Through A Book


Hello my friends

How have ya been? We’ve been hanging tight just
trying to keep our heads above water. We’re hoping
we can get our little car inspected before the month
is out and it not cost us an arm and leg. Being broke
doesn’t help LOL. Well, that’s life! Not much new
around here. It’s 25F degrees right now at 11:14 AM
and it’s supposed to be a high of 30F degrees today 🙂
It snowed a bit last night and early this morning and
it’s supposed to snow a bit more later today. Milo is
getting used to it LOL. Benny adapted to it his first
day up here. We got Benny March 10, 2012 and we
still had snow, so he was introduced to it pretty much
on the fly hehehehe. We think Milo is from up here,
but not for sure, being the people we got him from
had only had him for about 3 months and they lived
just 10 or 20 miles away from us. Without looking
at his papers I can’t say for sure, but I think he was
raised up here. I think it’s the fact that he’s an old
man that he ain’t too fond of the snow. Yet, he
has begun to play in it a bit lately LOL. They love
one another as brothers. They run and play when
of course Milo is in the mood for it hehehe. Benny
will often sit a few feet from him and growl at a
low tone and bark to try to get Milo to get up and
play with him hehehe. When Milo has had enough
of that he’ll jump up from his bed and chase Benny
out of the room hehehehe. Benny always comes
back for more or he’ll jump up on our bed and then
bark ever so often to say in his little doggie way
come and play with me Milo LOL. Milo will often
get in the mood and they’ll start a game of tag all
throughout the house hehehe. You can tell they
love one another. Benny won’t come back in the
house unless he’s sure that Milo is OK. A lot of
times Milo will come in and Benny won’t see him
and I’ll have to say come here Milo and show your
brother that you are in the house hehehehehehehe.
When Benny sees Milo, he’ll make a mad dash up
the steps to give him a nudge and then it’s away
they go down the kitchen hallway playing chase.
You have to see it to understand the love that they
have. Milo will often begin looking for Benny if
he has been gone for a while and then you can hear
the squeaky toys brigade. Both of them playing
with their choice squeaky toys. Milo loves his
little Lambchop doll. He’ll often run through
the house with it in his mouth hehehe. They both
love the little blue octopus. We bought two of
them, but they seem to always only want one
at a time and play keep away from one another.
It’s cute hehehe. There is not much else going
on around here other than Judy and I doing our
regular daily things such as playing FarmTown,
watching our TV programs and taking pictures
of a cute little boys 🙂 We take turns cooking
dinner and washing dishes. The laundry is for
who ever feels up to it LOL. In this house there
is nothing such as women’s work. It’s the way
I was raised. My mom and dad always shared
in the chores and therefore so do Judy and I.
I think far too many men’s egos keep them from
doing house chores. In my book it’s a job that
needs done by who ever can do it. Here lately
I haven’t felt up to par and I’ve been slacking,
but I still make Judy and I dinner and what not
as well as wash the dishes. My energy level has
been dropping fast lately due to my health issues
that the doctors warned me to get ready for as
I got older. Oh well, I’m still breathing sort of
between sneezes and asthma attacks hehehehe.
When I do videos, you can hear me wheezing
in the background hehehehe. I keep my dear
old respirators handy 🙂 So what else is going on
in our part of the world. As I said before, we’ve
gotten more snow LOL as if we actually needed
more snow. Yeppers, it’s all white outside and
I think it’ll stay that way for a good long while.
It’s still 25F degrees at 12:00 Noon. It might not
make it to 30F hehehe not that it would matter
in the least. We’re gonna need to go shopping
one day soon hehehe. We’re both almost out
of soda’s. Benny followed me in here and laid
down in his doggie bed in the floor beside me 🙂
Milo is still lying on our bed at the foot of it
sleeping. Judy’s still sawing logs hehehe. I’ll
let her sleep until she wakes up on her own. It’s
not like we have anything important to do LOL.
The life of a disabled retiree hehehe. Not much
to speak of LOL. We’re hoping that Judy’s new
book sells well, but we’re not holding our breath.
Unfortunately it can only be bought in the USA.
Maybe Canada, but I doubt it. Oh well, I’m still
very proud of her. Being we met in a lil poetry
egroup back in 2001 I knew she could write. She
just needed some help. I was her tutor. She has
come a long way since then. She had stopped
writing for a while, but when I sent her the link
to the publishing company and she was accepted,
she began writing again. We’ve got a few books
ordered for our daughters and moms. We also
ordered a book for us. She got them on sell for
half price. We can’t wait to see the book hehehe.
They did a great front and back cover for it 🙂
Maybe one day I’ll get in the mode to put mine
in a book. I’ve already got a few of my poems
in some books in another realm. We’ve both
got a few of our poems published in a few books
by, but they only have one of our
poems in each book. That was a few years back.
Neither of us has done anything with that site in
a long while. They only seem to want to sell you
stuff. No matter, I am content with publishing
my weekly journals and poetry the same as I’ve
done for almost two decades hehehehehehe.
I feel it’s the way God had intended me, being it
feels so right and I’m able to help ones that other
wise I would not through a book, being they’re
low on funds or in another country. This way I
can reach you all and it’s more personal. I allow
yall into our world through my eyes. Hehehehe
Ok my eye, being I can only see through one 🙂
God has given me this gift of gab and poetry for
a reason and I believe it’s for me to share with
you to help you find a smile and learn that we
all have problems. Also to find a relationship
in God. Don’t let Jesus to be stood just waiting
for you. Open the door and let Him in. Life can
be much better if we change our viewpoints just
a tad. Don’t let the past to wear on you as you
venture into today. Look at the past as lessons
and seek a better brighter day through the many
turnstiles of life. Well, now that I have gone and
rambled as I always do hehehe, I guess I need to
be heading back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find me a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So, it’s away I go the that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have stumbled on a title, but now
I’ve gotta put some words together in form of
a poem using it LOL. Here goes!!!!! 🙂

Through A Book

This book that is found
with words interlaced
is filled with joy
that Lord God has graced.
Times that we read it
will surely be found
teaching us how to
find His Solid Ground.
Yes through a book
the words that are seen
prepare us for Heaven
that’s more than a dream.
Through a book surely
you can find peace
written on the pages
of Jesus release.
So often turnstiles
of days filled with dread
you can find joy
with the pages you’ve read.
Within the bible
there is such a sight
that can make better
your each day and night.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 24, 2013

Okey dokey, there ya go. I hope that you liked
that and maybe even understood it hehehehehe.
Yeppers, this day is another white one as I look
outside hehehe. Where’s my snowshades. Don’t
need sunshades right now, because the snow is
bright enough as it is LOL. Heaven forbid if the
sun comes out. We’re almost out of heating oil,
which means we will have to find a way to get
us some more. We must be running on fumes
hehehe cause the last time I looked at the gauge
it was on or just above the E and that was a bit
ago. Dad gum it, why do all of the bills have
to hit us all at once LOL. Oh well, we’ll survive.
So what else is happening around here that I’ve
not mentioned? Well, this isn’t around here,
but my brother in law DD is still hanging tight.
The Chemo seems to be helping a little. Time
will tell. Keep him and my sister in your prayers.
Judy’s still asleep as well as Milo. Also, when
I went to the kitchen to get me a sprite, Benny
followed me and he’s now sat at the foot of our
bed looking up at Milo LOL. I just poked my
head in the bedroom and Benny was reaching
up to Judy at the side of the bed trying to wake
her up hehehe. She’s awake now 🙂 Benny is
such a sweetie. You can tell they both love us
and the feeling is mutual 🙂 Judy just came in
the computer room with Benny and Milo right
behind her hehehe. I guess Benny got Milo up
also LOL. So, I guess it’s time for me to be
telling you what I tell you every week and that
is, I wrote some more poems and haiku. Yep,
10 more poems, but this time with two of em
being Christmas poems. Yeppers, I always
try to get an early start on Christmas poems.
I wrote 100 last year hehehe. I’ve got almost
600 Christmas poems to date. Actually maybe
more, but I haven’t counted lately LOL. I also
wrote once again this week 22 more haiku with
one more to boot hehehe being I had trouble
stopping 🙂 The thoughts start coming to me
and I proceed in typing them down and often
forget to count hehehehehe. Anyways, there
are 23 of em this week. So I reckon it’s time
to begin my search for that cantankerous off
switch that loves to play hide and seek with me
whether I want to or not LOL, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that ornery off switch. Found ya!
If you can’t find a better hiding place to hide
at other than behind my Sprite, then give it up
ya silly contraption hehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

The first poem is a poem I wrote to Judy for
another Valentine poem 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

If I die

My dear loving Valentine
if I die one day
I’ll always write a poem to you
in a haunting way.
I’ll always try to give you
a Valentine you’ll see
and you’ll know for sure then
that it is from me.
I might play a tune for you
in my conga style
so you my dear sweet Valentine
will give me a smile.
Then when the day is over
I will still be found
when you want to talk to me
and hear my sweet sound.
I’ll give you a whisper
that you’ll surely hear
me saying I love you
oh so very clear.
So if I die my honey
for you I’ll always stay
until you ask me truly
to just go away.
Yet I hope you’ll always
love me just the same
and always remember
that I’ll never change.
Through death and all that happens
I will always be
your true loving husband
on through history

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 17, 2013

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce, Me 🙂

You Always Have A Prayer

Today might seem
to be unfair
but my friend
you have a prayer.
Time will change
as time moves on
with the sight
of a brand new dawn.
Life will show
a brand new view
that today
can bring to you.
So don’t let life
to fall as prey
to the sight
of a troubled day.
Today might seem
to be unfair,
but you always
have a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 17, 2013

No Demeanor

Time has no demeanor
if it is not seen,
for it is then only
a moments running stream.
Time might seem to hurry
when you are aware
of it’s ticking essence
here and everywhere.
Yet if you’re not hurried
to quickly get someplace
time might only seem as
shadows face to face.
Time can become problems
if it’s thrown away
leaving only wantings
for another day.
So now what’s the meaning
of your minutes found?
Are you only seeking
then to come around?
Are you just found searching
for something to do
as you pass the choices
God has gave to you?

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2013

Days of Then

The things we remember
from the timeframes before
sometimes turn into
a little bit more.
The days of then surely
could become such a sight
that you right now
only dream of at night,
The Christmastime feelings
from so long ago
might then turn into
what you now only know.
All the days of then
found within a mere frame
might be as memories
when Christmastime came.
Scenes then remembered
as now and agin
are of the Christmases
from days of then.
Pictures inside of
our minds daily glow
remind us of Christmases
times do bestow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 21, 2013

Life’s Surprises

When we are weary
from daylight to dark
some life’s surprises
might surely embark.
Times we were sitting
just passing the time
some life’s surprises
might surely entwine.
Things we thought never
could ever be found
might be surprises
just coming around.
Our life’s surprises
might come really fast
so that they quickly
turn into the past.
The scenes that we find
that worry comprises
might be God’s blessings
with life’s surprises.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 23, 2013

Emotions Wave

An ocean of time
that pours on our shore
might be the sign
of a little bit more.
Times that we see
in our ocean view
might then just be
a venture so true.
Emotions wave
might become a sight
found as our rave
of each day and night.
Sometimes emotions
of turbulent times
are just like oceans
to help and design.
Right now each minute
of emotions wave
might have within it
what you’ll want to save.
Yet also fractions
of all that you see
might just be actions
of both you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

Wintertime’s Quiz

Why is it wintertime
only comes once
leaving within it
some frost frozen months?
Why does the season
just come once a year
and why does it always
freeze off my ear?
Wintertime surely
has so much to say
as it brings questions
till April and May.
Why do the snowflakes
of winters design
remind us of that day
of sweet Christmastime?
Why is that wintertime
is all so cold
making my fingers
real hard to unfold?
I have these questions
that quizzes might find
leaving ones wondering
all of the time.
The season seems to
come with a whiz
bringing the reason for
wintertime’s quiz.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

Troublesome Times

Forest of troubles
sometimes are seen
found while we’re sleeping
within a dream.
Things we remember
as each day will pass
troublesome times
are shadows we cast.
We can make better
the times that we view
by letting Jesus
to help me and you.
Troublesome times
will come as some pages
turned as our lifestyles
coming of ages.
Don’t let the troublesome
times you remember
become as always
lives burning ember.
Walk on with lessons
that surely entwines
within the moments
of troublesome times.
Take all those lessons
and start off brand new
making a better
more knowledgeable you.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

Today Might Seem

The flavors tasted
in our sight
might just be
a shade of light..
Today might seem
to be just found
as that of
some sinking ground.
Sometimes minutes
might be seen
as a nightmare
not a dream.
Yet some moments
that we find
might just be
the best design.
What thought horrid
might be viewed
as a little
Today might seem
to be unfair,
but we always
have a prayer,
for now will pass
as shadows seen
turning nightmares
to a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

The White of Day

Now some snowflakes
fall and land
making white
this place I stand.
Every snowflake
falls with grace
landing softly
on my face.
I look upwards
watching true
snowflakes falling
as they do.
Fluffy flavors
tasty treat
are some snowflakes
that I eat.
I now watch
the white of day
that might often
last till May.
For up northward
where I live
has much to give.
The whitest day
of which I find
might be May
in wintertime.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

for Feb 23, 2013

You might mistaken
what right now is beholding,
for what you’re needing.

Things we remember
could be merely mistaken
for another time.

Inwards looking out
brings confusing thoughts alive
as the view’s perceived.

When watching someone
you might not see what’s hidden
inside of their mind.

Clinging to someone
might cause a suffocation
and make them to leave.

Tomorrow finds doors
that today might never find,
so do what you can.

Searching for someone
could lead you through much despair.
Let God search for you.

Places we’ve been to
are often thoughts recorded
inside of our minds.

Your life will echo
what you never expected
so be well prepared.

The essence of love
comes as a gleaming heartbeat
beyond what is seen.

Rains might come falling
while seeming as mere troubles
with storm clouds premise.

Decisive people
will often lose track of truth
and fail in their thoughts.

Onlookers of time
might just see what they want to
while walking away.

Times epidemic
is sometimes an illusion
that worry provides.

Adjusting seatbelts
for a winters scenic drive
might prevent your death.

While now might seem bad,
tomorrow might show answers
that you did not see.

As seconds will pass
they will leave a glimmer found
as minutes gather.

Sometimes a moment
is but only a moment
and it will soon pass.

Shadows of right now
often show themselves in days
that leave us confused.

Betraying friendship
brings alive a deception
of when you are true.

Pools of water
will be found as the snow melts
when springtime arrives.

Tomorrows doorway
might hold a few mysteries
that might surprise you.

Two dogs as brothers
love one another truly
even if they’re not.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 23, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy
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