He Gave Me


Happy Fathers Day

Hello my friends

So how’s your life been treating you?  Mines been as usual,  with
a ton of confusion LOL.  Judy and I have been still playing with all
of the internet games LOL.  It keeps us entertained hehehehehehe.
My farm in Farm Town is growing LOL as if it is going to provide
any crop for us hehehe…..Naw,  it’s just a game :)!  It would be nice
though hehe.  Well,  other than that,  life is pretty much the same as
always around here.  I did yet another conga drum video the other
day.  I play them to keep from banging my head against the walls :).
In other words,  I get a little stir crazy around here being we live
out in the boonies and I have no friends I can visit.  We have a few
neighbors,  but it seems me being an old Texan,  we just don’t seem
to connect.  It’s also a few other things,  but because of it,  it’s pretty
lonely around here due to not having anyone to talk to when Judy’s
at work.  That’s life I guess!  I reckon that will spur me to making
yet another conga drum video or two (or three) :).  The weather up
here has been on the rainy side.  Judy and I were unable to do our
cookout  last week due my health going down hill,  but I am feeling
a little better now.  Not much,  but a little!  I would give anything
to be able to lay down and get some sleep,  yet it seems my dear OLD
messed up body has a different idea LOL.  We will try another day
for the cookout.  Hopefully we will have a few days that it is not
doing the raining thing or the high winds.  Can’t do the high winds
either,  being we have a cheap little grill that will blow over with
the high winds LOL.  Maybe I can put a big rock in the bottom
of it to keep it from tipping hehehe.  No matter,  one day we will
cook out and more than likely a few days.  Judy and I have been
in hopes of buying a bigger better grill for me to cook on,  but that
is in the future.  Maybe one day!  Until then,  this little bugger’s
gonna have to do LOL.  My granddaughter called me last night
as she and her mother (my daughter) were headed to a Jonas
Brothers concert at the Cowboy Stadium or somewhere.  We
talked for a long while as Jamye was searching for a parking
place LOL.  It seems there was a surprise visit to the concert
from Miley Syrus.  Ain’t sure how to spell her name LOL,  but
you know who I’m talking about.  The Achy Breaky guy,  Billy
Rays daughter hehe.   I bet Sami was thrilled.  She said she had
some purple hair and I asked if she had died it or what.  She
said naw hehehe it’s a clip on.  I always love talking to her.  I
wish I could see her as well as all of my family and friends.
I miss them all terribly.  My mom was in a car accident the
other day.  She is OK,  just a bit shaken up.  The other guy
had pieces of his windshield in his face.  Keep them in your
prayers.  My mom is my very best friend.  Her and I’ve always
leaned on each other whenever the other was weak.  We’re
also each others sounding board.  I miss her bunches and wish
now that I could be there to help her,  but all I can do is call
and give her an earache hehehe.  This time of year,  we both
begin thinking about and missing my daddy.  That’s when we
will try to cheer each other up simultaneously :).  God knew
what He was doing when He gave me my mom and dad.  They
are the greatest.  My dad still lives in all of my thoughts and
memories of all he’s said.  He was a great teacher.  He let me
learn what he knew that I needed to learn without running to my
aid to pull me out.  God does that on a greater scale.  He will
let us each one encounter what we are needing and deal with
what we’re needing,  because He knows it is a growing thing.
If He came running to our every crisis and pulled us from
the troubles,  then we would not learn anything.  He allows
what He knows that He must and then He says no more.
I’ve written many poems on that subject haven’t I hehehehe!
Well,  it’s time for me to begin my little venture back through
past things said to try to find a good word or phrase that
I can use for a the title for today’s poem,  that will hopefully
spawn a good poem.  So it’s off to that place which I like to
call RECOLLECT VILLE.  Found a good title.  Now let’s
see what I can do with it,  if anything LOL……Here goes!!!!

He Gave Me

Times in the turning
sometimes feel uneasy
as it seems sometimes
I get a bit queasy.
God gave me minutes
to learn what I need
and when it’s needed
He then takes the lead.
He gave me brain cells
to use every day
to learn to discern
what’s good and what’s gray.
Times repetitions
are the turnstiles I see
when I find lessons
don’t live within me.
God let’s me repeat
until I find true
what that’s the better
for me then to do.
He gave me feelings
to harness inside
so that I’d learn from
the life changing ride.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2009

Now for a Fathers Day poem.  Although I wrote a few the other
day that are in the poetry section below :)….

There For Me

I find that daddy
had been there for me,
even when we found
we did not agree.
He and I connected
as time turned the pages
when in fact we were
older by ages.
I saw much later
what his eyes could see
and found that daddy
was there for me.
He and I argued
as fathers and sons do,
yet I knew daddy
was really so true.
You might of had
many times just the same
as you and your dad
repeat such a pain.
I was so lucky
that at the very end
my daddy became
my very best friend.

©By Bill Pearce
June 21,  2009

Ok so that’s it LOL.  Hope ya liked the poems as well as maybe
a tad of my rambling LOL.  Well the dandelions are back by the
tons after the plowing.  Judy and I have both sneezed our heads
off LOL….  She said she was afraid she was catching a cold and
I said naw,  you’re just finally experience the allergies that I’ve
had for ages.  She said,  she never had allergies.  I said,  now ya
do hehehe.  Our bodies change with age.  God knows mine has!
Well,  I reckon it’s about time to be finding that off switch on my
old body,  but before I do that,  I need to tell ya what I tell ya every
single week and that is,  I wrote some more poems.  10 poems
and 22 haiku.  It seems that 10 and 22 are the magic numbers for
some bizarre reason hehehe.  I hope ya like a few if not all of
the poems and haiku.  Now with that said,  have a wonderful
week and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.   Now where
is that bloody off switch hiding this time????  I know I stuck
it in here somewhere, hehehe.   Found it behind a ton of papers!
See ya :),  CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

This first poem is one I did by request of one of my Farm
Town friends.  I hope you enjoy it….

My Farm Town Friend

Virtual farm friends
in a real daily world
leaves room daily
for true friends unfurled.
Even in pet worlds
where virtual is seen
friendship can prosper
like a tasty cuisine.
We’re in a journey
that time travels on
as megabyte moments
from dusk unto dawn.
Friends found virtually
can become tight
as hearts uniting
a timeless delight.
We are the friends
of a distant array,
yet we share farmland
day after day.
Even in pet world
a society’s found
where we can somehow
find common ground.
Peace is the answer
when planting a seed,
for it provides all that
we really need.

©By Bill Pearce
June 18.  2009

Don’t Be Persuaded

A minutes persuasion
decides what ones do,
yet it’s a moment
which shows false or true.
Many will urge you
to do as they will,
yet it’s the moments
that prove well or ill.
Don’t let your judgment
be swayed by someone
which that just wants you
to do as they’ve done.
Use your on thinker
to find out what’s right.
Don’t be persuaded
to seek what’s in sight.
Sometimes persuaders
can make a bad call
and their persuasions
become their downfall.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Slow Down A Minute

Hidden are quarries
of clues left and right
dawn to dusk daily
right there in our sight.
Yet many hidden
are not then at all,
for they are standing
right there oh so tall.
We will each sometimes
miss all the view,
due to surroundings
from here thereunto.
Hidden are minutes
that time can entail
that in hurry
does not see so well.
Slow down a minute
and enjoy the scene
maybe of flowers
or just leaves of green.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Soon Will Be Gone

The weather is warming
and grass is bright green
making the mornings
a wonderful scene.
Seasons are changing
with all that I view
as I look outside
and see there and to.
The weather is warming
with morning to noon,
yet it still feels like
it’s May and not June.
May was still frigid
up New England ways
where in Maine mornings
seemed like winters days.
The weather is warming,
yet soon will be gone
as winter comes in
to share a new dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Many Times Days

Butter on biscuits
for a mid morning meal
is what that’s sometimes
for Judy and Bill.
Evenings of TV
and PC games too
are found often
the way that we do.
Days that it’s pretty
and we both feel well
we just might head out
where cameras compel,
for we seek pictures
of scenes such a sight
that we can later
just watch and delight.
Many beginnings
in different arrays
describe me and Judy
on many times days.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Your Wisdom

Wasted is wisdom
when held in the head
and not made visual
in what’s done and said.
Wisdom from ages
of lifetimes of views
helps to distinguish
the old and new shoes.
Don’t waste your wisdom
on a minute detail.
Let it to prosper
as a ship setting sail.
Wasted is wisdom
if nothing’s to gain,
for it is useless
and drives most insane.
Make sure your wisdom
is real good indeed
so as to give you
what you really need.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Daddy I Love You

I sat for a moment
and this came to me.
A thought of a time
we’d just disagree.
Daddy I wish now
I’d listened to you,
for I would of found
that you were so true.
We though much later
became as best friends,
yet it was also
soon coming to ends.
I sat for a moment
and you came in sight.
You with your wisdom
I now see was right.
Daddy I love you
and wish you were here
or wherever
that we can be near.
Thoughts came flooding
as rivers of time
how daddy you were
a true friend of mine.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Fathers Day Minutes

Fathers day pictures
with moments are found
deep in the heartbeats
of some common ground.
I learned a lot
from my father true,
yet my dear daddy
left questions a few.
Why daddy this
and why daddy that
leads all my fathers days
where now I’m at.
Fathers day blessings
reflect unto me
within these eyes now
of green that I see.
Fathers day minutes
remind me so well
how my dear daddy
could surely foretell.
He knew I’d grow up
one day and would find
lessons from pages
from my frame of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Another Design

The wind blows briskly
to where it shall go
out of the room now
and in the window.
It cools the seconds
that time does display
within this season
of now and today.
I feel it blowing
and bringing new air
as it is drying
my freshly washed hair.
The wind makes turnstiles
of windows and doors
and will sometimes
blow papers on floors.
The wind is blowing
with coolness today
and seems to carry
my thoughts far away.
I feel the ocean
in memories of mine
as the wind’s blowing
a special design.
I’ll close my eyes
for a while and listen
to all the breezes
that I’m reminiscing.
I seek the waves
of sweet oceans view
down on the island
of where that I knew.
The wind blows briskly
these thought in my mind,
yet I awaken
to another design.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

Trust Him So Well

God is the healer
of minutes and more,
yet it’s a fraction
we see through the door.
God has the answers
that you may not see,
for He sees minutes
in a different degree.
God gives the lessons
that we need to learn,
yet we will often
seek bridges to burn.
God gave us Jesus
to help us to find
ways of connecting
His Own frame of mind.
God gave His Son
so to help us to view
Heaven on one day
and be made anew,
but we must love Him
and trust Him so well,
yet we may find an
eternity in Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

for June 19, 2009

Hardened memories
set inside a glass doorway
will display the truth.

Those that are yearning
might also be mistaken
for what that’s ahead.

Scenes in a sequence
sometimes seem as the flowers,
yet may be the thorns.

Portraits in rhythm
display the minutes pixels.
They are the picture.

Welcoming morning
with an open minded sight
gives room for hopeful.

A tide washes in
leaving trails of tomorrows
that may wash away.

Limited wisdom
leaves no room for abundance
of lessons to learn.

A fraction of time
is the view of eternity
within eyes of God.

Live each day prayerful
and surely you will blossom
as hopeful prevails.

Fathers and mothers
help the new years to begin
through each brand new child.

Placing a footprint
on a decade of heartbeats
can make quite a wave.

Think it to yourself
before you say what you say.
You may change your mind.

Travel is motion,
yet not always done by foot.
It’s sometimes by mind.

A sentence said clearly
leaves no room for confusion.
Don’t speak in riddles.

Glancing at the sky
I see turning points of time
as clouds drift on by.

Listen to echoes.
You can hear them fade away
with passing of time.

Jumping too quickly
might make you miss the landing
and fall on your face.

Kingdoms with jesters
bond the laughter with sadness
behind doors of time.

Longwinded people
need to take a breath and breathe.
Take time to listen.

A shattered mirror
makes many think of bad luck,
yet it’s only glass.

Luck is a moment
which you may or may not find
as good luck or bad.

Waves that are flowing
are mixtures of emotions
in oceans of thought.

©By Bill Pearce
June 19,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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