His Handy Work


Hello my friends

So it looks as though I might get this thing written
and published before noon today LOL. How have
you been? Judy and I are doing well. but I have a
special prayer request for my sisters husband, DD.
He has liver cancer and it has spread to his stomach
and whole digestive tract which is bad. He’s a good
Godly man. My sister Peggy is hanging in there, but
I’m sure she is worried sick. Please pray for DD and
her as well as the family. My mom told me about DD
Friday. It blew me away. DD was set to retire this
year and now this. Please send them your prayers.
I will forward them on to my sister. Now to try and
pull myself away from this saddened moment and
find something else to talk about. Benny and Milo
are doing well, but we’ve come up with new names
for these little boys LOL. Vulture and Silo. Benny
will sit and watch and wait for a time to sneak in
and steal either a toy or a bone from Milo hehehehe.
Milo seems to always be freaking hungry and he
drinks water like a freaking camel LOL. So we
call him Silo time to time hehehehe. They love to
play together tagging each other and chasing each
other back and forth from the living room to the
bedroom and often to the computer room hehehe.
The flu is still playing heck with my system, but
Judy seems to be feeling better. I think my whole
problem is my immune system is in a weakened
state due to my many other health issues. Well,
I guess I’ll just have to keep fighting it. 🙂 I will
survive LOL. Judy and I have been up most of
the morning. Neither of us could sleep much so
we decided to go ahead and get up and maybe
try to get some rest later today. I did most of my
writing early this morning also hehehe. The snow
is still in place outside out front door and Benny
loves to play in it hehehe. Benny always wants
to stay outside and play, but we make him come
in after a bit. I knocked off all of the snow and
ice that was hanging over the edge of our trailer
so that Benny wouldn’t get knocked silly by a slab
of it conking him on the head while he’s strolling
through the snow beside the house hehehehehe.
Of course in the process of knocking the snow
off of the roof, I got a pile on the head hehehe.
When I came in Judy said I looked just like a
snowman with all of the snow in my hair and
beard LOL. Oh well, it’s done for the moment
until we have another heavy snow. The dogs
go nuts every time the ice on the roof cracks
due to the sun shining on it hehehe. I’ve gotten
used to it LOL. The weather today is supposed
to be rather warm considering what month it
is hehehe. Right now at 7:19 it’s 36F degrees.
The high for today is supposed to be around
39F degrees. Of course in the next few days
the temperature is supposed to drop yet again
to a more normal status hehehe. Judy and I
did our Farm Town farms on Facebook last
night for the first time in about a week hehehe.
Not much else to report from up here in the
Northeastern part of Maine. We’re hoping
that our car will survive another year or so,
being we can’t afford to buy another one as
things sit right now hehehe. Come on old
faithful, hang in there. Our little 95 Mazda
Protege has been a good car. It still cranks
right up and runs although it smokes a tad
when first cranked hehehe. Other than that
it get us where we’ve gotta go. The other
day the windshield wiper blade snapped off
and we had to buy another one for the drivers
side, but that was only a few bucks 🙂 thank
God. God has taken good care of us. He has
given us all that we need to survive and even
a tad more. Benny and Milo or Vulture and
Silo hehehe have been a great addition to our
little family. They keep us entertained and
fill us with joy. God often does things that
we are not aware of until we get to where
we need to be to notice His handy work.
Have you been put through the wringer in
life and felt like you could handle no more?
Look to God for strength, for He will not
allow more than He knows you can handle.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let God have
it and let your life to find the peace that is
there to be found. Sometimes it’s hidden
in the crevices of what we did not think we
needed. Let God show you His strength
through Jesus His Son. Now, it’s time for
me to take my little journey back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that might work for
the title for today’s brand new poem. So
it’s off I go to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I might of found a good title just
a little ways back. Now let’s see what I
can do with it hehehe. Here goes!!!!!!

His Handy Work

God’s tools He gives
each day we find
to help us with
some peace of mind.
His handy work
is found to be
often what we
do not see.
come and go
with God’s love
to help us grow.
His handy work
of times detail
will be strong
and never fail.
So when troubles
come to you
let God help
to pull you through.
With the Strength
of His Own Son
His handy work
can then be done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

So there ya go and it’s only 7:49 AM that is 🙂
Yeppers, I do think and type fast from time to
time. My dad always called me a thinker hehe.
I guess you can figure that out through all that
I write every week huh 🙂 Well I once again
am asking for prayers for my brother in law
DD. He and his family are needing all of your
prayers. I know my mom is stressed out about
this turn of events. DD has always been there
for my mom when she was needing some work
done around the house such as plumbing. He
has made my sister one great husband and
a great dad to three wonderful young adults.
I’m sure that Zack, Holly and Whitney are
totally worried about their dad. DD is either
63 or 64. Not sure! Him and my sister have
been married for over 30 years. Anyways,
I guess you can tell I love my brother in law.
So with that said I guess it’s time for me to
tell you what I tell you every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems and haiku 🙂
As I said in the earlier half of my rambling,
I wrote most of the poems early this morning
as well as the haiku. I wrote the first poem
for my sister and DD and sent it to them.
So, ya got 10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
Now I believe it’s about time for me to be
searching for that old off switch, but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now to find that confounded
off switch that loves to give me headaches.
LOL found ya you ornery little critter hehe.
Hiding in my tissues won’t save ya. I’ve
gotta blow, snort, snort, hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Timelines So Tall

Though time might seem
as not very great
things that we’re seeing
might dissipate,
Life in the making
time can only show
what that we’ve done
and where that we go.
Often our thoughts are
on what that’s small
for we are focused
on timelines so tall.
Yet when a sickness
knocks on our door
time might expose
just a little bit more.
Seeing how empty
that things can be found
when we are focused
on our sight and sound.
Let not your worry
to remove all your peace.
Find what’s important
for then to release.
Sickness will come as
dawns newest days
bringing what many will
see only greys.
Let God to show you
His truth in a prayer
and you’ll find peaceful
in His love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11, 2013

I’m praying for DD as well as you Peggy
and the kids. Mom just told me about DD.
Just know that I love you very much and
I love DD as well. Tell him I am praying
for him. I have sent out prayer request
on my Facebook page to all of my friends.
Let me know how things are going.
HUGS and KISSES to you……..

Love Bill

Living and Breathing

When days go passing
with ticking of time
living and breathing
shows its design.
Passages traveled
from here unto there
living and breathing
will show to compare.
Times we have stumbled
with pages we’ve turned
often will leave us
with moments discerned.
Living and breathing
will give us a view
that which believing
can make false or true.
Windows to turnstiles
might show a way
living and breathing
seems only grey.
Yet it’s with choices
turning from pages
that can be found as
the better of ages.
So are you daily just
living and breathing
or are you making
much better perceiving.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

So Many Snowflakes

Wintertime’s scenery
comes as snow white
seen by so many
each day and each night.
So many snowflakes
soon fall to the ground
leaving a picture
that’s found all around.
Scenes all of winter
that timeless transcends
might be of stages
that green comprehends.
Often ones wintertime
is without snow
and all that many will
see to and fro.
So many snowflakes
find their own cue
to land many places
found thereunto.
They might just be dreams
in south flowing lakes,
but inside your mind
so many snowflakes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

Left in Time

Without reminding
of many degrees
things left in time
are oceans and seas.
Ships lost at sea
as waves overturn,
times then are found
what now can’t discern.
When left in time
as we move along
friendships you’ve made
might be a sad song.
Within the windows
found left in time
there are the ventures
of yours and of mine.
Let not the good times
to fall from your view
and become merely
just shadows of you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

Waking To Now

Scenes within slumber
could become true
if you allow them
to live in you.
Waking to now though
might become sad,
for all your slumber
might turn to bad.
Don’t let your dreaming
become all you see.
Look for the goodness
that God’s given free.
Let not emotions
found in your dreams
to become journeys
as bumpy streams.
Today’s a blessing
found when awake
that all your dreaming
needs not forsake.
Look for the goodness
found in today
and let it be what
makes now OK.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

Beating Hearts

Beating repeating
hearts of desire
display the stages
of true love afire.
Two hearts together
beating as one
become then living
up under the sun.
Time becomes shadows
so glimmering true
as beating hearts
of one not of two.
Scenes all around them
become the gaze
found within heartbeats
of future days.
This is the story
of you and I
two beating hearts
that one did apply.
Now God has bonded
our hearts together
to live as one
for now and forever.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

To Judy Pearce
I Love you hon 🙂

The Weather Changes

Today and tomorrow
might look as the same,
but there are changes
our minds can’t attain.
Yet as tomorrow
becomes as today
time might then simply
find you in dismay.
Truly the minutes
in every tomorrow
leaves many chances
for happy and sorrow.
The weather changes
as each day move on
finding us wondering
cold to the bone.
It might be warmer
or colder yet still.
The weather changes
in how that it will.
Let each day passing
to be just a view
that which your choices
will better accrue.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

Reflections of Now

Sometimes right now
might seem as reflections
leaving us wanting
a moments corrections.
Now might seem troubled
as time moves along
while we’re assuming
that something is wrong.
Sometimes the patterns
of which we are seeing
are just emotions
times not agreeing.
Reflections of now
that tomorrow bestows
could be the lessons
we’re needing expose.
Often our journeys
reflected in time
become as portholes
of lemon or lime.
Some seen as good times,
some seen as bad.
Often ones cry for
all that they’ve had
Reflections of now
displayed in a puddle
might seem at times
that many befuddle.
Yet it’s the problems
of who, when or how
that become stages
reflections of now.
Conjoined in phases
as that of some times
reflections of now
have their own designs.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

When Life Unfolds

When sickness prevails
with people we see
life can unfold
a better degree.
When in the moment
of life ticking way
take Jesus with you
in your every day.
When life unfolds
with pages to read
see if you’re seeking
what you really need.
Found within doorways
now and then shows
a lifetime of choices
that now might propose.
Through all the lessons
that momentum tolls
there are the choices
when life unfolds.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

Winter Presides

Out my window
I see signs
found as snowflakes
in designs.
Winter presides
long before
the time of spring.
Seasons changing
snowy white
painting pictures
in my sight.
Now the coldness
makes me shiver
with what all
it does deliver.
Cold winds blowing
snowy rides
is what all
winter presides.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

for Jan 13, 2013

Impartial people
will treat everyone the same
and not pick and choose.

Empty written words
only shine for a moment
until they’re exposed.

Winter wonderlands
are often shades of nightmares
as they are perceived.

Predicting future
as weathermen try to do
can’t be done precise.

Beyond what we see
are the things that sight can’t find,
but senses can feel.

Within each snowflake
lives a different design
the same as us all.

A seafaring ship
rides the waves as a lesson
while the captain steers.

Each and every day
has its very own timestamp
that makes it unique.

Walking upon ice
will guarantee you to slip
if you’re not steady.

Many sleepless nights
follow a worriers mind,
so give it to God.

Lines that faces show
might be the lifestyles results
that they have chosen.

The links in a chain
are the people that we meet
as each day goes by.

Universal words
help many to understand
what we are saying.

Making a true point
might also insult someone,
so be real careful.

When venting anger
make sure that you are not wrong
in your perception.

Many will explain
what needs no explanation
and speak to the walls.

Scenes of wintertime
often are imagined white
and others not so.

How to do something
might be found in instructions
that many don’t read.

Playing a fools game
leads to sadness and despair,
so don’t be a fool.

When you are in doubt,
don’t just assume what might be.
Seek someone’s advice.

Moving with footsteps
often finds much stumbling
as footprints are made.

Preparing for now
needs to be done with Jesus,
for we do not know.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 13, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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