Hello my friends

How have you been.  I hope you are having a peaceful
Memorial weekend.  It’s quiet around here as usual :).
The wind is blowing with a slight chance of rain and it’s
65 degrees F with a high of 70.  A few days ago it got up
to 87 degrees,  yet that was very short lived.  I reckon
we won’t have much extremely hot weather.  Yet,  it does
make up for it when winter arrives LOL.  Last winter got
down to 50 below zero F hehehe.  That is what you get
when you live up north :).  We’ve been getting prepared
for our next picture taking venture which should be real
soon.  We’re waiting for some really great weather, but
mostly for the flowers and trees to begin blossoming and
all, adding some color to the pictures.  That shouldn’t be
too long of a wait.  I can see the changes already in the
making.  Judy and I have finally splurged and gotten us
high speed wireless internet.  It’s been a long awaited
journey.  I’ve had dial up since about 1994 hehehehehe
and from 12 Kbps to 28 Kbps to 33 Kbps to 56 Kbps and
never ever connecting at the top speed of either one,  it’s
been a long haul LOL.  Yeppers, we’re connecting now
at 100 Mbps and loving it.  It’s really nice to click to go
to MySpace, FaceBook, Tagged, etc and get there the
very same day ya clicked it LOL.  Most days it was a
long wait with always having to reload the pages due
to something not loading hehehe.  Also it was always
a pain in the rear when waiting for a really large email
to finally download or send.  The funny thing is,  the
Pioneer wireless tower is located on Drews Hill which
is that hill you see outside our front door LOL,  so we
have no trouble getting a signal hehehe.  It’s especially
nice when I wanna download a new game that is like
about 100-500 meg :).  Yeppers,  we’re happy,  also
being Judy can stay on line all the time now without
fear of tying up our phone line.  Yes I am still a land
liner.  I don’t do cell phones #1 cause they’re too small
and I cannot see that good #2 because they’re too
small and my fingers are huge #3 because they’re just
too small.  #4  because I just prefer a land line.  So
that’s it!  Ok so it’s off of the internet issue hehehehe!
Those little yellow flowers are doing what they do
every single year and that is turning billowy white to
begin throwing their seeds all over the place.  They
will begin their sprouting once again later at a much
grander scale,  achew %^&%$ achew.  We’ve been
though enjoying the breezes with the windows open.
At least we can air out the house a tad………………..
Sorry hehehe I had to stop to sneeze and tell another
brain cell goodbye LOL!  It looks like though that
God is beginning His painting once again.  He has
such a wonderful brushstroke.  Even the little yellow
flowers/weeds are pretty.  God can do wonders with
the smallest of things and make them the greatest.
Let God have a chance with you.  You might find
out something about yourself that you never knew.
You may have tools that have yet to of blossomed.
Well Judy just walked in at 1:56 PM and so I guess
I need to be winding this up.  Needs to wind up this
windy day LOL,  so it’s away I go to that place of
recollection through past things written in search
of a good word or phrase to use for today’s brand
new title for the brand new poem, To that place
that I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I believe
I may have found a good title.  Now let’s see what
I can do with it hehe!


A chance to blossom
and chance to grow
is what daily
Lord God does bestow.
To become blossomed
and to become grown
it takes some moments
of time so atoned.
Let every footstep
of which that you take
to be filled with lessons
to blossom and make.
Let not your yesterday
to become your today.
Make yourself blossomed
a more better way.
Leave all the squabbles
of an unending hue
to become more blossomed
with Jesus in you.

©By Bill Pearce
May 24,  2009

Ok,  so that’s it.  I hope ya liked the poem.  I know
it may not be one of my greatest LOL.  I hope it at
least made ya think.  As I said before,  Judy is home
from work now,  so I need to be winding this up so
I can fix her and I some dinner.  Her twin sister and
her hubby are coming over this evening so I’m looking
forward to that.  We always have a good visit.  Ok so
I guess it’s time to be finding that off switch,  but I
reckon I need to be telling ya what I’ve been tell ya
every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  I didn’t write them all Friday night though 🙂
as I have in the past.  Nope, I wrote them all yesterday,
(Saturday).  I figured I would wait till Judy got home
from work and write while she vegged hehehehehe.
I hope ya like a few of the poems and maybe a few
of the haiku.  If in fact you understand haiku. There
are many that don’t,  so don’t feel alone hehehehe :).
Ok,  with that said,  have a wonderful week and
always remember that Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that off switch hiding this week??????
Found it in the back of my mind 🙂 see ya CLICK

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Oh yea,  I wrote yet another Christmas poem.
Actually two,  but the second titled Sounds of Nature
can also be considered as just a seasonal poem :)…..
and the count of all the poems and haiku together is
11 poems and 22 haiku LOL!!!!!

Now on with the poems.

It Takes A Learner

Tricky circumstances
seem to make both me and you
to do some things we may or may not
really want to do.
Situations pave us
as timeframes run their course
somehow guided by the power
of Gods greater force.
Tricky situations
might make or break our day,
yet sometimes a leap of faith
can get things on their way.
Situations teach us
as timeframes come and go
and they give us all the lessons
that’ll help us grow.
Yet it takes a learner
to find from circumstance
that the things we learn each day
can make each day enhance.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Tasty Textures Painted

Vivid is the color
of sky blue and cloud white
as it paints the greatest picture
there within my sight.
The colors seem united,
bonded with much love
as they paint the scenery
up there so high above.
Vivid are the pictures
transcending passed the sky
painted with the Godly paint
up there so very high.
I find within the pictures
the settings oh so grand
that they even show the fingers
of God’s Holy Hand.
It seems that God is holding
all the vivid scenes
there within His greatest grasp
as great painted cuisines.
Tasty textures painted
within the sky I see
are the blessings from Lord God
as gifts to you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Docks Of Future Days

Beginning is the journey
to here and there alike
as we each will say and do
the things we may or might.
Our pathways are unloading
the journeys to and fro
that of which is the beginning
to where all we go.
It takes a bit of judgment
to choose what is so well
and to not just lead our lives
unto the path of Hell.
Beginning is the rhythm
to tempters drums parade
as we choose what not to do
and what that’s Heaven made.
Beginning is the journey
to here and there agin
which that sometimes lead us to
a place we once have been.
Our pathways are unloading
to docks of future days
and in turn the times unleashing
red,  blues,  greens and grays.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Find A Little Peaceful

Wait with a flower
with patience to bloom
and let the moments
to sweetly consume.
Wait with a flower
as time moves along
and let the sunshine
sing a sweet song.
Leave all your problems
away from the sight
as you wait calmly
for flowers delight.
Wait with a flower
and do not fall prey
to all the burdens
of day after day.
Find a little peaceful
within a mere flower
and you will blossom
in times every hour.
Then when you’ve blossomed
and peaceful is found
continue on living
as the world goes around.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Clouds Way Up High

In the white clouds
I saw such a scene
as a field that was white
that should of been green.
This surreal cloud sight
in the sky overhead
seemed to even have
a little flowerbed.
The flowers were white
and fluffy surreal
yet they were textures
that I couldn’t feel.
Then as they floated
and moved as they do
they seem to display
a river of blue.
This bit of river
was formed by the sky
as it peeked out from
the clouds way up high.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

People Need People

People watch people
in time here and there,
yet many people
will never give a prayer.
People need people
to pray for the truth
and to help people
to move from uncouth.
People need people
each day of our lives
and it takes prayerful
to help us survive.
People need Jesus
as days come and go
while people need people
to learn what to know.
Choices are given
as each day’s at hand
and people need people
to help understand.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Make New Traditions

Traditional moments
from times long ago
are the very values
that help ones to grow.
Many traditions
that times pass along
are the very moments
that help ones be strong.
It’s in our traditions
we find who we are
as we learn from then
of time from afar.
Yet some traditions
may need to just cease
for they are filled with
much anger not peace.
If your traditions
are not seeking good
then you may need to
seek what you should.
Make new traditions
to become better seen
as all the blessings
with a Jesus Christ scheme.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Dreams To Fulfill

I’m awaiting Christmas
with love in my heart
as the days flow by
and time does depart.
I’m awaiting, Christmas
with eyes open wide
as it lives always
in my heart deep inside.
I’m awaiting that day
of a Christmas detail
to come and let snowflakes
to surely set sail.
I’m awaiting Christmas
of snow white for free
with the decorations
that I’ll surely see.
I’m awaiting that day
of blessings delight
with all the settings
that light up the night.
I’m awaiting Christmas
as dreams to fulfill
with Jingle Bells playing
and snow on the hill.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Time To Partake

Some see a journey
as a trouble ahead
and others see journeys
of hopeful instead.
Some see bridges
as things not to cross
and others see bridges
as ways from the lost.
Some view each morning
as sun shining bright
and others see mornings
with not much delight.
Some find the struggles
as they move along
and others see hopeful
to help them be strong.
Some see the weeds
in their life through and through
and others see the things
that will help me and you.
Some are nearsighted
and cannot make sense
of all that has happened
from here and past tense
and others are looking
at the future to see
what that is hopeful
to be what will be.
Some see the journey
as trouble to take,
yet others see it as
a time to partake.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

Fever Filled With Hay

Little bitty breeze a blowing
in a windy day
let your guidance that you follow
take you on your way.
I see you may of lost the path
of which it is to blow,
so little bitty breeze a blowing
this is where to go.
The path of which you see ahead
of your fellow breezes
also carries all the things
that fills my head with sneezes.
Little bitty breeze a blowing
won’t you change the mind
of all that are blowing briskly
here from time to time?
I would be so grateful to you
if you’d try at least
to make your fellow breezes turn
and give a little peace.
Blow those little yellow flowers
another way today
and let my sinus’s get a break
from fever filled with hay.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23, 2009

The Sounds of Nature

Mornings are blessings
with songs in the breeze
as the wind rustles
the leaves on the trees.
The sounds so elating
are heard if you listen
to all the blessings
worth times reminiscing.
The sounds of nature
are sequenced in tune
March, April, May
with the coming of June.
July comes sounding
its tunes as it will
with August coming
to surely fulfill.
September, October
are then sounded true
as they each welcome
their sound so anew.
Leaves on the trees
all fall to the ground
with all the colors
that rustle with sound.
Then is December
and sounding so right
as it brings Christmastime
joy day and night.
Long last the season
December portrays
is that of wintertime
with snowy days.
January follows
and continues on
with all the blessings
of breezes at dawn.
The cold winter winds
will blow there and to
as they go onwards
the way that they do.
February’s pathway
then comes in to sing
soon will be March,
April then Spring.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

for May 23,  2009

Gather a flavor
as a taste you remember
and bring it alive.

It’s the highs and lows
that will make each day unique.
Remember the highs.

Jumbles of questions
fill pathways of a newborn.
There’s so much to learn.

Years will fade away
when we think of long ago.
Now needs attention.

A glancing billow
of a breeze of thoughtful time
ignites memories.

With stage after stage
we are each as the actors
sometimes with no script.

Take your dreams travels
in the heartbeat of your mind
when troubles are great.

When holding a gun
you can make the decisions
to load or unload.

The nudge of a day
and the warmth of the sunshine
makes it all worth while.

A glimmer of hope
may be found in unlikely
if you look inside.

Look for the magic
while you continue your life
and you may see it.

Values of blossoms
are sometimes underrated.
There is no price tag.

Find in a gully
some simple twigs just floating.
Imagine a boat.

I hear the chirping
of the birds of summers day.
They are a sign.

Within a moment
is time itself to harvest.
Seek good time to reap.

Think not of sadness,
but of what that can be gained
as sad comes and goes.

Travel with today
in its journeys far and wide,
even if they’re inside.

If you hear breezes
that are blowing near by you,
they may be singing.

Songs of a drifter
as he travels on his way
will be of lonely.

Forces of nature
make wonderful sights we see.
Mankind tears them down.

Just for a moment
let your heartbeat to mellow
and you will survive.

Smell the aromas
of the scenes of far and wide,
then look with your eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
May 23,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.
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