Rain Will Overflow


Hello my friends

Redundance gone wild is back LOL.  How has your
week been.  We’ve been doing fairly well.  I got my
new lens for my glasses ordered and all, plus I ordered
a second pair of glasses, yet they are just single vision
for my PC work.  Maybe they will help me out a bit or
maybe they won’t,  but I’ll never know unless I try huh!
The weather has been a bit warmer lately and the snow
is melting away slowly.  It’s dissipating gradually and it’s
looking a bit patchy hehe.  There have been a number of
good things that have happened these last few weeks.
A few of my old classmates from school have found me.
We’ve been sharing a lot of what has happened to us
since the days way back when hehehe.  My old guitar
player that I spoke of in last weeks journal found some
old pictures of us from the 70’s and made a collaged of
them and sent them to me along with the MP3 of a
song that used to be one of my favorites that we used
to play.  It was an old Foghat tune LOL.  Those were
the days!  Maybe one day we can reunite and play a
little music again.  God only knows.  Memories are a
great thing.  They help us out when the things at the
moment are a bit frayed.  Other than chatting with
a few of my old friends,  I have been doing what I do
best and that is writing.  When I’m not writing I’m
thinking of what to write LOL.  Sometimes I won’t
begin writing until the end of the week,  but I will have
stock piled many ideas inside of my head that I can
use.  Different words and phrases will stick in my
head as I continue through the week.  Then when I
sit down to write it seems they all come to the surface
and help to paint the pictures for you to read.  It’s
my gift that God gave to me to share with you.  This
week has been a very contributing one as have the
passed.  O Yea,  there are many parts of our state
that are with flood warnings due to the snow melt.
We’re sitting on high ground so we won’t be having
the floods.  Yet the northern and northwestern part
as well as southern Maine will have a problem. The
rivers are rising quickly and rain is in the forecast.
Last year, Island Falls got washed away the same as
many of the other low lying areas.  There is river
way below us, but for it to bother us, it would have
to rain 40 days and 40 nights LOL.  It seems though
that we may finally see spring or the resemblance
of it hehehe.  Last year skipped right over spring
and went directly into summer hehe.  Many people
have lakes in their yards due to all of the snow.
It’s 39 degrees right now as I write and my weather
program says it’s supposed to get up to the low 40’s.
So, that’s about all from our frozen yet melting part
of the hemisphere.  God is using the melting snow
and ice to give life giving water to the plants so they
can flourish.  Also it replenishes our waters with
nutrients needed.  More fresh water to drink.  Yes
God works in wondrous ways,  yet we,  due to our
own bad judgments will many times put ourselves
in the path that the waters are to go just as many
will rebuild their homes in the same spot that the
tornados are guaranteed to return and repeat such
as tornado alley.  Many will move right next door
to a river that with just a little encouragement from
a rain will overflow.  We many times will choose
a pretty sight over a safer site to build our homes.
It’s the same with our lives.  We sometimes choose
what looks good over what is better for us.  Yes
we will many times choose our own destruction.
Yet, God is there always to help us out when we get
so far into to depths of trouble and He can pull us
out,  but it takes us to let go of our wanna.  Are you
ready to let go of your wanna?  Our self will can
at times lead us into destruction without us even
knowing it.  Let today be better by looking to see
where your self will is leading you and try to do
better.  Ok, with that said,  it’s time for me to begin
my little venture through the past things said to that
place I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE  and see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go searching………I think I found a good
title,  now let’s see what I can do with it hehehe.
Here goes nothing or something or whatever LOL!

Rain Will Overflow

Our missions are ventured
as beauty is found
looking for the beauty
for some sort of ground.
Our home fire’s burning
and yearning to see
the sights and the sounds
for our own homes to be.
Yet getting too close
to the beauty we find
might turn out badly
in a minute of time.
Maybe in an instant
the rain will overflow
and take oh so many
in life to and fro.
The calling of judgment
is found in the view
if I am choosing
what I shouldn’t do.
The pattern is printed
in the faces of time
that rain will overflow
so to make a design.
Leave the designing
in The Hands of Lord God
and watch the beauty
with a daily applaud.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

I hope that made a little sense to ya.  I’ve heard so
many stories of peoples houses falling into the sea
just because they built them hanging over it for a
view.  That in my book is Deadly,  Unconventional
Misconceiving and Bad with the initials of DUMB
which bad and deadly are pretty much the same
which adds to the fact that what they are doing is
asking to take a dip into the ocean when the ocean
chooses to claim what they have built to live in that’s
hanging out there LOL.  Surely they know that the
ocean will soon claim.  LOL,  do you see my point?
Well,  I guess it’s about time for me to hush and
be seeking to find that old off switch on myself,  but
before I do that, I reckon I should tell ya what I’ve
been telling ya for ages hehehe and that is I wrote
some more poems and yes I wrote another early
Christmas poem that my friend Ben in Holland
has already published on the Christmas site that
he has called The Old Fashioned Christmas.  The
link is at the end of the journal on the last page.
If you love Christmas as much as we love it, you
might wanna go and visit the site.  Oh yea I almost
forgot hehehe,  I also wrote some more haiku for
all my haiku lovers LOL.  Hope yall enjoy it.  Now
with that said,  it’s time for me to be looking for
that off switch, but before I do I will say have a great
week and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now where’s that off switch hiding at this time.
I see ya there hiding in the wood work….Got ya!
See ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

To Give A Prayer

We’re born to live
and born to die
as we ask
how, when and why.
We’re born to breathe
and then no breath
as we ask
what follows death.
We’re born to learn
and then to do
as we face
what’s me and you.
We’re born unique
and born with ways
as we struggle
through the days.
We’re born to love
and hate the same
as we face
why Jesus came.
He was born for
you and me
to give a prayer
for eternity.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2009

It’s Our History

Today’s experiences
are tomorrows to find
ways that you learned
another point and time.
Tomorrows threshold
is a story to read
as all the subjects
that we really need.
Today’s mere dawning
is a picture to view
so to enjoy it
as each day’s anew.
Tomorrows paintings
are brushstrokes away
so be an artist
and paint now today.
Today will accomplish
the painting to see
as then tomorrow
it’s our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

The Prelude

Timetable dreams
of a winters prelude
is but a moment
of times interlude.
Dreams of Christmases
flourished with smiles
make up the timetables
minutes of miles.
We are the dreamers
glittering true
of all the portions
of want me and you.
Wanting the seasons
of white fallen snow
to then encompass
the Christmas we know.
Timetable dreams
of snowflakes of white
make up the prelude
of Christmas eve night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Listen For The Chirps

The sound of a feather
is silently heard
yet it makes music
in flight of a bird.
One single feather
that flies in the breeze
silently falls down
to rest in the trees.
Yet that mere feather
joined by a few
can help a bird
to fly there and to.
So listen to feathers
that floats to the ground
seeking to remember
the birds there abound.
Listen for the chirps
of times other day
when the mere feather
just flew far away.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Don’t Be Too Hasty

Don’t jump through windows
of time that you see
and then determine
if it is to be.
Listen to your heartbeat
and search with your mind
to see if the window
is a good point and time.
Don’t be too hasty
with what that’s ahead.
You may find a moment
is better not said.
Times can be tricky
as our wants pull away,
because of the minutes
of things that display.
Don’t be too hasty
to jump in the pool.
You may find your hurry
just made you a fool.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Wondering True

When you are searching
you may close your mind
to what that truly
you might surely find.
So don’t go searching
without seeking true
what that the moments
might surely give you.
When you are staring
at a view that you see,
you might miss the picture
that God gave for free.
Let your eyes blossom
and see clear the sights
of all surrounding
the days and the nights.
When you are sitting
and wondering true,
take time to thank God
for all He gave you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

I See The Stories

Told are the stories
of times long ago
by our Earth molding
the things that we know.
Words in the rocks
of heavenly times
surely tell stories
of Jesus Christ signs.
Fragments of memories
are in detail
told as the stories
of Heaven and Hell.
I read the stories
sometimes with much ease,
yet many others
will just see disease.
The stories are written
as time moves along
about many subjects
of which now are gone.
The Earth reveals portholes
of times burning ember
that are the stories
of which we remember.
Segments of craters
and mountains real high
tell us the stories
of the ground and the sky.
I see the stories
as words we’re to read
so to learn truly
what we really need.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Beginning From Dawn

The sky is cloudy
with chance of some rain,
but it does no good
for me to complain.
The morning has gone
and left in its wake
the evening to follow
with more to partake.
Today is a segment
continued from then
while taking moments
to help time begin.
Skies may be cloudy,
yet they’re still a sight
painting the pictures
of maybe or might.
Maybe it’ll rain
or maybe it’ll snow
as the clouds surely
decide where to go.
The seasons changing
as clouds go their way
paving the rhythms
of day after day.
The scenery blossoms
as I look upon
the days finding endings
beginning from dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Smile At The Mishap

Smile as you enter
and smile as you leave,
then you might find less
there is for to grieve.
Smile at the mornings
and smile at each night
then maybe surely
you’ll see good in sight.
Smile at your problems
and sit down and pray,
then they might surely
just melt fast away.
Smile at mean people
and they might smile too
as you head daily
doing things that you do.
Smile at the mishap
and smile at mistakes.
You might find that that’s all
that it really takes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Not Hell Instead

Predestined journeys
pathways ahead
could be misleading
not good instead.
Sometimes onlooking
can kill the view,
because of not looking
where you’re going to.
The pathways of minutes
laid in life’s sands
are to be footprints
timeless to stand.
Our journeys outcome
can change our views
if we will learn from
some others shoes.
Predestined journeys
of pathways ahead
need to seek Heaven
and not Hell instead.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

See The Transitions

Young is a heartbeat
coming to breathe
when in an instance
you say you believe.
Many times heartbeats
say they cannot
because they are rhythms
that never have sought.
Be as a heartbeat
as young as a child
beating as the essence
of love all compiled.
Be refreshed daily
with God and His Words
as you look skyward
at the sight of some birds.
See the transitions
of bad made to good
as you do daily
the things that you should.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Times All Belong

Glancing at flowers
seen on a page
I wonder daily
how they are made.
God made the vision
that I now see
as all the seasons
given for free.
We tend to view all
the seasonal days
as some mere moments
just to amaze.
Yet glancing onwards
I can now find
all the decisions
that made up my mind.
They were just flowers
timeless to view
given on moments
of time thereunto.
Now as I’m glancing
at snow on the ground,
I see the seasons now
turning around.
The snow is now melting
as Lord God empowers
to make room for seasons
of bright colored flowers.
Timeframes are ticking
as we move along
while all the details
of times all belong.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Until You Are Gone

Years are accounted
as ages are done
while we go walking
up under the sun.
We watch the seconds
just ticking on passed
and they seem sometimes
to tick on too fast.
Ages are gathered
as we see the phase
passed on by counting
on distant times days.
Let not the counted
to bring you despair
as you go onwards
to there everywhere.
Years are accounted
as time moves along
so do your best now
until you are gone.
Let all the minutes
to be of your best
until you are counted
to be put to rest.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Word By Word

See the melting
signs of seasons
pouring on the
rhymes of reasons.
Feel my cooking
pot of time
melting all the
words of rhyme.
See the decades
that I say
as they’re worded
every day.
Surely you can
read each word
that of which
you’ve seen and heard.
See my paintings
worded still
such as my own
wanting will.
Find yourself
the sight to see
through my words
to you from me.
Taste my flavors
written down
of the blue sky
and the ground.
Sense the changes
that I write
of each day
and of each night.
Look for beauty
in the view
in the poems
from me to you.
Seek to know
the reasons why
that my words
do not run dry.
Find perceptions
in the words
that can be
a flock of birds.
See my melting
signs on stage
written on this
lowly page.
Word by word
I write to you
the way to see
the world brand new.
Look at seasons
melting still
maybe on your
Look for beauty
day and night
and you may just
see the sight.
Let your vision
surely find
seasons changing
all mankind.
Daily pages
that I speak
are the seasons
that I seek.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2009

Your Detonator

Detonated segments
of thoughts deep inside
can in a moment
explode out real wide.
So do not harness
the storms deep within.
Let ones to help you
let the healing begin.
Do not be detonated
with times down the road,
because you might wrongly
with loved ones explode.
Detonations streamlines
are found in a phase
of ones holding their
anger for days.
Don’t let your anger
to tear you apart.
Let someone help you to
heal up your heart.
Try not to detonate
without counting true
all that the bad stuff
the anger can do.
Surely your detonator
can be shut down
if you will seek God
to help you around.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2009

for Apr 4,  2009

Timeless turns over
and becomes what we’re seeing
when found as unique.

Our stages are prepared
as we the actors begin
and find what we should.

Sometime in a day
you will see your yesterday
as regretful times.

Hear as a bird chirps
its little song its singing.
The song’s from within.

Let not your melting
to become just a puddle.
Become the river.

Charades of shadows
seem to act as they’re alive,
yet they’re just shadows.

Some flowers struggle
to be what they’re meant to be,
yet some don’t survive.

Tainted life sculptures
will embark upon embracement
of weathers of time.

Leaves of evergreens
are standing in the white snow
just waiting for spring.

Persuasive people
somehow always have their say,
yet truth is alive.

Do not let judgment
be the hurried sort of path.
Be sure of what’s done.

Wealth as money
is not at all the greatest,
for it can be spent.

Wealth deep inside
is the best of which to have.
It will grow with time.

Find all the blessings
God has given you today
and then be thankful.

Wasted is worry,
for it only brings despair.
Give God your worries.

The shadow of life
in a room full of darkness
will prove God’s alive.

Testing the waters
by just wading ankle deep
might prevent your fall.

The forces of nature
aren’t to be taken lightly.
Respect the weather.

Friends are the flowers
that will blossom as we grow,
yet we must water.

Lives are awaiting
while the ticking time of days
decipher their path.

Awaken yourself
to the beauty of God’s world
by looking around.

Leaves that were falling
made the pathway for winter,
yet they will return.

Clouds there so fluffy
in the skyline up above
seem to form designs.

Sections of mishap
conjoined with our destiny
are pathways we trod.

Winter is melting
leaving puddles here and there
to water the plants.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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