Stronger Now


Hello my friends

So what’s new in your part of the world?  It’s pretty much
the same old same old around here.  I did though get my
other PC set up and all of my addresses along with many
of my necessary files moved over to it.  So,  it should be
good to go.  I will know for sure when I get finished with
my writing here and send it to it to set up the stationery
and make copies and then send.  I hope it all goes over
without a snag :).  I can’t write the article on it being it
only has a 15 inch monitor on it and this PC that I am on
now with Windows 8 has my large monitor,  which I will
be using for everything other than doing my stationeries
and sending email.  Maybe one day when I have some
extra cash,  I will buy a cheap 20 inch monitor for the
other PC :).  In the mean time,  this should do.  Now it’s
time for a new topic.  Our weather has been bouncing
around quite a bit,  but it’s still cold with tons of snow
outside for me and the boys to play in hehehe.  Benny
and Milo love it when I go outside with them and play.
I love to watch them running and playing.  I’ve gotten
a few videos of them romping around in the snow 🙂
It’s 13 F degrees right now at 4:42 PM.  That’s not
too bad for this time of the year.  Judy and the boys
are in the bedroom watching TV.  It’s pretty much the
same way it is most every Sunday when I’m writing
my journal :).  If the boys are in here,  they seem to
want attention and Milo makes it apparent with his
barking and jumping up and nudging us hehehehe.
Benny let’s Milo do all of the work LOL.  He ain’t
dumb!  I’m having the dickens of a time trying to
concentrate with the TV on in the bedroom LOL,
but I shall try and continue on.  LOL  I just put an
earplug in my left ear. Now I can’t hear the TV in
the bedroom.  My right ear is stone deaf.  Our little
red car is still zooming around getting us where we
need to be,  but I have to go and start the car most
every day or so and let it run for a bit to keep the
battery charged when the temperatures drop down
to about 10 degrees and below.  We haven’t got the
money this month to buy a new battery so I’ll keep
doing that to get us by.  It’s gotten a little colder
since I began writing.  Now it’s 10 F degrees LOL.
It’s supposed to get down to 0 by morning.  It’ll be
a good TV watching day :).  Tonight we have a few
of our favorite TV programs to watch.  Believe it
or not,  it’s hard for me to think with my left ear
plugged LOL.  I might have to take out the plug
and just deal with the TV noise that’s coming from
the bedroom hehehe.  I asked Judy to turn the TV
down a bit.  Now it’s not so bad.  Hehehe we’re both
deaf and have to have the TV blaring to hear it,  but
with it that loud I can feel the vibrations in here and
it makes it hard to think.  I couldn’t make out the
words,  just the sounds.  It looks like we might get
a little more snow tonight beginning at midnight or
thereabouts.  Oh well,  at least it’s not sleet and rain.
My body is still feeling the jolts from my last slip
and fall on the ice a while back.  Our landlord is
still laid up due to his last fall on the ice.  It will
get you when you least expect it,  so I’ve gotten in
the habit of always expecting it LOL.  I always
test the steps now before putting my full weight
on them hehehe.  I’ve seen Benny and Milo slide
down them often,  but they’re close to the ground
and the fall is not gonna hurt them near as bad
as it does for a 220 pound Big Foot hehehehehe.
I be a big guy and when my size gets to falling
it’s gonna break something for sure upon the
landing LOL.  I couldn’t sit for a long time after
my last fall.  I had a big knot on my bum and a
humongous one square foot in diameter bruise on
it LOL.  Ok,  next topic,  if I can find one hehehe.
Nope,  that’s about it for my rambling.  God has
been keeping His Mighty Hands over us.  The
days,  weeks and months may often find us with
some struggles here and there,  but with God,  all
things are possible.  We’ve found many things
that came into our lives and caused us much pain,
but we’re stronger now through them all.  If life
seems to be throwing you some lemons,  then do
the best you can with them and maybe make a pie.
Cease the blame game on who you think is the
responsible one for you turning out the way you
did.  Sometimes it’s best to just let it go and find
the lessons in it all and move on.  Now,  I believe
it’s time for me to begin my journey back through
all that I have written here to see if I can find a
good word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go
to that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a
good title and it doesn’t seem to be one that I’ve
used yet,  so here goes.   Enjoy 🙂

Stronger Now

The shades of gray
through black and white
are sometimes seen
a bitter sight.
Yet those moments
shades of gray
might give you tools
for another day.
Then those minutes
times endow
will be the words
your stronger now.
Many ventures
many gains
will seem just like
some choo-choo trains.
Often moments
times derailed
are stronger now
because you failed.
Let the lessons
be stronger now
to show the way.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 9,  2014

I have amazed myself LOL.  I have yet to of had to go
back and re date anything due to the 2013-2014 change.
I did though have to go back and change a moment from
Jan to Feb hehehe.  I do mess up time to time hehehehe.
LOL I often read what I’ve written to myself because
what I do is almost like automatic writing.  I just start
typing the words that come into my head and I’m often
surprised at what I wrote.  I try not to think about what
I’m writing too much.  That especially goes for my haiku.
I can write haiku while watching TV and on most cases
have written all 22 of them while watching TV hehehe.
Don’t ask me how I do it.  Ask God!  He’s The One
that gave me this gift.  Well it’s 7 F degrees right now
according to our outdoor thermostat.  I guess it’s time
for me to be telling you what I tell you every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yep,
10 more poems with one of em being a Christmas poem.
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you enjoy one or 2 of either or both.
Now it’s time for me to begin my search for that off
switch that puts forth a poor effort of hide and seek,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful and God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Ok,  so where are ya hiding this time ya silly
thing.  LOL I see ya hiding behind my camera 🙂
Smile and say CHEESE hehehehehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now one with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Jumbled Echoes

of times details
might be found
as jumbled sails
While displaying
times accord
jumbled echoes
climb aboard.
Leaving traces
such to see
as our echoes
you and me.
Jumbled echoes
come alive
with remembrance
by and by.
Scenes remembered
not so well
jumbled echoes
then set sail.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

Morning’s Sky

The day begins
with morning’s sky
held as if it’s
nights reply.
Mornings sky
is found to be
as what all
we’ll surely see.
Turning points
of now and then
are found as times
remember when.
Morning’s gaze
is sometimes seen
found repeating
a rushing stream.
For,  as night leaves
it paints real high
the scenes we see
in morning’s sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

The Looking Glass

Our hearts desires
come to pass
found inside
the looking glass.
Many desires
reflecting back
might end up
not so on track.
The looking glass
displays the truth
sometimes found
a bit uncouth.
Sometimes seen
is facts accord
when it’s found
with our sweet Lord.
The changes made
from then to now
the looking glass
will then endow.
Showing truly
what’s inside
the looking glass
will never hide.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7, 2014

Hearts of Time

Singles snowflakes
float and fly
hearts of time
is their reply.
Gathered surely
to and fro
hearts of time
with Christmas snow.
The evergreens
of distant view
display snow
a wondrous hue.
Hearts of time
become the day
painted in a
Christmas way.
Pure white essence
snow has made
is then inlaid.
With the many
hearts of time
many sing
a Christmas rhyme
Songs so joyful
truly so
often of
the Christmas snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

Belief in The Lord

So many seek proof
of Him that’s on high
and often don’t trust
in Him by and by.
Belief in The Lord
needs done deep inside
and not just requiring
to see Him reside.
Let not your turnstiles
of minutes that pass
leave you found empty
in your shadows cast.
Belief in The Lord
will help you each day
surely if you will
kneel down now and pray.
Don’t believe liars
that say He’s not true,
for Jesus Christ surely
is good within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7 2014

Within This Winter

From then to now
and now to then
within this winter
times begin.
Painted snowflakes
falling so free
within this winter
for me to see.
As each day passes
time is found
within this winter
a snowy ground.
The cold winds blowing
such to say
within this winter
things display.
Such as mornings
blinding true
within this winter
a white snow view.
The day is seen
as light cascades
within this winter
with sunshades.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

Looking Fast

Quickly walking
looking fast
might cause problems
in your past.
Not allowing
time to flow
might cause errors
where you go.
Don’t let hurry
lead astray
looking fast
from day to day.
Let the moments
not be hurry
or they might just
end in worry.
Looking fast might
dig a hole
not allowing
need to know.
Sometimes moments
might not be
what your looking
fast did see.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

With A Gaze

Sometimes gazing
at the sky
I will see
a star fly by.
In the night sky
moonlight bright
with a gaze
I see a sight.
Stars that twinkle
sparkle too
give me such a
wondrous view.
With a gaze
I see up there
a fluffy cloud
that none compare.
Floating passed the
stars at night
giving me a
different sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

Nobody Did It

Many point fingers
at others instead
of owning up truly
to what’s done and said.
Nobody did it
is often the case
of ones together
in wrongful embrace.
Often ones wrong way
will end up with pain
when nobody did it
left them in the rain.
Not letting actions
to be truly done
can make then somebody
need call 911.
When nobody did it
and it laid to waste
someone might find it
a moments distaste.
Don’t be somebody
that utters these words
nobody did it
and end so absurd.
Get up and do what
you’re needing to do
and nobody did it
won’t come into view.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

Heaven’s Gates

When Jesus came
He brought to view
Heaven’s Gates
for me and you.
He gave us chances
you and I
to find our home
with Adonai.
Yet so many
turn away
from Heaven’s Gates
from day to day.
Those are choices
sadly done
to turn away
from God’s Own Son.
Heaven’s Gates
are opened wide
to let us choose
to come inside.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

for Feb 7,  2014

Today’s tomorrow
might not turn out how we thought
with worry for naught.

Lives in a turnstile
will often become confused
between in or out.

The strength of a chain
is often made by the links
that held it in place.

Blindly seeking gain
could leave you with emptiness
that was senseless gain.

Searching for snowflakes
in the coldness of winter
might surely be white.

A brisk morning breeze
comes as wintertime’s values
often with snowflakes.

Viewing your problems
will often be disfigured
within many doubts.

Looking out windows
finds the seasons each changing
as a book of time.

Striving to have things
could find you with many things
that you do not need.

Clanking of a can
that’s being kicked by someone
might be their boredom.

Some doors that open
might not be good to enter
due to deception.

Pleasing a person
could become your own folly,
for they might use you.

Allowing a sunbeam
to rest upon your shoulder
might give you a smile.

Hearts that hold truthful
will always become stronger
no matter the view.

Many seek shelter
in the wrong destinations
with no ones advice.

Storms will be gathered
as our lives find more moments
trial and error.

A persons outlook
might be due to their passed life
that has not moved on.

Meaningful chatter
comes as children will play games
that we used to play.

Having compassion
can become a great burden
if it’s not governed.

Anger becomes bombs
awaiting someplace to blow,
so put out the fuse.

Looks are deceiving
when they’ve had time to prepare,
so look beneath sight.

Grieving over time
only causes you ulcers,
so enjoy right now.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 7,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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