Hello my friends

It’s a tad hot up this way today the same as it has been
for the last few days. It’s not as bad though as it is down
south of us. Yep, right now it’s 84F degrees and humid.
Saturday, Judy and I went up to Caribou Maine for our
granddaughter Rylee’s birthday party. We had a great
time. Rylee turned 5 years old hehehe and Judy and I
took loads of pictures. Benny went with us and he had
a great time as well with everybody playing with him 🙂
It was hot up there as well, but in the shade it wasn’t
too bad. Rylee got tons of gifts hehehe, with few that
she already had, but that’s OK. The kids played in the
water sprinkler to cool off. Judy and I took a bunch of
pictures. I took a lot of pictures on the way up there
as usual. It was a beautiful day. Would of been better
if there had been an air conditioner handy to cool off
by LOL, but not many up here own air conditioners
being it rarely gets hot enough to warrant buying one.
Also summertime doesn’t last as long up here as it
does down south. Still, it would be great to be able
to have one, but all of our windows open side to side
and don’t suffice a window unit. There’s one that
was built into the wall of the living room, but it quit
4 years ago and it would be not only costly to fix it,
but senseless, being we don’t stay in that part of the
house and it would run up a rather costly electric bill
to rely on it to cool the whole freaking house LOL.
I think the Air conditioner needs a new compressor,
but still, it’s not worth it. Maybe one day when we
get rich LOL. Right now our fans and all are doing
a pretty fair job. We’ve got a water cooled fan in
our bedroom that helps a little, although it does add
to the humidity a tad hehehe. Ok, so it’s onwards to
another topic. I let Benny back in the house a bit ago
after I had let him out a few hours ago to go potty.
He ran in and hopped on the bed to give Judy some
loving. Benny’s now in here with me asleep in the
floor and Judy went back to sleep. I told Judy early
this morning that I would make her pancakes and
me some egg sandwiches after I finished my journal.
Ain’t we exciting!!!? I’m getting hungry, but finish
this I must. I’m sweating profusely, but it’ll soon
cool off. By the middle of the week we should be
back to mid 70F temperatures God willing and it
can’t happen soon enough for me LOL. Yet right
now it’s still 84F but should start to go down in the
next few hours. Benny went back in the bedroom to
sleep in his doggie bed. We bought him a little fan
that blows directly on him in the floor, so he’s good.
I just peeked in on him and he’s moved off to the
floor in the hallway in the kitchen. There’s a good
breeze blowing through there and hard wood floors
are a little cooler I reckon. Oh yea, Judy and I took
Benny and went for a picture taking drive last Sunday
evening. We took a lot of great pictures. Also Judy’s
sister Trudy came over Monday and brought Fenway
& Willow. Benny and them had a blast running around
the house and climbing all over me hehehe. Willow’s
a tiny little thing weighing only maybe 3.2 pounds and
Fenway weighs about 8.4 pounds or thereabouts 🙂
Benny weighs around 20 pounds. He’s at his full
size. Benny turns 1 year old tomorrow (Monday)
and Judy and I are planning on giving him a little
birthday party hehehe. Yea I know, he won’t have
a clue of what’s going on hehehehehe, but we will 🙂
So, what else is happening around the Pearce’s
homestead? Not much! We’re still doing all of our
farms at Farmtown on Facebook. Being we both
now have 15 farms and are at level 360 hehehehe.
We’ve both started another profile so we could
start off Farmtown from scratch. Judy started hers
a long while ago and is already ahead of me on it.
I just started my new profile a few weeks ago, and
now at level 52. It’s not as hard as is was the first
time being I know a bit more about the game hehe.
It’s our fun. We both enjoy working on each others
farms help each other out. We were all three DOG
tired yesterday evening when we finally got home
from Rylees birthday party. It was fun, but we
were all tired as all get out. We stopped off and
bought some food from Taco Bell, because neither
of us felt like cooking LOL. Well, there ain’t much
else to tell ya about. God has graced us once again
with some great times together filled with blessings.
Of course there have been some bad times, but it’s
with the bad times that we are able to see the good
times more clearly. Look through the shadows of
sadness and find the glimmers of hope. Most surely
God’s goodness is there to be found. Often we just
need to look without our negative eyes. Negativity
in your judgment can prevent you from finding
the good that’s been there all the while and keep
you filled with sadness. Let Jesus help you to
find that Joy in your life. Now I believe it’s time
once again for me to be taking my little journey
back through all that I’ve written here, to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that might work
well for title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think
I may have stumbled upon a good title, but we
shall see, huh hehehe. Here goes nothing….


Negative thoughts
through our despair
can make you find
some time without prayer.
Let not negativity
to become all you view
when you are striving
to do what you do.
Let God The Father
to help you withstand
life’s snapping troubles
as times rubber band.
Search through the moments
that you now perceive
and find the blessings
in your life to weave.
Negative pathways
can maybe be good
if they are truly
right now understood.
Learn from the negative
sights that you see
how things can change
through our history.
Negative lessons
can positively grow
into much better
timeframes to bestow.
Histories passages
then unto there
show us their blessings
with answers to prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
July 15, 2012

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and all hehehe. Also,
I hope you enjoyed the poem hehehe even if ya didn’t
understand it LOL. No matter! Well it’s 86F degrees
right now and Judy’s still in bed sleeping. I couldn’t
handle the heat to even try to lay in bed right now, but
I would if I could. I be tired! I’ll maybe catch a little
15 minute nap later this evening. In any case, I ain’t
complaining, because I always know it could be worse.
I thank God that we are on this none obstructed hill
that allows us a good breeze. Although I do get a tad
nervous when people talk of tornadoes hehehehehe.
Oh well, It’s just the turning of another page. Each
day is a mystery with new things to see. Yeah, some
days may look alike, but their differences are written
in the minutes and hours. Sometimes, it’s just with
our close-mindedness that prevents us from seeing the
changes in the days. Well. Benny came back in here
for a brief and you could tell by the look on his face
that it was too hot for him, so he headed back to the
kitchen floor hallway hehehe. I asked him if he would
like to go back outside and I got no response, though
I might put him back outside anyways in a bit. He
ever so often jumps in his little kiddy swimming pool
to cool off. How do we know that you ask? Well
a few times we’ve let him back in and he was soak
and wet with that being the only way for that to
of happened LOL. So long as he don’t short out his
collar, I don’t care hehehe. Hey, I got in the pool
with him a while back LOL. I just had room though
to sit down, being I’m a rather big guy hehehehe.
Our neighbors bought their kids a little kiddy pool
also, but Benny can’t get to it because of his collar.
So I reckon it’s time once again for me to be telling
you what I tell you every week, I wrote some more
poems and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with
one of them being yet another Christmas poems.
Also 22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you enjoy a few of them. Ok, so it’s
time for me to be searching for that old off switch,
but not before I wish you a most joyful and God
filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we
do too. Now to find that off switch that loves to
play hide and seek. Yet now it should be called
search and sweat hehehe. Found it hiding within
the blades of the fan just twirling about trying to
stay cool hehehe. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

The darned breaker just kicked off. Thank God
for my battery back up hehehe, plus I always save
the journal as I go, to prevent having to start it
all over from SCRATCH 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe

Sunny Thursday

Sunny Thursday
brings the view
seeing Friday
one day true.
Winds are blowing
through the trees
without charging
any fees.
Sunny postcards
painted real
things we see
and things we feel.
Even blossoms
of the day
smell a fragrance
of Thursday.
Day long rosebuds
blossom too
in things Thursday
I now view.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Seasonal Ways

The mornings breeze
is found set sail
with its blessings
in detail.
Seasons are painted
as the wind blows
displaying summer
and all it bestows.
The breeze of summer
finds certain ways
to bring in raindrops
on summers days.
Soon in the ending
summer will pass
leaving but only
some shadows it cast.
The fall comes in
with colors delight
painting up surely
each day and night.
The mornings breeze
that’s now blowing through
is just remembered
as scenes thereunto.
Summertimes weather
with hottest of days
is but a moment
of seasonal ways.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

The Elements of Time

When counting moments
time might fall prey
to the elements of time
of day after day.
Sometimes our thinking
could be askew
when we are searching
for things to do.
Often the elements
of times we see
are just a portion
of you and me.
Within a fraction
of times ticking by
the elements of time
leave us wondering why.
Sometimes the shadows
that we find connected
leave us with wanting
timeframes corrected.
The elements of time
are just but a phase
displayed as turning
of pages of days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Made From A Thought

Momentous motions
that we have sought
are but a portion
made from a thought.
Yet sometimes minutes,
hours and days
leave us all thinking
about some displays.
Often it’s journeys
found not complete
that are the lessons
found as defeat.
Patterns we’ve noticed
that we have done
might be the journeys
we’ve not begun.
Let God to help you
a little a lot
see all the lessons
made from a thought.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Seeking Rain

Now as summer
falls in place
there’s a sunburn
on my face.
It’s the weather
daily true
that which shadows
me and you.
Many daily
just complain
about always
seeking rain.
Yet so many
also show
their true hate for
winters snow.
Snow is water
frozen true,
but it’s rain
on me and you.
So when winter
times you meet
don’t so quickly
up the heat.
Often summer
will be found
with ones AC
gone to town.
Making coldness
same as winter
when the summer’s
front and center.
So don’t always
just complain.
Find some joy
in seeking rain.
It might come
one day for sure
as a tremendous
days down pour.
Then your seeking
might be found
for some sunshine
town to town.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Tomorrows Glimpse

Beyond our doorways
tomorrow’s are seen
sometimes as nightmares
sometimes a dream.
Tomorrows glimpse
might seem out of line
seen from today
with worries design.
All our tomorrows
could become gray
if we allow them
now and today.
Do your best now
and tomorrow will be
not found as bad
in your history.
Yesterdays problems
that follow you
need you to learn then
what you’re to do.
Maybe your past days
of which you’ve found
are filled with lessons
still coming round.
Tomorrows glimpse
can find some release
when you let Jesus
fill you with peace.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Wishing For Snow

Year long persuasions
springtime through fall
seems to make winter
to stand so tall.
With that first snowflake
as white as can be
I find the blessings
that I can see.
So I might always
be found to and fro
sweating through summer
while wishing for snow.
Scenes in my minds eyes
describe a view
found with white snow
from here thereunto.
So if you see me
just looking at the sky,
I might be looking
for summers goodbye.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Patience of Time

When disillusioned
of timeless detail
find you some patience
in God’s giving well.
Let lose of worries
that now does display,
for patience of time
will better the day.
Times you’re discouraged
and just cannot smile,
say a little prayer
and walk another mile.
Patience of time
is found deep within
through many blessings
to one day begin.
Let yourself rest now
with patience of time
and see the blessings
in God’s Own Design.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

A Puppy’s Love

With a little puppy
the love never ends
for it’s as bubbles
in life’s living winds.
Always just floating
with love and a smile
a puppy’s love
is all of the while.
It may not feel good
on some days for sure,
but it has true love
that’s flavored so pure.
A puppy’s love
will never fall prey
to that of hatred
that many display.
So learn from a puppy
how truly to be.
Never let hatred
be all you see.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

Christmas in Disguise

Find now snowflake
inside of your mind
and then see pages
of Christmastime.
Scenes all around us
hidden from view
have Christmas in them
for me and you.
Things we’ve forgotten
each passing day
have Christmas in them
found in some way.
Sometimes our minutes
of which we have done
are just forgetful
of Lord God’s Own Son.
So take the time now
to see with your eyes
the scenes found within this
Christmas in disguise

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

for July 12, 2012

Lighter sides of life
can bring a lot of laughter,
but keep it contained.

Today is a time
that will soon be tomorrow
and then yesterday.

When remembering
make sure it’s worth the effort.
Lose the sad baggage.

A list of people
makes up many that we find
we really don’t know.

The losing of hair
makes for a different view
sometimes not so great.

A mere fantasy
could become today’s nightmare
if it is fulfilled.

Today’s solutions
might not work well tomorrow.
Look for new answers.

Never let anger grow.
Search for ways to resolve it
without blowing up.

The weather changing
gives us different perceptions
of the rain and snow.

A letter written
might be real old of nature
and not true today.

Years will pass you by
leaving you in confusion
asking what happened.

The doorknobs of time
often turn while squeaking loudly,
because they are bad.

A butterfly’s dreams
are existed in cocoons
as caterpillars.

Clinging to someone
could cause them to run in fear,
so give them some room.

A forest echoes
sounds we may or may not hear,
so look with your eyes.

Believing in ghosts
needs not be judged as crazy,
but as what is true.

Laughter is healthy,
for it brings alive true joy
if it’s not for pain.

Beginnings will start
and leave an ending alive
for a beginning.

Weirdness is displayed
sometimes as just not knowing
what makes someone tick.

Echoes of thunder
speak loudly about the rain
or just to be heard.

Minutes of grandeur
live with many large egos.
if not perceived good.

The smell of summer
comes floating in the window
as freshly mown grass.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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