Hello my friends

How was your weekend?  Mine’s not much of a change for
being every day seems to look as the same when I am home
all the time LOL.  Could be worse I guess.  I could be lost
out at sea LOL!  Well, this last week has been a good one.
I talked to my granddaughter Sami yesterday. My daughter
and her hubby Wil took Sami to Disney World and were
leaving there yesterday eve (Saturday).  I told Sami that I
was jealous.  The last time I was ever at Disney anything
it was in the 60’s about a year or so after they had finished
building the Disney Land in California.  Disney World was
not even thought of yet LOL.  The rides were how shall I say
very simple compared to the rides they have there today.
I asked Sami if she visited It’s A Small World or the Tiki
Hut and she said no.  I reckon she was too busy with all of
the other more exciting rides LOL.  Other than talking to
my granddaughter,  I spent a little time in my writing world.
That seems to be where I end up often LOL.  Judy watched
a movie in the living room while I wrote poetry.  Later we
played a hidden object game called Miss Teri Tale hehehe.
We like to play all kinds of hidden object games.  It keeps
us on our toes, yet I’m not too good at the games being with
only one eye and color blind LOL.  The colors blue and green
tend to give me havoc.  It don’t matter!  We still have fun
spending time together playing the games.  We love to watch
game shows also.  I think Match Game and Let’s Make A
Deal are our favorites hehehe LOL,  even if they are as old
as the hills hehehe.  Yeppers,  we like the simple stuff.  Can’t
afford the expensive stuff and to be quite honest,  we don’t
want it LOL.  How many rich people do you actually see
happy hehehe.  You always hear of them committing suicide
and getting divorces due to money issues and what not.
It proves,  money cannot buy happiness.  You can fake it for
a while,  but the misery is sure to return with a price tag.
The weather up this ways is getting warmer,  yet at a very
ssssssssslow rate.  We may have a day or two in the 60’s
this week :).  Yea,  spring time LOL!  OK,  it ain’t quite
what many would ascertain as spring time, but it’s the best
we’ve got at the moment hehe.  The snow is almost gone
from our view.  It will return for sure.  When it does,  I
will be waiting with my camera in hand to welcome it.  I do
love snow,  yet I like the other seasons too and too much
of anything isn’t good.  Under many circumstances,  we
love summer just as much as winter,  just in a different
perspective LOL.  I hate those black flies and noseeums.
They bite and they hurt and, ya can’t see to swat em LOL!
Yet,  summer does awaken much to see and photograph.
This world is a wonderful place,  yet so many fail to even
try to see its beauty.  Take time out today or tomorrow
to look at the beauty that God has given.  He has flavored
our surroundings with many tasty morsels for our eyes
to view upon.  Taste with your eyes all the wonders of the
world as you would taste a bowl of ice cream.  The flavors
are all so unique in the world.  We’ve so many different
sights to see,  that many times are in our own back yards.
Look for the smallest of God’s creations and admire His
handiwork.  Ok it’s gotten to that time of which I need
to be taking my little visit to that place of recollection
through passed things said,  to that place that I like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  So it’s away I go like a flash,  or
maybe just a flicker hehe.  I think I may have found a good
title to use for today’s brand new poem,  yet the proof is in
the pudding :).  Here goes!!!!!!!


Take notion to breathe in
the sights that you see
and taste them like pudding
the things that are free.
God’s given scenery
from here there abound
flavored and textured
with true sight and sound.
Let your eyes taste buds
to flourish each view
such as the dawning
of the sweet morning dew.
Take in the essence
of this wonderful world
and let your taste buds
to be then unfurled.
Take notion to breathe in
what God’s given free
and enjoy the sights that
you smell, taste and see.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 19,  2009

Ok so it may not be one of my best poems LOL,  but I tried!
I just a bit a go took some pictures outside our front door and
panned them vertically to use in today’s stationary,  so for those
of you receiving this in the stationary format,  the pictures will
begin at April 13th and end at April 19th (today).  It shows how
the seasons are changing up this way LOL.  Yes the snow is
almost all gone,  yet we still have some ice in back of our house
where the sun don’t shine LOL.  Otherwise it’s looking like it
may be time for summer to awaken.  Short lived as always I
am sure, but none the less awakened hehehe.  I guess I need to
be finding that old off switch on myself so I can say farewell,
but before I do that I will tell ya what I tell ya always hehehe
and that is, I wrote some more poems.  I didn’t write anymore
Christmas poems though.  I did though write some more haiku
for my haiku lovers out there.  I hope some or all of them touch
you in some way.  OK,  with that said,  have a wonderful week
and remember Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,  where is
that off switch hiding at this week………There it is hehehehehe,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems.

To Witlessly Chime

Wits ending fashion
leaves voices out loud
saying what later
may not be so proud.
When in the midst of
a turbulent flame
things may be thought up
from time and again.
Wits ending patterns
are flavored with red
just as a bull sees
when something’s ahead.
Don’t let the moment
to witlessly chime
all of the things that
you might change your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Then When Wintertime

Spring has uncovered
the blossoms of time
displaying slowly
a flowers design.
Spring is surrounding
the daydreamers dream
with the beginning
of a wonderful scene.
It seems as fairytales
coming to view
as spring unleashes
the sweet morning dew.
Spring has uncovered
a page to be read
laid out as journals
with everything said.
Word after word
as springtime arrives
it tells the story
how its time survives.
All through wintertime
many seeds lay
awaiting the arrival
of April and May.
Then when wintertime’s
snow melts from view,
it’s time for springtime
to start as a new.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Then When Wintertime

Spring has uncovered
the blossoms of time
displaying slowly
a flowers design.
Spring is surrounding
the daydreamers dream
with the beginning
of a wonderful scene.
It seems as fairytales
coming to view
as spring unleashes
the sweet morning dew.
Spring has uncovered
a page to be read
laid out as journals
with everything said.
Word after word
as springtime arrives
it tells the story
how its time survives.
All through wintertime
many seeds lay
awaiting the arrival
of April and May.
Then when wintertime’s
snow melts from view,
it’s time for springtime
to start as a new.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Bonding Our Pictures

Time is a picture
that many can’t see,
because it is standing
in a too close degree.
Sometimes the picture
will clear up for you
if you will stand back
and then take a view.
Time can mislead us
if we just see paint
in the times picture
of can do and can’t.
Let God to show you
the right way to see
so you don’t repeat
the same history.
Time is a picture
with red, blue and green
gathered together
to create each scene.
Bonding our pictures
of learning delight,
we can with God’s help
find what that is right.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17, 2009

Because of The Answers

Staring at tunnels
in search of a light,
many will watch on
in search of a sight.
Maybe some answers
or maybe a clue
what that the moment
is written to do.
Staring at tunnels
so many find out,
that there’s a train
on a troublesome route.
So many tunnels
are waited to find
a little of peaceful
to clear up their mind.
If you are waiting
with tunnels to view,
take a little time
and ask God to help you.
Then all the tunnels
might not seem so grim,
because of the answers
that were given from Him.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Just of The Night

Night brings shadows
of things we see
and they may scare
both you and me.
The shadows of night
are not clearly seen
and so many fear
what night shadows mean.
The shadows so dark
in nighttimes charade
are just the pictures
the lack of light made.
Night brings shadows
of things that move
and we imagine
what fits in the groove.
The shadows of night
are not any more
than just mere pictures
of scenery’s score.
Yet different settings
of lesser of light
the shadows so dark
are just of the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Before You Judge Me

People see different
and don’t understand
how that so many
can ever withstand.
People watch daily
and judge as they view
the likes of the standing
of things that ones do.
People see different
so don’t be so fast
to judge someone cruelly
by what was their past.
People are people
and sometimes look strange
when in a moment
they’re trying to change.
People see different
and some very odd,
but truly we need
to give it to God.
Let God to help you
to view ones you see
in better lighting
before you judge me.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2009

Inside of The Mind

Within perception
a sight is found
maybe a little bit
lesser than sound.
Sometimes the viewers
see what’s untrue
within perception
of all that they view.
Let your perception
to learn how to see
what that is truly
in them and me.
Within perception
a second can pass
and seem as hours
of time going fast.
It’s our perception
of all that is viewed
that makes us sometimes
a bit misconstrued.
Let your perception
to learn how to find
what that is truly
inside of the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Hard Times

Trials of a struggler
push on each day
while they’re perplexing
in every which way.
Sometimes a struggler
found in our view
will maybe know not
where to go to.
Yet they’ll continue
to struggle along
alone without Jesus
until they are gone,
but if you greet them
and give them your view,
they may just cease their
struggle thereto.
Tell of the blessings
that Jesus provides
and maybe they’ll have
decisions arise.
Deciding to let God
to take on their load
and make their struggling
much less down the road.
Though let the struggler
to know this my friend,
that they will still have
hard times till the end.
God will be with them
through Jesus His Son,
to help them in turnstiles
before they’ve begun.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

We Make The Pictures

Picturesque paintings
of heartbeats a pounding
give the descriptions
of times they’re surrounding.
Heartbeats of people
with essence of signs
such as some picturesque
daily designs.
Wondering portholes
from deep down inside
make as the footprints
to a life changing ride.
Seen as the pictures
of a scenic detail
we are the heartbeats
each daily set sail.
Picturesque paintings
alive day to day
are us in moments
just striding our way.
Doing what we do
in our given style,
we make the pictures
with mile after mile.
Sometimes with frowning
and sometimes with glee,
we paint the pictures
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Heaven’s Design

Lives are God given
and flavored with dreams,
yet many times
it’s not what it seems.
Sometimes our loved ones
might be impaired
left with the feelings
that nobody cared,
so we need let them
to know surely true
that they have someone’s
friendship through you.
Always remember
that Jesus God’s Son
loves us each so much
more than anyone.
So if you’re feeling
that your life’s at end,
remember that Jesus Christ
you can depend.
Life and death enters
with patches of time
blessed with the making
of Heavens design.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Our Jungle

Time in a jungle
is found in a path
as every footstep
is same as the last.
We make the circles
connecting the view,
time in a jungle
from here thereunto.
The jungle is daily
as footsteps are trod
in the vast jungle
of even and odd.
Time in a jungle
is found in a place
where there may be just
yet but a trace.
The jungle is rhythm
of heartbeats alive
where many struggle
to daily survive.
We make the footsteps
and leave in our wake
sometimes just too much
pain to partake.
Let’s clean our jungle
that we’ve daily trod
with a little help
from Jesus Lord God.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Where Are The Blessings?

Where are the blessings
when storms are amiss
and why is there so much
pain on the list?
Storms bring us lessons
to learn how to see
and if we were stormless
we’d not find the key.
Sometimes the storm clouds
are needed to rain
even if sometimes
we only complain.
The lessons from nature
are taught as we go
and if without them
we never would know.
Where are the blessings
when storms are amiss?
They are with angels
that fill up the list.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

Open A Window

Open a window
and let Jesus in,
then you’ll see wonders
to surely begin.
Open your mind up
to how He can guide
as you let daily
Lord Jesus inside.
Open the door up
and then walk on through
to all the blessings
that God has for you.
Open a window
and don’t be afraid.
Let Jesus help you
through messes you’ve made.
Open a window
and see then brand new,
how that Lord Jesus
can daily help you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

for Apr 18,  2009

Night dreams and daydreams
are the fuel to empower
when troubles are near.

Tempted by problems
we may seek the directions
that we need not seek.

Lives as the branches
are the trees reaching outwards
connecting in time.

Where there’s a moment
there’s also a place in time
for good to be done.

Trivial people
pay way too much attention
to things that are small.

An oak trees acorn
is the food for a squirrel,
but pain to step on.

Similar actions
in similar directions
may be different.

Where there’s a problem,
an answer also exists,
yet we must discern.

Place to place people
in a hurried type journey
might end with despair.

Too many tarry
with importance far behind.
Don’t dally with time.

A window jumper
needs think twice before jumping.
Life is worth living.

Leftover sunshine
with its last ounce of beaming
can still make the day.

Winter has moments,
yet summertime must enter
to complete the year.

A mere description
of a flower that’s blooming
is spring come alive.

This fine universe
is the bedding for our hearts
that waters our souls.

Blessings we query
are the ones maybe hidden
awaiting to be.

The giver of love
and the forgiver of sin
is Jesus our Lord.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 18,  2009

God bless from Bill and Judy.

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