Where The Beauty Is

Animal’s Greetings
Happy Mothers Day

Hello my friends

How’ve ya been?  I hope you’ve been keeping your head
above water.  I actually mean that literally for all you that
are in the flood districts.  We had a bit of a rain storm last
night while Judy was over at her sisters house and I was
forced to drop off line and turn the PC off with all of the
lightning LOL.  I was gonna watch TV,  but yet the storm
caused the satellite to lose its signal for 2 hours off and on,
soooooo I sat and stared at the walls LOL.  I was going to
go with Judy to Trudy’s and Dennis’s,  but my intestines
told me otherwise.  Oh well,  Judy made it home a little after
9 last night and we played a word game until time for her
to go to bed.  If you’re one receiving the stationary version
of my journal,  then ya may notice that I have yet to catch
Judy long enough to get her picture LOL,  but I will hehe.
Though the stationery pictures are basically to show you
what it’s looking like up here.  Yes things are greening up
quite nicely.  Those little yellow sneeze maker flowers aKa
weeds are also growing,  All around our house LOL!!!!!
The flowers are pretty,  but they do keep me sneezing :).
Tis funny hehehe,  hay fever with no hay hahahahahahaha.
Judy had to go into work at 5 this morning due to them
still being short handed and all.  I hope they finally hire
some people so that she can get back to her regular hours.
The weather up here has been rainy for the passed week
and it seems to be also in our days to come.  I feel sorry
for all those in low lying areas,  being they have already
gone through the flooding caused from all of the melting
snow.  Oh well,  that’s life.  Yesterday it got up to 71 F
degrees,  yet it rained most of the day and all night long.
It’s supposed to only get up to the low 50’s today though,
and 50’s and 60’s for the rest of the week.  This is spring
up in Northeastern Maine.  Yeppers,  it may do like it did
last year and not actually warm up till summertime and
spring has passed LOL.  Last year we only had to use
our air conditioner 2 days hehehe.  It’s a far cry from the
weather in Texas LOL,  yet I miss home terribly.  Yes I
said home.  Texas will always be my home state.  I can
never see myself as a Mainer by heart.  It’s pretty up here,
but it will never replace my home and will definitely never
replace my friends and family that I miss so awful much.
I wish I could just beam back and visit them :(.  Yet, my
daughter said that they are planning on flying up one
weekend this summer maybe if things go well.  That will
be great.  It would be great to see Jamye,  Sami and Wil.
Not sure if Wil will be able to come though being he is
in the military and all,  but God willing,  he can come.
I have never met him,  but he seems to be a good man,
husband and father.  Maybe my mom will also make it
up this summer.  Her and my sister drove up last year,
but I think my mom wants to come up by herself this time
for some reason hehehe.  I’ll let you figure it out LOL!!!
Judy and I are doing a lot of planning for different places
to go to get some scenery photos.  I have already plotted
out us some directions to head.  Now we are waiting on
the weather and her and I to feel up to the drive and
all 🙂 LOL.  It’s taxing on us both,  but when we get to
where the beauty is,  we tend to forget about the long
drive getting there.  I also usually take pictures as she
is driving,  so we have a lot of scenery pictures of the
drives we take to and fro LOL.  It makes the drives a
little more enjoyable as we both hunt for bathrooms
all the way thereunto and back hehehe!  So, you can
see how God has been providing us with the tools to
make each day better.  God gives us each one the tools,
but we sometimes forget to use them as we let life to
become a drudge rather than seeking for the blessings
that God has provided.  Don’t let life to become as a
day to day dismal turnstile.  Look for the highlights.
They may be hidden deep within the woodwork of time,
yet God has provided a way for you to smile.  but it’s
up to us to seek to find that smile and turn that frown
upside down.  I guess it’s about time for me to begin
my little journey back through passed things written
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I do believe I found a good title.  Let’s see what I can
do with it now LOL!!!

Where The Beauty Is

All of the scenery
from here unto there
may be well hidden
and needing a prayer.
It may take searching
to find what to view,
for maybe the beauty
is hidden in you.
Where the beauty is,
you just may not see,
because of the troubles
of a moments degree.
Open your minds eye
and look deep within
where the beauty is
you might need begin.
It may be a minute
or a second or two,
but there’s some beauty
just waiting to view.
Leave all the issues
of troubles galore
outside the beauty
that knocks on your door.
Let yourself see it
where blessings reside
as you use minds eyes
to look deep inside.

©By Bill Pearce
May 10,  2009

I hope that made some sense to ya ;).  Yeppers,  I’m a
rambler LOL!  I reckon that’s how I am able to write
so many poems in one setting.  I did virtually the same
thing as I’ve done the passed few weeks.   I wrote all
of my poems and haiku Friday night.  I have no idea of
how I am able to compile all my thoughts from a week
into poems and haiku in one night,  but I do.  I wrote 10
poems this time and once again I wrote 22 haiku hehehe.
22 seems to be the magic number LOL :).  Oh and yes
I wrote yet another Christmas poem.  At this rate I will
beat my record of number of Christmas poems from last
year which is around 74 poems LOL.  If you would ever
like to read my Christmas poems from the past, then check
out my friend Ben Geurts Old Fashioned Christmas site.
His link is at the end of this email as well as a link to his
Drawing Art site.  You will surely be blessed with all
that he has on his sites.  Well,  I reckon it’s about time
for me to be searching for ye ole off switch on myself,
but before I do that I must wish you a wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too.   So Ok now,
where’s that off switch hiding at???????searching,,,,,,
found it.  See ya hehe,  CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Mornings Design

Yearning for morning
to come and display
all of the good times
to be in that day,
I sit here watching
the time ticking on
yearning for morning
to display the dawn.
Yet it is patience
that displays so true
yearning for morning
the way that I do,
for I know morning
will soon come to be
in it’s own timeframe
for me to see.
So as I sit here
awaiting the phase
I watch the passing
of coming of days.
Time in its porthole
will come so to shine
while I am yearning
for mornings design.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Do Not Turn Wildly

I turn the pages
of all that I see
as I walk onwards
through my history.
We read the stories
of willingness way
turning the pages
of day after day.
I turn the pages
as best that I can
so I can display
my life’s shifting sand.
It is the pages
of things said and done
that are the footprints
up under the sun.
I turn the pages
at one at a time
so not to miss out
on my own design.
Do not turn wildly
the pages you read,
for it is patience
that gives what you need.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Give Someone Friendship

Ones in the weather
might have shattered views
while they are wearing
some times warn out shoes.
Ones in a threshold
of then to today
may have the burdens
that may not display.
We may not see them
the ones weathered place,
due to them hiding
with a smile on their face.
Ones in the weather
may just seek to go
without ones knowing
of their to and fro.
So let Lord Jesus
to guide what you do
and maybe ones then
may then trust in you.
Give someone weathered
a hand they can hold,
for it is friendship
that’s better than gold.
Give someone friendship
in light of the day
and they may also then
be the same way.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

So To Remember

Springtime has risen
as grass turns to green
and I see flowers
that simulate spring.
Maybe just small ones
of a yellowish sight,
but they’re the flowers
that I do delight.
It’s the beginning
of springtime’s parade
as God is displaying
everything made.
Springtime has risen
and now on the trees
are pages budding
of greenest of leaves.
I take my camera
to snap shot each view
so to remember
how spring started new.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

In The Woodwork

Glancing at woodwork
I see on each wall
stories of timeframes
of which did befall.
I read the stories
of time and agin
while I see woodwork
with words that begin.
I find my glancing
is dancing around
searching for stories
to surely be found.
There in the woodwork
are marks to remember
as every image
is times burning ember.
There in each essence
is written real clear
there in the woodwork
to see not to hear.
Words are so silently
read as I look
here in the woodwork
of times written book.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

God’s Wing Of Prayer

Withered a flower
may just blow away
when it is windy
in April and May.
This may be journeys
of rhythm and need
so that the flower
can spread out its seed.
Wind gives it chances
to flourish and grow
though now it’s withered
to just merely blow.
So if you see it
take hold of the view,
for you may see then
a life so anew.
Seeds on a journey
to Heaven somewhere
as they are carried
by God’s wing of prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Nightmare Filled Pie

Jumping with hurry
and not setting still
may leave you standing
at waits windowsill.
Sometimes impatience
can shatter your dreams
leaving you seeing
just waiting filled screams.
Jumping with hurry
and not peace of mind
may leave you standing
with nightmares to find.
Let all your jumping
be made day to day
as you are led by
Lord God as you pray.
Let Him to guide you
in your by and by
and you want jump in
a nightmare filled pie.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Passed All The Lonely

If you are lonely
and wish to see clearer
say a hello
to the one in the mirror.
You’re not alone
if God is inside,
so let your heartbeat
to open up wide.
Let Jesus in you
and lonely will fade
as you find friendship
is then surely made.
If you are lonely
and cannot see true,
then why not let God
to live within you?
Then let your friendship
to blossom and grow
passed all the lonely
that you used to know.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

Until Christmas Day

Gently the seasons
have left in their trace
a bit of the winters
upon the Earth’s face.
Segmented timeframes
are gently bestowing
all I remember
of winter and snowing.
I see the shadows
of winters for free
there in the essence
just living in me.
Christmastimes glory
in seasons parade
seems to march onwards
as time is outlaid.
I find the pictures
of Christmas and more
living inside me
just like then before.
I seek the pastures
of all I delight
covered with blessings
of Christmas snow white.
I know the seasons
will change as they will
and I’ll see white snow
on our windowsill.
Seasons are changing
and time will foretell
when I will hear then
that Christmastime bell.
Yet now it’s springtime
as seasons portray,
but I will wait on
until Christmas Day.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

I’d Rather A Little

More than a handful
can leave you awry
if it is more than
you need do or die.
Less then a handful
might be just enough
so as to help you
when your times are tough.
Sometimes a handful
is not all that good,
because it is not what
your life really should.
Sometimes a little
is better to hold,
because it is truly
what lives unto old.
I’d rather a little
than a lot no so grand,
because it is better
to hold a strong hand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

for May 8,  2009

Steps in a journey
are footprints to tomorrow.
They lead from today.

Gold studded doorways
leave some people just wanting,
yet not knowing why.

Things are trivial.
Life’s the important issue.
Things will come and go.

Leave yourself some room
for patterns of yet to come
and you’ll surely grow.

Hearts of the dreamers
are the painters of pictures.
They give us each hope.

Scenes in a picture
show the winters on display
as Christmas blessings.

A blade of green grass
grows greatly in the distance
soon joined by others.

The grandest of times
in a tune that is playing
is a signature.

Glass tainted people
as they run and jump about
may fall down and break.

Tempers in storm clouds
may seem as more than lightning,
but may be just thunder.

Sad is our lifestyle
if we let people make us
what we’re not to be.

Hard times are gathered
while our seeds of lessons grow.
Life is a teacher.

A little flower
growing just outside our door
has chance to blossom.

With every moment
there’s a second that’s wasted.
Do the best you can.

Dilly dally time
in a world full of hurry
leaves many impatient.

A little heartbeat
with a bit of prayer water
can outshine the sun.

In an open field
there’s pictures in the making
waiting yet to grow.

Hold your tempers time
while you struggle on ahead,
for this too shall pass.

A perfect picture
may have flaws that are not seen.
Flaws make it perfect.

A lifetime of waves
in an ocean of heartbeats
makes time run ashore.

Slight is the glimmer
of a light bulb burning out.
Its time is numbered.

A hear the morning
with its sunbeam of silence
as braille on the wall.

©By Bill Pearce
May 8,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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