Different Taste


Hello my friends

I’m back again and back in poetry and haiku mode LOL. I hope
you enjoyed the flashback of poetry last week. The weather up here
is still very wintry. It’s snowing lightly right now, but should get a
bit heavier later on this evening. Snow to be piled upon the snow that
is still here from the days before LOL. Yeppers, it looks like we will
most surely have a white Christmas as well as New Years, Easter,
etc, etc hehehe. I love snow, yet I wish it didn’t have to get so dad
burned cold. It’s 12 F degrees right now. The F is for Fahrenheit,
so get your mind out of the gutter LOL. I have some good news for
me :). Yesterday I found one of my very best friends that I grew up
with in Dallas. Apparently he had been searching for me as well :).
We got to know each other from ages 6 and up hehehehe. We were
many times thought to be brothers, being we were inseparable. Yet
years did separate us in our endeavors. Well, he and his wife and kids
live in Oklahoma. I paid for a public search earlier this year to try
and find him and came up empty handed, yet yesterday I found him
on FaceBook hehehe. I knew it had to be him, for he is one tall dude.
He wasn’t always LOL. Growing up, I was his so called big brother
that came to his rescue when bully’s were picking on him as well as
all the other little kids. I was a big kid early in life. Mark is only one
year younger than me LOL. He’s close to 7 foot tall now hehehehe.
Now he’s my big brother LOL. So now I guess I have bored you
enough on that topic hehehe and it’s therefore time for me to drift
off to yet another. Judy and I are planning on doing some Christmas
shopping for one another Wednesday and then later, driving around
to look at Christmas lights or at least look to try to find some LOL.
They ain’t as much into Christmas lights up here as they are down
Texas ways. I guess it could be the fact that all the snow and cold
makes it hard to get them down once they’re up LOL. So if they are
up, they are up for the rest of the year hehehehe HoHoHo. Our
solar powered Christmas lights on our front door steps have been
up since last Christmas :). Hey, they make a great porch light at
night especially when the electricity is knocked out due to high winds
or snow or something LOL! There’s been many times those things
have helped us find the front door hehehehe. Who’d of ever thunk
that this old Texan would be living up here in Northeastern Maine?
Not me for sure LOL!!! Nope, I never in my wildest dreams thought
I would ever move from the state of Texas, much less move where
the temps get as low as 50 below zero brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Nope, it was a surprise for this Texan. Yet I am surviving, sort of!
God has kept His Hands on Judy and I as storms have come into our
seas. Many times we have seen no light at the end of the tunnels,
yet an angel of God’s come with some peace. We do have quite a
few rocky moments up here, but it seems that we always somehow
pull through. I hope and pray that my mom and sister can make
it up here this coming summer. I sure do miss seeing any of my
friends and family. Wish my health were better and we were in a
much better financial standing so I could go and see them all,
but this is how things are, so I must be satisfied and try to make
the best of it. I have a wife that loves me which is a blessing in
the most abundance. We both enjoy most of the same things, yet
like anyone, we do have our different taste in things. You will
not find anyone that likes every single thing that you do, for we
all have our differences. Even identical twins are very different
in their wants and wishes. I should know hehehehehehe being I’m
married to one. Judy and her sister Trudy are like night and day
in their personalities. There were two twins in school, Bart B. and
Bill B. and they were like night and day. Bill was the nice one and
Bart had an ornery streak LOL. Anyways, God gave us all our
very own personalities that may exist in look alike bodies. Inside
is what makes us who we are. It’s not how we look or what we
wear. Look to see who the person is on the inside and focus a
little less on the outer shell, because outer shells are deceiving.
I guess I need to be taking my little venture back through all
I have written to that place of recollection to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for today’s brand new
poem. So it’s away like a flash I go to that place that I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE. I believe I found a good title in
my little reminiscing journey LOL. Now let’s see what I can do
with it hehehehe HoHoHo!

Different Taste

Different times
of different views
signify ones
walking shoes.
Different taste
for different things
brings so many
wedding rings.
Joined together
taste accord
ones can blossom
with The Lord.
Christmas comes
to you and me
different taste
in how we see.
We’ve been given
time to find
ways to seek
a likeness mind.
Connecting rhythms
different taste
so that nothing
goes to waste.
Christmas blessings
come around
when we’re seeking
common ground.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 20, 2009

I hope you got something out of that poem hehehe as also all my
rambling in the journal. I can’t wait till Christmas gets here, yet
I never want it to leave, so it lives here always and it’s only the day
that slips away. Judy and I are going to head up to Caribou Maine
Saturday to see her daughters and grand kids. I hope the weather
isn’t too bad. It don’t matter cause we’re going LOL. Gotta give
the kids their Christmas gifts! Judy and I are planning on having a
nice little Christmas dinner here at home and watch some Christmas
movies. I’m roasting a chicken being that neither of us is crazy about
turkey LOL. Judy also bought some microwavable ham and stuff
to go with the chicken. I will also maybe make mashed potatoes and
what ever else we think of we want. Our Christmas tree has all of
gifts lying underneath it awaiting to meet their owners :). It’s slacked
off snowing as I look outside, but it’s supposed to begin again later on
this evening. I think it might before then LOL as I look at my weather
program and animated weather display hehehe. Well I guess it’s time
for me to be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is, yes this
week I wrote some more poems and yes even some more haiku. I even
wrote 10 YoVille haiku. Of course I haven’t posted all of the haiku
yet in YoVille. I posted a few yesterday. I’ll post more today and
tomorrow LOL. But all in all I wrote 10 poems and 22 haiku plus the
10 Yoville haiku. A midst all of the poems you will find 5 brand new
Christmas poems. I hope you enjoy them. Ok with that said, I
reckon it’s time for me to be searching for that old off switch so I can
cease my writing, but before I do that I want to wish you a very
Merry Christmas. May you find many blessings. Have a great week.
Now for that off switch. Where oh where can that thing be, that so often
hides from me hehehe. Found it in the heater vent shivering LOL.
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Keep Judy in your prayers.
It’s stressful at the restaurant during these holidays with all
the changes from the diner burning down! I do hope and
pray that the new diner is rebuilt real soon, for her sake :).

Now on with the poems
10 and 22 + 10 ­čÖé hehehe

Waiting For Santa

Paces of footing
stepping in tune
seem to be wanting
for Christmastime soon.
So many people
daily we find
with all their paces
of wanting in mind.
Places and minutes
gather the view
bringing the essence
of Christmastime true.
It seems the weather
decides what we see
when we go pacing
our own one two three.
Paces are mentioned
as footsteps design
which are the minutes
unto Christmastime.
Footsteps are paces
that find many found
waiting for Santa
to come into town.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

Blended Up Frames

Blenders of seconds
mix up the view
making us wonder
what’s false and what’s true.
So often people
will say what they will
and they’ll determine
the way that we feel.
Links to tomorrow
are found in today
blended up surely
in a magical way.
We might not see them
the seconds entwined
that are the blenders
of time after time.
It is the echoes
from blended up frames
that are the seconds
that lead us to gains.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

Ask God To Help You

When you are worried
and sadness is found
seek for the blessings
in Jesus abound.
When you are burdened
with now and today
pray to Lord Jesus
to take them away.
When you’re in misery
and cannot smile
seek for the moments
of long ago while.
When you’re alone
and cannot withstand
remember Lord Jesus
is always at hand.
When you miss loved ones
you now cannot see,
ask God to help you
through your memory.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

Coming To Town

Santa is coming
Ho Ho Ho
Christmas eve
in the midst of snow.
Santa’s sleigh bells
ringing true
in the nighttime
Christmas hue.
Santa is coming
soon to see
late at night
on Christmas Eve.
Found in rhythm
hoofs are prancing
on each rooftop
sort of dancing.
Santa is coming
so prepare
milk and cookies
with love and care.
He’ll soon be here
jolly and round.
Yes old Santa
is coming to town.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

A Jingle Bell Song

Jingles bells flavors
heard oh so sweet
sometimes seem
as times repeat.
Long ago portions
of Jingle bells heard
may just become as
a word after word.
Songs we are singing
become such a time
remembered as essence
of yours and of mine.
All of the songs
that the radio plays
seem to encompass
those wonderful days.
Jingle bells flavors
sequenced in place
sometimes remind us
of someone’s kind face.
Christmas rekindles
those wonderful times
that live inside us
as greatest designs.
Hearts through moments
of a Jingle Bell song
bring us back surely
right where we belong

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

How We Think

Hearts are numbered,
beats are found
as so many
waltz around.
Players playing
with each heart
leaves so many
torn apart.
Hearts are numbered
by God’s pen
through the moments
now and agin.
Weathered turnstiles
fragranced true
will determine
me and you.
Hear and now
is found in sync
what we do
and how we think.
Hearts are numbered
so to say
as so many
waltz away.
Often people
leave their choice
found within
another’s voice.
Don’t be numbered
found in place
with but only
days disgrace.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

True Solid Ground

I feel the season
of Christmas today
coming alive in a
magical way.
All of the blessings
that Christmas provides
are now upon me
as Jesus resides.
I feel the passion
of winters detail
ringing its glory
of Christmastimes bell.
Joyous the sound is
as echoes are found
with all the blessings
of True Solid Ground
I feel my heartbeat
beating in time
of this most joyful
seasons design.
This very season
brings into play
all of the blessings
that came Christmas day.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

It Takes Movement

Moments upon us
give us a chance
for us to change up
our days song and dance.
Minutes to prosper
are found in place
for us to gain from
Lord God’s saving grace.
Moments will wither
if we do not use
and we continue
to choose to abuse.
Timeframes are given
and taken away
when we’re deceivers
of day after day.
Moments upon us
give us anew
yet it takes movement
to make them come true.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

God’s Only Son

Glad tidings ring
of the joyous detail
found in the minutes
that we know so well.
On that great night
that we so remember
of that sweet baby
on Christmas December.
Found in a manger
by many that came
was that of God’s Son,
Jesus by Name.
Glad tidings rang
as the angels sang true
Jesus was born
for both me and you.
He came on this day
to help us begin
passage to Heaven
forgiven from sin.
The things that guided
those come from afar
was God’s angels
and a bright shining star.
They traveled for miles
to see that great One
that was the glory
of God’s Only Son.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

There Are Lessons

Lessons are found
as time moves along
maybe where we think
they don’t belong.
Yet there are lessons
found in our frame
from all the things
we’ve done time again.
Times will confuse us
as minutes move on,
yet we’ll have lessons
to start a new dawn.
What we encounter
might not be clear
how it can help us
get there unto here.
Yet there are lessons
sometimes hidden well
found in the moments
we did not foretell.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

for Dec 18, 2009

Morning is coming
from nights billowed passageway.
Awaken with smiles.

Hands in cookie jars
simulates ones greediness.
It can cause sadness.

A plea for true love
comes from the darkness of night.
Be seen and be loved.

Trials are teachers
with lessons not often seen
until they are needed.

Winter’s awakened
and shown us its times magic
with white snows design.

Trivial pages
are written in sentences
of our daily greed.

So much confusion
becomes life of tomorrow
beginning today.

In a Christmas wish
there is hope as a twinkle
found within a child.

Under a Christmas tree
lies the dreams of Santa Claus
with ribbons and bows.

Hello is a word
that many will overuse
while saying goodbye.

A Christmas of white
billows inside of heartbeats
of seasons delight.

Leaving a welcome
as but only a doormat
makes for only lies.

Seasonal settings
with Christmastimes sweet music
sometimes forgets God.

Fragrant surroundings
in this New England meadow
are scented so sweet.

The poor are needing,
yet many will walk on by
without not a care.

Under mistletoe
are ones in seasons passion
that may just ignite.

Some times are counted
as thresholds of what’s wanted,
yet found not needed.

Someone’s bitterness
can become as destruction
within future days.

Ornery people
with their wicked behavior
will answer to God.

Words can mislead you
leaving you stood in dismay.
Be true to your words.

Longevity blooms
with its portions not wanted.
Peace is acceptance.

Times coincidence
may be what God intended
in form of mistake.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 18, 2009

YoVille Haiku

Winter brings seconds
filled with moments memories
within seasons bliss.

Snow covered pathways
make beginnings for anew.
It takes ones to tread.

Blind are deceivers
of their own moments discord
when they blame others.

Just but a second
is what it takes for blessings
to fulfill a life.

Many will fall down
attempting to be perfect.
Strive for your own gift.

Pages are rustled
with the winds of timeless change
and stories are found.

Many find the errors
where others find the lessons.
Learn how to discern.

Blissful is Christmas
when it’s seen in true accord
of why it has come.

Look for the passage
that leads you from disheartened
and journey on through.

Sometimes our problems
are the results of ourselves
just wanting away.

┬ęBy Bill Pearce
Dec 19, 2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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