Melting Away


Hello my friends

I hope you had a good passed week and
the weekend treated you well.  It’s been
warming up a bit the last few days,  but
of course we did get a little bit of snow
last week,  Thursday to be specific,  but
it’s melting away quickly thanks to the
warmer temps that we have been getting.
Right now it’s 44 F degrees.  Monday’s
high is supposed to be 59 and that is the
day of the eclipse.  We’re ready to take
pictures of it.  We have a camera filter
and glasses to protect our eyes.  We’re
hoping to get some good pictures of the
eclipse.  It’s been a great day today with
the sun shining bright and supposed to
be much of the same tomorrow,  just a
bit warmer than today.  Yep,  winter was
a mild one this season.  I am though very
happy that our mailbox did not get hit
again by the county snow plows.  It does
me in to have to go out and put it back
up.  Many times I’ve had to dig it out
of deep snow in the ditch.   That’s one
of the prices for living up here.  The snow
plows often clip peoples mailboxes while
they are plowing.  LOL mailboxes are
a big selling item during the winters at
Walmart.  Anyways,  I believe that the
worst of winter is over with and spring
has finally begun.  We’ve still got a few
patches of snow lingering around as well
as little pond in front of our house from
all of the melting snow LOL,  but that
will be gone soon if it doesn’t snow again.
So,  There’s not much else to tell ya.  Our
little boy Rocky/our dog is still being his
ornery self hehehe.  We love the boy,  but
he does tend to get on our nerves time to
time always wanting a treat or something.
I told Judy I wish at times that he could
talk,  but then he would be not barking,
but repeatedly saying,  I want a treat, I
want a treat,  I don’t know what I want,
but I want something.  Hehehe,  he then
will say after he has irritated abundantly,
I need to poop or pee,  not sure hehehe.
Yep,  he can be a handful,  but we love
him.  God is still watching over us as He
has from the beginning.  We can feel His
presence around us along with many angels
and kindly spirits that God has sent us to
lend a hand when needed or just to keep
an eye on us.  I’m sure we will have many
problems,  but whatever they might be,
we will be OK.  I pray that you have God
in your life.  May many blessings come
to you as life goes its way.  Thank You
Father God for all that You do and all
that You have done.  Amen and Amen.
Now I do believe it’s time for me to be
reading back over all that I have written
here to see if I can find a word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s new
poem.  So it’s away I go,  to that place of
my recollection that I always like to call
RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think I may have
found me a good title to use right near
the beginning of all my rambling and now
after checking I see that it has not been
used yet,  so used it shall be.  Here goes…

Melting Away

Seconds and minutes
may pass from view
transcending stories
of the old and anew.
Creating passageways
that lead into dreams
as time melts away
and transforms scenes.
Seasons of our sights
might become found
as that of a dripping
or bird chirping sound.
Look with your heart
and take in the views
that God gives to us
to see and to choose.
Find the many blessings
within every day
and let discouragement
start melting away.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 7,  2024

Well,  there ya go.  I hope you liked the
poem and maybe even my rambling LOL.
I can’t think of anything else to tell you
other than what I tell you every week and
that is,  🙂 I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep 10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of the haiku lovers out there.
I hope you can find 1 or 2 of either or both
that you like.  Now I do believe it’s time to
begin my search for that hardly elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a truly
blessings filled week and a good view of the
eclipse 🙂  Remember,  Jesus loves you and
we do too.  Okey dokey,  so where can that
ornery off switch be hiding this time or not.
LOL it’s not that great at hiding ya know 🙂
OK,  so it seems you may have put a little
effort in hiding this time,  but it seems that
you are still failing to be still.  Every time
that you moved you caused my keyboard
cleaner brush to slide and it made a little
bit of a sound that caught my attention.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Rocky
and spirits of Benny and Milo Pearce.

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Now it’s on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Waters Come Calm

 Oceans of desire
can flow as a stream
as waters come calm
to become a dream.
The scenes of waves
might seem to grow,
but if given time
they’ll ebb their flow.
Receding from the
place they had came
to maybe recoil with
the times to attain.
A scenic description
of an ocean of time
flows like waters
of a heavenly rhyme.
Locate the beauty
in a heartbeat’s song
and lose the anger
let waters come calm.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1,  2024

Bridge of Sight

Light of reflection
is created in style
that’s of a moment
a seasonal smile.
Transforming life
to a picture frame
hung upon a wall
that times attain.
Creating the art
of enhanced views
a pond of water
the seconds infuse.
It may seem unreal
in winter white,
but display love
on a bridge of sight.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 1,  2024

Winter’s Train

Snow of a season
transforms a sight
into a time’s story
an essence of white.
Hearts in a rhythm
might sing a song
upon winter’s train
as they travel along.
Songs upon tracks
sung with emotions
following the music
as timeless potions.
A drink of the rails
that fulfills a heart
found upon a train
that’ll never depart.
Traveling mindsets
that blessings attain
may be God given
upon winter’s train.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 2,  2024

Over The Horizon

Our driving minds
might not discern
a pathway or place,
a twist or a turn.
We might drive on
and blindly bestow
all of our ignorance
with places we go.
Some roads of time
might lead nowhere
seasoned from life
not saying prayer.
Don’t be a heathen
without any love,
find your blessings
from God up above.
Don’t be so foolish
to live a sad song,
for God’s living love
is over the horizon.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 2,  2024

Window Frame

We might look out
and see a view
a river that flows
and a sky of blue.
The stage is formed
to show a sight
as a window frame
within daylight.
Searching the scene
as breath of air
we might find
a true living prayer.
Heavenly blessings
a taste of time
can become views
within our mind.
Giving us moments
times to attain
found in life
as a window frame.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2024

Grave of Memories

Life is a doorway
that swings of times
becoming memories
a grave of designs.
We might remember
a loved one of life
that’s of memories
a husband or wife.
They still reside in
our heart and soul
as we remember
the moments of old.
Don’t let their past
to become lost time
for in their spirits
they’re still affined.
Connected as friends
in heartfelt seas
as bodies within
a grave of memories.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 3,  2024

Faintest of Views

Perceiving a sight
of a time or place
can become alive
as life to embrace.
Time driven scenes
a seasonal stage
in snow of white
the coming of age.
As faint memories
that times unveil
views we may find
as stories to tell.
We might not see
what faintly hides
as the snow falls
from cloudy skies.
Yet there may be
the greatest news
found in the times
faintest of views.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2024

An Elusive Past

Recalling instances
seasons of a time
can form shadows
inside your mind.
Elusive memories
of a time and place
might come to life
as a smiling face.
Seeming an illusion
that you remember
still burning bright
as a fire’s ember.
Glowing inside you
as timeless gold
still as a reflection
our minds unfold.
Creating memoirs
of shadows we cast
the bits and pieces
of an elusive past.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 4,  2024

Lifetime of Then

Snow of a doorway
or window of time
might be of scenery
heard in a rhyme.
Passages becoming
the pages of scenes
a lifetime of then
evolving to dreams.
Heartbeats of life
filled with a rhythm
become the songs
seconds have driven.
Seasonal harmony
joins with the wind
reflecting heartbeats
a lifetime of then.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2024

Time To Transform

Mind melding scenery
comes to life within
as the transformations
most surely begin.
Time within its essence
is seen on a clock
transforming moments
with every tick tock.
Winter shows us scenes
that fade from view
as spring comes to life
with moments anew.
The grass yielding color
of green as before
while winter melts away
giving time to explore.
It might seem a dream
that seasons adorn
blessings from Heaven
a time to transform.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 5,  2024

for Apr 6,  2024

Time is comedic
often leading us astray
within the seconds.

Don’t be a person
that lives life in redundance
swimming in circles.

Finding your footing
upon a gravel mountain
is real hard to do.

Time is a preacher
giving lessons from struggles
that some do not learn.

Thriving on a breath
depends upon what you breathe
and when you do it.

Living on the fence
with indecision of life
can prove destructive.

Hiding from others
gives you no chance for friendship,
for you must take risk.

Seeking many doors
might cause for an avalanche,
so don’t be greedy.

Today is a chance
that yesterday gave time for,
so use the chance well.

We are like snowflakes
with differences in us
that some might not see.

Our journeys thru life
can often seem confusing
as we have no map.

Counting the raindrops
that fall from the clouds above
is a waste of time.

Walking in a breeze
can cool you off in summer
or give winter’s chill.

Thinking too deeply
can cause for a tornado
to whirl in your mind.

Tiresome activities
can be formed from redundance,
so try something new.

Living in a rush
can create many problems
that wait could of missed.

Putting down others
might display your ignorance,
so try to be nice.

Candles in the wind
will surely lose their flicker
if they’re not careful.

Destinations in life
can often become deadly
if we walk in flames.

Change can be real good
if it’s not hurried into
and it’s thought out well.

When in confusion
take a breath within a prayer
and then ask for help.

Treating ones with love
will in turn reflect to you
by others in life.

©By Bill Pearce
Apr 6,  2024

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