Numbers Don’t Coincide


Hello my friends

How are you doing?  I’m having a bit of a problem thinking
due to an accident yesterday.  It snowed a bit early Saturday
and left a glaze of snow on the ground,  that I didn’t think as
being that slippery,  but when I went out to the road to check
the mail,  my feet went out from under me and found myself
airborne until I landed on my back slamming the back of my
head on the road.  Since then,  I have been sort of in a haze
with the room spinning ever so often.  I know there’s nothing
that can be done for a brain concussion,  so I am just waiting
for my brain to heal itself.   Judy had gone to Brewer with her
sister Barbara to take her dog to the vet.  I managed to get
back on my feet and stagger back to the house.  The boys
were out in the driveway watching with their concerned lil
eyes :).  None the less,  the spinning has slacked off a little
bit LOL.  Right now it’s hard to focus,  but I’ll get er done :).
We’re expecting a little more snow Monday and Tuesday
with maybe even a bit more Wednesday and Thursday.
The temperature is supposed to be a little warmer though
and that’s great.  Right now it’s 26 F degrees and supposed
to be a low of –5 by Monday morning.  Our new car battery
is doing great.  It’s starting the car up like a champ :).  Well,
it’s onto another topic.  Judy’s sister gave us a treadmill and
it’s set up in our living room.  That will help us to get some
exercise on the days that it’s nasty outside.  Milo was just
scratching at the door saying he needs to go out and potty.
I had to stop and let him out and of course little brother
Benny wanted to go outside with him LOL.  Maybe Judy
will let them back in if she hears them barking at the door.
Judy was asleep until I woke her asking where Milo’s dog
collar was.  She took it off the other day when he came in
with a poopy butt and I had to wash him and we forgot to
put it back on him.  I noticed he wasn’t jingling when I was
putting his electronic fence collar on him.  I had to start
putting the electronic collars back on them since we had
a new neighbor move in with a big black lab.  Benny and
Milo keep focused on him or her from a distance.  So far
they haven’t given any sign of wanting to go over and play
with it,  so in time I will maybe stop with the electronic dog
collars.  The Pearce’s Place is pretty much the same as
always hehehe.  My head is still sort of in haze with the
ever so often spinning.  I’m just glad that I didn’t lose my
memory.  Could ya imagine me our there in the road,  not
knowing who I am or where I was going,  or worse yet,
where I live LOL.  Of course I’m pretty sure somebody
nearby would have pointed out where I live and told me
my name,  but still it would be scary.  So,  what else is
going on around this place?  I got my notification on my
Windows XP PC about Microsoft ceasing their updates,
but I’m not concerned LOL.  I have all of the programs
that I need to protect me and keep me up and running.
Most of their updates are just memory hogs anyways.
I finally printed out some pictures and made a copy of
my Christmas DVD and it’s ready to send to my friend
Jimmy in Oregon.  I guess I got a bit off track with all
of the snow and playing with the boys LOL.  Anyways,
he sent me an email the other day asking about it and
told him that I would get it in the mail next week.  So the
next time Judy and I go to WalMart I’ll get a package
to send it in and drop it in the mailbox.  Judy’s watching
TV with the boys in the bedroom.  It’s looking like I may
have to go and get me a soda water.  My can is empty :).
I opened the door and there were Benny and Milo smiling.
Judy said she had to keep telling them not to scratch at
the door.  They wanted to come in and see me LOL.  It
was an attack as opened the door.  They both pounced
on me hehehe.  Though being so dizzy,  I almost tripped
over them.  It’s really hard to write right now,  but I will
continue on until I can type no longer LOL.  MMMM
good Mountain Dew.  Judy and I have our TV watching
schedule made up for tonight,  so I’m anxious to get this
done and sent :).  Now if my head would just agree with
me and let me do it LOL.  My marbles got rattled hehehe.
Benny was barking at something he heard in the living
room and Judy finally got him to hush and come in the
bedroom with her and Milo LOL.  If Benny hears the
slightest knock,  he starts barking to let us know hehehe.
He’s an overactive guard dog LOL.  We love him and
Milo very much.  Milo will start barking if he senses
that Benny might be onto something hehehe.  They are
silly,  but they’re our boys.  It’s amazing how well they
get along hehehe.  Well,  it’s 23 F degrees now and it’s
getting colder.  Judy’s in the bedroom watching Cosmos
on TV.  A new episode is coming on at 9 o’clock tonight.
Oh yea,  did you remember to set your clocks up an
hour, if of course you are where that you do stupid stuff
like that LOL.  I for one think daylight savings time is a
bunch a bull and doesn’t save anything.  It just messes
with peoples minds and their schedules.  None the less
our clocks have been changed.  Of course our PC clocks
change automatically.  All though if you didn’t change
your clock,  you may have been an hour late for church
or work hehehe.  LOL I haven’t changed the clock on
my side of the bed in years.  It’s right for a few months
and wrong for a few hehehe.  Of course now it’s off quite
a bit due to it being freaking OLD like me hehehehehe.
I know,  age wise I might not be that old,  but my body
is showing wear and tear that numbers don’t coincide.
I guess I need to hurry up and get this written so I can
go and watch Cosmos with Judy and the boys hehehe.
There’s not much else to tell ya.  We live a pretty simple
life.  We always have God with us as each day comes
with its mysteries.  Yea,  we often find ourselves in a
bad way,  but God sends angels to pull us out.  Life isn’t
meant to be a piece of cake every day.  There’s going
to be a few bumps in the road time to time to mix it up
a bit hehehe.  It’s those bumps in the road that make us
more thankful for the smooth ones.  Let God ride with
you in your day to day life and as bumps come along and
let Him catch you in His Hands.  You might not see the
road being smoothed out,  but it happens if we will have
faith in Him and do our part.  Just sitting around waiting
for God to do something will only make matters worse,
for He will not do what we are able to do for ourselves.
Now I believe it’s time once again for me to be visiting
that place of my recollection through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe
I may have found a title that I haven’t used :).  Yep,
haven’t used it YET!  So,  here goes nothing!

Numbers Don’t Coincide

Our lives might seem long
in our times by and by,
but health might display then
the reasons for why.
Those numbers of ages
that many count true
might not show the fractions
of pain within you.
Let God do the counting
this rollercoaster ride
for He knows our health wise
numbers don’t coincide.
The journeys we’ve taken
with foothills of gain
might become larger
with numbers of pain.
Yet all those numbers
that we’ve counted from
should lead directions
to God’s Only Son.
Times that we’ve worried
through ages applied
the truth is that really
numbers don’t coincide.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 9,  2014

I hope that made sense to you hehehe.  It does to me.  I’ve
lost track of all the people that have said,  “you’re not old”.
Numbers don’t have anything to do with it LOL.  So,  did ya
enjoy my rambling?   I hope I didn’t bore ya to tears hehehe.
It’s 8:12 PM right now and 18 F degrees.  I guess I need to
hurry and finish this so I can have it done before Cosmos the
new episode comes on.  So with not further ado I’ll tell you
what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with 1 of them
being a Christmas poem.  Also once again I wrote 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find
1 or 2 or either or both that you like.  Now,  it’s time for me
to begin my search for that elusive off switch,  but before I
do I will wish you a most wonderful and God filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now where’s
that dad gum off switch hiding this week.  LOL making it
easy for me are ya.  Hiding behind my nose drops when
knowing full well that I’ll see ya when I grab the bottle
for squirt or two hehehehe.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

When The Time Comes

As minutes tick on
with doorways we enter
when the time comes
becomes front and center.
Soon before noticed
some things will begin
when the time comes
for life entered in.
Lessons as starships
disperse what we see
when the time comes
to be what will be.
Then as the doorways
of minutes reside
when the time comes
will let you inside.
So as the timeframes
count to and fro
when the time comes
will be rightly so.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

A Pleasant Day

Mornings glory
shines so bright
a pleasant day
that comes in sight.
Scenes so greatly
brought alive
are as stories
that survive.
A pleasant day
begins with you
in the way
you seek to view.
The only sad things
that can come
are our thoughts
from sun to sun.
A pleasant day
can become seen
brought alive
within a dream.
Mornings glory
then so bright
a pleasant day
will come in sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

December Snowflakes

With Christmas arriving
so many will find
December snowflakes
inside of their mind.
Seeking that moment
when snowflakes fall down
then landing softly
upon the cold ground.
December snowflakes
are wondrous delight
giving a magical
Christmassy sight.
The glimmers of snowflakes
falling so free
are of the blessings
God gave you and me.
December snowflakes
that come into view
tell of the arrival
of blessings so true.
Scenes found lit up
so wonderfully bright
that in December
they light up the night.
Twinkling in essence
of colorful scenes
are of December
with reds, blues and greens.
Painted as artwork
and scented with love
December snowflakes
then fall from above.
Making the pictures
of every detail
feel as a blessing
with Jesus set sail.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

Planting Thoughts

Seeds as thinking
what to do
becomes portholes
in our view.
Planting thoughts
in hurried time
can be good
or bad design.
Let your thinking
be in stride
of what’s true
that lives inside.
Don’t let lies
to steal your joy
planting thoughts
that just destroy.
Let the best
of you be found
planting thoughts
on solid ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

Ventured Highways

Roads we’ve traveled
minutes earned
ventured highways
are discerned.
Different highways
rough not smooth
make a journeys
ventured groove.
All remembered
distant days
are so often
our highways.
Sometimes moments
going miles
leaving many
happy smiles.
Yet some ventured
highways show
bumpy miles
where all they go.
Let the highways
of what’s done
help you see
a brand new sun.
Through the miles
of yesterday
you can find
a better way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

Hearts Desires

With our choices
many choose
the path to lose.
Sometimes choices
hearts desires
are just raging
Satan’s fires.
Don’t let hindsight
show what’s said
what you wished
you should instead.
Hearts desires
can be true
if Lord God is
there with you.
Don’t let wanna
choose your fate
with desires
out of date.
Let your heart that
now aspires
be with Jesus
hearts desires.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

Time Passes By

Stars as a window
open up in the night
displaying their journeys
until morning light.
Time is a passage
that goes here and there
while many watch it
not going nowhere.
Today becomes shadows
as time passes by
leaving so many
just wondering why.
Transforming stages
that times shadows show
becomes as the pattern
where all that they go.
Yes time passes by
with the minutes and days
leaving so many
in wondering ways.
Many will often
look back to the past
seeking the shadows
of every contrast.
Yet in their journeys
with seeking a clue
time passes by them
with much more to do.
So, in today’s venture
of wondering why
you might need to accept
that time passes by.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

God Gives Us Peaceful

While we battle others
in mind set affairs
God gives us peaceful
for He truly cares.
If we’d take the time to
give Him our praise
He would most surely
make better days.
Yes we will still be
with problems and pain,
but He will be there
those times and again.
His love and mercy
will be there for you
to give you some peaceful
to carry you through.
Life is a whirlwind
of changes we find,
but God gives us peaceful
to help time to time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

When Is A Question

Looking for answers
with questions galore,
when is a question
that many ask more.
Seeking for timeframes
that answer their why’s,
when is a question
with some alibis.
Some look directions
that have not a clue
seeking the answers
that nobody knew.
When is a question
that often is found
filled with more questions
with time going round.
Sometimes the best place
to find answers when
is when that the question
is clearly set in.
Then as the question
is asked truly so
maybe somebody
will then truly know.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

The Last Snowflake

As winter leaves
it brings a view
the melting snow
to waters blue.
The last snowflake
falls gracefully
and lands upon
the highest tree.
The winter scenes
of day and night
the last snow flake
then falls from sight.
Yet still winter
holds its grasp,
more snowflakes
to do its task.
The last snowflake
will surely come
when winter ends
with summers sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

for Mar 8,  2014

Looking for answers
will often bring more questions
seeking some answers.

The look on a face
can describe someone’s feelings
if you look closely.

With dirty windows
your view might not seem so good,
so clean up your view.

Lives of perception
display how we perceive truth
often misconceived.

In a reflection
holds the key to who we are,
but many fear it.

Though troubles might come,
there is always some peace found
just a prayer away.

The best lessons found
are often from our hard times
that left many scars.

is a given perception
that often destroys.

Challenging others
can find you some disasters
with you unaware.

Far beyond the stars
holds the dreams of so many
without not a clue.

Yesterdays doorways
leave many shadows displayed
of who turned the knobs.

Snowbirds of winter
play together in the snow
as we watch and smile.

Winters morning sun
comes glistening on the snow
causing snow blindness.

Two dogs prance around
as they enjoy the morning
playing in the snow.

Looks of a liar
often display tale tale signs
of what’s not the truth.

Wintertime’s journey
begins with cold winds blowing
then snow falling down.

The shadows of time
display us as some echoes
that we need to learn.

The ventures of hearts
will often reach out blindly
finding destruction.

The things remembered
are often not what happened
due to faded time.

Looks are just skin deep
and what matters is inside,
so don’t judge to fast.

The links of a chain
describe humanity combined
and how many break.

Heaven awaits us
with God’s true love found inside
with new beginnings.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 8,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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