Hello my friends

How have you been?  We’ve been doing pretty well as we
watch wintertime come closer by the day.  Yep,  it’s pretty
close now at least it is up this way.  I took the boys out for
a little walk in the field just a little while ago and it is most
surely looking like winter.  Not quite cold enough for it yet,
but it’s on its way.  My weather program says that there’s
a little bit of a chance for snow showers this coming Friday
through Sunday.  Personally,  I don’t see it happening,  but
it might surprise me.  It wouldn’t be the first time LOL.  If
it does,  it most surely won’t stick,  because the weather’s
still too warm.  Yes we have a few freezing temps through
the nights,  but it has to stay cold long enough for the old
ground to get cold enough to let the snow stick.  I’m sure
it will start snowing and doing its thing soon enough LOL.
Oh yea,  along with Friday being Halloween it’s also Milo’s
birthday.  He will be 10 years old.  Benny turned 3 back in
July of this year.  There’s 7 years difference in their ages,
plus they are different breeds and all,  but they act just like
brothers hehehe.  If Milo thinks Benny has been outside
too long,  he will start barking at us and nudging us to go
and let him in.  Benny’s a little explorer and he loves to go
outside and run around the house,  but when it’s raining,
he prefers to stay inside.  He hates the rain,  but he adores
the snow.  So,  he will hold his bladder as long as he can
before he will give in and ask to go outside in the rain to
empty it LOL ;).  Milo doesn’t care one way or the other
about snow or rain.  When he’s gotta go,  he’s gotta go
and it don’t matter if it’s raining or snowing,  he wants
out,  but he makes it quick and runs back up to the door
and barks saying “I’m done” and we let him back inside.
Milo is my little shadow on Sundays when Judy is gone
to her sisters house to take care of her mom.  Benny
just holds up in the living room on his favorite recliner
until Judy comes home,  or until he hears me opening
a can of dog food LOL.  Milo follows me all around
the house.  If I go to the bathroom,  he will be sitting
right in front of the door waiting for me to come out :).
Benny does the same when Judy’s home hehehehe.
Actually they do it to the both of us.  Our little shadows
with four legs.  It’s not raining at the moment,  but it
sure looks like it could any time now.  So,  what else is
there to yammer about :)?  Our neighbor came and
borrowed some cooking oil the other day and yesterday
they came and gave us some fresh banana bread that
his wife/girlfriend made.  It was real good too.  Judy
and I had it for a late night snack and then the last of
it for breakfast hehehe.  OK,  so now I’m out of soda
water.  I’ve gotta head to the kitchen and get another
Mountain Dew :).  I’m back!  I saw that Benny had
left his perch in the living room and is now lying on our
bed.  I petted him for a moment and he rolled over on
his back wanting me to rub his tummy hehehe.  He is
so silly.  Anyways,  onwards with my rambling.  Oh yea,
here lately,  the Dish Network has removed some of
our favorite channels due to a price war with Turner
Broadcasting.  So now we don’t have Boomerang or
the Cartoon Network dag blast it.  Oh well,  I guess
we will survive hehehe.  They also removed TruTV,
but it’s supposed to be temporary just as the cartoons
were supposed to be,  so we will see.  Anyways,  that’s
a petty problem.  It’s not like there’s nothing else to
watch hehehe.  We had just gotten into the habit of
watching cartoons when we went to bed.  Our favorite
was the Loony Tunes LOL.  Well,  what else is going
on around this place?  To be honest,  it’s been pretty
quiet around here and with all of the rain this passed
week we weren’t able to take to boys for a walk in
the field and Judy and I have been taking advantage of
our treadmill.  Benny has been getting curious about
the treadmill and even gotten on it a time or two,  but
we haven’t yet turned it on so he could try it out LOL.
I might do that soon,  but Milo is scared of the vacuum
cleaner,  so he doesn’t come near the treadmill when
it’s on hehehe.  In any sense,  I’ll manage to get them
a work out one way or another :).  I guess when it snows
I’ll have to start digging trails for them again hehehe.
I might try to dig longer trails than I’ve done in the
past though so they can really get some walking done.
It gives me a work out just digging the trails.  Often
I have to make tons of trips outside,  before I get
the trails laid out.  My old body won’t let me do too
much anymore,  but I’ll do what I can.  I love those
little boys and want to keep them healthy and happy.
My moms arm is still giving her trouble after she
broke a few weeks ago.  Hopefully it finally heals
and eases up with the pain.  The doctor said it was
healed,  but the other day she moved her wrist and
she said it popped and has hurt ever since.  I hope
your arm gets better real soon mom.  I’ll be praying
for you as always :).  Love ya bunches.  Now what
else is there to yammer about hehehe?  Well it looks
like that’s about it.  God has kept His mighty Hands
over us protecting us as always.  He has always been
there for me,  whether I knew it or not.  He allows
what He knows that I need to go through,  to get me
where I need to be,  but He has been known to put
a road block in front of some areas that He knows
I cannot handle.  I might have wanted it or that in
that moment so much that I could taste it,  but He
knew it was not for me.  I know we have loved ones
that leave us (in our eyes) way too soon as they find
Heavens doors.  But it is their time whether we think
it is or not.  God knows best.  He deals with all life
and death as it is supposed to happen.  Yet,  if we
look at the bright side,  we can find ourselves seeing
them again when our time comes.  That is what that
keeps me sane.  Peace overcomes me when I feel
my friends and family’s spirits all around me smiling
that have gone on before me.  I can often feel my
daddy’s hand on my shoulder while I’m writing my
journal.  He always used to call them my sermons :)
and he would take them with him to church to use
to teach.  Thank You God for all that You have done
and all that You will do for the greater of mankind.
Now I believe I have finished rambling and it’s now
time for me to begin my search back through all that
I’ve written here to see if I can find a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I stumbled upon a decent title and
after checking I see that I haven’t used it as of yet,
but it’s gonna get used today LOL.  Here goes.

Peace Overcomes Me

When cloudy skies come
with raindrops that fall
peace overcomes me
with love overall.
I might be saddened
with times passing days,
but I find peaceful
that comes from the grays.
Often those storm clouds
that bring us the rain
also show rainbows
through our windowpane.
Peace overcomes me
with seasons in a sight
bringing their patterns
when it’s surely right.
Springtime’s arrival
brings sights I can see
with flowers blooming,
peace overcomes me.
Then as the seasons
will change colors sight
autumn comes sharing
its moments so bright.
Soon after autumn
the cold winds will blow
bringing us winter
with white fallen snow.
Peace overcomes me
when those seasons come
sent down from Heaven
and Jesus God’s Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 26,  2014

There ya go.  I hope you enjoyed the poem and maybe
even my rambling hehehe.  It’s 5:30 in the evening and
48 F degrees.  It’s supposed to get down to the mid to
upper 30’s by morning.  Not too bad huh :)!  I just went
in to check on Benny and it looks like he has taken over
my side of the bed LOL.  Oh well,  I’m not using it LOL.
I suspect that Judy won’t be home until late tonight as
usual.  I hope she stops and gets us something to eat
like hamburgers or whatever hehehe,  but if she doesn’t
I’m sure we will find something to eat :).  Milo had a fly
bugging him a little bit ago,  but I think it’s finally moved
on hehehe.  I’m surprised to see a fly being it’s been a
bit on the cool side lately,  but it seems we have some
diehards LOL.  Judy and I have got to go and put their
pool,  doghouse and our picnic table back under wrap
sometime this week.  They can’t stay where they are,
or the snowplow will make quick work of them hehehe.
The snowy season is just around the corner.  Ok,  so
I guess it’s time for me to put the brakes on before I
end up in Rambles Ville again :).  It’s time for me to tell
you what  tell you almost every week and that is, I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems
with 2 of them being sort of Christmassy,  but one of
the Christmas poems is about the boys and there’s one
none Christmas poem about the boys as well.  I also
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
I hope you find one or two of either or both that you
like.  Now,  I believe it’s time for me to be searching
for that not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a most wonderful weekend or at least what’s left of
it and a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Ok,  where are ya hiding this week?
For a little off switch,  you sure have trouble hiding your
tiny self LOL.  For Heaven’s sake,  I can see you as
plain as day.  Trying to hide behind my keyboard might
work better if you were lying down and not standing up.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

As Storms Arrive

When stormy skies
come crashing through
seek for peace in
a hidden view.
Often blue skies
come to be found
when you seek Jesus
and His solid ground.
Sometimes emotions
are shaken and stirred
as storms arrive
with moments absurd.
Yet with Lord Jesus
those storms will fade
into a rainbow
so Heavenly laid.
So when some troubles
come alive
let Jesus help you
as storms arrive.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Santa Paws

Winter comes briskly
with scenes we can see
such as old Santa’s
beard white as can be.
Dreams of the children
found deep in the night
take off and fly with
a Christmassy flight.
Santa might bring his
dogs in his sleigh
to keep him company
a Christmassy way.
Then on the rooftops
with old Santa Claus
you might then also
see small Santa paws.
Little tiny footprints
from his little boys
four legged Santa’s
with small bags of toys.
Santa’s little helpers
you might surely hear
barking in the night
this Christmassy year.
Then as old Santa
is ready to leave
him and his doggies
are seen Christmas eve.
With a loud Merry Christmas
from old Santa Clause
and a few little barks
from his Santa paws.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Losing Sight

Mornings come
with hopeful dreams
found as sometimes
rushing streams.
Then some ripples
bring a fright
that might cause our
losing sight.
New days journeys
come to be
with each morning
that we see.
Sometimes choices
that we make
bring the problems
we partake.
Yet it might be
written so
that it’s time
for you to go.
The fact so surely
wrong or right
many find they’re
losing sight.
Not seeing truly
what’s to be,
but just dreaming
what to see.
Losing sight of
what that’s real,
might explode to
what you feel.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

After We’re Gone

So many people
will surely deny
that they are harmful
to their by and by.
They don’t realize
how they are seen
when they’re gone
not so pristine.
After we’re gone
our shadows show
what we did then
to and fro.
The essence of
our dusk to dawn
might show truly
after we’re gone.
The pages we made
within our looks
might be exposed
within our books.
The written segues
that we said
might become
our days of dread.
After we’re gone
with not a sight
we will learn
our wrong and right.
Don’t live empty
lives insane.
Seek for Heaven
to attain.
Let our pathways
dusk to dawn
show of Jesus
after we’re gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Winter White

As Christmas comes
into our sight
we might see
some winter white.
Snow that’s falling
from the skies
making views
before our eyes.
That winter white
of Christmastime
makes a seasonal
great design.
Billows of snow
seen far and wide
as we stand
and look outside.
Watching snowflakes
Christmassy fall
landing on trees
so evergreen tall.
Glistening surely
within the sun
that winter white
is Christmassy fun.
Many found sleighing
down some hills
or tossing snowballs
of winter thrills.
That winter white
so Christmassy so
helps me to find
that Christmastime glow.
With just a snowflake
falling to Earth
I am reminded
of Jesus Christ’s birth.
He washes my sins
away with a smile
in a winter white
seemingly style.
So as I’m watching
snowflakes that fall
I can see Jesus
standing so tall.
Found as a flavor
each day and night
I dream of Christmas
found so winter white.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Inside Looking Out

So many people
are empty inside
while looking outside
and trying to hide.
Found deep within them
their emptiness grows,
but on the outside
the lie only shows.
We might be looking
at just but a shell,
not seeing inside
what is not so well.
Yet as that person
walks daily through time
they might then one day
seem not so sublime.
Inside looking out
with their own two eyes
might just be hiding
some real cloudy skies.
So are you someone
that looks all about
with that of sadness
inside looking out?
Don’t let your ego
to torment you so
while hiding something
that ones need to know
Tell someone truly
what goes on inside
and you might find you
with much less to hide.
Inside looking out
might find you a smile
that being truthful
will help all the while.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

God Finds A Way

When we are weary
and need a hand
God finds a way
to help us withstand.
When there are problems
that seem as to grow
God finds a way
to make peace bestow.
If our ship’s sinking
with waves crashing in
God finds a way
to make peace begin.
When you are lonely
and needing someone
God finds a way
through Jesus His Son.
When the days burdens
have caught up to you
God finds a way
to help with your view.
When you are empty
with no love inside
God finds a way
to show love applied.
It just takes a little
of your own to find
peace in a moment
of your time to time.
God finds a way
to help you and I,
but it take us to
let God apply.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Four Pawed Boys

Our two boys
of barking styles
are with toothy
little smiles.
Four pawed boys
of days delight
keep on going
through the night.
They’re our boys
with a lot of hair
bouncing around
without a care.
Four pawed boys
so filled with love
that were gifts
from God above.
Benny and Milo
are their names
and they love to
play their games.
Playing chase
inside and out,
but we love
without a doubt.
They’re a boys
we love them so
in the rain
and in the snow.
Benny loves to
hide from me
in the snow
so I can’t see.
His big brother’s
not the same,
he doesn’t care for
snow or rain.
Though he’ll sometimes
decide to go
out with Benny
in the snow.
Four pawed boys
with love divine
fill our home with
peace sublime.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

The Passing Days

While walking onwards
in our will and ways
ones find our footprints
in the passing days.
One step then the other
is made in our stride
leaving some footprints
we might wish to hide.
In the passing days
we might find constructed
what’s with our meanings
of timeframes obstructed.
Sometimes our footprints
will not show so well,
as all our meanings
get portrayed in Hell.
Yet if your intentions
are pure and of good
God will make sure that
ones see what they should.
Don’t be deceived by
some ill witted ways.
Let God show His glory
within the passing days.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

Rivers To Nowhere

River rocks smoothing
as waters will flow
leading to somewhere
or where all they go.
Some are misleading
with journeys in sand
rivers to nowhere
with no place to stand.
Often those rivers
will just turn around
heading right back to
some dry solid ground.
Yet there are rivers
that circle their view
not headed nowhere
but then thereunto.
Rivers to nowhere
are journeys we find
headed to somewhere
with nowheres design.
Some so misleading
as doorways to fame
rivers to nowhere
with nothing to gain.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

for Oct 25,  2014

Life has surprises
that come when least expected
sometimes not wanted.

As today finds end
there are things we may ponder
such as how we did.

Love has a few names
such as infatuation
that will fade away.

On an uphill stride
you might find yourself weakened,
but downhill will come.

Slip and slide ventures
could end in a sticker yard
with bad memories.

With many counting
the numbers might not add up
due to ignorance.

As the moon comes out
it shines as a reflector
of what the sun has.

is a story wrongly read
while skipping pages.

Belief in spirits
gives us power to believe
in Heaven above.

God shows us mercy
as we often make mistakes
due to humanity.

Some are filled with lies
as they attempt to show proof
of what they have done.

Marking a milestone
gives a starting place in time
to learn something more.

When just sat idle
the world still continues on,
but without your style.

Autumns leave will fall
as the weather turns colder
and wintertime shines.

Finding a snowflake
that looks the same as others
will keep you busy.

As nightfall turns dark
the scenes in sky start changing
with moonlight and stars.

With a little breeze
all the trees begin to sway
with dancing branches.

The windows of chill
come as wintertime’s story
that ones read with snow.

Having a hardship
that you cannot ever change
can make you stronger.

Money causes problems
when it’s put before your needs
and value is looks.

Life can be crazy
with some mirrors reflecting
what might be facade.

Beyond our eyesight
holds many things important,
such as air we breathe.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 25,  2014

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Hello my friends

I had another few days not so feeling well and therefore
I didn’t write my poems and haiku until Sunday and so
I didn’t get started on my journal until right about now
which is a little after 3 AM Monday morning LOL.  Oh
well.  Life goes on.  Judy didn’t have to go to her sisters
house Sunday so we just made a lazy day of it.  I’m not
feeling much better,  but I will live,  I think :).  Anyways,
it was a rather peaceful day around here Sunday. We
did manage to take the boys for a little walk in the field
so that they could run around a bit.  It helps to loosen
up Milo’s bowels.  Benny just had fun running around
as he always does.  I wish I had just a 10th of the energy
that Benny has LOL.  Oh well,  I’m happy that I’m able
to take care of them.  Judy and I spoil them both quite
a bit hehehe.  I have a doctors appointment early next
month.  Hopefully he can help me to get feeling better.
Anyways,  on with the journal.  The weather has been
going back and forth lately with the temperatures.  By
morning it’s supposed to be 30 F degrees.  Right now
at 3:46 AM it’s 37 F degrees.  Milo is in the bedroom
with Judy sleeping in a doggy bed.  Benny is in here
with me sleeping in a doggy bed.  I’m just waiting for
Benny to wake up and start scratching at the door to
go in there with Milo hehehe,  but so far,  he’s sound
asleep.  He’s opened his eyes a few times and peeked
at me,  but then gone right back to sleep.  I bought Judy
a new external hard drive so she could move all of her
pictures and stuff over to it and I could copy all of my
pictures over to it so she could use them.  Her PC was
becoming sluggish being she only had about a gig of
free space left on it hehehe.  It’s running much better
now with almost 30 gig free.  Her PC only has a 70
gig hard drive.  Anyways,  she now has a large 500 gig
external hard drive like mine.  Boy,  the days are sure
getting short.  It seems that the day is gone before it
even begins LOL.  Yeppers the closer to wintertime
the shorter the days will be.  Being honest,  I’m kind
of excited for the sight of the first good snow.  Even
Judy said she loves to watch it snow and see all of the
scenes come alive with glittery affects on the trees.
We both love taking pictures hehehe as if ya didn’t
know LOL.  All though I do believe that I might take
just a few more pictures than she does hehehe.  It’s
in my blood.  Yet,  we both love reminiscing through
our photos of now and then.  Benny is on his back now
with his legs spread eagle LOL.  That’s how he gets
when he is relaxed and in a deep sleep.  We love our
little boys hehehe.  So off of that subject,  how are you
doing?  We’ve been keeping tabs on the Ebola crisis
and it’s worrying us.  Judy has told my daughter that
her and Sami are welcomed up here if it gets too bad.
I hope and pray that they finally get that crisis under
control.  I think my mom and sister know that they’re
welcomed up here :).  We haven’t got a lot,  but we
will do what we must do.  Although,  we haven’t heard
of anymore Ebola cases in the last few days.  They’ve
had a few scares,  but they came out clean.  We are
definitely staying in prayer about it and the Isis battle.
Remember,  God is in control and things will work out
the way that they are supposed to whether we like it
or not.  God sees the full picture,  but we only see a
portion of it.  I guess it’s time for me to be searching
for a word or phrase through all that I’ve written here
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I
may have found a good title and now after checking I
see that it hasn’t been used yet,  so here we go LOL.
It’s being used today :).

Taking Pictures

Scenes transcending
into views
taking pictures
win or lose.
Some days folded
into play
become pictures
day by day.
With the seasons
changing scenes
we get colors
white to green.
Taking pictures
becomes found
with us walking
all around.
God gives blessings
pictures sights
in the days
and also nights.
With those blessings
comes a view
taking pictures
how we do.
So with pictures
we recall
winter, spring
and summer, fall.
Then we find our
reason why
taking pictures
by and by.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 20,  2014

:) I know,  it’s corny,  but it’s what that came to mind
and I always write the first thing I think of hehehehe.
Anyways,  if you want more poems to read,  I’m sure
you’ll find more at the end of my rambling :) and yes
of course,  I wrote 10 more poems with 1 of them being
sort of Christmassy.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for
all of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you can find
1 or 2 of either or both that you like.  So,  now I think
it’s time for me to be searching for that not so elusive
off switch,  but not before I wish you a most wonderful
God filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we
do too.  Now where is that off switch hiding this week?
OK already,  I can see ya pretty clearly hiding under
my 9 volt battery pack.  It’s not lying quite as flat as
it would be without you under it ya silly thing hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzz literally zzzzzzzzzz :).

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

South Winds Blow

Through the daylight
south winds blow
here and there
the way they go.
The winds directions
blow so strong
day to day
with dusk to dawn.
The south winds blow
with churning times
bringing in
some great designs.
Painted pathways
here and there
south winds blow
a wondrous flair.
Throughout time
the south winds blow
then with winter
in comes snow.
Northern winds blow
bringing change
as the seasons
South winds blow then
surely so
flakes of white with
northern snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19, 2014

Those Autumn Leaves

When autumn arrives
it brings many views
red,  yellow,  greens
with browns and some blues.
Those autumn leaves
display such a sight
that which is seen
from daylight to night.
Painted emotions
of autumns displays
journey as artists
with brushstrokes of days.
God takes those colors
and spreads them around
when after it’s over
they fall to the ground.
Yet those autumn leaves
still paint where they lay
brush stokes of wonders
with day after day.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Sights To See

Seasons come with
sights to see
some with raindrops
given free.
Then some sights are
displayed dry
with a few clouds
in the sky.
Some of the sights
are just found
with some snowflakes
blown around.
Yet some people
to and fro
are just searching
blindly so.
Not perceiving
God’s delight
found within each
day and night.
Not allowing
what could be
as the best of
sights to see.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Younger Years

When I was younger
I thought I had time
for many pathways
of better to find,
but found mistaken
I surely was seen
living a nightmare
not that of a dream.
Those days long ago
were self will run wild
with my younger years
and me as a child.
I did though have fun
when I allowed it so,
but it soon darkened
the places I’d go.
Now as a grown up
I understand more
how my younger years
got through the door.
I became stubborn
with my own desires
that as time went on
it lit many fires.
My younger years
give lessons today
with how that Lord Jesus
would never walk away.
He was there with me
as I messed around
but He knew lessons
would surely be found.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Time Flies By

As many moments
become just a thought
our time flies by
a little a lot.
Time becomes hurried,
but yet we don’t see
the echoes of then
in our history.
Yes, time flies by
with pages not read
due to us thinking
we’ll see it instead.
Yet when a moment
comes before you,
you find that you don’t
know what you’re to do.
Our time flies by
as seasonal suns
ricocheting off of
unloaded guns.
Yes,  time flies by
with thinking not found
and then when in need
you’re just looking down.
It’s with conclusions
of using time good
that we will find out
what that we should.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

That Special Joy

Those days of Christmas
from so long ago
are now that special
joy that I know.
All those emotions
of Christmastimes flair
help me to now days
see joy in the air.
That special joy that
Christmas shows true
can help you find then
that light within you.
Sometimes a memory,
sometimes a thought
will make you saddened
a little a lot.
Yet,  if you look now
for that special joy
you might just find you
some good to enjoy.
A snowflake from Heaven
or a glistening tree
which that special joy
was given for free.
A little child smiling
or a pet dog or cat
could break that wall
of the sadness you’re at.
You might then surely
see goodness deploy
as you find God through
that special joy.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Looks Of The Clouds

There up above me
I saw in the sky
clouds floating peacefully
as they went by.
They seemed to transform
into so many things.
The looks of the clouds
were fast running streams.
They formed some places
as mountains so high
there up above me
I saw in the sky.
I watched for a while
and saw them transform
into what looked like
a baby newborn.
The looks of the clouds
can sometimes become
that of a band
with a big old bass drum..
The scene’s always changing
as time moves along
with the looks of the clouds
until they are gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Moonlight’s Dance

As nighttime unveils
the stars in the sky
the moonlight displays
its dance by and by.
The moonlight’s dance
is found in the stars
also with sometimes
Venus and Mars.
The moon creates sights
as shadows of trees
sometimes highlighted
with oceans and seas.
Sometimes its dancing
is not seen so large
because of some clouds
that seem to take charge,
but moonlight’s dance
is still there to view
when all the clouds
allow it on through.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Looking Slow

Not looking quickly
at fast moving times
can find you standing
on many land mines.
If looking slowly
is your only view
then you might need one
much better than you.
Let someone help you
in fast moving styles
and you might find you’re
much better the miles.
Of course looking slowly
is sometimes the way,
for you might better
see what’s on display.
But if you find fast times
that you do not know,
let Jesus help you
when you’re looking slow.

©B Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

Rippling Stream

A memorized moment
that drifts in my dream
is sometimes wondrous
as a rippling stream.
With waters flowing
in dream towns delight
the rippling streams are
found within sight.
Scenes found with colors
of fall colored minds
are then so rippling
as stream found designs.
Clear waters flowing
as a memorized view
then finds the rivers
as Heaven’s of blue.
With every flavor
of a momentous dream
there are the chances
for a rippling stream.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

for Oct 19,  2014

With just a moment
a life can be rearranged
for something better.

As seasons will change
the days look differently
with similar views.

Yes is mistaken
when no is the true meaning
while many will lie.

Looks of a flower
will change with each days weather
as minutes evolve.

Without a heartbeat
true love cannot assemble
into two heartbeats

Beyond what we see
are our inner emotions
filling up the void.

Yesterdays mistakes
will become todays lessons
if we’ll allow them.

Forgetting yourself
will leave you at lonely street
with others around.

Pointing at others
makes others aware of you
such as pointing back.

Living within fear
will maybe just hold you back
and prevent your growth.

Leftover heartaches
can become too much baggage
if you allow it.

Someone that’s smiling
can be as a battery
charging other smiles.

Senseless gossiping
often ends in much despair
with fact and fiction.

Hardwired thinking
finds some imagination
needing perception.

Too large an ego
will show you only sadness
as life moves along.

Convenience of time
brings many down troubled roads
that they should not go.

Last place can be first
when last is the beginning
of another path.

Closing your mind up
to the things that you can’t see
might still show some ghost.

The river of time
flows as a journey through life
with unknown numbers.

Leftover breezes
hold the format of the wind
in smaller detail.

A choice that we make
becomes a pattern in time
that we can rethink.

When watching the clouds
you might see a formation
that looks familiar.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 19,  2014

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Hello my friends

It’s been another week gone by and Judy and I have been
getting a few more fall colors caught on camera.  They’re
almost all gone away though with just a few lingering,  but
we did manage to catch a few on camera.  Judy went to see
the dentist in Houlton Tuesday and while she was in being
taken care of,  I walked around outside and found me a few
nice spots to take pictures.  One of which was downtown
from where we were.  The colors were beautiful.  I took a
few pictures on our drive to town as well.  Yep,  we’re still
taking the boys for walks in the field.  We had missed a few
days and when we headed out for the field Thursday,  little
Benny was all a twitter.  He was like a little BB as he shot
here and there as fast as his little legs could run.  Milo of
course took it nice and slow just like us LOL.  He’s old :).
As soon as I finish writing my journal, I’m gonna take them
out for a stroll in the field.  I managed to get back into the
rhythm of writing my poems and haiku on Saturday.  Of
course that is subject to change being I’m human hehehe.
It got cold last night.  By midnight it was 30 F degrees brrr.
We had to turn on our radiator heaters.  It’s sort of cold
right now.  It’s 50 F degrees at 11:30 AM,  but supposed
to get back down to the lower 30’s again tonight.  Winter
is baring its teeth at us.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we got
an early snow this year.  It’s happened before!  Yep,  the
year is almost at its end once agin to start off yet another.
Benny wanted to go outside and explore around the house
so I let him out.  Last time I looked,  he was walking along
the side of the house.  Milo came with me to check on him.
He’s always keeping tabs on his little brother hehehehe.
If Milo thinks Benny has been out too long,  he’ll start
pawing at the door the same as he does when he’s gotta
go potty,  but the difference is,  he won’t go outside LOL.
He’ll just wait for Benny to come back in hehe.  After me
checking on Benny, Milo is resting in a doggy bed right
beside me.  It’s partly cloudy right now,  but that doesn’t
mean that the sun isn’t shining bright,  because it is. It’s
blinding to look outside without sunshades.  Me and the
boys will go out for our stroll sometime later in the day.
As you may have guessed it,  Judy is over at her sisters
house taking care of her mom while her sister goes to
work.  Judy does this every Sunday,  so the boys and
me have kind of gotten used to it.  Hehehe Benny got
shocked the other day when he apparently forgot that
he was not to go out in the field without us,  but he was
reminded by his electronic collar :).  It governs how
far they can go,  just like an electronic fence.  I’ll never
forget the first day that we tried it on Benny.  He went
too far and instead of coming back when he heard it
beeping,  he kept going and it shocked him,  but he ran
ahead instead of turning around and so I had to run
and tackle him and bring him back to the safe zone :).
He learned after that,  that when he hears it beeping,
to turn around.  Milo is hard of hearing,  but he can
hear the high pitched beeping.  The first time he went
too far,  he came back shaking his head and we knew
why LOL.  He might of gone a bit too far,  but we had
to start making them wear them agin,  due to after our
visits to the field,  they thought they could roam that
far always.  NOPE!  I’m trying to teach them that we
are to accompany them whenever they go out in the
field.  They’re learning.  Benny has gotten in a habit
of playing a little game with me in the field hehehehe.
When I say come here,  he looks at me as if to not hear
me,  but when I start slowly walking his way,  he comes
running LOL.  It’s his form of playing chase hehehehe.
He loves to try to get Milo to play chase with him and
then there are times that Milo will comply and it’s on.
It’s looking like more clouds have blown in.  I just took
a few pictures of them.  I love how they decorate the
sky.  I swear,  it seems that every time I walk out of
the room,  I have a little 4 legged shadow LOL.  Milo
follows me everywhere.  Benny is in the other part of
the house playing.  I can ever so often hear the jingle
of his collar LOL.  It’s warmed up a bit.  Now it’s only
53 F degrees hehehe.  I’m guessing that’s as warm as
it’s gonna get today.  It’s not that bad.  I’m used to
the winters with much colder,  so 53 is quite warm :).
In other words,  I can handle the cold much better
than the heat.  Yes,  I get cold,  but I can always put
on more clothes,  but I can only take off so many till
the neighbors start complaining LOL.  Plus I do love
snow,,,,,,,,,,, for a month or so,  but even I get a bit
sick of it after a while,  especially when it has turned
to merely ice and the driveway turns into a skating
rink and I don’t skate LOL.  I do have a pair of cleats
that I bought that I can attach to any of my TWO pair
of tennis shoes.  Nope,  I ain’t got a ton of shoes,  but
I do have one pair of hunting shoes for walking in the
woods from time to time.  I don’t hunt.  I don’t like
killing animals,  but me thinks if I had to,  I would
maybe kill a snake or something that threatened my
life or someone else’s.  I had to chase off a porcupine
the other day that was getting a bit too close to our
house and Benny was really getting anxious hehehe.
I didn’t want Benny or Milo to end up with a bunch
of spines stuck in their face.  Back in 2013 a skunk
took up residence in Benny’s doghouse and Benny
was bound and determined to get him out on his own,
but thankfully I was quick to snatch up Benny and
put him in our house.  Then,  I had the pleasure of
finding out how I was going to get that little bugger
out of his doghouse.  I tried poking and prodding to
make him lose his stink while I was protected behind
the house,  but that didn’t work.  So then I thought
of carrying him and doghouse out to the field near
the tree line and shake him out.  It was dark by then.
Well,  I made it out to the field,  but when I began to
try to shake the skunk out of the doggy door,  the
worst scenario happened.  The bottom of the house
fell out with the little skunk falling right before me.
LOL,  I wasn’t sure where he had fallen,  being it
was real dark,  so I shined my flashlight down on the
ground and there he was,  him and I with eyes locked
on one another.  I grabbed up the dog floor and took
the house and ran like the wind.  Fortunately,  I was
not sprayed.  I guess the little guy had pity on me
for what I had gone through hehehe.  I looked out
there a bit later,  I saw that he had gone back to
the woods WHERE HE BELONGED hehehehehe.
So,  you see,  I don’t kill unless I really have to.
Spiders,  yes I kill them because they creep out
Judy hehehe and yes of course rodents such as
mice and rats that get in the house from time to
time.  I know,  some of you out there have mice
as pets,  but these are not pets LOL.  When I was
young,  my Paw Paw found out in a aggravating way
that I don’t like to kill,  when he took me with him
when he went hunting LOL.  He was all ready to
shoot a rabbit and I hollered run for your life little
bunny hehehe.  I had guns,  but only shot at cans
and bottles.  Nope,  he never took me hunting with
him again after that LOL.  We did though enjoy
many a night fishing and I for some odd reason
didn’t mind catching and cleaning fish for my dear
grandmother to fry them up for us to eat :).  So,
I guess you could say,  I’ve killed fish.  Oh well,
none of us is perfect hehehe.  That’s why God did
what He did when He gave us His Son.  We will all
make mistakes,  for none of us is perfect.  Some
may think that they are,  but if they look at their
lives in a true mirror,  they will see many flaws in
their lives.  I have tons of flaws,  but I just do the
best I can to correct what I am able and let Jesus
have the rest.  He forgives us each one if we will
allow Him in our lives.  Don’t push Him away and
walk in the world blindly.  There are many things
out there that we cannot handle,  but Jesus can.
Let Him have them.  Don’t just sit and expect Him
to do it all,  for Jesus expects us to at least try to
do our part.  When you are weak, you will find Him
there just waiting to help.  Ok so now that I have
gone and rambled longer than on most days LOL,
I reckon it’s time for me to begin my search back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can
find a good word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a decent title and after checking it looks like I have
not used it as of yet,  but it’s being used now :).

The Safe Zone

When some people move
they only will be
found as so safely
not tried a degree.
Not allowing new days
to come into view
many in the safe zone
will do as they do.
Don’t let your pathways
to be timeless chained
not learning anything,
lessons abstained.
The safe zone is good,
but it pays to step out
and learn how to live
much better about.
For if you will only
be found safely so,
you just might then also
not find life to grow.
Yet don’t be stupid
and walk through a door
without first then safely
checking before.
Bring Jesus with you,
please don’t go alone
for He will be guidance
as the daily safe zone.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 12,  2014

There ya go hehehe.  Yes,  I know,  it’s not that great,  but
I did my best with the title I found :).  I hope you understood
the poem :).  Benny started barking a minute ago and I went
to look and it was only the neighbors as usual hehehehehehe.
Judy won’t be home till late tonight so I knew it wasn’t her.
The temperature made it up to 54 F degrees,  but I think it’s
going back down from there.  So,  I guess it’s time for me to
be telling you what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with
2 of them being sort of Christmassy and I wrote 1 poem about
Benny and Milo.  Also,  I wrote once again 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find something you like.
Well,  it’s almost time for me to begin my search for that not
so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a blessings
filled weekend and a wonderful God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now to find that off switch.
Ok,  I think I can see ya.  I thought I saw a screw roll out
from behind my monitor hehehehe.  Ok,  so now after you
peeking to see if the screw was yours,  I can see ya LOL.
Got ya,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

I Can Hear
(Benny and Milo)

Scenes with volume
I can hear
now and then
throughout the year.
Moments coming
into view
I can hear them
Even footsteps
oh so small
I can hear them
down the hall.
Running playing
in and out
I can hear
without a doubt
Each with sounds
so very clear
our two dogs
yes I can hear.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Without Warning

Changes coming,
changes going,
things might just be
without warning.
Tides of living
rolling through
without warning
might find you.
You might think that
you’re prepared
but you’re often
timeframe snared.
Without warning
times might show
things in life
you didn’t know.
So let Jesus
find your heart,
don’t let life
tear you apart.
Without warning
ends can come
so find peace
in God’s Own Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

A Winter View

As autumn fades
and leaves a trail
found as many
leaves set sail
winter’s coming
into view
with its daily
there and to.
A winter view
comes in so cold
just the same as
times of old.
The season brings
the shade of white
a winter view
each day and night.
Yet now autumn
still holds on
day to day
from dusk to dawn.
The book of seasons
turns with time.
Pages display
their own sign.
A winter view will
soon be seen
white snow falling
like a dream.
Fluffy snowflakes
landing true
painting up
a winter view.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Stormy Weather

Clouds come floating
in with rain
falling on
our windowpane.
Then those clouds might
as they open
their flood gate.
Stormy weather
might find you
through the days
of clouds of blue.
They might not
be what you see,
but be clearly
soon to be.
Stormy weather
with its drive
comes with clouds
up in the sky.
Yet then after
it might show
a peaceful sight
of a big rainbow.
Across the sky
with colors bright
stormy weather
will be out of sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Simpler Times

As a child I dreamed of
nickels and dimes
to buy small things
in simpler times.
I thought of a wagon
the radio flyer
simpler times
within my desire.
A Daisy Red Ryder
BB gun
to shoot at some cans
till the day was done.
A Gumby toy
to twist and turn
as what a child
could only discern
Silly Putty
to bounce so high
and copy the funnies
when pressed just right.
Those simpler times
of long ago
now live and breathe
in things I know.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Doorways Of Christmas

Seasons come knocking
on doorways of time
some maybe troublesome
some then sublime.
Often the doorways
will open so wide
that it seems each day
is just multiplied.
Then as the winter winds
blow in their view
doorways of Christmas
are waiting thereto.
Scenes mesmerizing
as holly and mistletoe
doorways of Christmas
are seen to and fro.
So many blessings
of Christmastimes days
come through the scenes
of winters doorways.
Sometimes as snowflakes
falling so white
doorways of Christmas
show seasons delight.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Christmas Comes Closer

As a child waits patiently
watching and waiting
he or she might be just
Thinking about the toys
that they asked Santa for
while watching and waiting
each day a bit more.
Christmas comes closer then
and they get excited
with all their wants and more,
needs found divided.
They look to the stars at night
searching the skies
seeking to find Santa Claus
seen with their eyes.
Christmas comes closer then
as time moves along
and the kids start just singing
a little Christmas song.
Maybe one of Rudolf
and one of Santa Claus
ending with some joyful
Christmas applause.
Christmas comes closer then
and to their surprise
they see old Santa Claus
real high in the skies.
He looks down while smiling
and says with a grin
Children it was Lord Jesus
that made this begin.
He said to give freely
of love every day
even if Christmastime
is real far away.
Christmas comes closer
with each gift you give
as a girl or boy learns
how they’re to live.
Christmas comes closer
with each day that’s done
so why not be thankful
for God’s Only Son

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Imagining True

A life full of dreamers
might come into view
filled with reality
imagining true.
Sometimes what’s imagined
can become reality
for dreamers will dream up
things that will be.
It’s our imagination
that becomes so much more
as a train with a train track
or airplane to soar.
So let your imagination
to show a better view,
one that just maybe
might truly come true.
For it’s imaginations
that make wondrous things
such as TV
or airplane with wings.
Imagining true now
can make future styles
sometimes to help ones
make more of their miles.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

When Now Is Gone

After this moment is
no longer here
will you be wanting it
another year?
When now is gone
will you just wonder why
then was so quick to
just fly on by?
But of course moments
of now that we see
are not as so quick as
we future perceive.
When now is gone
will you just let it go,
or seek to repeat it
with flavors of woe?
Now gives us chances
to do what we should,
but when now is gone
will it be as no good?
Let now be found as
your best then to be,
for when now is gone
it’ll be history.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

Life Finds Wonders

Timeframes perceived
are sometimes unclear
as our life finds wonders
year after year.
Our books are written
with actions and words
flying in the skies
as a large flock of birds.
Life finds wonders
as time moves along
often with right ways
often with wrong.
Many connections
through our own desires
become as doorways
to lifetimes of fires.
Burning and churning
what that we see
as life finds wonders
for you and me.
Mysteries format
becomes oceans tide
while life finds wonders
eyes opened wide.
Let your imagination
look passed thereunto
and see all the wonders
that God gave to view.
Sometimes the wonders
are hidden in time
that we’ve yet to imagine
inside of our mind

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11, 2014

for Oct 11,  2014

Many ideas
become as soured viewpoints
as time moves along.

Looking through windows
might prove that you’re a pervert
or looking outside.

Winters mysteries
come as either fallen snow
or icicles hung.

Today brings changes
that may or may not be seen
due to our eyesight.

So many breezes
are shipments of surprises
wrapped up in minutes.

As the seasons changes
they display new beginnings
found in each moment.

When today subsides
the night slowly comes alive
with moonlight and stars.

Without differences
we would become very bored
and just waste away.

Yesterdays turnstiles
could become today’s hindsight
of what we wanted.

Listening to birds
as they sing their chirping songs,
I find it peaceful.

Echoes of a yell
often come back with answers
to how far it went.

When life becomes sad
find a viewpoint of happy
that you remember.

Nobody did it
is what that many conclude,
for it wasn’t them.

Needing some insight
finds many in bad places
that they should not be.

Looking for some peace
needs your journey done within
and let flow outwards.

Wintertime from Fall
comes with cold winds blowing in
and maybe some snow.

A hurried soldier
might run into much trouble
he did not expect.

When anger explodes
seek for peace to release it
or trouble will burn.

Life finds disaster
as doorways to our heartaches
become remembered.

The turn of a screw
will either loosen a heart
or tighten it up.

As today closes
look for the lessons in it
that make you stronger.

Hate becomes heightened
when words are repeated
that make you angry.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 11,  2014

My wife Judy’s Poetry books :)
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{Hello My Name Is Benny}
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Hello my friends

How have you been?  Last week was pretty nice.  Judy and I
celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary Thursday Oct 2 :).
We went for a nice fall color picture taking drive up north of us
and then on the way home stopped and got us some dinner at
the Governor’s Restaurant in Presque Isle ME.  We took tons
of pictures of the fall colors hehehe.  It was a bright and sunny
day with not a cloud in the sky.  Of course,  I would have liked
to have had a few clouds in the skies as artwork,  but none the
less,  it was a beautiful day.  Yes, the boys came with us,  but
we didn’t get any pictures of them,  being we were hesitant to
let them outside to run while we took pictures LOL.  We did
though stop ever so often to let them out on back roads so they
could potty and run about for a bit.  Milo ate something that
didn’t agree with him and he ended up with diarrhea,  but he’s
OK now.  Good thing we had that dog protection cover over
the backseat LOL.  I just took some paper towels and wiped
it out and it was all good :).  I put the dirty paper towels in a
WalMart bag and through it away when we got home.  It’s
good that we bought that dog cover.  Boy,  that would have
been a big mess LOL.  Anyways,  Milo is feeling better now.
If you haven’t already guessed,  it’s just me and the boys
again.  Oh an I got a late start on my poems again hehehe.
I ended up having to write everything today (Sunday) LOL.
So,  my journal will be a little late getting finished hehehe.
Though many of you never read it until sometime during
the week anyways,  so I don’t guess it matters to you huh :).
Benny just strolled in wanting some attention,  so I had to
stop and pet him.  I gave him half of a treat and he headed
off to the living room with it LOL.  Milo is lying down in
the floor on the doggy mat right beside me.  He’s sound
asleep just watching those sheep jump over the fence :).
LOL I take that back.  He just woke up and he’s getting
a drink of water which is in his case a guzzle hehehehe.
I could swear that he’s part camel or elephant hehehehe.
It’s a good thing that we bought these extra large water
bowls.  The water jug in the bedroom holds 2 1/2 gallons
of water and the one in here holds 4 1/2 gallons of water.
The hard part is filling the darn things hehehe.  It kills
me having to carry the jugs to fill them and then have to
kneel down in the floor to put them down.  One of these
days I won’t be able to do that and I’ll have resort to
just filling up the bowls and not the reservoirs,  but I
don’t think that they’ll mind as long as there’s water to
drink hehehe.  Milo finished drinking and then he pawed
the door as he always does to say in his own words,  I’ve
gotta go pee now LOL.  So,  I let him out.  Benny was
in a playful mood and when Milo tried to come back in,
he jumped him and then him and Milo went running
down the hallway to where I am now LOL.  They do
have their moments hehehe.  I wish there was a way
for me to post the video that I made using many of the
pictures we took Thursday here in my email,  being
many of you aren’t on Facebook.  I did the video and
uploaded it late in the evening after Judy and I got
home from our fall anniversary drive Thursday.  It
turned out pretty good if don’t say so myself LOL,
which I did in fact say so hehehe.  God blessed us
with a beautiful day with colors so bright.  We couldn’t
asked for more.  We had our picture taken at the
restaurant.  I asked the waitress if she would mind
taking our picture and she said no problem.  She did
a pretty good job.  For those of you seeing this in
stationery format,  you’ll see the picture.  Judy and
I also took a few selfies outside the restaurant and
they came out,  well,  pretty good hehehe.  It was
real bright outside :).  Thank You God for allowing
us to have those special times together.  We may
often take things for granted,  but I know that You
are always watching over us with Your Higher Love.
I know problems will come our way,  but with You
all things are possible.  Now I reckon I need to be
taking my little journey back through all that I’ve
written here to see if I can find me a good word or
phrase that I can use for the title for today’s brand
new poem.  So it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection that I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I thought I found a good title and then I
looked again and I found a better title.  One that
goes along with the season :).  Also after checking
I found that the title has not been used yet,  so,
here goes nothing :).

Colors So Bright

That autumn day
a wonderful sight
showed us the shades
of colors so bright.
Scenes all around us
with wonderful hues
red,  yellow,  green, brown
with some semi sort of blues.
Even the aroma
of that autumn day
showed us the colors
without any gray.
A picture that’s taken
can not be found
as the true colors
red,  yellow,  green,  brown.
The colors so bright
were God’s work of art
displayed as paintings
with a Heavenly heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Ok,  there ya go.  I hope the poem was good enough for you.
I know most of my rambling was either about the boys or our
anniversary hehehe,  but hey,  that’s all I could think on LOL.
Judy just got home and Benny went ecstatic hehehe.  When
Milo found out mom was home,  he too went a little bonkers.
They missed their mom :).  Well,  I might not get this journal
done until late tonight,  because I’ve gotta fix us something
to eat.   Well, I fixed Judy and I some burritos and then for
desert we had Klondike Bars.  Benny and Milo wanted our
burritos hehehe,  but nope.  So,  I guess I will try to write
a bit more to get this done.  LOL of course if I’m able while
Benny is licking my leg.  Anyways,  I guess it’s time for me
to tell you what I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku,  of course as I said I wrote
them all today LOL.  Yep,  10 more poems with one of
them being Christmassy and one of them about Benny
and Milo :).  Also as usual,  I wrote 22 haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find one or two
of either or both that you like.  Now it’s time for me to
begin my search for that not so elusive off switch,  but
not before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,   where
are ya hiding you dad burned off switch?  I see ya you
silly thing.  Hiding under my school annuals wasn’t too
bright huh.  I could hear ya trying to breathe as I saw
the annuals sort of move LOL.  They’re sort of heavy
huh hehehe.  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. It’s 12 midnight and 37 F degrees :)

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

Truthful Refute

Things we’re assuming,
or things we might see
might not be truthfully
what’s you and me.
Our meanings get lost
within so many views
and turn out real pointless
displayed in the news.
Pointless perception
is the uncovered sight
arguing over
who’s wrong or right.
So often our wording
is heard in the gray
while not understanding
what we really say.
Pointless then blossoms
its own view inside
taking perception
on a real bumpy ride.
Pointless needs lessened
to end the dispute
and find understanding
with truthful refute.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Have A Heart

Don’t let anger
come between
ones you love
and turn unclean.
Have a heart
and learn to view
what that’s really
within you.
Often judgment
is from pain
that in time
you might attain.
Find the true love
deep inside
and then cease
that bumpy ride
Have a heart
and let things go,
for some things
are long ago.
Let the past be
left alone.
Have a heart
with good times grown.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Looks Of Winter

While the year rolls by
it displays some changes
that are found daily
as time rearranges.
Seasons come marching
to their own drum
some also showing
the brightest of sun.
Then looks of winter
come in with its stride
holding some snowflakes
found deep down inside.
Soon they begin falling
with Earthly bound ways
seeking to paint up
our wintertime’s days.
Then there is Christmastime
found front and center
showing the beauty found
in looks of winter.
Scenes come alive then
lights all aglow
in looks of winter then
found in the snow.
Yet many only will
dream that delight,
for they are where there’s
no snow in sight,
but the looks of winter
and Christmastimes view
can still be there then
alive within you.
Found in a dreamland
hopeful desires
the looks of winter
burns Christmastimes fires.
Stockings hung nicely
on the mantle with care
with looks of winter
and Christmastimes flair.
Don’t let the season to
fall from your heart,
for the looks of winter
helps Christmas to start.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Tomorrows Day

As time moves forwards
and yesterday’s gone
tomorrows day comes
with a new dawn.
The ticking of minutes
just might be sometimes
somebodies ventures
of passed days land mines.
Tomorrows day comes
with many choices
that start by morning
and often our voices.
Sometimes our yesterdays
lodge in our brain
not giving chances
for good to attain.
Don’t let your yesterdays
get in your way.
Find now some peaceful
in your tomorrows day.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Just One Smile

A brand new day
can show great things
with just one smile
found in the scenes.
With just one smile
the day can show
a few more smiles
seen to and fro.
For just one smile
can grow another
then some more
will grow much further.
So many smiles
can become found
from just one that’s
spread all around.
Yes,  just one smile
is all it takes
to sometimes heal
someone’s heartaches.
Then that little
moments while
will grow more
from just one smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

A Dream In The Sky

With clouds up above us
a dream in the sky
can become ventured
and then start to fly.
A few clouds so fluffy
held up above you
might have a rainbow
that’s real soon to view.
A dream in the sky
with countless details
can be a snowflake
or ship with large sails.
With just a little bit
of our imagination
a dream in the sky
thrives into formation.
Always found painting
with brush strokes so high
the clouds can become as
a dream in the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

The Tides Of Life

With waves of hearts
that crash ashore
the tides of life
are evermore.
They come in stages
days and nights
with formations
the tides of life.
So many faces
will come to be
the tides of life
for us to see.
As waves roll in
with hearts desires
the tides of life
light many fires.
With connections
found in reach
the tides of life
are Heavens beach.
Love transcending
through a gaze
the tides of life
show better days.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

As We Wonder

The thoughts we have
as we wonder
might become
a moments thunder.
Tainted thinking
could destroy
any chance
for greater joy.
As we wonder
blindly so
we might also
cease to grow.
Let the lessons
of another
help you find
without much blunder.
For we often
wander too
as we wonder
what to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Sundial Thoughts

Thoughts from shadows
found to cast
often show what’s
from the past.
Sundial thoughts
of time agin
might make many
just to grin.
Yet some people
just get lost
in their bad days
sundial thoughts.
Now shows moments
shadows too
sundial thoughts
right now to view.
Let some shadows
be well seen
sundial thoughts
of nows cuisine.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

Four Pawed

Little boys
of young and old
now are four pawed
stories told.
These two brothers
side by side
have true love
we can’t deny.
Four pawed pathways
they will go
summers field
and winters snow.
These to brothers
aren’t the same
for they’re different
breeds of names.
Yet they always
show so true
four pawed passion
through and through.
They’re our boys
we love them so
and we take them
where we go.
They love to go
for rides and more
here and there
and to the store.
Their four paws
that watch and wait
have not any
sign of hate.
Full of love
these 2 boys are.
They’re our four pawed
shining stars.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5 2014

for Oct 5,  2014

So many people
just see the outer layer
and don’t look inside.

Yesterdays troubles
could become so much larger
if you did not learn.

A lavender sky
becomes blue as minutes pass
and later fades black.

So many doorways
will only let you inside,
so take some caution.

Beyond our eyesight
could be our reality
holding some nightmares.

Life is a pathway
that just might change directions
without warning you.

Links to a heartbeat
might be in form of a dream
connected in time.

Without Lord Jesus
we have no chance for Heaven
for we have all sinned.

Within a mere breeze
lies the formation of change
from daylight to dark.

Sometimes comfort zones
can cause our own destruction
for they keep us week.

Doorways and windows
open up with some viewpoints,
but some you can’t see.

Life is a mystery
as we walk onwards through it
finding surprises.

The pattern of time
comes in many shapes and forms
when it is counted.

Looking too closely
might find you in confusion.
Back away and look.

With too much free time
many will conjure up pain
from their own self will.

Living on the edge
might find you one day falling
without any help.

When today is gone
it leaves us some memories
found in tomorrow.

In a page of life
are the painted emotions
found in you and I.

Turmoil finds pathways
through unprotected doorways
that we’re not prepared.

Even loving God
does not prevent our sicknesses,
but He gives us strength.

Playing with fire
will maybe burn your house down
and leave you in ash.

Stepping out blindly
could land you in much trouble,
so watch where you walk.

©By Bill Pearce
Oct 5,  2014

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Hello my friends

It’s a bright and sunny day today and slightly warm at 82 F
degrees at 4 PM.  The temperature is supposed to drop by
about 20 degrees tomorrow though.  Yeppers,  tonight’s low
is supposed to be 59 F and tomorrows high is supposed to be
LOL get this,  58 F degrees and Tuesday’s high is forecasted
at 57 F degrees.  So go figure.  We’ve had tons of TV DISH
problems for the passed couple of weeks.  I have no idea of
what the Heck is going on.  I finally got fed up with it and had
the (SO CALLED) dish tech guy come out and he replaced
our dish and our receiver box Thursday,  but that obviously
wasn’t the problem as I have heard from DISH customers
from all over the USA that have had the same problems and
beginning yesterday,  we were with and without a signal for
most of the day and on into the night.  Their excuse was
that in Gilbert Arizona there was a bad storm and they say
that the DISH uplink is there.  What?????  You mean to
tell me that they haven’t even ventured to set up multiple
station uplinks.  We’re quite a way from freaking Arizona.
LOL that goes to show ya,  ignorance still exist hehehehe.
Anyways,  the TV reception is good today,  but if it happens
again,  we might find ourselves going back to Direct TV
even though they aren’t that great either at least not up
here LOL.  Oh well,  off of my bickers with DISH TV :p.
Oh yea,  being with all of the aggravation yesterday,  my
poems and haiku did not get written,  but I managed to
get them all written just a bit ago :).  Right now,  it’s just
me and Milo in here.  Benny’s lying on the futon in our
spare room at the other end of the house hehehehehehe.
Ever since I pulled out the futon from couch mode,  it
seems that Benny loves to lie on it.  I laid in there with
him the other day or should I say he laid in there with me.
Our bed mattress is still giving me problems.  I hope we
can get us a new one someday soon,  but que sera sera
as Doris Day sung hehehe.  I just looked outside and
there’s not a cloud in the sky :).  Yes,  it’s just the boys
and I again.  It’s the Sunday ritual :).  We’ve gotten used
to it the boys and I.  Right now I’m listening to the DISH
radio station (MOODSCAPES).  It’s very tranquil.  Judy
and I sleep to this music after our favorite cartoons go
off (LOONYTOONS) hehehe.  Yes,  we’re night owls :).
Judy and I are still taking the boys for walks in the field
as often as we can.  There are a few days that neither
Judy nor I have the strength to make the walk,  but
we manage to do it at least 4 or 5 days a week.  Benny
loves it when he can go running in the field.  Milo also
likes it,  but his running is limited hehehe.  He’s old,
but he still plays chase with Benny out there and in here.
He has his moments LOL.  My stomach is talking to
me.  I might need to eat something,  or go the restroom.
LOL I can hardly ever tell the difference until I get
that freaking undeniable feeling inside that says go to
the bathroom hehehe.  Being without a colon and a
3rd of my small intestines tends to mess with me LOL.
I don’t ever really get hungry,  my stomach just feels
weird hehehe and yes of course I get to feeling light
headed on both counts LOL.  Oh well,  that’s my life
and so I try and laugh about it hehehe.  It’s been that
way since 1994 so why cry about it now huh hehehe.
I know many people that have much worse problems
than I have,  so I pray for them and try not to live in
pity,  but unfortunately I do get weak sometimes and
I let it get to me.  I’m only human ya know or at least
that’s what a few think hehehehe.  Many swear up
and down that I must be from outer space hehehehe :)
and some call me Santa :).  Who knows???  I’ll never
tell hehehehe.  Milo is snoring away down there in
the floor.  I went and opened up a window for Benny
in the spare room so it wouldn’t be so warm in there.
LOL,  I think he might have thought I was fixing to
lie down with him hehehe.  I gave him a big hug and
petted him and then said go back to sleep little boy.
He laid back down and closed his eyes.  There’s not
much going on around this place,  at least no more
than the usual :).  I drove to town yesterday and got
Judy and I some 1 dollar burgers from Burgerking.
Actually I was only wanting 4 one dollar burgers and
I wanted 2 bacon and cheese burgers,  but the guy
thought I meant one dollar bacon and cheese,  so
Judy got shorted.  I offered her one of mine.  We
never eat them all at once.  Buying like that gives
us 2 meals so we haven’t gotta cook LOL.  Lazy
YES LOL :p.  We only do that ever so often when
neither of us feels like cooking or we’re just not in
the mood or feeling like going shopping hehehe.
Most times though her or I will stir up something
good to eat.  I have a feeling that she might stop
and pick up a few groceries on the way home this
evening.  If not,  we still have food to eat,  so it’s no
problem.  I know it’s weird,  but I find myself getting
antsy for the first good winters snow.  I do love to
watch the snowflakes fall from the sky,  but then
I do get a bit sick of snow after about 2 or 3 months
of it LOL.  There’s always good with the bad and
bad with the good I always say.  It’s what makes us
appreciative for the good times.  If it weren’t for
the bad times,  we would just get bored and life
would have no true joy in it.  If you’re having a bad
day,  week,  month or year,  then look back and
find the joy that you may have overlooked while
focusing on the bad times.  I’m reasonably sure
that you will find some that you might have missed.
Let God help you through a little prayer.  Now,
I think it’s time for me to begin my little search
back through all that I have written here to see if
I can find a good word or phrase that I can use for
the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may
have found a good title and it looks as though after
checking that I haven’t used it yet,  so here goes.
I hope it comes out making at least some sense :).

So We Haven’t

No we may not
have the world,
but our joy
is found unfurled.
So we haven’t
got much money,
we’ve got us
I love you honey.
Yes we might have
days of gray,
but there’s good times
that display.
So we haven’t
much to show,
we’ve got God
with love to grow.
Yes sometimes
we’re in much pain,
but together
we’re aflame.
So we haven’t
got much hon,
we’ve got love
and God’s Own Son.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Ok,  so yes the poem is about Judy and I.  I just write
what’s on my mind and most times I don’t even think
about what I’m writing.  So that’s my excuse and I’m
sticking to it LOL.  It’s weird how I will start out with
thinking I’m gonna write about one thing and end up
writing about something totally different hehehehehe.
It sometimes changes mid poem.  Anyways,  I wonder
if I’ve forgotten to tell you anything.  Yep,  my daughter
Jamye’s birthday is tomorrow (Sept 29).  No Jamye,
I’m not gonna mention your age.  I know how all of
you women are about not telling your age hehehehe.
I love you Jamye and wish you and Sami could come
up for a visit.  Maybe one day,  I hope.  I miss you.
Well the clock on the wall is continuing to tick on as
night draws closer.  It’s 6:30 PM right now and 75 F
degrees.  Milo has gone to our bedroom and decided
to lie on our bed instead of one of the dog beds LOL.
Yep,  Benny is still on the futon in the spare room :).
I guess it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with one of them
being sort of Christmassy and two are about Judy
and I.  I also once again wrote 22 more haiku for all
of my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you’re able to
find one or two of either or both that you like.  Now,
I think it’s time for me to begin my search for that,
not so great at hiding,  off switch,  but not before I
wish you a most wonderful weekend or what’s left
of it and a truly blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,  so where in
this room are ya hiding at this week ya ornery off
switch?  You’ve got so many places to hide,  but it
seems you always pull the lazy card and do as you
just did.  If you’re gonna hide,  stay hidden ya silly.
Don’t go peeking out at me LOL.  I wouldn’t of
seen ya behind my billfold if ya had of just stayed
still hehehe.  Try harder next week will ya hehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

Without A Word

Just but a motion
is what many need
without a word
for many to read.
Our own actions speak
louder than words
displaying truly
what many deserve.
Some peoples speaking
is just full of lies
that after saying
shows only despise.
Without a word
so many show true
what that their speaking
has left all askew.
So now be honest
and let actions say
without a word
what’s true day to day.
Then as you’re speaking
your words won’t be seen
as just a liars with
actions of scheme.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

Beyond The Horizon

With clouds faraway
in the sky up above
the scenes I am seeing
seem so full of love.
Beyond the horizon
a picturesque view
displays the mornings
and evenings so true.
Painted as blessings
seen up in the skies
beyond the horizon
there’s greatest surprise.
The view always changing,
but often not seen
beyond the horizon
a various dream.
Often as pictures
a wonderful find
then sometimes paintings
inside of my mind.
A dreamers paradise
seen from faraway.
Beyond the horizon
there is another day.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

Fields Of Thoughts

Seeds of ventures
blow and sway
fields of thoughts
from day to day.
Moments painted
by Gods Hand
become the fields
of rugged land.
Fields of thoughts
with words of time
become pictures
found design.
Pictures taken
later seen
then become our
favorite dream.
Then that journey
is not lost
pictures taken
fields of thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

Winters Surprises

Snowflakes come as artwork
that paint so much with white
that they shine in the daytime
and also through the night.
Glistening little snowflakes
become so many things
such as tree limbs of artwork
and Christmastime dreams.
Snowflakes are designers
in their own little way
created with God’s blessings
in a wonderful display.
The scenes filled with glitter
of dear winters surprises
display so many things
with Lord God’s Own devices.
Christmas comes in streaming
with its magical hue
as winters surprises
God gives me and you.
Yet,  many will only see
the dismal of the days
through winters surprises
that to them is only gray.
Look passed the problems
and find what is best
through winters surprises
and snowflakes of quest.
Find your Christmas blessings
by not looking for the bad
with winters surprises
of Christmastimes glad.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

I Felt A Little Autumn

While walking in the field one day
I felt a little autumn
with a little breeze that blew
through change that had begun.
The clouds above just floated by
with showers here and there
I felt a little autumn then
while looking everywhere.
The sights I saw that wondrous day
were magically perceived
as so many colors changed
that God Himself conceived.
I felt a little breeze of time
that gave some leaves a ride
through that autumn day begun
with colors found inside.
I felt a little autumn gaze
come strolling on my way
that gave my wife and I a chance
for pictures that great day.
We photographed the autumn colors
green,  red,  yellow,  brown
and then we went inside to look
to see what all we found.
Those photographs of that great day
still live as time goes on
as we will then once again
begin yet another dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Purple And Red

With two perspectives
we each see
the colors changing
you and me.
Purple and red
conjoined in time
with us each day
both yours and mine.
Colored flavors
for our eyes
purple and red
will paint the skies.
Scenes transfixing
here and there
are those colors
Purple and red
we now perceive
as a tangled
web we weave.
Conjoined together
with you and I
purple and red
our moonlight sky.
Stars that twinkle
colors to see
some or purple
a reddish degree.
We find starlight
glistening true
a red for me
and purple for you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce ME :)
I love you hon

Today Finds Tomorrow

As our lives move onwards now
with happiness and sorrow
our hope can grow goodness then
as today finds tomorrow.
Many a memory found in time
can surely become alive
as today finds tomorrows gaze
to in time then arrive.
Mornings after nighttime’s phase
of definitive awareness
might give many recalls of
your saddened found through stress.
Going to bed with harnessed anger,
not resolving peace of mind
our today finds tomorrow then
with a bitterness design.
Don’t let your night to end
without first making peace,
or you’ll find tomorrow then
with a bit of peace decrease.
Find that place within your heart
to lets loose stubborn pride
and then you might see brighter days
as tomorrow comes inside,
then as today finds tomorrow
your journey will be complete
you may have ceased the flame of time
that torments dreams with heat.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

The Promise of Time

Without right now
we might just be
without tomorrows
The promise of time
so many say
is counted as
what’s gone away.
The past is gone
with memories
the promise of time
as deep blue seas.
So many heartbeats
find so true
the promise of time
so very blue.
Them not allowing
truthfully so
the promise of time
with God to bestow.
Heaven is waiting
with minutes to see
the promise of time
for you and for me.
We have our choices
choosing ways
the promise of time
of our future days.
Will it be Heaven
or will it be Hell
the promise of time
is of our detail.
Choosing directions
of both yours and mine
gives our description
of the promise of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

Winter’s Prelude

Soon when the seasons
bring forth the end
of autumns colors
that right now transcend,
winter will come in
with its own device
sometimes with snowflakes
and sometimes just ice.
Winter’s prelude
will knock on our door
soon after autumn
or maybe before.
Scenes become changes
with colors delight
of red,  yellow,  brown
to the color of white.
So we will see then
what seasons include
soon after autumn
with winter’s prelude

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

Love And Peace

Time finds moments
that won’t cease
found as lesser
love and peace.
Many doorways
that we find
open up with
changed design.
Love and peace
so many say
cannot be
right now today,
but it’s only
choices made,
so ones let
the love degrade.
Peace is also
found inside
with so many
love applied.
Not skin color
nor of race
love and peace can
then enlace.
So let judgment
of your eyes
not deceive you
with just lies.
Find God’s blessings
now today
peace and love
right now I pray.
Lose your hatred
killing sprees
and find God now
on your knees.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

for Sept 28 2014

Time marks a number
on the heartbeats that we have
deciding demise.

Looks of a storm cloud
might find someone well confused
looking up above.

Windows of turmoil
come at unfortunate times
with doorways swinging.

Behind prying eyes
lies the bit about a cat
and what that killed it.

Belief in a dream
gives hope for its beginnings
found within real life.

Mornings of thunder
bring a chance for some raindrops
or then maybe not.

When with only lies
you’ll find yourself all alone
even with many.

The headstones of graves
do not always tell the truth,
for they are just words.

As summer has passed
it has left autumn colors
to paint up the world.

The sight of a snowflake
tells stories about winter
within a white word.

As time goes its way
it leaves pieces of itself
found in history.

So many questions
leave many merely confused
without some answers.

With just a heartbeat
someone’s life begins shining,
but hate puts it out.

Mindless perception
begins a journey through life
filled with emptiness.

Our shadows displayed
act out our daily footsteps
that others can see.

Nobodies heartache
is ignored by God above,
for He loves us all.

If life finds sadness
look for the hidden rainbows
to brighten your day.

As now turns to then
and yesterday is no more
find your path forward.

When music’s playing
listen to the rhythms found
and find the pathway.

A cosmic journey
that’s made through your fantasies
could find many stars.

While in a meadow
the tree leaves in the distance
will display autumn.

Hindsight of many
leaves ignorance recorded
as what they’ve chosen.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 28,  2014

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Hello my friends

How have you been?  I’ve been sort of under the weather
a bit and incredibly sore due to our bed sort of needing to
be put to rest LOL. My side and chest hurt so bad it felt
like a machete cut me each time I tried to get a breath of
air.  It really freaking hurt when I sneezed or coughed LOL.
We rotated the mattress last night and that seemed to do
the trick.  At least for a bit hehehe.  One day when we’re
rich,  we’ll buy us a new mattress,  but I’m guessing that
it won’t be any time soon.  So it’s on with my rambling :).
Saturday Sept 20 was my grandmothers birthday.  She’s
107.  Yep,  still alive.  My mom said that Grandmother
was in a good mood yesterday and had a great time at her
birthday party.  I sure wish I could have been there too.
I wonder how many candles they put on her birthday cake.
I bet the fire department was waiting close by hehehe :).
I love my grandmother as a second mom.  Paw Paw and
her were always a big part of my life.  Anyways,  Happy
belated birthday Grandmother.  I love you bunches and
bunches :).  I wish you could see well enough and were
even interested in computers so you could see this,  but
you are from a different decade/century.  BIG HUGS to
you anyways :).  Ok, so what else is there to write about?
As I said in the beginning,  I have not been feeling well
lately and I didn’t write any poems or haiku yesterday.
I did though write them all today (Sunday).  I might even
get this finished and published later tonight.  God only
knows hehehe.  If I don’t get it done tonight,  I’ll most
surely finish it tomorrow (Monday).  It’s 8 PM right
now and the boys and I are waiting for Judy to come
home.  She might be home in an hour or so.  She said
she was going to stop at WalMart and pick up a few
necessities before she came home.  Me and the boys
took a little stroll out in the field today.  It was so windy
we almost blew away hehehe.  It seems to have calmed
down a bit now though.  It rained a little bit this evening
and it’s suppose to rain some more Monday.  I sure
wish I could send some of this rain to my mom in Texas.
Oh well,  I can pray.  Ok,  so onto another hopeful topic.
The seasons are quickly changing up here.  I’ve noticed
a few trees with leaves already turning colors,  but I’m
sure the full color change won’t happen for another few
weeks at least.  You never really know until they start
changing.  Most times we will see the beginning of the
change right outside our front door.  Judy’s gotta buy
some new batteries for her camera before we head
out on a fall color photo drive.  It seems that all three
of her batteries have gotten old and won’t hold much
of a charge.  I sure wish her camera used regular
batteries LOL.  No matter,  we’ll get some more soon.
So,  what else is happening up here?  I can’t think of
anything hehehe.  We’re pretty much doing our same
old routine.  Always trying to find something that we
can watch on TV.  I just checked and I found a couple
of good TV programs we can watch.  So,  hopefully
Judy will be home in time to watch them :).  I’m sure
she will be.  Even still,  if she’s not,  I’ll just record
them.  Ice Road Truckers comes on at 10 o clock.
That’ll take care of an hour :).  Of course we always
seem to end up watching cartoons if we can’t find
anything else to watch.  We love Tom and Jerry :).
Milo is in the floor beside me sleeping soundly.
I’ve started calling him Lumberjack being he does
saw some logs LOL.  Benny’s in the living room as
always guarding the house from his perch upon his
favorite recliner hehehe.  If he hears something
he’ll start barking and if I don’t come,  he’ll come
and get me hehehe. He’s such a cutie LOL.  We
love them both as our little boys.  Thank You God
for filling our home with love.  I know we have a
few bad days,  but we always know that you are
here with us to make it better.  Of course there
will be sadness,  for with humanity and free will
comes happiness and sadness.  They are sides to
the same coin.  Sadness makes us more grateful
for the happiness.  Without sadness and hard times
we would just take each day as boring without joy.
When you are sick,  do you not feel grateful to
be well when it passes.  Yes many ailments never
pass,  but they can make us stronger as we deal
with each day and we find ourselves in prayer.
Don’t let the sadness of a moment to destroy
what happiness that can be found as time moves
on.  Learn to truly forgive and put things where
they need to be,  in the past.  You may never
forget,  but use then as lessons to make a better
future.  Our choices in life create the pages of
our book of time.  There might be a few that you
want to bookmark,  but others you might want
to consider as lessons learned and not harbor on
the thoughts.  With that said,  I reckon I need
to be taking my little venture back through all
that I’ve written here to see if I can find a good
word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to
that place of my recollection that I always like
to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a good title and after checking I see that it has
not been used yet BY ME hehehe.  I hope I
can write something that makes sense using it.
Here goes.

Quickly Changing

Sudden moments
not so briefly
change the times
of which we see.
Doorways squeaking
in our view
quickly changing
Worded vessels
carry on
quickly changing
dusk to dawn.
Morning comes with
sights to see
that God gave
to you and me.
Yet some moments
quickly changing
might not be but
We might just be
in a hurry
quickly changing
in a flurry.
Don’t let hurry
be your style
take the time
to wait a while.
Quickly changing
might need slow
sometimes when you’re
feeling low.
Allow a moment
changed in time
to be found
with God Divine.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Ok,  did that make any sense to you?  I’m never sure.
There are a few moments that even elude my mind.
Don’t try to figure it out LOL.  I just write so fast at
times that I don’t even think about what I’m writing.
I Just start typing.  Of course the hardest part’s coming
up with a new title.  When I have a title,  the thoughts
just start coming to me.  Well it looks like Judy is home.
I hear Benny raising a fit in the living room hehehe,
so I’ve gotta go help Judy bring in the groceries.  Ok,
so all of the groceries are put away.  I guess it’s time
for me to tell you what I tell you every week and that
is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems with one of them being Christmassy.
I also wrote 2 poems about Benny and Milo LOL
and yes I wrote 22 more haiku for my haiku lovers
out there.  I guess I will be finishing this tomorrow.
Ice Road Truckers is on :)  It’s over now and we
watched a few home improvement programs.  Now
I think I need to go and lie down and try to get some
rest.  I took two aspirin and two Benadryl or the
cheaper generic form of it LOL.  I’ll finish this in
the morning sometime.  Peace and out!  I’m back :).
I had to wait until the Benadryl wore off.  It always
messes with my eyes and being that I only have one
good eye,  it really put a damper on doing anything
for a bit hehehe.  It’s 12:30 in the afternoon and I’m
going to try and get ‘er done,  but not before I fix
us something to eat.  I’ll be back hehehehe.  I fixed
us EGGO’S  and sausage links.  Yummy yum yum :).
Now to finish this mess.  Let’s see,  I told you about
the poems and haiku,  so now I need to begin my
search for that poorly elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful God filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  Ok,
now where is that dad burned off switch hibernating
this week LOL.  It had an extra day to find a good
hiding spot and I wonder if it used it?   Nope,  I can
see you ya silly thing.  You did though do a little bit
better than last week,  didn’t ya :),  but hiding behind
my nose spray wasn’t gonna work,  at least not today.
My allergies are really giving me heck hehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and also Benny and Milo Pearce :)

P.S.  I had to save the email and reboot my PC due
to my mouse pointer going AWOL hehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

The End Of Summer

A summer’s day
with gusty winds
I am found with
my two friends.
Four pawed fellows
white and brown
these true friends
remove my frown.
We go walking
running too
in the field
within our view.
The end of summer
brings in phase
autumns colors
future days.
A summer’s day
we will remember
after fall
and through December.
Pictures taken
one by one
the end of summer
and its sun.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

A Dog Day Of Autumn

With all the doorways
that open and close
a dog day of autumn
makes colors compose.
Displayed as paintings
with colorful trees
found as a flavor
that our eyesight sees.
A dog day of autumn
with four paws delight
Benny and Milo
are anxious for sight.
My wife and I also
are awaiting the view
a dog day of autumn
with colors so true.
Those little footsteps
of four pawed design
soon will be running
in fields so divine.
Seeing all the artwork
that God’s given them
a dog day of summer
is out on a limb.
Leaves many colors
red,  yellow and brown
joined with some green
that’s found all around.
A dog day of summer
will then pass on by
as all the tree leaves
fall from so high.
Falling from the branches
of a seasonal sun
us and the boys see
a new day begun.
Then with the ticking
of Father Time’s clock
we’ll feel the presence of
wintertime’s knock.
Hiding all the colors
that fall leaves have changed
a dog day of autumn
is winter arranged.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Not Learning Why

So many heartaches
will often be found
when we are walking
just looking around.
Sometimes those heartaches
can be better seen
when we seek truly
what that they mean.
Often they are lessons
with miseries disguise
displayed in timeframes
with so many whys.
Us asking questions
about everything
acting maybe blindly
as a puppet on a string.
Time shows us answers
that many will deny
while the truth is there
but they’re not learning why.
Left in a darkroom
with no answers found
as some people live
not turning around.
Not seeing shadows
of their own mistakes
and not learning why
through all that it takes.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Without A Thought To Find

Beyond our ventures
thoughts are made
where and when
with who displayed.
Without a thought
to find the light
so many troubles
come in sight.
Beyond our eyesight
seems devoid
without a thought
of time deployed.
Without thinking
many find
things less thought of
in our mind.
Hidden deeply
maybe lost
in a moment
without a thought.
Books of thinking
lost in words
might end up as
flocks of birds.
So conclusions
someone’s time
is without
a thought to find.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Lost In Time

Believing is seeing
or so that they say,
for so many blessings
will come day to day.
Without a sight of
The True Hand of God
so many blessings will
find no applaud.
So many people
will lose sight of love
not seeing truly
God’s love from above.
The lives of so many
will just look away
while lost in time
with only the gray.
Losing ones footing
on pathways we climb
so often find ones
scenes lost in time.
Footsteps that stumble
while going too fast
might lose the shadows
that God’s love has cast.
So let not hurry
to cause you to fail
leaving you worry
so grown in detail.
Find now the footsteps
of your best design
and don’t let yourself
to be lost in time.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

It’s Coming Soon

Soon autumn’s leaves
will fall to the ground
while waiting patiently
for what that’s found.
White snow to follow
the autumn fall colors
as snowflakes fall then
with one then the other.
For it’s coming soon
that most precious day
when there is white snow
to cover the gray.
Then as the snowflakes
fall down to the Earth
there will be Christmas
highlighting A Birth.
Jesus Christ truly
with each day we find,
it’s coming soon now
that great frame of mind.
That day so special
with each Christmas tune
is found on my mind now
for it’s coming soon.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Sometimes A Journey

A stone trodden pathway
with rocky road smiles
sometimes a journey
is much more than miles.
Pebbles laid loosely
to point out the way
sometimes a journey
is there on display.
Driven by turnstiles
of moments and dreams
sometimes a journey
is of rushing streams.
Then all those footsteps
might just wash away
sometimes a journey
then without display.
Many a pathway
is just but a mile
sometimes a journey
to bring you a smile.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Breath Of Life

One breath another
with more then to breathe
a breath of life is
then to conceive.
Two times connected
with more times to grow
a breath of life is
more than just show.
Truth of ones breathing
is heartbeats in time
a breath of life that
comes from Divine.
Echoes of people
with timeless detail
a breath of life then
sets lives a sail.
For with a true breath
of loving so sweet
a breath of life can
make ones complete.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Snowy Afternoons

Soon in December
I’ll only see white
with every day then
and then every night.
Mornings will blossom
with wintertime tunes
of white flakes just blowing
some snowy afternoons.
Decembers glimmers
of icicles strung
found on some doorways
so magically hung.
Then on the tree limbs
the snow will display
snowy afternoons
in the midst of each day.
Icicles hanging
as winter comes soon
now is imagined
of a snowy afternoon.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

Friends With The Moon

Daylight meets nighttime
with stars in the sky
but so many look up
and still wonder why.
The moon is hung thusly
in its home in space
showing itself sometimes
a much different face.
Often it’s hidden
only a partial degree
as it continues
its bond with the sea.
Making the sea swell
with tides coming in
and then to leave
with time and agin
Friends with the moon
is an ocean of time
displayed so often
as scenes so divine.
Friends with the moon
are heartbeats so great
for it’s there always
with love to create.
As two stand together
with their hearts in tune
the bond is then magnified
friends with the moon

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

for Sept 21,  2014

Ashes to ashes
begins many blind viewpoints
when judging others.

Looking out windows
can only give a good view
if they are clean.

When blinded by time
the past can become distant
and maybe saddened.

Look for the good times
that your yesterdays brought you
and lose the sadness.

A sunny morning
becomes a glistening sight
as it turns brighter.

The fresh wind of time
blows in with much emotion
leaving trails behind.

Lessened are the days
that we allow to slip by
when joy was within.

Losing your journey
inside of empty pathways
needs new direction.

A single moment
can determine your future
so be real careful.

When finding yourself
make sure it’s really you
and not someone else.

Looking back through time
you might see some bitterness
that still holds you back.

A mountain so high
becomes someone’s photograph
that’s seen from afar.

As the day draws nigh
there is nighttime to exist
with the moon and stars.

Without true effort
you cannot grow with lessons,
so get off your butt.

A warm summer sun
brings many a day of fun
and some wants for rain.

When looking upwards
we might run into something
right in front of us.

Looking for stardom
might lose all your privacy
so heed the warning.

Moments of peaceful
come when you let go of things
that you can’t control.

As seconds tick on
our minutes become hours
that make our lifetime.

When now meets a need
that was hidden in the dust
many then see God.

Changing perception
can create better viewpoints
while seeing both sides.

Some dreams do come true
and some turn into nightmares.
Careful what you wish.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 21,  2014

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Hello my friends

Last week wasn’t too bad.  It’s getting colder with every
tick of the clock though LOL.  Today’s high is supposed
to be 57 F degrees which right now it is 55 F degrees at
4 PM.  Tonight’s low is supposed to be 36 F degrees and
that tells me that wintertime isn’t too far away.  It’s a bit
cloudy right now,  but it’s supposed to clear up in a few
hours.  LOL I don’t see it happening though,  but it might.
I have the boys with me again as we congregate in here
which is the warmest room of the house due to our PC’s.
Our computers and monitors put out a lot of heat hehehe.
Milo has stationed himself once again right beneath me
in a trusting manner believing that I won’t roll over him
with my chair hehehe.  I have to keep looking down to
see where his body parts are before I move hehehe :).
Benny has left the room to head to his lookout station
which is sat upon his favorite recliner LOL.  If he starts
barking at every little noise again I might have to bring
him back in here :).  He’s over anxious for his mom to
come home and Judy might not be home until late tonight.
Yep,  she’s at her sisters house taking care of her mom
until Trudy gets home from work.  Milo just got up and
headed to the bedroom and laid down in one of the dog
beds in there.  I guess he got tired of me nudging him
to make him move hehehe.  At least now I don’t have to
worry about rolling over his tail or feet :)  With my heavy
butt it would be a like a steam roller squashing him LOL.
Benny was just raising a ruckus in the living room.  He
thought he heard mom LOL.  It was just the neighbors.
I let him look to see and he shut up hehehe.  It’ still
cloudy as all get out :).  I don’t think the clouds are
gonna go away hehehe.  No matter,  I don’t mind a few
clouds.  They’re decor for the sky.  Judy and I stopped
at Tim Hortons and got us some sandwiches the other
day.  UGH the bread was old and both of us had a hard
time eating them.  We ended up giving some to the dogs.
We won’t be stopping there again for sandwiches and
that’s for sure hehehe.  We might give their ice cream
and donuts a chance one day in the future though,  but
for now we’ll stick to Klondike bars and Dunkin Donuts
being that the Houlton Farms Ice Cream shop will be
closing in the next week or so for wintertime.  We can
still drop by there and get us a treat if we so desire
until then LOL.  We both got a parfait the last time we
went and they were so yummy :).  We only stop there
maybe two or three times a year.  It’s one thing we do
for a special treat.  I’m going to go and search the web
to find out when the fall colors for up here should be
starting so Judy and I will know when to go for our
little Fall drive for some pictures.  I’ll probably do the
search this evening after I get done with all of this
mess hehehe.  I have to keep standing up and walking
around due to my back and legs aching,  so it might
take me a while to get this written hehehe.  It’s still
cloudy outside and it’s almost 6:30 PM hehehe.  Those
clouds are gonna have to do some trucking if they’re
gonna be gone by tonight,  but as I said,  “I don’t think
it’s gonna happen hehehe”.  I just went and took a few
pictures of the sky because the clouds have got a sort
of pinkish hue to them.  Milo followed me to the front
door and then back in here and is once again lying in
the floor behind me LOL.  Benny wanted to go outside
so I let him out.  I’ll check on him in a little while,  but
I think he wants to sit on the steps and wait for mom :).
Milo is still not hearing too well,  but I’ve got a loud
voice/mouth hehehe and he can hear me.  It’s part of
growing old I guess. I myself can’t hear thunder out
of right ear and my left ear is getting weak.  Judy and
me will have to start sign language or do as we do now
and that is point and do a lot of hand gestures hehehe
of course that’s after the fact that we still can’t quite
understand what the other is saying.  Yes,  she’s a tad
deaf too and that’s where the fun begins hehehehehe.
So Milo probably hears us,  but maybe more like what
the Peanuts Gang hears from the grownups which is
Wah wah wah,  wah wahwah wah wah wah hehehehe.
I guess that’s the levity in it all.  Sometimes it just
doesn’t pay to cry LOL.  Hehehe who’ll hear you :)?
I thank God for giving me this sense of humor,  but
I think Judy could do without it LOL.  Naw,  she likes
it,  but I’m sure it does get on her nerves from time
to time.  No matter,  God gives us all a way to deal
with our problems,  but many times people will just
decide to lie there and cry rather than to simply do
something about it,  or to maybe find a smile on the
brighter side of life through the clouds of gray.  Often
it’s only our viewpoint that perceives the sadness and
not the actual moment.  Let God help you to find the
rainbows in the storms and see the beauty through it
all.  Many think that death is the end,  but it’s only the
beginning of a never-ending story that is in Heaven.
Our loved ones aren’t gone.  They are watching over
us always as spirits from Heaven no longer confined
by flesh and blood and ailments they may have had.
I talk to my dad and many others always even though
I can’t see them.  I know they are watching over me as
well as many angels.  Find peace through God and His
Son Jesus Christ and you will never be alone.  You’ll
always have help coming from Heaven.  Now I believe
it’s time for me to be taking my little venture back
through all that I’ve written here to see if I can find
a good word or phrase that I can use for the title for
today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that lil
place of my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found me a halfway
decent title around the mid part of my rambling and
it looks as though I haven’t used it yet,  so here goes
nothing hehehe and maybe so LOL.

Because The Clouds

The days of gray
with clouds of rain
are overhead
but don’t complain.
For those days
of cloudy skies
might just have
a great surprise.
A picture or two
that they portray
in those scenes
of clouds of gray,
because the clouds
might form a view
that gives way
for a sky of blue.
Then so white
they might be found
from you there
upon the ground.
God’s The One
that paints this sight
beyond the gray
with clouds of white.
They are there
like fluffy shrouds
the sights attained,
because the clouds.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 14,  2014

Well,  there ya go.  I hope that you liked the poem and
maybe even my rambling hehehe.  I just went to see if
Benny was ready to come in and he ran right in.  If there
had been some snow out there,  he would of wanted to
stay outside and play in it hehehe.  I’m sure that he will
be all ecstatic when the snowflakes commence.  He’s our
little snow dog.  Milo was getting to where he didn’t mind
it too much last year,  so who knows,  he might find that
he likes to play in it as well,  OK maybe not as well,  but
maybe a little hehehe.  He’s an old man and Benny’s still
a pup or so he thinks hehehe.  They are both in here and
they are in a playful mode wanting my undivided attention.
LOL they can be so silly sometimes :).  They’re both just
staring at me from either side of me.  Yes,  that makes it
a tad hard to concentrate LOL.  Benny is now licking my
leg trying to get my attention hehehe.  Sheesh,  these
boys are a mess.  I’m sure that they want me to feed
them,  but they have dried food in their pans if they’re
hungry.  They don’t care much for dried food,  but when
push comes to shove,  they’ll eat it hehehe.  I’ll feed
them their favorite food (Ole Roy Meatloaf) in a bit.
I like for them to eat the dried food,  because it’s good
for them and when I hold out on feeding them,  they’ll
eat a little of the dried LOL.  Ya gotta out think them :).
Of course,  they do have us trained well hehehehehehe.
So who out thunk who?  We can’t help it,  we love our
boys.  So I reckon I need to be putting the brakes on
before I get into full rambling mode again hehehehehe.
With that said,  I need to tell you what I tell you every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.
Yeppers,  10 more poems with 1 of them being sort of
Christmassy.  I also wrote a poem about Judy and I
and one about Benny and Milo :) and for all of my
haiku lovers out there I wrote 22 more haiku.  I hope
you find one or two of either or both that you like :).
Now with that said :),  I reckon I need to be searching
for that not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a most wonderful weekend or what ever is left
of it and a truly blessings filled week.  Now,  where
are ya hiding at ya ornery little off switch varmint?
Oh,  OK,  so I guess I’m not supposed to see you as
you stare at me from across the room in the TV screen.
Well surprise,  I saw ya,  being that it’s not even on.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Judy came up with many of the titles for me
to use.  It gets hard coming up with new titles that
I haven’t already used when the number of poems
I’ve written exceeds 8000 hehehe.  I don’t like to
have poems with the same titles,  but I have in the
past accidentally repeated a few titles LOL oops.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

Looks Of A Sky

Sometimes as bluish
and sometimes as grey,
the skies up above us
will change day by day.
Often some clouds will
bring some designs
found in the sky above
from time to time.
Then found at evening
is moonlight and stars
the looks of the sky
with Venus and Mars.
Many times even
the sky will expose
scenes so transfixing
as a pink colored rose.
Sometimes the changes
will sweetly reply
with I am Lord God’s work
as looks in the sky.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

Circles And Squares

We’ve all got differences
circles and squares
which many think of
as this way not theirs.
Outwards appearances
only show true
what that the flesh is
showing on you.
Yet beyond outside
they might then expose
a heart full of passion
not seen in the clothes.
Sometimes ones insides
might hold many things
such as the answers
of so many dreams.
So don’t let eyesight
be what that compares
what that’s on inside
as circle and squares.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

The Wheel Of Life

As we roll onwards
as husband and wife
we are each sharing
the wheel of life.
Finding our footing
through turmoil’s deplore
the wheel of life shows us
some peace to explore.
Often a doorway
will expose some rain,
but God sends us rainbows
to help with the pain.
We each make mistakes
as a husband and wife,
but there is still true love
on the wheel of life.
Forgiving each other
as each day moves on
God gives us prayerful
in each mornings dawn.
Then the wheel of life
rolls on in its way
as true love continues
to surely display
Finding some potholes
in footsteps of time
we can move onwards
with lessons to find.
Love brings us chances
through God’s Holy Light
for us found together
on the wheel of life.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

To Judy Pearce
from Bill Pearce :)

A Place In The Sun

As seasons are changing
the new is begun
find some more days
place in the sun.
Some days as cloudy
with rain falling down
and other days seen as
some snow on the ground.
With every morning
the seasons display
a place in the sun
with each times array.
Some found with dew drops
and others with ice
displayed as seasons
of life’s apple slice.
Cut up so nicely
as times song and dance
a place in the sun
gives each one a chance.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

A Dogs Story

Little paws running
seeking to play
there’s a dogs story
in their little way.
Two as dear brothers
yet not then at all
sometimes with toys
in a friendly dog brawl.
They’re often sleeping
so close side by side
then when awakened
are found in a stride.
Then as these doggies
are wanting to eat
they are just noisy
and wanting a treat.
Dancing and barking
while trying to say
we want some treats
right now and today.
Then we will later
head out to the field
to let them run wildly
with minutes instilled.
Two little brothers
seven years apart
each day together
are God’s work of art.
Prejudice thinking
doesn’t live inside
these two little dogs
of a dog story ride.
They are true brothers
of different families
together Lhasa Apso
and Poodle Pekinese.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

Looking For Christmas

While the days move on
I find I’m in thought
that of sweet Christmas
which isn’t store bought.
Looking for Christmas
in my snowy dreams
falling from the sky
in fluffy white streams.
All of my memories
surely come alive
looking for Christmas
in wanting revive.
Sometimes I’m finding
my own searching ways
looking for Christmas
in nows summer days.
Pictures of Christmas
live deep down inside
painting some new days
on a sleigh ride.
Looking for Christmas
is something to do
when I am sitting in
moments so blue.
Christmastime seems to
bring me a smile
that seems to help me
all of the while.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 13,  2014

Many Debate

One persons thinking
might not be as yours
found as a river
that differently pours.
Many debating
what others should be
shows some discretion
from what others see.
Some stories written
are just of ones view
not found including
what’s of me and you.
So many people
will just live a lie
while they’re debating
what is wrong or right.
Often ones judgment
is found on blind hate
as they were brought up
and many debate.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

A Friends Love

Without any friendship
our lives would be bland
not having anyone
to hold our hand.
That’s why the friendship
needs God above
to bond relationships
just like a glove.
For a friends love
will be there for you
even when bad days
come into view.
Having a true friend
is greater by far
as he or she then
shines like a star.
Holding your hand when
you are in need
a friends love is best
most surely indeed.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

Scratching The Surface

Below what we’re seeing
might not be the same,
for scratching the surface
might not explain.
Maybe the insights
that lie below view,
might just be made up
by someone like you.
Scratching the surface
might slowly bestow
some bits and pieces
of what that’s below.
For if you scratch on
deep throughout time
you might find truly
what’s on someone’s mind.
So don’t go judging
what you think disgrace,
for you might not of
seen their true face.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 13,  2014

I Can’t Perceive

With many blessings
I can’t perceive
how that so many
just don’t believe.
With every heartbeat
a miracle grows
yet oh so many
will sort of suppose.
I can’t perceive
how many get by
while living always
with only a lie.
Many will say that
they don’t believe
simple while saying that
I can’t perceive.
Heaven awaits us
even though true
we might this moment
not see the view.
Our own perception
is that found at heart
so I can’t perceive
how ones can’t impart.
Life is a journey
throughout history
and I can’t see how
so many can’t see.
For I can’t perceive
is what many say
when they see us kneel down
to Lord God and pray.

©By Bill Pearce
Sep 13,  2014

for Sept 13,  2014

Life is a mystery
with its day to day turnstiles
that open and close.

Looking for moonlight
might display quite a few stars
amidst your searching.

Now is a story
that is written throughout time
with good and bad days.

Sometimes the verdict
describes lesser as better
when lesser shows more.

Living on the edge
could end in much devastation
you weren’t prepared for.

As storm clouds gather
they might give false impressions
of raindrops to fall.

Beyond yesterday
our journey to tomorrow
begins with today.

Fragments of our dreams
might come alive in our minds
and then in our view.

Peaceful emotions
bring sunshine from cloudy skies
through a little prayer.

Angels from Heaven
might be loved ones that passed on
and watch over us.

As minutes tick on
we might miss so many things
within the seconds.

The sinking of ships
might be caused by opened mouths
that will not shut up.

While we move forwards
we might leave some things behind
that might be needed.

Nighttime comes quickly
as wintertime gets closer
and summertime fades.

Autumn brings colors
of red,  orange and brown
as the seasons change.

Windows we look through
might not show the true beauty
if they are dirty.

Our after affects
could reflect on some others
in good ways or bad.

A bird in the sky
flies with internal mapping
of where it’s to go.

A search of true love
could find you much destruction
if you look blindly.

Mornings come alive
with the nights recollections
of lessons we learned.

A liars choices
often backfire on them
as the truth is seen.

Flowers fade away
as wintertime comes knocking
with snowflakes to fly.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 13,  2014

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Hello my friends

It’s a nice day today.  Right now at 2:40 PM it’s 69 F degrees
and according to my weather program,  it’s supposed to stay in
the 60’s for at least 9 more days.  Tonight’s low is supposed to
be 38 F degrees.  We took Milo back to the vet Saturday and
she didn’t even look in his ears,  but just said he’s getting old.
Oh well,  Milo can still hear a little bit if I raise my voice.  I’ll
still continue putting ear cleaner in his ears.  It can’t hurt.  Heck,
it might even help.  It reduces risk of infection,  loosens wax
and debris,  soothes with aloe vera and may reduce ear odor.
The ear cleaner antiseptic is for dogs and cats,  so it’s all good.
Benny and Milo are lying on our bed watching cartoons.  Right
now they’re watching Garfield LOL.  They look so sweet just
lying there side by side.  Milo has gone to sleep,  but Benny
is still watching TV.  Judy is doing her regular weekly thing.
She’s over at her sister’s house taking care of her mother
while Trudy goes to work.  Yep,  it’s pretty much the normal
for here nowadays hehehe.  Benny stood with me at the door
as we watched Judy back out of the driveway and wave at
us :).  We’ve been trying to make a point of taking them and
us for a walk out in the field at least 4 days a week.  Benny
loves it.  Milo on some days will often start chasing Benny
and he looks so cute with his ears flopping up and down.
Milo just woke up and came to tell me that he needs to go
potty,  so I’ll be back.  Ok,  he’s done.  Benny went outside
with him,  but he preferred to stay outside for a bit and sit
on the porch.  Milo is pretty much always ready to come
back in.  He’s not much on staying outside.  While we were
at the vet Saturday we had her clip their toe nails and give
Benny his distemper shot.  Milo’s up to date on all his shots
until February.  We finally finished trimming their hair up.
By wintertime it’ll be all grown out again being that they
don’t shed.  OK,  so Benny sheds a little,  but Milo doesn’t
shed at all being he’s a Lhasa Apso.  Judy’s started getting
her teeth worked on.  The dental bill is high,  but it’s worth
it to make her feel better about herself.  I’ve gotta take
care of her and the boys.  I love them bunches.  Maybe one
day I’ll be able to get my dentures repaired,  but that will
be maybe a long time down the road being that we’re not
made of money LOL.  It would be nice if we could afford
dental insurance,  but that’s life.  We did fill out a form and
they accepted us to pay 20 percent of our bill leaving us
with 80 percent,  though it would be a bit better if it had of
been visa versa LOL.   Oh well,  a little is better than not
at all.  Last Monday we went over to Judy’s nieces house
for a cookout.  A lot of the family was there.  It was a nice
day.  The rain held back until we were done and headed
home hehehe.  There were a few there that took the ice
bucket challenge.  One girl got the ice bucket challenge
when she wasn’t looking hehehe.  Marissa got drenched.
We would of caught it on camera if Judy or I had been
facing that direction or better yet,  known ahead of time
about it hehehe,  but then that might of given Marissa
a clue and she would of maybe run for the hills LOL :).
Milo has figured out how to roll down the back window
in the car so he can look out hehehe.  He does it every
once in a while when he wants to look outside.  Sort of
like when we got home from the vet Saturday,  Judy
stopped at the road in front of our house so I could go
and check the mail and when I came back to the car I
saw Milo with his little nose propped on the window just
watching me while Judy was laughing at him :).  She said
when I got out of the car,  he wanted to watch me and
so he hopped up to the window and hit the button rolling
down the window so he could see better.  Our car has
tinted windows LOL.  I just went to check on Benny and
he was ready to come back inside.  Milo saw him walk
in and jumped off of our bed and came running.  They
both followed me back in here wanting treats.  I gave
the little quackers some duck jerky hehehe.  Well it
looks like that satisfied them for a little while.  Milo’s
now lying in the floor beside me and Benny headed off
to his lookout headquarters on the recliner in the living
room hehehe.  There’s not much else going on around
here.  It’s looking like summertime is on its last leg,
at least it does up here.  Soon the snows will begin and
many will start bickering about it just as they do about
the heat.  It seems mankind is never truly happy LOL.
There’s always something that will seem to rock the
boat.  It’s when we finally accept things how they are
and look for the rainbows,  that the other won’t look so
bad.  BUT,  we are all guilty of every once in a while
or for many,  most of the time,  looking and seeing but
only the bad times and complaining.  Today why not
try looking passed the bad times and focus of the good
times.  Of course we each have to acknowledge the
bad so we can attempt to correct it,  if it’s possible,  but
we need to learn to accept what we cannot change and
try to be happy.  Let God help you with dealing with
all of the hard times and let Him walk with you in the
good times.  Find strength through Jesus to help you
to make a better tomorrow and find the joy in today.
Sheesh hehehe,  Milo is snoring BIG TIME.  He’s
sleeping good now.  He was having trouble getting
comfortable on the doggy mat bed so I went and got
one of their favorite doggy blankets and laid it on it
and that did the trick :).  We love them little boys :).
Thank You God for allowing us to be joined together
as a family.   I’ve had many dogs in the past and they
have been the best of friends and comfort.  Their
loss of life is always saddening,  but I firmly believe
that they go to Heaven just as we do and are waiting
for us with their tails wagging profusely.  The love
never dies.  So,  I guess it’s time for me to begin my
little journey back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think
I found a decent title that I haven’t already used,
so here I go.  I hope it makes sense LOL.

Learn To Accept

When time is filled with
havoc and pain
learn to accept some
less to complain.
Sometimes our problems
are not all that bad
if we look backwards
at all that we’ve had.
Often our problems
are not changeable
or at least not by us
but others are able.
Learn some acceptance
of now and agin
with lessons you’ve learned
from where you have been.
Sometimes our problems
bring struggles inept,
so often it’s better
to learn to accept.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 7,  2014

Ok,  so there ya go.  This might make more sense to a few
going to AA or NA.  Yes I used to go many years ago.  Yep
my sobriety date is June 11,  1990.  It helped me to find my
footing without alcohol and just a few months later I was able
to quit smoking.  Though after about 4 or 5 years I ceased
going to AA,  I still have the lessons I learned.  I found my
higher power in Jesus through His Father.  I saw where He
had not forsaken me,  but He was waiting for me to do all
that I needed to do to get me where I needed to be.  Thank
You God for not giving up on me :).  Yeppers,  I had a lot
of Hell to go through to get me to where I was willing to
let go and let God.  So before I begin rambling again LOL
I guess I need to tell you what I tell you every week and
that is,  I wrote some more poems and haiku.  Yeppers,
10 more poems with 3 of them being sort of Christmassy.
One of them is about my Paw Paw and I.  We used to
spend many a night just fishing and floating in his boat
on Lake Tawakanii in Texas. Those were some great
times in my life that I’ll never forget.  Grandmother and
Paw Paw were like second parents to me.  Grandmother
is still alive.  She’ll be 107 years old September 20th :).
She made the best fried apple pies YUMMY YUMMY.
Anyways,  it seems I have strayed away from what I
was supposed to say hehehe.  So,  I’ve told you about
my poems,  so I guess I’ll tell ya now that I once again
wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.
I hope you find one or two of either or both that you
like.  I hope my rambling didn’t put ya to sleep hehehe.
So,  now it’s time for me to be searching for that not
so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend and a truly blessings filled week.
Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now to
find that not so great at hiding off switch hehehehehe.
Aw for Heaven’s sake,  couldn’t ya at least of tried
to hide LOL.  Standing right there in front of me with
a grimace on your face doesn’t constitute hiding LOL.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and also Benny and Milo :)

P.S.  I also had a great birthday last Sunday.
Judy and I went to the Travelers Truckstop
when she got home and we pigged out :)
I had Haddock and Shrimp,  YUMMY

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

When Then Arrives

Often so many
will say now and then
to wait until sometime
seems better for them.
Then they discover
that then is in place
the right time so clearly
was found face to face.
Yet when then arrives
the waiting game finds
so many indecisive
seen throughout their lives.
For when then arrives
it might be the time
to let God to guide you
with His love Divine.
Allowing His blessings
to live and breathe true
when then arrives then
found within you.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

Links Of Chains

Our connections
you and me
are found throughout
times history.
Links of chains
might need some oil
as minds together
of distant soil.
Rusty thinking
links of chains
might go askew.
Leaving tread marks
in the sand
while connecting
where they stand.
Links of chains
of many souls
often shatter
others goals.
Don’t let links
to rust and break
and find you stood
in life’s Earthquake.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

When Winter Begins

Minutes tick on
to autumns end
then there’s winter
around the bend.
A few snowflakes,
then some more
when winter begins
to let them soar.
The season brings
some cold and white
when winter begins
each day and night.
Many people
hate the season
with pure coldness
as the reason.
But so many
fail to see
Christmas comes for
you and me.
Fluffy snowflakes
then are found
landing softly
on the ground.
Painting blessings
in the snow
when winter begins
found to and fro.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

A Saddened Smile

A persons face
not true to see
a saddened smile
might surely be.
Found as empty
sort of style
many have a
saddened smile.
Yet some people
have no choice
a saddened smile
is their true voice.
But so many
simply show
a saddened smile
as all the know.
It’s what’s behind
that saddened smile
that describes
what times compile.
If you have some
hidden pain
find a smile
of joy to gain.
See the blessings
all the while
to help to lose
your saddened smile.
We all have sadness
surely true,
but there’s goodness
yet to view.
A saddened smile
of days gone by
can be happy
if you try.
Let God help you
find a smile
of a much more
joyful style.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

A Night On The lake

The younger of years
with Paw Paw and I
a night on the lake
brought moonlight to shine.
Our own reflections
as ripples delight
a night on the lake
was found in moonlight.
Him and I fishing
as waves lapped our boat
we continued fishing
while safely afloat.
The night air was sweet
as breezes blew in
a night on the lake
with my very best friend.
Him and I together
would look up and gaze
a night on the lake
on those sweet summer days.
My Paw Paw and I
went many a time
to fish on the lake
which seemed so sublime.
We had not a worry
with morning to make
as him and I fished on
a night on the lake

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

I Love you Paw Paw and I miss you.
We’ll fish again in Heaven.

A Time For Healing

When things are bad
and there’s no smile
a time for healing
needs compile.
Let your heartaches
find some peace
as your bad times
find release.
A time for healing
comes in place
with God’s blessings
through His Grace.
Don’t let sadness
become you
a time for healing
needs your view.
Find through Jesus
hope to gain
a time for healing
to attain.
Then let Him to
fill your heart
with His blessings
to impart.
Let His love to
help you view
a time for healing

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014


The flight of birds
up overhead
spread their winds
so fast they sped.
Flying on
their wings design
headed to
their place in time.
Wings of feathers
wind beneath
fly so fast
they’re there so brief.
Headed onwards
to their home
or temporary
place to roam.
Then those wings
will fly them back
with a chirp
or maybe quack.
South and north
they fly each year
as seasons change
how they appear.
Wings return
when winters gone
found to see
a spring days dawn.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

In Winters Wake

The weather changes
hot to cold
in winters wake
as it grabs hold.
Oh so chilly
each day seems
found within
our Christmas dreams.
Yet a fire
warms the bones
in winters wake
as fall’s dethroned.
Scattered snowflakes
fall and land
in winters wake
where many stand.
Christmas moments
come alive
where a snowman
does arrive.
Lights so pretty
fill the view
in winters wake
red,  green and blue.
Many colors
ones partake
with Christmastime
in winters wake.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

A Hidden World

A winter scene
that times unfurled
might disclose
a hidden world.
A magical place
where life collides
a winter scene
with snowy rides
A Christmas moment
surely seen
a hidden world
as many dream.
Times remembered
of a place
a hidden world
with a smiling face.
Those memories
inside your mind
a hidden world
will surely find.
Childhood days
that you recall
a hidden world
with a bouncy ball.
So now remember
oh so sweet
a hidden world
that times accrete.
Gathered by
your memories
a hidden world
of deep blue seas.
All those times
that brought a smile
the hidden world
will help awhile.
Yet don’t live
always unfurled
deep within
a hidden world.
For right now
needs you so true
to do the things
you need to do.
Find that Christmas
in your heart
and make today’s
a work of art.
Christmas blessings
live and breathe
if you’ll only
just believe.
Don’t let doubt to
drowned your soul
a hidden world
shows Christmas gold.
A hidden world
of you and me
needs uncovered
then to see.
Allowing Christmas
then to grow
maybe with
some Christmas snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

Deep Blue Seas

While waves are crashing
on our shores
we often hear some
past folklores.
With deep blue seas
of days gone by
our lives move on
until we die.
Our hearts find moments
echoing true
some deep blue seas
of me and you.
Our own shadows
times record
deep blue seas
of just reward.
Yet we often
do not claim
the deep blue seas
we did attain.
Sometimes journeys
far and wide
leave us empty
deep inside.
Then those times
of deep blue seas
truly show
what time agrees.
It’s those moments
that we need
to begin agin
with planted seed.
Changing daily
with each choice
with deep blue seas
of better voice.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

for Sept 6,  2014

In but a moment
our lives will display shadows
of our yesteryears.

Todays choices
are often just disasters
needing rethinking.

As many move on
parts of them get left behind
in others lifestyles.

Many leave their lies
as the only information
about who they are.

Looks from another
usually say a lot
without any words.

Our own emotions
tend to lie from time to time
causing us much grief.

A page in our life
contains many of our thoughts
that many misread.

Discipline from God
might seem to be tremendous,
but we are much worse.

Living in the past
could prevent you from growing,
so live in today.

Without yesterday
today has nary a chance,
for lessons are learned.

Seasonal thinking
creates today’s excitement
for what that’s to come.

Autumn leaves will fall
when wintertime comes knocking
and snow starts to fall.

As rivers will flow,
so will the lives of many
maybe changing course.

Looking for flowers
might expose quite a few weeds
that look like flowers.

Expecting good deeds
could find you just awaiting
for good in return.

Beyond our eyesight
are things we might hear and smell
and know much better.

Minutes tick onwards
as days and weeks pass us by
leaving our shadows.

Nows after affects
will sometimes seem quite awkward,
but maybe be right.

Our doors and windows
open and close with new things
to see and to do.

A dogs forgiveness
is greater than that of ours.
It carries no grudge.

Taking precautions
might become our own hindrance
preparing to much.

Love in its fabric
is sown together in time
with threads of Jesus.

©By Bill Pearce
Sept 6,  2014

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Hello my friends

I hope your week and weekend were well.  A new week is
in the making hehehe.  Of course tomorrow,  many won’t
go to work being it’s Labor Day.  Judy and I will be doing
as always being we’re both retired.  The weather hasn’t
been too bad lately.  The temperature has been going up
and down a bit,  but nothing drastic.  We’ve been worried
about Milo being he’s lost his hearing,  but I have been
putting animal eardrops in his ears to flush them out and
his hearing is coming back.  He can hear me and is now
on our bed watching Pink Panther cartoons hehehe.  He
seems to know that I am trying to help him,  so he doesn’t
raise too much of a fuss when I doctor his ears :).  He’s
our oldest boy and we love him and Benny just like our
children.  LOL we went for a walk in the field the other
day and when coming back home,  he started running
for our neighbors house that also has a white SUV LOL.
I tried to get his attention by yelling his name,  but he
couldn’t hear me,  so I had to run and try to get him to
see me and then he saw our SUV and realized he was
headed the wrong way.  Yet,  now after doctoring his ears
when I call him,  he comes,  but his hearing is still very
weak.  I think he has a build up of ear wax or something.
No matter,  if it doesn’t get much better,  we’ll take him
to the vet again and see what she has to say about it.
Ok so what else is going on around this place other
than the regular stuff.  Judy’s over at her sisters house
taking care of her mother as she does every Sunday.
Not much change there.  Right now I’m trying to avoid
rolling over Milo’s tail being he has parked himself
right freaking under my chair AGAIN hehehe.  Ok,  so
he has finally moved a bit and relocated his tale LOL.
Now I can continue writing hehehe.  There’s a lot of
clouds over our area and it looks like we might get a
little rain.  Right now at 2:30 PM it’s 73 F degrees.
It’s supposed to be in the mid 70’s for maybe the rest
of the week which isn’t all that bad :).  Next week it
might start getting a bit cooler though.  We might get
some rain tonight and on into Wednesday.  I’ve always
said,  when it stops snowing up here,  the rains begin
and of course visa versa LOL.  It rains on some days
that there isn’t even any rain in the forecast hehehe.
The same with snow LOL.  So we’ve come to expect
the unpredicted :).  Believe it or not,  I’m ready for it
to snow.  Of course I know that after a few months of
it I’ll be sick of it,  but I always look forward to the
first good snowflakes.  If Benny could talk,  I’m sure
he would say the very same aside from the fact that
he NEVER gets tired of snow hehehe.  When it all
starts melting away,  he will be seen in search of a
little snow to sit and play in LOL.  He’s just a little
silly,  but then so am I hehehe.  Like father like son.
Milo on the other hand could care less about the
snow.  He does though get out and play in it from
time to time,  but not anything like Benny and me :).
So before winter gets here,  we are waiting for fall.
Judy and I love to go and take pictures of the fall
colors wherever we can find them.  We usually have
a lot of colors to take pictures of right outside our
front/back door being our house is facing the field.
Yeppers even the snow scenes are magical as the
snow on the distant trees shimmer in the sunlight.
In any case,  we both like to take pictures.  I might
like to just a tad bit more than Judy though hehehe.
Oh yea,  there’s one thing that’s new day and that
is,  it’s my birthday.  I turned 58 today.  LOL it
sounds like I went bad huh!  I turned.  Anyways,
Judy won’t be home until around 9 or 10 tonight
so me and the boys will celebrate together.  Judy
and I might find something for us and the boys to do
to celebrate when she gets home.  We might don
the party hats LOL.  This morning I made us some
EGGO’s and sausage for breakfast before she
headed out to take care of her mom.  Judy helped
me fix breakfast by getting out some plates and
all :).  It’s not like making EGGO’s and sausage is
hard LOL.  Ya just need a toaster and microwave :)
and of course some butter and syrup to put on the
waffles LOL.  So that was pretty much our morning
before she headed off into the mornings sunrise
in our galloping steed the Phantom hehehehehehe.
I almost heard her exclaim,  Hi Ho Phantom and
away LOL.  Naw,  but really she did back out of
our driveway hehehe.  Benny and me watched as
she drove off.  The boys have gotten used to her
weekly schedule.  Benny doesn’t raise a fuss like
he used to :).  BUT,  when he hears the car pulling
in the driveway,  he goes ballistic and I don’t even
have to look to know that Judy is home hehehehe.
Yep,  we live a sort of repetitious life up here.  Not
much changes except the date LOL.  Oh yea,  and
the TV programs that we like to watch hehehehe.
We do like to watch our TV programs together :).
It’s not the greatest life,  but it makes us smile.
God managed to find two people from across the
map of 2100 miles and put them together.  Love
knows no distance.  Judy and I do have a few bad
days,  but who doesn’t!  Life is about the good times
and the bad,  for the bad times make the good times
that much more exciting.  Remember,  if you’ve
never been sick,  then you don’t really know what
it is to be well.  You learn to appreciate a breath
of air,  or a sky of blue even more so when you
have been sick for a while.  Look passed the bad
times and find the good that’s exposed.  So many
blessings go unnoticed until we have experienced
life without them.  Don’t let life pass you by without
taking the time to see and smell the roses.  Ok,  so
I guess it’s time for me to be taking my little trip
back through all that I’ve written here to see if
I can find a word or phrase that I can use for the
title for today’s brand new poem.  So,  it’s away
I go to that place of my recollection that I always
like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I found
a good title near the first of my rambling and now
after checking I see that I have not used it YET.
And so here goes nothing hehehe.  Maybe so LOL

Shimmer Of Sunlight

With every morning
comes shimmering light
after the darkness
found deep in the night.
A shimmer of sunlight
comes shining on through
when morning wakes up
to greet me and you.
With every shimmer
of sunlight that comes
the morning gives us
what nighttime succumbs.
Within each minute
of ticking times way
a shimmer of sunlight
will welcome each day.
Scenes found so wondrous
as God’s Holy Hue
a shimmer of sunlight
is for me and you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 31,  2014

Ok,  there ya go.  I know it’s not much,  but I did my
best hehehe.  I started to write a birthday poem,  but
thought to myself,  Hey,  it’s my birthday,  somebody
else write it LOL.  Yea,  I know,  it ain’t gonna happen,
but the doors open hehehe.  So,   what else is there to
tell you that I failed to mention in my rambling section?
Hmm,  can’t think of nothing.  It’s not raining yet,  but
it looks like it could any time now.  Milo’s still lying in
the floor,  but he has moved over a bit which gives me
a little room hehehe.  Benny is in the living room sat
upon his favorite recliner guarding the house while he
waits for Judy to come home.  He’s got quite a long
wait ahead of him LOL.  It’s only 4 PM and she might
not get home until maybe 9 PM.  So,  we’ve got quite
a lot of guy/Animal time until then hehehe.  I want
to ask for some prayers for my good friend Jennifer.
She is having health issues that are wearing on her
from the removal of cancer a while back.  Jen,  God
is in control.  Just do your best to follow the doctors
advice and leave it in God’s Hands.  I love ya gal :).
Ok so I guess it’s time for me to be telling you what
I tell you every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with
one of them being sort of Christmassy.  I actually
wrote 11 poems,  being I got inspired by one of our
old photos of me kneeling down in our yard filled with
daffodils back in May of this year hehehehehehe.
Also,  one of the poems is to Judy.  Yes,  of course
I wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers out
there.  I hope you find one or two of either or both
that you like and take with you in life.  Now,  I do
believe it’s time for me to be searching for that
not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a most wonderful weekend or what’s left of
it and a blessings filled week.  Now,  where is that
off switch trying to hide this week,  or more to the
point,  not trying too freaking hard to hide hehehe?
Aha,  I think I’ve spotted you ya little varmint :).
Trying to hide in Milo’s hair might of worked if
ya hadn’t been making him itch and me seeing you
trying to dodge his paws/toenails hehehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce
and of course Benny and Milo :)

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+1 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe :)

A Sweet Field of Style

With every dandelion
of a yellow paradise
I see so clearly
their beauty precise.
Painted as morsels
for my eyes to see
now unto then
through my history.
Lifestyles of yellow
with grass to compile
finds now my eyesight
a sweet field of style.
Described in my minds eye
while knelt on my knees
I see the beauty
as yellowish seas
A sweet field of style
that Heaven has sent
has a so wonderful
yellowish tint.
Seasonal pages
turn one by one
a sweet field of style
found under the sun.
Scenes mesmerizing
a wonderful while
I am found kneeling in
a sweet field of style.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 29,  2014

Highs and Lows

When in the whirlwinds
of troublesome days
many will find they’re
lost in a gaze.
The highs and lows
that many perceive
are often doorways
that timeframes will weave.
For with the moments
that come into view
the highs and lows will
be there so true.
Sometime it’s us that
see things so wrong
when it seems low
what’s high and so strong.
Trees of perception
branch out and sway
the highs and lows
of day after day.
We are the seers
sometimes as we’ve chose
while we are finding
our highs and lows.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

Morning Dew

The dawning of summer
comes at a glance
bringing my heartbeat
into a trance.
The birds singing sweetly
of the new day
is with some dew drops
found on display.
The days enhancements then
glimmer and shine
while all the morning dew
sees the sunshine.
Welcoming morning
with dew drops detail
makes all the others
to surely set sail.
Tree limbs a swaying
in morning times breeze
paints the existence
of birds in the trees.
Scenes oh so magical
come into view
with the enchanting
sweet morning dew.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

It’s Just A Color

Our pigmentation
with only a sight
shows ones discerning
what’s wrong and what’s right.
It’s just a color,
not what’s on inside
for we all have blood
with flesh then applied.
All of our choices
while looking around
might find many colors
yellow,  white,  black and brown.
It’s not a bad thing
that makes us this way,
for we’re all human
in life day to day.
It’s just a color
that many might see
while not discerning
they’re like you and me.
So put those colors now
out of your mind
and let God help you
see what’s best to find.
Brothers and sisters
please find now some peace.
Let’s let God help us
to make hate decrease.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

Time For Healing

As time passes on
we might leave a trail
found with our footprints
in every detail.
We might find anger
in the days remembered,
but we just need to
make it dismembered
There’s a time for healing
in minutes of life.
A time we are needing
to let loose of strife.
Find peaceful meadows
of God in your heart
and let Him help you
to make healing start.
Don’t let your passed days
of anger live on.
There’s time for healing
in each mornings dawn.
Yesterdays anger
needs rest now to find,
so let Lord Jesus
show you peace of mind.
We all have passed days
not so appealing,
but now with Lord God
there’s time for healing.
Found in a prayer
with blessings galore
a time for healing
will then restore.
Giving you peacefulness
found in a prayer
there’s time for healing
with God’s love and care.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014


Love of some roses
will flourish and grow
showing us beauty
that some never know.
Roses of people
and places we see
often display as
what’s you and me.
Yet many people
only see weeds of time
not finding roses
of any design.
We need look harder
to see passed the sad
and see all the beauty
of which to be glad.
Roses remembered
from times long ago
might make today’s to
shimmer and glow.
So many roses
that blossomed so great
can help us see passed
some weeds now to date.
It’s what’s remembered
of rose moments places
that often gives us
the smiles on our faces.
Traces of heartbeats
roses so sweet
show us the blessings
that timeframes accrete.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

Tomorrows Snow

Beyond what’s now summer
is a season I know
found in the presence of
tomorrows snow.
My own recollections
of wintertime dreams
flows down like snowflakes
in white windy streams.
Every single minute
my minds eyes remember
brings forth a portion
that’s found in December.
So many footsteps
in snow driven days
show all the footprints
of wonderful ways.
The Christmas memories
of times long ago
are coming alive in
tomorrows snow.
Tomorrows in counting
with passionate style
brings forth the paintings
of winters turnstile.
Christmastimes shimmer
and Christmastimes shake
now is inside me
with joy to partake.
White all around me
as snowmen will grow
is in a dream of
tomorrows snow.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014


Time is awakened
is each day moves on
then there are moments
that then they are gone.
Lessons are counted
awakened by few
seen as some doorways
much better to view.
Some find awakened
the truth that’s exposed
found in the lies that
their self will imposed.
Awakened are many
that learned the hard way
finding their journeys
a bit of dismay.
So now awakened
are you seeing clear
what you’ve mistaken
for your better year?
Look now and see now
what’s better to do
when then awakened
with Lord God in you.
All of the passed days
of self will run wild
can be the lessons in
nows new born child.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

Winds Found Blowing

The trees are swaying
there and to
winds found blowing
where they blew.
Pictures changing
with each breeze
winds found blowing
all the trees.
Now the clouds are
floating by
winds found blowing
them up high.
Every moment
finds a place
winds found blowing
face to face.
Finding breezes
in my mind
winds found blowing
time to time.
Now those breezes
are now growing
as the doorways
winds found blowing.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

Always There

This love that lives
inside of me
will always find
your deep blue sea.
This smile I have
with love and care
for you inside
it’s always there.
I might not show
the smile outside,
but you can find it
deep inside.
I often frown
with pain I feel,
but it’s what
I can’t conceal.
But you my dear
I’ll always care
for my love is
always there.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce ME :)

Gift of Life

With every heartbeat
love is found
when we’re stood on
common ground.
The gift of life
with Godly grace
finds pure joy
from place to place.
With each person
counted true
the gift of life
is within view.
Choices changes
found inside
the gift of life
will open wide.
So let God to
help you find
the gift of life
inside your mind.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

for Aug 30,  2014

When guarding your heart
you might prevent the right one
from entering in.

Living on eggshells
keeps your life filled with worry
that might need cracking.

When leaves are blowing
the wind might of picked a bit,
but it might be good.

Many a storm cloud
will come in your direction,
but just few will rain.

Life is a mystery
as many will find true love
and other times friends.

Lessons in a storm
teach to not frown all the time,
for smiles grow rainbows.

Deciphered friendships
will often show what is true
and what’s just a lie.

Long ago moments
might become our only sight
if we only dream.

Past unto present
finds a journey of footsteps
leaving their imprints.

Summertime’s presence
comes with some clouds and sunburns
on sandy beaches.

Changes come daily.
but many we never see
until we’re ready.

Looking for beauty
might cause you to not see it,
because it’s inside.

True happiness comes
with the acceptance of God
found in your choices.

Loss of your self will
would make you just a robot
that God does not want.

The winds of time blow
bringing us storms and rainbows
within their own time.

While many just stare
there are others that respond
with good and bad voice.

A child’s Christmas dreams
come alive with some snowflakes
and old Santa Claus.

Left over heartaches
can become loads of baggage
that prevents true love.

An angel by morning
will glisten in the sunshine
with peace found with prayer.

So many people
will say that they know better
when truly they do not.

Painting a picture
finds choices in the brush strokes
that may be unclear.

Without some truthful
our lives cannot be happy
for facades will fade.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 30,  2014

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Hello my friends

Last week was fairly nice as was this weekend.  Milo had
a spell of bad health this week,  but he’s doing much better
after us taking him to the vet and her giving us some meds
to give him.  Yep,  Milo is back to his old self.  I think his
arthritis was giving him a bad time.  It gives me a bad time
every day :).  Like father like son hehehe.  We ain’t getting
any younger hehehe.  I’ll be 58 next Sunday and Milo will
be 10 years old Oct 31 (Halloween) and he’ll be just about
56 years old for his breed in human years which is 2 years
younger than me.  So he has a right to have a few aches and
pains hehehe,  but his little brother Benny turned 3 years
old last July which is around 30 years old for his breed mix
in human years.  He still acts like a pup hehehe.  They do
love each other.  Benny was worried about his brother this
week when Milo wasn’t feeling well.  You could see it in
his eyes.  But,  we got Milo to the vet and he’s back to his
old self now.  Sheesh,  the cost of a vet bill is more than
a freaking doctor LOL.  It costs us $140 dollars just for
that visit and of course the medicine she gave us for him
to take.  That’s life,  but we’re relieved to have our little
Milo back to his old self no matter the cost.  You can’t
put a price on love.  I’m just glad we had enough money
to pay the bill hehehe.  We pooled our cash together and
managed to pay it LOL.  Judy’s over at her sisters house
again today taking care of her mother while Trudy goes
to work.  Benny and Milo are here with me for another
Sunday guy day hehehe.  After I finish writing,  I think
we’re gonna take a little field trip outside and get some
exercise.  I might decide to do it before I finish hehehe,
who knows.  Benny goes ecstatic when I let him run
wild in the field hehehe.  He only goes out there,  when
we’re with him.  He knows better than to go out there
without us the same as Milo.  I imagine when it starts
snowing and all,  I’ll have to dig us some little trails
to go walking in hehehe.  I did last year,  but not as
many trails as I am wanting to do this year if I’m able.
Last winter I had to go outside and dig them a few
potty trails so they could get away from the house to
go and do their business hehehe.  This year I want to
shovel us a little walking trail so we can still go for
walks.  It’s hard for their short little legs to maneuver
the deep snow hehehe.  Benny though gives it a try.
He jumps through the snow like a little rabbit hehehe.
Milo will try to bulldoze his way through,  but often it
doesn’t work hehehe.  Winter’s not too far away and
we’re trying to get ready for it,  by putting a hundred
dollars on heating oil every month,  so that when we
need it,  it’s paid for.  Of course,  we might still run
out before winter is over just as we have in previous
winters,  but we have our little radiator heaters that
pull us through if it’s not too bad.  Benny’s our little
snow dog.  He simply loves the snow LOL.  It’s hard
to get him to come inside when there’s snow on the
ground.  Anyways,  that season is yet to come,  for
we still have a small amount of summer to go through
and then a smaller bit of fall.  Milo is lying down in
the floor right beside me.  Benny is in our spare room
lying on the futon guarding that end of the house LOL.
Today’s supposed to get up to 80 F degrees,  but time
will tell.  Right now at 12 noon it’s 77 F degrees and
partly sunny or partly cloudy.  Whichever hehehe :)!
By the middle part of the week the temperature is
supposed to start dropping again to the mid 60’s or
thereabouts.  I think I’m gonna stop here and take
the boys out for a walk.  I’ll be back (in the best
Arnold Schwarzenegger impression I can do) hehehe.
We’re back!  I just gave Milo his medicine and he’s
done for the day.  Now it’s back to writing.  It was
a little warm outside hehehe,  but not too bad.  The
boys got a good walk.  Though in Benny’s case RUN.
I even got me a little exercise.  It’s good for all of
us.  It’s 79 F degrees now at 12:30 PM,  so it might
make it to 80 degrees if it keeps pushing.  Judy made
some Velveeta macaroni last night and I think today
before she gets home,  I’m going to cook up some
hamburger meat to mix in with it along with maybe
some catsup.  I’m not a fan of Velveeta hehehehe.
She asked me if I wanted to do that last night,  but I
wasn’t in the mood to cook hamburger meat being it
was getting late.  No matter,  I’ll do it in a bit.  LOL
I think Milo misses mom.  Judy should be home in
a few hours Milo.  try to find something to do in the
mean time.   Hehehe like he understands anything
I’m saying.  But they do understand,  wanna go for
a ride LOL.  Benny goes ballistic and is bouncing
around the room just screaming/whining when those
five words are mentioned hehehe.  Milo shows us
in his own little calm way,  by wagging his tail and
by most times being the first one out the door and
in the car hehehe.  Benny has FINALLY after him
watching Milo for a few months figured out how to
get in the car.  We kept waiting for him to notice
that Milo always jumps in the floorboard and then
up into the back seat.  Benny kept trying to jump
from the ground up the the seat which in our new
car is quite a distance higher than it was in our
little red Mazda :).  A couple of weeks ago we
bought a Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet vacuum and
the belt snapped on it yesterday when I was using
it LOL.  So,  I went to the Eureka site and found
the belt and it cost $3.50 or thereabouts,  but the
shipping cost 7 dollars LOL.  So when we have
some money again,  by the 3rd of September,  I’ll
buy a couple of the belts.  If the shipping is gonna
cost that much then make it worth my while I always
say hehehe.  Plus if the belt snaps again,  I’ll have
a replacement belt already,  but hopefully it last
at least a little longer than for two uses hehehehe.
We still have our old Bissell upright vac,  but it
doesn’t do dog hair too well.  Though Milo doesn’t
shed,  but Benny leaves little clumps of hair here
and there that look like cotton hehehe.  I think
it’s the Pekinese in him.  He’s half Pekinese and
half poodle which makes him a Peekapoo hehehe.
Milo’s a Lhasa Apso which is a breed that doesn’t
shed.  They may be different breeds and 7 years
difference in their ages,  but they act like they’re
brothers and they truly love one another.  Milo
will often go looking for Benny if he hasn’t seen
him for a bit.  If Milo went outside and Benny
went out with him,  but didn’t come back inside
when he did,  he will go scratching at the door
in here and pacing around in worry until we go
and let Benny back in.  Of course Benny isn’t
always ready to come back inside,  so we will
holler FOOD and he’ll come a running hehehe.
Yep,  they’re silly.  Judy’s youngest daughter is
moving back up here from southern Maine today.
Then we’ll get to see her more often along with
seeing her son and Mandy’s kids (our grandkids)
more often.  Mandy,  Judy’s oldest moved down
here from Northern Maine about a month ago
or so.  We always enjoy seeing the kids.  There’s
not much else going on up this ways.  Just the
same old same old.  Life up in these parts is sort
of quiet,  being we live out in the boonies hehehe.
Judy and I enjoy watching all of our favorite TV
programs together.  We might be poor money
wise,  but we’re rich in our blessings.  God has
kept His Mighty Hands upon us and given us
all that we need.  We do from time get a little
more than we need,  for God is good.  Only He
knows what’s best.  I thank God for giving me
such a wonderful life up here with Judy and the
boys.  I do though miss my family and friends
down south,  but God is always doing what He
knows is best for me.  Sometimes just allowing
me to experience my own self will run ragged,
because He knows lessons will come from it.
It’s my choice,  whether or not I decide to use
those lessons or to continue to make the same
mistakes.  LOL I almost rolled backwards,  but
fortunately for Milo,  I looked first hehehehe.
He’s lying right behind me on a leg of my chair.
Boy he’s trusting or brave LOL!  So I reckon
I need to be ceasing my rambling here and begin
my search back through all that I’ve written here
to see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem.  So,
it’s away I go,  to that lil place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I think I found a good title just a bit back in my
rambling and now after checking, I see that it
has not been used yet,  so here goes nothing :),
but I freaking hope not LOL.

The Middle Part

From here to there
of timeless travel
the middle part
will then unravel.
Showing pathways
there and to
where so many
winds have blew.
For beginning
journeys onward
the middle part
will climb aboard.
Leaving lessons
to attain
the middle part
might seem insane.
Yet of course those
times we’ve seen
might be nightmares
changed to dream.
For the middle part
gathers miles
then to there
as life compiles.
God gives blessings
from the start
to the end
and the middle part.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 24,  2014

LOL,  I know,  the poem’s not that great,  but hey,  you
give it a shot and see what you come up with hehehehe.
I hope my rambling didn’t put you to sleep and you at
least understood the poem to a degree :).  I always write
what words come at that moment.   I never have a clue
of what I am really writing about.  It’s called automatic
writing.  Though often when I’m trying to write a specific
poem,  I will have to stop and think about it for a few
minutes.  It’s one of God’s gifts to me that I share with
you.  You might have a special gift from God that you
are unaware of at this point and time.  Some peoples
gifts don’t expose themselves until they are ready to
use them be it age,  maturity or timeframe in life.  Let
God guide you as you choose your pathways.  He will
give you signs of the wrong directions,  but often our
self will plays the culprit in getting us in places that we
don’t need to be.  That old WANNA FACTOR is a
a demon in all of us.  It’s one we need to take control
of and make better decisions.  Now,  before I begin
rambling again hehehe,  I need to tell you what I tell
you every week and that is,  I wrote some more poems
and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with one of them
being another Christmas poem and one about Judy and
I.  I also wrote 22 more haiku for all of my haiku lovers
out there.  I hope you find one or two of either or both
that you like and carry with you in life.  Now,  I believe
I need to be searching for that dad burned off switch
that’s not so great at hiding hehehe,  but not before
wish you a most wonderful weekend and a blessings
filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves you and we do
too.  Ok,  where are ya hiding ya silly off switch????
I see ya you ornery thing.  You made a slight mistake
didn’t ya hehehe!  Climbing in my orange juice glass
became your folly as I can now see you holding on
for dear life to the edge of the glass.  Ok so out ya go.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S.  Oh yea,  my friend Jimmy Martin in Oregon
passed away Friday the 15th.  I didn’t find out until
a few days ago.  I’ll sure miss his emails.  He was
a very sweet guy and was a good friend of ours for
many years.  I’ll see you in Heaven when my time
comes to join you.  Come and visit us anytime.  You
are no longer confined by flesh and blood and you
are welcome in our home.  We love you Jimmy :).

P.S. yet again :) on a happier note
The brown dog under the table in the pictures
is our granddaughters dog named Peanut.
She looks a bit like Milo and Benny huh!
Of course,   you won’t see it if you’re not
receiving my stationery email hehehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe :)

When Shadows Fade

As time moves onwards
and memories fail
the shadows of pictures
lose their detail.
As doorways we’ve entered
become just a phase
we might just recall them
as our learning days.
Temporal seasons
that one day has seen
might just become as
a momentous dream.
All of the windows
that we have looked through
might now be shadows
not found in our view.
Often our choices
of bad lemonade
in time are better then
when shadows fade.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Tomorrows Yesterdays

Now as today is
found here in view
tomorrow has not yet
really come true.
Changes from stages
we have yet seen
might be reverting
as life’s running stream.
Tomorrows yesterdays
change as we go
for when we get there
they might shrink or grow.
So if you’re worrying
about everything,
try to remember
what changes can bring.
Tomorrows yesterdays
seen now today
might just be worry’s that
don’t come in play.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Falling Through Time

Journeys we’ve hurried
might become bad
for we might find them
better not had.
Time displays things
that we shouldn’t do
yet in a hurry
we fell right through.
Falling through time
with footprints we made
we might just find
our life to degrade.
While seeing every
thing that we’ve done
falling through time
might show bad begun.
Don’t let your falling
to proceed that way.
Let God to help you
with your every day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

When In Fear

If your worries
learn through God to
let them go.
When in fear of
time yet seen
find some peaceful
God cuisine.
Let not worries
grow so large
that they one day
just take charge.
Find the lessons
growing strong
showing right ways
from the wrong.
Time has ways of
showing you
what that you are
needing do.
Lessons from nows
might just be now
when in fear.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Forever Love

Two hearts beating
become one
sounding as a
God filled drum.
Forever love
in streams of time
float on as a
heartfelt rhyme.
Forever found
is so sweet
Heaven’s blessings
none compete.
Forever love
is greater true
when it’s always
found with you.
Not allowing
weathered hearts
to become as
falling parts.
Forever love
is found forgave
still with love
for future days.
Finding heartbeats
two as one
beating love of
seasons sun,

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

Sweet Return

Summer comes
and summer goes
then comes fall
with wind that blows.
Autumns colors
paint each day
then those leaves
are blown away.
After fall
comes wintertime
showing seasons
white sublime.
All the snowflakes
land in place
painting up
the Earthly face.
Then comes spring
as flowers bloom
April,  May
and into June.
Summers doorway
knobs will turn
giving us its
sweet return.
Many swimming
in the waves
of the coming
summers days
The sweet return
turns sour true
when the heat waves
then burn you.
Then it starts
as times attain
fall then winter
with spring rain.
The sweet return
of each day found
soon is weathered
time around.
For they each have
their own time
sweet return
of scenic sign
and we soon will
wish away
what we loved once
day by day.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Sounds You Hear

The dark of night
holds many things
sounds we hear
as running streams.
Sometimes sounds
are found unknown
yet in time
they’ve somehow grown.
The things beyond
our vision clear
might transpose to
sounds we hear.
While not knowing
what that’s heard
we might fear
a little bird.
The dark of night
makes many see
things that aren’t
surely thrive
making sounds
to come alive.
Don’t let darkness
bring you fear.
Find the truth in
sounds you hear

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Wintertime’s Romance

The first seasons snowflakes
all fall from the sky
floating so gracefully
seeming to fly.
The wintertime’s romance
brings mounds of white snow
found in our doorways
seen to and fro.
It seems so magical
as it’s displayed
when Christmas comes
with a snowman that’s made.
A snow angel also
with wings oh so white
in Christmas snow
on a magical night.
Thoughts of dear Jesus
and Santa Claus too
become our foresight
of blessings so true.
Then in the midst of
the seasons attire
there are so many
found warm by a fire.
Watching and waiting
for joys song and dance
found within Christmas
wintertime’s romance.
The glimmers of peaceful
come over the land
while Christmas reminds of
The One oh so grand.
Wintertime’s romance
is greatest to view
when it has Christmastime
living in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Icicles Melt

Cold hearted people
will try to ignore
ones that are knocking
for help on their door.
Cold as icicles
just growing longer
some of them seem as
just growing stronger.
Yet surely prayer can
one day be found
icicles melting
their hearts all around.
It takes some patience
with timeless detail
to melt the hearts
that once were in Hell.
Yet,  surely God’s love
through knees found knelt
can make cold hearted ones
icicles melt.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

Inner Ocean

With ocean waves
of hearts desires
the captions found
as one admires.
The inner ocean
deep and blue
holds the thoughts
of me and you.
With each wave
of timeless notion
there are thoughts
in inner ocean.
Deep with swells
of dreams and more
found upon
the oceans shore.
The inner ocean
thrives with peace
found through love
of God’s release.
Scenes transfixing
in the waves
the inner ocean
then displays.
Sights and sounds
that sway around
the inner ocean
comes aground.
Bringing dreams
within the waves
of you and me.
Each interaction
shows so true
the inner ocean
sea of blue.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

for Aug 23,  2014

The passing of time
reveals misunderstandings
that later perceives.

Looking for answers
might pose a few more questions
instead of answers.

Morning finds many
with some leftover anger
they should of released.

Patterns are gateways
that many will keep using
even if they’re bad.

The length of minutes
is deduced by a person
and how good they wait.

So many shadows
are often found as objects
that are not alive.

Teaching a person
needs for them to want to learn
or it’s just a waste.

Losing perspective
on life that is before you
could cause your demise.

Wintertime’s windows
open up as autumn leaves
soon after summer.

Releasing anger
needs a healthy passageway
so not to explode.

Beyond what is seen
are things taken for granted
that could bring us smiles.

Flying through the air
a hummingbird flaps its wings
so small,  but can fly.

Seeing’s believing,
though true faith without seeing
brings God much closer.

Sunshine of summer
brings heat waves sometimes burning
that often leaves scars.

Ice crystals forming
on wintertime’s discernment
makes many feel cold.

The look of hatred
becomes a real ugly book
with pages ripped up.

God’s love’s unending,
but so many deny Him
by turning away.

Not knowing the truth
will often leave you with lies
that you have been told.

Finding butterflies
in the midst of summertime
makes the days brighter.

Searching for heartbeats
where there is only darkness
might produce sadness.

Today marks a time
that yesterday forecasted
maybe a bit wrong.

Sparkling dewdrops
give way to the days sunshine
as morning is gone.

©By Bill Pearce
Aug 23,  2014

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