Many Angels


Hello my friends

It’s yet another year and another dawning stage.  Did you have
a Happy New Years.  Judy and I did as we always do.  We sat at
home.  New Years morning we watched the Rose Parade on TV.
New Years Eve Day we drove up to Caribou to visit and give the
grandchildren their Christmas gifts.  They weren’t much,  but we
wanted to get them something.  We had a nice visit.  I took a lot
of pictures of our drive and a few of our visit,  though the lighting
in the house made it hard to get a non blurry picture LOL, but we
got a few good ones.  Benny and Milo enjoyed the trip and all,  but
they were happy to be going home.  It was cold.  The weather is
seeming to be warming a bit beginning today.  It’s started off the
year with some weird weather LOL.  We’ve had subzero temps
for the passed few weeks,  but beginning yesterday it has begun
getting a bit warmer.  It’s 23 F degrees today and supposed to be
in the mid 40’s tomorrow yet dropping back down to freezing by
near midnight and then Tuesdays high supposed to be near 12 or
so.  Yeppers,  it be bizarre,  but welcome none the less hehehehe.
Our little car has had trouble starting in the subzero temperatures
and from what I hear,  we’re not alone.  Those low temps are hard
on car batteries.  It’s still white as ever up here,  though some of
the snow might melt away tomorrow and create a hazard when it
refreezes into ice.  We have a freezing rain advisory beginning
around 10 PM tonight that supposed to last until around 10 AM
Monday morning.  There’s supposed to be some snow mixed in
with it.  Who knows,  we might get more snow than freezing rain.
OK,  so what else is going on around here?  Hmm.  good question.
There’s not much of a change in our little household.  Judy bought
Benny and Milo some new Christmas sweaters.  They have them
on right now and they look so cute 🙂  They look like little Santa
suits with the black belt around the middle.  We love our little
boys.  I can’t visualize our lives now without them.  They have
completed our home.  The boys love to play and be played with.
Yep,  they’re spoiled and love attention LOL.  I don’t think Milo
ever really knew what it was like to be loved.  When we got him,
he didn’t like to be held,  but now he practically tries to jump
in my lap LOL and when I put him down he does a quick 360
and then hops up asking to be held again hehehe.  Benny then
tries to get in the middle of it,  because he wants to be held also.
They are two loving brothers even if they’re not related.  They
will play chase through the house from time to time which is
cute as ever.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe that Milo
is 7 years older than Benny hehehe.  Milo is 9 and Benny is 2.
We’re still planning on driving to Texas this year.  I can’t wait!
The weather and our finances will be deciding our venture as
well as the status of our car :).  OK,  time for a change of topic!
I just poked my head into the bedroom and asked Judy if she
wanted me to fix us something to eat and she said she just ate
a bowl of cereal,  so she’s good.  So,  I might be fixing me the
same or maybe a couple of eggs and sausage in a bit.  I have
not eaten yet today.  We went to WalMart yesterday evening
and bought some necessities and then stopped off at Subway
and got us some sub sandwiches to bring home and eat while
we watched TV.  It’s been pretty quiet around here aside from
the occasional barking of the boys hehehe.  Yet,  all in all,  it’s
pretty peaceful.  They are in the bedroom with Judy lying on
the bed watching Friends on TV.  I’m getting a little shaky so
I’m gonna stop right here and fix myself a bowl of cereal —.
Ok,  I feel a little better now.  I still may fix us some eggs and
sausage when I finish this unless of course Judy wants me to
fix her something else which is always possible LOL.  I can’t
think of anything else to report from up here at the Pearce’s
Place.  God has been good to us.  He’s made sure we had all
that we need.  I just went to take my bowl to the kitchen and
get me another soda water and Benny and Milo followed me
back in here.  They were curious to what I was doing!  They
are now back in the bedroom.  Our house has most surely been
blessed.  Thank you God for keeping Your Mighty Hands over
us protecting us and guiding us.  Thank You also for the many
angels that you’ve sent to watch over us.  I know bad things
will still happen,  but all will be well,  for we know that You are
in control.  Sometimes drastic things must happen to make us
open our eyes.  Often we don’t realize what we had until it is
taken away.  Appreciate the people in your life.  Don’t let
time slip away without you showing your love.  So many will
fade away without knowing how to say I love you and sharing
a day with a friend.  Learn the true power of love and friendship
and you will also learn the true meaning of life.  Let God guide
you through prayer.  Ok,  so I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search back through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So I must visit that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.   I think I may
have found a good title,  but must check first to see if I haven’t
already used it LOL.  Nope,  ain’t used it so it’s good to go :).

Many Angels

As storms arise
and life is found
not with so much
solid ground,
many angels
come to be
the strength for all
both you and me.
Those timeless days
that only show
rain and sleet
where all we go
so many angels
will be there
watching with their
love and care.
The paths we lead
from thereunto
many angels
are with you.
As protection
hands of love
they are sent
from God above.
Things will happen
sinking sand
that we might not
but many angels
see the course
guided by
God’s Holy Force.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 5,  2014

There ya go.  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe even
the poem LOL.  The boys are wanting to come in here with me.
They are scratching at the door hehehe.  I heard Judy tell them
that they can’t because daddy is busy writing hehehe.  I guess
I need to find an ending to this and let them in :),  so I guess it’s
time for me to be telling you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
with 1 being a Christmas poem and also once again I wrote 22
more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find
one or two of either or both that bring you a smile or make you
think.  Now I do believe it’s time for me to begin searching for
that (almost but not quite) elusive off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful God filled week and a happy new
year that brings blessings in abundance.  Now,  where is that
off switch hiding this week?  Hmm,  I think I see movement
from behind my respirator LOL.  It isn’t the greatest place
to hide dude being the inhaler isn’t that large hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Lightning Bug People

When seasons pass by
then many are gone
as lightning bug people
from dusk unto dawn.
Many will be there
but a moment to blink
then found so quickly
as seconds to think.
So often neighbors
will come and then go
as lightning bug people
that blink to and fro.
Yet sooner or later
a true friend will shine
not as a lightning bug
time after time.
One might be lit up
with home fires burning
not as a lightning bug
I’ve been discerning.
Yet there’s so many
that’ll just move along
as lightning bug people
from dusk unto dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Snowbound Roadways

Guiding the driving
of here unto there
are snowbound roadways
of wintertime’s where.
Scenes with the displays
of seasons delight
snow covered roadways
that come into sight.
Glittering shivering
each snowy day
leave us found thinking about
April and May.
Wintertime’s thresholds
that each day we view
are snowbound roadways
then thereunto.
Timeless the snowflakes
glitter and fall
landing on tree limbs
and over all.
Windows we gaze through
show winters days
and also portions of
snowbound roadways.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Blissful is Morning

Sunshine with shadows
on branches that sway
brings alive blissful
that’s found day by day.
Morning comes sharing
what it only knows
whether it’s raindrops
or sunshine or snow.
Scenes are found ticking
as timeframes array,
blissful is morning
within its own way.
Allowing the sunshine
to take on its course
brings alive blissful
that’s with no remorse.
So let the displays
each day is adorning
find you with heartfelt
blissful is morning.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

I Can Be Lonely

As pride grows too large
the I becomes sad
leaving so many
with time that you had.
I can be lonely
when your ego takes hold
making your lifestyle
found oh so cold.
Don’t let the I word
become all you see,
for there can be happiness
in you and me.
A forest of tree limbs
might hide the best view
for I can be lonely
living in you.
Egotistic lifestyles
can become seen only
as that of sadness
for I can be lonely.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Blessings So White

Beyond every snowflake
a glimmer is found
that which is Heavenly
seen on the ground.
Even in a blizzard
there is a good prayer
that can bring hopeful
times which to share.
Blessings so white
in a wintertime way
reflect in the sunlight
a snowflakes array.
God gives us wonderful
days which to grow
sometimes with raindrops
sometimes with snow.
Even on some days
of each time we see
there might be sunshine
for you and me.
Yet in the mindset
of winters delight
there can be seasons of
blessings of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Linked Together

When lonesome meets someone
a chain link is made
connecting together
some lifestyles inlaid.
The links can be tarnished
or polished complete
when lonesome meets someone
in good or conceit.
Two linked together
can grow to much better
and then in turmoil
have strength which to weather.
Yet if the linking
is not meant to be
the ones linked together
might end in debris.
So if you are seeking for
someone to link
make sure your reasons are
not on the brink.
When lonesome meets someone
it could be complete
or end up with problems
somewhere down the street..
Let God to guide you
through now and forever
and you’ll find the best then
love linked together.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

After The Day

The season comes quickly
as sparkles of light
found within Christmas
in each day and night.
After the day then
the season grows dark
for many people
will cease of that spark.
Found after Christmastime
many move on
with their own journeys
from dusk unto dawn.
It seems that so many
are needing to find
after the day
a great Christmastime.
Not letting it die
or just fade away
ones need to find Christmas
after the day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Living For Today

If yesterdays troubles
live in your mind
there is no room for
nows point in time.
Living for today
is a blessing to give
not letting yesterday
choose how you live.
Let loose of past times,
search through the grey
by letting God guide you
living for today.
Don’t let those people
that judge who you are
to prevent you from being
God’s shining start.
True we will falter
but peace can be found
by living for today
on God’s solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

This To Shall Pass

Now is a journey
that yesterday thought
maybe not completely
how that we sought.
Left might be right ways
and right ways be left
seeming as a journey
as somebody’s theft.
Time finds a way to
connect every dot
with pages we turned to
a little or lot.
When many struggles
come into your view
this to shall pass then
timeframes anew.
On days beginning with
a bad shadows casts
remember my friend that
this too shall pass.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

Winters Serenade

The winds blow briskly
with snowflakes displayed
found in the season
of winters serenade.
Journeys of white stuff
floating around
seem as a dream worlds
wintertime town.
Winters serenade
becomes every sight
billowed with pictures
painted pure white.
Even at nighttime
the winters serenade
displays as wonderful
snowy Kool Aid.
Shifting so swiftly
in the night light of wind
the winters serenade
shall not soon find end.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

for Jan 4,  2014

Life in the fast lane
can cause many accidents,
so slow down a bit.

Knowing a person
might not conclude everything,
for details might hide.

Minutes tick slowly
as a hurried person thrives
seeking tomorrow.

New days perceptions
bring many different views
from our young to old.

Places we’ve been to
leave many memories found
inside of our mind.

Yesterdays turnstile
might not be the best for now,
for you might have changed.

A hard learned lesson
will be remembered longer
than one read about.

Days become echoes
of our yesterdays journeys
if we allow them.

No is a wording
that many will hear often
and still do it wrong.

Often ones judging
won’t see their own reflection
in what they’re saying.

Lives awakening
are often in form of eyes
searching for answers.

Yearning for pleasures
could find a journey to Hell
without happiness.

Beyond a flower
lives the bloom of existence
found within a bud.

Changes in stories
might show some details of lies
that are not kept straight.

Peace found in morning
comes when accepting moments
being as they are.

Life can be Heaven
if your peace is in Jesus
allowing His blessings.

Minutes are hours
connecting seconds to time
that becomes a life.

Within a snowstorm
holds the shadows of winter
as glimmers of white.

Holding someone’s hand
can give them much needed strength
to handle the bad.

Looks in a mirror
only reflect what that’s seen
and not what’s within.

The evergreen trees
hold some snow on every branch
creating pictures.

The heart of winter
lives as breezes blowing snow
and a chilling frost.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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