Want What We Want


Hello my friends

This will be sort of short and sweet being I am not feeling well
and it hurts to sit up to type, but I will try to not be too short :).
This passed week has been a bit of a wintry one. Judy and me
have been watching a few Christmas movies off and on. A few
that we watched were Santa Who? and Stealing Christmas. They
were pretty good. We’re planning on getting out all of our old
Christmas movies and watching all we can soon HoHoHo. Yep
it’s looking more and more like Christmas as I look outside at
the snow. There is more snow coming this evening as also in the
forecast for the rest of the week. So Mr. Winter has stepped up
to bat and he’s throwing snowballs LOL and rattling the windows.
We’re keeping warm. I won’t get into what’s ailing me hehehe
being I don’t want a bunch of people playing doctor and sending
me their cures, being I know how to take care of myself better
than ones would think LOL. A lot of health issues cannot be
avoided though, ouchy. Well, it’s onwards to another subject.
I didn’t write any this week being it has hurt too much to try and
sit up and type, but I am going to share some of my old poetry
from Decembers of years ago that you either may have missed
or literally forgotten hehehe. I will though attempt to sit here
and write you a quick little poem for today in a bit, but it is on
with the shortish journal. Judy’s place of business is still doing
well, but Judy and the bunch are still wishing that they were
back in the diner. Oh well, in good time. The restaurant will
suffice for now :). God has a way of taking care of us when we
think He may not even be there at all. I know He did me many
years in my past. I struggled with my life through many problems
that were thrown at me from every which way and many times
felt all alone, but God had not left me. He had His angels always
watching over me through it all. They helped me to get to where
I am today and they are still lending a hand when needed. God
knows what we need better than anyone. Most times it’s just
patience for we want what we want and want it now. Try and
be patient and let God’s timing to come. Now I must cease
my writing before the pain gets too bad and begin my journey
back through all I’ve written to that place of my recollection
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem. Found one, so here goes!

Want What We Want

We many times want
what now doesn’t give
and strive for the time
for daily to live.
We want what we want
and we want it now
gifts from the givers
someway somehow.
Christmas beginnings
are sometimes mislead
when we go wishing
for timeframes ahead.
Let this days turnstile
find wantings cease
as Christmas blessings
fill you with peace.
Don’t go just wanting
with each setting sun.
Remember this Christmas
what Lord God has done.
He gave that baby
that grew to a man
giving us daily
what no other can.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 13, 2009

I hope you liked that. Well I’ve got to cease my writing now,
but before I do, I will tell you again what I told you in the other
half and that is, I did not write anything this week. I’ll get back
to my old ornery self again soon and I will begin my writing. Yet,
I do have tons of poems from the past that many of you have not
read and I even have some hehehe that none of you have read,
but for today, I will share some from a December from the past.
Actually hehehe these poems are from when we first moved up
here to Maine from Texas. I thought they would be appropriate.
Hope you like them. Well I’ve got to find that off switch, but
before I do that I want to wish you a wonderful joyous season.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too. Now to find that off
switch. Hehehe it was lazy this time. Sitting right in front of me.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

I didn’t count them LOL. and no haiku this week.
Maybe next week hehehe HoHoHo who knows ­čÖé

Thresholds of Wisdom

Wisdom in thresholds
fills up a void
of lessons by numbers
countless enjoyed.
Many find moments
so timelessly seen,
but yet they don’t know
what it is that they mean.
Wisdom then misses
and leaves in its place
the long look of stupid
that’s found in disgrace.
Thresholds of wisdom
can open up wide
and let in the reasons
ones lived and they died.
Don’t let the wisdom
to just fade away
by just doing stupidly
your day to day.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Cold Winters Way

The season is coming
with its own display
of white snow a falling
in Maine now today.
The car is all covered
with white fallen snow
and we have some places
we’re needing to go.
Yet Christmas season
is coming so fine
with all the jingle bells
joyous design.
Songs on the radio
playing in tune
Silent Night Christmassy
what’s coming soon.
Now I stand watching
the snow falling down
covering up everything
that can be found.
Hills in the distance
once seen sort of fair
are hidden as if they’re
not really there.
Yet I still hear those
sweet joyous sounds
of Jesus Christ breathing
love that abounds.
Angels from Heaven
telling so true
that no matter how bad
He loves me and you.
So on this snowy day
I stand here a while
and find in me growing
a Christmassy smile.
One that is truly
so great to be seen
as I sit here a dreaming
of a Christmas of green,
Where I had lived
before now and today,
but yet I see snow falling
cold winters way.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Happy To See

Find yourself happy
through all your despair
and let happy bring you
through with a prayer.
Sadness can dampen
all that’s around
if you allow it
to always be found.
Find yourself happy
when times are so sad
and search through to find what’s
not all that bad.
Find yourself happy
even when you’re not
and you might find happy
and happy a lot.
I know sometimes happy
is real hard to find,
but I say that happy
is all in your mind.
All you have to do
is decide what to be
and you can be sad
or be happy to see.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Christmas Snow Falling

Driving down the road
there is such a view
of Chrismas lights lit up
here thereunto.
Yet the snow is falling
and covering their site,
I can still see them
shining at night.
Winter is bringing in
its own display
of snow falling briskly
most every day.
We’re now inside
as we watch all the while
the snow falling down now
mile after mile.
Roads all are covered
with such great detail
that they seem an illusion
fantasy trail.
The signs of some tire tracks
driven in place
are all that display now
on the roads face.
Christmas snows falling
down fluffy white
as I and my wife now
bid you goodnight.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

History’s View

How can a morning
start without shine
and how can a shadow
stand really fine
if one hides a morning
from every view
and stands in the darkness
of all that they do?
The morning needs be
as awakening while
with shadows of moments
you with a smile.
We need to allow it
as it should be
a morning of newness
for you and for me.
A new chance a new day
to do better now
what we on one day
didn’t know how.
Morning is arising
time and agin
to give us the chances
forgiven from sin.
Yet time will run out
one day and one time
and you will no longer
see that sunshine,
so take now this morning
of Gods only Son
and do what you now know
you should of done.
Let all the mornings
of history’s view
be just as lessons
with each changing you.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Please Tell Them

Some find that Christmas
is just another day
to do as they’ve always
done anyway.
They just go waltzing
the same as they’ve done
and do not even know
Lord Jesus Gods Son.
I wish they’d wake up
and see what is true,
before it is too late
for what they should do.
Won’t you please tell them
that they need to know
the joy of sweet Christmas
in their to and fro?
If you don’t right now
tell them today,
they might tomorrow
be gone away.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Give Ones A Sign

The days are a moving
till Christmas is here
so let’s all display our
great Christmas cheer.
Give to the needy
and give from your heart
a bit of hope shining
love you impart.
Christmas is given
to us each for free
so why can’t we do that
with ones that we see.
How many times
have you saw on a day
ones standing hungry
just fading away?
I’m willing you’ve seen
though didn’t even try
to give them a prayerful
in their by and by.
This Christmas wake up
and see what is true,
for those that are needing
need me and you.
Christmas is love
and Jesus Divine
so on this great day
give ones a sign.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

So What’s The Story?

Where in the world
is the end of the lies
with ones day to day
and their alibis.
Here in the world
is us you and I
as we day to day
lie and we lie.
Where is the end
to the excuses way
when we will be truthful
in our day to day?
Have we not consciences
making us think
solid grounds better than
quicksand to sink.
I believe many don’t
wisely each day
kneel down to Jesus
as they humbly pray.
So what’s the story
and how shall it end?
Will you be faithful
and help out a friend?
Help them find Jesus
with what that they see
throughout day to day
with your history.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

A Time That I Remember

I remember sleigh bells
in songs that were sung
and I remember moments
presents were brung.
I remember train tracks
all around the place
with a train chugging on
as moments embrace.
I remember seasons of
that Christmas joy
of my first child days
great Christmas toy.
It was the greatest
moment for me
for I saw my gift there
under the tree.
Mom and dad came
and we each would say
isn’t it wonderful
great Christmas Day.
We would exchange gifts
one at a time
as we would each open
gifts theirs and mine.
Oh the great feelings
I still remember
of my greatest Christmas
in that fine December.
Mom and dad smiling
and my sister too
as we would all gather
and watch the choo choo.
The train set a chugging
right around the tree
is a time that I remember
in my memory.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Open Your Heart Up

Don’t let the season
just pass you by
and leave you there empty
without not a try.
Open your heart up
and let Christmas day
become the very essence
of your willing way.
Give it a chance
and you might just find
that Christmas is surely
the greatest of time.
You might even then
find in a good way
that Christmas can live on
in your day to day.
Don’t let the season
fade from your view
before you let Jesus
make you as new.
Surely you’ll find
some gift in your heart
that you can share
with love to impart.
So now the question
is what will be done?
Will you love Jesus
Lord Gods only Son?

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 14, 2007

Hearts Need A Breath

Hearts of a making
find in a way
storms come a blowing
day after day.
Hearts find it hard
to keep beating true
when all-round them
their life is askew.
Hearts need a breath
from lesser so hard
to replenish beating
in loving regard.
Hearts of a making
must realize
that troubles will find them
of Satan’s device.
Problems will enter,
but hearts can survive
if in the heartbeats
God is alive.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 15, 2007

In Repair

Worn to a frazzle
while waiting each day
for Christmas joyful
to come quick my way.
Counting the seconds,
minutes and hours
for Christmas joyful
with love it empowers.
All of the hassles
and all that’s been done
makes me to pray more
to Jesus Gods Son.
Worn from the problems
that time has bestowed,
I need Lord Jesus
to help with the load.
So Christmas joyful
won’t you appear
and help this be a
much better year!
I need the blessings
that started that day
of Christmas joyful
in wonderful way.
Worn to a frazzle
will be in repair
because I know Jesus
will answer my prayer.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 15, 2007

He Was Born Jesus

Hold to a minute
of scenes of a day
and let it to help you
make better way.
One single minute
of smile you remember
can be the spark of
smiling December.
Remember a joy
that you found in a time
and then make today
of a recollect mind
A mere recollection
of a minute or so
can be what reminds you
of great Christmas snow.
Yes just a minute
or a moment or two
can make Christmas time
better for you.
Use then a minute
or a moment or three
to make better now
what all you see.
Christmas is greatest
with Gods Helping Hand,
for it is with Jesus
we must understand.
We must remember
the baby that day
that came upon Christmas
to show us the way.
He was born Jesus
of Gods only Son
to help us to see that
He loves everyone.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 15, 2007

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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