The Middle Part


Hello my friends

Last week was fairly nice as was this weekend.  Milo had
a spell of bad health this week,  but he’s doing much better
after us taking him to the vet and her giving us some meds
to give him.  Yep,  Milo is back to his old self.  I think his
arthritis was giving him a bad time.  It gives me a bad time
every day :).  Like father like son hehehe.  We ain’t getting
any younger hehehe.  I’ll be 58 next Sunday and Milo will
be 10 years old Oct 31 (Halloween) and he’ll be just about
56 years old for his breed in human years which is 2 years
younger than me.  So he has a right to have a few aches and
pains hehehe,  but his little brother Benny turned 3 years
old last July which is around 30 years old for his breed mix
in human years.  He still acts like a pup hehehe.  They do
love each other.  Benny was worried about his brother this
week when Milo wasn’t feeling well.  You could see it in
his eyes.  But,  we got Milo to the vet and he’s back to his
old self now.  Sheesh,  the cost of a vet bill is more than
a freaking doctor LOL.  It costs us $140 dollars just for
that visit and of course the medicine she gave us for him
to take.  That’s life,  but we’re relieved to have our little
Milo back to his old self no matter the cost.  You can’t
put a price on love.  I’m just glad we had enough money
to pay the bill hehehe.  We pooled our cash together and
managed to pay it LOL.  Judy’s over at her sisters house
again today taking care of her mother while Trudy goes
to work.  Benny and Milo are here with me for another
Sunday guy day hehehe.  After I finish writing,  I think
we’re gonna take a little field trip outside and get some
exercise.  I might decide to do it before I finish hehehe,
who knows.  Benny goes ecstatic when I let him run
wild in the field hehehe.  He only goes out there,  when
we’re with him.  He knows better than to go out there
without us the same as Milo.  I imagine when it starts
snowing and all,  I’ll have to dig us some little trails
to go walking in hehehe.  I did last year,  but not as
many trails as I am wanting to do this year if I’m able.
Last winter I had to go outside and dig them a few
potty trails so they could get away from the house to
go and do their business hehehe.  This year I want to
shovel us a little walking trail so we can still go for
walks.  It’s hard for their short little legs to maneuver
the deep snow hehehe.  Benny though gives it a try.
He jumps through the snow like a little rabbit hehehe.
Milo will try to bulldoze his way through,  but often it
doesn’t work hehehe.  Winter’s not too far away and
we’re trying to get ready for it,  by putting a hundred
dollars on heating oil every month,  so that when we
need it,  it’s paid for.  Of course,  we might still run
out before winter is over just as we have in previous
winters,  but we have our little radiator heaters that
pull us through if it’s not too bad.  Benny’s our little
snow dog.  He simply loves the snow LOL.  It’s hard
to get him to come inside when there’s snow on the
ground.  Anyways,  that season is yet to come,  for
we still have a small amount of summer to go through
and then a smaller bit of fall.  Milo is lying down in
the floor right beside me.  Benny is in our spare room
lying on the futon guarding that end of the house LOL.
Today’s supposed to get up to 80 F degrees,  but time
will tell.  Right now at 12 noon it’s 77 F degrees and
partly sunny or partly cloudy.  Whichever hehehe :)!
By the middle part of the week the temperature is
supposed to start dropping again to the mid 60’s or
thereabouts.  I think I’m gonna stop here and take
the boys out for a walk.  I’ll be back (in the best
Arnold Schwarzenegger impression I can do) hehehe.
We’re back!  I just gave Milo his medicine and he’s
done for the day.  Now it’s back to writing.  It was
a little warm outside hehehe,  but not too bad.  The
boys got a good walk.  Though in Benny’s case RUN.
I even got me a little exercise.  It’s good for all of
us.  It’s 79 F degrees now at 12:30 PM,  so it might
make it to 80 degrees if it keeps pushing.  Judy made
some Velveeta macaroni last night and I think today
before she gets home,  I’m going to cook up some
hamburger meat to mix in with it along with maybe
some catsup.  I’m not a fan of Velveeta hehehehe.
She asked me if I wanted to do that last night,  but I
wasn’t in the mood to cook hamburger meat being it
was getting late.  No matter,  I’ll do it in a bit.  LOL
I think Milo misses mom.  Judy should be home in
a few hours Milo.  try to find something to do in the
mean time.   Hehehe like he understands anything
I’m saying.  But they do understand,  wanna go for
a ride LOL.  Benny goes ballistic and is bouncing
around the room just screaming/whining when those
five words are mentioned hehehe.  Milo shows us
in his own little calm way,  by wagging his tail and
by most times being the first one out the door and
in the car hehehe.  Benny has FINALLY after him
watching Milo for a few months figured out how to
get in the car.  We kept waiting for him to notice
that Milo always jumps in the floorboard and then
up into the back seat.  Benny kept trying to jump
from the ground up the the seat which in our new
car is quite a distance higher than it was in our
little red Mazda :).  A couple of weeks ago we
bought a Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet vacuum and
the belt snapped on it yesterday when I was using
it LOL.  So,  I went to the Eureka site and found
the belt and it cost $3.50 or thereabouts,  but the
shipping cost 7 dollars LOL.  So when we have
some money again,  by the 3rd of September,  I’ll
buy a couple of the belts.  If the shipping is gonna
cost that much then make it worth my while I always
say hehehe.  Plus if the belt snaps again,  I’ll have
a replacement belt already,  but hopefully it last
at least a little longer than for two uses hehehehe.
We still have our old Bissell upright vac,  but it
doesn’t do dog hair too well.  Though Milo doesn’t
shed,  but Benny leaves little clumps of hair here
and there that look like cotton hehehe.  I think
it’s the Pekinese in him.  He’s half Pekinese and
half poodle which makes him a Peekapoo hehehe.
Milo’s a Lhasa Apso which is a breed that doesn’t
shed.  They may be different breeds and 7 years
difference in their ages,  but they act like they’re
brothers and they truly love one another.  Milo
will often go looking for Benny if he hasn’t seen
him for a bit.  If Milo went outside and Benny
went out with him,  but didn’t come back inside
when he did,  he will go scratching at the door
in here and pacing around in worry until we go
and let Benny back in.  Of course Benny isn’t
always ready to come back inside,  so we will
holler FOOD and he’ll come a running hehehe.
Yep,  they’re silly.  Judy’s youngest daughter is
moving back up here from southern Maine today.
Then we’ll get to see her more often along with
seeing her son and Mandy’s kids (our grandkids)
more often.  Mandy,  Judy’s oldest moved down
here from Northern Maine about a month ago
or so.  We always enjoy seeing the kids.  There’s
not much else going on up this ways.  Just the
same old same old.  Life up in these parts is sort
of quiet,  being we live out in the boonies hehehe.
Judy and I enjoy watching all of our favorite TV
programs together.  We might be poor money
wise,  but we’re rich in our blessings.  God has
kept His Mighty Hands upon us and given us
all that we need.  We do from time get a little
more than we need,  for God is good.  Only He
knows what’s best.  I thank God for giving me
such a wonderful life up here with Judy and the
boys.  I do though miss my family and friends
down south,  but God is always doing what He
knows is best for me.  Sometimes just allowing
me to experience my own self will run ragged,
because He knows lessons will come from it.
It’s my choice,  whether or not I decide to use
those lessons or to continue to make the same
mistakes.  LOL I almost rolled backwards,  but
fortunately for Milo,  I looked first hehehehe.
He’s lying right behind me on a leg of my chair.
Boy he’s trusting or brave LOL!  So I reckon
I need to be ceasing my rambling here and begin
my search back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that lil place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a good title just a bit back in my
rambling and now after checking, I see that it
has not been used yet,  so here goes nothing :),
but I freaking hope not LOL.

The Middle Part

From here to there
of timeless travel
the middle part
will then unravel.
Showing pathways
there and to
where so many
winds have blew.
For beginning
journeys onward
the middle part
will climb aboard.
Leaving lessons
to attain
the middle part
might seem insane.
Yet of course those
times we’ve seen
might be nightmares
changed to dream.
For the middle part
gathers miles
then to there
as life compiles.
God gives blessings
from the start
to the end
and the middle part.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 24,  2014

LOL,  I know,  the poem’s not that great,  but hey,  you
give it a shot and see what you come up with hehehehe.
I hope my rambling didn’t put you to sleep and you at
least understood the poem to a degree :).  I always write
what words come at that moment.   I never have a clue
of what I am really writing about.  It’s called automatic
writing.  Though often when I’m trying to write a specific
poem,  I will have to stop and think about it for a few
minutes.  It’s one of God’s gifts to me that I share with
you.  You might have a special gift from God that you
are unaware of at this point and time.  Some peoples
gifts don’t expose themselves until they are ready to
use them be it age,  maturity or timeframe in life.  Let
God guide you as you choose your pathways.  He will
give you signs of the wrong directions,  but often our
self will plays the culprit in getting us in places that we
don’t need to be.  That old WANNA FACTOR is a
a demon in all of us.  It’s one we need to take control
of and make better decisions.  Now,  before I begin
rambling again hehehe,  I need to tell you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with one of them
being another Christmas poem and one about Judy and
I.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you find one or two of either or both
that you like and carry with you in life.  Now,  I believe
I need to be searching for that dad burned off switch
that’s not so great at hiding hehehe,  but not before
wish you a most wonderful weekend and a blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Ok,  where are ya hiding ya silly off switch????
I see ya you ornery thing.  You made a slight mistake
didn’t ya hehehe!  Climbing in my orange juice glass
became your folly as I can now see you holding on
for dear life to the edge of the glass.  Ok so out ya go.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Oh yea,  my friend Jimmy Martin in Oregon
passed away Friday the 15th.  I didn’t find out until
a few days ago.  I’ll sure miss his emails.  He was
a very sweet guy and was a good friend of ours for
many years.  I’ll see you in Heaven when my time
comes to join you.  Come and visit us anytime.  You
are no longer confined by flesh and blood and you
are welcome in our home.  We love you Jimmy :).

P.S. yet again 🙂 on a happier note
The brown dog under the table in the pictures
is our granddaughters dog named Peanut.
She looks a bit like Milo and Benny huh!
Of course,   you won’t see it if you’re not
receiving my stationery email hehehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

When Shadows Fade

As time moves onwards
and memories fail
the shadows of pictures
lose their detail.
As doorways we’ve entered
become just a phase
we might just recall them
as our learning days.
Temporal seasons
that one day has seen
might just become as
a momentous dream.
All of the windows
that we have looked through
might now be shadows
not found in our view.
Often our choices
of bad lemonade
in time are better then
when shadows fade.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Tomorrows Yesterdays

Now as today is
found here in view
tomorrow has not yet
really come true.
Changes from stages
we have yet seen
might be reverting
as life’s running stream.
Tomorrows yesterdays
change as we go
for when we get there
they might shrink or grow.
So if you’re worrying
about everything,
try to remember
what changes can bring.
Tomorrows yesterdays
seen now today
might just be worry’s that
don’t come in play.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Falling Through Time

Journeys we’ve hurried
might become bad
for we might find them
better not had.
Time displays things
that we shouldn’t do
yet in a hurry
we fell right through.
Falling through time
with footprints we made
we might just find
our life to degrade.
While seeing every
thing that we’ve done
falling through time
might show bad begun.
Don’t let your falling
to proceed that way.
Let God to help you
with your every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

When In Fear

If your worries
learn through God to
let them go.
When in fear of
time yet seen
find some peaceful
God cuisine.
Let not worries
grow so large
that they one day
just take charge.
Find the lessons
growing strong
showing right ways
from the wrong.
Time has ways of
showing you
what that you are
needing do.
Lessons from nows
might just be now
when in fear.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Forever Love

Two hearts beating
become one
sounding as a
God filled drum.
Forever love
in streams of time
float on as a
heartfelt rhyme.
Forever found
is so sweet
Heaven’s blessings
none compete.
Forever love
is greater true
when it’s always
found with you.
Not allowing
weathered hearts
to become as
falling parts.
Forever love
is found forgave
still with love
for future days.
Finding heartbeats
two as one
beating love of
seasons sun,

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Sweet Return

Summer comes
and summer goes
then comes fall
with wind that blows.
Autumns colors
paint each day
then those leaves
are blown away.
After fall
comes wintertime
showing seasons
white sublime.
All the snowflakes
land in place
painting up
the Earthly face.
Then comes spring
as flowers bloom
April,  May
and into June.
Summers doorway
knobs will turn
giving us its
sweet return.
Many swimming
in the waves
of the coming
summers days
The sweet return
turns sour true
when the heat waves
then burn you.
Then it starts
as times attain
fall then winter
with spring rain.
The sweet return
of each day found
soon is weathered
time around.
For they each have
their own time
sweet return
of scenic sign
and we soon will
wish away
what we loved once
day by day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Sounds You Hear

The dark of night
holds many things
sounds we hear
as running streams.
Sometimes sounds
are found unknown
yet in time
they’ve somehow grown.
The things beyond
our vision clear
might transpose to
sounds we hear.
While not knowing
what that’s heard
we might fear
a little bird.
The dark of night
makes many see
things that aren’t
surely thrive
making sounds
to come alive.
Don’t let darkness
bring you fear.
Find the truth in
sounds you hear

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Wintertime’s Romance

The first seasons snowflakes
all fall from the sky
floating so gracefully
seeming to fly.
The wintertime’s romance
brings mounds of white snow
found in our doorways
seen to and fro.
It seems so magical
as it’s displayed
when Christmas comes
with a snowman that’s made.
A snow angel also
with wings oh so white
in Christmas snow
on a magical night.
Thoughts of dear Jesus
and Santa Claus too
become our foresight
of blessings so true.
Then in the midst of
the seasons attire
there are so many
found warm by a fire.
Watching and waiting
for joys song and dance
found within Christmas
wintertime’s romance.
The glimmers of peaceful
come over the land
while Christmas reminds of
The One oh so grand.
Wintertime’s romance
is greatest to view
when it has Christmastime
living in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Icicles Melt

Cold hearted people
will try to ignore
ones that are knocking
for help on their door.
Cold as icicles
just growing longer
some of them seem as
just growing stronger.
Yet surely prayer can
one day be found
icicles melting
their hearts all around.
It takes some patience
with timeless detail
to melt the hearts
that once were in Hell.
Yet,  surely God’s love
through knees found knelt
can make cold hearted ones
icicles melt.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Inner Ocean

With ocean waves
of hearts desires
the captions found
as one admires.
The inner ocean
deep and blue
holds the thoughts
of me and you.
With each wave
of timeless notion
there are thoughts
in inner ocean.
Deep with swells
of dreams and more
found upon
the oceans shore.
The inner ocean
thrives with peace
found through love
of God’s release.
Scenes transfixing
in the waves
the inner ocean
then displays.
Sights and sounds
that sway around
the inner ocean
comes aground.
Bringing dreams
within the waves
of you and me.
Each interaction
shows so true
the inner ocean
sea of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

for Aug 23,  2014

The passing of time
reveals misunderstandings
that later perceives.

Looking for answers
might pose a few more questions
instead of answers.

Morning finds many
with some leftover anger
they should of released.

Patterns are gateways
that many will keep using
even if they’re bad.

The length of minutes
is deduced by a person
and how good they wait.

So many shadows
are often found as objects
that are not alive.

Teaching a person
needs for them to want to learn
or it’s just a waste.

Losing perspective
on life that is before you
could cause your demise.

Wintertime’s windows
open up as autumn leaves
soon after summer.

Releasing anger
needs a healthy passageway
so not to explode.

Beyond what is seen
are things taken for granted
that could bring us smiles.

Flying through the air
a hummingbird flaps its wings
so small,  but can fly.

Seeing’s believing,
though true faith without seeing
brings God much closer.

Sunshine of summer
brings heat waves sometimes burning
that often leaves scars.

Ice crystals forming
on wintertime’s discernment
makes many feel cold.

The look of hatred
becomes a real ugly book
with pages ripped up.

God’s love’s unending,
but so many deny Him
by turning away.

Not knowing the truth
will often leave you with lies
that you have been told.

Finding butterflies
in the midst of summertime
makes the days brighter.

Searching for heartbeats
where there is only darkness
might produce sadness.

Today marks a time
that yesterday forecasted
maybe a bit wrong.

Sparkling dewdrops
give way to the days sunshine
as morning is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

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