Our Share of Disputes


Hello my friends

It’s been a crazy few days around here.  I’m tired of rain,
but I’m pretty sure there are a few people in other areas
that are much more tired of the rain and all than us.  We
had a lot of wind and rain Friday night and Saturday.  It’s
finally moved on a bit,  but we’re still expecting a little bit
more rain today,  tonight and tomorrow.  LOL it might even
rain a bit off and on through next week.  Like I have said
before LOL,  when it finally stops snowing up here,  it’s on
with the rain hehehe.  So far the only happy medium I have
seen is one that is paid well for nothing.  It’s 75 F degrees
right now at almost 4 PM.  Our electricity kept flickering
yesterday due to maybe some tree limbs somewhere down
the road brushing the power lines.  The electricity finally
went out due to what I think is a branch somewhere near
town falling on the power lines.  The electricity came back
on later to only go back out again for a brief,  which is the
reason that I didn’t write any of my poems or haiku until
today LOL.  Our internet server was out for a little while,
which also prevented me from copywriting so I figured
I would just wait and write it all today.  My email started
giving me heck and called Sitestar/WT my default email
and told them and the guy didn’t have a clue,  so I had
to figure it out myself.  I then called him back to tell him
what to do if somebody else calls with the same problem.
LOL,  I told him I was an internet tech back in the 90’s
and still help a few with their PC problems.  Life has a
way of creating crossroads into yesterday every so often,
hasn’t it LOL.  Milo is lying down right beneath my feet
and making it hard to type hehehe.  Judy is over at her
sister Trudy’s house taking care of her mom while Trudy
puts in some part time hours at WalMart.  So it’s me and
the boys once again.  Benny is guarding the living room
as usual hehehe.  He’s our little watch dog.  Milo just
waits for him to bark and then to make sure if it’s worth
getting up and actually barking about before he actually
gets up.  Of course he does get up often to scratch at
the door to tell me he’s gotta go potty and if I ignore him,
he starts barking at me LOL.  He barks to go out and
then barks to come back in.  That’s his communication.
LOL oh yea,  he barks for treats until we tell him to use
his indoor voice and then he sort of does a small little
roar bark that sort of sounds like (I love you) hehehehe.
Benny just sits and lets Milo do all the noise making,
because he knows that he’ll get a treat too.  I just wish
Benny would be more like Milo in telling us that he’s
gotta go potty.  He’ll just dance around excitedly until
we get then notion that maybe just maybe he’s gotta go
outside and potty LOL.  They are weird,  but we love em.
The clouds have stolen the sunshine again dad burn it.
I mean,  I do love to look at the clouds,  but when that’s
all I can see,  it dulls up the view hehehe.  So it’s 73 F
degrees now at 4:30 PM.  It got a rather sort of chilly
43 F degrees last night.  It’s only supposed to get down
to 59 F tonight,  but we never really know hehehehe.
It could get cooler.  Tomorrows high is supposed to be
81 F degrees,  but we shall see.  I just went in to check
on Benny and he was just bouncing around playing with
his toys hehehe.  Judy and I went over to her exes house
for a cookout Friday.  It wasn’t my idea of fun,   but I
did it to please her.  We didn’t stay long,  because the
boys were at home in their crates and Milo has a weak
bladder plus he drinks water like a camel and we were
sure that he was thirsty hehehehehe.  We’ve put water
bowls in with them before,  but they only end up tipping
them over and filling up the crates while splashing about
in their little home made crate pond LOL.  So,  we try
to always get back soon,  or leave one of us home with
them which is often the epidemic :).  Some days it’s just
too hot to bring the boys.  Speaking of the boys,  Benny
wanted to go outside for a bit,  so I let him out.  I think
he wants to keep a look out for momma.  He’s perched
on the front steps hehehe.  He goes bizerk when he sees
her pull up or he thinks he hear the car.  Unfortunately
he hears a lot of freaking cars that are not driving up
in our driveway LOL.   It’s OK,  we love him just the
same :).  Milo is still lying in the floor in here,  but he’s
moved from under my feet YEAH :).  Now I don’t have
to watch where I put my feet in fear of kicking him LOL.
I thank God every day for giving me such a loving home.
Yes,  we have our share of disputes,  but we work through
them with forgiveness.  The boys do get on our nerves
from time to time,  but all in all,  they’re pretty good boys.
Looking back on years of yesterday,  I can see where
my life was only full of turmoil and not many knew of it.
I held it in and never showed anyone my tears.  I’ve
learned that it’s not weak to show your feelings,  but a
strong suit to not be afraid to show your emotions,  yet
not to just be a whiny sort.  We all have problems and
there are many as I use to be that do not let anyone in
their world to share their feelings.  Many guys think
that it’s a weak man that cries.  I used to think the same
and it almost put me in my grave.  By holding in all of
your emotions and preventing anyone from helping you
you could end up with Crohn’s disease the same as I
did and almost bleed to death internally.  I had asked
for help in 1990,  but the damage was already done
and it started out as Ulcerative Colitis and gradually
turned to Crohn’s.  In 1994 I ended up in Medical City
Hospital and almost died on the gurney.  I had lost too
much blood.  It’s a long story,  but the reason I tell you
to not be afraid to let someone know your pain is that
this could happen to you or you could have a stroke
the same as I did or heart attack.  God put others on
this Earth to share with and love.  Share with them and
love them.  If you think you have nobody,  then call
somebody to ask for help.  We all need a friend in our
days of pain and sorrow just as we also need a friend
to share the good times.  LOL Don’t let a macho status
to steal your chance to feel better about yourself and
have a true friend.  Those that only want to be around
you because of money or what you can do for them are
not true friends.  Let God be your friend.  He sent His
Son to be our very best friend and Savior.  Won’t you
please let Him in.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
begin my little search back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I
can use for the title for today’s brand new poem to go
along with all of the other brand new poems that I wrote
today LOL.  So,  it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE :).
I think I found a good title a ways back in my rambling
that I haven’t already used.  I hope I can write a decent
poem using it :).  Here goes.

Our Share of Disputes

We each have our problems
with horns many toots
that we think more of
our share of disputes.
Times may find folly
with echoes of pain,
but we can find goodness
in friends to attain.
Our share of disputes
are often made large
when in fact they are
when anger takes charge.
Let not your troubles
to grow to contend.
Find peace in blessings
with hands of a friend.
Soon then your problems
will lessen their routes
learning that we all
have our share of disputes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Oh yea,  Happy late 6th of July hehehe.  Ok so it’s not
the 4th.  I can’t rewind to it.  OK so happy Belated 4th
of July.  Are ya happy now.  Quite a few were rained out
due to Hurricane Arthur.  Judy and I didn’t shoot off any
fireworks.  Not that we ever do.  I haven’t shot off any
type of fireworks in decades.  Watched a few,  but didn’t
light any hehehe.  I used to many years ago,  but it got
old and I was tired of almost blowing my hands up with
the short fuses hehehehe.  Milo just knocked at the door
saying he needs to go out and potty.   Be back!  Back.
Benny was ready to come back in as they passed like
ships in the night LOL.  I’ll be hearing Milo barking in
just a bit saying he’s done and ready to come back in.
OH,  there he is.  Be back!  LOL Back!  They started
playing chase while running in front of me coming back
in here hehehe.  Ok so I guess before I get back into
rambling mode I need to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep,  10 more poems which none of them this week are
Christmas poems hehehe.  One is allllllmost hehehehe,
but no cigar LOL.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there.  Yes again,   I wrote all
of the poems and haiku today as I said before 🙂  So,
being that Judy’s not here,  I had to edit them myself,
so don’t get your hope up too much hehehehehehe
Now it’s getting close to the time for me to begin my
search for that not so great at hiding Off Switch LOL,
but not before I wish you a fantastic weekend or at
least what’s left of it and a blessed week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,  are ya at least
trying to hide this week?  LOL ya must be,  because
I can’t see ya right off.  Aha,  I see ya,  hiding behind
my little statuette that some of our neighbors gave me
a couple of years ago.  It says (I Think You’re Nice).
I sure miss them as well as others.  We had a flood
in front of our house the end of June 2012 and all of
their kids brought a canoe and paddled from one side
to the other hehehe.  Benny had fun playing with them.
The good old days 🙂  Anyways,  I see ya you little
whippersnapper LOL.  You’ll have to hide a lil better
next week.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Mornings Seasons

As the day
begins its quest
mornings seasons
shine their best.
Showing pictures
large and small
here and there
and over all.
Mornings seasons
might be bright
or be cloudy
rain in sight.
Each new morning
gives a view
seasons journey
Mornings seasons
might display
snowflakes falling
light of day.
Each new portion
morning shows
displays seasons
how they flow.
Found as morsels
turning great
mornings seasons
change with date.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

In Our Path

Summers stories
written said
in our path are
found ahead.
Things envisioned
journeyed to
in our path is
found a view.
Sometimes troubled,
sometimes not
in our path is
little,  lot.
It’s those moments
bumpy whiles
in our path that
show their styles.
Sometimes lessons
good and bad
in our path are
what we had.
Yet those journeys
that we go
in our path will
help us grow.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

The Past Today

While now is in view
the past lingers on
leaving us memories
dusk unto dawn.
The past today
is not often clear
for it’s a moment
of our yesteryear.
So many turnstiles
are found down the road
sometimes with minutes
that seem to explode.
Our recollections
of then thereunto
is sometimes clouded
with what we now view.
Often it’s anger
that describes our way
when we are viewing
in the past today.
Letting our lessons
to be only pain
seeing the past today
without the gain.
Look now at yesterdays
journeys detail
and see the lessons
that then seemed as Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Watching Unfold

Many times people
will only see bad
when they are looking
with what that they had.
Watching unfold
the remembered times
might be recalled
as many land mines.
Yet often memories
that we recall
are just a moments time
spring unto fall.
A different year
and a different day
watching unfold
might not be that grey.
Don’t let the sadness
that yesterday saw
to become only
your destiny’s flaw.
For every moment
gives new to behold
that we can thank God
while watching unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Another Answer

A question of minutes
with pages we turn
gives us the gateways
to times we discern.
With many answers
to questions we ask
comes many wrong ones
that our times unmask.
As we ask questions
some answers might come
flooding so brainless
and seeming so dumb.
Yet another question
might surely give you
another answer
that might clear the view.
Don’t just be sitting
with one answer said,
for another answer
might be better read.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

A Trillion Stars

A night so bright
a trillion stars
has the help
of Venus and Mars
The moonlight too
is shining bright
with all the stars
the dark of night.
A trillion stars
are found and seen
displayed as
the greatest dream.
Glittering surely
like Christmas above
a trillion stars
are so full of love.
They give twinkles
that sometimes display
lighting the night
as if it were day.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Counting Minutes

Time moves on
as minutes pass
leaving then
maybe too fast,
but when counted
time slows down
leaving a shadow
found on the ground.
Counting minutes
can leave you there
just found waiting
for everywhere.
Time found slowly
dusk unto dawn
how counting minutes
will slowly move on.
Don’t sit counting
the minutes away.
Look for moments
that shine now today.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Day 5 of July

Summertime showers
are seasons reply
found in the midst of
day 5 of July.
The wind was blowing
all the rain sideways
found on day 5
of July summer days.
A lake soon grew
from waters that stood
day 5 of July
in our neighborhood.
A time long ago
I remember so well
seemed just alike
this time that I tell.
Day 5 of July
had one thing so new
the lacking of kids
in a wooden canoe.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

As A Wave

Moving seasons
clouds of rain
brings some sights
on windowpane.
As a wave
that flows with ease
clouds pour drops
upon the trees.
The wind then blowing
harder still
brings more rain
on windowsill.
Sounds of thunder
lightning strikes
found within
the darkest nights.
As a wave
it rolls and roars
dark of night
through cloudy shores.
Scenes transfixing
in the night
clouds of rain
with streaks of light.
As a wave
through highest seas
lightning sounds
in great degrees.
Roaring as a
cloudy lion
Heaven above
in mounts of Zion.
Raindrops fall
with much to save
and it pours
just like a wave.
Puddles join
with drops delight
as a wave
within the night.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

Lonely Times

When in my shadows
I find only me
I look beyond right now
to search out to see.
Lonely times visions
are often what’s found
when I look inside
not all around.
Links to my loneliness
often find chains
gathered from turnstiles
remembered rains.
Looking through time zones
my lonely times cry
seeking for memories
from days gone by.
Yet now I look for
the good times today
that help my lonely times
not fill so grey.
Yes there’s still lonely times
found in my sight,
but with Lord Jesus Christ
I’ll be alright.
And yes my loving wife
and four legged boys
help me find peace of mind
with days full of joy.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

for July 6,  2014

Left is a journey
of which that we might head to
that might need changing.

Links to our troubles
often come in form of greed
and wanting our way.

Tomorrows story
starts yesterday and today,
but not totally.

Looks of a liar
are spelled out in their problems
that they try to hide.

The ends beginning
finds a path from yesterday
that connects today.

Some clouds floating by
paint an ongoing picture
while they’re changing shape.

Sunrise brings morning
with chances for new choices
to brighten your day.

A fans blades will turn
giving force to the still air
making it a breeze.

While looking around
you might stumble and fall down,
so watch where you step.

A flowers journey
begins with a little seed
that finds a good home.

Tomorrow finds time
that we knew not of today
so do your best now.

Lessons are hidden
in many places that we go
and fall on our face.

When storm clouds gather
they might hide a true rainbow
within their heartbeat.

Summer brings changes
from many days of sunshine
to storms run amuck.

Chances for stardom
don’t always go as they’re planned,
for pain may follow.

Rollercoaster loops
can make ones stomach turn sickly
and lose their dinner.

Left over choices
can become as a burden,
for timing is wrong.

A wing and a prayer
is often the very truth
when in a bad plane.

Love unites people
and hate tries to destroy them,
so hold fast to love.

As the days pass by
our eyes might see many things
we don’t understand.

Lose lips will sink ships
if they’re not filtered with love
so to float soundly.

Today marks a time
that began with a moment
that it was perceived.

©By Bill Pearce
July 6,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy

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