Hello my friends

It’s another snowy day. Yet it’s a mixture of rain
and snow LOL. Right now it’s 39F degrees and it’s
snowing lightly off and on. I just let Benny back in.
He was playing in the snow as usual hehehe. Milo
was in here looking for him. I don’t think he knew
that Benny had gone outside 🙂 They are always
looking out for one another. Benny won’t come
inside until he is sure that Milo is in the house and
OK. Anyways, I got a late start on my poetry 🙂
and didn’t start writing it till a couple of hours ago.
I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday. I was having
trouble breathing once again. That’s my life LOL.
I have a case of emphysema that I acquired from
my many years of smoking. I quit smoking back in
1990 as also drinking, but the damage was done.
I am also an asthmatic with chronic bronchitis
so breathing is something I will always have a bit
of trouble doing. Oh well, I’ll survive until God
says that I have done all that He was wanting me
to do and he brings me home. I’ll tell ya what, I’ll
be happy when that day arrives 🙂 I do though enjoy
my time with Judy and the boys as well as all of my
many friends that I chat with time to time. I have
many friends that are just like family to me. I view
family as much more than blood. It’s the love and
compassion you have for one another that makes
us family. Hehehe our little dogs Benny and Milo
are much more than pets to Judy and I. They are
our little boys. There’s not much new to report from
our little home on the hill hehehe. We still do the
same as always LOL. Farming at Farm Town, and
watching our favorite TV programs. Yet we have
though sort of toned it down a tad on our farming
being Judy’s computer is needing a work over, but
for now we cannot afford it, so we just do farms
when she is able to keep her PC on. She has begun
saving all of her major info over to her external
hard drive so that if something happens, it’s safe.
Also we still have her old PC tower in the spare
room that I might soon put in place of this one
someday soon. It’s a got a slower processor in it,
but it should get her by until we can afford to fix
her messed up one. I believe it’s needing a new
power supply and possibly windows XP reinstalled,
but her PC didn’t come with a XP disk which is
a problem. Oh well, we’ll survive. We have in
the past used one PC and just took turns hehehe.
It’s 5 PM and getting a hazy dark outside. Also
the temp has dropped 2 degrees. It’s now 37 F.
Oh yea, my mom made Judy a beautiful scarf.
It’s Judy’s favorite color 🙂 PURPLE. I took
a few pictures of Judy wearing it, and she sent
one of them to my mom. Judy loves the scarf.
It goes with her purple coat 🙂 and most anything
else LOL. We’ve got to order us some more
heating oil hehehe. We’ve been out for well over
a week, but we have 3 radiator heaters that keep
the house fairly nice and being that we spend
most of our time in the PC room, we are always
warm due to the computer monitors putting out
heat hehehe. Of course the radiator heaters
do use a bit of electricity, but it’s better than
freezing LOL. They don’t use nearly as much
electricity as a forced air heater does. Our
last electric bill was around 220 dollars. UGH
is right, but we haven’t frozen and our pipes
haven’t frozen either. God’s always looking
out for us. Now if our lil car passes inspection
this week, that would be great. We’ve got the
new tags on it, but had to wait till I got my SSD
payment to do the inspection. LOL I had only
16 dollars left in my account. Judy had less than
that in hers 🙂 We’ll survive through the grace
of God. He makes sure we have what all we’re
needing. Yet often, our wants tend to get in
the way of our needs and we worry. So the
word today is PEACE. Let God do what He
does and just do your very best in life. Peace
will be found as we cease trying to get things
that we do not need. Ok, with that said I guess
it’s time for me to be scanning back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I may
have found a good title. Now lets you and I
see if I’m able to put anything with it hehehe.
Here goes nothing hehehe….

Today is Peace

With the minutes
ticking true
you can find some
peace in you.
Today is peace
with hidden signs
often found with
God’s designs.
When you’re saddened
from a day
find some peaceful
when you pray.
Let not worries
engulf you
today is peace
awaiting view.
Scenes you’re seeking
for release
God can show
today is peace.
With the shadows
time to time
today is peace
for you to find.
Let your echoes
just be found
peaceful flavors
sight and sound.
Now this minute
can be seen
today is peace
within a dream.
So if worries
fill your mind
seek for peaceful
point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Ok, so there ya go hehehe. It might not be one
of my best, but remember, I just got through
writing 10 poems and 22 haiku just a couple of
hours ago hehehehe. Talk about putting it all in
one bag LOL. I want to ask you all to continue
to keep my brother in law DD in your prayers.
He’s got a long road of recovery ahead of him.
The chemo is making him sicker as it always
does, but it’s the only way they can treat his
cancer, being it has spread so much. Keep my
sister Peggy in your prayers also, because she is
totally stressed out with worry about DD. She
sends me emails time to time to keep me up to
date, but I can tell through her grammar that
she is not thinking clearly with all that is going
on. So please, keep DD and Peggy in your
prayers. Now what else is left to ramble about?
Milo is lying behind me to the left and Benny
is lying behind me to the right hehehehehehe.
I just looked back at Benny and he was just
staring at me. Now he has laid his head back
down to go to sleep 🙂 I guess he knew that I
was talking about him LOL. Judy is playing
solitaire on her computer. I asked her who’s
winning and she said the computer as usual 🙂
Well, I reckon it’s about time for me to tell ya
what I tell ya every week and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haiku hehehe, but then
you already knew that being I told ya just a bit
ago huh LOL. So I guess I need to begin my
search for that confounded off switch that
loves to play hide and seek, but not before
I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now to find that off switch. LOL I see you
sticking your head out from behind my nose
spray hehehe. Ya need to find something
a bit bigger to hide behind ya silly thing LOL.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill ad Judy Pearce

Now on with the poem and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Some Might See

The wintertime’s
of days ahead
some might see
as only dread.
Scenes of snowflakes
some might see
sometimes become
just sad debris.
Some might see
a brighter day
and some might see
sometimes dismay.
It’s the owner
of the sight
that determines
may or might.
Some might see
a day for sledding
and some might see
some trouble spreading.
So with that now
are you one
that sees winter
having fun,
or are you one
that just complains
whether it snows
or sleets or rains?

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Little Trails

Out my window
I can see
little trails
in front of me.
Little footsteps
made those trails
with four legs
and wagging tails.
Out my window
in the snow
I see places
that trails go.
Here and there
and all around
little trails
of them are found.
Our two dogs
of brown and white
are with footsteps
found in sight.
Little trails
of there and to
are within
my window view.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Having Fun

Winters snowflakes
fall with grace
sometimes landing
on my face.
Many days
I’m having fun
in the snow
with brightest sun.
Winters pages
turn in style
as they’re making
snowy tile.
Many rooftops
in my sight
seem with tiles
of snowy white.
Some are looking
they might fall
pouring snow
on one and all.
Yet I’m always
having fun
in the snow
and brightest sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

To The Mailbox

On one snowy
day of time
to the mailbox
things to find.
Trudging through then
to and fro
in the deepest
whitest snow.
To the mailbox
there and to
my two dogs
were still in view.
Sitting waiting
my return
I could see their
hearts concern.
They were waiting
in their way
for me to then
come and play.
On this snowy
day of white
I took pictures
of this sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Lord God’s Design

Hearts of true passion
that many find
could be the essence of
Lord God’s design.
Yet sometimes people
only will see
all that they’re wanting
from you and me.
Lord God’s design
is a timeless detail
painting His pictures
so very well.
Yet many people
only will find
their own desires,
not Lord God’s design.
So are you seeking
truly His Grace,
or are you only
seeking a place?

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Heartless People

When in a turnstile
of troubles a brewing
some heartless people
may be found just viewing.
Some people out there
only will come
if they get money
for what all they’ve done.
Yes heartless people
thrive and they breed
seeking but only
their daily greed.
Don’t let the heartless
to put out your fire
that is found truly
with Lord God’s desire.
Don’t become heartless
and end up in Hell.
Seek for Lord Jesus
in every detail.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

A Lonely Man

A moment in time
becomes just a plan
often with wantings
saying I can.
Sometimes a lonely
man found in time
is but a mindset
within his mind.
I was once lonely
found wide awake
seeking but only
my times mistake.
Then I found truly
my own desires
brought to me troubles
raging as fires.
Now this lonely man
time has recorded
found out his wantings
were not afforded.
He found a pathway
past all the pain
leading to Jesus,
good to attain.
A moment in time
is just a memory
found as the lessons
from history.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Just A Fraction

Times with reaction
are just a fraction
sometimes a case of
times interaction.
Minutes we’ve counted
sometimes surmounted
are just confusion
that we’ve accounted.
Yes just a fraction
maybe abstraction
can become found
as a daily attraction.
Times that we’ve counted
might be astounded
yet filled will lies
of which we’ve abounded.
Now is your action
just your reaction
or but a moment found
as just a fraction?
Have you rebounded
all that you’ve counted
as lessons learned
that are keeping you grounded?

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Heaven’s Gates

The sight of time
that fills our view
when we start
our lives anew
is but sometimes
as a dream
found beside
a rushing stream.
Heaven’s gates
will open wide
the sight of time
with God applied.
The river Jordan
rushes through
with the prayers
from me and you
and beside
that sight you see
will be found
sweet Galilee.
The sea of which
was solid ground
through Lord Jesus
many found.
Heaven’s gates
are then so sweet
that none other
could compete.
Truly so
those gates to find
hold a precious
point in time.
Timeless portholes
with God’s Grace
with the sight of
Jesus Face.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

Today I Can

Now I find
I have a plan
saying now
today I can.
Today I can
are words to say
to get you by
from day to day.
Don’t let times
of bitter pills
fill you with
the lesser wills.
Today I can
become a sight
seeking what that’s
truly right.
There is strength
in fellow man
saying always
today I can.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

for Mar 3, 2013

Yearning for richness
could leave you empty handed
while true gifts pass by.

Belief in Jesus
won’t get you into Heaven.
Do you Love Jesus?

Breaking the silence
leaves echoes you might recall
as irritations.

The snow of winter
falls as white fluffy tree leaves
that cover the ground.

Springtime’s awaiting
as wintertime holds footing
in its time and space.

Listening for sounds
such as thunder from a storm
could put you to sleep.

Anger that is harnessed
might explode at a bad time
pushing friends away.

Beyond this moment
lies the seconds that we count
as sometimes hurried.

Trees filled up with snow
glisten in the near distance
as the sun shines bright.

Finding your footing
is often through stumbling
to where you can stand.

A forest of snow
holds the dreams of wintertime
within its branches.

Footprints in the snow
find me searching for the first
of where they began.

A frozen river
holds snow on top of the ice
while flowing beneath.

The seconds of love
are the most important times.
They create lifetimes.

Brooding over time
might cause bits of happiness
to pass you right by.

Long winded people
will often keep on talking
long after you’re gone.

is the key to true success.
Good things can be found.

Life is a pattern
that many will lose focus
and end in despair.

Breathing in troubles
only allows more to grow.
Take a breath of Christ.

While white snowflakes fall,
the Earth becomes a pillow
that looks like cotton.

Various turnstiles
lead different directions
and sometimes connect.

Judging a person
by what someone else perceives
could end in despair.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 3, 2013

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