A Comforting Feeling


Hello my friends

It’s been another week gone by and time for the return
of my ramblings and poetry LOL.  How have you been?
Judy and I have been doing fairly well.  The weather has
been sort of rainy.  Today’s high is supposed to be 60 F
degrees.  Right now it’s 58 F degrees at 12 noon.  Judy
is back at her sisters house taking care of her mother
as she does every Sunday.  Me and the boys are doing
as always hehehe,  just hanging loose.  They’ve gotten
used to her leaving every Sunday.  Benny doesn’t even
raise a fuss anymore and Milo just stays in his famous
sleep mode LOL.  Judy,  I and the boys have been taking
semi daily walks in the field for exercise.  It’s good for
us,  but the boys needed to get out and run wild a little.
Of course,  Milo just walked wild hehehe.  He only runs
for a brief.  Benny on the other hand has a blast darting
from here to there as he goes investigating.  Me and the
boys went out yesterday,  but being mom (Judy) wasn’t
with us then,  Milo kept trying to run back to the house
and I had to keep running to catch him.  I ended up with
having to put a leash on him and make him come out,  but
soon mom (Judy) came out and he was ready to walk with
us without the leash.  He loves his mom :).  I think he
just puts up with me hehehe.  Naw,  I know he loves me,
but he wanted both of us out there.  Benny was thrilled
to just be able to romp about in the field.  He doesn’t do
it if neither of us is with him.  He knows that he’s not
allowed to,  but when I head out there and say come on,
he’s struck with a state of ecstatic puppy bliss :).  Milo
though would rather just stay inside,  but he needs some
exercise which he doesn’t get while indoors hehehehe.
We carry our cameras along so we can get a few good
pictures as well as a few videos of the boys at play.  Yep,
we’re enjoying summer as it slowly fades away and yes
it seems to be coming to an end as each day goes by.
Tomorrows high is supposed to be 68 F degrees and
then the rest of the week in the low to mid 70’s which
is great in my book :).  I find myself getting antsy for
the first snowflakes after fall.  Also Judy and I always
try to set out on a road trip to take pictures of the fall
colors when they begin.  It’s always beautiful,  but that’s
still a couple of months away.  It’s 1 PM now and it’s 60
degrees with a rainy look and feel.  It’s not near what
I remember from the Texas summers that I have lived
through.  Yep,  it’s quite a change.  The hottest month
up here is July,  which we never saw much near 90 F
and that was just a couple of weeks.  People still keep
on asking me,  do ya miss Texas?  Yes of course.  I’m
a Texan,  but I don’t miss the heat.  I miss my family
and friends,  but at least we have internet and a long
distance telephone service.  Back in the olden days
if you lived just 20 miles away or more you would
not see the family except while taking a long wagon
ride.  You would send mail either pony express or by
telegraph.  So,  you see,  we’ve got it much better
than that.  Even now from the 80’s and 90’s we have
long distance telephone service that doesn’t cost
you by the minute as it did.  I know there are many
of you out there that remember those days well LOL.
When I was 12 and we moved to Wills Point from
Dallas,  we were stuck with a party line because we
were 10 miles out of town.  There was I believe
4 people on our party line,  maybe 5.  We all had
our own ring.  Ours was I think,  2 short rings hehe.
We had a busybody on our party line that loved to
pick up and listen to everybody’s conversations.
Me and some of my friends loved to mess with
her when we could hear her breathing on the line.
We would talk as if we were girls and rattle her
brain and then after a bit say OK you can hang up
now Mrs. Bynum and you could hear her hang up :).
Anyways,  I remember those days very well.  The
past has a way of leaving an imprint in my mind
and I remember it and often laugh out loud LOL.
There were some great times back in my childhood
and there were some times that were not so great.
It’s with that combination that makes life worth
living.  The surprises help to vanquish the boredom.
Of course,  some surprises I could of lived without,
but that’s life hehehe.  Living out in the country as
we did back then helped me to learn about myself
as my poetic side developed stronger.  I found that
I loved nature and enjoyed going exploring through
the woods.  So if you were ever wondering why it is
that many of my poems are about nature,  now you
know hehehe.  I see God’s Handy work in the clouds
above and the wealth of beauty on the Earth.  Trees
swaying in a breeze speak volumes of poetry to me as
do the flowers and other points of beauty.  It seems
that I see poetry everywhere I look.  In the grains
of a piece of wood or a footprint on a sandy shore.
God’s beauty is all around us just awaiting us to
take the time and see it and enjoy.  Far too many
people spend their time focusing on their cellphones
or just looking straight ahead and not having a look
around at what God has given us.  Sometimes the
beauty is hidden in the smallest of things and we
don’t find them important enough to look at,  but
that can maybe one day haunt them,  for some of
the smallest things in life become the greatest to
see.  Don’t let life pass you by without taking the
time to enjoy the small things.  You might find that
those small things will make you much happier by
far.  Yet when problems arise take care of them,
but don’t make mountains out of mole hills.  Life
is way too short to spend your time worrying about
every little thing.  Let God help you with your life.
If you lose a loved one,  remember,  they are not
gone,  but in a different form.  No longer contained
by flesh and blood.  The spirit lives on and they
often watch over us.  I talk to my dad every day
and at times I can feel his presence with me just
smiling big as he used to.  Often I can feel his hand
on my shoulder as I write.  It’s a comforting feeling.
So just remember,  life isn’t over just because the
physical body dies.  It just changes to a different
plane.  I know,  I too get sad at the loss of loved
ones,  mainly because I always want to be able to
call them on the phone or hold their hand,  but I’ve
been raised to know that I will see them again as
my time in this aching body comes to an end and
my life starts a new never ending chapter.  So,
with that said,  I reckon I need to stop rambling
and begin my quest back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title of today’s brand
new poem.  And so it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title and it looks
like I haven’t used it yet,  so I guess I’ll see what
I can do with it.  Here goes nothing hehehe.

A Comforting Feeling

With loss of a loved one
life might seem to fail,
but it’s just perception,
and a change in detail.
A comforting feeling
brings me a big smile
when I think so Heavenly
God all the while.
Sometimes a loved one
will leave us alone,
while not realizing that
their love has grown.
Minutes might prosper
while turning to hours
then unto weeks with
our life’s disempower.
Yet when accepted
and finding God’s Grace
a comforting feeling
will grow on your face.
Learning that loved ones
are still all around
maybe not found in
our sight and our sound.
But with the passing of
loves ventured ways
a comforting feeling
in Heaven displays.
Look for their spirit
within me and you
and let them live on
in the things that you do.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 17,  2014

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you weren’t put to sleep
with my rambling and you enjoyed the poem.  I have
a bit a sad news.  Judy’s nephew died yesterday and
she’s sad.  Put her brother Arty and wife Louise in your
prayers.  Also,  I have not heard from my good friend
Jimmy M in Oregon for a while.  He usually writes me
every week.  The last email I got from him said that the
doctors told him that he had only 4 to 8 weeks to live.
He has pancreas cancer.  Please put him in your prayers
as well.  I will miss him,  but he’ll be able to come and
visit us in his new unconfined form.  We love you Jimmy.
We love you too Arty and Louise.  Ok it’s time to move
off of the sad stuff and onto some other news.  Milo is in
the floor snoring and he sounds like a grizzly bear 🙂
He’s literally vibrating the floor hehehe.  Last night
after letting him out to go potty,  I was coming back
in here and in our dark bedroom he decided to stop
right in front of me and I busted my little toe hehehe.
It bled for most of the night and it’s swollen pretty
good now.  Oh well!  Anyways,  maybe Milo will
learn not to stop in front of me especially when he
is brown and our carpet is brown and the lights are
off LOL.  He probably won’t learn,  but I can dream
can’t I hehehe!?  Ok,  so I guess it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems with 1 of them being a Christmas
poem and another that is about Judy and I hehehe.
Also I wrote once again 22 haiku for all of my haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you find 1 or 2 of either
or both that you like.  Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my search for that not so elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most wonderful
weekend and a blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  So where is that blasted
off switch hiding this time?  Oh for Heaven’s sake,
could you at least pick a hiding spot that is not
clear LOL.  Hiding behind my eyeglass cleaner
would of worked if in fact the bottle wasn’t CLEAR.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Judy said she was gonna stop off and pick us
up something to eat in town before she heads home.
Hmmmmm I wonder what she’s getting us to eat?
Oh yea,  it’s 60 F degrees now and 3 PM 🙂

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Before Today

Tomorrows time
begins at glance
before today
and nows entrance.
So many doors
of now and agin
before today
is like the wind.
Blowing arrays
of choices found
before today
time goes around.
The shadows seen
each day and time
sometimes show
a moments rhyme.
All of the minutes
that now display
began their growth
before today.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

Stormy Days

Minutes thunder
lightning too
stormy days
come into view.
Scenes displaying
sight and sound
stormy days
will come around.
Times partaking
might be seen
as a nightmare
not a dream.
Stormy days
of memories
sometimes seem
as deep blue seas.
Yet some storm clouds
will then cease
surely displaying
a moments peace,
as a rainbow
then displays
after all the
stormy days.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

Left Turns Right

With up and down
then left turns right
as in and out
goes out of sight.
Things we see
in passing days
might seem black
but be just greys.
Left turns right
with minutes found
when confusion
looks around.
Found as hurry
seeks to find
left turns right
from time to time.
Sometimes now
is turned too quick
as left turns right
and makes us sick.
Don’t let moments
make you frown
when they turn you
upside down.
Find the joyful
in the sight
even when then
left turns right.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

Seeking True

Love of life
is sometimes as
minutes seen
to come to pass.
Seeking true
those scenic days
many find some
wondrous ways.
Yet some people
only find
rhythms of a
troubled mind.
When they’re seeking
true their sight
things might go from
wrong to right.
Don’t let sometimes
troubled news
turn your days
to bitter blues.
For when seeking
true some love
let God give
from up above.
Don’t be found as
searching blind.
Seeking true needs
peace of mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

The Bitter Miles

When looking back
on days gone by
the bitter miles
leave how and why.
Stressing viewpoints
time has shown
that then way back
were not known.
The bitter miles
of troubled days
might now have some
learning ways.
From the moments
we’ve been through
the bitter miles might
change their view.
Leaving lessons
found in sight
teaching you what’s
wrong or right.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

As Christmas Comes

While summers heat waves
scorch and burn
the seasons passing
come in turn.
Soon then the summers
rise of fame
Goes right back from
where it came.
Then the autumn
colors bright
decorate each
day and night.
Winter then comes
to unfold
white snow falling
oh so cold.
Winters magic
then becomes
Jesus found
as Christmas comes
Painting in the
hearts of gold
through the stories
that are told.
Christmas lights are
hung in place
bringing smiles
so Jesus laced.
As Christmas comes
the music plays
telling of those
wondrous ways.
So if summer
makes you sad
look to Christmas
and be glad.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

Morning Leaves

Morning comes
soon after night
removing all
it’s starry light.
Morning then
comes into view
sharing it
with me and you.
Morning leaves
as time moves on
leaving shadows
of its dawn.
With while showing
time agin
how our choices
do begin.
Morning leaves
while bringing chance
found as minutes
song and dance.
Morning gives us
ways to choose
better with our
win or lose.
Then as morning
leaves its mark
there are timeframes
to embark.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

When Pages Turn

Our book of life
is often read
wrongly so
with thought you said.
Sometimes people
when pages turn
found not so grand.
Many are reading
what’s not understood
trying to find out
what’s bad or good.
They fail to see
the life written down
not understanding
your sight and sound
Yes oh so often
ones wrongly discern
what that they’re reading
when pages turn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

When Echoes Are Made

A lifetime of repeats
are lessons found laid
found as the stories
when echoes are made.
Learning time prospers
when time finds a clue
then no more clueless
is found within you.
It’s those found ignoring
those echoes of time
that will be found making
a similar crime.
Don’t let the echoes
of how.  where and why
to leave you found empty
with lessons run dry.
When echoes are made
they put forth a glow
teaching us lessons
we’re needing to know.
For without echoes
of yesterdays gone
we have no lessons
to better our dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

Footprints in Sand

On a beach faraway
there are footprints to find
found as a memory
inside of my mind.
Footprints in sand
as a picture time quest
the two of us strolled on
while seeking the best.
Searching for pictures
to capture on film
as we had many times
then and agin.
We often splashed onwards
while walking in waves
with footprints in sand
on those wonderful days.
Now they’re just memories
on a beach I remember
of footprints in sand
as a magical ember.
My thoughts are alive now
with us hand in hand
while walking together
making footprints in sand.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

To Judy Pearce
from Bill Pearce ME 🙂

for Aug 16,  2014

Too many people
look for only the bad times
and don’t see the good.

Loves true description
will get misinterpreted
by desperate ones.

As summer subsides
it will slowly be replaced
by fall and winter.

Nighttime brings starlight
to glitter as decorations
in the sky above.

When a raindrop falls
it’s often joined by others
sometimes in puddles.

Nobodies failures
come without a few lessons,
so let them teach you.

Do your best in life
and regret will not haunt you
for sitting around.

Loss of a loved one
finds many with emptiness,
but spirit lives on.

Viewing a doorway
could bring you much confusion,
for some go nowhere.

A trains railroad tracks
might seem to go forever,
but then not at all.

Unconditioned love
comes no matter what you do,
for it is true love.

Life in the fast lane
can make you grow old quickly
leaving many scars.

Let love find your heart
through the blessings of Jesus
and life will find smiles.

Using poor judgment
on a hurried point and time
could end in despair.

Let a flower bloom
and it will show you great joy.
Pluck,  and it will die.

Many surprises
come as nightmares unwanted,
while others are good.

Beyond our eyesight
is a life that eludes us
that spirits exist.

Looking for starlight
could find you staring upwards
looking at the moon.

Windows of lifestyles
are often covered with dirt
so that you can’t see.

Journeys through mountains
leaves a rollercoaster ride
of destination.

When some clouds blow in
they also might bring some rain
to fall when ready.

Learning from others
makes your lessons easier,
but many don’t try.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 16,  2014

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