God Only Knows


Hello my friends

I guess it’s time for me to get back to work huh LOL!! So, it’s back
to the journal. How was your Christmas? I hope all went well for you.
Judy and I had a fairly decent Christmas. The Chicken took longer than
expected for me to roast hehehe being I hadn’t done that it decades and
also not in an electric oven, not to mention this oven LOL. Oh well, it all
finally got done and Judy and I had a nice Christmas dinner and then we
watched some Christmas movies afterwards. I bought us something for
our house such as a back up radiator heater for those times that we could
be without heating oil for some reason or another. So we should be OK
this winter. I bought and gave Judy her present a little early being they
were things she needed to have before Christmas LOL and also the fact
she was with me and saw the Tinkerbell throw I bought for her so it was
surely no surprise that could be wrapped :). I also bought her some cute
little Christmas broaches for her to wear. She bought me some cologne
I had asked for. I have not been feeling well lately, but that could be due
to not only my ongoing health problems, but missing my family and friends,
which adds to my health issues. Oh well, that’s life. Judy went up and
spent all the day until 10 at night Saturday at her oldest daughters house
visiting with her youngest daughter as well and all that came up. I could
not go due to my health so I had to stay home. It’s been a much different
experience for me up here in Maine. Rather lonesome. Oh well, I guess
I will survive LOL. I didn’t write any last week, because I just figured I
deserved a vacation from writing too hehehe HoHoHo. Well, I guess
my vacation is over. Judy went back to work yesterday (Sunday). Yep,
her vacation is over as well hehehe. I thought I would write a little bit
today just to let ya know that I am back to work hehehehe so to say :).
Back to writing. No pay, but tons of blessings. We’ve gotten a few
Christmas cards from friends and family. I even got a card from one
of my old classmates in Wills Point TX that now lives in Dallas. It’s
so great to find old friends. I have been on the phone with my friend
that I grew up with in Oak Cliff off and on. I even chatted with his
wife a few times. She is a nice gal. I am so happy for Mark. I wish
I could visit them sometime, but I have a feeling that will not come
to be anytime soon. Yet I do have his phone number and we can talk
now and revisit old times with memories. We most surely had a white
Christmas if ya must know LOL. Yeppers, it’s still white as white
can be out there hehe. Expecting snow again this evening and onto
tomorrow and maybe rest of the week. God only knows! New Years
is upon us. Have you made any resolutions that you think you can
keep LOL? I am just going to try and make for a better year than
last year. That’s the best that I can do as far as resolutions hehehe.
God has control, yet we often do not see it, because we are clouded
by our own self-will. Also, we often get lost in our yesterdays and
tomorrows and leave no room for today. We totally throw today
in the trash when we live in our times of then and wanna. This year
take today and let it blossom into whatever it shall be tomorrow,
by doing your very best. If it messes up, then today will have yet
another chance tomorrow, but don’t rush it. Let it happen in the
best essence you can give it and let God help you along the way.
Well, with that said, I reckon it’s time for me to be taking my
little trip back through all I’ve written here and see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem. So it’s off to that place of recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE hehehe. I think I found a good title, Now
let’s see what I can do with it LOL…..Here goes!!

God Only Knows

We see the junctions
of here unto there
yet God only knows
how they get somewhere.
Maybe the doorways
and maybe the windows
lead us to places
where God only knows.
It is the journeys
from there unto here
that give the lessons
we may not see clear.
God only knows
where passages of time
are somehow forming
our daily design.
Let all the lessons
from yesterdays sight
help you in someway
make things alright.
God will send angels
to help you succeed
in all the ventures
that you surely need.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28, 2009

Well, I hope you had a merry Christmas and I most surely
wish you a happy and joyful new year. So I guess with that
said I will maybe write a few poems real quick and put them
in here LOL. So, give me a moment. I’ve gotta write them in
another message first then send and copyright as well as time
stamp them so I can put them individually in my poetry folder.
Be back in a minute or so LOL. OK,, so I wrote 3 poems to
add to the journal. I hope ya like them. One of the poems is
a sort of hehehe Christmas poem. Anyways I also just wrote
5 haiku hehehe for all of my haiku lovers. So ya have a little
to read until next Sunday. I might write something for New
years eve or day, but LOL don’t get your hopes up. I may
just compile it all into next Sunday’s Animal’s Greetings hehe.
Well, I guess it’s time for me to be looking for that old off
switch, but before I do that, I must wish you a wonderful
week and also a Happy New Year. Stay safe and learn from
your yesterdays what not to do, and also what to do today.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too. Now where’s
that off switch hiding at????? Hehehe it was hiding beneath
the Christmas tree LOL. See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems
3 and 5 LOL….more next time 🙂

What You Once Had

Clinging to minutes
leaves you askew
with all your wanting
of what you’re to do.
Venting a problem
letting it out
might be the thing
to move you about.
Don’t let the moment
become all you see,
for it then also
might not set you free.
Let time to tick on
as moments occur
and then enjoy all
the times you prefer.
Yet if you’re clinging
to what you once had
it will most surely
keep you always sad.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28, 2009

The Brushstrokes

A painting that’s painted
by visions insight
might have a blessing
that others delight.
A simple little valley
or a home lit with lights
might be the comfort
on some winters nights.
For within a painting
of brushstrokes design
there might be living
a wonderful time.
A time in the distance
that plays deep inside,
painted by the painter
of an on going ride.
A venture through time
in a painting that’s done
can for a moment
shine like the sun.
So take some time now
to venture and see
what’s in a painting
that can set you free.
It may the brushstrokes,
it may be designs
that give you peaceful
for your eyes to dine.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28, 2009

Take Christmas With You

Three days after Christmas
ones look then ahead
to see what they’ve gotten,
not given instead.
Time paints the minutes
of all we remember
from that most wonderful
day in December.
Christmas is sometimes
left all askew
with what we’re wishing
that surely was true.
Three days go on by
and leave ones at loss
for they paid surely
too high of a cost.
Not letting God’s spirit
to give and delight
now finds as passage
that’s coming in sight.
Three days may be seen
by many that live
only by taking
and never to give.
I hope that this Christmas
found you much joy
the same as the gift
to a little girl or boy.
Don’t let the blessings
to just fade away.
Take Christmas with you
in your everyday.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28, 2009

for Dec 28, 2009

Time fills the potholes
that our journeys have given
and makes a new road.

Now is but a scene
in the journals of passage
which time has written.

New days upon us
give many choices to choose
with both right and wrong.

Places are painted
by the threads of tomorrows
from our yesterdays.

Many will linger
in the essence of burdens,
because of their guilt.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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