Places Plotted


Hello my friends

I hope you have not blown away :).  Boy it got windy up here
the other day.  I thought we were gonna wake up in the next
county LOL.  The wind blew our underpinning off and I had to
go and find the pieces and put them back hehehe.  Well,  today
is a lot less windy.  It’s sunny and supposed to get up to about
68 degrees F.  Yet it’s supposed to rain this evening.  I thank
God that we live on high ground,  because all those that live in
the lower lying areas have had their share of flooding.  Yet it’s
the fact that we live on high ground that brings us all of the high
winds LOL.  Hehehe guess ya gotta give a little to get a little.
Well other than our weather,  all seems to be Ok in the Pearce’s
household.  I’m hungry and may stop ever so often to grab me
a bite to eat LOL.  Don’t mind my chewing hehehe!  Oh yea,
our electricity was knocked out when a tree limb on the side of
the road got tangled up in the lines.  It also knocked out our
telephone,  but they were only out for an hour or so hehehe.
Ok now for sure off of the bickering about the wind LOL hehe.
Judy’s place of business is still short handed and all.  The phone
company finally got our phone number changed after a month
and a few days had gone by from the day it was supposed to of
been changed LOL.  The way it got changed,  was by me finally
getting mad enough to call them and tell them that I was just a
stones throw away from reporting them to the Better Business
Bureau.  They got nervous and changed it within 30 minutes 🙂
and said they would wave the number change fee hehehe,  due
to my trouble with them.  So all is well on the Pearce’s home
front on that issue hehehe.  Judy’s oldest daughter came by
Thursday and brought Rylee.  She wanted to take Judy on a
belated Mother’s Day dinner date,  so they went out to eat at a
Chinese restaurant.  I heated me up some little White Castle
burgers and ate by myself.  Those burgers ain’t that bad,  yet
they ain’t that good neither LOL.  They did fill me up though!
I sure hope my daughter is able to make it up this summer.
That would be GREAT.  I miss her and Sami.  My mom is
talking about coming up again this summer as well.  Believe
it or not,  my mom said my sister wants to come again also,
so we shall see.  Maybe Peggy will be in better spirits than
she was last year.  I hope so,  cause I would love to spend
some time with her.  We’re like night and day,  but I love
her tons.  She still thinks of me as her little brother and has
trouble thinking of me as an adult even if I am bigger than
her and 52 LOL.  She’s 5’7″ and I’m 5’11 on a good day
when my spine isn’t disfigured due to arthritis.  Yet now days
I tend to look more like 5’10” due to my degenerating disk
in my back.  It’s an inherited problem I acquired from my dad.
I now understand why he had to move his whole body to look
around LOL.  Of course I have been like that for years now.
It’s part of life.  Ya gotta deal with all of the flubs and fluffs.
Well,  I have one more bite of my itsy bitsy Croissant to take
and I will be through hehehe.  Done!  That should hold me
until Judy gets home from work,  then I’ll fix her and I some
real food LOL.  Yet that is a few hours from now,  so on with
the journal.  God’s paintings are getting quite colorful as the
weather warms up.  Yeppers those little yellow sneeze maker
flowers are getting quite abundant outside LOL.  I think they
are dandelions or something.  Hey,  I ain’t a weed expert :)!
Yet I do know that they are weeds.  God makes em pretty
so that we can at least enjoy them.  I hate it when the wind
starts blowing because it starts shaking up the seeds within
them and spraying their pollen.  That’s when I begin my
little venture through sneeze ville LOL.  Or as Judy would
call it,  my alergies from Hell hehehehe.  I tend to do it in
rapid fire mode when I begin sneezing *&%&*.  They say
that every time you sneeze,  another brain cell dies.  At that
rate,  I won’t have any left,  if of course there are any left 🙂
as of date LOL.  I may have just one really active brain cell
hanging on for dear life 🙂 and the rest have been sneezed
into the dandelion hemisphere leaving this one to do all of
the thinking and it needs some sleep LOL.  Yet,  as I said,
the colors are shining right up.  The grass is greening right
up and being I have hay fever LOL,  I have much to look
forward to hehehe achew.  Why do they call it HAY fever
when rarely Hay is involved?  That has always puzzled me.
Judy and I are busy plotting our courses for our next days
picture taking cruise.  I have a number of places plotted
out for us,  but we will more than likely do a lot of just
driving wherever to see what we can find.  That seems to
work for us often.  Yet we have once or twice ended up on
roads from Hell.  One year we got stuck on one such road
when we tried to cross a bridge, but our wheels fell into a
BIG hole and left the car sitting on its frame hehehehe.
Thank God a man came by and pulled us free.  God was
surely looking out for us on that day,  being neither of us
could see why that man was even down there and neither
us ever got his name.  He was gone before we could think
to ask.  God is always looking out for us,  yet many times
He sees more to gain by not stepping in,  but many times
such as that day,  there was rain in the forecast and it
was getting dark and if it rained again,  that part of the
road was guaranteed to flood again being that was what
washed the bridge away leaving the car laid on its frame.
God sends angels to watch over us and help us when we
are in dire need of help.  So often though we will send the
angels away and refuse their help due to pride and not
wanting to do it their way.  Don’t push your angels out
of your life.  Don’t let ego get in the way of your recovery.
With that said,  I reckon it’s time for me to be taking my
little trip back through past things said to try and find a
word or phrase to use for today’s brand new poem,  So,
it’s away I go to that place of recollection that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.   I believe I’ve found a good title.
Now let’s see what I can do with it!!!!

Places Plotted

All our journeys
here and there
need us always
there in prayer.
Never head out
leaving true
all of prayerful
not with you.
Places plotted
need to find
journey’s essence
prayerful mind.
So let Jesus
be your guide
as you let your
prayers reside.
Don’t just head out
without prayer.
Let God guide you

©By Bill Pearce
May 16,  2009

I hope that made some sense to ya.  I’ve learned the hard way
what can happen if you leave God out of your life.  It leads to
a path of destruction.  Don’t let your journey be a Hell bent path,
yet don’t expect life to be a bed of roses either LOL.  There’s
gonna be problems for sure hehehe!  Ok so it’s time for me to
be telling ya what I tell ya every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  I wrote them all Friday night.
I hope some of them make it into your heart.  I did write a lil
funny haiku that you’ll get a laugh about when you get to it LOL.
I don’t even have to tell ya which one it is hehe. You’ll know!
I reckon I need to be finding an ending for this,  being it looks
like I will be having to edit it by myself the same as last week.
So,  I must begin that search for ye ole off switch on myself,
yet before I do that I must wish you a most wonderful week.
Remember Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK,  where’s that
off switch hiding this time??? Hehehe there it is behind that
one lowly brain cell that’s hanging on for dear life LOL,……
See ya,  CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Fingers and Hands

The weather was windy
as time moved along
and I stood watching
the moment real strong.
The breeze turned cartoon
as a wolf with a breath
while it blew onwards
until it found rest.
The day turned peaceful
as wind did subside
and left there so jumbled
its breeze faring ride.
I stood there watching
from my window view
as I watched onwards
the way that it blew.
Nature with essence
disclosed so to be
only what many
will ever really see.
Turbulent breezes
with fingers and hands
show us the power
that God has at hand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Timeframes We Find

Timeframes like clockwork
are arisen and fell
as things will happen
from Heaven to Hell.
Timid persuasions
might live day to day,
but many people
need a much harder way.
Sometimes it’s needed
for ships run aground
for ones to ever
to ever come around.
Timeframes like clockwork
are prepared so to say,
but it takes bad times
to make many pray.
So God allows it
the timeframes we find,
because He knows truly
that they’ll change our mind.
Yet many actions
are found in a rage
as their confusion
is on center stage.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

With A Little

With a little smile
a day can be changed.
With a little hug,
life is rearranged.
With a little hope
someone can be spared.
With a little love
the pain can be beared.
With a little peace
the war can subside.
With a little time
God can live inside.
With a little breath
ones can give a smile.
With a little action
ones hope can compile.
With a little moment
of just you and I
we can change the world
with a God felt reply.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Magical Ways

Flowers are growing
as springtime arrives
while I look onwards
at all of their lives.
Seeds are abounding
as springtime’s parade
while rain and sunshine
helps them be made.
Flowers so colorful
make me to sing
about all the beauty
that’s found during spring.
Springtime’s amazement
is found in my eyes
as I look upwards
at the fast changing skies.
Peaceful is painted
with colors so bright
during the daytime
and also at night.
Flowers are growing
as springtime displays
all of its wonderful
magical ways

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

The Threshold

Music is playing
yet all that I hear
are all the rhythms
of sounds in my ear.
Patterns of drumbeats
all form in my head
while all the music
has many things said.
I hear but only
the heartbeats that drive
as it is playing
what keeps me alive.
Music is playing
the rhythms in time
as I make wordings
of rhythm and rhyme.
I seek but only
the peace that is there
found in the patterns
of rhythm in prayer.
Peace is the threshold
of music I hear,
because it can help me
to see things more clear.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Determine Your Ride

Open the morning
with a bit of a smile
and you might find then
some more to compile.
Open the day with
a smile and a laugh
as you move onwards
away from the past.
Don’t let the bad times
of days that you’ve seen
to just determine
what other days mean.
Today is a new day
and yesterday’s gone
so take a deep breath
and just move along.
Open the morning
with a smile from inside
and you might surely
determine your ride.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Lessons From Seasons

Years go quickly
as days move ahead,
and many choose to
stand there in dread.
Leave all the junctions
of timeless detail
left on the platter
of Jesus Christ trail.
Today and tomorrow
are ours each to find
as years go quickly
in our time to time.
Let Jesus guide you
to now from the past
and you’ll find goodness
from your aftermath.
Lessons from seasons
that went like a scream,
might turn the nightmares
into a good dream.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Pictures Delight

Pictures are painted
of God’s day’s unfurled
as all the flowers
all over the world.
We miss the boldness
of pictures of paint,
because of our eyesight
of isn’t and ain’t.
Pictures are captured
as we photograph
all of God’s glory
that sometimes sneaks past.
We do not see all
of God’s handiwork
and so we’ll often
just snap shot the dirt.
Pictures are painted
each day by His Hand,
yet we will often
just look passed the land.
Open your eyes up
and view what God’s done
with this great planet
and our moon and sun.
He’s given so much
of pictures delight
so to enhance our
each day and each night.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

To Help You Unwind

Let every problem
to fall from your heart
and then let Jesus
to set it apart.
Let Jesus help you
to somehow begin
a life that is better
and lesser of sin.
Surely you’re human
and cannot choose well
the things that are Heaven
and things that are Hell.
Let every problem
to float from your mind
as you let Jesus
to help you unwind.
He knows we’re human
and therefore will fail,
that’s why He’s given
a Heavenly trail.
He paid the price
for our daily sin,
yet we must love Him
to ever get in.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

Better Than Yesterday’s

I’ve counted blessings
and somehow lost sight
of all the moments
of my wrong and right.
I’ve taken shelter
in past that I’ve known
and it made moments
I needed atone.
We have each counted
the good that we’ve done
and lost the sight of
what needs be begun.
Have you left visions
of past times replayed
left on the turnstile
of all that is made?
Quit counting blessings
of things done and said.
Start making blessings
to now move ahead.
Make today’s journey
much greater to find
than what was yesterday’s
one point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

for May 15,  2009

Every fragrance
of spring’s design with flowers
is more than pictures.

Grasp onto a dream.
Hold it as a pot of gold,
for it could come true.

Highways of the mind
sometimes travel far ahead
leaving now as ghosts.

Time is a fragment
that’s counted as a rhythm
a bit out of tune.

Heaven is waiting
as Satan tries to confuse.
Let Hell stay in Hell.

Winters style romance
is a snowy white picture
with love in the air.

Harvest your thinking
and display it as the words
needing to be said.

Grains of sand blowing
make the here to there to change
one piece at a time.

Moving a mountain
takes but only ones patience
to wait and to see.

Blind is a looker
that only sees what’s ahead.
Take a look around.

Peace is the river
that flows as many blessings
given from Lord God.

Ahead’s tomorrow
and behind is yesterday.
Look for tomorrow.

A beginning starts
as paths are written in time
leaving our footprints.

Well minded people
need to look in the mirror,
for they may be wrong.

To shatter a lie
we each need to be honest
and let the truth live.

A simple haven
may be where ones feel safer,
yet they are exposed.

Listen to your heart.
You may hear its own rhythm
keeping you alive.

Portholes to places
make many journeys easy,
but maybe real bad.

Shifting our footing
leaves us sometimes unstable.
Let God guide your steps.

Hold real deep your breath
and then let it leave your lungs.
Breathe in with ease then.

A donut that is glazed
marks pictures of policemen
while they’re off duty.

Leave the windiness
of scenes found in troubled times
as winds that have blown.

©By Bill Pearce
May 15,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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