Looking Out The Window


Hello my friends

It’s a partly cloudy day with the wind blowing briskly.  The high
for today is supposed to be 18 F degrees with a low of -4 tonight
and there’s no more snow forecasted for the next few days thank
God :).  We got about two foot last week then another few inches
Saturday.  It’s been a snowy winter.  Benny and Milo have been
playing in the snow.  Yes,  I’ve been playing in the snow as well :).
I took my conga drums out in a snow storm and did a little conga
playing.  It was short and sweet being my fingers were freezing,
but Benny enjoyed me playing them as he romped around in the
snow LOL.  Milo stayed inside being he had already been out
in the snow.  He’s old and doesn’t like to play in the snow quite
as much as Benny.  I even have my limits to how long I can do
it hehehe.  I’m old too :).  While I was playing my drums I was
being covered with snow LOL.  The wind was blowing snow all
over the place hehehe.  I got a good video out of it :).  Today it
looks like it’s gonna be a cold one with a winds blowing 15 to 20
mile per hour with 40 mile an hour gusts.  Milo just came in the
room telling me in his own little way that he needs to go outside
and go potty,  so I’ll be back…….  Back!  Benny went outside
with Milo.  I’ll go check on them in a few minutes to make sure
they haven’t gotten themselves stuck in the deep snow.  They
both went on a little snow trudging adventure yesterday and I
thought I was gonna have to put on my snow attire and go and
get them LOL.  Milo made it out first,  but Benny didn’t make
it out until I had gone inside to change shoes LOL.  He found
a way out on his own hehehe.  I always keep tabs on them to
make sure they’re OK.  Speaking of which,  I’ve gotta go and
check to see if they’re ready to come in.  I can hear Milo at
the front door barking saying he’s ready to come back in LOL.
They were both ready to come in.  Milo came in and Benny
must of heard when I opened the door to let him in,  because
the next time I looked out,  he was sitting at the bottom of
the steps ready to come in as well :).  I had already donned
my shoes to go and check on him LOL.  So I let him in and
took off my shoes.  So it’s back to the journal :).  Milo is now
lying on the bed with Judy.  Benny is in the floor on his back
wanting me to pet him LOL.  These two boys are attention
hounds hehehe.  Boy,  that wind is really blowing out there.
So what’s been happening around the Pearce’s Place other
than snow?  LOL good question.  We have been doing a lot
of walking on the treadmill that Judy’s sister Barbara gave
us.  My head has stopped spinning since my fall last week.
We both have been doing two sets of walks on the treadmill
every day.  We’re hoping to get in good enough shape that
we can buy us some bicycles and take rides together with
Benny and Milo onboard in bike pet carriers 🙂  That’s
what our future is directed to,  but for now we’ll keep on
with our walks on the treadmill while Benny and Milo
watch from the sidelines hehehe.  Judy walks out with
me to the mailbox every once in a while.  That’s kind of
a hard walk,  being there are a lot of bumps and holes
in the driveway to the mailbox at the county road and
it’s hard on the ankles.  I have to walk in the snow most
times to keep from sliding on the ice,  but somebody’s
gotta check the mail.  I sure wish it would hurry up with
spring,  but then springtime never really shows its face
around here.  It always goes straight from wintertime
to summer.  In other words,  hiding Easter eggs in the
snow isn’t advisable LOL especially non painted ones.
Benny has gone into the bedroom and is now lying in
his doggy bed.  Milo is sound asleep on my side of our
bed LOL.  Judy’s still asleep.  So it’s just me and you
my friends and of course the wind hehehe.  Yep,  it’s
blowing so hard that I can hear it as it hits the windows.
I’m not sure what I will fix Judy and I to eat when she
gets up,  but I’ll think of something.  It’s so peaceful
around here when everybody is asleep hehehehehehe.
I hate to wake anybody up,  but we must eat.  So I guess
I need to hurry and get done with this huh.  I think we
might have to go to the grocery store sometime this week
and restock on a few things such as bread,  milk and
eggs as well as whatever else we’re needing.  I’m sure
though that I’ll be able to find something to fix us to
eat :).  The boys still have enough food for a week or
so and even some treats hehehe.  Yet,  they’re always
wanting what we’re eating and I’m always having to say
NO unless of course it’s maybe a sausage link that I
usually fix a few extra for them when I fix them for us.
  They’re our little boys spoiled as they may be LOL.
We love them bunches and we can tell that they love
us also :).  If I sit in the recliner in the living room,
they will both hop right up in my lap.  Maybe not at
the same time hehehe.  Thank God for that,  being
there’s not that much room in the recliner hehehehe.
Yet,  I’m waiting for the time that they both are in
the room and want up in my lap at the same time :).
Milo tries to jump up in my lap in the PC room,  but
he can’t seem to do it,  being my computer chair is a
little higher than the recliner hehehe and I’m gonna
keep it that way LOL.  I just looked outside and it
looks like most of the clouds have blown away and
the sky is blue.  I also noticed that within that brief
moment I went snow blind LOL.  Sheesh,  and the sun
isn’t even shining on this side of the house.  Yet the
reflection off the snow is bright as all get out hehehe.
My eyesight is coming back slowly :).  I’ll have to
most surely do an error check before I send this
to you LOL.  Typo city!  I think I might ought to
put some shades on next time before looking out
the window or letting the boys out or in hehehehe.
They have a lot of hair over their eyes that blocks
out the sun.  After the snow has melted,   we’ll trim
the hair over their eyes 🙂  When it warms up a bit
we will trim their hair.  Right now,  it’s still too cold
to take off their winter coat also being that they
love to play in the freaking snow hehehe.  OK so it
looks like I have depleted the info about our lives
for this week :).  God has most assuredly kept His
Mighty Hands upon us with protection.  I can feel
His presence every day.   I can also feel my daddy’s
spirit watching over us as well as so many others.
If you have not accepted God into your heart yet,
you have no idea of what you’re missing.  Yes you
will still have problems,  but you won’t have to deal
with them alone.  God’s Son will carry you when you
cannot walk in life.  Of course,  you may not see it
until that time has passed you by.  Looking back
you might see where a miracle came and brought
you where you thought you couldn’t be.  Don’t let His
Love to pass you by.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my little quest back through all that
I have written here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So it’s away I go to that place of
my recollection of all I’ve written that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a title
that I can use that I haven’t already used hehehe.
So here goes nothing.

Looking Out The Window

With sunny skies of blue
the day becomes so clear
that looking out the window
makes eyesight disappear.
For with snows reflection
of sunny skies I see
I find my eyesight lessoned
in a moments time for me.
Looking out the window
I find I see God’s face
floating in the clouds above
yes I can see a trace.
Yet when I’m looking downwards
to the white and snowy ground
I can see reflections
that my eyesight can’t be found.
God’s own mighty power
is found in everything
looking out the window
as I’m searching now for spring.
Winter winds are blowing
as clouds all float on by
while looking out the window
and asking reasons why.
Time now seems as seconds
with minutes multiplied
looking out the window
as my eyesight takes a ride.
Now I look back inside
at the sights of which I see
that looking out the window
now reflect right back at me.
My own times found perception
lives as days arrive
while looking out the window
and searching through the skies.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 16,  2014

I hope you enjoyed the poem and maybe even a bit of my
rambling LOL.  My nose is stopped up darn it.  Where’s
my nose drops?   There they are hehehe!  Gotta breathe :).
Now back to writing.  I can hear the house rattling as the
wind blows against it.  It’s kind of serenading and making
me sleepy hehehe.  I just heard the jingle of one of the boys
collars.  I wonder which one is up?  I just peeked in and saw
Benny sitting looking up at Milo.  Then I took a visit to the
bathroom and when I came out,  Benny had hopped up on
the bed with Milo LOL.  Judy said hello hehehe.  I think
Benny woke her when he hopped up.  They sort of have
Judy trapped.  Benny is on one side of her legs and Milo
is on the other hehehe.  I reckon I need to be finding an
ending so I can fix her and I some breakfast,  so I guess
I need to tell you what I tell you every week and that is,
I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more
poems and 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out
there.  Nope,  no Christmas poems this week :).  Ok so
with that said,  I guess I need to be searching for that
confounded off switch that loves to emulate the game
of hide and seek LOL,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful and God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now to find that off switch.  I think
I see the little whippersnapper trying to hide within the
window.  That actually was a good choice aside from my
glance at the blinding sunlight and seeing it’s shadow :).
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  For you that are receiving this stationery style.
No I did not build that snowman in my pictures LOL.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Confused Beyond

When mornings sun
is hid from view
it seems that snow
is then anew.
Falling vastly
to and fro
I’m found confused
beyond the snow.
My senses tell me
spring should be
the sights today
that I should see.
Yet I’m confused
beyond my sight
seeing snowflakes
left and right.
The snow has seemed
to not be gone
and leaving me
confused beyond.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

When Today

As time ticks on
with whens and whys
where and how
are found replies.
When today
is finally seen
it might be found
a rushing stream.
Pages turning
where they’re going
when today
is then bestowing.
Pictures might seem
to display
the things we find
in when today.
The lack of focus
might be deep
when today
is lack of sleep.
Find some restful
in a prayer
then when today
will have fresh air.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Darkness Comes

Day finds endings
setting suns
bringing shadows
darkness comes.
In that darkness
many find
time to time.
Darkness comes
with certain sounds
coming from
what then surrounds.
Many stages
darkness seen
might be nightmares
or a dream.
Yet the darkness
comes to be
filled with hope
to surely see.
Let the night skies
paint a view
that of beauty
within you.
Don’t let darkness
fill your mind
with the fears
of all man kind.
For the darkness
comes with sight
that you can see
with a little light.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Life Finds Peace

If a storm cloud
comes with rain
it does no good
to complain.
Find the goodness
in each drop
as the storm cloud
may soon stop.
Don’t let sadness
come to you
if a storm cloud
starts anew.
Let your heart to
find release
for with Jesus
life finds peace.
Heavens glimmers
ease the pain
life finds peace
within the rain.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Dancing Sunbeams

Found by morning
sunbeams grow
reflecting off
the fallen snow.
Dancing sunbeams
prance around
on the snow
upon the ground.
Then those glimmers
of sunlight
seem to blind
my every sight.
Dancing prancing
all those sunbeams
blind my view.
Yet with sunshades
I can see
dancing sunbeams
fancy free.
Making all the
scenes divine
reflecting snow
with bright sunshine.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Things We See

Time to time
the things we see
might be sights
we don’t agree.
The things we see
might be just things
we thought not good.
So many things
we see each day
are just a sight
behind the grey.
For hidden good
are many things
thought as nightmares,
really dreams.
The things we see
might time to time
be seen unclear
within our mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

The Summer Stars

My memories
of Venus and Mars
are hidden in
the summer stars.
The star lit nights
that twinkled so
were as night lights
that seemed to grow.
The summer stars
with moon above
were as a Heavenly
nighttime dove.
Scenes recorded
in my eyes
the summer stars
then filled the skies.
I searched the night
with starlit hue
to find my heart
within the view.
The summer stars
are now just dreams
found in winters
snow filled scenes.
I’m found strumming
with dreams guitars
searching for
the summer stars.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Island of Snow

While wintertime
still holds so true
it’s everyday
within my view
the sights I see
with to and fro
are found just like
an island of snow.
The scenes display
a certain sign
that’s found so white
with wintertime.
An island of snow
in a field of white
is now what’s seen
my wintery sight.
I see not a sign
of springtime’s array
in the island of snow
that’s found everyday.
My eyes still seek
the spring I know
through the sights
of an island of snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Morning’s Flavor

Dawning of daylight
with so much to savor
is what that taste like
my mornings flavor.
Morning’s arrival
comes at a glance
with what it gives as
it’s song and dance.
Often with snowflakes,
and often with rain,
then often sunshine
of time and again.
Sceneries threshold
opens to find
my morning’s flavor
with greatest design.
Sometimes the sunlight
of dawning of day
gives morning’s flavor
a magical way.
Peeking through tree limbs
and over hillsides
the morning’s flavor then
surely resides.
Painting emotions
upon everything
sometimes as winter
then sometimes as spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

Warm Caress

A touch of peace
from God above
gives warm caress
to bring you love.
This warm caress
of hearts desires
can become
as raging fires.
Starting flames
with just a word
into the lives
that never heard.
A warm caress
that’s Heaven sent
can change the lives
of ones Hell bent.
A simple word
and act of love
can give ones peace
from God above.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

for Mar 15,  2014

Counting the minutes
only makes time go slower
seeming much longer.

When today finds end
it leaves a trail in time
that might reflect back.

Doors to tomorrow
begin with a few choices
with some good and bad.

Having some chances
can often be dynamite
destroying what’s good.

Leaves of winters trees
often have snow upon them
weighing down their limbs.

A journey in time
might begin with some troubles
that help you to grow.

The matter of heart
is a glimmer of truthful
that needs to be seen.

A simple snowflake
becomes mounds as more gather,
for united it grows.

Looking passed present
you might miss many moments
that right now provides.

A new lease on life
cannot begin without change
that is found within.

Songs on the radio
can change your own perception
if you allow them.

We’re links to a chain
that often finds some bad links
that need some repair.

When doorways open
they allow many chances
and some not so good.

Alone in a dream
could leave ones on the outside
that could help your dream.

A persons shadow
emulates all their footsteps,
so watch where you go.

A ship that’s anchored
ceases movement straight ahead
and cannot reach shore.

When without lessons
you might find your ignorance
knocking real loudly.

Luxuries of life
can sometimes weaken your mind
and also your soul.

Looking for better
needs you to know what it is
or you might find worse.

Morning’s own sunshine
can be hidden behind clouds,
but still be shining.

In the evenings shade
the stars are waiting to shine
along with the moon.

A breath of Heaven
can be found in a heartbeat
that God does reside.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

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