Hello my friends

How have you been?  Judy and I have been doing pretty well.
We went to a cook out Saturday at her sister Trudy’s house.
It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of good food to eat as
well as a lot of great togetherness.  There were tons of dogs
there LOL.  Benny and Milo were joined with quite a few more
dogs LOL.  It was hard to keep track of them all,  but I believe
there were 9 all together.  There was Benny and Milo of course
with their cousins Fenway,  Willow,  Cricket,  Dodge, Peanut,
Keony and Chillybean hehehe.  It was a dog day of summer :).
The kids spent most of their time in the pool.  Judy and I took
a lot of pictures.  I took a couple of videos of the kids in the pool
and of everyone there in a pan sort of way.  I had to come home
a little early so I could rest my eyes and then start on my poems
and haiku.  Milo came home with me being he was tired hehehe.
Milo was the oldest dog there.  At least 7 years older than all
of the other pooches hehehe.  Benny wanted to stay,  so he just
kept on playing with all of his cousins,  none which were of the
same breed as him or Milo hehehe.  He don’t care cause dogs
aren’t prejudice hehehe.  We had a lot of food left over so it
looks like we’ll be eating leftovers today :).  Of course I won’t
be able to eat much of the cake,  being I can’t handle to many.
sweets.  I never had much of a sweet tooth.  Hehehe and now
I haven’t got any teeth at all,  but I’ll maybe eat a piece or 2.
Milo just told me he needs to go outside,  so I’ll be back hehehe
in my best Terminator voice.  I’m back.  Milo is back too LOL.
He does his business and is ready to  come right back in,  but
Benny on the other hand,  followed Milo outside and is now
sitting on the front steps just looking around.  Benny likes to
go outside and romp around and watch people,  but Milo is
strictly an indoor dog.  The day we brought him home he ran
up the steps and in the house and he was happy while he made
his way around the living room vacuuming up all of the leftover
treats that Benny had left all strewn about hehehe.  Now he
goes in there time to time to see what Benny has left uneaten.
LOL Benny tried to hide his treats in the spare room,  but old
Milo wised up to that and now goes looking in there hehehehe.
It’s a high of 81 F degrees today and that’s what it is right now
according to my weather program.  It’s supposed to rain today
and on through Tuesday night.  Tomorrows temp is supposed
to be the same as today,  but the rest of the week is scheduled
for the mid to upper 70’s for the high.  Not too awful bad.  Judy
has gone over her sister Trudy’s house again today,  to take
care of her mom while her sister goes to work for her one day
a week.  So,  it’s just me and the boys again.  They’ve gotten
used to it.  LOL Milo just plops down in the floor next to me
and goes to sleep,  while Benny plays watch dog hehe.  Last
night I had to wake up Milo to let him know that mom and
Benny were home LOL.  Of course he didn’t actually get up
until Judy and Benny came in here 🙂  Then he wanted treats.
The wind has picked up a bit.  I just went to see if Benny was
ready to come inside,  but he’s still exploring.  He looked up
at me and gave me a little doggy smile and then continued his
little quest for who knows what LOL.  I don’t even think he
knows what he’s looking for hehehe.  It was getting a little
humid in here so I turned our portable AC on and put the
settings on Dehumidifier.  It’s already feeling much better
in here.  So,  what else is going on around this place?????
Well,   it looks like we may have a new neighbor.  They’re
moving in at this very moment.  I hope they’re decent and
hopefully sociable.  LOL it looks like they have a white
SUV as well :).  That should really confuse the boys LOL.
Benny is lying down at the side of our steps looking over
there and I can sense his anticipation,  but I think he can
tell that the car isn’t ours,  because he’s not raising a fit.
I guess the games will begin when the snow starts to fall.
White cars being hidden from view with the camouflage
of winter LOL.  It should be interesting hehehe to see if
our landlord can manage to see our cars and not plow into
them.  Hopefully the rear reflectors will help illuminate
them to prevent them from being pummeled.  I might put
out a few tall reflectors in the snow to help him to see it.
Believe it or not,  I am anxiously awaiting the first signs
of snow.  I do love snow,  but after a few months,  even it
gets old LOL.  Yet,  I don’t believe Benny ever gets tired
of it.  He simply adores snow.  We can barely get him to
come inside when there’s snow outside,  but when his little
paws get too cold,  he’s usually ready to come inside and
thaw hehehe.  The neighbors look like they’re heading out
for another load,  so Benny was ready to come inside for
a bit and guard from his recliner.  LOL I say his recliner
due to the fact he has taken it over.  It used to be mine :).
Our landlord is out there now with his tractor to do Heaven
knows what hehehe.  I think he just likes to drive his tractor
backhoe.  He was out there at the end of the driveway on
his tractor talking to the new tenants as they were trying
to leave for another load.  Now it’s sprinkling and Calvin
(our landlord) has headed back home hehehe and the new
tenants have gone on their way.  It does get a bit comedic
around here from time to time hehehe.  I hear the roar of
Calvin’s tractor again,  but he’s nowhere to be seen.  God
only knows LOL.  Milo keeps following me back and forth as
I go to see what’s going on outside hehehe.  He’s my little
shadow.  Benny is just lying on the recliner,  but now I hear
him barking at someone or something.  I’ll be back LOL.
It’s just the new neighbors again this time with a different
car.  I’m trying not to roll over Milos tail,  but he’s lying
down right under me and making it hard hehehe.  Our little
kennel 🙂 (Pearce’s Doghouse).  My nickname is Animal
ya know LOL.  Yep,  ya can see the bond’s we have for
each other in this house.  Judy and I completed our little
home with gifts from God that have 4 legs each.  They do
though get on our nerves from time to time,  but for the
most part,  they are good little boys and we love them
bunches.  I might have to make a mad dash to go and
shut windows in a bit.  It looks like it might start pouring
down any minute now.  It was just sprinkling a little bit
ago and not worth shutting the windows.  I just went and
closed the windows on the south side of the house,  being
that’s the direction the rain is coming from.  Ya can’t even
tell that it’s raining on the north side,  other than the fact
that you can see it coming down when looking outside LOL.
Benny’s still on the recliner hehehe.  He loves that chair.
If I sit in it,  I usually end up with both Benny and Milo
trying to hop up in my lap.  Benny first and then Milo LOL.
Thank you God for giving me the blessing of this home
and allowing me to experience life of a different venture from
the nightmares that I had been through.  I realize that You
were always with me allowing what I needed just as you are
today and every day.  Many times I may have thought that
You had forsaken me,  but I found out that You were with
me just letting me learn the lessons I needed in hopes
that I would wise up.  I have wised up Lord and I am very
thankful for Your love and guidance that You sent through
people that came into my life.  We all have our down times
in life and might even think that God has forsaken us,  but
it’s not Him that’s forsaken us,  but us that have forsaken
Him at times.  We all at one timeframe or another head
down our own pathways,  but God sends us help to get us on
the right path.  It’s up to us to use that help and change our
directions and grow.  Don’t let failure to engulf your heart.
Let the failure to bring lessons into light so that you can
become stronger.  If you fail and grow from it,  then you
haven’t really failed.  Now it’s time once again for me to
begin my little looksee back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to my points of recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found a fairly good title
a ways back in my writing hehehe.  Now let’s see if I can
write even a halfway decent poem using it hehehehehehe.
Here goes nothing,  🙂 which might truly be the case LOL.

We Can Barely

Sometimes daydreams
that we find
turn into a
big land mine.
We can barely
sometimes see
best of daydreams
you and me.
Often textures
of our thoughts
are what many
might of lost.
We can barely
see ones ways
when they hide them
in their gaze.
Don’t let people
lie to you
finding daydreams
not so true.
Look for truthful
in daydreams
and then make them
running streams.
We can barely
see tomorrow
so don’t live with
so much sorrow.
Do your best now
times so rarely
not just thinking
we can barely.
Lose the downsides
stormy weather
that might seem
to last forever.
For there’s hopeful
to attain
that God’s sent us
now again.
We can barely
see beyond
so find joy
in each new dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
July 13,  2014

Ok,  how was that?  LOL,  I know,  it wasn’t that good,  but
you try to find a new title to use when you’ve already used
well over 8000 hehehe.  Then try writing a poem using one
that might not seem to work so well as a title hehehehehehe.
Anyways,  I think it came out fairly well :).  No matter,  it is
done!  Well it has cooled down a bit since I began writing :).
It’s now 77 F degrees at 6:30 PM.  Milo is still lying down
in the floor right beneath me.  He did though move his tail,
so I’m not as worried about running it over as I was hehehe.
Judy should be home in a few hours.  Then we will eat dinner.
I might feed the boys before that though.  It’s determined
whether I finish this before she gets home or not.  I’ve still
gotta find pictures to pan together for my stationery and then
send this to my other computer to do it up on my Outlook
Express,  being Windows Live SUCKS in a big way LOL.
I hope they come up with a fix one day,  but until that day
arrives,  I’ll still be using my trusty Windows XP for my
journals :).  It still works as it always has,  GREAT,  but
being that I didn’t buy the new XP PC until I could afford
it,  all of my poems and journals are on this Windows 8
with Windows Live (HOTMAIL) which does not give me
an ability to transfer my emails back to Outlook Express.
My old PC with Windows XP literally died but I backed
up my poems and journals on my external and transferred
them to this piece of garbage and I had no clue at all
that Windows 8 with Windows Live would be so bad,  so
I had to start using Judy’s PC with XP to do my journals
and send them being Windows live won’t do what I need.
Oh well,  I’ll manage hehehe.  If that’s the worst of my
problems then I’m counting my blessings :).  Of course
we all have our share of difficulties and to the owner of
the problems,  they might seem much greater than others,
but remember,  there is always someone in worse shape
than you.  There is also always someone better than
you at doing something,  so just do your best.  We each
have our own personalities and abilities.  Gifts from God.
So now I guess before I begin rambling too much again,
I need to tell you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  I wrote them
all yesterday,  this time as I usually do unlike what I
did last week LOL.   Anyways,  I wrote 10 more poems
with 1 of them being a Christmas poem and another
being sort of Christmassy in a seasonal sort of way :).
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you find something that you like.
Now with that said,  I need to start searching for that
not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a
most wonderful weekend or at least what’s left of it and
a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now,  where’s that off switch hiding
at this week?  Ok now,  that’s just flat stupid.  Hiding
behind my razor knife that is the thinnest thing on my
desk LOL.  Did ya think I wouldn’t see you right there
in front of me?  WRONG hehehe!   Gotcha,  see ya
CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Lazy Days

Summers passions
bright sun rays
often finds some
lazy days.
Mornings doorways
entered through
brings lazy days
to me and you.
Maybe not so
for you and me,
and so many
would agree.
Yet there’s many
finding fame
with lazy days
that times attain.
We each need a
time to rest
a lazy day
to give you breath.
Lazy days
of now and then
often help us
to begin.
A breath of air
to help you flow
so you’re rested
where you go.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Looking Too Hard

As years roll loosely
some time might pass
while looking too hard
for shadows to cast.
Sometimes our efforts
are weighing us down
preventing good moments
to just come around.
Don’t let your hurries
to blind every view,
for sometimes wanting
might turn things askew.
Looking too hard can
blind you from good,
for sometimes inside
is not understood.
Often ones outside
will not show what’s real,
for what’s on inside
might have sex appeal.
So if you’re finding
you’re looking too hard,
step back and look at
the internal yard.
Take the time to look
beyond your own sight
and you might find then
what that is right.
Far beyond the flesh
of the person you see
might be the right person
God gave you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12, 2014

Looks of Time

Seen through decades
moments too
looks of time might
seem askew.
Sometimes symptoms
of a change
might just seem
a little strange.
Often segments
that we see
were just changed
in you and me.
Minutes tick on
day by day
looks of time
form their display.
Sometimes dismal,
sometimes fine
date to date
our looks of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Pouring Down

Streams of minutes
waltz around
with some troubles
pouring down.
Many doorways
we’ve walked through
share confusions
every view.
Things we’ve dreamed of
day and night
come pouring down
with joy and fright.
Your perceptions
seen around
might be lesser
pouring down.
It just might be
blessings seen
thought a nightmare
found a dream.
Pouring down
those times you feared
might be lessons
time’s adhered.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Catching Wind

Laughing playing
here and there
time moves on
with non compare.
Younger times
of long ago
catching wind
was times I know.
In a car with
hands held out
catching wind
was then no doubt.
Lettings waves of
wind flow through
was the best thing
then to do.
Mom and dad would
watch and stare
while I’d  try to
catch some air.
Time’s moved on now
like a trend
while remembering
catching wind.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Family Ties

Truth of family’s
not just in blood
for many people
are just pure mud.
Not truly caring
about you and me
their family ties are
just history.
Find the connections
of family ties
and see the blessings
of much greater size.
Look past the blood
and see what is there
and learn the truth
of ones love and care.
Truly so many
see family ties
when they are built
on so many lies.
For I say family
is not just of blood,
for there is family
built with true love.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

A Certain Time

A timeless blessing
that I remember
is from my childhood
found in December.
Christmastimes essence
flavored our home
when I was younger
in flesh and bone.
Sweet Christmas music
played on our radio
with a sweet mixture
of songs about snow.
A certain time that
blossomed so great
I now remember
that wonderful date.
Dreaming of Santa
and presents galore
that he would bring me
not from a store.
So many blessings
from that great design
are found so Christmassy
a certain time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Mornings Remembered

December mornings
with snow on the ground
highlight the seasons
of time going around.
Mornings remembered
of glistening hues
are the reflections
that sunshine accrues.
Diligent snowflakes
fall from the sky
mornings remembered
found eye to eye.
Seasonal pictures
painted with white
mornings remembered
are quite a great sight.
Fluffy white snowflakes
landing in place
mornings remembered
the seasons embrace.
With every second of
timeframes I saw
mornings remembered
were filled with much awe.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Without A Thought

A cloud will float over
and leave not a trace
as we watch onwards
with skylines embrace.
Without a thought of
times sky romance
clouds might float by
with nary a glance.
Blue skies awaken
as clouds move away
leaving the pictures of
a bright sunny day.
Then as the night comes
clouds might be seen
without a thought of
a skies moments dream.
Painted with starlight
and hidden away
without a thought of
the last sight of day.
Yet the clouds fade away
to give us a view
stars that all twinkle
the way that they do.
Without a thought of
us down below
the stars start repeating
their own nightly show.
Then with the dawning
of a bright new day
we might find clouds
that are all blown away.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

Blessings of Time

Often our blessings
are time driven days
giving us lessons
from so many greys.
The blessings of time
are many times found
when we cease looking
and searching around.
Sometimes our blessings
might seem as so small,
but we might find that
they’re bigger than all.
The future holds segues
of stories we read
sometimes as wanting’s
and sometimes as need.
God gives us what that
fills our design
within our moments of
blessings of time.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

for July 12,  2014

Some seconds will pass
bringing minutes into sight
for many to count.

Joined with a dewdrop
the morning glistens brightly
in sunshine’s delight.

A shadowy time
brings conclusions well alive
through our confusion.

A tree that’s cut down
leaves an imprint of itself
in the sands of time.

Some doorways open
to only show mysteries
that we must have faith.

A clowns painted smile
might hide a frown behind it
with tears falling down.

Some days a flower
and some days just a blossom
awaiting to bloom.

Beyond what we see
are our imaginations
that might become true.

God gives us heartbeats
to share with one another
no matter our gaze.

Our life is a book
filled up with many pages
that are confusion.

Counting your blessings
might find you some gratefulness
for times that are gone.

Seeing a tree sway
in an early morning breeze
can feel so serene.

Candy coated lives
can turn into our nightmares
if truth is hidden.

Challenging others
could turn to your own downfall
that you’re not ready.

Looking for blue skies
could find you missing the sights
of clouds of beauty.

Doorways to trouble
often open unnoticed
until later dates.

The length of minutes
is sometimes so much longer
when you are anxious.

An angel of love
will give peace through Lord Jesus
when troubles are great.

A dust bunny’s life
can exist beneath sofas
until it’s vacuumed.

Fan blades of summer
twirl about making breezes
out of a moment.

Grandeurs delusion
comes with a false sense of pride
and gives destruction.

Nows variations
might come with many viewpoints
from different eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
July 12,  2014

God bless from Bill and Judy
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