes
the day begins
with sometimes
a few south winds.
Yet sometimes
when morning comes
there’s just heat
from summers suns.
When new arrives
the day is found
with its flavors
sight and sound.
Birds a chirping
flying too
as they do
what all they do.
When evening shines
it’s last details
before the night
is in its sails
summers sunset
comes to be
with its sights
for all to see.
Then as nightfall
finds its place
the day has ended
with God’s grace.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Weathered Doorways

Weathered doorways
entered through
sometimes leave
a bitter view.
Withered from
the days ago
filled with heartache
to and fro.
Times remembered
that we’ve seen
some are nightmares,
some a dream.
Weathered doorways
we remember
may be as a
burning ember.
Things we’ve done
throughout our time
that now live
as bad design.
Reflect on all those
many views
and see how you’ve
paid your dues.
Sometimes choices
that we’ve done
are riddled bullets
from a gun.
Use the lessons
that you found
through what all
that came around.
Weathered doorways
will still be
now and then
through history.
Yet those doorways
prayed on through
will show better
things to do.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Living Memoirs

With remembered
times and places
some are found as
living faces.
Living memoirs
within view
with the things
we say and do.
Many memoirs
seen around
may not have a
single sound.
They might be
so silently
what all that we
only see.
Living memoirs
said and done
found repeated
in someone.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Painted Flowers

Summertimes colors
might seem out of phase
when they are painted
with many greys.
Sometimes just seeming
as painted flowers
often the summertimes
lifetime empowers.
Then all the colors
of red, blue and green
come into view then
as a sweet dream.
Painted emotions
found within view
summertimes colors
display a hue.
Maybe just flowers
of colors divine
are what you see
for your summertime.
So let the colors
to flow as they will
as they are painted
to surely fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

The Day’s Begun

The times arrived
with blessings true
along with choices
of what to do.
The day’s begun
with peeking light
seeping through
the end of night.
A page is turned
with new detail
for new things
you can set sail.
The dawn of day
is found at ease
with the wind
that blows a breeze.
The day’s begun
with now and then
so awaken
and begin.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Like A Feather

Withered troubles
can be found
as a feather
on the ground.
It’s the viewpoint
in our flurry
that makes time for
all our worry.
Like a feather
you should float
without worry
in your boat.
So let Jesus
fill that place
with His Love
and saving Grace.
Then you’ll be just
like a feather
floating peaceful
through the weather.
Yet sometimes
you’re worried mind
will return
from time to time.
It’s those moments
that you should
seek for Jesus
and what’s good.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Christmas Wishing

Now this moment’s
as I’m watching
its design
and while watching
I am found
wishing Christmas
was around.
Christmas wishing
daily true
as I sit here
summers view.
Now the seasons
bring us rain
and I hate to
just complain,
but the rain just
seems to fall
on and on
and over all.
I wish Christmas
would get here
with my favorite
time of year.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Little Footsteps

Throughout time
I hear the sound
of my puppy
on the ground.
Little footsteps
with a bark
as our puppy’s
in the dark.
We will call him
and he comes
with his paws
as beating drums.
Running quickly
with his smile
that he seems with
all the while.
Little footsteps
seem to flow
and bring joy
to all we know.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Dreams of Winter

Shadows remembered
as echoes recall
bring me the dreams
that come after fall.
My dreams of winter
found in my mind
also display the
best Christmastime.
Times of my childhood
so long ago
I can remember
cans of white snow.
We lived in Dallas
with Christmas of green
being that’s all that
I’d ever seen.
So my dear parents
would do it right
with a few cans
of snow then of white.
Then for our Christmas
we would each sing
of what the season
did surely bring.
My dreams of winter
now still exist
living as moments
now surely missed.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

Green Leaves Blowing

With summers winds
comes shadows bestowing
that of the sights of
green leaves blowing.
Patterns are forming
here there around
as sometimes shadows
found on the ground.
Green leaves blowing
might seem to say
that it’s a wonderful
summertimes day.
Listen to the rustle
as the breeze blows
and hear the sounds
of which it bestows.
The many blessings
of time after time
might be of green leaves
blowing so fine.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

for June 23, 2012

Sometimes a lifestyle
is only but a mirage
of wanted value.

Pretending to fly
is ok stood on the ground,
but might hurt if not.

Letters rewritten
might have a misconception
of what that they meant.

Truth found in shadows
leaves often sadness prevailed
that was hid away.

Corresponding times
might just look sort of alike
and not be fitting.

Anger management
comes in forms of true patience
and not acting out.

Some are idiots
trying to act like they’re smart
and don’t wish to learn.

An echo of you
lives as things people repeat,
so watch what you do.

Answers to questions
will often bring more questions
for many to ask.

Returning patterns
might be due to a relapse
of certain choices.

Today can be great
if begun with a big smile
that others can see.

With thens memories
you can enlighten today
and make it better.

A little raindrop
dispenses its living force
unto a flower.

Some seen as clumsy
might just be their cautiousness
causing their stumbling.

Swinging from a branch
could land you in deep water
if you’re not ready.

Demanding factors
often lead ones to their doom
when they’re not prepared.

A simple fragrance
can brighten a gloomy day,
so smell a flower.

A sight that is seen
can be a mistaken moment
if in the wrong light.

Pleasing a person
needs first to know the reason
and if it’s worth it.

Beyond what we see
is a glimmer of our dreams
sometimes well hidden.

Many conclusions
are just our misconceptions
of what we thought true.

Summertimes raindrops
bring us sweet breezes that blow
and cool off the day.

©By Bill Pearce
June 23, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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