Share My Thoughts


Hello my friends

It looks as though April only has a week left
and then we shall welcome May.  Although it
is still a bit on the coolish side.  We had about
2 days last week with 70 F degrees,  but now
it’s back to the upper 40’s for the rest of the
week including yesterday and today and yes
the nights are in the lower to upper 20’s for
the rest of the week.  By next weekend or so
the nights should be more in the lower 30’s and
the days in the lower to mid 50’s.  Spring is
still having a hard time grabbing hold hehehe.
The wind is blowing vigorously today.  The
tarp that we have over our picnic table and
chairs is flapping making a lot of noise,  but
it’s still holding tight hehehe.  This passed
week was great.  We had a visit from Judy’s
daughters and the grand kids Thursday and
I took the grand kids out in the field for a
little nature hike and of course Benny and
Rocky joined in.  We walked down to the
river and I took a few pictures of them as
well as many of us there and to 🙂  Yep,  it
was a beautiful sunny day.  The youngest
grandson Christian stayed  with us from
Thursday to Saturday.  We all stayed up
late watching Youtube gaming videos and
having a good laugh.  Judy took Christian
with her when she headed off for Craft
Night at her sister’s house and Christians
mom took him home from there when she
was done with her craft.  They made things
with mason jars or should I say most of
them did.  Some used what they had,  but
they had a good time.  Judy made three
decorative jars from mason jars.  They
came out pretty nice.  Judy got home late
last night and we had a late dinner and
then watched programs that I recorded
while she was gone.  My collarbone is
still hurting,  but the pain has eased a bit,
or I’m just getting used to the pain LOL.
In either case,  I’m alive,  just not doing
no jumping jacks or anything hehehe 😉
Judy’s going to Bangor with her sister
Dena Tuesday.  Dena has one doctors
appointment early Tuesday and another
early Wednesday and Dena didn’t want
to go alone and they won’t be coming
back till Wednesday.  So it’ll be me and
the boys again hanging together.  I’ll miss
Judy and I’m positive the boys will.  If
I know Benny and I do,  he’ll be barking
at everything that he thinks just might
be Judy coming home,  which will also
drive me batty,  but I’ll survive hehehe.
I’ll try to keep them entertained as much
as I am able.  If Tuesday is nice,  which
it’s supposed to be aside from being in
the upper 40’s I might take them out for
a little nature walk in the field.  Hehehe
that’s if my health will allow me.  So
what else is there?  Oh yea,  last Tuesday
Judy and I took the boys out for a little
field trip and we got a lot of pictures and
a few videos that came out pretty good.
Yes,  the snow has finally all melted and
allowed the Earth to display the ground
that was underneath all of that white
stuff LOL.  There’s a few trees attempting
to start budding,  but with our bouncing
back and forth warm to freezing weather
it’s still a hit and miss hehehe.  Tonight’s
low is supposed to be 25 F and that is
the night forecast for most of this week,
with some forecasted at 21 F hehehe.
But yet,  this is spring or at least a good
try hehehe.  Maybe in May it will begin
to be more springish,  but then it’ll be
too warm for me and I’ll have to turn on
our portable air conditioner LOL.  That
seems to be a pattern for me hehehehe.
Rocky came and sat down right beside
me just now and I felt his eyes looking
up at me.  I looked down and he was
cocking his head sideways looking at me
with his little doggy smile.  I petted him
and now he’s laid down.  LOL it’s hard
to write when you’re being stared at 🙂
LOL I thought I would see how he likes
it and so I just stared at him while he’s
lying there in his bed.  LOL I guess he
couldn’t sense that I was staring at him.
He just slept on.  OH well,  enough of
that and back to my journal.  Oh yea,
the Houlton Farms Dairy opened up a
few weeks ago,  so when Judy and I
have some money,  we’re going to get
us some ice cream yummy yum hehehe.
It’s where we make a special trip to
every year to get our favorites in the
ice cream world LOL.  My favorite is
the Vanilla Shake A Sundae with hot
fudge and one of  Judy’s favorites is
the Banana Awful Awful.   Hehehe
it sounds awful,  but it’s awful good
she says LOL.  Yes,  life up here in
this wintery world of Maine is place
of beauty.  There is much to see and
tons for me to take pictures of and also
write about.  I do get tired of being so
far away from family and friends and
I wish I had some friends up here that
I could spend time with,  but it’s not
all bad.  Maybe one day I’ll make a
friend that will also play guitar and
we can jam together.  That would be
great,  but until that day happens,  I’ll
keep on keeping on as I have.  God
has blessed me with a most wonderful
family up here and many friends that
might be far away,  but I can still talk
to them.  I am so thankful for being
able to share my thoughts with you
and hopefully brighten up your day.
God gave me this ability to write not
to keep to myself,  but to try and help
others to find Him and see the joy in
life that they had never been aware
of.  So,  I thank You God for all that
You have done for me and given me.
I guess it’s time now for me to begin
my little quest back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
have stumbled upon a decent title just
a few lines back and now the chore
of trying to write something that makes
any sense using it hehehe.  Here goes.

Share My Thoughts

A single thought
I thought to say
might be a thought
the best today.
I share my thoughts
as time moves on
before my thoughts
are there and gone.
For ones thinking
thoughts acquired
might be goodness
times transpired.
Yet if no thought
finds its place
it might then weave
a frowning face.
So as my thinking
finds its cost
I find the good
and share my thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 24,  2016

LOL so there ya go.  I thought I would share
my thoughts in a poem about sharing my, well
you know,  thoughts,  hehehe.  I hope it makes
sense to you 🙂  I won’t give my interpretation
of it.  You find your own 🙂  What it means to
me,  might not be the same as what it means to
you.  Sort of like a church sermon.  Thousands
can hear it,  but each person hears it differently
and gets their own message.  The message that
was meant for them.  Anyways,  I wonder if I
forgot to tell you anything other than the usual?
Oh yea,  my dad passed away April 22 2001
and that day is still burned into my brain,  but
I always know that he is with me everywhere
I go and still watching me as I write my poems
and journals.  He used to come in my room
and rest his hand on my shoulder as he waited
for me to finish.  He always called my journals
my sermons and he would take them to church
with him to use to teach his class.  Anyways,
I love ya dad and I know I’ll be with you when
my time in this old worn out body is done 🙂
Death is not the end,  but the beginning of life
in an everlasting realm.  Heaven awaits me 🙂
LOL I’m sure dad’s saying,  you ain’t done
doing what God has for ya to do yet,  so you
gotta few more years son.  Yep,  so until I’m
done here,  you’re stuck with me Judy LOL.
I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂  My life
is a blessing as I unwrap a new mystery as
each day comes to pass.  OK,  so I guess
I need to put on the brakes here before I get
totally back in Rambles Ville hehehe.   Now
I believe it’s time for me to be telling you
what I tell you almost every week and that
is I wrote some more poems and haiku,
but actually I wrote all of these poems last
week LOL.  They’re the extras that I didn’t
put in last weeks journal.  Though I did
write 22 haiku yesterday 🙂  Actually I sort
of went overboard and wrote four extras so
ya got 26 haiku for all of the haiku lovers
out there.  So,  with that said and done I
reckon it’s time for me to begin searching
for that hardly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most joyful weekend,
or whatever’s left of it and a truly blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now, where’s that ornery
off switch hiding this week?  Hmm,  I spy
with my 1 good eye a bit of movement from
behind my orange juice glass.  Aha I think
I see you.  If you would get some skin lotion
and quit scratching I might not of seen ya.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22+4 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Within A Way

Through times of trouble
day after day
sometimes might double
within a way.
Mirrors reflecting
what all we’ve done
seeming dissecting
bullets and gun.
Through scenes of beauty
a painters quest
the Earth is our duty
to save and be blessed.
For then within a way
so many will lie
while they display
how so many die.
The Earth needs our voices
to try hard to save
and not let our choices
to put it in the grave.
So we should pull together
and do what that’s right
within a way forever
to save day and night.
Not allowing greediness
to destroy every day
and then leaving shadows
of life within a way.
Take heed with God now
and gather your strength
to helps ones to learn how
to not become extinct.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 15,  2016

The Life Of Dreams

Ventured are heartbeats
so timeless to sway
as dreams encounter
a wonderful way.
The life of a dream is
something to see
sometimes a space voyage
on through history.
The advantage of dreamland
is it can be sewn
into a wonderful
place you have known.
A place you have been to
so Heavenly fine
found in a dream world
that wonderful time.
My wife and I surely
can see the extremes
the best times of passed days
in the life of dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 15,  2016

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce


With only a second
ones can explode
being enraged
with all that’s bestowed.
Minutes can gather
a dynamite trail
being enraged
with every detail.
Then as your anger
takes firm control
moments are counted
taking their toll.
For as a second
turns into hours
being enraged
makes many so sour.
Not seeing truly
the time that is there
many enraged
will say they don’t care.
But for a moment
if some would just listen
then those enraged
would see what they’re missin.
Life in a bubble
with just others view
makes ones enraged
while not seeing true.
Truth of the matter
is many never see,
because they’re depending on
false publicity.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 15,  2016

Found Inside

A book of a lifelong
counted through years
might have some pages
filled with some tears.
Found inside lifelong
now might seem great,
but as the years mount
some just can’t wait.
Determining statures
becomes such a fright
when found inside of them
there is no light.
The book of a lifelong
might become tainted
if the persons actions
are falsely painted.
The looks of the outside
often do not compare
to what that the inside
shows au contraire.
So if someone’s actions
don’t seem truth applied
look a bit closer to
what’s found inside.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 15,  2016

Rebooted Scenes

As spring comes with wonders
and life shows its face
rebooted scenes then
come and replace.
The snow that was once there
with winter’s delight,
rebooted scenes bring
change day and night.
Scenes found exploding
with colorful stance
rebooted scenes with
their own song and dance.
Seeming as paintings then
time becomes grand
with rebooted scenes
all over the land.
Then some photographers
will come and explore
those rebooted scenes
they totally adore.
One by one photographs
taken in stride
those rebooted scenes
throughout the countryside.
Each scene so magically
brings forth a sight
as rebooted scenes
are found day and night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016

A Shadowy Footprint

A shadow’s own footprint
is that of what’s there
as something or someone
is then found somewhere.
An echo or memory
are a shadow’s details,
often as a turnstile
where darkness prevails.
A shadowy footprint
is not without cause
for it needs reason
to show its applause.
So if you are seeing
a shadowy scene
search then to find out
what’s making it seen.
A shadowy footprint
with nothing to boast,
might be none other
than maybe a ghost.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016


Signs of times
distorted views
find the minds
of ill gotten news.
Distorted words
so many say
when they’re amidst
an ill-gotten way.
Themes of means
are often found
with ones moments
up and down.
Times distorted
a liars mind
will talk to you.
Learn to discern
truth and fiction
through some times
of contradiction.
For what are
so many distorted
about the lies
that ones reported.
Yet don’t forget
we are mankind
distorted yes
from time to time.
Look for mistook
of timeless ways
seeming distorted
but brighter days.
Often it’s us
with what we choose
distorted facts
to win or lose.
So now my friends
do not fall prey
to distorted words
that many say.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016

Underneath The Sky

Hearts are connecting,
time becomes waves,
lifetimes are forming
with wonderful ways.
Underneath the sky
holds chances to see
new days from Lord God
given for free.
Change of perception
rises from dust
underneath the sky
with life so robust.
Hearts are found beating
finding what’s true
while time keeps ticking
underneath skies of blue.
Windows of mercy
come from God on high
while showering blessings
underneath the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016

Memories Winding Road

A footstep with years time
becomes time forgotten
memories of the good times
and those that were rotten.
A path laid in times quest
turns into mystery
of memories winding road
that comes from history.
A sequential road made
from what we’ve been through
records all our memories
from here thereunto.
Time turns to pebbles
as sand in a  glass
made into a time piece
to show time to pass.
Life is then a journey
sometimes a heavy load
down the moments pathway
memories winding road.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016

Prism Dreams

In a lights refraction
I see such details
as a sea worthy vessel
with tall mast and sails.
This is now but only
a dream of pure time,
found within a prism
that I find divine.
A prism dream moment
that my eyes surely see,
inside my inner sight
of times history.
A prism sort refraction
that seems crystallized,
found as my passed days
that I had memorized.
The facts of the moments
are as Heaven gleams,
the times I remember
in my prism dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 16,  2016

for Apr 23,  2016

Time’s but a second
added onto some others
creating each day.

The life of silence
only hears what can be seen
as mimes in a park.

Some doors of springtime
display words within flowers
that pictures portray.

Many view a day
as but only a moment,
while others see life.

The essence of love
finds its way within heartbeats
God puts together.

A rose is a rose
even with different blooms
and same goes for us.

Truth is a path
that many will let to sway
when they are questioned.

Within a doorway
you might see a few choices
that tempt you so wrong.

When walking alone
you might feel someone’s presence,
an angel unseen.

Without God’s mercy
we could never see Heaven,
for we have all sinned.

Pages of a book
often do not coincide
with the front cover.

Mistreating others
will surely bounce back on us,
so take heed your stride.

With a breath of air
comes a new day to be seen
with past remembered.

A turtles venture
might be slow in the making,
but he will get there.

Birds of a flight
find their pathways connected
bound by their nature.

When churning butter
it at first will seem easy,
but then it will not.

Beyond horizons
holds mysteries yet to find
in your imagination.

A moment of thought
can either destroy today
or make it better.

Fields full of daisies
look like tiny sunflowers
that beckon our sight.

After a rainstorm
you might see a bright rainbow,
but no pot of gold.

Glistening springtime
gives forth many fragrant sights
as flowers will bloom.

Yesterdays threshold
might not be good for today,
for you may have changed.

Within a dark room
there holds many mysteries
that often strike fear.

Sometimes our own minds
will cause our own destruction,
before time’s begun.

Last is a good place
when first is in the fire
and needs a rescue.

Many weaknesses
are actually our strengths
in another light.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 23,  2016

Judy’s newest book (Pearlescent) can be
found here which has all of her books.
Take a look sometime.
My wife Judy’s Poetry other books 🙂
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
and her newest
{Hello My Name Is Benny}
They can also be found at Amazon
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

A Summer’s Breeze


Hello my friends

Another week has passed by and it’s looking
more and more like springtime around here 🙂
It’s 70 F right now at 4:23 PM.  I can deal
with that.  It’s when it begins getting warmer
that I’ve gotta turn on our portable AC.  Yep,
I can handle cold much better than I can the
heat.  None the less,  we’ll survive.  I have our
window opened in here.  It had gotten to 77 F
degrees in here and that’s a bit too warm for me.
I still don’t see any leaves on the trees,  but it
won’t be long.  Tomorrow’s high is supposed
to be around 52 F or so.  The temperature
still seems to be bouncing up and down LOL.
We’ve still got some freezing temperatures
in the nights which are delaying any leaves
to be seen in the trees.  But yet still in time
the weather should make up its mind,  I hope.
Judy’s over at her desk rewriting her recipes
onto 3×5 cards so she can put them into her
new recipe box.  That’s gonna keep her busy
for quite a while I presume hehehe.  She’s
gotten tons of recipes from the internet and
other places.  We love to eat 😛 and Judy
is always searching for a new recipe that
she can try out that looks like something we
might like.  Next topic 🙂  Well,  we’ve got a
blue sky today and I don’t see a cloud in it.
On another note,  Benny and Rocky were
in a feisty mood this morning.  They had a
visit from our neighbors Chihuahua and
Benny had a blast.  Rocky wasn’t interested
in playing with him.  Benny though is always
looking to see him.  LOL When Benny was
coming in,  that little Chihuahua wasn’t far
behind.  He wanted to come in with them 🙂
I shut the door and he started barking at
me saying let me in LOL.  I said go home,
I’m sure your owners are wondering where
you are.  Of course I’m fairly sure they are
aware that he likes to play with Benny 🙂
It’s been raining oft and on,  but it seems
we’ve gotta a little bit of a reprieve from it
for the last few days.  There have been a
few floods in the lower lying areas due to
the ice and snow melting along with the
rain.  We’re in a high elevation and don’t
have those problems.  Although that does
tend to cause other problems,  like when
it was 34 F in Houlton in the early morning
hours of Wednesday when I was carrying
out the trash,  unbeknown to me it was a
bit colder here liken unto 24 F degrees
and that put a glaze of ice upon our steps
that when I stepped upon them my feet
flew out from under me and I took a dive
down the steps landing on the trash that
I had been carrying at the bottom of the
steps.  I am still sore.  I think I fractured
my collarbone,  but can’t do nothing about
it right now.  No pain meds work on me,
being due to my funky immune system 🙂
Going to the emergency room would only
end up costing us without them doing a
thing other than prescribing something of
which will not work on me.  I’ve been that
route too many times already hehehehe 🙂
A fracture needs to heal on its own if in
fact it is and it’s not just the leftovers from
an old man falling down the steps,  aches.
LOL in any case,  I’m fairly sure I will live,
darn it hehehe.  It does get tiring with my
whole body always aching.  I’ve acquired
more aches and pains up here due to the
freaking ice and all than I have had in all
my years LOL.  But I still love the views
of the snowflakes falling and painting the
distant scenes with magnificent beauty
as well as the other sights to see through
the seasons of spring,  summer and fall.
Yet,  when that first snowflake falls and
is joined slowly by others it’s as if angels
all floating down from Heaven to paint
the scenes horizon.  Then as it begins to
fall more it looks like cotton candy as it
falls from the sky as everything is covered
in white.  Yep,  I do love the snow,  but
I hate the ice LOL.  Of course icicles are
OK.  They’re pretty as they’re hanging as
Christmas ornaments.  I know,  many of
you think I’m nuts,  well so be it.  These
things help me to enjoy life.  Sights that
God has sent as many blessings.  Though
we might at times find them burdensome,
but a moment they are beautiful and that’s
what we should see.  Let The Light of God
and all that He has given us to shine and
make you smile.  A summer’s breeze can
turn a day of pain into a moments blessing.
When it rains,  think of the lives that it is
restoring and the refreshing scent that
it puts into the air.  Don’t let the things
that God provides to become just burdens
to you.  Look for the blessings,  for even
as lightning streaks across the sky it gives
life to our air and then the thunder that
follows speaks of its wonders.  So now
the next time you see God’s beauty,  be
thankful.  So now I reckon it’s time for me
to be taking my little trip back through
all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use
for the title for today’s brand new poem.
An so it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I do  believe I
may have stumbled upon a decent title
just a few lines back.  Now I’ve gotta
see if I can do anything with it hehehe.
Here goes nothing,,,,, hehehe Maybe.

A Summer’s Breeze

A scene so sweet
and essence so fine
a summer’s breeze
is now on my mind.
That certain page
in books of peace
a summer’s breeze
gives us release.
Within the mornings
and afternoons
a summer’s breeze
is joined by loons.
The sounds they make
while singing true
a summer’s breeze
will join in too.
While rain might fall
and cool the air
a summer’s breeze
it can’t compare.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 17,  2016

There ya go.  Just a little poem about a
summer’s breeze.  Yep,  when there’s a
nice summer’s breeze,  the day seems to
be more inviting as it introduces a new
perspective on life.  I love to watch the
trees as they sway in the breeze as the
sound turns into a magical moment that
can put me in a trance.  I can still recall
the nights with me and my Pawpaw out
on Lake Tawakani listening to the night
as water would lap against the boat and
a gentle breeze would blow.  I miss those
days.  I’m sure they will be rekindled as
my time in this old decrepit body is done
and I find my way through Heaven’s gate,
I’m sure my Pawpaw has a special fishing
hole picked out for him and I and maybe
even my dad will join in.  We can just sit
and float on those Heavenly waters and
fish while enjoying Heaven’s sunrise as
it peers over the horizon.  Well it seems
I almost got stuck in rambles ville agin
didn’t I LOL?  I guess it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep, 10 more
poems,  but once again I went a little
over 10 and wrote 10 extra,  but I
think I might just try to hold off on my
writing this week and post those extra
10 next Sunday hehehe.  Sound good
to you?  Oh yea I also wrote 22 more
haiku,  but accidentally wrote 1 extra
so you’ve got 23 to keep ya busy LOL.
So now I reckon it’s time for me to
begin my search for that not so great
at hiding off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful weekend
or whatever’s left of it and a blessed
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you
and we do too.  Now,  where is that
silly off switch hiding this week????
Hmm,  is that thing trying to hide in
Rocky’s hair???LOL Rocky almost
shook him out.  He’ll have to learn
how to do some rodeo riding before
trying that agin hehehe.  Anyways,
gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22+1 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Behind A Face

A hidden word,
a hidden thought
behind a face
might be a lot.
A moments time,
a moments place
might be found
behind a face.
Certain struggles,
certain choices,
behind a face
might be some voices.
A life of fear,
A life of hate,
behind a face
you might relate.
Some have problems
wished to hide
behind a face
to coincide.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Time’s Recorded

Lost in time frames,
journeys made.
Times recorded,
some that stayed.
Some seem longer
than they were.
Times recorded
things concur.
Things we’ve been through,
now’s displayed
with us sometimes
a crusade.
Battles counted,
many lost,
times recorded
all the costs.
Yet some moments
times recorded
gave us lessons
times rewarded.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

The Story Told

Revealing insight
said and done
a sentence makes up
what’s begun.
A little story
now and then
what that sometimes
does begin.
Minutes gather
scenes to find
stories written
in the mind.
Many doorways
front and center
become stories
that we enter.
Then remembered
now to old
what we’ve found
the story told.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Tomorrow’s Essence

The past to the present
can look a bit pale
when tomorrow’s essence
most surely sets sail.
Our yesterdays views
will often mislead
when we look at right now
and see but a weed.
Tomorrow’s essence
can twist and turn
with what that right now
does surely discern.
The true reality
of what that’s tomorrow
might be filled with
joy and sorrow.
Yet what you see now
might not be clear
tomorrow’s essence
that’s not here.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Countless Dreams

Wanted wished for
countless dreams,
some as valleys,
some as streams.
Found in slumber
dreams reveal
timeless portions
facts conceal.
Even daydreams
journey on
things with hopeful
dusk to dawn.
Countless dreams
of our desire
is often found
as our barbwire.
Sought not thought
what could not be
countless dreams
Then the moments
come awake
showing what that
was mistake.
Countless dreams
are sometimes best
left a dream
to not possess.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Doors Unopened

Pathways, byways
journeys through
doors unopened
never do.
Dusty highways
left in time
might not see
the best design.
Doors unopened
left to rust
often finds ones
with much dust.
In a bubble
not revealing,
too protected,
never feeling.
For the lessons
you’ve not learned
doors unopened
will have burned.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

A Cloudy Day Of Spring

Sunshine with a journey
finds springtime with peace.
A cloudy day of hopeful
with a springtime release.
Birds singing sweetly
in the trees here and there
on a cloudy day of spring
with God’s beauty everywhere.
The sights are so magical
as scenes come alive
showing all the beauty
through winter did survive.
A cloudy day of spring
becomes such a phase
displayed as a dream world
beneath the suns rays.
Each portion of the day
is enhanced as birds sing
displaying all the beauty
a cloudy day of spring.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Windows Of The Mind

Within  but a mindful
a story is written
found in the windows
a thought bug has bitten.
Deep down within us
as our minds interweave
the windows of the mind
find times to conceive.
Found as perception,
yet often not explored
the windows of the mind
seek a moments reward.
Time finds its patterns
as the minutes tick by
while many will wonder
and ask how and why.
Certain things thought of
are not in their time,
but they might still live on
in windows of the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

Starlight Fantasy

Drifting through the cosmos
as the stars fly right on by
I have this wondrous fantasy
up high beyond the sky.
Far beyond the Milky Way
to places never known,
I have this starlight fantasy
and I am not alone.
My wife is right here with me
as we travel through the stars
holding hands together
as we wave goodbye to Mars.
Each moment is breathtaking
as it seems to last forever
holding hands through starlight
while enjoying it together.
The glimmers of a new world
our eyes can surely see
as we travel through the twilight
in our starlight fantasy.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce <3

Within Confusion

The middle of a moment
might seem like an illusion
while a sleepless night might show
that you’re within confusion.
Bloodshot eyes of hours
display what time’s bestowing
found within confusion
what you are now not knowing.
Seconds seem as journeys
counted one by one,
found within confusion
what sleepless has begun.
Thinking becomes blurry
and eyes are of the same,
when within confusion
and thoughts you can’t attain.
Then a moments slumber
will give you a conclusion
that your thoughts in time
were just within confusion.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

for Apr 14,  2016

With uneasy thoughts
comes doorways halfway opened
fearing the unknown.

Change is a sight
found within and outwardly
that ones try to hide.

Expression of scent
is a flower blooming in spring
attracting some bees.

A hidden turnstile
might illuminate a choice
within the darkness.

Parts of perception
are what many will perceive
in the wrong moment.

Flowers of springtime
give the day its aroma
along with beauty.

Beastly are mornings
that begin with turbulence
within our choices.

Before this moment
there was another moment
that was just waiting.

River rocks so wet
withstand the time of struggles,
as they mark the path.

Waves of an ocean
speak loudly upon the shore
as they tell stories.

Seconds are minutes
hidden within the value
of our patience.

Love is a blessing
that many take for granted
and lose it through time.

Beyond what we see
holds an imagination
found within our thoughts.

Cherishing springtime
allows its beauty to grow
and become much more.

Allowing liars
to continue with their ways
is not helping them.

Winter meets springtime
and says hello and goodbye
while snow melts away.

Loneliness will grow
if fear for your own shadow
prevents you from life.

Our own distinction
is tucked within our lifestyles
and how we unite.

Times adversity
teaches lessons through karma
with what’s mirrored back.

Hillsides with flowers
display pictures of beauty
that springtime displays.

Knowledge of a wrong
and not changing the pathway
will find destruction.

As a fire burns
it gives the strength from itself
to make energy.

A road to nowhere
actually goes somewhere
that we don’t perceive.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 14,  2016

My wife Judy’s Poetry books 🙂
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
and her newest
{Hello My Name Is Benny}
They can also be found at Amazon
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Entertaining To You


Hello my friends
This is a special 24 poem edition

The sun is shining brightly today,  but it’s
still a bit on the cool side for spring LOL.
This morning it was about 12 F degrees.
I was finally able to order us some heating
oil Monday and we got it Thursday but our
furnace isn’t working.  I’m guessing that
we may not of completely ran out fuel
when it quit a month ago.  The furnace
may have just quit working LOL.  But,
now we have 50 gallons of heating oil for
sure,  but our landlord has been unable
to get our furnace operating again.  He
got a hold of a furnace repairman,  but
he never showed up Friday or Saturday.
Our water froze last Saturday night,  but
I was able to get it thawed by opening
up all of the water faucets to release the
pressure.  The water would of frozen
again Sunday night because once again
it got down to 8 F degrees,  but I left the
water running slightly and that kept it
from freezing.  Now us in the bathroom,
that’s another story LOL,  Brrrrrrrrrr.
That toilet gets mighty cold when there
ain’t no heat.  We have a few portable
radiator heaters,  but we only use them
in the PC room where I am now and
our bedroom.  The rest of the house can
freeze.  It’s not worth a 200+ dollar light
bill LOL.  So we’re hoping that the guy
makes it maybe tomorrow to get it fixed.
Other than that,  things are pretty well.
Benny and Rocky are still being,  well 🙂
Benny and Rocky hehehe.  They keep
each other entertained LOL.  Though
they do love for us to get in the middle
of it with them.  They love attention 🙂
Our little homestead is filled with many
different forms of entertainment hehehe.
It might not be entertaining to you,  but
it keeps us happy.  Judy is doing well.
We went shopping for knickknacks for her
at the Dollar Tree last Monday.  Yep,
loaded up with knickknacks for her to do
creating on craft night at her sister’s
house.  The 3rd Saturday of every month
her and the rest of the girls get together
and have craft night over at Judy’s twin
sister’s house.  On those nights it’s a
guys night with me and the boys hehehe.
Yep Benny and Rocky hang out with
dear old daddy LOL.  I will often play
with them either inside or outside in the
field 🙂  That’s if of course I am able to.
Here lately my feet have been aching
and too much pain to run with them in
the field,  but they’re hurting a little less
now,  so field trip here we come hehehe.
Maybe tomorrow.  It’d be a bit too late
to go today.  Today is beginning to look
like spring sort of.  It’s 39 F degrees and
that’s spring for up here hehehe.  It’s
supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow.
Maybe in the lower 40’s 🙂  The rest of
the week looks as though it might even
get up to the upper 40’s and lower 50’s 🙂
Of course most of the nights will still be
below freezing LOL.  Still,  that’s a sure
sign that springtime is here.  The snow
is melting away. There’s still some in
places where the sun don’t shine,  but for
the most part it has diminished greatly.
I think the boys are missing it though 🙂
They both love to play in the snow,  a lot.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time chatting with
my friends on Facebook.  Sometimes it
gets stressful though,  being so many
want to chat with me LOL.  What can
I say,  I love people and if I can bring
a smile to them and help their day to be
much better,  then that is what I will do.
I do though have to cease time to time,
being I want to spend time with Judy
and the boys.  Judy and I have a lot of
favorite TV programs that we love to
watch together.  She has begun writing
poetry and stories again.  I like to see
her putting her gift to work.  That is
how we found each other.  We are both
writers 🙂  I can’t wait to get her new
book.  It should be published in the next
week or so.  It though will be only for
adults for it is rated R,  but I loved it
as I proofread it for her.  So,  what else
is going on around The Pearce’s Place?
Well,  to be honest,  not much hehehe.
We live a very quiet lifestyle aside from
2 dogs getting excited from time to time
and making racket hehehe.  Judy fixed
me some hot cocoa just a minute ago 🙂
Mmmmm good.  I had to wait for it to
cool a bit though, lest I burn my tonsils 🙂
I do have some sad news from Tuesday.
My grandmother passed away.  Her
funeral was Thursday.  It was a grave
side service.  Unfortunately I could not
be there due to my health issues and of
course finances.  My daughter offered
to pay my way,  but it would of been a
race to get there and would of cost me
over a 1000 dollars to be there on a next
day flight.  Plus I would of had to have
someone pick me up at the airport being
I haven’t driven there in over 20 years.
I’m sure it has changed a ton since I’ve
been to DFW and a 1 eyed guy has no
business driving there anyways.  It’s OK,
my grandmother was no longer in that
body.  It was surely just a shell,  for her
spirit had gone from it and is now up in
Heaven with her husband my Pawpaw.
Grandmother was 108 years old when
she passed.  Keep my mom and sister
Peggy as well as the rest of the family in
your prayers.  I’m sure my mom is at
peace with her moms passing because
both her and I knew that Grandmother
was not happy.  She had always been a
hard worker.  She never cooked for one
person.  Hehehe she always cooked for
an army whether there were 2 people
or 20.  She and Pawpaw also had their
own garden of which they never went
to the grocery store other than to buy
something they could not grow like
flour and sugar or even eggs.  I had a
few chickens,  but not near enough to
suffice her cooking LOL.  Anyways
Grandmother is now watching over us
as Judy and I continue our lives up here
in this 6 month winter wonder land 🙂
Now I believe I have rambled quite
enough and I need to now take my little
quest back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So, it’s
away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  Ok so just a
few lines down from the beginning it
looks like I may have found a decent
title,  but now I’ve gotta see if I can
put any words together that make any
sense using it LOL.  Here goes……

Entertaining To You

What you might find exciting then
might not be as to others
for what so many count as boring
is fun with our own brothers.
Then within a minutes time
what’s entertaining to you
might be but just a boring time
that others will go through.
The season winter in its frame
might make you feel real low,
but it might be real entertaining
to ones that love the snow.
Our personalities and desires
often find conflicts
of what’s entertaining to you and me
and what our life depicts.
The turnstiles of so many views
are swinging back and forth
discerning what that’s good and bad
to find within their course.
Yet what’s boring to another
might be entertaining to you
as we each live our uniqueness
in what all we do.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 10,  2016

OK so there ya go 🙂  I hope that came out
making at least a little bit of sense to you 🙂
It’s been a weird week for me these passed
few days.  LOL I actually wrote 23 poems
and then one on request from a friend for
me to write him a poem about him using his
name LOL.  Sheesh my brain went wacky 🙂
His name is long. He lives in Accra, Ghana.
He’s been a friend of mine for a long time.
I may not put them all in,  but I’ll decide
that in a moment,  but first I’ve gotta make
sure I have not forgotten anything hehehe.
Well it’s 37 F degrees now at 6:30 PM and
it looks like it might be going down more.
It’s supposed to be 16 F degrees by early
Monday morning.  Still not too bad LOL.
So I reckon it’s time to tell you what I tell
you almost every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku,  but as I said
I sort of over did it on the poems hehehe.
Yeppers I wrote 24 poems with 2 of them
being sort of Christmassy and 1 being to
a real good friend of mine.  I also wrote
once again 22 haiku for all of the haiku
lovers out there.  When I told Judy I was
thinking of posting all of the poems,  she
said just tell them that this is a special
edition LOL.  And so I will post all of
the poems.  Talk about tons to read LOL.
Ok so now I believe it’s time for me to
be searching for that confounded off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend or whatever’s left
of it and a truly blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Now,  where is that confounded
off switch hiding this week?   Searching
high and low,  AHA,  I see you ya little
varmint.  Trying to hide behind my cup
of hot chocolate might have worked if
I wasn’t still drinking it ya silly thing 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S.  I also wrote a poem to my Judy as
well as a poem about my Grandmother
titled Farewell And Hello 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+14 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Lunar Scenery

Night brings its fancy
to display in the skies
that many dreamers
see as a true prize.
True lunar scenery
finds ways to become
the echoes of nighttime
as a hearts beating drum.
Displayed with darkness
as stars twinkle light
the scenery becomes
the prize of the night.
Then as the moonlight
comes shining on down
the lunar scenery
is seen all around.
Some as the shadows
that frolic and play
in lunar scenery
before break of day.
Then as the Earth turns
it displays so bright
the lunar scenery
with the end of the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

That Season So Fine

November brings us
that December time
found within Christmas
that season so fine.
Each brand new snowflake
that falls down to Earth
reminds me of Jesus
and His wondrous birth.
That season of winter
that comes in with snow
and then some magic
from Christmas to show.
Yes that great season
has blessings in time
that come from Christmas
that season so fine.
Then as the days move
and time ticks away
that season so fine
shows that wondrous array.
Snowflakes in pictures
that ones memorize
often are falling
from those Christmas skies.
Then as the children
awaken to see,
they might find magic
up under their tree.
Gifts from old Santa
that he left to find
Christmas with joyful
that season so fine.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Effervescent Eyes

This one with such passion
has true love to grow
as time is found ticking
with more that I know.
Her effervescent eyes
that twinkle as they do
are soft brown and wondrous
with love that’s so true.
Days are with journeys
as a God given prize
effervescent moments
with effervescent eyes.
The light of the world finds
her and I together,
her effervescent eyes
forever and ever.
Echoes of our heartbeats
are that of a dream
her effervescent eyes
and me down a stream.
Floating down a river
as it twist and it turns
those effervescent moments
with love filled concerns.
Her effervescent eyes
of a soft brown array
fill me with passion
we share every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

New Beginnings

Time is gathered,
hours are cast
new beginnings
found from the past.
Flowers of springtime
after the snow
bring new beginnings
to come all aglow.
Seasons of wonder
found in our thoughts
display the patterns
time frames are tossed.
Brand new beginnings
give way to styles
within a giggle
and then some of smiles.
Time is now showing
days with their endings
displaying chances
for new beginnings

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Themes Of Miles

Counted are minutes,
counted are styles.
Counted are oceans
with themes of miles
Nautical value
with waves coming in
themes of miles
show echoes begin.
Remembered moments
counted so true
blessings so wondrous
found in my view.
Themes of miles
united arrays
with my grandparents
those wonderful days.
Time becomes patterns
as silhouettes glow
themes of miles
from a long time ago.
Now they are memories
Heavenly laid
themes of miles
that ticking time made.
Found as the flavors
of love so divine
themes of miles
are a wonderful time.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Scattering Dewdrops

Springtime awakens
with raindrops to fall
then found by morning
some moisture’s over all.
Scattering dewdrops
here thereabouts
springtime’s beginnings
are with little sprouts.
Green grass then growing
with flowers divine
scattering dewdrops
shows that it’s springtime.
The stage is in place
for the season to flow
scattering dewdrops
for things which to grow.
Birds will be chirping
with sounds of dream
and then you might hear
a quick flowing stream.
The wondrous sounds
that springtime inlays
is scattering dewdrops
for much better days.
Then as the season
grabs hold so to shine
scattering dewdrops
will pour just like wine.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Shadows Of Gray

Within the darkness
a shadow can be
seen as a person
or maybe a tree.
Fear might engulf you
as you look around
seeing the shadows
without any sound.
Some shadows maybe
might just be there
seen as a gray thing
you can’t compare.
Yet in the darkness
time might display
only your fearful
of shadows of gray.
Peaceful yet taunting
those shadows might be
when they’re just tree limbs
those shadows you see.
Then as the darkness
falls from the way,
you might be laughing
at shadows of gray.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Mist Of Night

Winds of winter
hold so tight
in the grip of
mist of night.
Strong winds blowing
time is seen
mist of night
a moments dream.
Throughout seconds
minutes will grow
mist of night
with winds that blow.
Springtime’s awaiting
time to begin
mist of night
for the winters end.
Soon the flavors
a wintery sight
will be springtime’s
mist of night.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

The Love of Friends

A friend so true
as time displays
can become
the best of days.
The love of friends
as counted minds
comes from truth
in days and times.
Faithful truthful
not of lies
the love of friends
won’t meet demise.
Yet with lying
words of mouth
all that was
will just go south.
For the moments
need to frame
the love of friends
and not insane.
Holding truthful
done and said
what that friendship
does not dread.
So now tell me
do you flow
the love of friends
where all you go?

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Farewell And Hello

The passing of a loved one
does not mean that they are gone,
for when they pass from this old place
their lives continue on,
Time might seem to be of sadness,
but the joy resides
in the loved ones made as whole
as their spirits rise.
Memories will blossom then
as new days come and go
with the sight of their farewell
and with their hello.
I’ll keep my grandparents in my heart
and all that have gone too,
for I know when my time is up
I’ll be right there with you.
The body only holds a moment
then it must let go
to find the time and place to say
your farewell and hello.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Beyond Our Eyes

With sights unseen
and things less heard
beyond our eyes
there’s many a word.
Spirits are speaking
saying real clear
Heaven is wondrous
and God’s sincere.
Ghost all around us
with angels wings
speaking of Jesus
and how Heaven sings.
Now might seem clouded,
but truth will be found
when we are standing
upon solid ground.
Life can seem endless,
but see how it flies
when you are older
beyond our eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Windows Of Heaven

Now and then will come a time
that we must all be true
and look within our hearts desires
and find life anew.
For the seconds turn to hours
as time falls away
and within the windows of Heaven
then will come our day.
The hearts as sailing ships of time
might one day cease to float
and then they’ll need to find Lord God
to sail them in His boat.
His boat to Heaven sailing true
is that of blessings tide
that sails unto windows of Heaven
with His love inside.
Things we say and do each day
will one day need to find
forgiveness for the things we’ve done
to find a peaceful mind.
For within the windows of Heaven
there’s no room for sin,
so pray to God and ask Lord Jesus
to come and live within.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Spring Has Arisen

The sky might be cloudy,
but blue sky is there
for spring has arisen
with sights everywhere.
The snow is now melting
with waters to flow.
Yes spring has arisen
to give us a show.
Flowers soon blooming
and leaves will then sprout
as trees start saying
what springs all about.
New air to blossom
from rosebuds to bloom
then within April,
May and then June.
Spring has arisen
with life coming true
that in time will blossom
a new life for you.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Meaningless Chatter

Words of abundance
in a jumbled array
can become confusions
words of dismay.
Speaking too often
and not hearing clear
what ones are saying
that might be sincere.
Yet many times though
meaningless chatter
is the prognosis
of lesser the matter.
But don’t confuse it
what all that is heard,
because what they’re saying
might not be absurd.
Meaningless chatter
is sometimes the case,
but other times surely
it needs your embrace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Answers For You

So many questions
fall into place
leaving confusion
found on our face.
Things we’ve encountered
time has displayed,
find us with questions,
answers inlayed.
Maybe more questions
filled full of style,
answers for you
within a great while.
Scenes that have risen
questions and more,
the answers for you,
you might need explore.
Answers for you
will sometimes be seen.
found as you slumber
the midst of a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Crosswinds Blow

Sailing ships
in oceans waves
takes them to
some distant days.
Crosswinds blow
and change their course
along with motions
oceans force.
Teams of thresholds
open wide,
crosswinds blow
and give a ride.
Sometimes seeming
endless path
crosswinds blowing
very fast.
Sailing ships
find given free
oceans voyage
throughout the sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

A Silent Glance

A scene a sight
a friendly dance
is sometimes as
a silent glance.
The dance is just
a time and frame
a silent glance
a different name.
Then the thoughts
that ones perceive
a silent glance
will start to breathe.
A breath of life
of friendly ways
a silent glance
will fill the days.
Let those minutes
become as
a silent dream
of futures past.
But don’t let
the time to grow
a silent glance
with bitter woe.
Choose your glance
with truth embrace
a silent glance
through Jesus Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2016

Front To Back

Up and down,
and front to back
some directions
fade to black.
Red and blue
gives purple scenes
with blue and yellow
turned to greens.
Front and back
can change its place
as some foods
have different taste.
Last to first
is sometimes fact,
but it’s often
not exact.
Links to people
we might find
front to back
a different mind.
Life is often
just a phase
front to back
with different ways.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

A Timeless Page

A book of Christmas opened wide
and gave some sights to see,
with lights lit up red, green and blue
upon a Christmas tree.
A timeless page with magic words
that displayed certain hues,
some toys for Jimmy and doll for Pam
and even some brand new shoes.
The scenes so magical displayed times
of which the times foretold
a timeless page in a story book
of Christmases of old.
Each word that’s written down with ink
is filled with love and care
as each page shows of Christmas scenes
with Santa’s wondrous flair.
Yet some pages turned and read
are found with Jesus Christ,
a timeless page of long ago
donned with starry lights.
Christmas season opened wide
this book of loves details,
a timeless page is turned to show
what Christmastime entails.
The stage of love from up above
that pages do employ
a timeless page of love and care
that’s filled with Christmas joy.
So as you read this book of scenes
remember that great age
with Jesus Christ and Santa Claus
upon this timeless page.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

Where All We Go

With you and me
and each new day
our paths might cross
in some old way.
The signs of times
might surely show
you and me
where all we go.
With ins and outs
of times mistaken
there might be
a picture taken.
Where all we go
that’s memorized
the things we’ve done
beneath the skies,
No matter when
or where we went
where all we go
is times intent.
For you and I
with passageways
will maybe find
the same old days.
Yet the moments
might occur
where all we went
and seem a blur.
Then those minutes
moments times
might turn into
only rhymes.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

Rekindled Thoughts

Thinking rethinking
minutes gone by
minutes tick onwards
and might seem to fly.
Rekindled thoughts are
timeless to find
as we are thinking of
time after time.
Thoughts of a second
are paving the hours
with rekindled thoughts
that timeless empowers.
Some seeming lengthy,
but they just flew by
as a roadrunner running
from a critter so sly.
The footprints in sand
from footsteps you took
are rekindled thoughts
at times you mistook.
More than a memory,
more than a day
rekindled thoughts
can fade all the gray.
Finding all the wonders
of times that you lost
and smiling remembering
rekindled thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

Changing Perception

Donning your new eyes
changing perception
might find you standing
needing correction.
For through your choices
you might have then wronged
someone on someday
that might have belonged.
Changing perception
finds other views,
looking with new eyes
and seeing the trues.
Often our perception
has come from a friend
and not from our own sight
to then depend.
So let your new days
find some correction
from that of new eyes
changing perception.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

Pipe Dreams

Seeming realistic,
but falsely displayed,
pipe dreams can be like
a live hand grenade.
Fantasy living
can become nightmares
found as some pipe dreams
with just but a flair.
Scenes with exclusions
of times reality.
Pipe dreams can become
a lost entity.
Times full of falsehoods
with you oh so great.
that turn into nightmares
which truth can’t relate.
Life turns the pipe dreams
into history,
the things that are not true
and what’s reality.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2016

A Faraway Place

In a land so faraway
where the sun is so high
and the people are friendly
as they struggle by,
I found a true friendship
that has become much more,
he’s more like son of mine
I’ve never seen before.
We surely have never met
and I have no true fatherhood,
but he acts like a son of mine
in a faraway neighborhood.
In a faraway place in time
where two souls connected
we found through the internet
heartbeats that were affected.
One needing compassion
and the other with love
in a faraway place in time
with much love from above.
Time brought them closer
through then and tomorrow
with one in a faraway place
to Henry Nana Kwaku Oduro.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 8,  2016

for Apr 8,  2016

Beneath a liar
holds many different views,
that sway back and forth.

A simple flower
can change all the scenery
with merely a glance.

Blinding is the sun
if our eyes look long and hard,
but warmth it will give.

A footsteps journey
shows many mistakes we make
as our own imprints.

A tree that’s swaying
might have a windy reason
or creature within.

What lives within us
can become our destruction
if it’s only lies.

Reluctant people
will wait as long as they can,
before doing things.

Scenes of a haze
are often just a moment
that sleep can repair.

As grass is growing
so are many weeds thereto,
but beauty they give.

The fangs of a dog
are not there to bite you,
but chew up their food.

Time is dynamite
when it’s used in the wrong way,
for it can explode.

A bird flying high
often uses some breezes
to keep it aloft.

Mind blowing moments
will one day become calming
as time goes its way.

Today’s yesterday
might become the tomorrows
that you’re wishing for.

Sometimes believing
needs you to look passed your doubts
and see what that’s true.

The essence of life
is not just of what we see,
but what we cannot.

A page of our life
holds stories with many words
that ones cannot spell.

Best is perception,
for what seems the best right now
might be very wrong.

A valley of life
has an essence of beauty
with freewill of time.

Desires of thieves
will dig into others lives
and take them away,

Planting a flower
will not make it to grow strong,
for it needs water.

Chances are given
that many use foolishly
without thinking first.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 8,  2016

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When We Start


Hello my friends

It’s another week gone by and spring is making
itself known up here.  Floods are beginning due
to melting ice and snow.  Right now at 3:30 in
the evening it’s 29 F degrees though.  Still not
quite spring weather hehehe.  OK it’s spring
weather for up here,  but not for where I was
born and raised in Texas LOL.  My weather
program shows that it might warm up a little
by Wednesday to the upper 30’s and then by
late week to the upper 40’s,  but that’s just
a guess from The Weather Channel.  Tonight
it’s supposed to get down to 9 F degrees LOL.
Or at least by morning it should be 9 F.  So,
what else is happening over this way.  Well,
Thursday morning when I let the boys out to
go potty,  they decided to go out for a field trip
on their own.  I donned my shoes and took
my camera with me to go and find them and
tell them to get their butts back to the house.
LOL I was hollering for them and then here
comes Rocky running towards me and then
he stopping by my side.  I kept on hollering,
but Benny ignored me hehehe.  I walked on
and then he saw me and knew he was in hot
water LOL.  He shuddered a bit and then he
slowly came running.  I took pictures of them
both as they ran to the house.  After that we
started putting their electronic fence collars
on them again.  Stopped that hehehe.  I’m
sure that after a few days of that they’ll get
the message and go back to hanging around
the house until Judy and/or I take them out
for a field trip.  I’m too afraid they’ll get into
something that I won’t be able to find them
and help them if I were not there.  Benny is
mostly the one I worry about.  He’s a curious
little fart.  None the less they are both doing
well.  Ornery as ever LOL!  Our landlord
came by yesterday and said,  he’ll have to
come by and fix his mess ups in a few days 🙂
He used his tractor with backhoe and bucket
to clear our driveway a few times and he dug
a few deep ditches in the driveway hehehe.
Yep,  before he’ll be able to mow,  he’ll have
to fix that.  No way he’ll be able to mow the
way it sits LOL. So what else is going on at
the Pearce’s Place?  Our youngest grandson
Christian came to spend the weekend with us.
We stayed up till about 3 AM this morning
watching funny videos on Youtube.  Plus,  he
brought a Dragonball Z movie with him for
us to watch with him.  We always enjoy it
when Christian comes to visit.  We all went
to Subway last night and bought some sub
sandwiches that we brought home for our
dinner.  We watched Ghost Adventures
or what ever that was called and then we
watched Youtube videos for the rest of the
night till about 3 AM.  Then my old neck
and back said Bill go to bed.  So me and
Judy headed to bed.  Christian headed to
the recliner in the living room where he
sleeps and he sat playing with his tablet
watching Youtube DBZ gaming videos and
some others.  Right now he’s gone in there
to keep from bothering me as I write.  He
is so considerate 🙂  Though I doubt he’d
bother me being in here,  but at least this
way, if he gets excited he doesn’t have to
worry about laughing too loud hehehe.
Judy is behind me reading a book on
her Kindle.  It was just a tablet,  but she
downloaded a Kindle app and it turned
it into a Kindle 🙂   Cheaper than buying
a Kindle which we surely can’t afford.
So it seems all’s well at the Pearce’s Place.
Yep,  it even seems that our ghost dog
is enjoying life as it may 🙂  Yes,  it seems
we have a ghost dog and he plays with the
dog toys even when Benny and Rocky
are not in the room hehehe.  We think
it might be Milo.  He did so love to play
with the toys,  of course up until he lost
his hearing and couldn’t hear them squeak.
Yet he still would find the Lamb Chop
dog toy and run through the house with
it hehehe.  His favorite when he could
hear was the blue octopus.  For that
matter it was also Benny’s favorite and
they would often have a tug of war with
it LOL.  That poor little octopus 🙂  His
tentacles and eyes caught the brunt of
it all hehehe.  We even bought another
one,  so they would each have one,  but
they still fought over the one hehehe 🙂
Rocky likes to empty all of the toy boxes
and string the toys out all through the
house.  When we start picking them up
and putting them back,  he will be right
behind us taking them out faster than
we can get them in the boxes LOL.  He
LOVES those dog toys.  Benny plays
with one or two,  but that’s all he ever
has interest in hehehe.  Not Rocky LOL.
Nope,  he plays with them ALL.  Boy,
that wind outside is blowing profusely.
Sheesh,  it sounds like a sledge hammer
as it beats against the house with each
gust.  OK maybe not a heavy sledge
hammer,  but maybe a really soft sort
of sledge hammer hehehe.  None the
less,  we can feel the trailer shake as
my monitor sways back and forth like a
pendulum hehehe.  Makes me a little
dizzy sort of to try and read hehehehe.
This things swings like a pendulum do
bobbies on bicycles,  two by two 🙂 LOL.
Hehehe an old Roger Miller song came
back to me.  I used to love that song 🙂
Chug-A Lug and Do-Wacka-Do were
also some of my favorites of his.  My
favorite cousin Melodie and me used
to always sing those songs.  She passed
away many years ago.  But she still is
alive in spirit as she watches me from
Heaven 🙂  Love ya Melodie,  but then,
I’m sure you already know that.  So
OK what else is there to ramble about?
It doesn’t look like there’s much else to
tell you.  God has been watching over
Judy and I since the beginning and I’m
sure He is watching over us today.  He
has sent many angels to help us when
we were in need.  We thank God for
that and all that we are so unaware of
that He does for us.  You should also be
thankful even if you are unaware of what
He has done for you.  So many blessings
go under our radar as we just continue
our lives.  Thank Him for all that you
know of and all that you know not of.
Trust that God is always in control,
no matter how bad things might seem.
Now I believe it’s time for me to begin
my search back through all that I have
written here to see I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  It looks as if
I may have found a decent title and now
after checking, I see that I haven’t used
it yet,  so here goes.  Wish me luck 🙂

When We Start

Beginnings begin
when endings subside
and when we start
we’ll find a new ride.
Maybe found bumpy
or with some road blocks.
Yes when we start
we might hit some rocks.
Times might uncover
some hidden pathways
for when we start
we’re seeing new days.
Some might seem silly
and some might seem dumb,
but when we start moving
we will have begun.
Learning our lessons
from times driven trails
when we start out with
some ignorant sails.
Then as our journey
finds footing in place
time becomes doorways
with new things to face.
So when we start out
and see things to change
time in a new day
might seem very strange.
Yet when we start out
and head on our way
we need to let Jesus
help us every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2016

Okie dokie there ya go.  It might not be
that good,  but it’ll have to do hehehehe.
I often have no control of what comes out
of my head and into writing.  I just start
writing using the title as the beginning to
form thoughts as a river.  It sometimes
flows quickly as it did just now and the
words just pour out like water.  Anyways,
I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even
enjoyed my rambling.  Yes,  I know,  I
do tend to ramble a bit,  don’t I hehehehe.
Well as long as you got a laugh or 2 from
it,  that’s all that matters.  Hopefully my
rambling also served you some peace to
take with you in life.  I know that when
I read it back to myself,  I’ll often find
myself in another world.  Weird I know,
but that’s me.  Yeppers,  I’m weird with
a capital W hehehe.  That wind is still
blowing quite briskly outside.  It shows
on my weather program that we are
having 20 to 30 mph winds with 40 mph
gusts,  so yeppers,  it be blowing hard.
Well I don’t believe I have forgotten
anything,  so I reckon it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some
more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems with 1 that’s a tad Christmassy 🙂
I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that
you like.  Now,  I believe it’s time for
me to be searching for that confounded
off switch,  but not before I wish you
a most blessed weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a truly wonderful week 🙂
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now,  where is that blasted
off switch hiding at this time?  Hmm I
think I see a little movement behind
my monitor hehehe aside from the
swaying that it is doing on its own
due to the wind LOL.  Yep that little
varmint was hanging onto the back
of my monitor and losing its grip as
the monitor rocked back and forth 🙂
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S.  Oh yea,  I wrote another poem
Friday about friends that will up the
count of poems to 11 hehehe Enjoy.

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Despite The Pain

The stress of time
that falls in place
might some times
put a frown on your face.
So many heartaches
that come into view
might sometimes
create what you do.
Patterns repeated
might show on your face
a breath of much lesser
and with a bad taste.
Yet all those moments
time frames record
might be many lessons
allowed from our Lord.
Time might seem bitter
and seem so insane,
but you might get stronger
despite the pain.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

A Change Of Pace

Footsteps marching
to their own drum
while they might whistle
or they might hum.
Ones own footsteps
will record a trace
the times that they
had a change of pace.
Often seen running
and then slowing down
a change of pace
shows how they get around.
Many situations
will discern our path
and a change of pace
might lessen our wrath.
So our destinations
that we’re striving for
a change of pace
might help us go far.
Taking a breather
from your daily stride
a change of pace
might smooth out the ride.
So don’t be always
be in a mad race.
Enjoy the journey
with a change of pace.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

Melting Icicles

The season of winter
comes in with a roar
found with the sight of
snowflakes and more.
Bringing in settings
of new sights to see
with icicles forming
upon every tree.
Christmas then heightens
the wintertime scenes
with many colors
of red blues and greens.
Some lights with colors
found just of white
with icicles forming
in the dark of the night.
Then when the season
has done all it can
some melting icicles
display another plan.
Springtime awakens
as snow melts away
with melting icicles
March, April and May.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

Never Say Never

When in a moment
you might sort of say
I’ll never do that
not never a day.
Sometimes that moment
might not be true,
for what you say never
might be within you.
Saying that you’ll never
do anything
might find you one day
changing how you sing.
So never say never
for turnstiles might change
leaving you choices
to do something strange.
Then with the choices
and what’s in front of you
your never say never
might seem good to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

A Cloud Filled Morning

The beginning of the day
shows raindrops to fall
on a cloud filled morning
with springtime to call.
Winter’s still holding tight
a grasp white as snow,
as the season of springtime
seeks much to grow.
Northern skies clouded up
revealing a view
filled full of hopeful
that spring will come true.
Like a book of pages
that turn with the wind
the days show us springtime
that shall transcend.
Then as the snow melts
and winter is gone
a cloud filled morning
will then carry on.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

A List Of Tries

Efforts of useless
only explode
a list of tries
on down the road.
Not giving your all
to surely succeed
a list of tries
won’t give what you need.
Put better effort
in good things to do
and then you might
not end up so blue.
A list of tries
so many will write
what all they’ll do
each day and each night.
But the best efforts
in what’s not just lies
can help you succeed
a list full of tries.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

Less Of Me

I find times
I’m so confused
what that’s me
that I abused.
Scenes created
in my mind
things remembered
time to time.
Now I gather
all my strength
to take God
the greater length.
Less of me
and more of Him
not just when
my life is dim.
God makes great
my life to see,
more of Him
and less of me.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

The Walls Of Time

Decades of pastimes
of which we will see
the walls of time
become history.
If walls could talk
they’d tell a tail
things they’ve seen
of Heaven and Hell.
All that was spoken
the walls heard clear
as they recorded
each smile and each tear.
The walls of time
that many don’t know
show all the heartbreaks
and love that will grow.
So much remembered
is found to remind
the leftover moments
the walls of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016


Remembering Texas
and flowers that bloom
I think of Bluebells
we saw within June.
All of those flowers
flowing like seasons
Bluebells so wondrous
as flowery legions.
Exposing springtime
and summer’s rain
Bluebells discernment,
joy to attain.
Remembering those times
a long time ago
I have the pictures
of Bluebells that grow.
Seasonal displays
timeless details
the sight of the wonderful
scenes of Bluebells.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

Life In A Doorway

Standing just looking in
you might not find
the life that you’re seeking
to fill up your mind.
Life in a doorway
just standing around
you might not see what’s
there to be found.
Sometimes your footsteps
need to walk in
to allow God to work
and help you begin.
Yet many times we
might need to stand
life in a doorway
and think of a plan.
Not with hurried heart
seeking each day,
learning what to do with
life in a doorway.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

Friendship Through Life

Decisive the years pass
as friendships are born
and some might end up
a bit mangled and torn.
Chances for friendship
will come and then go
with some as good-byes
and some as hello.
Yet there are many then
that find ways to be
a friendship through life
and our history.
Lessons from passed days
will often foretell
a friendship through life,
or one not so well.
So as the pages turn
in times so precise,
some might be true in
friendship through life.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1,  2016

for Mar 31,  2016

Summer of violets
displays a reddish blue hue
that seems as Heaven.

Morning is the time
that allows new beginnings
to let time to pass.

Minutes of a rose
are as petals in the wind
as their time finds end.

Leftover heartbeats
can bring forth a miracle
seen as a daisy.

Love finds emotions
within the moonlight at night
and stars up above.

Seasons have moments
that are discerned as patterns
changing with the wind.

The times we recall
might be what needs forgotten,
for they are hatred.

Hardwired anger
brings regretful emotions
that later arrive.

Thriving on mishaps
finds your growth without lessons
if mishaps don’t teach.

Lasting impressions
come at unfortunate times
and leave a bad taste.

Roads to endearment
often have winding journeys
with some bumpy miles.

The knowledge to drive
refers to more than a car,
but how you’re to act.

A leaf falling down
has no predetermined flight
or place it shall land.

Ones recollections
might have lost their true colors
and turned black and white.

Sunshine and rainbows
are blessings from up above
to help peace to thrive.

Glancing at the sky
you might see a few emotions
found within your eyes.

True friends will be there
no matter how much you have,
for they are deeper.

Beyond what we see
holds the flavors of passion
found in Lord Jesus.

A bugs life seems small,
but to it there’s always hope,
found in tomorrow.

Depicting colors
of springtime to summertime
shows colors so bright.

Timeless solitude
comes as a forest of life
with leaves falling down.

Changing perception
needs a change from deep within
to allow the change,

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 31,  2016

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All Of Them


Hello my friends

I’m sitting here home alone while Judy and the
boys are over at her sisters house for Easter.  I
had another rough night and could not sleep at all,
so I had to stay home and try to get some rest.  So
here I am.  I asked Judy to try and bring me home
a doggy bag LOL.  Oh well,  I do enjoy time alone
from time to time.  I love Judy and the boys,  but
it does get a bit stressful being around each other
too much if ya know what I mean.  We all need a
little bit of alone time.  So,  what’s been going on
around the Pearce’s Place this past week?  Well,
it snowed a little bit last Monday and I took my
conga drums outside and did a little video while
the boys pranced around me in the snow,  The
boys had a blast 🙂  Benny and Rocky ran circles
around me as I played hehehe. A bit earlier I got
a video of me walking out to check the mail and
the boys watched me from our driveway,  but
on returning to the house I think that they may
have thought I was going to take them for a
walk in the field and so they headed out to the
field while looking back at me.  I walked out
a ways and then I had a thought.  I walked
back to the house to get the attachment for
my camera so I could put it on my tripod and
then I aimed it out towards the field and I
headed out to find them and try to get them to
race me home 🙂  The video came out fairly well
aside from the snow that landed on the camera
lens hehehe,  Tuesday,  Judy and I went into
town to buy some groceries and I of course
took pictures there and to as always :). I got
some nice moon shots that evening.  Thursday
I walked out to check the mail as I usually do
and Benny and Rocky watched me as they will
do when they are outside,  but on my return,
they did as they have been doing quite often
and headed out to the field.  This time I went
ALL THE WAY out with them and I got some
great shots of them running and playing 🙂
I even got a few nice scenery shots.  I thank
God for this camera.  If not for my camera
I would go crazy LOL.  I love reminiscing old
pictures of our past.  They seem to come to
life inside my mind as I flip through the many
different views and places we have visited.
Ok so what else has happened this week?
Well,  Judy and her sister Barb went way
up north of us to see their brother Ricky
and have Easter dinner with him.  Once
again I had not slept and no way I could
go.  I was so tired and dizzy that I could
barely stand up,  so I went back to bed
when they left.  Judy took a few pictures
of Ricky.  He’s looking good and he was
even smiling in some of the pictures 🙂
He’s still in the nursing home.  Not sure
of how long he will be there,  but we’re
sure he cannot function alone as he had
been.  No matter what,  God is in control.
So that’s about all from our part of the
world LOL.  Not much excitement.  Just
life from day to day.  Benny and Rocky
are as ornery as ever.  They will often
get in one of their more playful moods
and start playing chase throughout the
house.  Rocky seems to want all of the
toys to play with which leads to a full
floor of doggy toys.  When Judy or I
start picking them up and putting them
away,  Rocky will be right behind us
taking them out again LOL.  He loves the
toys, ALL OF THEM LOL.  Benny has
always played with 1 or 2,  but never
all of them.  We have 3 toy boxes filled
with doggy toys and you can bet that
Rocky will attempt to empty them out
as fast as he can hehehe.  He’ll come in
here with a toy and then leave to get
another one and then another one and
well,  you get the point 🙂  Yep,  we’ve
got some crazy boys,  but we love them.
They bring us laughter,  joy and love
each day they come in the room.  We
might get irritated with them time to
time hehehe, but we still love them 🙂
You might get mad or aggravated with
your children,  but you must always
love them,  because they are yours to
love.  We love our little boys.  I love
my daughter and granddaughter and
miss them oh so much.  Judy and I can’t
wait till they come up and visit us again.
We had the greatest Christmas ever
when they came up and spent it with us.
I almost started crying when they were
leaving,  but I didn’t want them to see me
crying,  so I held it back.  No one wants
to see a grown man cry ;),  though I have
and will again.  It’s part of my humanity.
Anyways,  I hope you can make it up
again one day soon Jamye.  Sami,  me
and you will have to do another video
together :).  I love you both oh so much.
Ok so I guess I have rambled enough
huh!  I reckon it’s time for me to begin
my search for a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s
brand new poem.  So it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I may have stumbled on a good
title just about a 3rd of the way back
in all of my rambling hehehe.  Now to
see if I can do anything with it LOL.
Here goes……….

All Of Them

Times remembered,
times we’ve viewed.
Times we might have
All of them maybe
might just be found
with us in moments
just looking around.
For truly all of them
times that we’ve seen
can maybe one day
be found in a dream.
Our recollections
of time frames before
might now be journeys
that we so adore.
For the mere moments
might of seemed bad,
but later on then
find that you’re glad.
Lessons from leisure’s
of out on a limb
might now be blessings
within all of them.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 27,  2016

There ya go hehehe.  I had no clue of what I
was going to do with that title LOL,  but as
usual,  I just started writing and that’s what
came out of it.  Sometimes I feel a presence
looking over my shoulder and giving me a
little nudge with things to say.  It might be
my dad.  He used to always love to come in
my room and look over my shoulder as I was
writing.  If it’s not him,  then it might be my
Pawpaw or even a friend of mine that has
passed.  None the less,  I some how manage
to get the poem written in just a matter
of minutes 🙂  Let me see if I have forgotten
to tell you anything.  Hmm,  I can’t think
of anything.  It’s hard to believe that this
month is almost over.  It seems like the
older that we’ve become that time has
sped up.  A week passes by just like a
blink and being able to tell what day it
is gets harder every day.  That might be
due to both of us being retired though 🙂
Anyways,  I guess I need to tell you what
I tell you almost every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers,  10 more poems with 1 being
sort of Christmassy.  I had some time
to myself yesterday and wrote 4 more
poems,  so actually I wrote 14 this week.
Yes of course I wrote 22 haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you
can find 1 or 2 of either or both that you
like.  Now I believe it’s time for me to
be searching for that confounded off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful Easter and weekend or what
ever is left of it and a truly blessing filled
week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  So now,  where is that little
varmint off switch hiding at this week?
Hmm,  it seems I can see a little bit of
movement from behind my camera in
the floor.  Yep,  it looks like he was
trying to hide and take a selfie at the
same time LOL.  Smile,  ya silly thing
cause I gotcha,  see ya zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S.  My friend Robin Franks called a
minute ago to wish me Happy Easter.
God,  thank You for my friends 🙂

P.S. again hehehe
I’m also going to include a picture of Judy’s
Easter wreath in my stationery that she made
last weekend for craft night at her sisters house.
I think it came out quite nice 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+4 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Spring Begins

It waves a flag
sometimes as white
seen by day
and also night.
Spring begins
yet not yet seen
now’s nightmare
soon a dream.
Snow still falling
from the sky
as ones want
to wave goodbye.
Spring begins
with little signs
such as warmer
seasons times.
Now with each day
ones complain
how spring begins
in northern Maine.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Beside Myself

Despite my choices
time finds ways
to help me find
much better days.
Beside myself
I stand to look
often at
what I mistook.
My decisions
find my fad
often displayed
oh so bad.
Yet some moments
I foresee
are what’s learned
from history.
So those times
I seek the best
beside myself
with wondrous zest.
Not just sitting
on the shelf
feeling sad
beside myself.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Wants And Needs

With wanting ways
of greediness
it sometimes seems
we have much less.
Wants and needs
discerned arrays
are confusions
many days.
Tides of times
of other shores
sometimes turns
to old folklore’s.
Seasons journeys
window scenes
might just be
your sight that leans.
Lists of pages
wants and needs
might confuse
the moments seeds.
For our wants
that we think true
might not be
real good to do
and our needs
from day to day
are the blessings
God’s Own Way.
He allows us
turnstiles found
to take the choice
to look around.
What we’re wanting
might not shine,
for its greed
and its design.
What we’re needing
might be there
with God’s love
and answered prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Snowflakes Sailing

Winds blow profusely
as each day turns around
finding the beginnings
of a new sight and sound.
With snowflakes sailing
to another scenes floor
the stage in the distance
is changing some more.
Distant are the hillsides
with their wandering times
with snowflakes sailing
making brand new designs.
Timeless the minutes are
as Christmas bells ring
so far in the distance
for our Savior and King.
The blessings of memories
find some certain arrays
with snowflakes sailing
in magical ways.
Christmas and its wonders
are found so compelling
blessings from Jesus Christ
snowflakes sailing.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Thunder In The Night

Summers nights raindrops
come in with a roar
as thunder in the night
you feel on the floor.
The roaring of its moments
display such a scene
along with the lightning
to highlight a dream.
Thunder in the night
can become such a sound
filling ones with fear
as it’s felt all around.
The lightning in the sky
makes a beautiful array
as it sometimes lights up
the night just like day.
It’s just like fireworks
but maybe a little more
thunder in the night
with its bellowing roar.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Echoes Of Twilight

Stars in the night sky
are such a sight
scenes found exploding
echoes of twilight.
Throughout the echoes
some sounds might seem
just like a minute
or just like a dream.
Twilight shows glimmers
of words in the sky
as that of echoes
that might seem to fly.
Mind forming moments
become many smiles
echoes of twilight
that true love compiles.
A lover in the night stands
wanting and waiting
seeking through the echoes
while anticipating.
Echoes of twilight
bring forth Heavens love
blessings of starlight
from Lord God above.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Flavors Of Lies

Some lies are tasteless
and without good choice
while some are much better
to complement voice.
Flavors of lies are
often confused
when ones choose wrongly
to make ones abused.
Showing ones kindness
and not what’ that’s you
can be a lie
that is better to do,
but don’t let that lying
to become of your style
for if you do then
hate you’ll compile.
Yet don’t be hateful
with words that will hurt
saying that they’re ugly
or they look like dirt.
Help ones be better
with flavors of lies,
but don’t let them become
what all you comprise.
Learn of the difference
what all you should say,
for sometimes the truth
is the much better way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Friday’s Charm

Monday comes quickly
as time moves along
then comes the evening
with Tuesday to dawn.
Wednesday then wakes up
to bring in a lump
what that so many
call day of the hump.
Then Thursdays turnstile
opens its door
showing the minutes
of time to explore.
While evening passes
and night is consumed
the dawning of Friday
is then found attuned.
Then with the beckoning
of your alarm
soon will come Saturday
is Friday’s charm.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Lessons Of Life

Portions of oceans
of tides of our time
might seem as poems with
rhythm and rhyme.
Lessons of life
might find ways to go
without your efforts
found to and fro.
Moments might pass by
leaving a trail
lessons of life
that journeys entail.
Painted as minds eyes
time ticks along
often remembered
as some old love song.
Many times moments
will seem full of strife
when all they are is
lessons of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Games People Play

So many liars
and so many thieves
games people play
with webs they will weave.
Sounds of a heartbeat
earth tones explode
within a heartache
on down the road.
Games people play
will often fall prey
to that of sorrow
with colors of gray.
Players of lifestyles
often are found
playing their games like
no one’s around.
Don’t become players
of heartless emotion,
because if you do then
you’ll lose devotion.
Let God to guide you
with your everyday
and don’t get caught up
in games people play.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

Sky Of Day

Sky of night
disperses stars
and the sound
of near by cars.
Then by morning
what that’s seen
is the sight of
poets dream.
Sky of day
displays the hues
colors shining
in the blues.
Clouds pass by
and paint the sky
with a shade of
where and why.
Then by evening
fades away
displaying night
no sky of day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2016

Glassy Eyes

Scenes of dreams
that come so clear
might induce
to see and hear.
Glassy eyes
from lack of sleep
find in dreams
what hope can keep.
Sleepless nights
that turn and twitch
becomes signs
of glassy glitch.
Things recorded
timeless views
becomes as
some nightly news.
Then within
a mornings rise
there might be
some glassy eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2016

This Day And Age

While many might wonder
how time went askew,
others are watching us
here thereunto.
Minutes of moments time
count now as blunder
while ones responsible
look over yonder.
The rich keep getting richer
and the poor still strive
in this day and age
to just stay alive.
So many with millions
don’t care about you
or what that they’ve doing
to create every view.
I know it’s been going on
for a long time
as decades are passed by
as rhythm and rhyme,
For this day and age is
needing to see
a leader to help us
make peace you and me.
Finding the pathways
to new days ahead
with this day and age
not so full of dread.
Look to your hearts now
and see what that’s true
a concerned leader
that cares about you.
Not just a boaster
that only shows hate,
but a true person
with love to create.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2016

This Is it

Time is done
then it’s gone
as each day
from dusk to dawn.
This is it
time to change
sometimes found
a little strange.
Pointless words
actions too
become seen
what’s me and you.
This is it
we have today
minutes ticking
swish and sway.
Lose the doubt
and find within
better ways
to then begin.
This is it
as time ticks on
do your best
before it’s gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 26,  2016

Mar 24,  2016

Life as a flower
is a bloom waiting springtime
suffering winter.

Looking through windows
the outside might look pretty,
but it’s illusion.

Bewildered moments
come as elusive daydreams
that somehow come true.

Counting your blessings
might find you out of numbers
counted correctly.

Sad has a viewpoint
that many can see clearly,
but not understand.

The semblance of love
can often be emotions
lost in perception.

Countless are the stars
that shine so very brightly
guiding ships at sea.

Snowy hills we see
can become children’s stories
read to them at night.

Truth of a storm cloud
can hide emotional actions
of snowflakes and rain.

Consumed by fire
a person might lose themselves
and need extinguished.

Necessity of life
which is often misconceived
is often just greed.

Graven images
find ways inside our lifestyles
as our memories.

A caterpillar
dreams of a butterfly’s life
and then becomes one.

Gestures of a hand
can direct an orchestra
or swat down a fly.

Answers to questions
often lead to more questions
without good answers.

Scenes of a campfire
hold the sight of the campers
found within the flames.

Looking for a breath
you might find it in a breeze
as it blows on through.

Shadows of true life
can become a mere nightmare
within the wrong light.

Sounds of falling trees
are echoes in a forest
depleting our air.

Weathering problems
can become lessons to learn,
but only if learned.

Views of a minute
can become lesser or more
discerned by others.

Information road
might have a few snags in it
that were not informed.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 24,  2016

My wife Judy’s Poetry books 🙂
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

None The Less


Hello my friends

Well it’s that time once again that I usually begin
rambling incessantly and so I guess I’ll not change
that course of action LOL.  I hope life is treating
you well.  Judy and I are hanging in there as the
weather goes back and forth with its indecision’s
of what to do.  Today’s supposed to be the first
day of spring right.  Tomorrow we’re expecting
3-5 inches of snow and 16 F degrees by morning
and a high of 31 F degrees for the day. There’s
supposed to be more snow to come Tuesday eve
and Wednesday morning then snow for Thursday
and Friday.  That goes on through the weekend.
So you see,  it’s not looking much like spring up
here which is fairly normal for us.  Yeppers it’s
still white outside.  Me and the boys took a little
walk in the field the other day.  OK, I took a walk.
They took a run.  Hard to run in this stuff with my
feet often breaking through the ice and sinking
in the snow below it.  We did have a good time.
I got a lot of pictures and videos of them and
I even did a video of me with the boys.  I had to
bring my tripod outside to do that LOL,  but
then some of those pictures were in last weeks
stationery journal.  I did though get a few nice
pictures of me and the boys while we were in
the car waiting for Judy.  She had a doctors
appointment and me and the boys waited in the
car for her.  We had a little selfy time hehehe.
It’s kind of chilly today,  but not too bad.  It’s
only 31 F degrees.  That in my book is fairly
warm compared to what it could be hehehe.
Rocky’s lying in the floor right behind me and
Benny is in the living room more than likely
lying in his favorite recliner standing guard 🙂
Yep,  he’s our little watch dog.  He might be
just a tad overly active watch dog,  but none
the less he likes to keep us informed about
anything he might think we need to know LOL.
When Rocky hears him bark,  he heads off
running to see if he needs his help hehehe 🙂
Ok,  so what else is going on at the Peace’s
Place?  Well,  Judy went over to her sister’s
house last night for their craft night.  All of
the sisters or should I say most of them go
as well as the daughters and each month they
pick a craft for them all to do and they spend
hours in their creativity.  Last nights craft was
a wreath.  Judy took pictures of everyone’s
wreath and I might be a tad prejudice,  but
I think Judy’s is the best hehehe.  It came out
quite nice.  I’ll add it into my stationery for
all of you that are getting that style of email
from me.  Of course all of you that are on web
mail or receiving plain text version,  you will
have to ask me to send a picture or better yet,
sign up to Facebook and add me and also Judy
as friends.  Then, you’ll be able look at all of
the pictures that we have uploaded hehehe.
Just add me using my email address and then
when I’m your friend you can find Judy in
my profile as wife and click on her to add
her.  So,  what else is there to tell ya?????
Well,  my collar bone is hurting really bad.
I think my old joints are wearing out.  Judy
thinks the ball socket might be worn and it’s
making it real hard to move and painful at
all times.  But,  I guess that’s the price for
all of my falling on the ice hehehe.  I reckon
that all of my falls have damaged my joints
quite a bit.  LOL that’s why I am never too
excited to hear that FALL is coming hehehe.
Yes I love autumn,  but not FALL 🙂  You get
my drift?  I love snow,  but not when it melts
and refreezes turning into that old slippery
sliding ice. I do have cleats that attach to
the soles of my shoes,  but I often forget to
put them on my shoes and I can’t just leave
them attached,  because I can’t wear the
cleats in the house.  Plus they would begin
to be stretched out to where they wouldn’t
stay attached and they would fall off at the
most un apropos times LOL.  I have had
that happen and that is why when I bought
some new cleats I make a point to remove
them from my shoes when I come inside or
take my shoes off.  Though these are a bit
more of a higher quality than the others,
but none the less,  they’ll still stretch out.
I’ve just about ran out of things to ramble
about hehehe.  Don’t that just put tingles
in your grinner 🙂  Yep,  the Peace’s Place
is still hanging in there as life throws its
many curve balls at us.  We have our share
of problems,  but with the Grace of God we
are surviving.  His blessings are all around
us.  We might not see them,  but they are
there.  Be thankful for the blessings that
you know not of.  In later dates you might
then see the blessings that were with you
in the past.  Many times it’s all about the
timing and our perception.  Most of the
time we will only see the obvious and not
see what’s hidden in a moment.  Let God
shine in your life with blessings that you
will maybe never ever see,  but as others
look at you they’ll see them clearly.  Be
always grateful for God’s miracles that
are at work beyond what we understand.
Now I believe it’s time for me to be taking
my little journey back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem.  So it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I spied a title just a little ways back
in my writing that will work well for a title.
Now to see if I can do anything with it 🙂
Here’s goes,  again hehehehehehehehe.

None The Less

Beyond our actions
thoughts acquire,
none the less
might build a fire.
Thinking truly
too much gain,
might just make
you go insane.
None the less
what is not thought
might just find
you hurt a lot.
The waging game
from here to there
is sometimes best
when it’s done fair.
Not predicting
how ones fall
when you cheat
to win it all.
For you might just
find the best
when you’re honest
none the less.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 20,  2016

There ya go.  I hope that makes a little bit of
sense to ya.  If not,  then maybe next week 🙂
It’s 6:11 PM now and 30 F degrees.  That’s
not too bad still.  I’m guessing that the boys
will want to go out and play in the snow agin
this week while it’s snowing.  I think we have
2 snow dogs here hehehe.  Dear Milo wasn’t
too hip with the snow,  but he would go out
with Benny for a while and play with him when
he was in better health.  I’m guessing that he
is at Rainbow Bridge enjoying the sunshine
while he waits for us to join him and prance
on over to Heaven together.  Who knows
maybe even Pepper is waiting for us and has
met Milo as they now play together.  Yes I
still think of my friend that I had when I was
a kid.  She was a great dog/girl and friend.
In any case,  the day we all are joined once
again and never to be separated again will
be the greatest.  Well,  Rocky is still right
behind me in the floor asleep.  I’ve heard
our little guard dog barking ever so often
and Rocky has gone to check on him,  but
as it turns out,  Benny was maybe barking
at the ghost of Milo or something hehehehe.
Milo’s spirit is always with us.  So I reckon
it’s time for me to tell you what I tell you
almost every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers, 10
more poems,  but with 1 sort of Christmassy.
Also once again I wrote 22 haiku for all of
the haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can
find 1 or 2 of either or both that you like.
So,  now I believe it’s time for me to be
searching for that darned old off switch
that is really poor at the game of hide and
seek hehehe,  but not before I wish you
a most wonderful weekend and 1st day
of spring or what ever’s left of it and a
most blessed week.  Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now to find
Mr. Off Switch.  Where oh where can
he be hiding,  can he be hiding in my
clear sight?  No I believe he put some
effort in his hiding this week hehehehe.
No logic in it, but effort,  yes effort LOL.
I bet it took a while for you to climb up
to the top of the ceiling so to hide in this
cheap old chandelier hehehehe.  I just
happened to stretch and look up and
there ya were,  hanging onto the light
bulb.  Gotcha,  see ya Click zzzzzzzz.
Now let’s see ya get down hehehehehe.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Making Today

While now might seem sad,
it can change oh so true
with a little bit of effort
from what all you do.
The patterns that we’ve started
can become as our past,
while the future’s creating
a new days contrast.
Turning all the bad times
into some better times
is often by perception
of our lemons and limes.
A forest of solitude
can become well applied
if you let God to help you
find peace from inside.
Right now is a moment
that can change in a way
with a little bit of effort
while making today.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2016


Splattered details
on our windows
sometimes seem as
Shattered  places
we remember
might still burn as
brightest ember.
Shattered moments
that hurt bad
can be blessings
that we’ve had.
For each shattered
timeless way
turns to lessons
a later day.
So be thankful
for what splattered
for God strengthens
all that shattered.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 17,  2016

Icy Flavors

Oceans billows
snowy scenes
with some blues
and with some greens.
As reflections
far and wide
icy flavors
Painted hillsides
say hello,
icy flavors
seem to grow.
Snowflake morsels
fall so free
icy flavors
that I see.
Then they’re landing
is so right
icy flavors
painted white.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

To Deceive

If you only
seek to gain
what that others
do attain,
then you lose
yourself in time
seeking for the
wrong design.
To deceive
and not say true
what there is
in what you do,
then you’ll find
that they may learn
and that friendship
might adjourn.
If you practice
to deceive
then you’ll watch
your friends to leave.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

Minutes Well Counted

Lines on a persons face
discern of some scenes
minutes well counted
of the greatest cuisines.
Seeming as paintings
with days found to see
minutes well counted
on you and on me.
Time becomes an artist
that paints oh so fine
minutes well counted
of our time after time.
When lost in a mirror
your eyes might discern
minutes well counted
from all you did learn.
The days and years display
each smile and each frown
minutes well counted
that we’ve been around.
Portions of turnstiles
will open and close
minutes well counted
the choices we chose.
So as each day passes
just know God is there
minutes well counted
that might not seem fair,
but as every moment
and line on your face
minutes well counted
are filled with God’s grace.
You might not be aware
of the scenes that shine
minutes well counted
of God’s Own design.
Yet but a moments time
you might one day see
minutes well counted
to wondrous degree.
So when you are weary
and filled full of fear
minutes well counted
might one day appear.
God with His blessings
will show you so true
minutes well counted
that lived within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016


Sometimes perception
is not all that great,
for what we’re seeing
is early or late.
Perceptive people
will often surmise
what they are seeing
as moments disguise.
Yet many people
are not what they seem,
so our perceptiveness
might be a dream.
Life in a minutes time
can become clouded
with those perceptive
a little bit shrouded.
For as time passes
the truth might reveal
what that perceptiveness
did not see real.
Those of a moments time
might then display
to those so perceptive
a much different way.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

Time In A Bottle

Wintertime’s Christmas
is counted and gained
with all the blessings
that we have attained.
Christmastimes journeys
that our minds may take
often are snow filled
with snowmen to make.
Time in a bottle
with Santa to fly
reindeer and sleighbells
so high in the sky.
Christmas Eve’s  pathway
is words in a book
children to dream of
and then have a look.
Time in a bottle
with Christmas to find
displays the journey,
that wonderful time.
Pages then fluttered
as children read on
time in a bottle
from Eve until dawn.
They might fall asleep
while waiting that night,
but time in a bottle
shows Christmas delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

Portions Of Plenty

The needs of our greed
are often fulfilled
maybe not what with
our hopes have instilled.
Portions of plenty
might not seem enough,
but often it’s what all
we need to get tough.
Sometimes our wanting
is not found so real,
while what we are needing
is what we can feel.
Yet then so often
the needs God provide
will seem as so wrong
when our greed is applied.
Portions of plenty
are poured out each day,
but often it’s us just
looking away.
So many people
could help those in need
with God given blessings
to plant them a seed.
Portions of plenty
are provided to share,
so why not do more then
than just give a prayer.
If you are able
to help ones so empty
share of your wealth then
portions of plenty.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

Northern Lights

My heart skips a beat
as I dream of the sights
scenes to encounter
as those northern lights.
The mesmerizing beauty
with lights all aglow
is found as I dream of
that northern hello.
Often I go outside
to search through the skies,
but trees in the distance
are all that will rise.
For now mere photographs
only show true
the northern lights of
bright green and blue.
Maybe some red then
to shine in the nights,
for this is what I dream of
those great northern lights.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

This Room Of Dreams

While minutes tick onwards
and time moves along
this room of dreams is
filled full of song.
Singing of memories
that live in the walls
bouncing around
like little rubber balls.
This room of memories
shares every time
a portion of blessings
that I use as rhyme.
Portions of mishap
and portions of smile
this room of dreams
goes many a mile.
Carrying pathways
of passed days to now
this room of dreams
might surely say wow.
Dormant the moments
is what timeless seems,
but alive it becomes
in this room of dreams.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

for Mar 19,  2016

A day of springtime
can be found within winter
if you look closely.

The life of a rose
finds its beauty well hidden
through scenes of winter.

Dusk brings us nighttime
with stars that dance in the sky
and a moon so bright.

Lessons from a mouse
teach to be very careful
not to spring the trap.

Having a flower
does not guarantee its bloom,
for it needs much love.

A patient person
will acquire many lessons
from ones impatience.

The door that squeaks most
will so often get the oil,
but in a rough way.

Various turnstiles
might seem to be locked tightly.
You just need the key.

The portrait of man
is that of an imagery
that many can be.

Guiding lights of night
will often be lightning bugs
fluttering about.

A simple twinkle
from a star within nighttime
can induce passion.

The hereafter life
holds a place known as Heaven
that is eternity.

Anchoring yourself
to the troubles of your past
will prevent your growth.

Trials of a tree
are as branches in snowstorms
awaiting for spring.

Shadows of a leaf
will flutter just like a ghost
and then fade from sight.

Answers to a flame
are as embers in a dream
sought to burn again.

Decisive people
might overlook the best thing,
being too picky.

Glimmers of hopeful
live in the eyes of many,
that some never thought.

The hard times of youth
tend to hide all the lessons,
until we are grown.

Gradient hillsides
can become too steep to walk
and cause us to climb.

The strength of true love
is unmatchable to hate,
for love conquers all.

Looking to the stars
you might find many answers
within your own eyes.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 19,  2016

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With Us In Spirit


Hello my friends

It’s a new day and a hour ahead of what it was
yesterday.  Yep,  if ya didn’t move your clocks
ahead an hour last night then I reckon that you
were late to everything today.  The weather up
this way has been on a warmish side and by the
look of my weather program it looks like we’ll
be in the mid 30’s to the lower 40’s this week as
well.  Of course there will be a few days that are
a slight colder and of course the nights still in
the below freezing temperature range,  but not
in the subzero.  By morning it’s supposed to be
18 F degrees.  Judy and I are doing well as are
the boys.  Benny and Rocky are as ornery as
ever.  Right now they’re sleeping in the floor
behind Judy and I.  It’s looking like we might
see spring a little earlier this year.  Of course
what we call spring,  there may still be some
snow on the ground,  but spring none the less 🙂
Right now it’s 36 F degrees at 6:44 PM and it
seems that the temperature has already begun
dropping.  There’s not been much going on at
the Pearce’s Place this passed week.  Nope,  it
has been fairly peaceful aside from our 2 boys
running around the house playing chase,  not to
mention barking at any noise they hear outside
that they think might concern us LOL.  That’s
mostly Benny.  Rocky will head off running to
where Benny is thinking that Benny is on to
something hehehe.  Most of the time though,
we think Benny is barking at ghosts namely
the ghost of Milo hehehe.  He seems to always
be looking up at Milo’s ashes for some reason
or another LOL.  Though sometimes he will
be looking at the front door and the only way
to get him to quit barking is to open it and
show him that nobody is there.  Then Benny
will make a mad dash in here while always
looking back to see if I’m behind him hehehe.
Yep,  this place has gone to the dogs and even
the ghost dogs it looks like LOL.  We can still
feel the presence of Milo from time to time 🙂
OK next topic.  Judy went to see her mom the
other day.  She is in a nursing home.  I think
they are planning on keeping her for a few
more weeks.  Actually I hope and pray that
they will one day soon admit her permanently.
She would be much better off.  Judy’s sister
and her hubby have been taking care of her
and it’s turned into more than they bargained
for.  Dennis and Trudy can’t go anywhere
together,  because they can’t leave her there
by herself.  She can’t walk and she’s blind.
Judy has gone from time to time to watch her
so that they can get out of the house together,
but that still doesn’t work too well,  being
I’m sure they would love to have more than
a few hours alone together.  So please keep
them in your prayers.  Our home will not
suffice a wheelchair or anything.  It’s kind
of small.  So OK,  next topic.  Monday of
last week we got a bit of snow and me and
the boys went out and played in it for a bit.
I even took a few videos of us.  The snow
is gradually melting due to the warm temps,
but there’s still some out there.  It might be
frozen solid,  but none the less still white 🙂
I got a couple of great videos of me and the
boys,  but one ended up with snow on the
lens.  You could still see the boys,  but it
was snowing so much that I couldn’t keep
the camera lens cleared LOL. I also took
a few pictures of them and some of me. We
had a great time playing together 🙂  I think
they had a better time than me though LOL.
I took my tripod outside and got a video of
us together.  Benny and Rocky were so
excited they could hardly contain their
enthusiasm.  Yes sir,  it looks like Benny
has a snow buddy to play with.  Though
I think they might both be a bit saddened
when the snow is all melted away hehehe.
I also love the snow.  I hate the aftereffects
of it,  because then it melts and re freezes
turning into that deadly slippery stuff
called ICE.  I do have cleats that attach
to the soles of my shoes,  but sometimes
I forget to attach them hehehe.  It looks
like the temperature has dropped a bit
since I began writing.  Now at 7:33 PM
it’s 32 F degrees.  I thank God for all of
the blessings that He has given Judy and
I.  My daughter and granddaughter that
were able to come up and spend Christmas
with us last year and our little boys Benny
and Rocky,  not to forget Milo that is still
with us in spirit.  I am hoping my daughter
can come up again soon.  LOL she said
she loved the snow and white Christmas
and all,  but the travel at that time of the
year was totally crazy.  She said she
might come up in the summer the next
time hehehe.  I love you Jamye and Sami.
Judy loves you too.  Last Christmas was
the best.  We will always treasure those
moments and relive them through the
many pictures and videos that we took.
Thank You God for all of the miracles
that You have placed into our lives and
thank You for all that You do for us each
day.  Now I guess it’s time for me to be
taking my little journey back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for
the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I might
of stumbled on a decent title just a few
lines back.  Now let’s see if I can write
anything that makes any sense using it.
Here goes nothing!!!!!!

With Us In Spirit

The hearts of our loved ones
each day that’s within it
that have gone on Heavenward
are with us in spirit.
Time is but a fraction
of lives that we live
for with us in spirit
are angels to give.
Passed lives to present times
begin such a quest
to that great and special place
so Heavenly best.
Portions of our memories
might still recall wonders
things that we lived through
the good and the blunders.
Yet,  with us in spirit
our loved ones that passed,
are watching over you and I
as shadows to cast.
So don’t let your heart to
be torn apart,
for with us in spirit
are loved ones at heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 13,  2016

There ya go.  I hope that made a least a little
sense to ya.  Also I hope my rambling didn’t
bore ya to death hehehe.  Yes I know I tend
to drift from 1 topic to the next without much
warning,  but hey,  that’s me hehehe.  Benny
has woken up and headed for the living room
I’m assuming to protect us or maybe just to
visit with Milo 🙂  It’s 8:00 PM now and I’m
getting hungry,  so I better hurry and finish
this so I can fix us something to eat.  I think
all of the leftovers are gone hehehe.  So Hmm,
is there anything I have forgotten to mention?
Oops,  it looks like our little boys have gotten
their second wind.  They’re right behind us
playing and now it looks like they’re wanting
treats hehehe.  Nope,  not now,  maybe in a
bit.  Judy just filled my glass with some more
orange juice.  I’ve gotten on an orange juice
binge hehehe.  Nothing ever stays with me
for any amount of time no matter what I
eat or drink,  but at least orange juice will
give me a little vitamin C that I need LOL.
My bro Mark Green is still needing your
prayers.  They’re going to have to do some
heart surgery on him,  but I have faith that
it will all be OK.  Me and him go way back
to the 1st grade in Oak Ciff.  So,  I guess
that’s about all I have for ya.  Now I think
I need to tell you what I tell you almost
every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems
with 1 of them being sort of Christmassy.
I also wrote 22 more haiku or senryu for
all of the haiku lovers out there.  I hope I
wrote something that you like.  Now I
believe it’s time for me to begin my search
for that not so freaking elusive off switch,
but not before I wish you a most joyful
weekend or whatever’s left of it and a
truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  OK now,
it’s time for me to try and find that ornery
off switch.  Hmm,  searching around the
room,  why I have no clue,  being that
the numskull has chosen once again to
hide behind my ADVAIR LOL.  You’ve
had all week to look for a place to hide,
for that matter a few years,  but you
still insist on hiding right in front of me.
Oh well 🙂 Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny,  Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S. I am including a poem that I wrote
when I was 8 years old LOL.  It’s not great,
but it’s sort of cute hehehe

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Me in the 3rd grade
I’m not sure about some of the
wording,  but hey,  I was only
maybe 8 years old

A big alarm clock
for little boy blue
Write on it from Santa
my boy just for you
They may have a few toys,
but don’t have a bin.
A book and a ball
a top that will spin.
A soldiers cap for the
pipers son
you know last year
you brought him a drum
and twas rub-a-dub
till I thought I should fly.
So bring quiet presents
dear Santa goodbye

©By Bill Pearce

Scenes We See

The scenes we see
as time goes by
can become dreams
when life is dry.
Past to present
can make a road
that’s often found
with a heavy load.
Scenes recorded
within our brains
might seem as
some choo-choo trains.
Each with cars
connecting times
to scenic places
moments minds.
The scenes we see
might then become
minutes passing
a beating drum.
With but only
a moments time
is of the past.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Dawning Of Sunny Days

Amidst the dawning of sunny days
the sky is filled with sound.
Places are featured here and there
as the world goes around.
Magical moments come to life
as ticking time makes way,
while the tides of ocean scenes
display each night and day.
With but only a mere memory
the world can come alive
with daily windows found so clear
and often opened wide.
Scenes of wonder might become
a magical place with peace
amidst the dawning of sunny days
with Heaven’s great release.
Though some clouds might form above,
a sunny day is near
to bring to life a hopeful day
through Jesus love sincere.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Distant Phases

Ages Stages set in place
will find their own accord
distant phases ships a sailing
lives to climb aboard.
Mornings dawning comes to be
with distant phases scene
sometimes as a destination
maybe in-between.
Here to there and in and out
our pathways move on by
distant phases seeming sometimes
that they start to fly.
Oceans motions wave hello
as each day comes in stride
with the distant phases found
within an oceans tide.
Time becomes a book with words
that readers find so great
distant phases found within
another time and date.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Windows And Doors

The sights and sounds of then and there
might turn into a page
written by someone in another time
to put them all on stage.
Formed by minutes and hours too
the sights and sounds might be
windows and doors of moments time
within our history.
Those lines on faces mark a place
that some don’t recognize
until the years have found a way
to show in their own eyes.
Windows and doors will open wide
with good and bad alike
as we walk or run through time
to race a motorbike.
That motorbike might be just something
that you’ve sought to find,
but found your efforts oh so weak
within that point and time.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Lost Your Grip

When tiredness causes
you to fall
and life just seems
to stand too tall
you need to take
a little time
to find some rest
within your mind.
Maybe something
rocks your boat
and causes it
to cease to float.
It might be due
to weariness
you lost your grip
and need to rest.
Seek Lord Jesus
when you slip
or simply when you’ve
lost your grip.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

A Rainbow Mind

As clouds come with raindrops
and form up above
an ocean of blessings is
filled full of love.
Maybe in the moments time
you might not see
a colorful rainbow with
time to agree.
A rainbow mind needs time
to become well fed
as growth shows the pathways
of new life ahead.
Seen through a bumpy road
clouds might appear
as raindrops of problems
from your yesteryear.
Morning gives a dawning of
new sights to find
allowing your troubles
to find a rainbow mind
Learning to let go of
the hurtful arrays
with a rainbow mind of
sought better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Scenes Of Wonder

Snow in a distant scene
seems Heaven sent
those scenes of wonder
with Christmas intent.
White fluffy snow found
in every sight,
those scenes of wonder
found to delight.
Heavenly snowflakes
here,  there and yonder
are oh so Christmassy
in scenes of wonder.
Blessings so Heavenly
sparkle and shine
as Christmas lights twinkle
with each found design.
So much to marvel at,
blessings appear
in scenes of wonder of
Christmas each year.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Before You Leave

We need each other
though most don’t agree
and so there is hatred
everywhere I see.
Don’t let someone’s hatred
to be all you find.
Look for some peaceful
in a prayerful type mind.
Don’t let your fighting
to go on through night,
for you might be wrong
when you think you are right.
Even if you did not
start what’s absurd
make peace my friend now
with a prayerful word.
Find peace and love
that God gave to you
and then before you leave
give it free and true.
Yet often leaving
is not what should be,
for a minute that’s passed
is just history.
Learn some forgiveness
through all that you weave
and make sure it’s right,
the time before you leave.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

February Mind

January sunshine
is so faintly found
as there are clouds
with snow on the ground.
Time is a doorway
to open with glee
with a February mind
and new thing to see.
March then becomes
that spring dance to find,
yet I’m still stuck
with my February mind.
Even through the windows
I find the same thing
a February mind
that should be of spring.
Patterns are changing
as each day prevails
with my February mind
and all the details.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

Threads Of A Needle

Winding around fabrics of time
our lives might fall prey
to the threads of a needle
in an alarming array.
Turnstiles of a journeyman
making ends meet
are the patterns of a moment
that lifetimes accrete.
The threads of a needle
we often will mull,
finding through a time frame
that our needle’s dull.
A persons own storyboard
might not attain
the threads of a needle
that leads them to fame.
Our threads that we’ve woven
can one day change shape
as the needle is bent then
for you to escape.
The threads of a needle
might change up the style
that once was depression
to a God given smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

for Mar 12,  2016

Beginnings begin
whether we like it or not,
so just do your best.

Lifestyles of some
might inflict pain on others
and not be aware.

Lost in perception
one might seem as a mere weed,
but be a flower.

As the sky changes
it gives us variations
of daytime to night.

Storms might seem brutal,
but they have a need in life
just as a flower.

Short-winded people
might fall way behind the rest,
but one day get there.

Lost in a labyrinth
the one that does not give up
will find his way out.

Molecules of air
are what that we cannot see,
but they are still there.

As the wind will blow
it often makes a pathway
that our eyes can see.

Beyond tomorrow
holds more than we can surmise,
for tomorrow’s guessed.

Believing in self
is a perplexing issue
found in a doubter.

Without a breath
our stride has no foundation,
for life can’t exist.

Many think nowhere
is no place with a meaning,
but it has purpose.

March winds blow briskly
as the clouds overhead drift by
from day unto night.

An echo of life
might be perceived as patterns,
but echoes will change.

Losing a loved one
causes many much sadness,
but Heaven is love.

Life in the fast lane
will surely wear down our hearts
and shorten our lives.

Time in a bubble
prevents learning anything
other than to breathe.

In the winds of change
lives the past and the present,
seeking the future.

Gridlock of journeys
can flow freely once again
with the help of God.

Having a handful
will sometimes seem as too much,
but be what you need.

Flowers are blessings
often in the form of weeds
to beautify life.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 12,  2016

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Still Watching


Hello my friends

It’s been a nice start to March. The weather
hasn’t been too bad. We’ve had a few days of
subzero temperatures, but not too many. The
weather seems to be warming up a bit. Right
now it’s 33 F degrees at 3:44 PM. Tonight’s
low is supposed to be 13 F and by the looks of
my weather program, we might be in the mid
to lower 40’s for most of the weeks aside from
the nights of course which will be a tad colder.
It looks like we might get some snow Monday,
but not much. We’ve still got a bit, but most
has turned into a white sheet of ice. This has
been one of the strangest winters we have had
since we moved up here December of 2007 🙂
Every other year we would be having massive
snows and blizzards at this time of year with
much of the same through February which we
were spared this year. I hope this isn’t a sign
of horrendous winters to come, like the calm
before the storm. I don’t mind the snow, but
it’s the ice that I have trouble dealing with if
you know what I mean. I tend to slip and slide
on the ice. Yes I have cleats, but sometimes
I forget to put them on LOL. They’re the type
that you strap to the bottom of your shoes 🙂
Anyways, being equipped with a snow blower
and our landlord plowing our driveway, we
can handle the snow. A truck came the other
day and put dirt on our driveway to help melt
the ice. So, that’s about all on that subject.
Benny and Rocky are doing fine. They are
in the bedroom with Judy right now. Judy’s
gone and laid back down. The boys are in
there lying with her. Judy had to take some
Benadryl and it started making her drowsy.
I took some a bit ago, but they don’t make
me drowsy. They just mess with my eyes of
which at the moment I am having trouble a
little bit, but I can type pretty well without
having to see the keys and being that most of
the letters are worn off of my keyboard that’s
a good thing. But I still have to be able to
see the monitor to see if I made a mistake
and that is presenting a problem. Oh well,
I’ll write as much as I can and then maybe in
a bit stop for a while to allow my eyesight to
become less blurry hehehe. So until it gets
too hard to see, I’ll keep on keepen on LOL.
It’s 35 F degrees now at 4:42 PM. It should
start to cooling down now. So, what else is
going on in this place? Well, not much of
anything. Judy has been doing final editing
on her new book and she has sent the final
copy to the editors to be corrected and then
sent to print. The cover of the book looks
awesome. I can’t wait to see it in its final
form. We’re hoping it gets made into a
movie. It’s being sent to Hollywood when
they’re done printing. We’re trying not to
get our hopes up being we know that tons
of manuscripts are sent to them and many
are turned down. Anyways, we’re praying.
Her book will be rated R being there are
a few delicate scenes, but the storyline is
great. Anyways, when the book is finally
ready for purchasing, I’ll tell you and I’ll
put a link to buy it at the end of the journal
just as I have for her other 2 books. OK,
so what else is there? Well, I can hear
some snoring coming from the bedroom 🙂
I just went to get me a soda water and
both of the boys are lying on the bed with
Judy hehehe. They both watched me as
I went through to the kitchen and then
as I walked back in here they didn’t even
budge from their spots on the bed hehehe.
Rocky of course is sleeping in my spot
with his head on my pillow, but Benny is
at the foot of the bed where he is most of
the time when we allow them on the bed.
Of course they don’t sleep with us when
we’re trying to actually sleep. They have
their own beds in the floor beside our bed.
We don’t mind them coming up with us if
we’re just going to watch TV. Yep, this
house has gone to the dogs LOL. I’ve
taken quite a few pictures this week and
I’m sure many of them will end up in my
stationery hehehe. Judy and I had to go
to town a couple of times this passed week
and I took loads of pictures of the changes
in the scenery. It seems that spring is on
its way, but it still has a few obstacles to
overcome such as the bouncing around
from above freezing to below. It’s gotten
a bit colder in the last few minutes. Now
it’s back to 33 F and still going down 🙂
So the flowers won’t begin blooming for
a while I reckon. The grass may give a
shot at growing in a week or so if the
weather’s permitting. It seems that the
Pearce’s Place is still kicking with life.
Right now I’m munching on Cheeto’s
or Cheese Puffs if you will hehehehehe.
The cheap version of Cheeto’s. They
taste just as good to me 🙂 It looks like
God is still watching over us. Thank
Jesus for forgiveness, for it is through
Him that we can get to Heaven. Not
one of us is without sin and so we are in
need of the blood of Christ to cleanse
our path to Heaven. Though here in
the path of humanity, we must still
answer to our many sins and mistakes.
So, have faith in God and all will be
well in the end. Yet what we do at
this moment can determine how much
Hell we must journey through, so try
to make the best choices you can, for
you will have to answer to them one
way or another. Now I believe it’s
time for me to be taking my little trip
back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word
or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s
away I go like Underdog 🙂 to that
place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE
and see what I can find. Hmmm it
seems I may have stumbled upon a
decent title just a little ways back.
Now let’s see what I can do with it.
Here goes……………nothing maybe 🙂

Still Watching

When trouble finds you
and you are alone
God is still watching
from His mighty throne.
Time might seem burdening
as you kneel and pray,
but God is still watching
to help you each day.
Often the minutes seen
might seem too rough,
but God is still watching
to just give enough.
Even when the darkness
seems with much fear
God is still watching
with true love sincere.
So when you are frightened
and feel you will fall
remember God’s still watching
over us one and all.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 6, 2016

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and maybe
even the poem. Hopefully you understood it.
I will wonder time to time whether or not any
of what I say is understood hehehe. It don’t
matter I reckon, being I’m also writing to
myself hehehe. So it looks like darkness is
upon us as the sun has distanced itself from
us to brighten up another part of the world.
Yep, it’s getting colder. Now it’s 27 F and
still dropping hehehe. Ok, I need to see if
there is anything that I have forgotten to tell
you. OH yea, Judy’s mom is not doing well.
She’s been sent to the nursing home for a
bit, but will not be able to stay long because
her insurance will only cover a few weeks,
but hopefully if it gets too bad, they will
reevaluate. Judy’s brother Ricky is doing
well. He’s still in the nursing home and
might remain there unless things change.
No matter what, God always has the
reins, so it will all work out in the end.
Ok so I guess I need to tell you what I
tell you almost every week and that is
I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yep, I wrote 10 more poems, but this
time I kind of went overboard and wrote
5 extra poems. 2 of the 15 poems are
sort of Christmassy. I also once again
wrote 22 haiku for all the haiku lovers
out there. I hope you can find 1 or 2 of
either or both that you like. So now it’s
time for me to begin searching for that
old ornery off switch, but not before I
wish you a wonderful weekend or what
that’s left of it and a truly blessings filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and
we do too. Now to find that off switch.
Hmmm, searching, hmmmm, I think
I spy with my one good eye something
moving underneath my Vision Care bill
and lo and behold there you are. LOL.
If you could just manage to stay still
for more than a second, it might not
be so easy to find ya. Yes I’ll pay the
bill tonight. LOL back off. Oh yea,
Got ya, see ya zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S. One of the poems is to my Judy 🙂
titled (In The Night)

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+5 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Faraway Friends

Words that are spoken
from faraway friends
are as the magic that
timeless transcends.
Sought as a moments time
words that are spoken
friendship is gained
as a wonderful token.
They might be in Ghana
or some other place,
but faraway friends
are there to embrace.
Scented as echoes
from times that are found,
our faraway friends
will often astound.
The minutes tick onwards
as heartbeats are gained
while faraway friends
are surely attained.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 29, 2016

In The Night

Thoughts of love
transcend each day
as night comes close
with its array.
Then the thoughts
come into sight
of this one
with love so right.
Love is found
as two are seen
in the night
within a dream.
Then the hours
passing through
in the night
are found with two.
Time has come
and time has gone
as the time
moves on and on.
You and I
with love so right
found each day
and in the night.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

To Judy Ann Pearce
From William Earl Pearce II

A Minutes Gain

Footsteps of thresholds
will often be found
as many shadows
we see all around.
Time becomes patterns
that we focus on
as a minutes gain
that just might be wrong.
Procuring lessons
that should not be seen
might in time turn to
a horrific dream.
A minutes gain
from a liars detail
will surely in the end
find you within Hell.
Time can turn friendless
if all you attain
is greed of another
that’s in a minutes gain.
For as the pages
of life are turned true
a minutes gain will
show what that’s you.
Then ones will notice
those ways of your life
and a minutes gain
will cut like a knife.
Leaving you empty
for all you’ve procured,
for a minutes gain
was Hell found allured.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Now And Agin

Life has many scenes
as footsteps are made
with now and agin
and how they’re inlaid.
People with differences
found here and there
as now and agin
with some unaware.
Many will continue
their on troubled course
with now and agin
their hard driven force.
With some situations
we might overlook
some now and agin
that we have mistook,
Now and agin
our lives might fall prey
to the same as some others
on some other day.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Budding Like A Rose

A friend that is true
might not seem clear,
for what you see
you think insincere.
So many true friends
might seem to hate
with what all they do
to protect your fate.
Budding like a rose
those friends will in time
display their heartbeats
as they unwind.
Yet for a moments time
you might not see
the truth that is there
that they did for free.
True friends will often
seem to oppose,
but you’ll find in time
they’re budding like a rose.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016


Death finds us all
as time comes to be
and then every journey
is surely set free.
Ascending to Heaven
or Hell down below,
our actions on Earth
will guide where we go.
Some have the thought
of whom that they’ll find
when found in Heaven
that wonderful time.
Yet there might be
ones there you thought not
found in ascension
you wrongfully thought.
Because what’s inside us
you might not agree,
but God is The Father
which can clearly see.
He sees our true hearts
that others are blind,
for all our religions
are human defined.
Found as the spirit
Lord God looks inside
and sees who we are
and what that’s applied.
He gives forgiveness
that we are unable,
for He does not put on
a religious type label.
He is our Father
with Glory Divine
that gives our ascension
or He shall decline.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Airship Of Time

Flying through the sky
as an airship of time
many look upwards
at a cloudy design.
Then with the passing
of clouds overhead
an airship of time
shows blue sky instead.
Often it’s textured
with planes flying by
as an airship of time
so high in the sky.
Then at times birds
will be seen to say
there’s an airship of time
that’s going our way.
Yet when night comes
with stars until dawn
an airship of time
will still move along.
Paving the sky
with things we can see
an airship of time
of our history.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Simply Dreaming

Wishing wanting
timeless things
Christmas moments
in my dreams.
Snowflakes falling
day by day,
I find Christmas
in a way.
Minutes ticking
time goes on,
simply dreaming
dusk till dawn.
Passed days Christmas
things unfurl
as I think of
my little girl.
The years have passed
and now I know,
I missed times
to watch her grow.
Yet last Christmas
I saw true
my little girl
and granddaughter too.
My dream came real
that timeless day
filled with blessings
wondrous way.
But now that day
is found with me
simply dreaming
things to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Like A Star

As a twinkle
angels are
sent from Heaven
like a star.
Soaring Earthward
like a beam
to be angels
sometimes seen.
They might be a
friend near you
like a star
to help you through.
Yet some angels
we can’t see,
but they’re there
for you and me.
Angels watching
near and far
sent from Heaven
like a star.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

The Chill Of Morning

The windows are frosted
as morning’s in view
while dawns a breaking
to start off anew.
The chill of morning
might sparkle and shine
with many icicles
found oh so fine.
The cold wind a blowing
might brew up some snow
to display so often
as wintertime’s show.
The trees might all glimmer
with sparkles of ice
seen maybe one day
then maybe twice.
The chill of morning
is greatest to see
when seen from inside
what God’s given free.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 2, 2016

Between The Lines

Words of a writer
that often are heard
find places time to time
a little absurd.
Sometimes the reader
will misunderstand
what all that’s written
and find it offhand.
Yet between the lines
some wording might tell
what that the reader
does not see so well.
Because of a moment
that the reader is at
the words that are written
might fall a bit flat.
For between the lines
the writer might give
lessons for a person
and how they should live.
Yet if you’re there then
the words might be gray,
for you are not there then
that moment that day.
So read a bit later
when moods have been changed
and between the lines
might fall in your range.
As you are reading it
seek for the times
that you were unable
to read between the lines.
Life has a way of
helping us to see
while each day is filled with
a moments degree.
Between the lines sections
that might not be clear
will one day be helpful
in your future year.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2016

Growing Older

Minutes ticking
time is counted
growing older
is surmounted.
Life in batches
crashing through
growing older
gives a view.
that we see
become parts of
you and me.
Many burdens
might be found
growing older
sight and sound.
Eyes get weaker
ears do too
growing older
me and you.
I find journeys
later seen
growing older
now a dream.
All those lessons
that I learned
growing older
has discerned.
Now I find I’m
always here
growing older
every year.
Minutes ticking
adding on
growing older
dusk till dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2016

Somewhere In A Dream

Love found as rainbows
finds ways to appear
somewhere in a dream,
a wish for a year.
Many might be storm like
that rainbows are found
somewhere in a dream
with its sight and its sound.
Somewhere in a dream
you might find a way
to bring back a loved one
to your future day,
but a dream is just a dream
that’s often mistakes
found in reality
when the dreamer awakes.
Hopeful of a moment
can often be seen
just but a nightmare
somewhere in a dream.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2016

A Frozen Picture

Mornings glory
displays true
a frozen picture
there to view.
Trees all frosted
shining bright
in the mornings
bright sunlight.
A frozen picture
there to see
painted for my
eyes to see.
I photograph
that wonderful scene
that which looks
just like a dream.
Glistening beauty
morning finds
a frozen picture
that unwinds.
Painted magic
ice and snow
becomes pictures
that I show.
Some photographs
of mornings site
a frozen picture
in daylight.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2016

December Thinking

As Christmas is passed
and days are a dream
December thinking
is a magical scene.
A recurring moment
that comes to be
often with snowflakes
falling so free.
December thinking
is what I will do
dreaming of minutes
I wish then to view.
Santa Claus moments
found within flight
December thinking
of Christmas Eve night.
Dreaming of presents
found Christmas morn
discerned as the moment
that Jesus was born.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 5, 2016

for Mar 4, 2016

Today is a path
created by our thinking,
then with our actions.

Simple little times
can become the greatest found
when you’re feeling sad.

Disheartened hearts
that lost their momentum
can find it again.

Last can become first
when the direction is changed
leaving you in front.

A flower that blooms
displays it’s true inner self
with sunshine and rain.

Many yesterdays
might come back as reflections
that show who you were.

Displaying anger
can misrepresent your view
if not worded right.

Hatred of others
can bounce right back in your face
as you learn the truth.

Believing liars
will lead you down bumpy roads
as they are exposed.

Shelter from a storm
might be the least likely thing
you never thought of.

Often a tree limb
will sway in the morning breeze
and not lose a leaf.

Left without passion
true love will never exist
as loneliness breathes.

Basking in the sun
a flower becomes beauty
that brings ones a smile.

Sleep deprived people
find it hard to think clearly
and dream wide awake.

Holding onto things
will often become problems
that drown you later.

Wisdom of an owl
is only an imagery
due to his large eyes.

Beyond a forest
holds imaginary things
that many dream of.

A tree that falls down
leaves an echo of itself
that some never hear.

Distant birds flying
might have a purpose in mind
or they’re just playing.

Life of a hermit
is a lonely perception
that might not be right.

Friends of a hater
will in time become the same
if they’re not careful.

Lost in a moment
might find you reaching for not
and grasping trouble.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 4, 2016

My wife Judy’s Poetry books 🙂
{Moonlight and Owls by Judy Pearce}
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{Hello My Name Is Benny}
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Ben Geurts Drawing Art site
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Your frosty friend Bill 🙂

Wanting Treats


Hello my friends

How have you been? We’ve been doing pretty good.
We’re both well and the boys are as ornery as ever.
Judy has gone with her sisters up to Eagle Lake to
see her brother Ricky. He’s in a nursing home up
there. Me and the boys have run of the house while
she’s gone hehehe. Of course, Benny is barking at
everything he hears thinking one of those things is
his mom coming home and he’s driving me crazy 😉
Rocky is lying in the floor right behind me quietly
as he waits for his mom to come home. I just ran
out of orange juice. I’ve gotta go fill my glass back
up, be right back 🙂 I’m back. I’ve gotta have my
orange juice for the day for my good old vitamin C.
It’s cold and wet today, Right now at 3:00 PM it’s
30 F degrees. It doesn’t look or even feel like it’s
February at all. I’m not complaining. It saves on
our heating oil, but I hope it doesn’t follow suit
through the summer. I can’t handle much above
80 F degrees. I’m very hot natured even more so
due to the loss of my colon and all. I’ve always
been hot natured and the heat would cause me to
dehydrate quickly. Oh well, enough about that.
Now on to another topic LOL. Judy went with
her sister Dena down to Bangor hospital Friday
so that Dena could have some test done and they
were gone all day, so me and the boys once again
had the run of the house and we just enjoyed our
guy time hehehe. OK so they’re dogs. They’re
still of the male species LOL. I was planning on
writing my poetry while Judy was gone, but it
did not happen due to Benny barking at anything
he heard thinking it was his mom coming home,
so I had to wait and write my poetry and haiku
Saturday 🙂 No matter, it got done. I managed
to get them all written in about 3 hours, just a
few minutes before our TV programs came on.
Yes, I know, we live such an exciting life LOL.
We don’t need much to be happy. We have each
other and that’s all we need. Us and the boys
live a peaceful life with a few four legged runs
through the house all through the day. Benny
and Rocky keep us amused with the silly antics
they often will do 🙂 I still find myself wishing
that I could visit my friends and family down
south, but it is what it is and so here I am up
here praying for a friend. It would be great to
have a friend which was also a musician like
me that I could jam with, but for now I will
just play alone. Thank God for my camera 🙂
I can take pictures of the scenery and our silly
little boys. I wish that the scenery would get
a bit more pleasant to look at, but due to this
weird weather, it has turned all icy, but there
is still some great scenery 🙂 We just have to
drive for it LOL. Benny and Rocky always
enjoy going for a ride with us. They love to
look out the windows hehehe. So if you have
not guessed it yet, there’s not much going on
in the Pearce’s Place hehehe. I had to let the
boys out to go potty and just now they were
at the door barking to come back in. It was
really just Rocky barking hehehe. Benny lets
Rocky do all the talking on that instance but
when it’s wanting treats, Benny is the old
chatterbox hehehe. Rocky will just jump up
and down and spin in circles LOL. Of course
in time if Benny’s barking doesn’t get a treat
he will start barking and trying to tell us what
he wants. Yep, this house has gone to the
dogs hehehe. Rocky is right beside me now
with his paw up asking for a treat, because
his brother Benny is in the living room LOL.
I mentioned Benny’s name real loud, but it
seems he’s to caught up with watching for his
mom to come and get a treat hehehe. Oh
well, I’ll give him one when he decides to
comes in here. LOL Rocky is looking up
at me with that face saying, I want another
treat. Nope, you’ve had one and that’s all
you need. I’m sure mom will give you more
when she gets home. LOL She always does.
Rocky has finally laid down in the dog bed
beside me. Benny is still in the living room
on the recliner waiting for Judy as he does
most often. She should be home soon and
then maybe we’ll eat brunch or supper LOL.
I ate a Croissant about 10 AM, but that’s
long gone hehehe. Judy drove into town
Saturday and bought us sub sandwiches
from Subway and took the boys so that I
could write and we both still have half of a
sub to eat. It sounds like Judy might be
home or Benny is just barking at nothing
again thinking he heard something hehehe.
As I presumed hehehe, it was nothing 🙂
He misses his mom. He’s the same way
when I am gone. Both of them are. They
sit by the door waiting for me to come
back from checking the mail and then
pounce on me when I walk in LOL. Yep
we’ve got some silly boys, but they are
loving little boys and we love them a lot.
Well it’s time for me to get a Mountain
Dew. I finished my orange juice. I’ll be
back as Arnold Schwarzenegger would
say LOL. I would hate to have such a
long last name as Schwarzenegger. Can
you imagine having to always spell it
out for people. (Oh forget it, just call
me Short) Yep, it’s bad enough with
the last name Pearce, because people
will automatically start spelling it the
other way as Pierce. That’s when I’ve
gotta tell them, we’re the Pea Pearce
not the Pie Pierce LOL. There’s a road
and stream in Houlton that’s named the
Pearce’s. Well there’s not much else
to tell you aside from the usual, which
is that we are still hanging in there as
struggles come upon us. Yep, we do
have our fair share of problems, but
God is always with us to give us the
strength to carry on. I thank God for
all of the blessings that He has put in
our lives. My life before Judy was
filled with much loneliness, but God
found the right person to fill that void
and show me a different world with a
snow filled winter and colors that I’ve
never partaken with my eyes as fall
explodes with beauty. Thank You God
for all that You have given me and all
that You have allowed in my life. If it
were not for the rough roads, I would
not see the beauty as I do. The troubles
have made me more thankful. Now, I
believe it’s time for me to begin looking
back on all that I’ve written here to see
if I can find a good word or phrase that
I can use for the title of today’s brand
new poem. So, it’s away I go, to that
place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE and
it looks like that while reading back,
I may have found a decent title about
halfway into the journal talking about
our two ornery boys hehehe. Now to
see if I can write anything that makes
any sense using it hehehe. Here goes.

Wanting Treats

Many people
only seek
pleasures from
another week.
Wanting treats
without the pain
might just find
themselves insane.
Treats of days
and weeks are best
when we’ve tried,
to complete the test.
Yet so many
will just stand
wanting treats
with opened hand.
Don’t letting wanting
to be found
with you only
looking around.
Find the best
that God completes.
Don’t just be one
wanting treats.
Search for truthful
in your gain
not just wanting
treats of fame.
Allow yourself to
try and fail
while your efforts
then set sail.
When your day is
what completes,
then it’s time for
wanting treats.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28, 2016

That might not make a lick of sense to you. but
I hope it does for somebody LOL. I also hope I
didn’t lose you in my rambling LOL. I do tend
to drift from one topic to another in a moments
time hehehe. It’s 30 F degrees now at 5:25 PM.
It might snow a bit tonight. I had my weather
program set on a station up in Eagle Lake a bit
ago and thought, that weather doesn’t seem to
be correct hehehe. I had changed it to see what
Judy and her sisters would be driving up into.
So now it’s back on Houlton weather and yes it
is 30 F degrees. It’s 21 F at Eagle Lake which
is 90 miles north of us. I hope Judy gets home
soon. Benny is just about to drive me bonkers 🙂
I think he’s also driving Rocky bonkers hehehe.
It’s 5:34 PM now and I guess it’s time for me
to be telling you what I tell you almost every
week and that is, I wrote some more poems
and haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with
1 of them being about the boys. I also wrote
22 more haiku for all of the haiku lovers out
there. I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like. Now I believe it’s time for
me to begin my search for that hardly elusive
off switch, but not before I wish you a most
joyous weekend or whatever’s left of it and
a truly blessings filled week. Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too. OK, where
are ya hiding this week ya little varmint?
LOL OK, I had to look a little harder this
time, but still, you could do a whole lot
better. Hiding behind my K2 Meter was a
pretty good spot and would of been better
if you would not of been poking your head
up to see if I could see you hehehehehehe.
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Windows Clear

Tinted windows
sometimes seen
hide a nightmare
show a dream.
Dirty windows
often are
seen on people
near and far.
Some are windows
of the heart
sometimes found
a work of art.
Yet some windows
are disgust
filled with hatred
dirt and dust.
We need windows
found sincere
filled will Gods love
windows clear.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Places Remembered

Long ago pathways
of footsteps we trod
find what’s remembered
a blessing from God.
Places remembered
that pictures remind
often are pathways
a one of a kind.
Scenes we’ve discovered
and places we’ve found
become as the places
that do so astound.
That place at the moment
might not seem so great,
but seem a lot better
another times date.
Places remembered
will often come alive
inside of our heartbeat
as thoughts do derive.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Countless Stars

Twinkling in the sky above
are seasons seen at night
countless stars so far away
that twinkle oh so bright.
Echoes of the universe
are seen as distant signs
forming patterns in the sky
as wonderful designs.
The big and little dipper
shine so free and fair
along with the moonlight
in crisp nighttime air.
The scenes all exploding
as nighttime’s own cuisine,
countless stars and moonlight
seeming as a dream.
Maybe a cloud or two
might come into the sky,
but countless stars will still be there
as time goes marching by.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Beyond The Sea

Upon a sandy beach of time
there’s sights ones can see,
an ocean vessel’s mast and sails
are then beyond the sea.
Just as a painting far away
it seems to be in air
floating in the distant scene
beyond the seas out there.
Even sunlight’s morning view
is found to glimmer on
found out then beyond the sea
with early mornings dawn.
Beyond the sea of memories
the ocean shows its waves
as a moments time to dance
as it all behaves.
The minutes counted then are found
as a moment free,
a segment of a blessing found
far beyond the sea.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 29, 2016

My Looking Glass

Within my own reflection
is a person I can see
found within my looking glass
I’m looking back at me.
This person filled with moments
that are time to pass
me with minutes ticking on
within my looking glass.
I sometimes see my wrinkled face
and say how old am I
and then again on other days
I focus on each eye.
I look real deep into my eyes
and see someone that’s there
standing with a moments time
just needing breath of air.
Those reflections that I see
are often found within
while looking in my looking glass
I see the new begin.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016


While decisions might be
of an uncertain style,
some might be moments
that lead to a smile.
Yet many decisions
might lead us astray,
while giving us lessons
found Hell to pay.
Uncertain decisions
will often find a price
maybe much greater
than the sought for device.
Looking for pathways
of journeys to trod
uncertain footsteps
might not be of God.
So make sure your decisions
are not Hells design,
for uncertain choices
can be a land mine.
Pray before acting on
uncertain pathways
and God will be with you
making good of your days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Life In A Movie

Seen as a storyline
sometimes is found
life in a movie
with time going around.
Scenes of a decade
might come into view
with stories remembered,
the things that you’d do.
Life in a movie
of a seasonal glance
might at times seem like
a real song and dance.
The minutes found ticking
will often inlay
life in a movie
of a distant display.
Not a real movie,
but a lifetime you see
life in a movie
of your history.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Little Feet

Footsteps in the night
as a pitter patter sound
are little feet running
here there around.
Tiny feet, little feet
prancing with joy
are the sounds we hear
of our two little boys.
Four legged children
just running about,
little feet running around
now in and out.
Dodging our footsteps
they’re so often seen,
little feet running around
just like a dream.
These little doggies
make us complete
our two little boys with
their little feet.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

Forest Of Thoughts

Thinking as a thought full
of forest of thoughts
my mind will often be as
a little bit lost.
Found in a moments time
beyond what I see
in a forest of thoughts
through my history.
Lost in a battle with
my many illusions
a forest of thought will
create confusions.
Sometimes as snowdrifts
blinding my ways
a forest of thoughts is
like distant days.
Some seeming similar,
but not as the same
a forest of thoughts will
confuse my brain.
So as the problems are
finding me lost
I seek for Lord Jesus
in a forest of thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

The Blade of A Knife

Sharp is our wording
when spoken in anger
the blade of a knife,
that leads us to danger.
Speaking in the heat
of a moment on fire
the blade of a knife
might be like barbwire.
Not only cutting
the one standing there,
but striking on you
as barbs unaware.
The blade of a knife
are the words that we say
cutting ones down
in a harmful array.
Don’t let your wording
to end in pure strife,
for it might cut you
as the blade of a knife.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

for Feb 27, 2016

Guiding lights of stars
give forth a moments glimmer
guiding ships captains.

The brisk blowing wind
displays an awesome journey
of its own design.

Confusions morning
comes as dawns of perception
found in the seconds.

A nowhere person
leaves trails from where they have been
coming from somewhere.

Backwash of rivers
often finds leftover time
displayed in its path.

An anchor of time
holds many firmly in place,
while new days move passed.

Mornings gentle breeze
could become a large tornado,
so take precautions.

Life as an echo
only shows what has been done,
while creation seeks.

Various people
have various decisions,
for we are unique.

The past of haters
leaves a trail of misery
that might just explode.

Searching for true love,
ones will often look blindly
without first praying.

Allowing an instance
to become all that you see
will blind your future.

Ongoing fighting
might seem to have a purpose,
that may just be you.

A winter birds flight
often finds it in the snow
as it seeks to land.

Nevermore is thought
when a past is recorded,
but it might return.

Hurting ones feelings
should never be a pleasure,
for that leads to hate.

The love of Lord God
brings many through their problems
with lessons well learned.

A ship out at sea
will often rock back and forth
as the ocean churns.

Keeping a secret
needs to know what’s important
and what needs be heard.

Relaxing the mind
will allow peace to be found
as a butterfly.

An open doorway
will allow the good and bad,
so guard your passage.

A true friend of yours
will remain your friend always,
no matter what’s done.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 27, 2016

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The Commotion


Hello my friends

So I guess you may or may not have noticed
that I didn’t write my journal last week. We
were sick. Judy and I had a case of the flu or
something of that nature. I couldn’t write due
to coughing and sneezing not to mention the
headaches and fever that went along with it 🙂
Judy and I are both well now and back to our
ornery selves. Benny and Rocky are still Benny
and Rocky hehehe. Nothing changed there.
The weather has been bouncing all over the
freaking place. Warm then cold, then warm
again and then freezing, well you get the idea.
Today’s high is 35 F which is what it is right
now. It snowed a bit an hour or so ago and
it’s supposed to snow a bit more this evening.
Judy just let the boys back in. I let them out
an hour or so ago to go potty and to play in
the snow. Now they’re playing chase through
the house. I was playing fetch with Rocky.
He for some unknown reason gets the fact
that when I throw the toy, he is to bring
it back to me so I can throw it again, but
he hasn’t quite acquired the knowledge that
he must release the toy so I can throw it 🙂
I have to trick him into letting it go and then
throw it again. We’re hoping that Benny
catches on to the fetch idea. We’ve tried and
tried to teach him, but all he does when we
throw a toy is he runs off with it. It turns
into a game of fetch for us. Maybe one day
he will learn, I hope. Maybe even Rocky
will learn that he must release the toy so I
can throw it again hehehe. We love them 🙂
Our grandson Christian came and spent
Friday and Saturday with us. We always
enjoy having him over. I wish the other
grand kids could come, but I guess they’ll
come when they can. I just looked outside
and saw that it’s snowing a little bit again.
This winter has not been near what we’re
used to. We’ve only had a few days below
zero and that was at night. It’s supposed
to be 8 F degrees by morning and the high
for tomorrow 24 F degrees. Still, nothing
like what we’re used to. Yep, it’s a warm
winter, although I’ve seen on predictions
for next winter about an La Nina which is
the opposite of an El Nino. The La Nina
is supposed to bring more cold air up here.
We shall see how it all pans out. They’ve
been wrong before LOL. Yep, they have
trouble forecasting tomorrows weather so
the chances that they are wrong about next
winter are pretty great hehehe. So what
else is there to chat about? Hmm, well my
sister is doing well or so my mom tells me.
Peggy doesn’t converse with me too much.
It’s the way it has always been, but it doesn’t
stop me from loving her. She’s my sister 🙂
I try to call my mom as often as possible
to make sure she’s OK as well as my sister.
We might see life in a different light, but we
are family and that’s what matters. Though
if it came to be that I was not wanted and
I was just considered trash, I would just
let God deal with it. I’ve seen many families
that were separated due to conspiracies or
some sort of hatred that evolved through
either lies or assumptions. It’s sad, but
true. I try my best to let the past to stay in
the past, but I do have trouble at times as
I am human. I have had lies thrown about
which have prevented me from being who
I wanted to be, but I cannot change any
of the past. Sometimes people will listen to
a good liar and not hear the truth. Oh well,
enough about that. The boys just made a
mad dash for the front door barking all the
way. Judy went to see what the commotion
was about and as we presumed, NOTHING.
Benny hears a thump and even if it’s Judy
or I, he still thinks somebody is at the front
door LOL. Rocky will follow right behind
him to see what it is hehehe. Yep, even if
I hit the table right above Benny he will
still think somebody’s at the front door 😉
LOL he is a character! Us getting Rocky
was a great idea. Rocky can keep up with
Benny, but there are times that Rocky will
wear Benny out and he’s gotta rest hehehe.
We still miss Milo and there are times that
we can feel his presence around the house.
Like times I feel a dog brush up against my
leg and look down and Benny and Rocky
are nowhere to be seen. Yeppers, Milo is
still here with us in spirit. We thank God
for putting all of these miracles in our lives.
For with God, all things are possible and
life continues on. Maybe not what we can
see, but the spirits of loved ones are still
around living as angels and friends among
us. Now, I believe I have rambled quite
enough and it’s time for me to be taking
my little trip back through all that I have
written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title
for today’s brand new poem. So, it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a decent title, and now to
do something with it LOL. Here goes.

The Commotion

A lifetime of speed bumps
from hither and to
can be the commotion
that makes better you.
Often our choices
from then unto there
will be the commotion
to get us somewhere.
Yet many places
that we might be found
might show the commotion
you need not around.
Don’t let the problems
of yesterdays page
to be the commotion
that’s only on stage.
Look for the blessings
beyond what went wrong
and release the commotion
to seek better dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 21, 2016

There ya go. I hope that made a little bit of
sense to ya. Also I hope my rambling didn’t bore
you to sleep LOL. I never truly know if what
I’m saying makes any sense to anybody, but
I hope it does. Of course this is my journal
and in the beginning back in 1995, I was just
writing to myself, but that year was a change
as I allowed 1 to read my journal and they
loved it and wanted me to send it to them and
then they shared with others and more wanted
to receive my journal. Now over twenty years
have passed and my email list is into the multi-
thousands. Can ya believe it. Who would of
ever thought that anybody would want to read
my thoughts LOL! Anyways, my journal has
grown through the years into what it is today.
I am blessed to have this ability and I feel
that it is something that I need to share with
you. So I hope you are enjoying all of my
rambling, poetry and haiku. Before I get
into telling you about it I guess I should tell
you Judy’s mother is doing OK. She’s back
at home with Judy’s sister Trudy. That’s
where Judy was last night. It was craft
night. All of the sisters and daughters get
together one Saturday a month and create
odds and ends. Last night they made crafts
from bottles. Judy used an old Champaign
and beer bottle and made a vase and a
lamp. They turned out quite nice. I might
put a picture of them in the stationery 🙂
So, now I guess it’s time for me to tell
you what I tell you almost every week and
that is, I wrote some more poems and
haiku. Yeppers, 10 more poems with
1 about the boys 🙂 I also wrote 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or
both that you like. Now I believe it’s time
for me to start searching for that hardly
elusive off switch, but not before I wish
you a wonderful weekend or whatever’s
left of it and a truly blessings filled week.
Remember, Jesus loves you and we do
too. OK, where are ya hiding you little
varmint. That off switch often picks the
worse places to hide. Let’s see if it did
a little better this week being it’s had
an extra week to look. Hmm, I think
I see movement from behind my aspirin
bottle, which is not really hard to do
being the freaking bottle is clear LOL.
Sheesh, are you ever going to try to
find a good place to hide that I won’t
find you by just glancing down hehehe?
Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny, Rocky
and the spirit of Milo Pearce

P.S. I’m adding a little thought I had
Feb 14 2016 Valentines Day. I also
wrote 3 more poems Saturday while
Judy was at Trudy’s doing crafts 🙂

Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10+3 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Creativity Of the Mind

A square is not just a square,
for it holds many different shapes
within it that can become the
vision, but it takes a little effort
to mold that into existence.
So be not just the square, but
the blossom of flavors from
creativity of the mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 14, 2016

Lost Words

Reminders of wording
bring forth a clue
what that was lost in
a moment of you.
Lost words perception
becomes just a phase
painted as bookends
a moment a phrase.
Scenes become cloudy
as each day persists
lost words of decades
that we reminisce.
Each page as journals
written through time
become as some lost words
with shadows design.
So many people
will fly like lost birds
with what they’re saying
amidst their lost words.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Winter’s White World

Time is an echo
as words are displayed
winter’s white world
so Heavenly made.
The trees will all glisten
as snow builds upon
winter’s white world
as minutes tick on.
Then in the distance
the flavors are seen
winter’s white world
as a fantastic dream.
Billowing quickly
with snow falling down
winter’s white world
is a moment that’s found.
Each minute counted
is greatly unfurled
as snowflakes falling in
winter’s white world.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Painting A Thought

An old fashioned canvas
with a living array
helps ones to gather
their thoughts day to day.
Painting a sentence
that thoughts recognize
the painter continues
what’s seen by the eyes.
Painting a thought
as what they remember
from all the time frames
of each burning ember.
A canvas so empty
that’s waiting for seasons
from every brushstroke
of remembered reasons.
Then it comes to life
the canvas of not
while turning into a
painting of thought.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Done Without

Thoughts we’re thinking
and things we do
might have been better
to not of been with you.
Done with our actions
as time moves along
bring all the choices
that we chose all wrong.
Lessons from patterns
that we had begun
might have been lesser
if patterns were none.
We all make mistakes
as minutes go by
that might take some time
to see what and why.
Yet it’s the mistakes
that help us about
that many think surely
they could’ve done without.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Lost In Words

A loud sentence spoken
might not be so clear
while lost in words
the sound’s all ones hear.
A moment of anger
set then in flame
the words you’re saying
might seem as insane.
Take a little breather
and then give a go
saying what you’re meaning
for others to know.
Lost in words often
becomes as a cloud
with what you’re saying
not truly endowed.
Give time for peaceful
that’s found in a prayer
and then lost in words
will find some fresh air.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Lives We’ve Lived

Past to present
now and then
lives we’ve lived
have entered in.
Ventured crossroads
journeys through
lives we’ve lived
create the view.
Days and weeks
that years have seen
lives we’ve lived
might seem a dream.
Yet some moments
nightmares are
lives we’ve lived
from near to far.
Past to present
might display
lives we’ve lived
another way.
Things remembered
not so clear
lives we’ve lived
might reappear,
seeming wrongly
as we view
lives we’ve lived
of me and you.
Yet those moments
might just be
lives we’ve lived
we did not see.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Changed Appearance

The outwards shell
might hide from view
the good or bad
that’s really true.
Often goodness
is found within,
but the outer shell
shows only sin.
What you’re seeing
might be a lie
for what’s within
might hurt and cry.
A person also
will hide from you
bad intentions
the things they’ll do.
A changed appearance
might not be good,
for what it shows
might be hollow wood.
Changes within
are what that show
the truth within
where all you go.
A changed appearance
is best to be
not just outside
that ones can see.
Changes within you
will show in time
what’s for sure
your honest design.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

The Infinite Night

Inside the darkness
holds a place,
a place of dreamlands
dancing taste.
The infinite night
from Venus to Mars
holds many dreamers
up in the stars.
Infinite dreamlands
that come into view
bring forth a glimmer
that seems very new.
A glimmer of worlds
that infinitely
lives in the stars
that dreamers can see.
Then as they’re dreaming
the colors shine through
the infinite night
with red, green and blue.
The twinkling essence
of galaxies gaze
the infinite night
then seems as a haze.
It still continues,
but you cannot find
the infinite night
within the daytime.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Searching Through Clouds

Throughout the daytime
on through the night
I’m searching through clouds
to see a great sight.
A sparkle of cosmos
shining like glass
times that I’m searching
for moments to pass.
Small clouds collecting
and growing then too
as they are making
a wonderful view.
Searching through clouds
I often will find
castle walls building
the greatest design.
Then for a second
I might surely see
loved ones remembered
from my history.
I might even see
some heavenly shrouds
angels protecting me
while searching through clouds

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

Our Four Legged Boys

The days seem brighter
with those squeaky toys
being played with
by our four legged boys.
They often will surely
get on our nerves
while they are running
swishing with swerves.
But they are truly
the best sight to see
our four legged boys
God gave you and me.
We hear them often
just trying to say
give us a treat
oh won’t you today.
Our four legged boys
are gifts from above,
for they give us smiles
that are filled full of love.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016


Despite ones wording
we might see clear
the things they’re doing
that words can’t hear.
are found every day
in things that we do
and what we might say.
We might not see them,
but surely they’re there
for contradictions
are everywhere.
So don’t go preaching
and acting so proud,
for your contradictions
are speaking real loud.
We all will do it
and not realize
that our very own wording
might have a few lies.
Maybe not intended,
but we don’t understand
that the contradictions
are how many stand.
It’s our imperfections
that are contradictory
for truth will be true,
with a lies history.
The history we’ve learned
each day is found wrong
as contradictions
show things don’t belong.
The past is confusion
with the future a haze,
it’s our contradictions
that entwine a maze.
Words that one’s saying
that others will hear
will seem contradictory
as times disappear.
Echoes of our past
will be found as repeated
with contradictions
and lessons well seeded.
So as the future
shows one valiant course
know contradictions
will still then enforce.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20, 2016

Midday Thoughts

The passing of minutes
creates such a view
as midday thoughts
that come near to two.
The aroma of winter
is found in the snow
with midday thoughts
sometimes 2 below.
The temperature rising
then going down
as midday thoughts
go around and around.
Often the snowflakes
will float from the sky
then maybe raindrops
land where it’s dry.
Those midday thoughts
might turn into ice
with wintertime’s window
found so precise.
Seasons of sunshine
might then unwind
as midday thoughts
of a wintery time.
Formats of wonder
might also then to
show some icicles
that come into view.
Stringing from windows,
doorways and more
those midday thoughts
are soon before 4.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20, 2016

A Passing Breeze

With every day
there is a scene
one with time
and in between.
A passing breeze
from days gone by
with the questions
who and why.
The portions poured
might seem so small,
but time is grown
to trees so tall.
A passing breeze
might simply say
hello my friend
please look my way.
The breeze might hold
a page of time
filled with stories
found sublime.
So as you watch
the birds and trees
give God thanks
for a passing breeze.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 20, 2016

for Feb 18, 2016

Directions will change
even if you go forwards,
being others change.

Living for yourself
will leave you all by yourself,
for we need others.

Beyond the starlight
holds so many mysteries
that we cannot count.

Life is a journey
that begins with just one step
towards or away.

Trust of a flower
comes greatly in the sunshine
as it needs its warmth.

A snowflake will melt
as it gets too warm to freeze
and turns to water.

Having fits of rage
will cause a downfall in love,
pushing it away.

Leftover heartbeats
could become as some baggage
that you’ve not let go.

Time can be countless
with the windows of future
filled full of fear.

Age old decisions
create the life of today
that might need changing.

Blue is the color
the sky above will display
until the day is done.

Shadows of ourselves
might display the truth in us
that we wish to hide.

Evenings of romance
are the stars that will twinkle
playing with a heart.

Love finds emotion
in the realm of existence
that’s within Heaven.

Lost is a rosebud
that finds snowflakes upon it
in the midst of spring.

Forever thinking
might lose right nows perception
of what can be done.

Links to a flower
are found within many seeds
waiting to blossom.

Sharing the sunshine
are the trees with many leaves
to give air to breathe.

A glimmer of hope
finds its way inside hopeless
as many will pray.

The sight of danger
puts fear inside many hearts,
but others find strength.

A four legged friend
can bring joy into a life
that was found empty.

Living for today
can be tomorrows problem
if you are careless.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 18, 2016

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