Hello my friends
I hope you have been enjoying life.  We’ve been still dealing
with the snow LOL.  There’s still tons of that white stuff in our
yard.  It snowed again a little last night,  though not not enough
to make a difference LOL.  I still have to squint to look outside
to keep from going snow blind LOL.  Judy and I are still doing
OK.  Her sister is going to give us a treadmill to help with our
walking.  Sometimes it’s just too nasty outside to go for a walk.
We’ve gotta get our spare room cleaned out so we have room
for the treadmill though hehehe.  Our new neighbor has a big
black Lab and Benny and Milo have been wanting to go visit it.
We’re not so sure it’s the greatest idea LOL.  For now they are
to stay in our own yard and visit from afar with a bark or two.
We went to Presque Isle Thursday for one of Judy’s doctors
appointments.  It was a nice drive and yes I did as I always do.
I took pictures all the way there and back LOL.  It was -18 F
degrees before we left the house and had to get our landlord
to come and jump our car off LOL.  I think it got colder the
closer we got to Presque Isle which is about 50 miles north of
us LOL.  Anyways,  we went to Houlton Saturday and bought
us a new car battery.  The old one was worn out from all of
our cold weather hehehe.  The new battery costs $95 dollars.
It should last us a while.  We bought the other one in 2009.
Though this new battery might out live our car.  We will one
day have to get us another car,  but hopefully this one will
hang in there for another year or so :).  It is an old car LOL.
I bought it brand new in 1995.  It’s been a good car for us.
That little Mazda Protege is part of our little family hehehe.
Benny and Milo love to go for rides with us in it even if it
is most times a bumpy ride LOL.  The roads up here due to
the ice and snow melting and refreezing have tons of ice
heaves which play heck with a cars suspension system.
That’s life!  It keeps the county road crew busy when they
aren’t having to keep the roads plowed and salted so that
people can to work and other places.  Right now it’s 18 F
degrees and supposed to get down to minus 10 by Monday
morning.  Tomorrows high is supposed to be 14 F degrees
and Monday night a low of minus 16.  So wintertime is still
knocking on our door LOL.  There’s no snow forecasted
as of yet in the next few days,  so that’s good.  We have
enough hehehe.  There’s still a few feet of snow outside :).
Benny and Milo aren’t complaining,  but maybe about how
cold it is hehehe.  Like the other night I took my ambient
infrared thermometer and stuck it out of our front door and
it said –64 F degrees at the lowest.  My fingers almost
froze off holding it hehehe.  It must of been the wind chill
being we don’t have anything to block off the wind from
our house.  The nearest trees are hundreds of feet away.
So yes our little car gets the brunt of the weather as it
finds its way through our neck of the so called woods :).
I’m ready for summer or spring which ever gets here
first LOL.  Though springtime rarely shows itself up
here hehehe.  We’ve most times still got tons of snow
on the ground on through Easter LOL which explains
why they began coloring the Easter eggs hehehehehe.
Have you ever tried to find a white egg in the freaking
snow?  Not an easy task I must say hehehe!  It’s not
been all that bad this winter as far as the temperatures
and snow are concerned,  at least here it hasn’t been :).
We’ve had much worse in the past.  Though I still can
deal with the cold better than I can the heat.  With my
health issues,  the Texas heat was killing me.  LOL at
least from time to time if I get to aching too much I can
go and use the snow as an icepack on my aching body
parts,  but often it’s too cold for me to do that hehehe.
We’re still looking towards making a trip to Texas in
the next month or so.  I sure do miss my friends and
family.  We’re looking forward to visiting Van Sickle
Baptist church and all of our friends there.  I sure miss
playing in the Praise Band there.  Maybe they’ll let
me set in with the band while we’re there.  In any case,
we are hoping and praying our little car will get us to
Texas and back without too much trouble.  It’s still up
in the air to when we will make the trip,  but we will.
Judy and I drove to town a little while ago to do some
shopping and then stopped off at Dunkin Donuts and
got us some donuts for breakfast.  Benny and Milo
enjoyed the ride as always LOL.  I just let Benny in.
He wanted to go outside with Milo a little while ago,
but wasn’t ready to come back in when Milo came in.
Benny loves to play in the snow and climb the snow
mounds LOL.  He’s just a little explorer hehehehe.
If we didn’t have his sweater on he would be really
hard to see in the snow being he’s freaking white :).
I always keep tabs on them both when they go out
in the snow,  because I’m always afraid they will get
in deep snow and not be able to get out.  So,  yes
I often go to see where they are.  Yet they seem to
always manage to get through it.  Most times though
they will just walk in paths that I made for them,
but yet ever so often,  they will get off of the beaten
path and explore LOL.  We saw some Chickadees
yesterday playing in the snow.  They’re Maine’s
state bird.  We were calling them snowbirds hehehe.
They like the snow banks.  We got some pictures
of them.  Yes,  our home has been most surely
blessed and God is always watching over us with
His Love and Grace.  He gives us much beauty to
carry with us in our memories as each day come
to pass.  We’re so thankful for all of the blessings
that we have received.  Yes,  we have some off days
to where things go wrong,  but they make us even
more appreciative of the good days that we find.
Don’t stay focused on the negative.  Find the many
blessings that you have received and be thankful.
Now,  I believe it’s time for me to begin my little
quest back through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title of today’s brand new poem.  It looks
like I found one and it’s one I haven’t used,  so
here goes….
Fields of white
that winters show
displays signs
of fluffy snow.
Then as mornings
come to be
snowbirds land
so fancy free.
Flying briskly
in the day
the snowbirds come
with their display.
Dancing prancing
in my wintry
morning view.
Snowbirds sing
a song we hear
in the winters
time of year.
Then as flutters
there they go
leaving trails
within the snow.
Winters mornings
come to pass
leaving snowbirds
shadows cast.
Only memories
then are found
when the snowbirds
came around.
Their sweet gift
from God above
is their flutter
filled with love.
©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2,  2014
OK so there ya go.  I hope you enjoyed the poem and
maybe even a bit of my rambling hehehe.  Benny and
Milo are behind me right now wanting me to play with
them LOL,  so I guess I need to find a stopping place.
I guess it’s good time as any to tell you what I tell you
every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  I wrote 10 more poems with one of them being
sort of Christmassy :).  Also once again,  I wrote 22
more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you find one or two of either or both that you like hehe.
So I guess it’s about time for me to be searching for
that old off switch that’s not so great with hiding LOL,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful and God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Now to find that ornery off switch hehehehehe.
LOL I wouldn’t of seen ya if you would of not been
so curious to whether or not I was looking for ya :).
Hiding under the salt shaker that never made it
back into the kitchen would of been great,  but each
time you peeked,  it would wobble hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂
With The Wind
The days arrive
with sun to shine
often found
a clouds design.
Many stages
of each day
are recognized
a windy way.
With the wind
of gusty air
the days are found
with when and where.
Storms may come
with suns arrival
with the wind
of days survival.
Bringing pictures
to be seen
with the wind
and in-between.
Stages set
for new to come
with the wind
and each new sun.
Dawning days
of times begin
found so often
with the wind.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
The Daily Grind
When a problem
comes to you
a simple prayer
can change the view.
The daily grind
of here and there
can be changed
with moments prayer.
So if your day
has turned out bad
look for good
in all you’ve had.
Seek the joy
through what you see
and then find
what’s best to be.
Don’t be ever
without God
seeking only
your applaud.
When a problem
comes in view
say a prayer
to God from you.
Find the joy
from time to time
hidden in
the daily grind.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Seasons Game
Mornings glory
comes to shine
seasons game
in its design.
Stages painted
such a sight
seasons game
of times daylight.
After night has
left its view
seasons game
is found anew.
In the textured
colors seen
seasons game
might seem a dream.
Found as heartbeats
mornings glory
telling of a
wondrous story.
Seasons game
might seem unfair
but it gives
a breath of air.
Different windows
open wide
letting seasons
come inside.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
In My View
As thoughts come in
my mind portrays
things to do
in different ways.
In my view
there’s memories
often found
as deep blue seas.
My own perceptions
song and dance
often find
as times romance.
The things perceived
through now and then
roll as times
remembered when.
Moments movies
there and to
I’ve recorded
in my view.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18,  2014
Lights Of Christmas
I now remember
way back when
lights of Christmas
did begin.
Peoples house
lit up bright
shining Christmas
in the night.
Colorful lights of
red,  green and blue
bringing the nights
a wonderful hue.
The lights of Christmas
I remember
stay with me
on passed December.
Throughout the year
of times begun
the lights of Christmas
shine God’s Son.
Within my mindful
the lights of Christmas
is my breeze.
Blowing sweetly
as a quest
the lights of Christmas
very best.
So as time goes
marching on
Christmas is
my dusk to dawn.
The lights of Christmas
find a way
to live with me
most every day.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Minutes Change
Time will pass
and rearrange
as the seconds
minutes change.
of thens farewell
minutes change
with time to tell.
Pages turn
as books we read
when minutes change
to plant a seed.
Thoughts provoking
something strange
time is found when
minutes change.
Left to right
when journeys end
are the changes
that begin.
The directions
that we find
a minutes change
might fill our mind.
With a journey
is a gain
good and bad
as minutes change.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Deceiving Looks
With eyes transfixing
searching to see
deceiving looks
are on you and me.
Many just watching
and waiting a while
to give you deceptively
an ill-gotten smile.
Many are out there
just fishing each day
for just a moment
to lead you astray.
Deceiving people
are what they desire
as they go onwards
with Hell driven fire.
Don’t let the liars
to snag you with hooks
feeding you with their
deceiving looks.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Doors Through Time
With footsteps made
through doors of time
our footprints are
what shadows find.
Door knobs turning
often squeak
when we enter
for a peek.
Doors through time
of our accord
need to follow
our sweet Lord.
Not allowing
what we do
to become
a dismal view.
Doors through time
that open wide
might have only
lies inside.
So look close
before you leap
and you might get
good you seek.
Yet if hurry
fills your mind
you might mistaken
doors through time.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Melted Snowflakes
Soon as winter
fades from view
melted snowflakes
will then too.
Leaving only
puddles wet
helping us
to not forget.
Winter’s window
will be closed
ceasing all that
once was froze.
Then the grasses
flowers too
will become
our daily view.
Melted snowflakes
then become
waters helping
summers sun.
For New England
northern Maine
springtime does not
come with rain.
Still the snowflakes
are of white
until summer
comes in sight.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
Seas of Thought
Depth of oceans
words are found
seas of thought
that’s not aground.
Often thinking
becomes lost
as a ship
that’s turned and tossed.
Seas of thought
can surf a wave
through a storm
to better days.
Using currents
of your mind
in the seas
some peace you’ll find.
Yet if you
seek not so good
you’ll become
some drifting wood.
To only come
ashore one day
when the sea
tossed you away.
Seas of thought
needs peace of mind
to find the depth
from time to time.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
for Feb 28,  2014
A dime a dozen
is just a figure of speech
that ones overuse.
Looking for good dreams
might show you a few bad ones,
before getting good.
With pages turning
a book is then in motion
with ones reading it.
Discovering ones self
needs be done with much patience
to allow your growth.
Many views of space
are found with different eyes
in views of Heaven.
Likenesses we find
are often not so alike,
but choices allowed.
Morning brings sunrise
as it glistens on the snow
causing snowblindness.
Numbers are counted
while many wait patiently
for stupidity.
A ship out at sea
finds some waves as momentum
to carry it through.
Beyond what is seen
are things taken for granted
that are overlooked.
Looking for stardom
could land you in misery
with no privacy.
When life is displayed
it might not look very good
until it’s over.
Some shadows we find
might be that of a spirit
afraid of judgment.
Found in a moment
are times that we remember
maybe not so well.
Love brings emotions
that time might have hid away
due to some problems.
Our cherished ventures
become the fuel for our lives
when our age has won.
Searching for today
through visions of tomorrow
can cause you problems.
Minutes that we count
can make the day to drag on
as the grasses grow.
Preparing for life
needs the willingness to learn
even if not liked.
So many journeys
begin in wrong directions
that turn out alright.
Rhythm of a heart
is a drum of adventure
that plays its own beat.
Leaving your footprints
in the pages of your life
displays your true book.
©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2014
God bless from Bill and Judy
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