I Know It’s Hard


Hello my friends

How’s life treating ya?  Judy and I are doing OK.  The weather
has been a tad rainy for the passed week,  yet it has been on the
cool side,  so that is good.  It’s supposed to be high of 70 degrees
today.  Not quite Texas weather huh LOL.  Yet I do miss Texas
terribly being a born and raised Texan.  I miss being able to go and
enjoy the swimming pool at the apartments.  Oh well,  that’s life.
I haven’t been feeling all too well the last few weeks,  so I’ve been
staying in the house.  I won’t get into my ailments being I’m sure
you don’t wanna hear about them LOL.  So it’s onwards with the
journal.  As I said before,  the weather has been a bit on the rainy
side,  so Judy and I haven’t done much picture taking or anything
else for that matter.  It looks like according to my PC weather
program,  that it will continue with the rain all week long.  I guess
we will stay inside playing our PC games and maybe watching
a few movies,  TV programs and game shows.  That’s life in the
exciting world of the Pearce’s LOL.  I’ve got a No Pest Strip
hanging right above me in the PC room and it is seeming to shun
the flies pretty well hehehe.  A few manage to make it in to pester
me from time to time,  but very few LOL.  Judy and I have gotten
hooked on Farm Town :).  We’ve begun harvesting each others
crops even hehehe.  Wish the crops and money were real hehehe!
Oh well,  the game cost nothing and it keeps us entertained LOL.
We have many other things that keep us entertained.  I find that
house cleaning keeps me busy when I am strong enough to do it.
Here lately I’ve been too weak.  Yet I need to wash dishes in a bit.
I did laundry yesterday.  That’s my life.  There’s not much to say
about this passed week.  It’s been a pretty regular week with
the same old same old ventures.  I spend a lot of time praying
and attempting to hear answers.  Yet God many time gives the
answers in form of wait.  Yes I said wait!  We must wait on His
timing.  I try to keep my prayers for His Will to be done,  but I
do time to time get impatient and pray for my will as I am sure
that many of you do.  God knows best what’s needed for us at
each turning point in time.  Try to have faith that all will be well
as you let Him have the reins.  I know it’s hard to set our wanna
aside,  but sometimes our wanna can destroy us.  Let God guide
you through the ticking of time.  I guess with that said,  I need
to be taking my little venture back through passed things written
to find a good word or phrase which might do well for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So it’s away I go to that place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I do believe I found a decent
title.  Now let’s see what I can do with it hehehe.  Here goes!!!!

I Know It’s Hard

A lifetime of struggles
might seem out of cue
when the moments time
doesn’t suit you.
I know it’s hard yet
to sometimes find peace
when it is fading fast
west unto east.
It’s our impatience
that sometimes prevails
which in a moments time
paints the details.
A lifetime of struggles
might seem out of phase
when in a blink then
they’re many days.
Let yourself harness
the blessings of wait
as you let Jesus Christ
deal with the date.

©By Bill Pearce
June 28,  2009

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and all and I didn’t bore ya too
awful much LOL.  My eye is blanking out now, so I must hurry
to finish this.  I’ll go ahead and tell ya what I’ve been telling you
for years and years hehehe or at least a bunch of you and that is,
I wrote some more poems.  Yes I wrote some more haiku as well
for my many haiku lovers.  I have one such lover of haiku,  that
her mom has even gotten hooked on it though because of me.
So Raquel,  tell your mom to keep it up,  Hehehe I want to hear
who else that she has infected with the haiku bug LOL.  Ok, so
with that said,  I reckon it’s about time for me to be finding that
old off switch on myself, but before I do that,  Have a wonderful
week and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now where’s
that bloody off switch hiding at????? Caught ya hehehe in the
No Pest Strip LOL..  See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

P.S.  The first few are rather silly poems. One is about when the
electricity went out from midnight to morning. The others are just
being silly.  Yet the poem At About 6:56 turned into a song as I
sung it to Judy when I finished it LOL….You’ll get a laugh too!!!

The Middle of June

The weather is changing
and bringing to see
signs of a different
moments degree.
Rain is now falling
and cooling the air
feeling as God has
answered our prayer.
We’re just listening
to rain that falls down
while hitting windows
to splash on the ground.
The weather is changing
right now and today
as it is storming
it’s own special way.
I hear the rhythm
as it beats its tune
here as we listen
the middle of June.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

Silence In Air

A dark nights dawning
was sureness to be
found with no lighting
of which I could see.
The lights vanquished
its electrical hue
as it seemed something
had torn it into.
Maybe a power line
and then maybe not,
yet I made candles
to be what was sought.
All through the darkness
the silence impaled
piecing the rhythms
that time had detailed.
No ocean playing
on our clock CD player.
Yes there was no sound,
but silence in air.
Then hours later
the lights all came on
saying that darkness
had ended its dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

At About 6:56

I hear the thunder
and I hear it roar
at about 6:56
3 hours after 4.
I see the lightning
streaking the sky
saying it’ll rain
Lord I can’t deny.
Dark clouds billowing
high overhead
say what the thunder
has truly said.
I hear the thunder
and I hear it roar
at about 6:56
3 hours after 4.
I feel the raindrops
now on my skin
so I closed the windows
so it won’t blow in.
Storm clouds are brewing
this fantastic sight
at about 6:56
the beginning of night.
Thunders still roaring
its voice loud and clear
saying it’ll rain
real great over here.
The storm is fading
and thunder is too
with all the lightning
a much dimmer hue.
Now in the distance
I see such a sight
a fading of cover
of clouds for the night.
The storm must be over
or maybe it’s not,
for it may be joking
and just rain a lot.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

So Be Patient

The patient man
might not be seen
as what’s truly
the days cuisine.
Sometimes patience
finds bitter ends
when it’s blown up
all over friends.
If you are hoarding
times said and done
as being patient
in each setting sun,
you might just find
one day so to say
that you will blow up
some other day.
So be patient,
but don’t push it far,
because some moments
might be found ajar.
Let God guide your
patience you seek
as you’re moving
week after week.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

Add To be True

A second,  a minute
an hour,  a day
time seems to paint it
with much to say.
Maybe a little
and then maybe not
a second,  a minute
adds up a lot.
Sometimes a second
ticks as it will
with just a little
of time to fulfill,
yet it makes hours
blossom and grow
to all the days
of which we love so.
Heaven is counting
time and agin
a second, a minute
of where that we’ve been.
So make your minutes
to add to be true
as loving Jesus
because He loves you.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

Lemon or Lime

Limits on segments
are put into place
sometimes because of
Gods saving grace.
Sometimes a moment
might be abound
so to paint pictures
of all there around,
yet there are moments
seen oh so true
that in our own eyes
look so askew.
Limits on segments
are put into play
sometimes because of
time of the day.
Our view is portioned
in moments of time,
yet God can see what’s
a lemon or lime.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

All About Him

Listen to a teardrop
that falls from a face
and hear its rhythm
that’s needing God’s Grace.
Feel the emotions
that so many find
and then acquire
a Jesus Christ mind.
Give out a prayer
and also a hand
to help someone troubled
to daily withstand.
Listen to a heartbeat
of need deep inside
and provide love that
is not denied.
When you see someone
that’s standing alone
tell them of Jesus
and how to atone.
You will find blessings
filled to the brim
when you tell others
all about Him.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

My Yesteryear

Right now is silent
as nighttime has come
after the rain fell
from clouds that succumb.
Right now is peaceful
without not a sound
except for the fan blades
that go round and round.
Right now this moment
I seem as to be
hearing the voices
of my history.
Whirlwinds of thinking
in timeframes away
seem to enlighten
of a time and a day.
Right now is silent
and I hear it clear
all of the sweet sounds
of my yesteryear.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

God’s Guiding Hue

Hands in a turnstile
may need to grasp
ahold of another
to finish the task.
A minute a moment
may be too much,
so they need someone’s
help as a crutch.
Hands in a turnstile
might seem to sway
as many echoes
of their day to day.
Give out a handhold
to some needing soul
and you may also then
fulfill your goal.
Sometimes an angel
is just me or you
that in a moment
is God’s Guiding Hue.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

Saying A Prayer

Within the night sky
the clouds overhead
seem to be as
moonlights riverbed.
Floating as billows
at night above me
they seem to be
as the same as the sea.
yet all is darkness
with depths oh so great,
within the night sky
I anticipate.
I look so deeply
at the pages divine
held in the night sky
with a cloudy design.
God’s Hands are moving
the clouds everywhere
as I sit watching them
saying a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26, 2009

for June 26,  2009

Pictures of people
don’t always display the truth.
Look deep in the heart.

Some hear the echoes
as others hear only sound
of what now beholds.

Grace is a blessing
that’s given to us freely,
yet we must accept.

Watch a mere storm cloud
as it joins one another
to make such a sight.

Truth is a wording
which many don’t comprehend.
Be very careful.

Doorways are opened
and there are many so bad.
Choose your path wisely.

The leaves of the trees
paint portraits of a threshold
with colors of green.

A hand within hand
makes the bond so much stronger.
Be part of the chain.

At a mere second,
moments might seem destitute,
yet it will soon pass.

Longing for true love
opens doors for disaster
if sought for blindly.

A mere glancing blow
to the heart of another
can sometimes kill pride.

Lines on the faces
of people that are troubled
paint many stories.

Gray hair has blossomed
on this old and weary guy,
yet lessons are learned.

The trails that time leads
are the pathways of rhythm
with scenes all the way.

Jumping on a bed
recalls the factor of wrong
within childhood days.

The one that’s timid
may fail to endeavor time
and miss what’s ahead.

Morning is coming
as dawning of a new day.
Welcome it gladly.

A chance is a chance,
but God’s Grace is positive.
Leave nothing to chance.

Fury of design
is the picture of a place
inside of one’s head.

Not but a section,
but a much grander portion
is Jesus Christ’s love.

Taste of the flavors
of the mornings awakenings
and savor them all.

Hold your head high
as you do best that you can.
Perfection is God’s.

©By Bill Pearce
June 26,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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