At The Time


Hello my friends

It’s 12 midnight right now and the electricity just came
back on just a few minutes ago. It’s been out since about
5 or 6 PM when the storm came through. Thank God we
have our little battery operated hurricane lantern. I hung
it in the center of our bedroom and it lit it up nicely so we
could see. Hehehe Benny and Milo were scared by the
lightning and thunder, but mostly the thunder. There was
a break in the rain and so I asked the boys if they needed
to go out and pee or whatever. Milo came running, but
Benny wasn’t needing to go. Milo went down the steps and
did his thing and turned around quickly to come back in,
being he was scared of all the darkness. I held the door
and aimed a flashlight outside so he could see. The boys
spent most of the time during the storm cuddled together
with Judy and I on the bed LOL. I had nodded off and was
amidst a dream of Judy and I stopping at a a restaurant in
some place I can’t recall to get a chicken fried steak and
at that moment I woke up and said the lights are on and
looked up and it was the lantern still and so I reached for
for the flashlight so I could go to the bathroom and the
lights came on at that moment LOL. Talk about weird or
what huh hehehe. Yeppers we’ve found another program
to watch that is hosted by William Shatner called Weird
or What LOL. We love all of those type TV programs 🙂
The rain and wind has subsided thank God. For a while
there I thought we were gonna blow away. I took the AC
vent out of the window and turned it off when the electricity
flickered. Good timing LOL. The electricity went out as
soon as I turned off the air conditioner hehehe. Is that
weird or what 🙂 ! We had already shut down our PC’s and
all. So now Benny and Milo are in their little beds right
here in the floor between Judy and I. LOL, I think Benny
has my abilities. He barked and then Judy’s oven timer
went off immediately afterwards. She was hungry and
fixed her a Tony’s Pizza. I told her I would wait to eat
after I finish writing my rambling thoughts hehehehehe.
Well, I’m not gonna make this too wordy, being all of
Judy’s smacking on her food over there is making me
hungry hehehe. Oh yea, we sheared Benny and Milo
for the summer. It took us two tries LOL. They had
a lot of hair. We bought professional shears, but Milo
had tons of snagged hair that I had to cut through with
scissors from time to time. Benny’s hair was not that
bad, but he does have curly hair and it was a long going
process weeding it down hehehe. LOL Milo had a bit
of an accident all over me and himself due to getting
to scared of me trimming his underbelly LOL. Judy
and I cleaned it up and him and I, and we started at it
again, but I put him outside to finish peeing before we
continued LOL. The boys look nice and I’m sure they
are much cooler now. They were both panting from
the heat, but Benny likes to be outside none the less
of course if it’s not raining. Benny hates it when it
rains hehehe. So what else is going on up here at the
Pearce’s Place? There has not been much of a change.
My external hard drive is still in Texas. I’m hoping
that it can be repaired. If not, then I will have to deal
with it, but I hope and pray to God that they can fix it.
Ron asked me if I was still going to send my computer
for him to repair. I said yes, but we were strapped for
cash right now. I might pack it up and send it to them
this month if nothing happens to prevent it. For now,
I am doing the best that I can on this piece of garbage
while still having to use Judy’s PC to send, being that
Windows Live Mail does not for some stupid reason
do grouped mail or at least this one doesn’t. I would
have to send emails one at a freaking time which would
take me an eternity. Plus Windows Live Mail doesn’t
give the option for stationeries. I make my own using
Outlook Express. Windows Live doesn’t do any type
of stationeries. Just plain Jane like web mail. I have
tried all of the other email programs out there that are
compatible with Windows 8 and none will work even
closely. Most will not import my addresses book/WAB
files. That is a real issue. OH well, if it gets to the
point that I am unable to send, then that I guess will be
the end of Animals Greetings as you know it, but I’ll
cross that bridge when I get to it. Life goes on. Judy
is now eating a popsicle hehehe. I think she’s trying
to torture me LOL. This place has seen its times of
trouble and seen God fill it with peace. We will most
surely have problems, but God is always there with
His strength and angels He has sent to help us when
we cannot help ourselves. I know we’ll have problems
time and again, but we are much stronger after the
storm. We might not see it at the time of the troubles,
but blessings are just a prayer away. So I reckon it’s
time for me to be taking a looksee back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. Hehehe Milo is snoring! Anyways, I think
I found a good title. Now let’s see if I can use it to
write a halfway decent poem. Here goes….

At The Time

When our troubles
come to be
the answers then
we may not see.
For at the time
of troubles place
you might feel
without God’s Grace
The patterns seen
as time goes round
might mislead
your sight and sound.
For at the time
of then and there
you just might
find answered prayer.
So when you’re at
a tormented view
let Lord God
do what He will do.
You might then
find different sights
that are better
days and nights.
The views right now
might seem insane,
but with God
there is a gain.

©By Bill Pearce
June 2, 2013

I hope that my rambling entertained you hehehe and
you were not bored to death LOL. Also I hope that my
words in the poem made sense to you. I often think I’m
the only one that will understand my thoughts hehehe.
I mean, I do have a weird way of thinking ya know LOL.
So, what else is there to mention in this journal that
I have yet to of mentioned? Both of my brother in laws
are doing good. David’s surgeries went well. My other
brother in law DD is handling his cancer as best that he
can. Him and my sister are finding things to do together,
being in truth, none of us really knows when our last
day in our fleshly bodies will be. We could be hit by
a truck or a bolt of lightning. A tornado could come
and end your daily life. So get right with God today.
Of course death of our Earthly bodies is not the end.
It is the beginning of another plain of life which your
choices will determine the path of that plain. Ok I guess
it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you every
week and that is I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers 10 more poems and 22 more haiku. I hope
you find a few of either that make you smile or even
open your eyes. Now it’s time for me to be searching
for that confounded off switch, but not before I wish
you a wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus
loves you and we do too. Now where is that freaking
off switch hiding at this time? I see ya you silly little
thing hehehe. You do know that I have to use my
mouse from time to time, don’t you? Hiding under
it is not one of your greatest hiding spots hehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Weather of Storms

Today with the raindrops
in a weather of storms
I find I’m dreaming
of timeframes so warm.
Moments of pathways
with lightning and rain
displayed as droplets
on my windowpane .
Scenes now are windy
with rains falling down
making their noises
while hitting the ground.
The weather of storms
is found in the night
displayed as raindrops
that wait for daylight.
All through the night skies
the weather is seen
as that of flavors
that are found in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

Moments of Splendor

When in a sad time
remember back when
moments of splendor
did so enter in.
Times we’ve forgotten
from so long ago
moments of splendor
are just a shadow.
It’s our own thinking
that leaves us so sad,
because we will often
forget what we’ve had.
Wintertime’s values
that many don’t see
often become just
a bad memory.
Moments of splendor
are often seen true
when we allow them
inside me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

Floating Whispers

Within the silence
a thought comes alive
as floating whispers
that time does survive.
Whispers of past days
that time does reveal
are sometimes floating
with timeless appeal.
Sometimes so lightly
the whispers are heard
as that of echoes
of the flight of a bird.
Scenes will unlock then
as floating is found
while you are standing
with feet on the ground.
Times floating whispers
are sometimes so clear
if you will listen
and seek then to hear.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

Deep Space

When stars are a twinkling
and the moon’s shining bright
there are some blessings
that shine in the night.
Scenes search as pictures
that are found to see
sometimes as guidance
for a ship found at sea.
Found within deep space
are things never seen
often just dreamt of
within a mere dream.
Deep space with glimmers
are thoughts come alive
sometimes as ventures
that many will thrive.
Yet now as we each
just wonder what’s true
we might in deep space
find something brand new.
Things never thought of
as deep space is found,
simply because we all
live on the ground.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

State of Healing

With prayer as a tool
the body can find
a state of healing
within God’s design.
Time is just minutes
that He sees no end
and His state of healing
can be a best friend.
Giving ones the time
of never before
your state of healing
might walk through the door.
Often it’s selfishness
ones wish each day
when all they wish for
is in their own way.
A state of healing
is found in our mind
when we are grateful
of God’s timeless time.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

Blue Haze

A haze of blue
in shadows scene
displays as
a moments dream.
A times blue haze
that left a mark
becomes what all
our hearts embark.
A hazy sky
of waves of blue
glimmer in sunlight
before me and you.
A simple blue haze
that I’ve memorized
is on the island
that we had arrived.
A moment of bliss
with romantic days
is found in my heart
within our blue haze.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

To Judy Pearce 🙂
Love always Bill

Deceptive Dreaming

Within a dream
is interpretation
sometimes just needing
a moments direction.
Often our dreams are
just but a wish
found in an ocean
of timeless delish.
Deceptive dreaming
can become real bad
when you are seeking just
all that you had.
Life is a venture
of pages to turn
giving us lessons
that we are to learn.
Don’t let deception
to be all you see.
Learn to see truly
what God gave for free.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

The Journey We Made

When we were connected
the miles did not show,
for it was heartbeats
that made me to go.
Then when the distance
was dotted on line
I found the moments
as God’s Own design.
When we were married
our journey began
driving together
with time and again.
Seeking such pictures
as bright morning skies
the journey we made
was filled with surprise.
Scenes such as colors
of red white and blue
and many others
before me and you.
The journey we made
then changed within time
to a much whiter
snowy design.
I found that snowflakes
created some views
that which I walked in
my tennis shoes.
Little snow trails
were found in the snow
the journey we made
of where all we’d go.
So many pictures
we took time agin
of all the places
of which we had been.
The journey we made
was one found complete
to where I now find
so very sweet.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

To Judy Pearce
Love Always Bill

The Room

A night alone
with music playing,
the room displays
the words I’m saying.
The room is found
with only words
written down
as flocks of birds.
The room is thoughts
contained to be
the words that many
say and see.
My thinking finds
so many pages
written from
my distant ages.
Things I learned
or just went through
the room brings forth
right now anew.
Many thoughts
I feel right now
give my words
what times endow.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

Ocean Deep

Swimming in thoughts
of waves of desire
the ocean deep
will surely transpire.
It is much deeper
than anyone’s views
and many often
will fill with confuse.
The ocean deep
of waves that roll
gives ones visions
where they go.
An ocean vessel
found on the waves
leaves its impression
found in the days,
Yet in the ocean
deep down below
many find vessels
that time doesn’t know.
The ocean deep
holds many to find
found as the echoes
of its time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

for June 1, 2013

Today will be gone
as minutes are passing by
leaving perception.

Hearing a wording
might become as misconceived
if not hearing all.

A raindrop that falls
can become a pattern seen
forming a river.

With just a footstep
tomorrow becomes today
as yesterday’s gone.

A dreamer of time
gives hope for so many things
if the dreams are good.

When doors are opened
there are chances for better
and also much worse.

With but a moment
all of your putting off things
could end without chance.

Windows of today
give different ways to view
and to react on.

Sometimes a person
will leave their better choices
sitting in the door.

Without some mistakes
we wouldn’t have the lessons
that create our growth.

Right can become left
if a circle is conceived,
for they will connect.

Temperaments sight
is often in the moment
with how you’re feeling.

With some ideas
there are many that are bad
that should not be thought.

Memories of now
will one day become better
as time moves along.

Morning comes slowly
as the sun begins shining
inside my window.

Without a footstep
right now cannot move forwards
to become future.

A rivers venture
might turn and twist through valleys
to end in a lake.

With music playing
the peace of a moments time
can fill up the room.

As sleep is not found
the weary mind is exposed
causing poor insight.

Now is a timeframe
that many will waste away
as they just watch it.

Saying good morning
doesn’t make it a good one.
It might take effort.

As a flower blooms
it goes through many stages
preparing to die.

©By Bill Pearce
June 1, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy
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