A God Thing


Hello my friends

How’s the weather in your part of the world? It’s
cold and snowing over here. Like we needed any
more snow LOL. It gets old going snow blind when
just looking out the front door hehehe, but the snow
is pretty as it glistens off of the trees and paints the
distant hills and valleys. Even the sights that we see
outside our front door are beautiful as our little boys
trudge through it playing and whatnot hehehe. Yep
wintertime has its certain appeal and if it weren’t
so freaking cold it would have more of an appeal 🙂
Yet, there can be no snow without a little winter
type weather such as brrrrrrrrr cold. Judy and I
have been taking tons of pictures. Ok, I take just
a tad more than her as usual hehehe as I often take
pictures while she’s driving which many of you have
seen. Today it’s kind of sort of windy hehehe and
the snow is blowing every which way. Also we’re
supposed to get another 6 inches or so today and
tonight. It’s supposed to snow on till noon Monday
and then start again Tuesday evening. Fun fun fun!
It’s 19F degrees right now at 2:11 PM. It’s not too
bad. LOL Benny always wants to go out and play
in the snow. It’s hard to get him to come back in.
Milo on the other hand goes out to do his thing and
he’s pretty much ready to come right back in hehe.
There are times that he likes to go and play in the
snow with Benny though. Just not every day LOL.
He is an old man ya know hehehe. Benny’s still
a little boy. Milo is 8 which in dog years is as old
as Judy and I, Benny is only 1 year old which is
only 8 years old in dog years. Yeppers, he’s still
a little pup/boy. Did you send your loved one a
Valentine card or flowers? I wrote Judy a few
Valentines poems. We haven’t got anywhere
in this house to put anymore flowers hehehehe.
Judy has an artificial flower arrangement that
that she got to replace the dozen roses I sent to
her in 2001 from Texas to propose to her hehe
and we got married Oct 2, 2001. Hard to believe
we’re still together 11 years later huh hehehe.
Yeppers, we met in a poetry egroup in April of
2001 and finally got to meet in person on August
25th. It was a match made in Heaven. We saw
how we we’re so much alike in everything we
were. It’s funny how things work out. Today
we’re together with two additions to our little
family. Benny and Milo have come into our
lives bringing us joy every day. It had to be a
God thing. So onwards goes the journal of our
lives hehehe. Wintertime is getting a bit noisy
outside as the wind is blowing briskly hehehehe.
My brother in law DD is doing as well as to be
expected. They are doing Chemo on him and
some medications. Please keep him as well as
my sister Peggy in your prayers. I know Peggy
must be worried sick about her husband. DD
is a great guy. I just wish we would have gotten
a chance to get closer. We met way back in my
wilder days and he was scared of the guy called
Animal. Back then I was not so tame. I had a
lot of anger in me and had not yet found that
peace that I needed for my journey. There are
many things that caused me to fill up with anger
and expose it through my outwards appearance.
People used to walk on the other side of the
street to avoid crossing my path. Now days I’ve
found many crossing the street just to come and
talk with me 🙂 Nobody can believe I was ever
different than I am now. I learned many lessons
through my past. I learned that peace can be
found in a prayer of acceptance. I quit trying
to change things that didn’t need changing and
learned to strive to change what was needing
changed. Nowadays Judy and I spend much of
our time together taking pictures, watching TV,
playing Farm Town games, playing with the boys
and many other things. We don’t stress over the
things that we have no control over, because we
both know that God is watching over us and He
will make sure that we’re OK. If something bad
happens, we know that there is something good
awaiting. Sometimes we’ve got to hit a few speed
bumps to make us slow down and see what we’re
missing. Look outside of the box and see what
blessings that might be floating around you that
your other days did not see. Now I believe it’s
time for me to be heading back through all that
I’ve written to see if I can find a good word or
phrase that might work for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So, it’s off I go to that little
place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE. I think I might of found
a good title, but now let’s see if I can do anything
with it hehehe. Here goes nothing, but hope not!

A God Thing

Our journeys in time
as pages are turned
sometimes are found
a bit unconcerned.
Yet often journeys
that we’ve often found
lead us directions
to God’s Solid Ground.
It is a God thing
that so many find
making a pathway
to changing their mind.
A journey through mishap
that finds you today
might be a God thing
which makes you OK.
Sometimes our thinking
from so long ago
is but a pathway
that we’re needing know.
Lessons from journeys
and people we’ve met
could be a God thing
to help not forget.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 17, 2013

So, there ya go! I hope that made a little bit of
sense to ya hehehe. The wind is still blowing like
mad outside. Right now it’s only around 25 to
30 mile an hour winds, but tonight the gust are
supposed to get up to 45 mph. We’ve had worse
and survived hehehe. Although this little trailer
does do some rocking time to time hehehehehe.
My PC monitor tends to rock back and forth as
the wind shakes the house LOL. It makes it a
wee bit hard to do anything on the computer 🙂
I can hear the snowplows ever so often rolling
down the road. Our landlord came and plowed
our driveway early this morning, but now I’ve
gotta dig out our car and move it so he can plow
the rest of it. There ain’t no hurry. We haven’t
got anywhere to be 🙂 We did all of our grocery
shopping the other day. I might though still go
out and dig out the car later and move it if I get
the energy LOL, but as I said, there’s no hurry.
Judy has gotten her book published 🙂 If you
would like to buy a copy of her book, then go
to the link at the end of the journal. As I said
before, we met in a poetry egroup. She too
is a poet and a good one. Yes one day I might
also put my work in a book, but you have no
idea of how much time and work that involves.
I have over 8000 poems and around 600 of
those are Christmas poems LOL. Also if I
were to try and get my journals ready for a
book as they first suggested, that would take
an eternity LOL. I have close to 700 journals
and many will need to have corrections for
they have many typo’s hehehe. Hey, I’m far
from perfect 🙂 But yes one day I might get
my stuff done in a book and ebook, but not
today hehehe, so enjoy it in this format for
now. I’m not in this for the money. I’m just
trying to change a few lives. Boy, that wind
is sure picking up out there LOL. My freaking
monitor is swinging back and forth hehehehe.
Oh well, it’s been worse. So I reckon it’s
time for me to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with
one of them this week being a Christmas
poem 🙂 Also I wrote once again 22 haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there. So with
that said I guess I need to begin searching
for that confounded off switch that loves
to play hide and seek hehe, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch. I see ya sticking
your head out from behind my soda water
can. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Fluffy Snowflakes

Scenes so white
in winters day
fall as snowflakes
in their way.
Falling softly
from the sky
landing then to
cease to fly.
Fluffy snowflakes
fall so free
as my eyes do
greatly see.
Winters windows
open wide
letting snowflakes
come inside.
Fluffy snowflakes
found well laid
that the winter
days have made.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

February Winds

In New England’s
northern state
there is snowfall
that can’t wait.
It falls freely
heavy too
in February’s
every view.
Winds then blow
the snow around
here and there
and all around
as February’s
winds set sail
blowing up
a snowy gale.
Scenes then change
from day to day
in February’s
windy way.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Wonderful Ages

When time has passed
with shadows seen
wonderful ages
become a dream.
All of the moments
then done and said
live as just echoes
inside of our head.
Wonderful ages
our time has known
become as heartbeats
fervently sewn.
Many a moment
becomes a view
living as ages
inside me and you.
Wonderful ages
shadows have cast
become as remembered
that of the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

When Many Dream

The hope of seasons
running stream
becomes a chance
when many dream.
Life can become
some better stages
when many dream
of hopeful ages.
For it is often
only our choices
which are allowing
disheartened voices.
When many dream
of better views
then it changes
false and trues.
Yet when many
just don’t care,
they turn into
dreams nightmare.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Yearning Love

Within heartbeats
seconds pass
with so many
shadows cast.
Yearning love
becomes a view
as so many
wish it true.
Yet when blindly
searching love
they might find
an empty glove.
No hand holding
love inside
while their yearning
is applied.
Let Lord Jesus
help you find
your true love
of peaceful mind.
Trust that He will
guide you true
to the one that’s
best for you.
Let not hurry
strike your pose
for Lord Jesus
truly knows.
He will let you
find your needs
maybe planting
learning seeds,
but for sure
the end will find
someone with
your frame of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Now As Time

While minutes tick on
many will find
their own conclusions
of thens design.
Now as time moves
to present from past
minutes tick onwards
moments so fast.
Things we remember
from so long ago
could become as
what’s not good to know.
Now as time moves
and changes its pace,
it might then also
change its own face.
Becoming found just
then now as time
seen as echoes
that we might find.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

When Winter Comes

With dreams of snowflakes
there also is cold
when winter comes
to be stories told.
Portions of wintertime
might freeze away
with its conclusions
of each winters day.
When winter comes
it brings us a view
sometimes as snowflakes
and sometimes as dew.
Sometimes those dewdrops
freeze on the ground
leaving me slipping
then falling down.
When winter comes
it changes phase
bringing in
some snowy days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Things Will Change

Now might seem
a little strange,
but give it time
for things will change.
Pages will turn
as seasons go by
leaving us sometimes
wondering why.
Things will change
as time moves on
and some might be
much better gone.
Many illusions
thought not so good
might just be really
What that we wanted
and wished for too
things will change
to change our view.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Thinking of Christmas

While months have gone
in this little town
I’m still thinking
of Christmas year round.
Thinking of glittering
lights all aglow
making reflections
found in the snow.
Thinking of Christmas
I find each day
as a so wonderful
magical way.
Thinking about Santa
and what that he means
to give of your heart
as pure running streams.
I think of Jesus
and all that He’s done
from a little baby
to God’s Only Son.
Thinking of Christmas
makes me to smile
as I walk onwards
another mile.
My aging journey
brings me some peace
thinking of Christmas
never to cease.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

Today Marks A Time

When today is gone
and only memories
today marks a time
as seasonal seas.
Today might just display
as only a frown,
but later dates then
be smiles all around.
So when you are saddened
now and today
remember that it will
soon go away.
Tomorrow holds hopeful
for better to find
while it is seen as
today marks a time.
Yesterdays sadness
might just be a fad,
today marks a time
as then not so bad.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

for Feb 16, 2013

Life might seem trying,
but tomorrow might be good
as time moves along.

Pleasures we wanted
could become high priced nightmares
that we did not need.

Inside of a mind
lives the thoughts many don’t see
while judging clothing.

Believing in God
won’t get you into Heaven.
You must love Him Too.

Today marks a time
that yesterday did not know.
It was just guessing.

A book that is read
teaches the brain to perceive
what it cannot see.

The sight of snowflakes
brings joy to a little boys eyes
while watches them fall.

Age is just a phase
ascertained as some numbers
to show someone’s growth.

When thinking too much
a headache might be exposed,
so give it a break.

So many thoughts
come from an empty river
full of conclusions.

Answers often come
when they are ceased to be sought.
It’s funny that way.

Seeking perfection
as you search for your true love
could find you lonely.

As winter winds blow
the snowflakes come floating down
to blanket the Earth.

Changes will be found
as sometimes not very good,
for they went backwards.

Standing by the road
just waiting for passing cars
might mean that you’re bored.

Today is today
which will be only memories
as tomorrow comes.

Acting real stupid
could make many think you are.
Don’t over do it.

Your focus on now
might become real confusing
as tomorrow comes.

Letting your anger
to guide you in your footsteps
could end in quicksand.

Reminding of bad
could make any happiness
real hard to be seen.

When you are weary
let God show you His blessings
found within a prayer.

Today’s a shadow
of what yesterday once was
and it can be changed.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 16, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy

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