Hello my friends

I hope your passed week has been well and your weekend
has not been too stressful.  Judy and I have been doing OK.
Benny and Milo are being ornery as ever LOL.  Milo had to
go to the vet Friday and get his shots.  Now he is up to date
the same as Benny.  The weather has seemed to of calmed
down a little bit up here.  Right now it’s 28 F degrees,  but
this morning it was –8 F degrees.  That’s still not too awful
bad.  The snowing has calmed down for the moment.  I don’t
see much snow for the next few days.  Just a few inches or
so tonight through Monday morning and maybe a little bit
Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.  Time will tell!
Yeppers,  the old snowmaker is taking a breather or so it
seems.  We still have tons of that white stuff outside and
every time we look outside without sunshades we go snow
blind.  Yep,  that’s quite a mirror out there hehehe.  Mister
Sun shines brightly on it :)  Even the moon makes night like
day as it’s light is reflected off of the snow.  On a clear night
who needs a porch light?  Not us hehehe!  We do have to
watch our step as we walk down the steps,  because there
is often ice on them.  especially at the bottom of the steps
where the snow has refroze and turned to ice.  I know :),
you’re saying isn’t snow already ice?  Yes it is,  but in its
snow based flake form,  it isn’t slick to walk on,  but when
it has melted slightly due to the sunlight and then refroze
it becomes that old slick and slippery ice that causes ones
to slip and slide and fall on their butts like I’ve done a few
times hehehe.  I was walking Milo outside the vets office
so he could go potty and he led me to a place that didn’t
look that bad,  but when my feet landed on it I found out
that it was no longer just snow,  but a thin sheet of ice and
my feet went sliding causing me to fall and land flat on my
backside LOL OUCH.  I’m OK,  it’s not the first time that
I have done that.  I might of been wearing my cleats if we
had been at home,  but cleats are real hard on floor mats
so I don’t wear them in the car.  Also if I had been aware
of that slick spot I would have stayed in the snow hehehe.
He apparently did not need to potty.  He was just wanting
to explore.  We were done at the vet and were ready to
head home.  He was just scratching at the car door and
all like he needed to go potty,  but nope.  Just wanted to
look around and watch daddy fall on his butt hehehehe.
Benny and Milo are lying in the floor next to me sound
asleep.  Judy is over at her sister’s house as she is almost
every Sunday taking care of her mom while Judy’s sister
Trudy goes to work.  It actually makes it easy for me to
do my writing hehehe.  When she’s home,  Milo begins
barking at her for treats.  LOL he knows he’ll get yelled
at if he does that to me especially when I am busy,  but
he knows mom will give in and give them both a treat :).
I will if I’m not busy at the moment,  otherwise they will
just have to wait.  They’re good boys, when they want to
be ;).  Ok next topic.  It looks like we will be able to get
our car fixed this month,  of course,  that’s if they don’t
all of the sudden say that it will cost more than they had
estimated.  Then again it will have to wait,  but we are
hoping that we can finally get the driver side door fixed
where we don’t have to open it from the inside hehehe.
That is such a pain.  Yep,  it will be nice to get that fixed.
So what else is there to yammer about?  It looks like it
could snow at any moment.  I do love to watch it snow :)
It gives me a calming sensation of course unless it’s a
blizzard and I’m having to walk to the mailbox in it LOL.
Then it is a blinding sort of stinging sensation hehehehe.
Gotta check the mail,  because who knows,  the mailbox
might be plowed under by a snowplow and I might not
be able to get to it if I wait hehehe.  The wonderful life
of Northern Maine :)  Yes there are a few struggles to
go through,  but then anywhere you live there are a few
things that you might not want to deal with.  I learned
through my dads guidance how to look for the blessings.
Anywhere you go,  you can find problems,  but if you
look with better eyes you can also find the moments
that make it all worth while.  I love the snow and I love
to watch the plants come alive when winter has finally
ended.  I also love to watch the fall colors become as
a painting from God filled with His dazzles.  With each
season comes more blessings to find.  Sometimes we
might miss them due to a dark cloud overhead that is
then your only perception.  Look passed the problems
and find the joy that is so often mistaken for a passing
day.  My daddy always told me that if things are not
going my way then go look in the mirror and find the
reason and change it.  Often it’s just the way that we
are viewing a moment and not the moment in itself.
If you see a dark cloud,  then look for the rainbow.
It might be right in front of your face.  Many have
health issues and there is always someone that has
worse problems than you,  but they are making it.
Find the joy within a blue sky or a snowflake falling.
Look beyond the clouds of grey and find the silver
lining.  Sometimes all you need to do is look in the
mirror and smile.  When you see yourself smiling
back in the mirror it might spawn a real true smile.
Learn to love yourself.  If you don’t love yourself,
how can you expect others to truly love you?  I will
often stand in front of the mirror and say to myself,
get over it,  yes you have problems,  but you’re not
alone.  I can often hear  my daddy’s words echoing
back at me saying Bill,  home can be anywhere you
might be at the moment,  so be happy where you
are.  Welcome Home!   Yep,  my dad gave me a lot
of great advice.  :) He might of thought I wasn’t
listening,  but I heard him Loud and Clear hehehe.
I miss my dad,  but I talk to him always and I can
often hear his voice talking to me.  Thank You
God for allowing me to be raised in a home blessed
with a Christian mom,  dad and sister that became
more than a family.  We became friends.  So now
I believe it’s time for me to be taking my little
venture back through I that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem and
so I am off.  Headed back hunting through all of
my recollections.  It’s away to that place that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think
I found a decent title as I strolled about halfway
back through all my rambling.  Now after checking
to see if it has been used or not,  I find that it has
not been used,  so now it shall be used.  Here goes!

Filled With His Dazzles

When life’s with burdens
worn to mere frazzles
it can be better when
filled with His dazzles.
The stars up above us
that twinkle and shine
can turn a moment
from water to wine.
Filled with His dazzles
as each moments seen
God can turn nightmares
into a great dream.
Losing what’s worried
in prayer driven whiles
can turn your frowning
into greater smiles.
Filled with His dazzles
are times we’ve forgotten
that are the moments then
seemed as just rotten.
Yet all the bad times
of yesterdays page
might make today now
shine on the stage.
For as compared to
passed days of frazzles
we can see better then
filled with His dazzles.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 1,  2015

There ya go.  Ok,  you might not of understood the poem,
but I hope you at least enjoyed my rambling and had a clue
of what I was talking about LOL.  It was so nice and quiet
in here,  but Benny just broke the silence when he heard
a truck and he began barking at it as he ran for the front
door :).  Hey,  he’s a dog,  dogs bark.  If he could talk I’m
pretty sure he would be saying,  “I heard a truck. Did you
hear the truck?  I heard its motor.  Did you hear its motor?
Hey dad,  did you hear the truck?  Come and look and see
if it is coming here.  Dad,  did you hear the truck,  etc etc”?
LOL,  I’m not sure I want him to be able to talk hehehehe.
He might have things to say that right now he can see that
makes no sense to us through his barking so he only barks
when he thinks we really need to look LOL.  Milo barks on
mostly just 4 occasions.  1- when he needs to go out and
potty.  2- when he is ready to come back inside.  3- when
he wants a treat or food.  4- when he thinks Benny is onto
something and he joins in barking with him.  That about
covers it hehehe.  Benny barks at Milo to get him to play
with him :).  It’s a strange place here at the Pearce’s place,
but we love it.  Both of the boys are once again lying in
the floor right behind and beside me.  I’m surrounded :)
Milo drags his bed around the room most times to get
closer to either Judy or I and often to get closer to Benny.
I thank God for giving them to us and filling our home
with joy.  I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell
you almost every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  Now I believe
it’s time for me to begin my search for that not so great
at hiding off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful and blessed weekend or whatever is left of
it and a truly blessings filled week. Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now,  where’s that freaken
off switch hiding this week?  Ok,  I think I see ya in
the floor right behind my Cheetos.  I might not of seen
ya if you hadn’t of been trying to sneak some out of
the bag :).  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

The Hermit

One stands in sands
of timeless days
the hermit is found
in so many ways.
Maybe not clearly
as ones would surmise
the hermit stands
in sands they devise.
They might be there
right in front of you
the lonely one
you thought you knew.
Their footprints made
might hide away
what the hermit
might or may.
A solitary man
or woman of time
might be the hermit
inside of their mind.
Even amongst others
they might stand alone
this person of time
that many thought known.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Faces Of Home

Doorways we’ve entered
and hung up our hat
turned into home
with a warm welcome mat.
Faces of home then
began a phase
stories well written
for upcoming days.
Seasons found changing
are what that are seen
in faces of home with
a nightmare and dream.
Often the days will
disclose certain views
in faces of home that
have worn out shoes.
Even the doorways
that ones will begin
the faces of home will
welcome them in.
It is inside us
where home does reside
with faces of home
where we walk inside.
Hanging our hat up
and coat that we wear
faces of home can
be anywhere.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Canopy Of Stars

The sky of the nighttime
with Venus and Mars
is filled so full of
a canopy of stars.
The worlds relations
to this greatest sight
is that of a painting
that’s found in the night.
A canopy of Stars
that twinkles thereunto
is found each clear night
as a wonderful view.
A painting that’s painted
by magical hands
that’s of God’s artwork
that surely withstands.
The times everlasting
that we’ve always known
is a canopy of stars
some see all alone.
Some look up at night
and find their own place
smiling from the Heavens
right down on their face.
For even loneliness
Venus and Mars
gives ones some comfort from
a canopy of stars.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Winter’s Morning

With cold winds blowing
beginning each day
a winter’s morning is
every which way.
The sun arises
with a seasonal hue
as a winter’s morning
with a sky maybe blue.
Maybe some clouds will
form in the sky
of a winter’s morning
with snowflakes to fly.
White flakes of winter
then fall to the ground
of a winter’s morning
by dawn to be found.
Seasonal pages then
turn oh so fine
of a winter’s morning
with greater design.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Sapphire Days

A sky of blues
or maybe greys
might disclose
some bright sunrays.
The stage that’s seen
morning to night
could become
a wonderful sight.
With sapphire days
and bluish skies
we might be found
with how’s and why’s.
Some illusions
might be seen
in the clouds
a submarine.
Sapphire days
of blue details
within the clouds
a ship with sails.
All the changes
of which amaze
are found within
those sapphire days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Glistening Lake

A scene that I’m seeing
that my eyes partake
might be some ice
on a glistening lake.
Reflecting as echoes
more than just twice
a glistening lake
is patterned with ice.
When the sun’s shining
on its wondrous view
the lake then becomes
a glistening hue.
Acting like a mirror
of waters that shine
the lake is then found
as an ice driven shrine.
Holding within it
some waters awake
is a wintertime scene
of a glistening lake.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Spirit Of Trees

Some winds found blowing
might seem as the seas
within the forest
of a spirit of trees.
Waving their branches
as the wind blows
the spirit of trees
just grows and grows.
They show their directions
of every which way
the wind that’s blowing
of now and today.
The spirit of trees
is found day and night
relaying status
of each ways delight.
They seem to tell us
the words oh so clear
as spirit of trees
of our yesteryear.
Look deep within them
and search for some words
in the spirit of trees
for the flutter of birds.
You’ll then awaken
to see in the breeze
the true life that lives
in the spirit of trees.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Touch Without Touch

Living in a world
a touch without touch
seeking to find things
maybe not much.
Touching with our eyes,
but our fingers don’t know
a touch without touch
of how things bestow.
Life in a bubble
without any feeling
brings ones a sky
with a low ceiling.
Looking for passion
without getting near
could become lonely
and not so sincere.
Painting a picture
of not very much
is what that happens
a touch without touch.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28, 2015

Beyond The Lakes

Way beyond
the view I see
is a sight
for you and me.
Beyond the lakes
of fields of dreams
we might find
so many things.
A magical place
of here and there
might come alive
most everywhere.
Beyond the lakes
of our own sights
the stars might shine
in distant nights.
The memories
of give and takes
might find good
beyond the lakes.
Worthwhile scenes
of which we find
beyond the lakes
might then unwind.
Way beyond
the things we see
might be better
things to be.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Frozen Pond

Tomorrows story
found at dawn
might just be
a frozen pond.
A story told
in winter’s way
a frozen pond
might then display.
The seasons winds
will blow across
a frozen pond
of movement loss.
The depth of time
of waters wave
a frozen pond
does not display.
It only shows
an icy glance
where someone
can sing and dance.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

for Feb 28,  2015

When some storms blow in
let the lessons of the past
show peace in the clouds.

Life is a journey
that we all might stumble on
as many mistakes.

Legions of shadows
follow us from yesterdays
that we’ve forgotten.

The depth of oceans
holds our imaginations
and some might be real.

Looking deep in time
you might see yourself standing
amidst some quicksand.

Lowering standards
could cost your integrity
and lose who you are.

Truthful awakens
when lying has met its match
and you are exposed.

Living in a dream
could become as a nightmare
when you awaken.

If now is denied
it can become good or bad.
It depends on truth.

Seeking tomorrow
might display a few roadblocks,
but vanish when there.

Acting like a fool
might become what some perceive
as who that you are.

Dreaming of summer
shouldn’t lose track of today
and what to enjoy.

Paying someone back
for an ill deed that they’ve done
might come back on you.

Allowing a moment
to be all that you can be
could cause you to sink.

Journeys of many
becomes as footsteps followed
repeating mistakes.

Morning comes shining
even if there are some clouds
hiding the sunshine.

As time moves onwards
it leaves pieces of itself
within our shadows.

Another’s wisdom
might seem as stupidity
as you’re viewing it.

Having and holding
could one day need letting go
to have once again.

More than yesterday
are the things that we have learned
and grown much wiser.

A tiny anthill
has many ants inside it
working together.

Life is a pathway
that we choose our right and wrong
while seeing results.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

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Hello my friends

It’s been another cold and snowy week up this way.  Last
night it snowed a little bit more,  but thankfully it was not
anything of a grand scale.  At least not for us hehehe  The
old man of winter has a lot more time to play with us,  so
I’m sure we’ll get a lot more snow before it’s over with :)
We’ve been dealing with it as we do every year.  Taking
pictures and trying to stay warm with a random drive to
town ever so often to buy groceries and such.  Benny is
still loving the snow and Milo still don’t hehehe.  So what
else is there to tell ya.  Oh yea,  Judy’s youngest daughter
Helena and our grandson  came to visit Wednesday and
Christian spent the day with us while Helena went to work.
It was a great visit.  Then Thursday Judy went over to her
sister Trudy’s house and visited for a while.  She barely
made it out of our driveway hehehe.  She had to back
up and get a running start at it to get through the snow
drift.  While Judy was gone,  it began snowing a little bit
harder and I went out with the snow shovel and tried to
shovel down the driveway as best that I could so that
if our landlord didn’t make here to plow before Judy got
back,  she might be able to make it in our driveway :)
Thank God,  our landlord showed up and plowed the
driveway before she got home.  He got stuck in a snow
bank while plowing and he and I had to dig his truck
out.  He had just finished plowing when Judy pulled
up.  Perfect timing hehehe.  Yep,  the driveway was
nice and plowed for her to come and park the car :)
Calvin thanked me for helping him dig out his truck.
I told him if I hadn’t of,  our driveway might of never
gotten plowed LOL.  Anyways,  I took a few pictures,
as if you didn’t think I would hehehe.  I took a few
sunset pictures and I even got a picture of the black
moon.  It’s looking like we might get a little bit more
snow tonight and maybe some in the middle of the
week,  but for now it seems the sky snow machine
is at rest or at least it is up here.  I’m sure it’ll crank
back up again soon hehehe.  We’ve been known to
get our worst snow storms in March LOL.  We did
last year.  So,  what else is there to ramble about?
Well,  Benny just strolled in from the living room.
I guess he got tired of waiting for Judy to get home
and decided to join me and Milo in here.  I just called
our internet server and got me another email address.
I might let this WT email address go soon,  but before
I do,  I will have to spend some time changing all of
my email addresses on my many different programs
and places of business.  That will take me quite a
while.  I’ve had this WT address for over a decade.
Before it,  I had another address,  but it was also on
WT hehehe.  So I might be attempting to change it
over soon.  It might take me a while though hehehe.
Pioneer Broadband allows us 5 email addresses
and this new one will be 3 for us.  I’ve been using
my other Pwless email for other things and I need
2 separate email addresses to keep track of things.
My Hotmail and Yahoo are more for junk.  They’re
only good for plain text emails,  which I have them
locked on to other things LOL.  Yes,  I’ve been on
the net for many a year hehehe.  I’ve been doing
my Animal’s Greetings for about 2 decades LOL
although it didn’t start out as it is today.  It went
through many different pathways changing styles.
It took a number of years to find the right format
that would be what it is today.  I know a few of you
on Yahoo,  Hotmail etc etc are receiving this in
the old plain jane style,  but there are many out
there that are receiving this in my stationery style.
Those that get it that way can see what all that I’m
talking about when I talk about pictures hehehe.
Anyways,  next topic.  Milo just pawed at the door
to tell me that he needs to go outside and potty
and from the look on little Benny’s face,  I think
he needs to go out also hehehe.  I let them both
out and waited for them to get done.  They are
now back inside,  although Benny has chosen to
perch himself on the recliner again and wait for
his mom to get home.  Judy won’t be home for a
few more hours,  so he might be back in here in
a bit LOL.  Milo is in here back in his favorite
place right in the floor beside me in his doggy
bed.  It’s 10 F degrees right now at 8:30 PM :)
but was only supposed to drop to 16 F degrees by
morning,  so whatever LOL.  Tomorrow is a bit
of a different story,  but it’s still not as bad as it
has been or as it will get.  Back in 2009 we had
almost a month of temperatures of subzero day
and night hehehe.  About 3 weeks of 50 below
or thereabouts hehehe.  So this ain’t nothing LOL.
It’s beginning to feel like I have always been up
here hehehe.  It’ only been 7 years,  but it feels
like it’s been much longer.  It even seems like
Benny and Milo have always been here,  but it’s
been just since 2012.  We got Benny in March
of 2012 and Milo in October of the same year.
Benny was only about 7 1\2 months old when we
got him hehehe.  Milo though was almost 8 years
old.  He turned 8 October 31 2012.  Yep.  he’s
a Halloween dog LOL.  Judy and I have been
married for 13 years.  Who would of ever thought
that I would find someone that could put up with
me hehehe.  Hey,  she might toss me out before
it’s over and trade me in on a new model LOL.
Just kidding hehehe.  I know she loves me and
I truly love her.  We have our good and bad days.
No marriage is without a few stumbling blocks.
Even friendship has its ups and downs.  That’s
what’s called life.  We each have our differences
and even identical twins have their differences.
More than you might be aware of.  What;s on
the outside might not mirror what’s on the inside
and visa versa.  Even mirror twins have their
differences.  They might reflect one another,
but they have their own personalities.  We are
each different but alike in many ways.  We might
not see the likenesses until we start noticing
things that are familiar.  God gave us each one
a free will to be who we are meant to be.  Many
will abuse that free will and turn themselves into
a nightmare.  In other words,  God meant for us
to use good judgment with help from our humane
conscience.  Don’t let ones to deceive you into
doing what you truly know better.  Let God be
your guide.  Don’t let Satan trick you into doing
what you shouldn’t be doing.  His demons are
all around and they will often work through other
people that have fallen for their trickery.  I’ve
been there done that and known many that have
also and are for that matter still being bamboozled.
Let your conscience help you to discern right from
wrong.  Now,  I believe it’s time for me be taking
my little trip back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find me a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a good title and now after
checking I see that it has not been used,  at least
not by me hehehe.  So here goes nothing :)

In Other Words

Without our questions
what and why
in other words
would just run dry.
Our many patterns
daily found
in other words
might run aground.
Ones sinking ships
of yesterdays
in other words
might be a phase.
The storms that billow
in front of you
in other words
might teach you true.
Those memories
of days gone by
in other words
might make us cry.
God shows blessings
here and there
in other words
our answered prayer.
So without those
things you’ve done
in other words
you’ve just begun.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 22, 2015

Well,  there ya go hehehe.  It might not make any sense
to you,  but hey,  it’s what I thought of when I found the
title.  Many of my poems might seem as riddles hehehe.
Figure it out!  So,  what else is there to tell you that needs
be told?  Milo’s going to the vet this week for some shots.
He’s OK,  they’re just regular prevention shots such as
distemper and rabies.  Though I think he’s going for his
distemper this time.  It might be the other.  I can never
keep up with all of that LOL.  The vet will take care of
it hehehe.  Benny is up to date with all his shots.  Milo is
back to his old ornery self.  Actually since Judy sheered
him,  he’s been acting more like a pup hehehe.  Him and
Benny will bounce around all over the place.  I think the
pounds of hair that Judy cut off of him made him feel
lighter LOL.  There wasn’t much of a change in Benny.
He’s always acted like a pup hehehe.  Though Benny
loves getting his hair trimmed.  He almost fell asleep
while Judy was trimming him LOL.  Milo wasn’t quite
as happy about it hehehe.  Anyways,  they’re hair is
already growing back.  Judy didn’t cut it real short,
being it is still wintertime.  I just heard a truck revving
it’s engine and looked out the backdoor and it was just
our neighbor across the road plowing his driveway.
I guess Benny has gotten used to those sounds LOL.
He isn’t barking at it :)  Benny’s a good boy and so
is his big brother Milo.  We don’t know what we’d
do without them.  They’re our little boys hehehehe.
So I reckon I need to tell you what I tell you almost
every week and that is I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope
you like one or two of either or both :)  So now
I believe it’s time for me to be searching for that
not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful weekend or at least what’s left
of it and a truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK now,  where
are ya hiding this week?  Ah hah,  I see ya!  You
thought I wouldn’t see ya there hiding behind my
flashlight didn’t ya?  Well,  I saw ya when you
moved and caused it to roll and turn on hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

The Far Sky

Distant clouds
are found united
in the far sky
so excited.
All the scenes
in skies of blue
are as paintings
The sky brings sights
that come alive
that it seems
the winds will drive.
In the far sky
up above
there might be
a duck or dove.
Flying briskly
low and high
found within
the days far sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Open Book

A word that’s spoken
in our sight
might be wrong
or might be right.
An open book
with times details
might be wise
with lowered sails.
Many people
only thrive
to see what all
that is your drive.
A silent word
with actions laid
might be found
a bit unmade.
So if you are
found mistook
with your daily
open book.
Seek a mirror
to look in
and find where
you need begin.
In your actions
you might show
an open book
from long ago.
Let your baggage
find some rest
letting now days
to attest.
All the words
from yesterdays
now have better
times displays.
So when people
have a look
they’ll find truth
an open book.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Snow Street

A wintery road
with icy ways
finds some snow
on winters days.
A snow street found
with miles to ride
opens up
for ones to drive.
The whitish scenes
from side to side
are from snow
so much applied.
A snow street then
where cars have gone
becomes a view
as time moves on.
Cameras clicking
taking pictures
of a snow street
whitish mixtures.
Snowflakes falling
at the feet
of a wintery
sweet snow street.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

The Night Sky

As stars might twinkle
in the night
there might be a
moon so bright.
Found as Heaven
opened wide
the night sky is
our dreams applied.
With the portions
God has shown
in the night sky
prayers are grown.
As we look up
watching time
the night sky might
seem as a rhyme.
Rhythms beating
Heaven laid
in the night sky
God has made.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Angels of Dawn

Morning finds blessings
that come along
found as God’s answers
angels of dawn.
Blessings uncovered
surely to see
angels of dawn
through our history.
Sometimes the angels
will hold our hand
when we are weak
and barely to stand.
Mornings arrival
gives some a chance
that as time ticks on
is their ambulance.
Don’t be hardheaded
as time moves along.
Let Lord God help you
with angels of dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Of Mask And Shadow

While ones try to hide
of mask and shadow
they might then elude
what’s better to know.
Not allowing others
to see who they are
while mask and shadow
is in them by far.
The truth will be found
no matter how hard
you try to elude
your truthful bombard.
Of mask and shadow
will not last long,
for the truth will show
what’s right or wrong.
For God will display
all that you know
the truth behind
of mask and shadow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Eyes In The Dark

In the night hours
you might be found
with eyes in the dark
as you look around.
Life in the shadows
with mysteries look
might turn out to be
what’s just mistook.
Eyes in the dark
might be only seen
found as a nightmare
or just a dream.
Often so fearfully
we’ll get a glance
of eyes in the dark
that might seem to dance.
Yet they’re so often
only a spark
of what we fear of
eyes in the dark.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

Leftover Dreams

Hearts filled with passion
with leftover dreams
might find some fields of
heartfelt cuisines
Life that is blossoming
hearts opened wide
with leftover dreams
to then be applied.
Seasonal journeys
of dreams evermore
are found in the dreams
of shore after shore.
Leftover dreams
of heartfelt desires
might be the sparking
of true lovers fires.
Don’t lose the hope
of those special scenes
found in the blessings of
leftover dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20, 2015


Let not your passed days
to tear you apart.
Rise now with prayerful
take Jesus to heart.
Don’t let the bad times
to be all you see.
Rise now with prayerful
to new history.
Let Jesus guide you
through now and tomorrow.
Rise now with hopeful
and lose all your sorrow.
Life might seem gruesome,
but there is some good.
Rise now and see all
which now that you should.
Find all the goodness
that lives now today.
Rise now with Lord God
and kneel down and pray.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

A Snowy Lullaby

Snowflakes found falling
in winters own world
are a snowy lullaby
that time has unfurled.
Floating down gracefully
to land on the ground
they’re a snowy lullaby
without a sound.
They sing in the breezes
without much a choice
a snowy lullaby
that’s without a voice.
They float so peacefully
every which way
a snowy lullaby
with day after day.
Winters own magical
presents are found
as a snowy lullaby
without a sound.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

for Feb 20,  2015

Minds found unopened
lose the possibilities
and become stagnate.

Living in the past
could stop one from loving you,
for they are today.

The stars that twinkle
tell of their own existence
from so faraway.

With just a mere thought
our lives can be much better
so begin thinking.

Lives in our past tense
might of seemed to be better,
but might of been worse.

Allowing today
to become just a moment
could lose its value.

A snowflake that falls
has no clue where it will land,
but yet it has faith.

Today finds a place
that allows our yesterdays
to be as lessons.

As the sunlight fades
and the night comes into view
the sky fills with stars.

Looking beyond dreams
you might find yourself awake
gasping for a breath.

When we are angered
emotions might take over
and begin to swell.

Life is a porthole
through yesterdays tomorrow
found within today.

Images of life
might turn into illusions
if we live in lies.

An ego that’s swelled
could be your own dynamite
as it is blown up.

Fantasy living
brings chances for delusion
causing much sadness.

The fish in water
knows not its diameter
for it does not care.

When life gives problems
use them as tomorrows tools
to better your life.

Having a heartbeat
does not consummate living
for life is much more.

When hearing echoes
you might think that they are near
when they’re faraway.

The path of a star
may have begun years ago
and also ended.

Peace can be entered
when common ground is surmised
with good connections.

Looking up at night
you might see some stars twinkling
and some not so bright.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20,  2015

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Hello my friends

How have you been?  We’ve been watching it snow as it is this
very moment.  The wind is blowing big time.  The passed week
has been sort of peaceful.  Judy gave the boys a haircut.  Milo
was first and then Benny had his turn with the snippers hehehe.
With all of the hair that got cut off we could of built two more
dogs,  but of course lifeless LOL.  They both seemed too like
their new haircuts hehehe.  Milo doesn’t look like himself LOL.
He had a vet appointment Thursday and the vet almost didn’t
recognize him hehehe.  Judy had an appointment with the eye
doctor later that day and our neighbors wanted to ride with us
and drop them off at the grocery store on the way to the eye
doctor.  So after Judy’s appointment,  I had to drive being Judy
had her eyes dilated.  We went and picked up our neighbors
Mark and Charlene and then headed home. The boys had to
stay home,  being there was no room for them in the car LOL.
Anyways,  Judy took a lot of pictures of the boys with their
new haircuts.  Milo wasn’t too thrilled about getting his hair
cut,  but Benny just enjoyed it as always.  He only got a little
upset when she got close to his privates LOL.  Hey,  I would
of gotten a little nervous too,  so I totally understood hehehe.
Milo seems to be a little more chipper now with a few pounds
of hair removed from his body hehehe.  He’s acting like a
pup.  Benny has always acted that way so the only thing that
has changed is his loss of hair LOL.  They are both bouncing
around the house right now.  Milo had to go pee and I opened
the door to let him out,  but when he saw all of the snow piled
up on the steps,  I think he had second thoughts.  He managed
to get down the steps through the snow and do his thing and
then he trudged back up the steps and bounced through the
kitchen where Judy is now fixing us breakfast.  Yes,  Judy is
home.  She went and took care of her mom yesterday so she
would not have to go today.  Judy’s sister had called in and
was not going to work today (Sunday) due to the blizzard :).
It didn’t start snowing until late last night up here.  Judy made
it home as it was just beginning to snow last night.  Right now
it’s 3 F degrees with the wind blowing about 30 MPH and 50
mile an hour gust.  Yep,  the snow is blowing pretty good :).  I’ll
have to go and sweep off our front steps often to keep us from
being snowed in LOL.  Speaking of which I guess I need to do
it right now.  I’ll be back.  Ok, so now the boys can get outside
without having to plow through the snow,  but it’s only a brief
fix LOL.   I’m sure they will be snowed under again shortly.
When I came back in,  both Benny and Milo were all excited
and jumping up for me to pet them.  Benny would jump up
and Milo would knock him down and Milo would jump up
and Benny would knock him down.  They wanted undivided
attention,  but soon both jumped up for me to pet them.  Milo
is now in the kitchen barking at Judy/mom,  because he can
smell the bacon and eggs frying hehehe.   Judy’s making us
omelets and I’m sure she will do as I always do and make a
little extra for the boys LOL.  Hehehe I almost blew away
when I was outside shoveling.  The snow kept blowing back
in my face LOL.  The snow on my head has now melted and
now my head is wet hehehe.  Oh well,  it’s dry until I have do
a repeat journey outside to do the same again :)  Yes we live
in a very exciting place,  though most of the excitement is
brought on by us LOL.  Being I love the snow and still have
fun playing in it.  Benny also loves to play in the snow and
we will often go outside and romp around together in it :).
Milo isn’t that crazy about the snow,  but he does from time
to time go exploring in it.  Right now Benny and Milo are
in here wanting me to pet them.  Milo jumped up on the
edge of my chair and nudged me hehehe.  Benny followed
suit :).  I think breakfast is almost ready and I may have
to take a little pause from writing so I can eat.  Not a paws.
So I’m done eating and Judy and I each gave them some
of our bacon.  Milo wants more LOL.  He’s a bottomless
pit hehehe.  He’s now eating some of the dried food that
we keep in their silver food pans always.  I usually don’t
feed them their canned food until later in the day.  The vet
said give him food.  He seems to burn it off and it keeps
his blood sugar where it needs to be.  So they both get
fed being Benny is an energetic little boy and he seems
to burn it off as well,  but he’s not diabetic.  Although it
seems that Benny doesn’t want to eat near as often as
Milo does so he don’t.  Benny’s got treats scattered all
throughout the house that he didn’t want to eat at that
moment hehehe.  Milo will often find them LOL and get
growled at by Benny hehehe.  Benny’s protective over
what he’s not gonna eat LOL.  Yeppers,  he’s a silly boy.
I just took a looksee out our front door and the snowing
has lightened up for the moment,  but the wind is still a
blowing strong.  Benny had to go outside to go potty and
the poor little guy was having trouble being he ended up
with poop in his hair,  so I brought him in and washed
him off in the bathtub.  He’s happy now.  I trimmed the
hair on his bum so he wouldn’t have that problem again
for a while.  The things we do for these boys we would
never think of doing for someone else,  but the fact is
that there are many out there that have similar problems
due too health issues or missing limbs.  Never think you
are alone with your problems.  There are many out there
that have it the same or even worse.  How about a baby.
They need to be taken care of in much of the same way
that we take care of Benny and Milo.  LOL of course
aside from having to go out and shovel them a path
so that they can go potty hehehe.  Nope,  the person
that sends their child outside in the snow to go potty
needs not to have a child,  but needs to have their
head examined LOL.  I just heard our landlords truck.
He must be out there with his snowplow.  I guess I’ll
go out and move the car so he can plow the rest of our
driveway.  I’m back.  I had to get in the passenger side
and reach to the driver side and roll the window down
so I could reach in and open the door.  I tried opening
it a little from the passenger side,  but the wind kept
blowing it shut LOL.  Boy in just that short of time
our car got flooded with snow hehehe.  After he got
done plowing our driveway and I got our car moved
back,  I had to go inside and get some paper towels
to wipe all of the snow off of everything in the car :)
Yep,  we’re getting that car door fixed next month
without a doubt.  Most of our strongest winds come
from the south and that’s the side that our house
faces and when the car is pulled in front ways is the
side that the driver side car door is facing.  Hehehe,
I know,  why don’t we back in?  I guess you could
say that it’s such a pain to have to back in,  but I’m
sure you’re saying to yourself now,  but Bill,  you’ve
gotta back out of your driveway don’t you?  Well,
the answer to that is,  I have no answer LOL.  So
that’s that hehehe.  Milo is in the kitchen barking
at Judy.  I asked Judy why he was barking at her and
she said “I don’t know.  I think he thinks I have treats
in the washing machine hehehe”.  Judy’s doing the
laundry.  We switch off taking turns doing the chores.
She told me it was her time to fix breakfast being
I have done it most of the time.  She said she might
make us pancakes tomorrow yummy yum yum :).
Yes,  God has blessed our home with the joy of life
as we journey through struggles together.  I now look
back on my life of long ago and remember the many
times that I failed to see the joy.  Yes I had some
bad days/years,  but I also had some good times
that I at that moment did not appreciate as much as
I should of.  Are you allowing the good times to be
nothing more than a memory and not truly seeing
what goodness God has put before you?  I know,
sometimes the good times are hard to see through
all the grey.  Take a step back from your problems
and look through the clouds and see what God may
have given you that you’re taken for granted.  God
is always sending blessings,  but often they are not
what we want,  but they’re what we need.  Look for
the blessings.  You might be surprised at what you
find.  Now, I believe it’s time for me to begin my
search back through all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that place of my recollections
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a pretty good title and now after
checking I see that it’s one that I have not used
as of yet,  BUT used it shall be LOL.  Here goes.

More Than A Memory

Things we remember
from decades ago
might make the difference
between joy and woe.
More than a memory
timeframes are found
often as repeating
our lessons around.
Sometimes those struggles
that we remember
are lessons from God then
more than an ember.
A fragment of time that
might seem to glow
might be just a journey
that’s found to and fro.
More than a memory
yesterdays pages
might be the lessons
for our future ages.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 15,  2015

Ok,  so there ya go.  It’s something that for some freakish
reason I found words to write about hehehe.  I guess you
could say,  I have had many times in my past that I now
look at as more than a memory.  They are things that live
within me as lessons I’ve learned and many of them were
freaken learned the hard way LOL.  I lived to tell about
them so that I can hopefully steer others away from them,
but there are many that are just like I was and still want
to learn the hard way,  of course they don’t think it will be
that way,  just I thought it wouldn’t be LOL.  SURPRISE!
Well Judy and the boys are in here now.  We finish our
breakfast a little bit ago and it was GOOOOOOOOOOD.
Judy’s a great cook.  Benny and Milo are now sleeping in
their beds.  I just heard the county snowplows go down the
road.  They stay busy during this time of year and they
do a great job keeping the roads drivable.  Of course one
would have to be crazy or really have a sense of urgency
to want to drive in this mess.  But the county guys do it
because it’s their job.  There have been times though that
even they could not see to do their job and waited for it
to clear up a bit.  Even if we have a power outage due to
ice and snow the county is out to fix it almost immediately.
Our landlord is still out there plowing the other driveways.
I’m glad that we haven’t got anywhere that we need to be
tomorrow :).  I might go out and play in the snow with
Benny and maybe even Milo if he wants to join us LOL.
I mean,  the high for tomorrow  is supposed to be only
9 F degrees :)   I’ve done worse hehehe.  We’ll have to
put their sweaters on them if they wanna come out and
play with me :).  Ok so I guess that’s about all I have
to ramble about and before I think of anything ELSE,
I need to tell you what I tell you every week and that
is I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers 10
more poems with one of them a Valentines poems to
my beloved wife :).  Also I wrote once again 22 haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can
find one or two of either or both that you like.  Now
I believe it’s time for me to be searching for that not
so great at hiding off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful weekend or what’s left of it and a
most joyful God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where is that confounded
off switch hiding this time?  Ok,  so you’re getting a
little better at least you are this time around.  I almost
didn’t see ya hiding behind my flashlight and I might
not of seen ya if you hadn’t of accidently hit the on
switch LOL.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

Lost and Found

Times we’ve headed
out to find
places of our
peace of mind
might of disclosed
lost and found
as we learned to
turn around.
Scenes remembered
decades past
that are better
shadows cast.
Lost and found then
shows so true
Jesus always
within you.
He might let you
do your style
while you’re searching
all the while,
but He never
turns away.
He is watching
every day.
Yet we need to
let Him in
finding Him then
as your friend.
Jesus can be
strength each day
when you’re lost
and need a way.
Then sweet Jesus
shows so true
lost and found
that lives in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

Without The Snow

The winters mornings
would not be right
without the snow
so wintery white.
The mornings sunrise
might not show true
without the snow
within its view.
The scenic signs
without the snow
might just be then
a moments woe.
The winters mornings
scenes of time
without the snow
might seem divine,
but the reason’s
very clear
without the snow
it’s not sincere.
The winters mornings
bring a gaze
displayed as white
and coldest days
Way up here
in northern Maine
without the snow
would be insane,
for our winters
to and fro
are never found
without the snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

Hands Held Tight

As years go by
and love grows old
two hands hold tight
as times unfold.
True love is found
as two walk on
hands held tight
from dusk to dawn.
The path might be
real rough to find
with two together
time to time,
but hands held tight
can make so strong
the hope for good
to come along.
Yet even bad times
day and night
can be much better
hands held tight.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Things We’ve Seen

Past to present
and in between
we might remember
things we’ve seen.
Things we’ve thought of
wished to do
and then one day
we followed through.
The things we’ve seen
might crash and burn
as choices made
each twist and turn.
So many pathways
are recognized
as a moment
not realized.
The lessons learned
from things we’ve seen
might be nightmares
or a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

Musical Winds

Notes in the clouds
with winds blowing through
become as a musical
that I can view.
Floating so gracefully
with winds blowing fine
up in the sky then
makes a design.
With musical winds
and flavors of styles
the clouds up above
go so many miles.
God’s the musician
with Hands keeping time
as the musical winds
reflect in my mind.
Songs of sweet beauty
that God’s love transcends
is found in the sky
with the musical winds.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

A New Place In Time

Life is a journey
with footsteps we make
and many chances
that we also take.
A new place in time
is tomorrow to see
that with our footsteps
displays you and me.
We might make mistakes,
but lessons are learned
a new place in time
as then is discerned.
The minutes tick onwards
as time moves along
and now become moments
that might soon be gone.
A new place in time
might hold  echoes cost
as you make footprints
a journey across.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

Find A Smile

Search within you
for a while
and you might then
find a smile.
The joy of laughter
from a time
that right now might
seem sublime.
Find a blessing
from a day
that you might of
let turn grey.
See the beauty
from the past
and find a smile
with shadows cast.
Lose your frowning
in the trash.
Find a smile now
from the ash.
Like the phoenix
rise today
and find a smile
then to display.
Let the sadness
fall from you.
and find a smile
that is so true.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

This Room Of Time

My many words
of poems and more
this room of time
seems shore to shore.
My memories
all come alive
in this room
that poems arrive.
So many words
connect thereto
this room of time
with every view.
It seems my thoughts
become a road
with transitions
moments load.
The room of time
is what I share
as my thoughts
are self aware.
Remembering days
and nights gone by
this room of time
might ask me why.
Though my thinking
might confuse,
this room of time
is choice to choose.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

The Whitest Snow

This winters day
with snow of white
displays a stage
within my sight.
The whitest snow
is found afar
within the field
beyond our car.
This snow of white
is fancy free
snowflakes falling
that I see.
The whitest snow
from here to there
becomes a sight
that none compare.
With every snowflake
that floats down
the whitest snow
is surely found.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

My Lovely Valentine

My honey my love
my sweetest so fine
I thank Jesus for
my lovely valentine.
I thought I’d be lonely
with no one to share
but you are the one
that God gave through prayer.
You and I are now
with daily connections
my lovely valentine
that has no deceptions.
We found each other
2 thousand miles apart
and now we’re together
and sharing our heart.
We became much more than
a husband and wife,
for we have friendship
that’s lasting for life.
Yes you my sweet Judy
will always be mine
that I will treasure
as my lovely valentine.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

for Feb 14,  2015

The choices we make
become a journey through time
with some good and bad.

Often our lessons
are as bridges that we’ve burned
acting too rashly.

Perceptive eyesight
will see the storms awaiting
that many don’t see.

Wrongful discretions
might cause ones to walk right by
the best that could be.

If life throws lemons
then it might be your choices
and not the other.

Look before stepping
on the roadway of living
or you might stumble.

Branches in the snow
might display themselves as spring
that awaits to bloom.

Life is a journey
that so many seek blindly
without first asking.

The minds of many
often think they are better
when they’re mistaken.

As seasons move on
you might find you are missing
one that you hated.

Living in the past
makes it hard to live today,
for it holds you back.

Abusing ones trust
could become as dynamite
that one day explodes.

Walking in a path
might get you where you’re going
or it might lose you.

Long awaited things
are often not what we thought
and become regrets.

Seen  through many eyes
some might think they do no wrong,
but yet be troubled.

When heartbeats unite
they become stronger heartbeats
if they are with love.

Ill fitting journeys
might become as your folly,
for they are not yours.

Ones daily gossip
could be found in the boredom
of their own lifestyle.

Looking out windows
leaves so much right behind you
that you might of missed.

Pop top soda cans
give excitement in a sip
that you have tasted.

No is said often
when yes might of worked better
maybe not always.

A ship that’s sinking
sends an urgent SOS
like us unto God.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14,  2015

My wife Judy’s Poetry books :)
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
and her newest
{Hello My Name Is Benny}
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Hello my friends

I’m back with more jabbering hehehehe.  I hope you have
been well or at least as well as possible :)  Judy and I have
been enjoying the snow or at least the pictures of it LOL.
It is beautiful,  but rather cold.  I do though go outside and
play with the boys from time to time.  Yet,  most times it’s
just Benny and me.  Milo don’t like to be outside for long.
It doesn’t matter what the weather is like.  He’s strictly
an inside dog.  I can maybe every once in a while get him
to stay out and play a bit.  He’s back to his old ornery self.
Right now him and Benny are lying in the floor right beside
and behind me in their doggy beds.  They are something else!
It seems that when Judy is gone,  they know better than
to try my patience hehehe.  They know that Judy will take
up for them if she’s here.  She’s their mom :).  These boys
are just like kids.  Anyways,  on to another topic,  hopefully.
Right now it’s 4 F degrees.  The high for today was around
5 F degrees LOL.  By Monday morning it’s supposed to be
-5 F degrees which is 5 below zero.  That’s not too awful
bad.  We had about 30 below just a week or so ago hehehe.
We still haven’t gotten our car door fixed.  When Milo got
sick his health was more important than the door.  Thank
God and the vet Milo is feeling much better.  We got a
little more snow last week,  like we really needed it LOL.
I called DOC’s oil Thursday morning and bought us some
more heating oil and then I had to get outside and dig a
path to our oil tank so he could get to it hehehe.  That
was a chore and a half.  About 3 or 4 feet of snow was
blocking the way,  so I began shoveling.  The delivery
guy thanked me.  He said,  you would not believe how
many people just leave it for him to trudge through LOL.
I told him I kind of knew, that’s why I did it for him :).
Anyways,  if you are getting this in stationery format
you’ll see the trench/path I dug to the oil tank with him
standing in it LOL.  Yeppers,  life up this ways is rather
interesting.  The scenery up here is fabulous.  I know,
I swore I would never use that word (fabulous),  but it’s
the only way I can describe the view.  Judy and I will
often take out on a picture taking drive,  but most of
the time I am taking pictures any time we go anywhere.
Once in a great while I’ll head out on my own to take
some pictures,  but then I’ve gotta try to take pictures
while driving.  Of course on those occasions I am most
times driving down back roads and just pointing and
shooting.  Every once in a while I will stop and get out
of the car and walk around to take pictures.  But most
of the time Judy is driving while I’m taking pictures :).
Life as a photographer hehehe.  I love to take pictures
of God’s beauty.  It’s all around us.  All we need to do
is take the time to look.  The boys are still sound asleep.
They are such good little boys.  I’ll fix them some food
in a bit,  but I gave them some treats a little while ago
and that seems to have tided them over.  Milo is lightly
snoring hehehe.  Oh yea,  the day after we had  our oil
delivery,  our landlord plowed our drive.  He said I should
of hollered.  I told him,  I didn’t know he had his snow
plow fixed LOL.  Oh well,  it got done.  Our driveway
was getting rather tiny hehehe.  He plowed it out to
where we have more room now to park our car hehehe.
Yep,  just another day gone by.  I just got a call from
my good friend Oscar Rogers in Texas.  He said he
has been keeping tabs on the weather up here and
was wondering if we were snowed in.  It was great to
here from Oscar.  He’s one of my friends from the
Wills Point Chronicle.  I used to work there with him
and his brother Julius.  Those were the good old days.
That’s where I got my love for photography. I always
love to hear from my friends.  It does get lonesome up
here being so far away from my family and friends,
but I have family up here and a few friends and that
makes it not so bad.  I’ve always been a people person.
I got that from my dad I guess hehehe.  Both he and
I knew no strangers LOL.  I did have some times in
school that I was sort of judged wrongly and people
didn’t take the time to get to know me,  but I guess
that’s the way it was for many huh LOL.  There’s a lot
of my past that I miss,  but there’s a lot that I could’ve
lived without LOL.  Ain’t that life hehehe!  Yeppers,
I do miss the days of jamming with my friends.  I wish
I had someone up here that I could jam with.  It gets
rather old playing my conga drums by myself.  That’s
why I spend a lot of my time taking pictures hehehe.  So,
now ya know :).  It’s one of my many ways of dealing
with life and I do love the scenery up here.  Judy and
I usually try to plan out a drive a few times a year so
we can find some new scenery to take pictures of :)
Benny and Milo will often get their pictures taken if
we catch them being silly hehehe.  Ok,  so what else is
there to ramble about?  It might snow a little tonight,
but not too much.  LOL,  it’s not like we need anymore
snow ya know hehehe.  Yeppers,  we have plenty,  but
if it wants to snow,  then getter done :)  I’m used to it.
The only thing I hate is when it turns into sheets of ice.
Then,  I would rather it go away LOL.  Our landlord
is still nursing a broken ankle from slipping on his
front steps a couple of weeks ago LOL.  I think he
said he gets the brace off some time this week and
he’ll be happy about that.  So far all I’ve done on the
ice is bust my arm and back side LOL.  No broken
bones YET hehehe.  Ya can never tell when the steps
have ice on them.  I always try to be careful,  but the
last time I made the mistake of walking out with my
house shoes on, that have NO TREAD what so ever
and the first step I took was the pitfall.  I slid to the
bottom of the steps and I couldn’t get any traction
to get back up the steps :).  I had to pull myself back
up using the hand rails and then reach in the door
to pull myself in.  Judy was there,  but she couldn’t
help me because I weigh 233 lbs hehehe.  Just a tad
more than she can pull :).  Yep,  I do not wear my
house shoes outside anymore LOL.  I will slip on
my out door shoes first :).  Yes,  life up here is a
different world from what I grew up in.  I’ve found
a new home up here.  Texas will always be my
home state,  but I have adopted Maine as my 2nd.
It is now my home and has been for over 7 years.
God has been good to us and protected us from the
things that we cannot handle ourselves.  He’s given
us 2 good little boys/dogs and they have brought
joy to our home.  I have a family up here that I love
with all my heart.  Yet,  I do wish that I could go and
see my daughter and granddaughter in Texas.  My
granddaughter Sami is in Scottish Rite Hospital
and I wish I could be there for her,  but it’s not that
easy.  All I can do is pray for her and send her my
love.  I love you Sami.  Stay strong.  You too Jamye.
I love you both tons.  Thank You God for giving me
a way to keep in touch with my family and friends
down south.  I do know that in the olden days it
was not that easy.  There was no internet and much
of what we know now was just a dream.  Thank You
God for giving mankind the abilities that we have.
I am also grateful for my many abilities.  Now,
I believe it’s time for me to be taking my little
venture back through all that I have written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I
can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a decent title and after checking
I see that it has not be used as of yet,  but used
it shall be hehehe.  Here goes

Back Up The Steps

As steps are made
in the walk of life
we might find steps
that are filled with strife.
Those times we fall
we need to climb
back up the steps
from time to time.
Don’t let the problems
footsteps make
become the rivers
to fill life’s lake.
Seek for some better
steps which to go
seeking for other
that’s not filled with woe.
So if you fall down
with troublesome views
get back up the steps
with a new pair of shoes.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Ok,  so if you don’t understand the poem,  I’m sorry.
LOL I can’t always write what everybody understands.
Like I have ever done that hehehe!  Anyways,  Milo
just knocked on the door to tell me he needs to go out
and potty.  I let him out and of course Benny had to go
out with him,  if for no other reason but to play in the
snow LOL.  I just let Milo back in,  but gotta wait till
Benny is done playing.  OK,  now they are both back
inside.  You would think that Benny wouldn’t want to
go outside when it’s 3 F degrees,  but he don’t care :)
They both have a lot of hair to insulate them,  plus we
often have them suited in their sweaters,  but not now.
They’re both back in the their beds lying head to head
right beside and behind me LOL.  Milo wasn’t  going
to come back in here until Benny came back in.  They
truly love one another hehehe.  So,  what else is there
to talk about?  Hmm,  I can’t think of anything else to
tell ya,  so I reckon it’s time for me to be telling you
what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  I wrote 10 more
poems with one of them being sort of Christmassy :)
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  Yes,  I wrote them all today.  Yesterday
Judy and I were over visiting with her daughter and
our grandsons.  We had a great visit,  but had to make
it short,  being we had to leave Benny and Milo at
home.  The owner of their house does not like dogs.
Of course Mandy and Helena have 2 dogs, but that
is the limit.  Anyways,  like I said,  we had a great
visit and we took a few pictures which will also be in
the stationery.  I hope and pray that you have found
a poem or haiku or both that you like and also my
rambling gave you a smile.  I guess it’s time for me
to be searching for that not so elusive off switch, but
not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.
Now.  where is that dad burned off switch hiding
this time?  Oh for crying out loud,  could at least
act like you’re trying to hide?  Last week was bad,
hiding on my salt shaker,  but this week.  Hiding
behind my respirator.  You hid there once before
and should of known that it was a terrible hiding
place LOL.  I have asthma dude and let’s just
say,  it’s freaken sitting right in front of me LOL.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

When Eyes See Deep

Looking vastly
within each sight
so many find
what’s not so right.
Looking deeply
there and to
life can become
a shattered view.
Let your vision
see what’s there
not so deep,
but love and care.
Sometimes people
will only show
there own deepest
to ones they know.
Then as minutes
moments sweep
you’ll know better
when eyes see deep.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Blinding Sights

Snow that billows
shining white
reflects the sun
and all its light.
Then while looking
out the door
I then find
a bright eye sore.
Blinding lights
reflecting true
making it hard
to see the view.
I find sunshades
to put on
when the day
begins at dawn.
Then my eyesight
sees delights
far beyond
the blinding sights.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

The Question Of Time

As some lifestyles
might become unstable
the question of time
becomes are we able.
Patterns are broken
some good and some bad
the question of time
makes so many mad.
Many will ponder
the times long ago
while they’re forgetting
the times filled with woe.
Often ones thinking
will only see color
prejudice viewpoints
not seeing a brother.
The question of time
becomes dynamite
only seeing wrong ways
and not seeing right.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015


Momentous pathways
that turn out darkened
often have lessons
found from disheartened.
Often we’ll stumble
and fall to the ground
finding disheartened
with thens leap and bound.
Yet they’re the lessons
that come from those days
that are remembered
to further our gaze.
Disheartened pathways
that life might expose
could be the blessings
for your future rose.
Sometimes the bad times
teach us the best
found from disheartened
might be as God’s test.
Teaching us truly
the ways we’re to go
found from disheartened
what we need to know.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Heaven’s Snowflakes

White fluffy snowflakes
fall from the sky
coming from Heaven
way up so high.
Sweet Heaven’s Snowflakes
as colorful shine
come down as peaceful
to make a design.
Some found as angels
and some as snowmen
found in the places
where people have been.
Created by Lord God
and painted with love
sweet Heaven’s snowflakes
fall down from above.
The seasonal flurries
of snowflakes of time
are with the make up
of winter divine.
Many though hate it
when snow’s falling down
and landing billowy
there on the ground.
Yet it is better
to accept what is true
and enjoy Heaven’s snowflakes
God gives me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Too Many Dreams

Windows of dreamland
might become cluttered
when we are wanting things
always well buttered.
Too many dreams
with choices as lakes
might become dreams
with a lot of Earthquakes.
Keep your dreams simple
and don’t overload
or you might find them
with times that explode.
Dreaming too many
the things not so true
might become sadness
that’s living in you.
It’s OK to dream of
some wonderful things,
but do not expect them
to live as your dreams.
Sometimes a dream will
help you along
to find you smile
when things have gone wrong.
Yet too many dreams
in a fantasy world
might then become
as Hell that’s unfurled.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Thinking of Christmas Again

With snowflakes found falling
on the ground thereunto
I find I’m thinking
of a Christmassy view.
Thinking once again
of those wonderful sights
snowflakes a falling
and twinkling lights.
Christmas found moments
that live within me
are the thoughts that I’m thinking
I wish I could see.
Thinking of Christmas again
as time moves on
while December moments
are never really gone.
Peace found within me
brings a heartfelt amen
while I am thinking
of Christmas again.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

Yesterdays Journey

Now becomes past
as it moves along
yesterdays journey
then becomes gone.
Time is a porthole
that we cannot see,
until it is found
in our history.
Sometimes the journey
shows us a clue,
but we’re still blinded
from what that’s true.
Often we will think
that we know what’s right
but it’s not really clear
until it’s in sight.
The lessons from wrong
are yesterdays journey
that might end up with
us on a gurney.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

A Sight Unseen

A timeless dream
a moments joy
a sight unseen
some hearts deploy.
A flavors taste
a minute found
a sight unseen
goes round and round.
A starry night
a bright lit moon
a sight unseen
comes into tune.
A painted sky
a cloud of white
a sight unseen
is day and night.
A winters dream
a story told
a sight unseen
might then unfold.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

An Ice Covered Pond

The cold of winters
ice and snow
is found inside
the times we know.
An ice covered pond
with snow on top
is found each day
a little a lot.
An ice covered sight
with water down under
brings me the thoughts
of obvious wonder.
Thinking of thickness
and can it hold me
all of my weight
or should I not see.
An ice covered pond
holds no sign to say
how thick it is
this wintery day.
So I am thinking
that I should move on
and just enjoy it
an ice covered pond.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

for Feb 8,  2015

With just a second
you can change many choices
and change the outcome.

Lessons from snowflakes
are found as many snowbanks
joined by directions.

As we judge others
our judgment is being done
by Lord God above.

Believing in love
brings the chance for love alive,
but it needs some faith.

Allowing sadness
to be your only journey
could make you lonely.

A smile found each day
can brighten up others lives
by just a mere glance.

When time is at peace
let wars of other moments
find some peace also.

As shadows are made
the story behind them grows
becoming the scenes.

The simple mans life
brings alive many chances
from the smallest things.

A painted picture
is a story on canvass
that might be hidden.

Seeking for stardom
could find you miserable
just wanting some peace.

The echo of spring
is resolved in winters snow
with flowers sleeping.

The beginning of time
is a moment that’s confused
as some seek science.

Beneath ones thinking
could be indecisive thoughts
that really don’t know.

Changing your insight
needs you to first understand
what that you’re changing.

Gossiping people
might find themselves as topic,
for it’s reflected.

Brainstorming moments
could become a mere headache
that came from the thoughts.

Losing perception
of the footsteps that you make
could lead ones astray.

Without tomorrow
our motivation is gone
and we might stagnate.

Clinging to lost ships
will only show bumpy seas
headed to nowhere.

When fear’s abundant
use it to help you to grow
and not hinder you.

A clear sky of blue
shows the color of passion
painted by God’s Hand.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 8,  2015

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Hello my friends

It’s been a cold and snowy week this passed week.  First off
with some good news,  my doctor called last week and he said
he has some good news.  They got the test results back and it
turned out that the tumor was benign,  but he told me that he
didn’t think he got it all and asked me if I wanted him to set up
a visit to a surgeon to remove the rest of it.  I said I wasn’t sure,
so he said I can think on it and let him know what I would like
him to do at my next doctors visit.  I though have decided to
go ahead and have him set it up for a surgeon to check and
remove the rest of the tumor.  Now onto another page of my
journal.  Milo got really sick last week. He was really weak.
He wouldn’t eat and he had been drinking more water than
normal so we took him to the vet Friday and he had a 105
temperature and his blood sugar was 47 which both of them
should be close to what ours would be.  The vet gave him
some shots and some medicine for us to give him.  She said
it’s possible he’s diabetic,  but the reason for his blood sugar
being so low now might be that he hasn’t eaten.  So we’ve
been giving him his medicine and all and he has begun to eat
a little bit.  He even woke up when I fixed Judy and I some
breakfast and a some extra bacon and sausage for him and
Benny.  When Milo got a whiff of it he got up and began
barking at Judy saying in his words,   that smells good,  I
want some hehehe.  Anyways,  he seems to be feeling a
little better thank God.  We don’t bounce back after having
a 105 fever so why should we expect him to.  I went to
lie down for a bit before I began writing and I felt some
eyes looking at me and Milo had his paws up on the side
of the bed looking at me saying he wanted to lay with
me,  so I got up and and went and picked him up and put
him in bed with me and covered him up real good with
a doggy blanket and that is where he is now hehehehe.
We’ve had tons of snow to come our way and it looks
like we have some more to come beginning tomorrow
afternoon.  I got dog tired of shoveling snow yesterday.
I had to keep the steps shoveled and a path for the
boys to go out and go potty and it seemed the snow
was falling faster than I could shovel it hehehe.  I had
to re shovel 4 or 5 times before the snowing lightened
up a bit.  We were sure glad that we took Milo to the
vet Friday,  because it would of been rather difficult
to do Saturday LOL.  Our driveway has been plowed
since all of that and Judy was able to get out to go
and take care of her mother.  I went out and brushed
the snow off of the car and got it warmed up before
she left and I took a trip down to Cameron.s Market
to get me some Mountain Dews.  I only had 3 left.
Judy headed out shortly after I showed her all of
the pictures I took of my drive to the market and
back.  Hehehe I had the camera set on the dash and
just snapped pictures hoping to get a few good shots,
but I did stop from time to time to take a few pictures.
Anyways,  the pictures came out pretty good.  She
could see how bad the roads were.  I told her that it’s
drivable,  but to not go much faster than 35 MPH
and I asked her to call me when she gets there :)
She called me and said the roads on route 1 were
better than our road and she made it OK.  That was
a relief.  I was worried,  but then we have seen
much worse roads and had no trouble with a little
caution.  Benny just strolled in here to say hello
and now he’s lying in a doggy bed right beside me.
Milo is still sound asleep on our bed with a doggy
blanket on him :)  We love these boys and treat
them like our children.  Judy and I gave Milo his
medicine before she left.  It takes one to hold
him and one (ME) to open up his mouth so that
she can get the medicine in and then me to hold
his jaw shut to make him swallow it,  because if
I don’t do that,  the pills get spit out and it gets
nasty after that LOL.  We mix his pills in with
some of their dog food,  but I think he can sense
that something ain’t quite right hehehe.  Anyways,
he gets his pills and they seem to be working.
One is for diarrhea and the other’s an antibiotic
to help with his fever and all.  Benny seems to be
able to tell that something is wrong with Milo,
but he just can’t put his finger/paw on it.  The
weather is getting colder.  It’s 7 F degrees right
now at 5:15 PM and supposed to get down to
minus –17 F degrees by morning.  The high for
Monday is supposed to be around 3 F degrees
and we’re expecting about a foot more of this
white stuff tomorrow as well beginning in the
evening.  Yeppers,  more snow and from the
looks of my weather program it might clear up
Tuesday to only begin snowing agin Wednesday
and then on into the weekend.  I was thinking
that we might get a light winter this year,  but
nope.  It’s putting its best foot forward hehehe.
Me and Benny have been making our trips out
to the mailbox and back of course aside from
yesterday when the snow was too deep for him
to follow me hehehe.  He followed as far as he
could,  but then waited for me to come back
and carry him back through the deep stuff that
he had managed to maneuver through hehehe.
The driveway has been plowed since then,  so
he won’t have any trouble going with me to the
mailbox tomorrow,  but after that,  we shall
see hehehe.  Milo is going back to the vet
tomorrow so she can check to see how he’s
coming along.  Keep the little boy in your
prayers.  I can tell that Benny misses his big
brother.  They like to play chase through the
house.  Hopefully,  Milo will be back to his
old ornery self soon.  Well the temperature has
dropped a few degrees.  Now it’s 3 F degrees
at 5:30 PM hehehe.  Yep,  it’s getting colder.
The thermometer is getting a workout tonight.
I think I’ll fix the boys some bacon in a little
bit.  I’m sure that Milo will enjoy it :).  That’ll
wake him up with just the smell of it while I’m
frying it hehehe.  I’m sure Benny will wake
up hehehe.  Benny is usually in the kitchen
under foot when I’m cooking anything hehehe.
He usually ends up parking himself over in
the next room where he can watch and wait to
see if he gets anything or if I drop something
on the floor that he can clean up hehehe.  Our
little vacuum cleaner with teeth LOL.  Thank
You God for keeping Your Mighty Hands over
our home protecting us and please heal Milo
and give him a few more years with our family.
Hehehe Benny is in the living room barking at
the snowplow.  It’s sort of distracting,  but I’ll
manage hehehe.  I just went and checked on Milo
and he was still sound asleep.  I had to wake him
to make sure he was OK.  LOL ain’t I mean :)!
He woke up and looked at me as if to say, (what
do you want,  I’m sleeping here) hehehe.  He’s
gone back to sleep now after I tucked him in
good.  Well it’s 1 F degree at 6 PM and I think
it’s time for me to begin my searching back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I
can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think a found a good title back just a few lines
or so hehehe and now after checking I see that
it has not be used as of yet,  but used it shall be
today yes,  as Yoda says LOL.  Here goes.

Sort Of Distracting

Winds of time blowing
on times window sill
might be distractions
with joy to fulfill.
Sort of but not quite
distracting the day
some things become as
a wonderful way.
Sort of distracting
some things might be seen
that are the best for
filling a dream.
Don’t let distractions to
just become pain.
Find all the blessings
distractions can gain.
Often distractions
are needed as tools
to make us look up
from dismal life’s pools.
Look passed the anger
distractions can make
and see the goodness
in joyful awake.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 1,  2015

Okie dokie,  there ya go.  I know it might seem a bit
silly to ya,  but hey,  that’s what I came up with using
that title.  You see if you can do it better hehehe.  So,
what have I forgotten to tell you that is actually worth
saying?   Hmm,  I can’t think of anything.  It’s getting
colder outside by the minute which means,  the boys
will have to make their potty breaks rather swift and
Benny won’t be able to stay out and play in the snow
as he loves to do.  Milo has been going down to the
bottom step and doing his thing which means we have
to watch where we step until I can get out to clean
it up.  But I’m not gonna punish him.  He’s sick and
I don’t want him outside no longer than he has to be.
But,  when he gets well and it warms up a bit,  that
will stop hehehe.  He will go elsewhere to potty LOL.
Can ya tell that we love these boys hehehehehehe?
There’s not much else I have to tell you other than
what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems
with one of them being sort of Christmassy.  I also
wrote once again 22 more haiku for all of my haiku
lovers out there.  I hope you can find one or two of
either or both that you like.  Now,  I believe it’s time
for me to be searching for that not so elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most wonderful
God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Now where is that cantankerous switch
hiding at this time?  Oh for Heaven’s sake,  could
ya at least put forth a little effort in finding a spot
to hide?  Standing up acting like you’re thrilled to
be on Mount Everest atop of my salt shaker is
not what I call hiding.  Try harder next time will ya.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

The Signs of Times

The things we see
found far and wide
the signs of times
are then applied.
Greatest journeys
our times display
the signs of times
are day to day.
Scenes as magic
with whispering winds
the signs of times
show what transcends.
Sometimes viewpoints
that we’re seeing
the signs of times
seem as repeating.
Journeys threshold
gathers its speed
the signs of times
is then what we read.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Painted White

A snowy day
as winds unite
becomes a scene
that’s painted white.
Snowflakes falling
blowing too
the painted white
becomes my view.
Every snowflake
that falls down
paints each scene
that’s all around.
Out my window
I can see
painted white
the snows degree.
Wonderful scenes
within my sight
are as pictures
painted white.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Past And Present

Now and then
what comes ahead
is just found
as what we dread.
Past and present
will collide
with the truth
that many hide.
Often moments
thought as gone
will be found
another dawn.
Past and present
then show true
the things we might
not want to view.
Doors will open
to our lifestyles
past and present.
So let lessons
become learned
times remembered
we’ve discerned.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Wishing Snow

A winter white morning
with snow given free
my wishes become as
a billowy sea.
Oceans of snowflakes
all gathered around
building a story
upon the cold ground.
Then as the snowflakes
continue to grow
I begin dreaming of
white wishing snow.
A wishing well sight
that falls from the sky
finds me just wishing
that I could fly high.
In the wishing snow
that falls every day
I can imagine
I’m drifting away.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Today’s Equation

With hands of time
the stage is set
today’s equation
ones forget.
So many people
will lose sight
what’s today
and what’s tonight.
Today’s equation
brings to view
counting moments
me and you.
Within the pages
books of time
today’s equation
shows a sign.
Today meets time
as devastation
when we’ve lost
today’s equation.
Ones united
black and white
with some others
in our sight.
Today’s equation
needs be found
with us each
on common ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

As Now Begins

Each day that’s done
leaves things to see
as now begins
our history.
Each word we say
and action made
as now begins
there’s truth displayed.
The stories told
as false or true
as now begins
it displays you.
Every moment
that we ignore
as now begins
it shows some more.
It’s perception
of our own sins
that learns lessons
as now begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

December’s Delight

I now remember
December’s delight
Christmastimes glory
found day and night.
Scenes all a blinking
a wonderful hue
Christmas trees decked out
for passers to view.
New England snowflakes
landing in place
December’s delight
with Christmastimes grace.
Every single house
with lights lit up bright
shows me the blessings
December’s delight.
Christmastime scenery
also is heard
songs on the radio
word after word.
Then as the morning
of Christmas is found
December’s delight is
with sight and sound.
Joyful the blessings
that Decembers bring
December’s delight
is as angels sing.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Looks Of Love

Ones with emptiness
only will find
looks of love
with no peace of mind.
Seen just as holes
with nothing within
some looks of love
are only of sin.
Let God help
your daily quest
for looks of love
the very best.
God will open
doors up wide
and then let
true love inside.
The looks of love
will find their mark
if they’re true
and not so dark.
Let God’s blessings
live in you
and looks of love
will find you true.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

As Rivers Flow

Snow covered rivers
with ice under thick
as rivers flow
they might be so quick.
Ice waters rushing
under the view
as rivers flow
the way that they do.
Yet found up topside
the only thing found
is maybe white snow
that looks like the ground.
But if you’re careless
and don’t know how thick
the ice could then break
and swallow you quick.
Then you’ll be seen
beneath ice and snow
trying to swim then
as rivers flow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

Blindly Searching

Footsteps walking
making prints
blindly searching
winters scents.
Snow is blinding
in sunlight
making searching
not so bright.
Blindly searching
needs to find
searched another
time to time.
Learning not to
head out fast
searching for
a shadows cast
might become
your best survival
later found with
clear arrival.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

for Jan 31,  2015

When you’re with worry
many doubts will come alive
causing  you to grieve.

Yesterdays flourish
as memories come alive
with views found today.

Without a moment
time cannot be completed
for each second counts.

The snowflakes falling
become as many patterns
painted here and there.

Now is a timeframe
that many will overlook
because they’re asleep.

Leaving a footprint
in the places that you go
lets others follow.

Many walk away
from a troubled ones lifestyle,
because they’re judgmental.

When time brings troubles
let God help you find answers
while living on faith.

Links to tomorrow
began long before today,
for our past connects.

Doorways to windows
might disclose some deception
hidden in the cracks.

Beyond what we see
is the sight that gets passed by,
because we are blind.

January storms
are often joined with some snow
and cold winds blowing.

Doors that aren’t closed tight
will tend to swing in the breeze
and even blow off.

Life can be laughter
found at any avenue
but not always good.

A glimmer of love
can be found in someone’s hatred,
for it stems from it.

Winters survival
comes as seasonal pathways
that soon will pass on.

Judgmental people
often see themselves as good
when they’re no better.

A lonely person
might have some trusting issues
that stems from their past.

Morning shows winter
as some snow painted hillsides
with glistening hues.

Some get excitement
from death defying journeys
that could bring them death.

A glimmer of time
displays stories remembered
that make us alive.

As four paws walk on
they leave a few distinctions
of what all they did.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 31,  2015

My wife Judy’s Poetry books :)
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Hello my friends

How’s it going for ya?  It’s been a bouncy road these
last few weeks up this ways.  To start off with and get
it out of the way,  my tumor turned out to be cancer and
now I’m waiting for further info on what to do about it.
The doctor cut out a lot of it,  but not sure if more will
need to be cut out.  We’re waiting for test results.  So
that’s all that there is about that for now.  Now another
topic.  Last week our septic lines froze and I called our
landlord.  He came and started working on it at 7 PM
and it was in the single digits then.  He worked on into
the night until 3 AM.  It had gotten down to 0 F degrees.
He managed to get the septic line thawed and insulated
so it would not happen again,  but I was afraid Calvin
was gonna get frostbite and pneumonia.  He seemed to
be OK.  He came by early the next morning to see if
our toilets were still flushing.  I said yes and thanked
him.  I told him to go home now and get off of his ankle.
He slipped on the ice a week or so ago and broke it
and now has it in a brace.  He told me that he was sad
that I have cancer,  because we’re his favorite tenants.
He said we’re like family to him.  I told him that I don’t
think God is quite done with me yet,  so we’ll be here for
a while longer :).  Ok,  so what else is going on around
here?  My weather program says that we might get a
lot of snow this week starting Tuesday.  Right now it’s
21 F degrees at 2:15 PM.  That was the high for today.
The temperature should begin dropping soon to about
5 below zero by morning.  I’ve gotta go and check on
Benny to see if he’s done playing in the snow hehehe.
I’ll be back.  I’m back.  Benny was waiting for me on
the steps.  He followed me back in here.  Milo was
sleeping on my side of the bed with his head on my
pillow hehehe,  but when he saw Benny,  he followed
him in here and I gave them both a treat so that they
would leave me alone and let me finish writing LOL.
Yeppers,  they’re contented now.  Now back to my
rambling hehehe.  According to my weather program,
all of the snowing should commence around midnight
Monday night.  We shall see hehehe.  So far it’s been
a rather mild winter for us up here compared to our
previous winters.  BUT,  it’s far from over.  We still
have a few months of winter left and it could become
nasty LOL.  Benny and Milo are now lying in their
doggy beds right beside me.  Hopefully they’ll sleep
for a while :)  Benny just sat up as if he could hear
my thoughts LOL.  He’s now looking up at me with
his little toothy grin :).  Boy,  it’s sure windy outside.
That wind is blowing pretty strong.  I can almost feel
our house shake hehehe.  Ok,  so it is a little bit being
my PC monitor is rocking a tad LOL.  This is a single
wide mobile home after all hehehe.  We haven’t any
wind block and we are on a hill so we do get the brunt
of the wind.  The nearest trees to us are about a 1000
feet away and they aren’t in the direction that the wind
blows LOL.  We get most of our hardest winds from
the south which is right outside our front door and if
you’ve ever seen any of the pictures that I’ve taken
outside our front door,  you know that there is only
a field in front of us with trees way off in the distance.
Yeppers and the blowing snow tends to pile up right
outside in our driveway and against the house LOL.
There have been times that I had to go and open the
screen door every 30 or 40 minutes to keep the snow
from piling up against it and blocking us in hehehe.
It’s a life that you either get used to or move hehehe.
I actually don’t mind it as long as we have heating
oil to fuel our furnace hehehe.  The snow is pretty.
I love to watch it snow and will often go outside with
the boys and play in it.  Although with my health as
it has been recently, I haven’t done as much playing
as I’ve done in the past.  Benny is kind of noticing
it.  He looks at me like,  you used to stay out here
with me a lot longer :)  I always try to make up for
it when I can.  I’ll see how far I can walk out in the
field of snow before turning back LOL.  When I go
to check the mail,  Benny will often follow me.  Milo
will from time to time.  They are good boys.  They
know to not get in the road and to sit and wait for
me to get the mail and then head back to the house
with me.  I hope I have many more years to share
with Judy and the boys as well as all of you.  I do
enjoy sharing my thoughts with you.  It actually
helps me deal with the problems that come and go.
We all have problems.  Yours might seem worse
than others,  but if you really look around,  you
might find that there are a few that have problems
that just don’t wave a large flag saying I’m sick
or my life is a mess.  I’ve always tried to keep my
whining down to a bear minimum LOL.  I’d rather
make others smile.  That always makes me feel
better.  Knowing that I have made one of you to
feel a little better through my levity always brings
me joy.  Judy spends most of her time trying not
to look at me when I’m  being silly which is most
of the time hehehe.  She knows if she looks at me
that she’ll break up into tears laughing hehehe.
She often has tears in her eyes when she finally
turns around to face me LOL.  I often make up
silly lyrics to popular songs or little tunes you
hear on commercials.  I can’t help it,  it’s the
silly within me LOL.  I thank God for the silly
outlook that he has put inside me,  for if it were
not for that,  I might of never found the profound
poet inside my mind.  Look around you now and
find the laughable moments that you might have
overlooked.  Those times might help you to look
passed the sadness and find a smile.  God gives
us choices to either laugh,  cry,  smile or frown.
Often what we’re crying about is something that
we should just accept and move on and find the
laughter.  If a loved one dies,  then remember
the good times and you might find yourself with
a great big smile.  To be able to share the good
times with anybody is a blessing and memories
make those times live on as do those loved ones.
Keep the love alive inside your heart and share
it with others to make those memories never end.
Let the bad times fade from sight as the good
times are more highlighted.  Of course we all have
bad times,  but you can learn to let them be just
lessons learned and times that are no more and
move on.  Now I believe I have rambled quite
enough and it’s time for me to be searching for
a word or phrase within all of my rambling that I
can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I found a decent title not too for back.
and now after checking I see that it has not been
used YET,  so here it goes,  being used hehehe.

The Silly Within Me

With thinking there is
a story to say
that might be silly
which right now’s OK.
The silly within me
from things I remember
often become as
a smiles burning ember.
The sights and the sounds
that somehow begin
are maybe laughter
from the silly within.
My imagination
that often runs wild
the silly within me
is timeframes compiled.
Painted from the morsels
of smile giving days
the silly within me
is what that displays.
Even the bad times
from yesterdays glance
the silly within me
gives right now a chance.
With every minute
that my eyes can see
I try hard to find
the silly within me.
Yet many days are
much harder to smile,
but the silly within me
makes better a while.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2015

So there ya go.  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
maybe even the poem LOL.  I know,  the poem’s not
that great,  but it’s all that my tiny brain thought of :)
I never have a clue of what I am going to write.  The
title often takes off with a life of its own as I type the
words hehehe.  It’s 16 F degrees right now at 4 PM :)
Yeppers,  the temperature is dropping and that wind
is still a blowing.  LOL my monitor almost looks like
a really weak pendulum as it swishes back and forth
keeping time with the breeze hehehehehehehehehe.
That ain’t no breeze.  That there be a freaking gust :)
LOL and it be,  Rocking me gently,  rocking slowly,
don’t ya know that’s how it blows.  Yea that wind’s
sure blowing this home around LOL.  Oops,  I found
once again the silly within me hehehe.  Anyways,
it looks like Milo will be needing to go pee being
he’s over there drinking water and that boy has
a small bladder LOL.  Oh well,  I reckon it’s time
for me to be telling you what I tell you almost every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with one of the being
sort of Christmassy.  Also I wrote once again 22
haiku for all of my haiku lovers,  but I accidently
wrote one extra,  so there are 23 this week LOL.
Well,  ain’t I surprised!  Milo didn’t have to go out
and go potty this time.  He went right back to his
bed and laid down.  So,  I guess I can begin my
search for that not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful weekend and
a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where is that dad gum
off switch hiding this time?  Hey,  you’re getting
pretty good at hiding.  I almost didn’t see you
there hiding behind my escape key hehehehe.
I said getting good as sort of an insult to ya if
you didn’t quite get the concept hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill.  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 +1 hehehehehehehehe :)

Time Marches On

Where many are walking
their footsteps will find
things they remember
from time after time.
As time marches on
and now meets tomorrow
we might find moments
that are filled with sorrow.
Yet we have choices
to change now today
how that we view things
in their wondrous way.
Time becomes windows
with us looking out
learning some lessons
and what they’re about.
We have a pathway
that soon will be gone
when we’re in Heaven
and time marches on.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

A Snowflake Will Fall

With winters passion
comes snowflakes rejoice
speaking as doorways
with a white sort of voice.
Magical wonderful
scenes become found
as snowflakes will fall
and land on the ground.
One by one snowflakes
become as a painting
falling from the sky
that I’m not complaining.
For every snowflake
creates its own view
that which a snowflake
will most surely do.
Sometimes the snow mounds
are found oh so tall
within the moments
a snowflake will fall.
Particular pathways
are found day and night
as a snowflake will fall
to make such a sight.
Maybe as pictures
that only you see
a snowflake will fall
so delicately.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Within A Cloud

A sky of blue
holds fluffy shrouds
found within
some passing clouds.
Within a cloud
the magic starts
making pictures
time imparts.
Some as grey clouds
some as white
within a cloud
holds greatest sight.
Scenes transposing
views to see
within a cloud
a slight degree.
Stories written
day to day
within a cloud
is great display.
Painted loosely
in the sky
as the clouds all
float on by.
Within a cloud
the time begins
brought together
with the winds.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Another Moment

When time on Earth
is found at end
another moment
is around the bend.
All the problems
health displays
another moment
shines its ways.
Heavens doorway
gives us all
another moment
to stand tall.
It makes passed days
another moment
bad and good.
Let God’s glory
shine His Son
another moment
said and done.
Let your lifestyle
show true love
another moment
from above.
Don’t let passed days
just be found
another moment
comes around.
Chances choices
can become
another moment
said and done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

I Can Recall

My life has been
so many things
some as nightmares
some as dreams.
I can recall
the yesterdays
that my life seemed
only greys.
My life’s moved on
from then and there
I can recall
from disrepair.
The choices I chose
or did not choose
showed me how
to win and lose.
The many times
of life’s Earthquakes
I can recall
so many mistakes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

The Rooftop White

With snow a falling
winter’s bringing
winters winds
just blowing singing.
Then as snowflakes
gather around
some land high
and some the ground.
On our rooftop
snow is landing
giving more
a place for standing.
It then becomes
a distant sight
a rooftop white.
As ones pass by
they can see
the rooftop white
a slight degree.
Snowflakes landing
gathering true
to make the rooftop
white to view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Timid Waters

Beneath the ice
holds waters deep
breathing moments
that might seep.
Timid waters
rushing through
beneath the ice
of winters hue.
Flowing going
but not seen
timid waters
Displayed as ice
on top to see
timid waters
are so free.
Currents driving
winters ways
timid waters
then  emblaze.
As the ice then
loses hold
timid waters
then unfold.
Bringing forth
a sight to see
timid waters
running free.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

The Lighter Side

When problems come
through days ahead
you might find
you only dread,
but the lighter
side of days
can be with a
different gaze
Looking for the
better times
and not just
the days land mines.
The lighter side
of problems found
might hold laughter
sight and sound.
Look beyond the
troubled views
and then find
some better news.
Silly thinking
might preside
to some laughter
the lighter side.
Of course keep mind
of what that’s true,
but keep the lighter
side in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Looking Back Christmas

With decades ago
comes times I remember
looking back Christmas
found in December.
When I was younger
and time only showed
Christmases found with
a much lesser load.
Looking back Christmas
brings me to find
times that my journeys
were peace of mind.
With all the memories
comes greater days
looking back Christmas
through all the greys.
My life has found joyful
now that is seen
looking back Christmas
now is a dream.
Winters own portholes
become such a sight
looking back Christmas
that now I delight.
I know now that Christmas
is what lives inside
looking back now days
with Jesus applied.
Peaceful comes bountiful
as I impart
looking back Christmas
with a God beating heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Little Lantern

When the lights have
ceased to shine
little lantern
you’re so fine.
For when darkness
comes within
little lantern
you begin.
We are thankful
in the night
little lantern
with your light.
For when troubles
come our way
little lantern
you display.
Power lines will
often break
leaving us
found wide awake.
So little lantern
we are proud
with you here
your light endowed.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

for Jan 24,  2015

As we walk forwards
we leave footprints in our wake
that others will see.

Sometimes our journeys
are connected to others
that we do not see.

Patience is hard
when the obvious is seen
leaving you waiting.

Pointless is wishing
when the wishes are empty
without any good.

Losing direction
can often find you lessons
that you have needed.

Because becomes said
often when we have no clue
of the best answer.

Looking for peaceful
needs you to search from within
as a breath that’s breathed.

When death comes knocking
greet it with a smile of peace
for Heaven awaits.

Allowing anger
to control all that you do
will cause much regret.

Now’s but a shadow
of yesterdays that are gone,
that we’ve maybe changed.

When life gives lemons
let it help you remember
all of the good times.

A dog found barking
is often trying to talk
or then maybe not.

Mind set illusions
will often find a desert
with cactus thinking.

Winter winds subside
when its season has moved on
leaving us springtime.

A journey might  fail
when each footstep is a ghost
hidden in our fears.

Change is direction
needed for us to let go
of our passed mistakes.

Looking for mistakes
in the people that you see
might show you your own.

The wealth of others
has no bearing on your life
but that of wanting.

Belief in Jesus
will not get you in Heaven
for you must love Him.

With our coming death
a new life will then blossom
as angels are born.

Sometimes our mistakes
will turn into our blessings
as time moves onwards.

The truth that is said
will often be hard to hear
due to our choices.

Love will come alive
as your heart allows Jesus
to stoke the fire.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

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Hello my friends

It’s wet and cold today, but not freezing :) Nope, it’s
only 36 F degrees right now at 2:30 PM. The boys and
me are just hanging together as we do every Sunday :)
I have been still waiting for my test results and it’s just
about to drive me crazy. I had a doctors appointment
last Thursday, but my doctor was out sick and another
doctor saw me and removed my stiches, but left in the
packing just in case they find that the tumor is cancer.
She read my doctors notes and told me the test results
haven’t come in yet. It seems everything in Maine is
SLOW. I would just like to know one way or the other
if it is or isn’t cancer. At least then I would know sort
of what to plan ahead for. Anyways, that’s the way it
is up here in Maine. The boys have been good. They’re
both in here now. I just gave them some duck jerky.
That should pacify them for a while LOL. Today and
tomorrow is supposed to be above freezing, but then
Monday night drop back down to the teens. It’s weird
weather for up here. We’re loving our new bed. We
have more room and my feet don’t hang off the end of
it LOL. There’s more room for Benny and Milo also :)
They do from time to time lay with us, but not when
we’re getting ready to sleep. Only when we’re watching
TV. Of course there are a few exceptions hehehe such
as we’re just gonna take a nap. Then we don’t mind
them laying with us. Benny just now started barking at
the neighbors and Milo ran to see what it was about
thinking mom might be home. Nope, it’s way too early
for her to be coming home LOL. She won’t be home
until late tonight when Trudy gets home from Walmart.
So, now Benny is leaning up against my leg and Milo
is lying in his bed. These boys are something else :)
We’ve still got tons of snow outside. Of course after
today and tomorrow with the above freezing temps
I’m sure the snow will turn to a hard layer of ice and
I don’t care much for that. We might get some rain
tonight and tomorrow, but Monday night it might be
snowing. Of course it’s just a forecast/prediction and
in many views a mere guess of the weather hehehe.
It’s rare that the forecast is spot on :) It seems that
Benny got tired of leaning up against my leg and has
decided to lie in his doggy bed. Actually neither of the
beds has a name on it. They switch off often and lie
in the one that isn’t occupied or the one that’s closest
to them, etc, etc, etc LOL. I don’t know what we’d
do without these boys. It seems as though they have
always been in our lives even though we’ve only had
them since 2012 hehehe. We got Benny in March of
that year and Milo in October, but they act just like
brothers that have always been. They are lying head
to head right now as they often do hehehe. They often
lie side by side. So, what else is going on around this
place? Not a whole lot! We’re hoping to be able to
afford to get our driver side car door fixed so it can
be opened from the outside. It’s gonna cost us $606
dollars. That’s our plans for when we get paid next
month. Hopefully our heating oil won’t run out LOL.
We’re sitting at a half a tank right now. If we didn’t
have problems, I would think something was wrong :)
I know God will make sure we have what we need as
He has always, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying.
LOL I guess I’m a worry wart. That’s what mom and
dad used to call me when I was a kid. I almost said
little boy, but I don’t think I was ever really little LOL.
Looking back at a few old pictures I was bigger than
my sister when I was 1 year old and she was 5 hehehe.
I always had big arms. I wish I had more pictures
of us as a family, but nobody in my family was much
into taking pictures. My dad took a few, but that’s
about all. It would of been nice if we had owned a
video cam, but then again thinking about that LOL,
maybe not hehehe. I wouldn’t want videos of me like
what I see of other families floating around hehehe
and yes I did find myself in some weird predicaments
as many children do :) I guess I’m glad we didn’t
own a video cam hehehe. The temperature has gone
up a few more degrees now. It’s now 38 F degrees
at 4 PM. It’s supposed to be 45 degrees by morning
and then start dropping back down gradually and by
Monday evening be below freezing again. Weird,
yes I would say so LOL. Then for the rest of the
week it’s supposed to be in the teens and single
digits hehehe. It might get up to the lower 20’s but
that’s all I see in my weather program :) Of course
some snow will be falling here and there hehehe as
always. It seems even the days that snow isn’t in the
forecast, it finds a way to fall. My stomach is talking
to me saying “FEED ME” :) I guess it’s almost time
for me to be fixing me and the boys something to eat.
It seems that the duck jerky that I gave them a while
ago is still sufficing them. They aren’t bugging me
for something to eat LOL. They’re sound asleep :)
Milo is snoring quietly thank God hehehe. It gets
hard to think when his snore turns into a loud roar :)
I thank God for all of the blessings He has put in my
life. I am grateful for all of the chances that He has
given me to let me turn my life around. I pray that
I have a few more years to share with you, but if
not, then be it His Will be done. I’m sure that if my
time is up, then I’ve done all that He wanted me to
do. I’ve already lived longer than the doctors had
predicted with all of my health issues. The hands of
the clock of time tick on with the moments that we
are to live and then find peace in Heaven. I hope
that you are doing the best you can with your life,
for you might be gone tomorrow because tomorrow
isn’t guaranteed. Our actions here on Earth can be
as echoes in lives still living, so make them your
very best echoes. Now, I reckon it’s time for me to
be taking my little journey back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find a decent word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem. So, it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE. I think I found a decent title and now after
checking I see that it has not been used yet, but
it’s being used today hehehe.

The Chances

The days and weeks
through timeless phase
provide the chances
many ways.
Things we’ve done wrong
passed and gone
the chances come
from dusk to dawn.
We might be troubled
from our ages.
but the chances
God arranges.
Pages turning
flipping through
the chances come
to me and you.
We might be found
with ending phase
with no chances
then to gaze.
So take heed now
look and see
the chances now
for good to be.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 18, 2015

Well, there ya go. I hope you understood the poem and
maybe even liked it :) Also, I hope my rambling didn’t
bore you to sleep hehehe. It’s 5:30 PM and 39 degrees.
Not too bad. There’s not much else to tell you so I guess
it’s time to tell you what I tell you almost every week and
that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku yesterday :)
Yep, 10 more poems with 1 of them being a Christmas
poem. Also I wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there. I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like. Now I believe I need to begin my search for that
hardly elusive off switch, but not before I wish you a most
wonderful God filled week. Remember, Jesus loves you
and we do too. Now, where is that dad gum off switch
trying to hide this week hehehe? I see ya you silly little
whippersnapper. Trying to make like the second hand
of my watch don’t work too well being you are a little out
of sync with the original second hand LOL. Ya look sort
of like a lazy blur hehehehehehehe. Anyways, Gotcha,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

Winters Ice

The chill of winter
comes so cold
winters ice
that times unfold.
Many rivers
lakes and ponds
winters ice
is dusk to dawn.
Many snowflakes
might be falling
giving winter
its own calling,
but with snowflakes
falling down
winters ice
is all around.
Some icicles
hanging true
winters ice
with wondrous view.
sights are seen
winters ice
a snowbound dream.
Then and now with
winters ice
pages display
so precise.
Moments gathered
to and fro
some with ice
and some with snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

An Endless Sky

With clouds found floating
the sky gives way
to a seemingly
endless day.
Endless rhythms
an endless sky
The blue sky rises
into view
when the clouds are
found as few.
Scenes transposing
on the stage
an endless sky
will turn a page.
come alive
to help an endless
sky survive.
It’s with clouds
of fluffy form
that an endless
sky is born.
Many pictures
become true
an endless sky
of thereunto.
Painted with some
oceans depth
an endless sky
will take a breath.
Breathing in
the days ahead
an endless sky
is story’s read.
Word by word
the book of time
shows an endless
sky divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

When Christmas Passes

As December moves on
from now to the past
many find Christmas
as shadows that casts.
Not with the joyful,
but with the pain
coming from wrongful
ways to attain.
When Christmas passes
it should live and breathe
that of our Savior
which we should believe.
Yet many people
think only of money
and how to buy things
maybe just funny.
Christmas should live on
as wonderful dreams
displayed by blessings of
Heavenly streams.
Poured down as waters
it should then unfold
when Christmas passes
with joyful behold.
Scattered with memories
to all the masses
there should be heartfelt
when Christmas passes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

Before The Dawn

While night shows stars
that twinkle so bright
the soon to come
is mornings light.
Before the dawn
the night displays
all it can
for one last gaze.
Nighttime’s chance
to show its stuff
minutes count
till not enough.
Before the dawn
it breathes a sigh
starlit wonders
in the sky.
Even moonlight
falls from view
when dawn breaks
to show anew.
The stars at night
will twinkle on
as best they can
before the dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

Never Forgotten

When life has ended
new begins
never forgotten
like the winds.
The memories
of when and where
become alive
in then and there.
Never forgotten
time moves on
dusk to dusk
and dawn to dawn.
So many ventures
live and breathe
within the time
our memories.
Never forgotten
as death is found
our memories
are still around.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 15, 2015

Circle Of Life

Looking past outwards
and looking inside
the circle of life
becomes as outside.
Seeing the truthful
sometimes hard to see
while often hidden
from you and from me.
The circle of life
is our found perception
as many find
a daily deception.
Sometimes revolving
much closer yet far
not realizing
who that they are.
The circle of life
needs many to find
how we’re connected
to all of mankind.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015


While I’m sitting
here to day
I’m remembering
far away.
Peering into
passed days glance
I’m remembering
second chance.
All the misery
I went through
I’m remembering
better view.
I can see now
my own choices
guiding me to
less rejoices.
Now while sitting
here I see
how I found
my misery.
Yet those days are
gone away
while remembering
gone astray.
Today gives chances
learned from then
while remembering
where I’ve been.
Lessons learned
from passed mistakes
helps me find
a new day breaks.
the lessons learned
becomes more clear
how they were earned.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

The Winds Of Time

The echoes of lifestyles
become a design
found as the pathways
of the winds of time.
Scenes become journeys
with our memories
as the winds of time
of oceans and seas.
Stages performed on
of lifetimes perception
finds winds of time
with a bit of deception.
So many envision
their lives in a story
written by authors
a little bit gory.
Yet it just might be
their own view of time
and not seeing clearly
what good there’s to find.
The winds of time
are blowing around
giving so many
the best to be found.
Yet it needs us to
look now and see
the winds of time
the best they can be.
Find all the good times
and lock on a smile
as the winds of time
blow on for a while.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

Soon Is Gone

Life is counted
by a few
soon is gone
with just one two.
Counted essence
many find
soon is gone
with time to time.
Less perception
becomes more.
Soon is gone
comes through the door.
When now’s gone
the passed is viewed
soon is gone
what’s misconstrued.
Often when we
lose someone
soon is gone
is time’s begun
Don’t let life to
pass you by.
Soon is gone
the day we die.
Show your passion
love so true
soon is gone
might become you.
Let your heartbeat
find some peace
soon is gone
with great release.
Find the blessings
time to time
soon is gone
will still remind.
God’s Son Jesus
will not be
soon is gone
but found so free.
Moments Breathing
we live on
even when our
soon is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

Walking On Ice

With winter comes chills
and cold winds a blowing
even a few days
found often snowing.
Driveways are frozen
to pay up a price
slipping and sliding
while walking on ice.
With winters mornings
the sunshine will glare
reflecting on white snow
found everywhere.
The driveway turns slicker
as each day is found
walking on ice then
finds me on the ground.
Slipping and sliding
on ice not so smooth
becomes as a journey
to win or to lose.
For when I’m falling
it is not so nice,
so now I wear cleats when
walking on ice.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

for Jan 17, 2015

Life finds mysteries
hidden in some strange places
that many never look.

Without a heartbeat
our lives cannot become true
and we can’t exist.

The ghostly image
of our lives after we’ve died
can live in others.

When time finds its end
the beginning starts again
with another page.

Watching a child grow
you might see bits of yourself
within their journey.

Wondering lifestyles
finds many asking questions
about others lives.

Limits to true love
are often just misconceived
due to importance.

Two worlds will collide
as true love meets destiny
and it’s accepted.

Beyond our eyesight
holds the dreams that could come true
if we’d just believe.

Heaven awaits us
through the love of God’s Own Son.
Jesus is the key.

Patience for now
can show better tomorrows
as things go their way.

Winter brings snowflakes
along with some icicles
to be decorations.

Love finds some problems
when it’s not what we’re needing,
but just what we want.

The essence of time
becomes an inconvenience
when in a hurry.

Searching through some clouds
you might find some memories
painted in the sky.

Storms of yesterday
often live inside our mind
becoming baggage.

Nobody’s sometime
is the same as another,
for views are within.

Mornings arrival
brings new pages to write on
with our new choices.

Meaningless banter
can become a bad disease
that angers others.

Painting with actions
creates a good or bad sight
with you as the brush.

Allowing others
to tempt you to destruction
could cause your demise.

Emotional doors
will often open and close
at the wrong times.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 17, 2015

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Hello my friends

It’s been another week in 2015 and Judy and I have been
trying to get used to the date 2015 LOL.  Me particularly :).
I forget how many times that I’ve gone and dated my poetry
2014 and when editing had to fix it LOL.  I still might have a
few slip by me,  but maybe not :).  I went to the doctor again
last Tuesday and he started to try and remove the cyst on
my shoulder and he found something more.  It was not a cyst.
It was a tumor and when I went back to see him Saturday he
told me that he thinks it’s cancer.  He sent for test results
and said he would call me and let me know one way or the
other.  Keep me in your prayers.  I want a few more years
with my family.  Plus I have a lot more to ramble about :).
Surely God’s not done with me :).  I’ve got a whole lot more
orneriness to spread hehehehe.  Anyways,  I having faith
that if it is cancer that it’s benign.  He removed what all
he could at the moment which was 2 inches long and about
an 8th of an inch thick.  So,  now it’s onto a hopeful brighter
topic hehehe.  The boys are doing well.  Judy is over at her
sisters house as she does every Sunday.  Oh yea,  we got
us a new bed.  Ok,  so it’s a used bed.  It’s better than the
one that we had LOL.  Our box springs were busted and
the mattress had springs come up out of it.  Plus our old
bed was only a full size and the new one is a queen size.
A lot more room and it’s in real good shape.  It cost us
80 dollars and well worth it.  It’s supposed to snow in
the morning.  About 1-3 inches expected.  That’s not too
bad.  We’ve still got tons of snow outside.  It snowed a
little bit last week.  It’ll still be white outside for a few
more months LOL.  I don’t see it melting any time soon.
Benny is loving it as always hehehe.  He’d be happy if
there was snow all year round LOL.  I do love snow,  but
hate ICE which the snow tends to turn into when it melts
a bit in the sun and then refreezes.  That’s what ends up
causing a lot of slips and slides.  Our landlord slipped
on his steps last week and broke his ankle.  Now he’s
got a little sign on his front door that says,  “Careful,
the steps are slick” hehehe.  Yep,  I’ve had more than
my share of slips and slides on our front steps hehehe.
One morning Milo slid down the steps in the snow and
ice.  Thank God he’s lower to the ground than I am or
he might of got hurt.  He just shook it off and did his
business and then came back inside :).  Milo is in here
with me right now lying down in the floor beside me.
Benny comes and goes as he keeps a look out for
mom/Judy to come home LOL.  Last time I looked,
he was on the recliner watching the front door :).  Our
little watch dog hehehe.  Every time I get up to go to
the bathroom or go get a soda water,  Milo will be
right behind me like a little shadow.  He’ll wait till I
get out of the bathroom or kitchen and then follow
me back in here and lay down in the floor beside me.
Gotta love them boys :).  I enjoy every minute with
them.  Judy and I are so blessed to have found one
another.  I enjoy just being in the room with her.
God found 2 people that lived thousands of miles
apart and put them together as one and then found
two little boys/dogs that fit in our lives like a glove
and blessed us with their love.  It has been a life
that I never could of imagined.  I pray that I have
many more days together with them,  but only God
knows.  I’m sure that many of you did the same as
me for a few years,  lived seeking perfection and
not what God had for us perfectly.  Sometimes our
greed can cause us to seek beyond what we truly
need and end up with misery.  Then there are
times that you might have gotten depressed and
let the blessings fade from view.  That is my life.
I thank God that He allowed me another chance
to find true love and happiness.  Yes of course,  I
have my share of bad days,  but it’s the bad days
that make the good days shine.  I am thankful for
my gift of writing,  because it helps me to deal with
my problems.  Also I am able to share with you my
life through the turnstiles of ups and downs.  I do
hope that you are finding the joy of life.  Life is
short and we need to learn to be happy even when
we’re thrown a rotten egg :).  I guess it’s time for
me to be venturing back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title that I’m sure
I haven’t used yet being it’s one long phrase,  but
I’ll check anyways hehehe.  Nope it hasn’t been
used,  so here goes,  being used LOL.

My Share Of Bad Days

When troubles come counting
and bad days surmise
time comes with chances
to find some blue skies.
Often my journeys
are with some potholes
found amidst storm clouds
just taking there tolls.
My share of bad days
might seem light to you,
but it’s the owner that
sees their own view.
You might be found with
some torment and pain
days each amounting
that seem as insane.
So let the good times
become as a tool
when there are times that
are oh so cruel.
It’s with the good times
that help all the greys
when I am found with
my share of bad days.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Ok,  it might not be one of my better poems,  but as I’ve
said before,  it’s what that came out.  I hope it makes at
least a little sense to you :).  If not,  sorry,  maybe next
time hehehe.  Milo is still lying in the floor beside me
and he’s snoring LOUDLY.  It makes it a little hard to
think hehehe.  None the less I shall finish this.  I didn’t
write any poetry yesterday being I was a little depressed
due to my doctors report that I got yesterday.  Oh well,
we all get down time to time and I’m no exception LOL.
Life goes on :).  It’s 19 F degrees right now at  6 PM.
It’s supposed to be 13 F and snowing by morning,  Yea.
So far the weather has been fairly mild or should I say
mild for up here LOL,  but I’m sure Mr Winter will
turn down the air and all.  He always does LOL.  Yep,
it is most definitely wintertime.  Judy and I are going
to try and save up to get our car door fixed next month.
If nothing else happens we should be able to do it :).
The driver side door handle on the outside is messed
up and does not work.  We’ve gotta climb in on the
passenger side and reach across and open the driver
side door LOL.  That does get a tad OLD ya know.
It’s gonna cost us $606 dollars to get it fixed.  They
will have to replace the inside of the door.  Anyways,
hopefully it will be fixed next month.  We’re having
it fixed at Yorktown Auto.  I know Judy will be happy
when it’s fixed.  She drives the car more than I do :).
Well,  that’s about all that’s going on around here :).
I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you
almost every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  I wrote 10 more poems with
1 of them being sort of Christmassy.  Also once agin
I wrote 22 haiku.  Yep,  I wrote all of the poems and
haiku today hehehehehe.  I hope you find one or two
of either or both that you like.  Now,  it’s time for
me to be searching for that not so elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most wonderful God
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now,  where’s that blasted off switch hiding
this time?  Hehehe I see ya you little varmint. Did
you think I wouldn’t see you riding side saddle on
Milo as he goes to get a drink of water hehehehe?
Saw ya!  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

Mornings Calm

As night is ended
day’s begun
with the sight of
mornings sun.
The nights departure
leaves a trace
found within
the mornings face.
Scenes of grandeur
found by dawn
become essence
mornings calm.
With a portion
night has poured
mornings calm
is then assured.
Yet some mornings
might fall prey
to the troubles
Try and see what
can be done
mornings calm
with rising sun.
Find the goodness
to perceive
maybe just
a chance to breathe.
Look around you
dusk to dawn
and then find a
mornings calm.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11, 2015

When Our Time’s Done

If death came knocking
at your front door
would you be ready
for then evermore?
Would you be waiting
at Heavens front gate
with many questions
and that many debate?
When our time is done
the chances to change
are then as faces
we can’t rearrange.
Do you know Jesus
and have you made peace
with all your anger
that you need release?
One day we’ll arrive
with the sight of God’s Son
as time goes ticking
when our time is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Winters Sun

With snow of white
the winters sun
shines so bright
on everyone.
The days are cold
with flakes of white
as stories told
from scenes delight.
As winters sun
displays its view
a new days done
for me and you.
The snow of white
paints many scenes
day and night
and betweens.
The winters sun
brings forth a gaze
northward done
some snowy days.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Lost Bird

A tiny bird
in snow of white
seems so lost
within my sight.
A small lost bird
of winters way
wanders around
from day to day.
A tiny bird
on mounds of snow
hops around
in oh so cold.
Yet it flutters
wings deployed
on what all
it has enjoyed.
A small lost bird
not lost at all
loves to watch
the snowflakes fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Joyful Memories

Those days remembered
of joyful hue
live as the echoes
of times oh so new.
Christmastimes blessings
wonderful sights
now are the magical
days I delight.
Joyful memories
painted with time
live as the wonderful
days on my mind.
Joyful the journeys
magical scenes
painted with colors of
reds,  blues and greens.
Wonderful moments
that my mind still sees
become as remembered
joyful memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

Floating Dreams

Waves come rolling
making sounds
such as lapping
on the ground.
Upon a beach
there’s ocean waves
rolling in
those sunny days.
Floating dreams
so faraway
oceans deep
from day to day.
Waves bring portions
of the scenes
as so many
floating dreams.
Passions doorway
opens wide
floating dreams then
come inside.
A paradise
ones hand in hand
floating dreams
found on the sand.
Waves come crashing
on the shore
floating dreams
Remembered times
of her and I
floating dreams
shall never die.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce :)

Just Because

With our pathways
come our choices
with some answers
saddened voices.
Many people
blame their flaws
on the answers
just because.
Not allowing
truth to be
what they chose
from history.
Just because
becomes ones view
when they answer
me and you.
Yet that answer
does not show
why you really
did them so.
So if someone
ask you why
answer truly
do not lie.
Just because
is not so great
because it’s often
a little late.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Blinding Snow

The sun shines brightly
on the snow.
It’s hard to see
where all we go.
The blinding snow
of winters way
becomes a hindrance
day to day.
It acts like mirrors
said and done
reflecting bright
the daily sun.
The blinding snow
is also cold
winter displays
times unfold.
The suns reflection
that I see
becomes a snowbound
The times I’ve sought
where I’m to go
I only saw
the blinding snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

The Distant Trees

Looking out
I see the trees
snowy fields
of whitish seas.
My distant sight
sees high and low
trees all covered
with the snow.
Sparkling essence
in the sun
the distant trees
dial 911.
The weight of snow
upon their view
makes it hard
to stand there true.
Yet I find some
joy in these
found within
the distant trees.
Sparkling brightly
in the sun
until the moments
day is done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

A Beautiful World

So many pages
of our history
get tainted by words
that ones don’t agree.
A beautiful world
lies here now today
that needs us to find
a more peaceful array.
We’ve allowed our anger
and hatred of others
to become killers
of sisters and brothers.
Let’s pull together now
and try and agree,
this wonderful world
has so much to see.
Look passed your differences,
find common ground
for a beautiful world
is there to be found.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

for Jan 11,  2015

With a few footsteps
yesterday becomes today
leaving memories.

While winter winds blow
they might give snowflakes a ride
if the weather’s right.

Soon now will pass on
leaving only some shadows
that we’ll remember.

Portions of winter
might bring forth some ice and snow
with some freezing rain.

Looking for perfect
might leave you feeling empty
when you see the flaws.

The echoes of time
that we recall from our past
might show some regret.

Today is a chance
that has many beginnings,
so do not give up.

Less might be better
if it’s what you only want
and don’t really need.

A glimmer of hope
comes from the tiniest things
that we overlook.

With just a moment
you can change all that you are,
so why not begin.

Death is not the end,
but the beginning of life
of everlasting.

Windows of lifestyles
are often pretty dirty,
but hidden from view.

Ones anxiety
can cause them many problems,
so take time for prayer.

A glimpse of today
from yesterdays perception
could find you despair.

Our lives are as links
connected invisibly,
each one together.

Heaven awaits us
while many still will choose Hell
as their direction.

Living in the now
brings chances for much better,
for yesterday’s gone.

Resting on laurels
might one day just fade away.
Try to do better.

Each snowflake that falls
has a personality
that is of its own.

Nighttime images
might create many shadows
that we misconceive.

Leftover heartbeats
from a devastating ride
might have some baggage.

Hearing ones wording
does not mean you understand.
It might be deeper.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 11,  2015

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Hello my friends

How was your New Years?  I hope you had a happy and
safe one.  The year 2015 is now upon us and I find myself
still signing stuff 2014 and having to go back and change
it as I did last year when it turned 2014 LOL.  In a month
or so I’ll finally get used to typing 2015,  but until then my
mind will still cause me to revert to 2014 and have to go
back and correct it hehehe.  So did you make any type of
New Years resolutions?  The only one I ever make is to
try and do better this year.  It’s about the only one that
I’m fairly sure that I can keep LOL.  It snowed quite a bit
last night.  This morning Benny and Milo needed to go out
and potty and I could almost read the words in Milo’s face
when he looked outside at the steps and all LOL.  Sort of
like,  “No not again”.  Benny was out the door and ready
to play.  As soon as Milo got down the steps and did his
duty,  he was back clambering up the steps to get back
inside,  but Benny wanted to play in it,  because he loves
snow.  I had to keep calling his name and he finally gave
in and came back inside.  I knew the snowplow would soon
be here and I didn’t want Benny getting plowed under :).
Our neighbor Mark once again came over and shoveled
our steps and around our car.  I never asked him to do it.
I have managed since 2007,  but I guess he can see that
my health isn’t getting any better and he’s just trying to
be nice.  He came over yesterday evening and asked me
to take him to town so he could buy some more kerosene
for his heater,  so I donned my clothes and we headed
out.  He wanted to stop at the grocery store so to buy
them a few groceries while we were in town so we did.
Their car is leaking radiator fluid and isn’t running too
well either.  He wanted to stop at Burger King and get
him and his better half a burger and said for me to get
Judy and I something,  so I got us 2 Big Kings and some
onion rings.  Anyways,  Mark is a nice guy.  I hope him
and Charlene hang around longer than all of our previous
neighbors.  I do still miss Brian my fishing buddy.  Him
and his wife and boy were our neighbors for a year or
so.  I also miss our other neighbor Carol and her boys.
We’ve had some nice neighbors.  Paul and his wife lived
behind us and were here before we moved up and they
moved away a couple of years ago.  We’re sort of out
in the boonies,  but I like it for the scenery and ability
to be able to play my conga drums without bothering
anybody hehehe.  I asked all my neighbors if I was
too loud and they said they couldn’t hear the conga
drums,  but a few of my neighbors have come over
to watch and listen to me play a few times :).  OK, So
what else is there to talk about?  It’s sort of quiet
around here today.  Judy didn’t have to go over her
sisters house today being her sister stayed home
due to the nasty weather conditions.  So,  we’re all
here today.  I think Benny and Milo are a little bit
confused though.  Hehehe Friday when we went into
town to pay the light bill,  we took Benny and Milo
with us.  The funny thing was that when I opened
the front door and said come on boys.  Benny ran
down the steps and headed for the field and turned
around to wait for me LOL.  I said,  Benny we’re
not going for a walk in the field today, we’re going
for a ride and I opened up the back door.  He came
a running and hopped right in.  Milo came outside
with Judy and hopped in and then Judy and I got in
and we were off to town.  I will have to take the
boys out for a walk soon.  I haven’t lately due to
being under the weather,  but aside from my many
allergies, arthritis, etc,  I’m feeling a little better.
Life goes on hehehe.  I just poked my head out
and it’s 21 F degrees and sleeting now.  Yep,  it’s
a nasty day.  I don’t mind the snow,  but the sleet
and freezing rain I can do without.  Yep,  it’s days
like today that I’m glad to be retired with nowhere
that we have to be.  I’m glad that I don’t have to
worry about Judy being on the road this evening.
I can tell by the lack of traffic on the road that
the road must be bad.  It’s not like we get tons of
traffic being we live on the county road,  but we
do have a few logging trucks and cars that drive.
Although,  I haven’t heard a snowplow in a good
while,  which could also mean,  that the roads are
slick.  Maybe they’ll come and sand the roads in
a bit if they haven’t already done so on their last
pass.  None the less,  I checked our mail yesterday
and it don’t run today,  so there’s no need for me
to have to walk out there thank God LOL.  It looks
like 2015 is slowly making footprints in the days.
We shall see where the footsteps lead to.  Judy
I and the boys will just keep on keeping on as the
pages turn in time.  God has continued to watch
over us as He has from the beginning.  We are
finding blessings with each corner that we turn.
Our little homestead has many miracles found
within it.  I feel blessed to be able to share my life
with Judy and the boys.  Yet,  there are times that
I let self pity to live and breathe just as many of
you might also.  It’s those times that I begin my
prayers even more so and let God show me the
many blessings that I have.  Of course I have
health issues and financial stress,  but I am able
to see the beauty of winters snow and autumns
fall colors along with all that is in between such
as flowers that bloom.  I’m able to watch all the
clouds form paintings in the sky.  Most of all I am
able to share this with Judy and our boys.  Thank
You God for all that You have done and will do.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be taking a lil
trip back through all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s
away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  It
looks like I found a title about half way down :).
It might turn out silly,  but I haven’t a clue at
this point hehehe.  So here goes.

I Don’t Mind The Snow

With wintertime’s perception
and the plows that come and go
I find I hate the sleet and ice,
but I don’t mind the snow.
The season has much beauty
with its white snow on the ground
and trees that glitter brightly
when sunlight shines all around.
No,  I don’t mind the snow
for it has that wondrous view,
that with the snowflakes falling
makes the days so fresh and new.
Then as winters highways
are filled with wondrous scenes
the snow becomes a painting
that is filled with many dreams.
The winters days come shining
as December comes and goes
and my heart finds the magic
for I don’t mind the snow.
The snow gives its surroundings
the glimmers Heaven sent.
No,  I don’t mind the snow
for it has a great accent.
It paints the days around me
with its snow white scenery.
No,  I don’t mind the snow,
because it give so much to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 4,  2015

Ok,  I know many of you won’t like the poem.  Oh well!
That’s life as a poet hehehe.  Judy and the boys are in
here with me.  Benny and Milo are lying right behind me.
I’m trying not to roll over them hehehe.  Actually Benny
is to my left and almost behind me with his head resting
on a leg/wheel of my chair LOL.  I guess they’re a little
confused,  because mom’s still here hehehe.  They had
gotten used to her leaving every Sunday.  I’m glad she
stayed home.  Those roads have gotta be nasty.  Yes
they are drivable,  but still dangerous.  Our car still has
Texas tires on it and it don’t do well on ice and snow.
One day when we have some money we will have to at
least buy two winter tires for the front or the car.  They
cost more than they did for our little Mazda hehehehe.
Of course our Mazda only had 13 inch wheels and this
one has 16 inch wheels.  Quite a difference in size and
price.  So,  I guess I need to be telling you what  tell
you almost every week.  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep, I wrote 10 more poems with 1 of them being
sort of Christmassy.  Also once again I wrote 22 haiku
for all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find
1 or 2 of either or both that you like.  I guess now it’s
time for me to be searching for that hardly elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you a most awesome
New Year and a blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,  so where are
ya hiding you little whippersnapper?  I see ya you
little varmint.  Will you ever freaken learn that I do
ever so often use my nose drops LOL?  Aside from
you not being completely hidden,  I do have allergies
ya know LOL.  Will you ever learn????????????
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

Starlight Moon

Nights of white
with light in tune
are found on snow
a starlight moon.
Scenes are found
so wondrously
the sights and sounds
that my eyes see.
A starlight moon
reflects upon
the snow at night
until it’s dawn.
With glows bestowed
upon the ground
a starlight moon
is surely found.
Yet when morning
comes to be
a starlight moon
is history.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Decembers Sun

A new day’s dawned
with change of date
as Decembers sun
finds seasonal fate.
January’s morning
comes into view
as Decembers sun
says how do you do.
The meetings of time
connect to and fro
as Decembers sun
sees January snow.
The minutes tick onwards
as each day is found
when Decembers sun
waits time going around.
For as December
finds it is the past
January displays
its own type contrast.
So as the moments
of Decembers sun
fade from the pages
to now what is done,
the stories remembered
from its own display
are still filled with magic
from that Christmas Day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

A Brand New Year

With each day
the shadows show
a brand new year
will soon bestow.
The minutes ticking
a brand new year
comes into view.
While ones dream
of better lives
a brand new year
gives hope that thrives.
Our yesterdays
only find
a brand new year
with change of time.
Many choices
need sincere
to make much better
a brand new year.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Looking Forwards

Throughout our ventures
so many will find
seasonal pathways
that stay on their mind.
While looking forwards
those passed days return
as all the memories
that time will not burn.
Sometimes acceptance
of shadows we cast
makes it much easier
for you to move passed.
While looking forwards
to futures display
the passed will still live on
as its special day.
Yet some acceptance
and forgiveness too
can make looking forwards
a much better view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Tomorrow’s Sunshine

With rays of light
just shining through
tomorrow’s sunshine
might then too.
Yet some storm clouds
might be found
hiding sunshine
all around.
Tomorrow’s sunshine
might still show
even with
the chance of snow.
Behind the clouds
of fluffy white
tomorrow’s sunshine
is in sight.
For it still shines
its own way
tomorrow’s sunshine
day to day.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015


Shining glowing
in the night
eyes of a cat
seem very bright.
Found just stalking
there and to
eyes in view.
Sometimes purring
eyes are shining
bright to see.
Then as nighttime
fades away
all that’s seen
is light of day.
That cat meowing
in the night
fades from sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

The Healing Thoughts

Finding some peaceful
in moments of pain
is sometimes hard for
ones to attain.
The healing thoughts
from Lord God above
can give you peaceful
filled full of love.
When torments gathered
at your door of time
seek the healing thoughts
from Lord God Divine.
Let not your worries
to leave you despair.
Find the healing thoughts
through God’s love and care.
Finding some peaceful
needs you now to pray,
then the healing thoughts
will take you away.
Yes many moments
will still find you pains,
but the healing thoughts
will calm hurricanes.
Maybe not your viewpoint,
but you will soon see
the healing thoughts will
change what will be.
Sometimes some bad times
need to be found
for the healing thoughts
to find common ground.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Frosted Windows

Winters coldness
brings to me
frosted windows
that I see.
Scenes as crystals
in my sight
frosted windows
scattered light.
Through the windows
that I view
frosted windows
are askew.
Scenes transposing
how they are
frosted windows
can’t see far.
all the time
frosted windows
change sunshine.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Soon The Snow

January’s sunshine
displays great delights.
Mesmerizing snowfall
into the nights.
Looking outside now
I can see clearly
snow from December
that fell down so dearly.
Soon the snow will fall
much deeper yet
and make the day end
with a wondrous sunset.
Soon many snowflakes
will fall from the sky
and with winters wind then
learn how to fly.
Soon the snow will
begin its own flight
throughout the daytime
and into the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

Open Your Mind And Dream

Let lose of your thinking
and dream of delight.
Think about the things
that could be in sight.
Open your mind and dream
of the things you can’t see
and let yourself to find then
what really could be.
Don’t let your dreams to die
letting nightmares take over.
Open your mind and dream
of a field full of clover.
Dream of a passion sky
with clouds all fluffy white.
Open your mind and dream
of a magical sight.
Don’t forget to dream
of some wonderful days
when maybe right now
is just but a haze.
Yet don’t lose reality,
for truth needs be found,
but open your mind and dream
of a smile not a frown.
For maybe one day
that dream will come true
on a day that you’re ready
for it within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

for Jan 3,  2015

It’s a brand new day
with chances found within it
that need us to take.

Never finds someone
in the midst of ever,
so do not lose hope.

Passion is a place
deep within a true heartbeat
that shows emotions.

Losing direction
can get you where you’re going
but not as quickly.

Wintertime’s snowflakes
become the only views seen
as time moves along.

Searching for springtime
might seem as just a glimmer
of your remembrance.

As hours pass by
each second presents doorways
for choices to make.

When we’re with sadness
a smile can be found inside
from times long ago.

Each cloud that floats by
shares a story of itself
written in the sky.

Seen from faraway
our planet looks so tiny
as does those we see.

We’re never alone,
for even in seclusion
Jesus is still there.

Making an entrance
could expose your weaknesses
as you stumble in.

Life is just a thought
that God has given us all
that became much more.

Winning and losing
is just a viewpoint we see,
for which is better.

The gleaming sunshine
is hidden behind the clouds
as winter proceeds.

Believing in not
gives you only emptiness
found deep inside.

The cold of winter
brings chills to the days ahead
with flavors of snow.

Learning from mistakes
often makes us much stronger,
but sometimes does not.

Hearing the wind blow
awakens many seasons
deep inside the mind.

While truth is better,
many will overkill it
saying what is wrong.

A minute in time
gives us all a chance to change
with every second.

Beyond yesterday
is the doorway to today
that we need to shine.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 3,  2015

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Hello my friends

I hope you had a very merry Christmas.  Judy and I did.
We have been watching Christmas movies every night :).
The boys seem to be able tell it’s Christmas. Benny got
out one of his Santa dolls from last Christmas and played
with it.  Why he picked that specific doll to pull out of the
toy box leaves a question in our minds.  Do they know
it’s Christmastime?  Judy and I took the boys over to
spend Christmas eve with us at Judy’s twin sisters house.
We had a blast.  Benny and Milo had quite a time as they
played with all of their cousins.   Trudy has 4 Yorkies and
Benny and Milo love to visit them :).  Benny loves it bit
more than Milo though being they are all much younger
than him.  Milo is 7 years older than Benny and a little
more than 7 years older than all of Trudy’s dogs.  So he’s
the elder of the bunch.  Although,  Benny and Milo act
as though they are brothers even if they are not from
the same breed and their ages are far apart.  I think we
could all learn something from dogs.  They have not an
ounce of prejudice.  Plus dogs are more forgiving than
we could ever think to be.  They don’t hold onto grudges.
Judy and I love our little boys.  They complete our home.
I know they are only here with us for a short time being
they don’t live as long as us,  but for the time that they
are with us they bring us joy and laughter.  Plus I firmly
believe that their is a place for them in Heaven so that
when our time is up and our fleshly bodies no longer
hold our souls within them,  we will see those lovingly
little toothy grins once again.  I guess it’s time for a
new topic huh.  Well,  I’m not gonna write much being
it is still Christmastime to me and I’m sort of taking
a vacation from writing so to say.  I didn’t write any
poems or haiku,  but I will be back once again next
Sunday/week starting off the new year with more of
my poetry,  haiku,  humor and thoughts.  I hope your
new year is filled with abundant blessings.  I’m fixing
to make me and the boys some dinner.  Judy will be
home late this evening as she is every Sunday.  I’m
sure that by then I will be hungry again being I’m not
going to fix me and the boys very much.  But then,  I
haven’t eaten today yet,  so I really need something
to eat.  The boys have dried dog food in their food
pans in the floor if they get hungry.  So,  I guess I’ll
take a little looksee back through this short little bit
that I’ve written and see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for a new little poem.
So I’m taking a short trip to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title and now after
checking I see that it hasn’t been used yet,  but it is
being used today.  So here goes.

When Our Time Is Up

When the year has ended
and our past pictures show
we need to let our journeys
to show us where to go.
Learning from our mishaps
as each day moves along
our lives can be as lessons
teaching many when we’re gone.
Each year holds a pathway
with wrong ways and of right
that we carry with us
as a shadow found in sight.
Don’t allow your heartaches
of yesterdays unfold
leaving you with only
a life of bitter cold.
When the year has ended
and our time is just a thing
God can show us blessings
that we thought but just a dream.
For when our time is up then
and our bodies are worn out
Heaven holds a journey
that true love is all about.

©By Bill Pearce
Dec 28,  2014

I hope you enjoyed the poem and the pint size version
of my rambling hehehe.  As I said before,  I didn’t write
any poems or haiku this week,  but next week or as the
case will be hehehe next year,  I’ll be back with a bunch
to read.  I hope your New Year is a fruitful one with many
blessings.  Also I pray that your Christmas was a great
one filled with tons of joy.  So before I start looking for
that not so great at hiding Off Switch,  I want to wish you
a most wonderful week and Happy New Year.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,  so where is that silly
off switch hiding this time?  Hehehe it looks like he might
need to go on a diet.   I can see him plain as day while
he attempts to hide behind my Mountain Dew can LOL.
Yes,  I need to lose some weight too hehehe.  I ate too
much,  but I sure enjoyed it :).   Anyways  Gotcha dude,
see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

See ya next year :)

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