God Takes Care


Hello my friends

I hope you have had a nice weekend and for those of
you that celebrate Easter,  Happy Easter.  I realize that
a lot of you in other countries and cultures,  may not
celebrate the same as us, so I want to wish you a great
day in blessings.  Ok so it’s onwards with this so called
journal hehehe.  The weather up this ways has been
showing signs of spring,  yet snows in our forecast for
tonight and tomorrow.   Oh well!  The snow we have is
melting away slowly.  It looks sort of like a patchwork
quilt outside LOL.  Patches of snow to hither and there.
Yeppers,  even the flies are getting more rambunctious.
During the coldness of winter there are still a few flies
that hang on,  but the cold weather makes em sluggish
hehehe and ya can bounce em around like ping pong
balls or thump em with your finger LOL.  The cold
weather does have its advantages hehehe.  Roaches
hate cold weather LOL,,,,,,So therefore,  no roaches.
I’ve been seeing birds off and on.  The birds are the
very reason we had to buy us a trash can with a good
lid hehehe.  Last winter when the weather started
warming up a bit,  the birds attempted to carry off our
trash before our landlord made it by to pick it up LOL.
Also it seems moose tend to like to search through our
trash hehe.  So I weighted our trashcan down with a
big 30 pound rock and a good trash lid not only to keep
the animals from toppling the can,  but to keep the wind
from blowing it over.  We have a large field in front
of us with no wind breaker and without that big rock
inside holding that can down LOL it would blow into the
very next county hehehe.   Ok enough about our antics
with trashcans hehehe :).  It’s on to yet another topic.
I got my regular glasses back last Monday with new
lens and all,  yet I am still waiting on my PC glasses.
They should be ready this week some time.  I’m really
anxious to see if they help me with my being able to
see my PC monitor and keyboard.  Time will tell :).
Judy is having to work an extra few hours today due
to it being Easter and people wanting to eat out,  so
she may not be home until around 4 o’clock.  I may
just attempt to do my best at editing this mess out
by myself,  so don’t be surprised if there are a few
typo’s LOL.   Yes, I know,  we together miss one or
two typo’s each week,  but today it will just be me :).
Alright,  I guess I’ll tell ya about some of the antics
that went on around here last week LOL.  Monday
of course I got my glasses back,  yet Monday eve
I went to turn on our bedroom light and the switch
shorted out with a fizzle.  I called our landlord and
told him he would need to send the electrician again.
The electrician was just here the week before to fix
the short in a few electrical outlets that seemed to
happen when I plugged in the vacuum cleaner to
do some vacuuming LOL.  It knocked out four
outlets hehehe.  The electrician rewired them and
put in new outlets.  Anyways it seems our bedroom
light switch broke.   Yet instead of our landlord
sending the electrician he came himself to try his
hand at electrical work hehe.  He was doing OK
until he put his METAL SCREWDRIVER into the
box to try and line up the screw holes and ZAP,  it
made all the lights flicker and then knocked out
our Direct TV Satellite LOL.  Soooo I had to call
up Direct TV and see how soon they could get a
repairman out to fix it.  The earliest they could, was
Thursday morning,  so me with my new glasses
still could not watch TV  for a few days hehehehe.
Judy and I popped in a couple of movies and made
the best of it LOL.  The repairman came earlier
than expected Thursday morning and got us fixed
up.  Before he left,  he noticed my conga drums in
the living room and asked me that profound question.
Hey dude,  do ya play the drums?  I told him about
my experience and all and he asked me to play a
little for him.  He freaked and said, I could hardly
keep up with your hands.  He said he plays guitar
and wrote a country song that needed something
and after hearing me,  he said I was that something.
So he’s planning on coming over to play some music
and do a little recording with me hehe.  Hey,  I
made a friend.  God knew I was needing a friend
and knew my passion for music so he sent Greg.
Thanks God.  God takes care of us when we may
not even see His care.  Are you in the midst of a
day of misery?  Take a little time to say a prayer
and talk to God.  You might even find the answer
right in front of your face.  Ok,  with that said I
guess I need to be taking a revisit to that place that
I like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and see what
I can found through all of my rambling to use for
the title for today’s brand new poem.  Soooooo
it’s away I go to that place of recollection,,,,,,,,,!
I believe I found a good title.  Now let’s see what
I can do with it LOL……Here goes nothing!!!!
Yet I hope not hehe 🙂

God Takes Care

When you are worried
about what you see
God takes care of it
if you’ll let it be.
Sometimes we worry
when time is around
that all we’re seeing
are troubles in town.
Yet God takes care us
when we don’t know
what we’re to do then
or where we’re to go.
God gave a handle
to hold on real tight
named as Lord Jesus
to help day and night.
God’s Only Son
will take care of you
as you do daily
the things that you do.
God takes care of us
through His Own Son
and He’ll give guidance
to do what needs done.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 12,  2009

I hope that came out right hehe.  Heaven knows where
some of my thoughts come from LOL.  God has been
using my gift for writing and poetry for years and I have
learned to not ask why or how.  Judy still gets amazed
to see how fast I can write a poem or poems hehehehe.
We were watching Family Feud Friday and I wrote a few
poems as we watched LOL.  Also I sat down yesterday
and began writing haiku and before I knew it I had
I written 21 LOL.  We each have a gift,  yet many don’t
know what theirs is as of yet.  Some people use their
gift every day and are not aware of it.  Oh well,  use
your gift of smiles today to help someone else that is
frowning to find a smile.  Boy,  the wind is sure blowing
outside.  My weather program on my PC says that the
wind is blowing 20 miles an hour with 30 mile an hour
gust.  It hits us pretty heavy with no windbreak LOL.
I guess I need to be hushing now and searching for
ye ole off switch on myself hehe not shorted out of
course LOL,  but before I do,  I will tell ya what I’ve
been telling a bunch of yall and that is I wrote some
more poems and yes yet another Christmas poem as
well as some more haiku of which I spoke of earlier.
With that said,  we hope you have had a wonderful
Easter and hope you have a great week.  Remember
Jesus loves you and we do too.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

Until We Are Gone

People watch stories
that grow in their view
as they see fine print
to turn into true.
Words on our pages
are written to be
the stories our ventures
that give ones to see.
People see glimmers
of words written down,
yet they may sometimes
just look all around.
All of our stories
are typed in our minds
as we go journeys
of time after times.
People will watch us
and see what we do,
but it takes looking
to find what is true.
The stories of people
that we see each day
may be illusions
of time gone astray.
People will look on
as time moves along
and maybe not miss us
until we are gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

Journeys To Change Us

Today is a pathway
that’s opened to be
journeys upon us
to see what we see.
Today finds tomorrow
connected in time
as we together
each search for a sign.
Maybe our searching
is hidden from view
and ones are seeing
what’s really not you.
Today is a pathway
of journeys ahead
that leads to ventures
alive unto dead.
We each have pathways
that only God knows
and He can guide us
where tomorrow goes.
The journeys are endless
as time marches on,
for we are living
even when we are gone.
God holds the pathways
of journeys within
that are the answers
to lead us from sin.
Today and tomorrow
are given to be
journeys to changes us
through our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2009

Pick And Choose

People continue
to do as they will
even when sometimes
they cannot fulfill.
Sometimes the insides
will push ones along
to do in their heart
what they know is wrong.
Sometimes the essence
of internal drive
is all on somedays
that keeps them alive.
Some people keep on
as days move ahead
doing the things
that are inside their heads.
People will sometimes
just do as they’ve done
and maybe realize
that they’ve jumped the gun.
Then in an effort
they might try away
to change what they did
when they hurried that day.
Yet sometimes people
just like you and me
will find the answers
with God as the key.
God provides timeframes
of tools we’re to use
as we continue
to just pick and choose.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 8,  2009

Let Not Your Journey

Days are a journey
with each step we take
doing what we do
and all we partake.
Days are accounted
while we watch away
our footsteps making
our footprints each day.
Looking behind us
we’ll find in the view
the makings of patterns
from here thereunto.
Days are a journey
that we must assume
and do the best then
to better attune.
For if our journey
is not in accord,
then we may find it’s
not from our Lord.
We need to harness
the love that God shows
and make it daily
to always expose.
Let not your journey
to fall in detail
such as ones always
just headed to Hell.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

To Water The Earth

I found a white cloud
floating on by
carrying raindrops
up in the sky
and this small white cloud
was soon growing large
gathering raindrops
that could float a barge.
Soon it was raining
and the white cloud I saw
was then much larger
and filled me with awe.
I tasted raindrops
as they came to me
while I just watched as
if it were TV.
The channel grew dark
as the clouds made their scene
watering all that
would one day be green
and also flowers
would take in a sip
from all the raindrops
of drip after drip.
I found a white cloud
that somehow turned great
as it gave springtime
the nourishment plate.
Dished out as raindrops
with puddles all found
to water the earth
as it soaks in the ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Hard To Behold

The season’s calling
with words that are found
seeming to be ones
without not a sound.
The season’s speaking
in phrases or so
of which I surely
do not truly know.
Springtime is faintly
showing its face
here in New England
with just a slight trace.
Snow is still outside
yet melting away
as it is snowing
again now today.
The temperature’s rising
and soon I will see
maybe some springtime
of a mere slight degree.
Yet nights are freezing
and still oh so cold
leaving the springtime
real hard to behold.
So I’ll continue
to dream as I will
for all the seasons
to come and fulfill.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

A Minute in Pause

Tempting an action
requires some thought
to think about truly
what you should not.
Tempting your effort
with wanna won’t wait
may bring you trouble
you won’t anticipate.
Don’t be a tempter
tempting your mind
with what that right now
needs not in time.
Tempting an action
needs you to know
where that your action
may lead to go.
So don’t just tempt time
without good cause.
Think about your effort
a minute in pause.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Leave Time For Good Times

Yesterdays feelings
in today and tomorrow
don’t have room for
yesterdays sorrow.
Leave all your sadness
as times that you know
left in the yesterdays
of long ago.
If you hold sadness
as times burning ember
you may find that is all
that you remember.
Yesterdays feelings
need nurtured yet found
as just a bad time
that came around.
Leave time for good times
to live in today
and leave the sadness
in times yesterday.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

Miracles of Dreaming

I find I’m dreaming
of winters delight
as I remember
each Christmas time night.
I seem to harness
the thoughts deep within
of all the Christmases
that did begin.
Dreams of the mornings
of snow covered hills
painting the seasons with
Christmastime thrill.
Joyfully dreaming now
I see real clear
the essence of Christmastime
soon to be here.
I find the minutes
and hours ahead
as all the dreamlands
snowy white bed.
Laden with blessings
which only can be
that of great Christmastime
I wish to see.
Yet I’m still dreaming
of a seasonal hue
that of which Christmastime
surely comes true.
The dreams are alive
in a wonderful way
as I make Christmastime
my every day.
Alive in my dreaming
with eyes opened wide
I allow Christmastime
always inside.
The dream may become
more real then to be
and maybe you will
then clearly see
that the miracles of dreaming
can bring alive
the essence of Christmas
to always survive.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10, 2009

Seeking For Rhythms

Seen are the fragments
of times winter ways
as I look outside
the coming of days.
Spring is a moment
that winter concludes
seen as the fragments
of time before June.
Passionate feelings
are rhythms in tide
such as the wonders
of eyes opened wide.
Sometimes the pictures
are scented so well
that all the fragments
I can surely smell.
The scenes now arriving
are fragments in time
gathered together
as a seasonal sign.
Fragments of pages
are turned as a book
while I spend each day
with an ongoing look.
Seeking for rhythms
of springtime’s array
as I look onwards now
most every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2009

I wrote this next poem after Judy and I were talking
the other day about how it seems we’ve got a lot of info,
yet through the years we seem to not remember what we
have learned.  We noticed that while watching the game
show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hehehe.

As I Grow Older

I have a lot of info
that I’ve learned so true,
yet I seem to not remember
what it’s connected to.
My memory is jumbled
as my age has grown
and it seems that I’ve confused
all that I have known.
Growing old is funny
with its timeless ways
as it seems that I confuse
what’s learned in distant days.
I have a lot of info
that my time has brought to me,
yet I tend to just confuse
the times in history.
Even things so recent
such as yesterday
seems to be things I’ve learned
that just drift away.
So now as I grow older
I will write things down
so that I’ll remember them
the next time they come round.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2009

for Apr 11, 2009

Waiting and hoping
ones watch as their life goes by.
Continue your life.

Many reunions
are the memories inside
that keep us alive.

Search for tomorrow
as you continue today.
Tomorrow will come.

A river will flow
as a mind that is drifting.
It will twist and turn.

Windows of vengeance
need to not be looked upon.
Look through forgiveness.

A pathway to walk
is a journey of our choice.
Choose right your footing.

An instance is found
with beginnings and endings
connected in time.

Eyes that are looking
for the yes or no they want
will maybe find wrong.

Anticipating time
can be a long dusty road
that leads to nowhere.

Leaves that are falling
are the beginning of time
from death to living.

One day at a time
all the scenes will be changing,
yet we may be blind.

Look now with passion
at the blessings God’s given.
He gave them with love.

Doorways and windows
sometimes need a little grease
so to open and shut.

Takers of heartbeats
are the ones that are greedy
and seeking what’s yours.

Learn from yesterday
the things not to do today.
Let the lessons live.

A ticking wall clock
is the sound in a dark room
if all else is quiet.

Take time to journey
through the experiences of life,
yet use good judgment.

Little are problems
speculations represent.
Big are what you see.

The clearer the view
means the more you might worry.
Sometimes blind is best.

The fragrance of dew
is the scent of a blessing
as drops of water.

Take on your troubles
and don’t let them get you down.
Use the sword of God.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 11,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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