I Ain’t Complaining


Hello my friends

How have you been handling this weird weather that seems to
have been spreading itself about?   LOL,  it’s been a weird one
up this way.  It’s 34 F degrees right now at 2:27 PM.  We got
some more snow last night.  The snow blindness continues on.
LOL gotta wear sunshades if ya go outside.  Today is another
lazy day at the Pearce’s Place.  I got my PC back from the shop
in Texas Friday,  but have not felt up to par to get down in the
floor to hook it up.  Maybe sometime this week.  Hopefully it
will work as I wanted it to.  We shall see LOL.  Thank you Ron
and Mandy at Century Computer for fixing it for me.  My old
body won’t let me do the things I used to do dad burn it and
it get’s aggravating.  My eyesight’s gotten to the point where
my only good eye gets weak faster and I am limited on what
I am able to do.  I hear the sounds of sawing wood coming from
the bedroom hehehe.  I think it’s Judy deep in slumber and it
seems Milo isn’t far behind :).  I’ll wake Judy up when I have
finished writing and get her to help me edit this mess hehehe.
The snow has ceased for at least a little while.  It might start
up again during the week.  I’m sure Benny will be ecstatic  as
usual LOL.  Judy and I both got a few good pictures of the
snow on the trees this morning.  It was beautiful as always as
the snow glistened off of the trees in the midst of the field of
white that added to its beauty.  I had to shut the computer
room door,  because the TV in the bedroom was distracting.
I just heard a train in the distance.  It must be headed on its
journey to wherever.  It’s not a passenger train.  The nearest
passenger train is maybe New Hampshire or Massachusetts.
There’s only one bus that comes up this way LOL.  Yep 🙂
we’re pretty secluded up here.  Maine is the only state that
borders only one state and the other 2 sides are bordered
by Canada LOL.  Maine is a sort of land peninsula with the
ocean on the southeast section of Maine.  There’s a lot of
interesting history up here in Maine.  A lot more than I was
aware of.  Did you know that the state was built by glaciers
which explains why there are so many underground streams.
Most of the lakes are fed by underground streams and the
water is so clear that you can see the bottom even at many
feet deep.  You can read about that if you click the link below.
I have found it fascinating how much of the center portions
of the state are only populated by a few people living off of
the land.  A few mountaineers and a few Amish.  Judy and
I watch a TV program often about Mountain Men and there
are a few that we see in Maine.  We often have some Amish
to pass by our home on the county road in their horse and
buggy.  During the summertime days,  we will often see an
Amish on a bicycle.  They are friendly folks.  There’s an
Amish store down the road from us.  Judy and I go there
every once in a while to browse and shop.  They have a lot
of neat things that they’ve made and they also grow many
things to sell such as watermelons.  It’s still 34 F degrees
outside.  Not much of a change huh.  I ain’t complaining.
It makes it easier on our heating oil LOL.  Hmm,  what
else is there to talk about?  Well,  The old groundhog said
there’s 6 more weeks of winter,  but then that will never
happen up here LOL.  We have winter often until the mid
or last part of April.  Then again we have seen winter to
stretch itself on into May LOL.  I think that may be just
for Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania hehehe.  It might
though surprise us,  but me thinks not.  Of course this has
been our warmest winter since we’ve moved up here,  so
anything is possible I reckon.  Whatever happens,  I am
sure that God is in control.  I pray to God always and I
ask Him to protect us from any evil that might be in the
midst.  He has sent many angels to watch over us,  for
I can feel their presence all the time.  I’m sure that my
dad and others are also looking out for us and giving us
protection.  Many think death of the body is the ending,
but it’s only the beginning of another realm of existence.
Your loved ones are always near.  Their spirits aren’t
confined by the flesh of a body so they can always be
with you.  Remember,  God is in control.  Bad things
may happen,  but surely good will derive from them,
such as bringing ones together that would of never
come together otherwise.  Let God live in your heart
as you awaken every day to a life anew.  I think it’s
time for me to be taking my little trip back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can find a word
or phrase that I can use for the title of today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I believe I may have found a good title that
I haven’t already used.  Now,  let’s see if I can put
together a few words to form a decent poem using
it LOL.  Here goes!

I Ain’t Complaining

The days might be cloudy
and rain might fall down,
but I’m not complaining
for my joy is found.
The seasonal snowflakes
so white as can be
bring me my blessings
in forms I can see.
No I’m not complaining
about who and why
such as a doorway
to clouds in the sky.
Surely the timeframes
of blessings I’ve found
bring me conclusions
of God all around.
Nope,  I ain’t complaining
for I know so true
my past was a journey
that led me to you.
You are my angel
my sweetness divine
and I ain’t complaining
because you are mine.
God gave me you dear
my love light to be
here now with each day
to make history.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 2,  2014

To Judy Pearce
from Bill Pearce (ME) 🙂

So,  how was that?  I know,  ya didn’t expect me to write a
poem to my wife did ya LOL!  Did my rambling lose you in
a windstorm hehehe.  I hope I gave you a lot to think about.
God only knows I think a lot about many things always LOL.
I wish at times I could shut my thinker off,  but it seems to
always be in overdrive LOL.  It seems that my brain never
finds a time to rest.  Even on the freaking toilet I find myself
making up poems or thinking of something that has been on
my mind.  Nope, ain’t no off switch!  It really drives me mad
when I’m trying to get some rest LOL,   but that’s the way it
is inside of my mind.  Most kids in school never truly knew
who I was or the depth of my thoughts.  Most were totally
surprised when they found out I was a poet.  They knew that
I wrote lyrics,  but for some dumb reason never made the
connection LOL.  Now all of my school friends that are on
Facebook are seeing the side of me that I never allowed
ones to see.  Welcome to my life.  LOL.  You didn’t think
that I just started writing poetry a few years ago,  did you?
Nope hehehe!  So I guess I need to stop here and tell you
what I tell you every week before I begin rambling again
and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,
I wrote 10 more poems with 2 of them being Christmas
poems and 22 haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
I hope a few of either or both find a place inside your
heart as smiles or lessons.  Now it’s time once again
for me to try and find that not very elusive off switch
that is horrible at playing hide and seek,  but not before
I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,  so where are ya
hiding at this time ya silly thing?  Hey,  you’re getting
better hehehe.  I almost didn’t see ya hiding behind
my external hard drive.  I might not of seen ya if
you would of not been peeking out to see if I could
see ya LOL.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Hehehe oh yea,  I trimmed my beard up a tad.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Things We Dream Of

Found when we’re sleeping
and also awake
are a dreams paradise
with things to partake.
The things we dream of
are often surreal
things that we’re dreaming
but never shall feel.
Those fantastic dreams
of a dawns other day
can help us right now to
make it OK.
For it is the dreamer
that finds inner peace
that will breathe a breath
that troubled times cease.
The things we dream of
as fiction or real
can give our future
a better appeal.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

New Friends Found

When in a pathway
of seasonal views
often our friendships
will put on new shoes.
Some as a snowflake
floating so free
and others as raindrops
upon you and me.
With new friends found
in days gone by
time will display them
as low or high.
It’s minutes to hours
in a counted array
that brings us truthful
in now and today.
When two are counted
as one common ground
there is a chance for
some true new friends found.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Counting Snowflakes

Winters doorway
brings to view
counting snowflakes
Snowflakes falling
from the sky
makes ones counting
watch them fly.
Blowing briskly
in the breeze
through the hillsides
through the trees.
Counting snowflakes
makes ones find
often signs of
Seeing beauty
fall to Earth
where we found
our Saviors birth.
Jesus brought us
Holy Grace
that in Christmas
ones misplace.
Yet so many
will see true
counting snowflakes
Christmas view.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

As Seasons Change

With every season
comes a day
that is found with
it’s own way.
Timeless journeys
found so strange
are what’s seen
as seasons change.
Some days sunshine,
some days clouds
as the seasons
each arouse.
It might be cold
or hot each day
as each season
goes its way.
With each turnstile
some so strange
life is found
as seasons change.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Beyond Our View

You might not see
what’s truly there
time to time
within somewhere.
Beyond our view
is often found
what we heard
mistaken sound.
Sometimes ones will
gather true
to be themselves
beyond our view.
It might just be
their worried world,
what you’ll think
with truth unfurled.
So don’t be judging
without knowing
beyond our view
the fear not showing.
Many hesitate
to let you in,
because of places
that they’ve been.
Someone might of
hurt them bad
and made them to
feel so sad.
Yet those feelings
that they feel
beyond our view
they just conceal.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Breath of Light

Moments doorways
shining through
might not be
the best for you.
A breath of Light
right now today
is in need
a Godly way.
Breathe in Jesus
to right now
a breath of Light
to show you how.
The gleaming moments
then that show
might be found
the best to go.
Surely nothing
we befall
is not risky
over all.
Yet some chances
time displays
can become as
better days.
So don’t let now
that’s in sight
be without
a breath of Light.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Thoughts Forgotten

Long ago
and pages turned
thoughts forgotten
are bridges burned.
Pathways riddles
may have seen
thoughts forgotten
rushing stream.
Seamed together
far and wide
thoughts forgotten
are applied.
All those thoughts
of timeless days
might just be
a moments haze.
Thoughts forgotten
not at all
maybe again will
stand so tall.
Those memories
of forgotten trails
might one day
find brand new sails.
Then as moments
times arise
thoughts forgotten
make us wise.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Standing Still

With ones praying
standing still
things won’t happen
never will.
Actions needed
now and then
will make prayerful
to begin.
Times you stood there
watching waiting
when you’ve prayed
you might of found
a stillness seen
as a moments
stagnant stream.
Let not prayer to
be just found
with you standing
looking around.
Find a place for
you to start
then God’s action
will impart.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Christmas Of Old

I now remember
a time long ago
a scene found at Christmas
with store bought canned snow.
That Christmas of old
in times I remember
shines as the brightness
of loves burning ember.
The songs we would sing
as mom played along
while we found joy
in each Christmas song.
We put up our stockings
and hung Christmas lights
watching them twinkle
into the nights.
Dad would read stories
of a Heavenly Name
Christmas of old then
how Jesus Christ came.
Those sweet memories
of times long ago
are now as a river
not ceasing to flow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

Becoming Aware

As snowflakes fall
and winds will blow
we might find
the need to know.
Becoming aware
of now and then
is a journey
to begin.
Pathways trodden
here and there
might be found
to lead somewhere.
Finding footprints
in the snow
might make thoughts to
come to know.
Thinking of every
footstep made
becoming aware might
not degrade.
Let your awareness
in your voyage
become as lessons
to take charge.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

for Feb 1,  2014

Tomorrows journey
might begin with some struggles
that today provides.

New is a viewpoint
that many might find purchased,
because they bought it.

Seasonal displays
often come as some sunshine,
raindrops and snowflakes.

As sleep prospers
it gives dreams a chance to thrive,
seconds as hours.

Leftover thinking
can become todays baggage
found in tomorrow.

The wind blows snowflakes
as they gradually land
making scenery.

Without yesterday
today could never be seen,
for time is created.

Seeking fantasies
could leave you found with sadness
when truth comes to light.

Links to a shadow
are found in a perception
seen through a moment.

Lines showing ages
are often hidden from view
due to ones makeup.

Beginning stories
can often lead to a fish
larger than it was.

Seen as a river
are words that flow fluently
speaking a sentence.

Looking at the snow
on a bright sunshiny day
will cause snow blindness.

Too much anything
can become many problems
that gather in time.

Places we’ve been to
are as photos in our minds
that we remember.

Clinking sounds of time
are often irritation
later found as joy.

Misty mornings dawn
comes as cherished perception
when seen with clear eyes.

Night brings us starlight
that we might not see clearly
through the shroud of clouds.

Leftover heartbeats
find rhythms in other times
if they don’t give up.

Living a moment
does not mean that you own it,
for it’s existence.

Life in a bubble
prevents any lessons learned,
but just loneliness.

Nearing the ending
gives way for the beginning
of another view.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

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