May Have Overlooked


Hello my friends

It’s been raining most of the night and all morning/day,
but I ain’t complaining, because I like the sounds of it
as it pitter patters on the roof. Benny though does not
like to go out in the rain even with his raincoat, so it
makes it a little difficult getting him to go out and pee
and whatever else LOL. He’ll hold it as long as he can
before he’ll go outside hehehe. Though sooner or later
he’s either gotta go outside or he will burst. It sounds
like the rain has subsided a tad. Judy said she’s going
to go and see if Benny wants to go out now while there
is a break in the rain. It’s supposed to rain all week 🙂
Oh well, soon it will change to snow LOL. Judy and
I will be celebrating our 11 year wedding anniversary
this Tuesday October 2nd. Can you believe that she
has put up with me all those years? Neither of us can
picture our lives without each other and Benny has
become a big part of that. He’s our little boy and we
love him oh so very much. LOL Benny still doesn’t
want to go outside to do his thing. Judy said it’s still
raining a little. Oh well, I have an emergency pee
board for him if he finds he can’t hold it. There’s
a doggie pee pad on it kind of like a diaper hehehe.
It’s hard to believe he has only been with us since
March. It seems as though he has always been with
us. He’s learning things quickly. Like if he gets to
playing to rough and all, I just point at him and say
STOP. He does and mellows out. Judy has trouble
doing that and sounding forceful hehehe. Oh well
He’ll soon understand that no matter how it’s said
it means STOP. I used to raise dogs long ago and
also, it seems my nickname suits me hehe. I have
always been good with animals. Hey, here’s a bit
of a question for ya LOL. Does Mountain Dew turn
your mustache yellow? Hehehe it seems to do that
to mine for some dumb reason LOL. Judy said it
doesn’t look yellow today hehehe. I do wash out
my mustache and beard every time I get a chance
so I have no clue 🙂 It might be some chemical in
the Mountain Dew that causes it hehehe. Oh well,
I love Mountain Dew, but I might switch to either
7up or Sprite one day being Mountain Dews have
more caffeine than any of them. Ok so it’s onto yet
another topic hopefully. It looks like the show we
usually watch on Sunday night is not on tonight
being Ice Road Truckers had it’s season finally
last Sunday. So I guess we’ll watch Wipe Out 🙂
which is one of our favorites also. Judy’s oldest
daughter Mandy and Tom are getting married
on Saturday October 6th. Hehehehe just 4 days
after mine and Judy’s anniversary. They have
been together for 14 years and have a daughter
together named Rylee. In my books they are
very much married, but they want to do it right
and have a wedding. Mandy came over Friday
and brought Chance and Rylee. We had a great
time. Benny had a blast playing with the kids,
but even he got worn out after a while hehehe.
I got a few good pictures of them. Benny’s in
his little doggie bed in the floor beside me right
now. He keeps looking up at me with those lil
puppy dog eyes as if to say play with me hehehe.
I will after I finish writing 🙂 We’ve still gotta see
about finding something to fix to eat. Neither Judy
nor I have eaten yet. You’d think I would lose a
little weight with the amount of food I don’t eat,
but nope. I could go all day without eating and
still weigh the same LOL. I guess I’m stuck with
weighing 220 because the scales always say the
same thing every time I step on em hehehehehe.
Well there’s not much else to report from here
at the Pearce’s Place. Life is still moving right
along. Benny’s moved from his little bed in the
floor and now lying in the floor against the door
to our PC room. God has most surely blessed us
with our little boy Benny. God has put all three
of us together as the right pieces of a puzzle that
connect making a picture. Yes I miss all of my
many friends and family in Texas, but I started
thinking about the olden days. My grandmother
turned 105 on September 20th. She’s seen times
without cars or TV’s along with tons of things
that we today think we could never live without.
Imagine if it were 1907 again and you had family
that you wanted to visit. Even if they were only
20 miles away, it was a very long ride in a horse
and buggy. When grandmother was 18 in 1925
and I’m sure she enjoyed life not knowing about
any of the things we have today. I remember the
reel to reel, 4 track tapes, 8 track tapes and the
evolved cassette tapes not to mention the records
of speeds of 78, 33 and 45. God has shown me
things that make me more appreciative of what
we have now. Let God show you your blessings
that you may have overlooked. Sometimes we
might get caught up in the realm of wanna and
forget about how things once were. Be thankful.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be taking my little
stroll back through all that I have written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that might
work well for the title of today’s brand new poem.
So it’s off I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I think
I may have found a good title, but I’ve gotta look
and see if I haven’t already used it hehehe. Ok so
I haven’t used it. Here goes. Hope it makes sense.

May Have Overlooked

Life in it’s moments
find ways to dance
giving us choices
filled with a chance.
You and I daily
may have overlooked
so many blessings
minutes have booked.
Often the doorways
that we’ve walked through
lead us to pathways
Hell thereunto.
We may have overlooked
what blessings reside
when we look always
to our side to side.
Look for the miracles
that God has so great
given you surely
that you thought as fate.
You may have overlooked
the good times begun
when you lost sight of
Lord God’s Only Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 30, 2012

So there ya go! I hope that makes at least a little
sense to ya 🙂 I’m getting hungry. I told Judy that
if she was hungry than to go ahead and eat, but
she’s bound and determined to wait for me hehehe.
So, I guess I need to be winding this up and tell ya
what I tell ya every week. I wrote 10 more poems
with 3 of them being Christmassy poems and I also
wrote once again 22 more haiku. I wrote all of the
poems and haiku Saturday for a change hehehehe
except of course for the one I wrote just a moment
ago 🙂 I reckon it’s time for me to be searching for
that confounded off switch, but not before I wish
you a most wonderful God filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that off
switch. Ah hah, I found you ya little whippersnapper.
Now get out of my hair hehehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂


Tons of people,
tons of times
head out in
their own designs.
Tons of minutes,
tons of sights
scenes are changing
days and nights.
Tons of choices,
tons of clues
come with many
daily dues.
Tons of mishaps
turn to good
through the things
Tons of people,
tons of days
do some things
within their ways.
Tons illusions,
tons misled
need God’s help
with days ahead.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Soon It Will Be

Soon it will be Christmas
with shadows of gold
filled with the stories
that many have told.
Soon all the stockings
will be hung up with care
just waiting for Santa
and his Christmas flare.
Soon many children
will be found happily
awaiting through dreamland
for Santa to see.
Soon also many will
find in their hearts
scenes they remember
that Christmas imparts.
Passion of Christmastime
will be in place
filled with the blessings
found through God’s grace.
Soon many pages
of Christmas we see
will be with snowflakes
soon it will be.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Points of Thunder

Sounds of raindrops
in the night
might be followed
with some light.
Lightning striking
here and there
with the raindrops
in night air.
Points of thunder
might be heard
as the lightning’s
every word.
Sound might echo
through the rain
bouncing off
my windowpane.
Scenes will surely
fade away
with the coming
of the day.
Then the memoirs
points of thunder
will be just a
moments wonder.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Clingers Vine

With ones lonely
time to time
there is found
a clingers vine.
Oh so many
times bestow
windows of ones
seen so low.
A clingers vine
is often found
when they want
someone around.
Often heartache
that they’ve seen
becomes fuel
for less esteem.
Then the clingers
vine in place
lives and breathes
upon their face.
Learn to find
within your heart
a better place
of which to start.
Don’t just cling to
now and then.
Find some peace
from deep within.
Let God’s blessings
fill your void
showing what can
be enjoyed.
So if lonely’s
your design
let God cure
your clingers vine.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Flavors of Christmas

Beyond every Christmas
lives our memories
found as the flavors
of holidays seas.
Waves of emotions
bounce on our shore
giving us blessings
that we do adore.
Flavors of Christmas
will come as a taste
that oh so many
might let go to waste.
Scenes all around us
will just seem to flow
maybe with blue skies,
maybe with snow.
Remember the flavors
of that special day
tasting as wonderful
Christmastimes way.
Scenes we have harnessed
where Jesus resides
flavors of Christmas
with love as its prize.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Lives That Connect

Many variations
of different views
might become rhythms
of different shoes.
Many tap dancing
to their own accord
leave us just wondering
do they know The Lord.
Lives that connect
make imprints in time
that might become
another’s design.
You might just be
the change in someone
with something you said
or something you’ve done.
Patterns of echoes
might be found correct
by something through God
with lives that connect.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Patient Eyes

With much patience
life can be
better found
for you and me.
Letting hurry
fall away
might make better
now today.
Yet don’t let
your life to lose
what you need
to better choose.
Patient eyes
can find you peace
with what’s seen
you need release.
Letting time to
move its way
patient eyes
will be OK.
Let not hurry
take control,
for in time
you’ll pay a toll.
Do things calmly
as you drive
in your heart
to stay alive.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Windows Closed

Ventured forethought
times exposed
might be sights of
windows closed.
For some forethought
not so good
might just be
Segments founded
that we think
might just be
a ship to sink.
Opened windows
with good thought
might show greatly
what should not.
Letting eyesight
see what’s true
might then give a
better view.
Windows closed
will only show
minds not wishing
truth to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

Holiday Blessings

The year moves slowly
for many so young,
but when they’re older
speed has begun.
Holiday blessings
of Christmastime’s cheer
come then so quickly
within every year.
Yet it’s the quickness
that brings one’s like me
seasonal wonders
of Christmas to see.
New England snowflakes
falling so white
with holiday blessings
of Christmas delight.
Wintertime’s doorways
open to show
scenes within Christmas
found white as snow.
Holiday blessings
come in with love
found as some snowflakes
white as a dove.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

A Newsy Day

Words in papers
and TV
a newsy day
so many see.
Some are liars
with each word
saying things then
so absurd.
A newsy day
of busy times
might be found
with crooked lines.
Let not newsy
live in you.
Find out what that’s
really true.
Don’t let hearsay
live and breathe.
Find the truth
you’re to believe.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

for Sept 29, 2012

Losing your patience
could cause you to lose a friend.
Find peace in Jesus.

Times filled with blunder
can become all of your thoughts.
Look for the good times.

When in a moment
you might do something wrongly
you’ll regret later.

Leaving yesterday
needs you to let loose of it
and live in today.

Bouncing off of rocks
is a perspective of time
when our troubles come.

A ship found at sea
might lose its way in a storm,
but God knows its path.

Lessons through heartaches
will sometimes feel as torment,
but be good teachers.

Some clouds might blow in
bringing thunderstorms of time,
but blue skies will come.

Ventured illusions
can leave bad tastes in your mouth.
Don’t live in a lie.

Summers memories
are as glimmers of yesterday
while fall comes to be.

Rekindled passion
might prove to be not so good
with bad remembered.

Gliding in the wind
as a bird that’s caught a breeze
can become trouble.

Angels from Heaven
watch over us every day,
but allow the truth.

Scenes in our lifestyles
could become distorted paths
that we got lost in.

Radiant sunshine
becomes a beacon of light
to guide us each day.

Breaking a promise
leaves ones to truly wonder
are you ever true.

Curtains on windows
hide the ugly from outside
just as many smiles.

Bouncing as rubber
could land you in a big stew
unable to bounce.

Emotional times
cause many to say wrongly
what should not be said.

Fluently worded
ones will still misunderstand
due to wrong language.

A mere thought in time
brings many flowers to life.
That thought is from God.

With today’s fragrance
comes an emotional journey
guided by moments.

Words that are written
will often times resurface,
but what’s said will hurt.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 29, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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