Its Very Own


Hello my friends

It’s getting closer to Christmas. Are ya in the mood HoHoHo hehe?
I’m always in the mood for Christmas. Hehehehe many have called me
Father Christmas being I look like Santa, I tend to laugh like him ­čÖé
and my favorite color is hehehe, you guessed, it RED. Also hehehe
being that Judy and I live up North LOL I do tend to get a lot of second
glances from children hehehe. I guess there are worse things to look
like or resemble huh HoHoHo. None the less, I do love Christmas and
snow. I said I love snow, not that stuff that comes afterwards which
causes ones to slip and fall LOL. When the snow begins to melt and
then refreeze over night it tends to cause a lot of accidents. That’s why
I bought me some cleats after my first dealing with all of that hehehe.
They strap onto any pair of shoes I am wearing and they work great.
I haven’t broken any more bones from slipping and falling on the ice
since that purchase. I was going to buy Judy some, but she said they
would just become a problem being she would have to un strap them
when she got to work and have to re strap them when she got home,
PLUS driving a car wearing them is not advised LOL. Oh well, she
can use mine if she needs them. They fit shoes from size 10 to size 13.
She wears size 10 and I wear size 13 LOL. Yep, I got big feet. You
know the old saying don’t ya. Big feet!!!! I could of been a clown :).
LOL, get you’re mind outta the gutter hehehehehehe!!!! I know what
you were thinking :). Ok, so it’s onwards to yet another topic. Last
night it snowed about an inch, which in my book ain’t but a dusting.
I’m sure that the winter snows will find their way up here soon enough.
Then I’ll be seen out playing in it and taking pictures hehehe. I had
to go out this morning at 5 AM and brush the snow off of the car and
start it so it would be warming up for Judy to drive to work. It was
not too bad! Actually it was not bad at all compared to the mornings
last winter that I had to look to try and find the car under all of the
snow and then dig it out LOL. Oh, that’s fun hehehehe at 4:30 in the
morning and 0 and below degrees. Yeppers, it does have its downside.
For those of you that are my neighbors in the YoVille game, hehehe
I have not been feeling the greatest and so I did not write any haikus
to share, but maybe this week :). Friday night we ran out of heating
oil and Judy and me had to crank up the radiator heaters as well as
our heating blanket LOL. Apparently unlike last winter when the
gauge was on empty, it was actually empty LOL. Last winter I went
into a panic and worried that we would run out before the oil guys got
here, but they said we still had almost 70 gallon left then. That was
not the same venture Friday Oopsy. Oh well, our dear landlord
came to our rescue and went and got us 5 gallons of diesel and put it
in as well as re started our furnace. Hehehe he gave me the receipt for
the oil and a cup of coffee he bought LOL. I told him I would add it
onto our next rent check hehehe. 5 gallons should last us until the oil
guys get here Monday morning and fill us up. They’re delivering 176
gallons. That should last us through to January and maybe further
if the weather stays the same as it is now, but to be honest, I hope
the winter weather finds its way home soon for many reasons hehe.
Well as I said about the haiku, I also did not write anything else poetry
wise through the week due to me being under the weather with a loss
of any kind of energy. I found myself just nodding at my PC often.
I know, that’s not unusual for me being I don’t get any sleep LOL,
but it was happening more than normal hehe. Plus I was shaking
really badly, but I’m feeling much better today with my millions of
catnaps hehehehe. I wish I could sleep like a normal person, but
that just ain’t happening LOL and for those of you that have just
recently joined the mailing list hehehe, sorry I ain’t explaining all
of the problems hehehehehe. It only makes the nurses and doctors
on my list begin offering their solutions which I am sure I have
tried every one. Seen All of the Top specialist, so now let’s drop it.
I’ve been dealing with most of the problems for almost 15 years.
Hehehehehe now onto yet another topic. Judy’s temporary place
of business is doing fairly well, yet everyone is still antsy in their
waits for the brand new Elm Tree Diner to be built. It may not
be built and ready to open until next Summer though. Oh well,
God is taking care of Judy and I just as He always has. God will
many times help us in ways that we were not wanting, but He
does know best. I think Judy and I are going to put up our new
Christmas tree this week. Always looking forward to putting up
the Christmas tree. Yet don’t always look forward to attempting
to find a place to put the confounded thing. Not that much room
in our living room ya know hehehehe. Should of rented an igloo.
Might of been more room LOL. I’m sure there would of been
come summertime hehehehe. Wall to wall nature LOL. Naw,
the trailer ain’t that small hehehe! It just seems that way time
to time LOL. There is a case of snow-blindville outside today.
Yeppers, that be one of the drawbacks to snow. It acts just
like a mirror and reflects the sunshine into your eyes. I still
love snow :), HoHoHo. I’m still amazed at how that each little
snowflake has its very own look and style. Yet when they are
gathered together on the ground, they become one entity. Sort
of makes me wonder about us. Yes we all look different, even
identical twins have differences. I should know hehehehehe,
I’m married to one :). Yes, we are all different and so many
will focus on the differences rather than the likenesses. We
may be a different color, size, shape or rhythm in life, but we
all make up the human race as all of the snowflakes make up
the snow. Let God to guide you as you look beyond prejudice
behavior and see the likenesses. We all have a home on this
big blue ball called Earth and we need to learn to get along.
I reckon it’s time for me to be taking my little venture back
through all I’ve written to that place of my recollection and
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away I go to that
place that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. I do believe that
I found a good title not far back in my re reading hehehehe.
Now let’s see what I can conjure up using it HoHoHo hehehe.
Here goes hopefully not nothing hehe :)!

Its Very Own

Life has a journey
that we may not view
found in the portions
of wintertime’s hue.
It has its very own
flavorful scenes
painted in thresholds
white over greens.
Winter has blessings
scented so sweet
such as the snowflakes
that many eat.
So much will blossom
as flowers of snow
as its very own
simple little Ho Ho.
Laughter with snowflakes
in sweet certain views
enhances journeys
for many snowshoes.
Winter as a blessing
has its very own
timeframes to enter
and make itself known.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 6, 2009

I sure hope that poem made ya smile :). Of course I also hope my
rambling before it also made ya smile, a bit hehehe HoHoHo. Yep,
it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go. Here
in the Pearce’s household, it is always Christmas. We buy things
for each other and even at times are found listening to Christmas
music in the somewhat heat of the summer hehehe. I say somewhat,
being we live up north and don’t exactly have the heat we had when
we lived in Texas LOL. Heck, we only had to use our air conditioner
a couple of days this year hehehe. Being we live on a hill, we have
one heck of a breeze that works great when I open the windows :).
It does though ever so often rock the trailer on occasions hehehehe.
Well, I guess it’s time for me to be searching for that off switch, but
not before I tell you what I’ve been telling most of you for decades :),
hehehe and that is, I wrote some more poetry and haiku, 10 more
poems, yet 6 of them this week are Christmas poems. I also once
again wrote 22 haiku, but as I mentioned in the upper half of this,
I didn’t write any YoVille haiku being I’ve been under the weather.
But you’ve got 10 poems and 22 haiku to keep ya busy hehehehehe!
Ok, it’s time to be saying goodbye, but not before wishing you a
wonderful week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that dad burn off switch hiding at this bloody time??
LOL, found ya hiding in a thatch of my hair. Hehehe I know, I
really need to comb this mess, but why? I’m just as ugly with or
without it combed LOL. Hehehe see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Jimmy :),,,I’ll try to send some snow your way, HoHoHo.
Keep on stepping dude and stay in touch. God bless…

Now on with the poems
10 and 22

Found To Connect

Without a moment
time cannot be
and it can’t gather
for our history.
It takes the moments
timelessly laid
to make tomorrows
then to be made.
Without a moment
we could not find
lessons that gathered
time after time.
Moments of detail
may not seem good,
yet many timeframes
are what that should.
Without a moment
we would be left
without the minutes
found to connect.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

The Slightest Snowflake

The slightest snowflake
that floats to the ground
makes the occasion
for others then found.
The slightest snowflake
from skies up above
falls down most gracefully
filled with much love.
The slightest snowflake
might surely find
places to gather
time after time.
The slightest snowflake
of Christmas detail
will surely blossom
with wind and set sail.
The slightest snowflake
that’s with just a few
will make the vision
of Christmas come true.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

Timeless Complete

The weather’s changing
with windows to view
such as the blessings
of Christmas come true.
Seen in the windows
of weather each day
are many blessings
soon coming our way.
Maybe with wind chills
gathered with snow
there will be moments
of times to and fro.
Times benefactors
that weather provides
will in the windows
be what coincides.
The weathers paintings
in wintertime’s hue
will make the blessings
so Christmassy new.
Painted with lifestyles
rhythms in beat
all of the paintings
timeless complete.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

Learning From Others

Birds of a feather
fly as they do
in the directions
of then thereunto.
We as the feathers
will also see flight
sometimes in left ways
and sometimes at right.
Birds of a feather
in our human form
find our beginnings
when we are first born.
Step after step
in times day to day
we are the birdies
in human array.
Flight in a fashion
with feathers and wings
many are seeking
for similar things.
Birds of a feather
so many will flock
just because wording
is same that they talk.
It takes some wingspread
to flutter and fly
learning from others
as time rushes by.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

All That’s Remembered

Places we’ve ventured
and we remember
may turn to journeys
of timeless December.
Pictures and music
from days long ago
may just remind us
of times fallen snow.
Places we’ve been to
and taken on in
will maybe blossom
when snowflakes begin.
Portions of heartbeats
felt in a way
may become moments
that live in today.
Places we’ve ventured
and we can recall
may be the blessings
of time overall.
All that’s remembered
as December sweet
will bring us Christmas
with Jesus complete.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

It’s Our Imagination

Sometimes will somehow
meet in disguise
and make formations
we see as demise.
Yet many sometimes
are found as a view
seen as the moments
that we wish were true.
Sometimes our daydreams
somehow take control
and lead us surely
down misguided roads.
Sometimes will one way
lead to other scenes
that are the makers
of so many dreams.
It’s our imagination
that makes many flow
with all the journeys
that lead where we go.
Sometimes will somehow
take on the flight
leading from someday
and onto some night.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

Christmas Like Mind

Links to our childhood
connected in time
find ways of living
in now days design.
It might be snowflakes
that fall from the skies
that will bring visions
in youth in our eyes.
It may be hillsides
painted snow white
that bring memories
of times we delight.
Links may encompass
a seasonal view
found in the places
that once lived with you.
Within our childhood
are memories to find
that will enlighten
our Christmas like mind.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

Fragments of Christmases

Fragments remembered
as whos, whens and whys
may be the motions
of our childhood eyes.
Things we remember
as larger to view
might be the portions
that once lived in you.
All of the stories
that we can remember
told by our parents
about sweet December.
Fragments may moisten
as liquids in dreams
flowing as flavors
of strawberry streams.
Songs with the essence
of Santa and more
enhance the fragments
that we so adore.
Fragments of Christmases
we love so well
are what that no one
can take, buy or sell.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

May Be The Things

Long times forgotten
are times we may find
coming around one day
to lay on our mind.
Things we have chosen
to never remember,
might be the minutes
to live in the embers.
Long ago journeys
you thought you erased
might turn to one day
again found retraced.
Bridges we’ve burned
with each timeless page
may find a passage
to enter this stage.
So many moments
that we stowed away
may be the things that
help us one day.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

Don’t Let Him See You

Look to the Heavens
on Christmas Eve night
and you might see old
Santa in flight.
You might see Rudolf
and his nose glowing
guiding old Santa
to where all he’s going.
All of his reindeer
then seen late at night
might seem to dance on
to the tune of moonlight.
So if you’re watching
as he comes to town,
you might just see him
each chimney go down.
Don’t let him see you
with each chimney leap,
because he won’t come
if you’re not fast asleep.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

for Dec 5, 2009

Time tempered moments
are minutes that we’ve gathered
through all our struggles.

Simple little views
can make the grandest details
seen with our two eyes.

In but a second
the wind can change direction
just like our own minds.

Hurried tomorrows
never come any faster.
Do your best today.

Kindling will gather
as wood from our memories
that burns in our minds.

Horrid expressions
will create fear in numbers.
Don’t go overboard.

Rumors can destroy
so let the truth live in sight.
Don’t thrive on rumors.

Holidays joyful
fills the expressions of time
with hearts filled with love.

Time is a flower
that will bloom when it’s ready
and end when it’s time.

Points of confusion
lead journeys to tomorrow
while it is teaching.

Snow will come falling
as fluffy flakes from the sky
that land everywhere.

Only a moment
leads yesterday to today
connected in time.

So many counters
will forget what they’ve counted
as time moves along.

Holidays struggles
are the things we remember
when they are no more.

Hearing a heartbeat
leaves you focused on seconds
found in the silence.

Guarding a flower
might prevent it from growing
if guarded to close.

Reindeer seen flying
might be pulling Santa’s sleigh
on Christmas Eve night.

Hard times are blessings
that we many times don’t see
until they are gone.

A mere glancing blow
connected to misfortune
can tear up a heart.

Patterns of rhythms
which are found in emotions
are sometimes confused.

Winter brings us books
as pages of tomorrows
all covered with snow.

Our dreams are the tools
that can help us to create
what eyes cannot see.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 5, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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