Pages of Winter


Hello my friends

I hope you’re doing well this great day. Are ya ready
for Christmas? We are as ready as we’re gonna get 🙂
The weather is nice. It’s snowing a little outside right
now. I put the boys out to go potty just a little bit ago
and it was snowing slightly. They are back inside now
and wanting to play. Benny jumped up on the bed and
proceeded into waking Judy up with a good licking hehe.
It looks like we’ll have a white Christmas HoHoHo 🙂
It may not snow Christmas, but we have enough snow
on the ground. It’s 18F degrees right now at 1:50 PM.
Not too bad! We’re used to much worse. It’s supposed
to get down to 3F degrees by tomorrow morning, brrr.
I reckon it will get much colder as the pages of winter
are turned. Most of all, Judy, I and the boys will be
hanging around here in the house enjoying Christmas.
It will be Benny and Milo’s first Christmas with us and
it will be Benny’s first Christmas. Hehehe, I know, he
doesn’t have a clue to what the day is about, but we
do and that’s what matters. They have been trying
to talk more and more. Benny has managed to say
I love you with his toned growls. Milo tries while he
makes all sorts of faces to get the words to come out,
but in time. Yet all he gets out now is bark bark bark.
They are great boys. I don’t know what we would do
without them. Judy’s in the bedroom with them right
now watching cartoons hehehe. There’s not much else
going on. We’ve been wrapping presents and mailing
a few the passed weeks. Not much else. It looks like
Judy and I will be getting pizza from Pizza Hut for
our Christmas dinner hehehe. I love pizza mmmmm.
So, are you going to celebrate Christmas with your
family and or friends? One never needs to be alone
for Christmas. If you happen to know someone that’s
going to be all alone, ask if you can visit. It might
turn their Christmas around. I used to do that all of
the time. Yet now living out here in the boonies, it
makes it hard to do that. The 2 neighbors we have
look as though they are going to be with family.
There’s not much else to report from this side of
the world. Oh yea, as I kept telling everyone that
asked me, the Mayans had not a clue about when
the end was to be. They probably finally realized
that it was dumb to be making calendars that far
in advance and they quit LOL. Or they just all
died and that was the last day they were able to
chisel hehehe. In any case, we are still here just
like the Y2K scare. Some people worry about
the dumbest things. There are a lot of sick people
that thrive on creating scares to see who falls for
them. My thought is, even if they were right, why
worry. If it’s the end, it’s the end. Only God has
control. Not the Mayans and not the psychics.
I try to live as best that I can every day, being
ready for my dying days to join my family and
friends in Heaven. Yes I make a lot of mistakes,
but there’s not one of us that can honestly say
that we have not made a mistake or a thousand.
The only one that can honestly say that He has
made no mistakes is Jesus. God sent Him to be
born of true flesh and blood so that He might
undergo all of our torment without sin and die
for our sins. He can empathize with us because
He understands. He was ridiculed, beat and
accused of many things, yet He only prayed for
them for they knew not what they were doing.
Jesus was brought into our world to give us all
a chance towards Heaven if we’ll turn from our
wicked ways and find Him a place in our hearts.
As I said, we all make mistakes and will continue
until the day we die, but through Jesus we are
forgiven. Of course humanity will find it hard
to forgive us at times, but that is neither here
nor there. Our fleshly bodies are just temporary.
Heaven is peace for eternity. Don’t let this day
to fall away without getting to know God’s Son.
Through God, all things are possible. Now I think
I need to be taking my little venture back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that might work well for the title
for today’s brand new poem. I think a found one
earlier in my rambling hehehe. So let’s see what
I can do with it. Here goes……….

Pages of Winter

Seen out my window
are pages of winter
found in my view now
seen front and center.
Pages are turning
as time moves along
ending each day
and starting at dawn.
Some people watch it
just wanting to say
they wish old winter
would just go away.
Yet it is wintertime
that starts the scene
greater for Christmas
as soulful cuisine.
Pages of winter
display all their turning
with many reading,
but not yet discerning.
Let this Christmas to
live in your heart
as all the pages
of winter impart.
Seek for the reason
that Christmas is here
and you might find it
you’re best time of year.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 23, 2012

Ok so it turned out the be another Christmas poem.
It is 2 days till Christmas ya know HoHoHo hehehe.
Yeppers, Judy, I and the boys are anxiously awaiting
Christmas. Ok Benny and Milo may not, being they
haven’t a clue of what it’s about. We do and that’s
what matters. We bought them doggie Christmas
stockings and they’re hung right below ours hehehe.
There isn’t much else to talk about, other than what
I forgot to tell ya about last week due to Benny and
Milo wanting attention while I was attempting to
write hehehe. That thing was to tell you about all
of the poems and haiku I wrote. This week I wrote
a few more than 10 poems hehehehehe. I wrote
12 Christmas poems HoHoHo. Also I wrote once
again 22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
Now I do believe it’s about time for me to begin
searching for that old off switch, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful God filled week and
that off switch. There ya are ya little varment.
Hiding in my Aspirin bottle won’t help ya. The
bottle is clear, plus I need to take two right now
to maybe ease up on the pain in my hip hehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+2 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

A Christmas Prayer

A simple thought
of love and care
comes within
a Christmas prayer.
The sights and sounds
that people sing
shows what all
the seasons bring.
Special moments
come to be
a Christmas tree.
A Christmas prayer
comes from true love
that is found
from God above.
A simple thought
that time bestows
makes much greater
Christmas snows.
Seasons blessings
are so great,
a Christmas prayer
of endless date.
Let not Christmas
fall from view.
Let it always
live in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2012

Now Might Be

Winters doorways
open wide
letting Christmas
come inside.
Heavens porthole
comes at glance
with snowflakes
that seem to dance.
Floating down
so gracefully
white snow lands
for all to see.
Now might be
just simple times,
but they show
the season shines.
As the blessings
come and go
now might be
as white as snow.
Found with footprints
far and wide
showing Christmas
then applied.
Painted pictures
God has done
from the blessings
through His Son.
All those pictures
come alive
letting Christmas
to survive.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2012

The Whitest Christmas

The seasonal blessings
pour down tons of snow
displayed as glimmers
with every shadow.
The whitest Christmas
comes real soon to see
in form of snowflakes
that God gave for free.
The days are all counted
as seconds will pass
leaving the snowflakes
in mounds greater mass.
The trees are all filled with
snow to the top
painting a picture
that never will stop.
The snow brings designs
to the pages we see
found as a porthole
that’s white as can be.
The whitest Christmas
comes from deep inside
where all the snowflakes
can never hide.
Sharing their blessings
as each one will fall.
The whitest Christmas
displays overall.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 19, 2012

Tender Moments

When the beginning
of Christmas is found
Life and it’s blessings
shine all around.
Those tender moments
that time has foreseen
are displayed greatly
in a manger scene.
Minutes and hours
time counted away
became the flavors
of our Christmas Day.
Those tender moments
are now what we find
as many strive for
a business type mind.
We need to bring back
gifts from the heart
that were the blessings
found from the start.
Finding the tender
moments of grace
found within smiles
of a little child’s face.
Also the blessings
given so free
need to be brought back
from history.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

Lights That Glisten

Trees of Christmas
shine at night
lights that glisten
colored light.
Painted morsels
on each tree
light the nights
so we can see.
Lights that glisten
as pure gold
have the grace
that time’s foretold.
Found by morning
Christmas day
children searching
every way.
Lights that glisten
become found
with a joyful
sight and sound.
The miracles
of Christmas joy
light the lives
of a girl and boy.
While the lights
that glisten true
ring the seasons
greatest hue.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

The Christmas Secret

When many gather
to find themselves found
there in the place
of God’s solid ground
there are so often
the ones gathered there
found so uniquely
just seeking fresh air.
The secret of Christmas
so many don’t see,
because they’re too busy
with their history.
Not seeing the blessings
that we should acclaim
as that of Jesus
and why that He came.
The secret of Christmas
is not one at all
for it’s as clear as
a mountain so tall.
Yet many people
are blind as they glance
while they spend money
as if in a trance.
Christmas isn’t money
or how much you’ve got.
It’s about Jesus
and all that He bought.
Jesus in a manger
Lord God sent to grow
giving the lessons
that we need bestow.
So with the season
of wintertime’s weather
seek for the blessings
of Christmas forever.
Let not mere money
to cause you to fall.
See all the blessings
that God gave to all.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

Winter Comes

Winds will blow
as winter comes
as that of
a seasons drums.
Winter’s flavors
come as gold
bringing pages
very cold.
Seen as glimmers
in each day
winter winds will
blow away.
Then as winter
finds its place
Christmas comes with
saving grace.
Scenes all decked out
high and low
in the winters
whitest snow.
Christmas pictures
hung with care
are reminding
God is there.
A manger scene
of timeless hue
becomes as the
Christmas view.
So when winter
comes to be
look and find God’s
Son for free.
Let the seasonal
winds that blow
grow as Christmas
to and fro.
Then as winter
falls away
still remember
that great day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

Windows I’ve Seen

Found within windows
I’ve seen many views
displayed as ventures
of my daily news.
Snow angels made up
with children in snow
also some snowmen
that seem to just grow.
Found as remembered
are prismatic sights
echoing beauty
that then so delights
Found within moments
are hopes for a dream
displayed as goodness
in windows I’ve seen.
Christmastimes pleasure
is found as pure joy
out in the white snow
with a girl or a boy.
Scenes are all growing
as Christmastime’s prayer
displayed as sweetness
and love in the air.
Yes there’s so much that
needs to be done
so we remember
Lord God’s Only Son.
So if you’ve found that
you’ve strayed away
find now the blessings
on this Christmas day.
The windows I’ve seen
are ones I remember,
but I have chosen
to change that December.
The past is the past
and it shall not return,
so find what the season
has to discern.
Find all the blessings
you’ve let slip away
and see the goodness
in now and today.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

The Heart of Christmas

The true beating essence
of Christmastimes age
stems from the blessings
turned as a page.
So many heartbeats
will be found each day
kneeling down truly so
while they each pray.
The heart of Christmas
comes from deep inside
found through Lord Jesus
with arms opened wide.
That baby in the manger
laid there with much love
given as a heartbeat
that’s come from above.
The true beating essence
is God’s peace of mind
found as the blessings
that are found Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

Beyond Today

Places remembered
might come back alive
if we will let them
to deep down survive.
Beyond today now
tomorrow will show
images reminding us
where all we go.
Scenes during Christmas
might come from the past
becoming as echoes
that surely will last.
Every little memory
that we hold so tight
can become living
if they are so right.
Beyond today now
so many Christmas trees
live on all lit up
so far across the seas.
Each family member
no matter their home
live on as the memories
not so alone.
Let not this Christmastime
fall on despair.
Seek for Lord Jesus
in Christmastime prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2012

Soon To Come

Soon the season
will expose
Christmas blessings
whitest snows.
Soon to come
are days to find
many with the
Christmas mind.
Yet so many
might fall prey
to the sadness
day to day.
Letting Christmas
to lose stride
as it dies on
their inside.
Soon to come
are chances seen
to help someone
find their dream.
Help someone to
find the cheer
in this special
time of year.
Let the blessings
from God’s Son
find the peace in
soon to come.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 21, 2012

A Few Days Till Christmas

Time is now counted
as the season moves along
a few days till Christmas
and a little Christmas song.
Wintertime’s arrival
might display some snow
a few days till Christmas
and Santa’s HoHoHo.
Scenes through December
might have such a sight
as that of twinkling
found in the night.
A few days till Christmas
might sort of seem sad
as ones remember
all that they’ve had.
The shadows of yesterdays
should be well found
with that of Jesus Christ
coming to town.
A baby in a manger
is the reason to smile
a few days till Christmas
and also the while.
Christmastime’s coming
as each day arrives
displaying blessings
that Jesus survives.
That little baby
in the old manger scene
a few days till Christmas
might display in green.
Surely all the people
that fall away
can find God’s blessings
upon Christmas Day.
It might take a miracle,
yet not that hard
maybe by a kind word
or a Christmas card.
A few days till Christmas
gives us a chance
to find all the blessings
that we can enhance.
Let not the seasonal
times thereunto
to bring you a Christmastime
painted as blue.
Let yourself find now
a much better life
as you let Jesus to
remove all your strife.
A few days till Christmas
there is a good way
to find all the blessings
upon Christmas day.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22, 2012

for Dec 22, 2012

Today might be sad,
but tomorrow holds blessings
that we cannot see.

Scenes found in doorways
might pull us with their beauty
and have evil ways.

Inside of a heart
beats the chances for true love,
that need to be seen.

Portions of Christmas
enlighten many people
with all that has passed.

Finding your footing
needs to be done with knowledge
of what you’re seeking.

In but a moment
today might be forgotten
in tomorrows stride.

Most often flavors
are tasted with our eyesight
before we ingest.

Belonging to now
becomes a threshold of you
and what you’ve chosen.

Segments of beauty
might just be a mere facade
that time will expose.

Truth of a flower
lives on as many petals
while they blow away.

The winds of winter
bring forth scenes we encounter
first in December.

Pointing at troubles
does not solve anything seen.
Action must occur.

Lines in a toy store
might gather so abruptly
that patience wears thin.

Searching for Christmas
will find it inside of you
as heartbeats of joy.

Counting your blessings
could cause you to lose your count,
for they are many.

When seeking true love
let your eyes not deceive you,
for true love’s inside.

Many perceptions
bring us arguments started
about who is right.

Lessons from speed bumps
often leave us with some scars
that we’re not proud of.

Storm clouds of could of
bring us rains of regretful,
so do what you can.

A forest of eyes
gather together to see
what we’re doing wrong.

Our youth is displayed
as our yesterdays are gone
while memories live.

Trying times of now
find a way to bring sadness,
but God makes better.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 22, 2012

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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