Many Cannot


Hello my friends

How are you today? We’re doing pretty well. The temperatures
have cooled down a bit. The temps for this week are supposed to
range from low 70’s to upper 70’s F. Right now it’s 72 with a high
supposed to be 73 F degrees. A little rain’s expected off and on
throughout the week. So far it’s not been a bad summer, at least
not for us 🙂 I know many of you are dealing with triple digits heat
and either too much or too little rain. My heart goes out to you.
Judy and I have enjoyed swimming in her sister Trudy’s swimming
pool. The boys have enjoyed it as well hehehe. Yeppers, Benny
and Milo had their turn at swimming in the pool. We might go agin
in the near future. Of course with the temperatures the way they
are now, the water might be a tad cold LOL. Have to dunk down
in the water real quick to get used to it hehehe. Benny and Milo
have yet to of wanted to play much in their kiddy pool, but then
Milo doesn’t like to stay outside long and Benny always likes to
do what Milo does LOL. If I get to feeling better, I’ll get out
there with them both and maybe sit in the pool and invite them in
hehehe. LOL if anything, they have a humongous water bowl.
I doubt Milo can drink that thing dry hehehe. Today though is
a lazy day. Judy went back to bed to catch a nap and Milo is in
there with her using her legs as a pillow LOL. I’m sure Benny
is in the living room lying on my recliner. He loves for me to
come in there with him and sit in the recliner so that he can hop
up in my lap for me to hold him. For some silly reason, these
dogs love my lap hehehe. If I hold one the other gets jealous
and holding them both at the same time is not an option LOL.
Right now the house is quiet aside from the sounds of the fans
running. I’ve got the air conditioner set to dry mode to pull
the humidity out of the air. Judy asked if it would bother me
for her to watch TV in the bed room. I said go ahead, it’s on.
She was worried that the sound would bother me while I was
trying to write. LOL the fans drown out the sound in here 🙂
It’s actually quite nice, because it also drowns out the sounds
from outside such as my neighbors mowing LOL. Life is good.
We’ve most surely been blessed. Of course we do have a few
bombshells dropped on us time to time LOL. My on & off switch
on my PC monitor fell off and it will not stay on. Now I have to
use a toothpick to turn it off and on LOL. It’s not worth getting
upset about. It still works 🙂 I have yet to of been able to send
my favorite computer to Texas to get it worked on, but I will.
Darned bills keep putting a damper on what I would like to do.
Our landlord is out at the driveway now with his backhoe trying
to fill in the holes and smooth it out. Thank God. Every time
we drive down the road to our driveway it almost jars my insides
to pieces hehehe. From the road to our driveway was like a
oversized ant lion din, trying to catch cars hehehehe. I could
barely hear his tractor over the fans LOL. There isn’t much
else to report from up here. We’re actually quite boring LOL.
Judy and I have cut down our time on Farm Town and all, but
we still play it maybe every other day. Tonight we’re going to
watch Ice Road Truckers and American Ninja. God only knows
what else we’ll watch hehehe. We often just play it by ear to
see what is on that we wanna watch. Fortunately, we both
like the same stuff 🙂 We’re fixing to start a work out session
using a video that she ordered. The video is for senior citizens.
We should be able to do it without too much complication hehe.
I’ve been slacking off on food quite a bit and lost 10 pounds,
but I have a long way to go LOL. My ankles are feeling better
now since my little encounter with that little stinker (SKUNK).
Running will never be my forte hehehehe. Never was and it
never will be! I’ve always had leg problems. My left leg has
pins in it that give me heck when I try to go through security
at an airport LOL. My ankles have always been weak so they
fracture and sprain real easy. Oh well, I can still walk and
that is great. It might hurt a bit, but I’ve been dealing with
pain all of my life hehehe. It’s good to wake up and look out
of the window and see the beauty that God has given for me
to see and smell. To also hear the birds chirping makes the
picture that much more vibrant. Many cannot see or hear
the beauty and so their smell is what brings them joy. Many
cannot see and so are enlightened by the sounds they hear
and the ones that cannot hear, look harder at the sights so
that they can find blessings that many miss. There is always
someone that is in worse shape than you, so be thankful for
what you have. Now I believe it’s time for me to be searching
back through all that I’ve written to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that might work well for the title for today’s
brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have found a good title, but first I have to look
and see if I haven’t already used it hehehe. Nope, so here
goes. I hope I can write a decent poem using it 🙂

Many Cannot

Your day might seem grey
as some clouds blow in
but in God’s way
your blessings begin.
Many find times
that others pass by
as other minds
are asking God why.
So many cannot
do things that we do
but they find a lot
in their day through and through.
So often doorways
of ventures in time
have often more ways
to what that’s sublime.
Some people seek for
what’s only store bought
and do not see more
for many cannot.

©By Bill Pearce
July 21, 2013

I hope that poem made sense since it didn’t cost any cents :).
LOL, I do have fun with words. The English language is the
only one that has that many words that sound alike but are
spelled differently and mean something totally different hehe.
Like, Resume. I think I’ll resume writing my resume, or
I believe I will (buy) that and put it (by) my other stuff and say
good (bye) to it for a while. There are tons of words like that.
There are also words that made Hooked On Phonics to fall
very short of its goal. Such as good and food. Say them and
tell me they sound alike LOL. Yep, there are tons of words
that their spelling along with pronunciation makes no sense
at freaking all hehehe. How about two, too and to! Ya see
what I mean LOL. Anyways, I just thought I would share
a little of my thinking with ya and maybe give ya a little smile.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you
every week and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers, 10 more poems and 22 more haiku for all of my
haiku lovers out there. I might write a few Christmas poems
this week 🙂 so be prepared. Ya might read a few next week.
I guess it’s time for me to be searching for that freaking off
switch, but not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now, to
find that confounded off switch that’s not so great at hiding,
or at least not lately LOL. Ah Hah, Benny snuck back in
here with me and he is lying in the floor right beside me in
his little doggy bed. Guess what, mister off switch thought
it would be a good hiding place within Benny’s hair, but
not lying on top of it as plain as day hehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Milo just came in here and looked at me to tell me that he
needs to go out and potty 🙂 He’s a good boy. They both
are 🙂 We love them.

P.S. again 🙂
Judy dyed her hair purple. It actually looks pretty cool 🙂
and Benny turned 2 years old July 16th. He’s growing up,
but still acts like a pup hehehehe! We bought them some
birthday hats hehehe. They looked so sweet on them 🙂
PEACE and out

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Passionate People

Hearts with passion
gathered true
can become a
life anew.
Letting Jesus
in your heart
gives that passion
strength to start.
Passionate people
day to day
through Lord Jesus
find a way.
Seeing through the
troubled times
hearts with passion
change designs.
Making moments
that were sad
into blessings
not so bad.

©By Bill Pearce
July 18, 2013

Time Begins

Now and then
our time begins
as some waves
of outs and ins.
Time begins
with things we find
often just
inside our mind.
Things might seem
to dissipate
while time begins
from date to date.
Certain signs
of memories
might be times
of rolling seas.
As the pages
turned and read
time might seem
a riverbed.
While some might
just seem insane
time begins
and gives its gains.
For those moments
remembered true
time begins
for me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
July 19, 2013

The Wonders of Time

While time’s ticking onwards
the season’s might find
things that we’re seeing
as a cinematic time.
A living books pages
that are turning in style
as the wonders of time
produce memory’s mile
Each second counted
is found in our view
sometimes as moments
a little askew.
The wonders of time
might show us one day
how that we’ve wandered
in the wrong way.
Then as time passes
the scenes that we find
will become lessons
from the wonders of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

So You Say

Today you’re too busy
to do what you should
or so you say
there’s no time for some good.
You’re yesterdays travels
have determined what you do
or so you say
you can’t start something new.
Today’s filled with choices
to do better things
and make those nightmares
into some good dreams.
Yet so you say
you might do time agin
things so destructive
and say you can’t win.
Today is a new day
so begin with a smile
and don’t use your past days
to live in denial.
Find all the blessings
that live in today
and don’t just continue
to live so you say.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

Today A Breeze

I have awakened
to summer at glance
as I see breezes
with their song and dance.
Blowing in singing
some songs of its gust
as then it also
raises some dust.
Things found a blowing
within today’s breeze
as also rustling
the leaves on the trees.
Today a breeze
becomes as a song
singing its music
with gusts oh so strong.
It cools the moments
in summertime’s stride
as it brings fresh air
for us to reside.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

An Awful Smell

One time we found
our life compelled
to hold our nose
for something smelled.
This time of night
when we sat here
we could sense
something real near.
An awful smell
within the night
that was hidden
out of sight.
Our dog went out
to check it out
and I caught him
before the bout.
It was a skunk
that wandered in
and his smell
he brought with him.
He left us soon
to return back home
and took what we
did not condone
He snuck back in
one night so dark
as I heard
our Benny bark.
He made himself
a home inside
Benny’s doghouse
then to hide,
yet that did not
work for me
because that smell
just could not be.
So I poked
and prodded the guy
to make him want
to say goodbye.
I ended up
shaking him well
inside the doghouse
built so well.
Yet of course
the bottom fell out
due to me shaking
it all about.
Then there he was
just staring as me
with a little
grin I could see.
I quickly ran
to the other side
and got behind
attempting to hide.
Then I so gracefully
picked up the house,
and walked to the woods
to shake the skunk out.
I turned on my flashlight
aimed to the ground
and that little bugger
surely was found.
Smiling at me
with that little bitty grin
I said to myself
here we go agin.
I ran to the house
as fast as a breeze
and let the guy
head off to the trees.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

Not Just Waiting

Sometimes our vision
is clouded by time
while we’re just waiting
for our best design.
Yet often minutes
will pass us on by
while we’re just waiting
not giving a try.
It’s often actions
that many are viewing
not seeing truly
what we are doing.
They might see segments
of what all we’ve done
and not be seeing
what new we’ve begun.
Often ones stories
are anticipating
while they are missing
as they’re just waiting.
Make good the moments
that God’s given you
while not just waiting
for something anew.
Today is a blessing
so make good begin
by making the bad times
to turn to a grin.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

The Days of Summer

Scenes are pictured
black and white
as the nights
are within sight,
but when daylight
comes to be
the days of summer
shine so free.
Swimmers swimming
in the waves
of the times of
summer days.
The days of summer
come and go
with the passion
many know.
Scenes become as
many swimming
in the seas.
Then on oceans
moments shore
come the times
that we adore.
Making footprints
in the sand
as we’re walking
hand in hand
The days of summer
I recall
are the times
we had a ball.
Taking pictures
of the waves
the days of summer,
summer days.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

To Judy Pearce 🙂
From you know who 🙂

Tomorrows Wish

As today’s ended
our sights become
often found as then
tomorrows sun.
Tomorrows wish
is many times seen
that of but only
found in a dream.
A little wishful
for tomorrow’s stride
often helps ones
along for the ride.
Tomorrows wish
what so many seek
often is there
from week to week.
Wishing senselessly
times to be
is not so good
for you or me.
Learn to keep
your wishful gaze
as just dreaming
better days.
Tomorrows wish
might then come true
if it’s good
for me and you.
Let God be the
guiding force
tomorrows wish
to keep on course.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

A Long Time Gone

In the shadows
dusk to dawn
things might be
a long time gone.
A moments time
that many see
is just within
their history.
A long time gone
as minutes fade
ones might see
of which to wade.
As the waters
times record
a long time gone
says climb aboard.
Then those shadows
that they’ve found
are of them
again around.
Yet those moments
dusk to dawn
are still found
a long time gone.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

for July 20, 2013

Seeing a shadow
of limbs blowing in the breeze
might look real scary.

Fantasy thinking
creates many pictures
that could become real.

Wind blown escapades
drive many to destruction
with sails full of lies.

Beyond this second
a lifetime’s been created
that’s now awaiting.

Patterns in people
often begin by mistake,
but we can stop them.

There is nobody
that’s without imperfection.
Only Jesus Christ.

We each are flowers
awaiting our times to bloom
as life moves along.

Believing in love
means believing in Jesus
for He is pure Love.

Seconds of today
might fall prey to our despair
for things we have lost.

Long winded people
will keep talking on and on
with nothing to say.

Moments perception
could become our destruction
if not understood.

Glimmers of sunshine
can become highlights best seen
as mornings sunrise.

Changing emotions
needs you first to change viewpoints
of all things perceived.

As time moves along
it leaves trails in the footprints
as glimmers of time.

When in much sadness
look for good times remembered
and then find a smile.

Hearts that are broken
can be mended through Jesus
as time goes its way.

A forest of trees
can hide the beauty within,
so look more closely.

Across an ocean
are many we may not see,
but yet still know them.

Inquisitive ones
will often get themselves burned
learning the hard way.

No is a big word
when it’s used on your children.
Don’t over use it.

Learn to look forwards
as moments of time move on,
but use what you learned.

Scenes from a page
of our life’s book of turnstiles
might bring us a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
July 20, 2013

God bless from Bill and Judy
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