Pictures To Explore


Hello my friends

How have you been?  This passed week including the week
before has been a bit on the wintery side.  I slipped and fell
on our front steps the week before last and busted my butt
AGAIN.  It had snowed and I was going out to retrieve the
rug that we had put out to dry and it seems that the shoes
that I had on had no traction whatsoever to my surprise and
I went sailing down the steps landing on my buttocks with a
crashing sound which Judy heard from inside hehehe.  She
came to the door with Benny and Milo and said,  “are you
OK”?  I said,  “nope and HELP,  my shoes won’t let me
get any traction and I can’t get back up the steps hehehe”.
I ended up putting my feet into the arm railing brace and
pushing myself up to the doorway and then grabbing the
inside of the door and pulling myself in.  I have a nasty
bruise on my behind that sort of resembles the one that
I got last year from almost the very same epidemic LOL.
I guess I should one day learn that when there is ice or
snow to be seen or known of,  I should where shoes that
I know have traction and not just assume that they do :).
So,  that maybe explains why I didn’t write anything last
week huh hehehe.  It hurt quite a bit to sit down hehehe.
Well,  my butt doesn’t hurt quite as bad this week,  but
it’s still got a big bruise on it as Judy commented on it
last night to the boys LOL.  So,  it’s onto another topic.
The weather is on the chilly side.  It got down to about
28 F degrees last night and right now at 12 PM it’s only
41 F degrees.  Not too bad!  We still have a ton of snow
on the ground,  but much of it has melted away in the
last few days.  I’m sure it will be replenished in the next
week or so hehehe.  Winter has just begun :).  Right now
it looks as though it could rain or snow any moment now,
but it’s not in the weather forecast.  Milo is on our bed
taking a nap and Benny just strolled in here to see me
and has now curled up in a doggie bed on the floor right
beside me.  I guess when I went in there a minute ago
to open the door and take a few pictures,  he figured it
was time to leave his perch on the recliner and come in
here with me.  He wanted to go with Judy this morning,
but he and his brother had to stay home with daddy :).
Judy is doing her Sunday tradition over at her sisters
house taking care of her mom.  The boys have sort of
gotten used to it,  but this passed week Judy has been
having to go over and watch her mom quite a bit being
Dennis and Trudy had doctors appointments to go to
and all.  I’ve scheduled to get the oil changed in our
car this week along with me finally finding a doctor
that will take me as a patient and I have my first visit
this week.  I hope it goes well.  I have a few things that
I’m needing looked at such as this large lump on my
my shoulder and a mole that seems to have gotten a
bit larger on my back.  Oh well,  maybe it’s nothing :)!
So what else is going on around this place?  Hmmmm,
OH Yea,  Judy bought a DVD rack that just came in
the mail the other day and she was putting it together
last night.  It’s strictly a one man/woman job hehehe.
She’s a lot better at doing stuff like that being that
I can’t see very well and my big hands tend to get
in the way all of the time LOL.  Those tiny screws
and nails are hard for someone like me to work with.
Judy’s real good at putting those things together :).
I’m good at keeping our PC’s running and keeping
us and the boys fed hehehehe.  Judy and I do from
time to time switch off on who does dinner and all
and that’s nice.  It still looks wintery cold outside
even though it is only 41 F degrees LOL.  I know,
to many of you out there,  41 F degrees is freaking
cold,  but to us it’s just but the beginning hehehe.
No,  I’m not part Polar Bear hehehe.  I just bundle
up more to stay warm.  Of course in here with the
PC’s and radiator heater it stays nice and toasty.
We’ve had a 100 gallons of heating oil delivered
the other day and our landlord came and put a new
valve on our furnace to get it working again,  so now
I’m not so worried about the water freezing up in the
kitchen and the bathroom in the spare room at the
other end of the house.  Thank God that the gas
and oil prices have gone down.  My sources tell me
that they will continue to go down on into 2015 and
maybe start rising a bit around the middle of the
year,  but who really knows.  My info tells me that
our gas and oil consumption has been less than
they had predicted and they have found other oil to
add to the stock pile which is now fairly large,  so
the prices go down per barrel which in turn brings
gas and oil prices down for us at the pumps.  That
in my book is great.  It sure helps us with our small
budget hehehe.  So that’s my insight on that subject.
What else is there to talk about.  LOL I just went
to the kitchen to get me another Mountain Dew and
Benny followed me and is now parked right in front
of the door once again waiting for his mom to come
home.  I’m sure he’ll end up back in here as the day
moves on.  She won’t be home until late tonight as
usual or as it has been.  She might surprise us and
pull up in the driveway earlier,  but we never know.
Benny will most assuredly let me know when she’s
home hehehe.  There’s no need for the doorbell :).
He’ll be raising a ruckus in there LOL.  Milo will
be found following suit as he sees the reason for
Benny’s yelping LOL.  Hey, I’m seeing a few small
breaks in the clouds.  Yes,  blue skies do exist LOL.
The old sun is even peeking out a bit,  but it’s gone
now.  Oh well,  it was short but sweet hehehe.  It’s
supposed to get down to 24 F degrees by Monday
morning.  The sun has poked its head out again and
I got a few pictures of it.  When I opened the door to
take pictures,  Benny let me know that he wanted to
go outside for a bit,  so I let him.  I’ll check on him
in a bit.  Milo is still fast asleep on our bed.  More
to the point he’s on my side of the bed hehehe.  Oh
well,  I’m not using it at the moment LOL.  I hear
snoring coming from in there hehehe.  He’s sawing
logs.  Oh yea,  Milo turned 10 years old on Oct 31
Halloween :).  He’s an old codger like me hehehe.
In dog years,  he’s maybe 54 years old which is
just 4 years younger than me LOL.  He still likes
me to play with him and Benny can still every once
in a while coax him into playing chase hehehehe.
They might not be related blood wise,  but they do
act like brothers.  They look out for one another.
My stomach is growling at me.  It might be near
time for me to fix me and the boys something to eat.
I might fix us some eggs and bacon,  but who knows.
It’s not like they’re starving.  They have a pan of
dried dog food in the floor if they are feeling the
munchies hehehe.  Milo had to go to the bathroom
and so I let him out and Benny passed Milo as he
ran back inside hehehehe.  Milo of course did his
thing and was back up the steps ready to go back in.
Benny tried to block him from coming inside and
Milo pushed through him just like always and they
began their little side by side race on through the
kitchen and into here :).  Milo is in a doggie bad
in the floor beside me and after checking,  Benny
is on our bed now.  Of course Milo hopped up the
minute I got up to look and now they’re both on
our bed making themselves comfortable hehehe.
They are a mess hehehehe.  It has gotten up to
43 F degrees now,  but I think that’s as high as
it’s gonna get today.  Winter has pushed autumn
out of the way and moved in for the kill hehehe.
I wonder how much snow we will get this winter
as well as how low the temperatures will go LOL.
I guess it doesn’t really matter.  We will have to
deal with whatever comes our way,  just as you
will have to deal with whatever comes your way.
Some states have typhoons,  tropical storms and
hurricanes and some have tornadoes,  while some
have fires,  landslides and Earthquakes and there
are some states with droughts and fires.  I’m sure
there are many other things that I cannot think
of,  but ya see my point.  We have cold winters
and a lot of snow.  We deal with it as best that we
can.  There’s no place that’s perfect which brings
me to this question.  Why do they call Florida
the sunshine state?  It has more hurricanes and
rain than any state according to what I see on
the weather channel LOL.  They should call it
the rainy state and I’m beginning to think they
need to start calling Maine,  Little Alaska LOL.
None the less,  I thank God for all of the beauty
that comes before my eyes.  The seasons shake
their magic wands over the lands and demonstrate
God’s mighty artwork.  Each day is a mystery as
pages unfold.  It’s God’s book with pictures to
explore.  I love to head out with camera in hand
and attempt to capture the paintings before my
eyes.  I know my photos will never come close
to what God displays in a moment,  but I still
try.  God’s had before the beginning of time to
get His artwork perfected and He shows that to
me every day.  Thank you God for all that You
do and all that You will do,  for I know, You know
best.  Now I believe it’s time for me to take my
little journey back through all that I’ve written
here to see if I can find a good word or phrase
that I can use for the title for today’s brand new
poem.  So,  it’s away I go to that place of my
recollection I always like to call RECOLLECT
VILLE.  I think I found a decent title just a bit
back on what I wrote,  so let’s see what I can
do with it.  Here goes!

Pictures To Explore

The wonders of the world
are there to see
pictures to explore
that God gave for free.
The magical places
where colors reside
pictures to explore
that can’t be denied.
The seasons come shining
their own little way
pictures to explore
in our day to day.
With each and every page
in the essence of time
pictures to explore
God displays so fine.
The wonders of the world
are found put in place
pictures to explore
decorated with grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 9,  2014

I hope you enjoyed my rambling.  Sorry I was gone last week,
but that might happen from time to time,  being the fact that
I’m human and do get sick,  tired,  etc, etc.  Hopefully I have
many more years to write,  but if not,  then so be it.  I hope
and pray that something I have written helps you with your
daily struggles.   The boys are sound asleep or at least Milo
is hehehe.  When I peeked in on them,  Benny raised his head
up and looked at me.  Milo’s sawing logs LOL.  He’s our little
lumberjack hehehe.  I bet he cuts up at least a cord or two in
his dreams LOL.  None the less,  they are our lil boys and we
love them dearly :).  We thank God for them every day.  Yes,
they do get on our nerves from time to time,  but for the most
part I couldn’t imagine life without their little toothy grins hehe.
I know dogs lifespans are much shorter than ours,  but I thank
God for the time that we have with them.  They show the truth
of forgiveness.  They love us unconditionally.  Is that something
that you can honestly say that you do?  I think not!  We all have
our conditions whether we’re aware of them or want to admit
them or not.  As humans,  we tend to expect love in return and
when it doesn’t happen,  we walk on.  If we’ve been spanked
for something we’ve done,  we’re not quick to let it go,  but a
dog will.  Here’s a silly little analogy and that’s all it is,  so do
not do this,  I repeat,  DO NOT DO THIS.  (If you locked your
spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car,  which do you think
would be happy and forgiving?  The dog of course!  Your spouse
might have ideas of payback LOL.)  Anyways,  DON’T DO IT!
Ok so I reckon it’s time for me to be telling you what I tell you
almost every week and that is I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems with 3 of them being sort of
Christmassy.  Also once again I wrote 22 more haiku for all of
my haiku lovers out there.  I hope you find something from
either or both that you like.  Now it’s time for me to begin my
search for that not so elusive off switch,  but not before I wish
you a wonderful weekend and God filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  So now,  where is that dad gum
off switch hiding this week.  It’s had an extra week to find it
a decent hiding place.  BUT,  as I can see now very clearly,
it didn’t use that time for nothing but to freaken sleep and why
do you think that I think that,  you ask?  It’s sleeping on my
ESC button right here in plain sight.  Wake up you silly thing.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Looking Off

When out searching
sought within
things might seem
to just begin.
Doorways open
day and night
some as wrong
and some as right.
Looking off though
might perceive
sights we find
that cause to grieve.
Wanting others
lives we’ve found
to be ours
next time around.
Yet when faced
with all they’ve got
looking off
might be Hell bought.
Let your wanting
daily stride
live and breathe
with good inside.
Looking off
will maybe show
others lives
that you don’t know.
For their hearts
and days desires
might just be
some Hellish fires.
Hidden from
the world to see
looking off
is all they’ll be.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8 2014

Useless Waiting

Hours and days
that minutes tick on
useless ones wait
from dusk until dawn.
Waiting impatiently
uselessly so
as time might seem
to them way too slow.
Useless waiting
can become
time constrained
what could be done.
Don’t just sit
and wait around
seen so useless
daily found.
Use the time
that God gave you
to find you something
good to do.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

The Snow That Fell

With winters winds
comes other sights
what’s blown in
the days and nights.
So many scenes
that come alive
with winters winds
and chilling drive.
Some flakes of white
might fall to find
echoes of
sweet Christmastime.
The snow that fell
might then be seen
as a moments
Christmas dream.
With blissful thoughts
alive and well
Christmas finds
the snow that fell.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

The Sway

Mind over matter
as time is perceived
some find the sway
from what they’ve believed.
Challenging moments
might come into play
when many gather
to just do the sway.
Without first learning
how things might just be
some do the sway
a bit out of key.
Lessons from others
that stumble around
might find the sway
with only a frown.
The sway of life
is only true blue
if what you show
is living in you.
Let God to Help you
find who you are
and then be the sway
of God’s shining star.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

Left Is Right

When our journeys
find an end
there’s a new one
around the bend.
Left is right ways
journeys time
with some footsteps
found in line.
Right might find a
wrongful sight
and left might be
what’s really right.
It’s the timeframes
that we see
those directions
found to be.
Right might be the
way to go,
but left might be the
better flow.
Sometimes our own
narrow sight
does not see that
left is right.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

November Snow

So early this season
the snow surely fell
finding perceptions
of winters detail.
November snow
with a wonderful hue
white snow now glitters
a skyline of blue.
Yet the clouds above
surely now only show
the sight of more falling
of November snow.
The weather’s now colder
as winter is found
early this year now
with snow on the ground.
November snow
in a midseason sight
shows me so awesome
the color of white.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

Lights of Christmas

With the twinkling lights
of Decembers hues
the lights of Christmas
display the news.
Christmassy scenery
set all aglow
sometimes amidst
some fresh fallen snow.
The lights of Christmas
with jingling bells
and Christmas songs
the season foretells.
The lights all glittering
glowing all night
display the beauty
of Christmas delight.
Stories of Santa
and his Christmas sleigh
flying in the sky
a magical way.
With the lights of Christmas
all guiding his flight
he makes his journey
on Christmas eve night.
Then you might hear
a jingling sound
bells on his reindeer
when he comes to town.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

Sunshine On Snow

Reflections of sunshine
on a snow covered ground
can be so blinding
you can’t look around.
The sunshine on snow
reflects oh so bright
even in the darkness
with only moonlight.
The beauty is endless
as snow covers all
after the season
of leaves colored fall.
God gives this beauty
for us to partake
the sunshine on snow
in a billowy wake.
Snow drifts of blessings
from here to afar
becomes a picture
of God’s shining star.
Sunshine on snow
is a wonderful view
as it’s reflecting
a magical hue.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

Christmas Reason

Thoughts of Jesus
come to mind
when I think of
Christmas reason
falls in place
when we find we’re
saved by grace.
Winters doorways
open wide
letting Christmas
come inside.
Bringing blessings
from The Son
Christmas reason
has begun.
With each heartbeat
you and I
Christmas reason
tells us why.
Love and passion
is so true
given free
to me and you..
Find the blessings
of this season
found within
the Christmas reason.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

The Ocean of Mind

As waves of emotion
with sands giving way
the ocean of mind
has so much to say.
Yet many people
hold waves deep inside
their ocean of mind
so painful applied.
Each with a rhythm
of rolling amount
holding in every
moments account.
The ocean of mind
has depths so to say
sometimes beneath
each hearts crashing wave.
Don’t let the ocean
of mind to drowned you.
Look for the answers
through God oh so true.
You’ll see the journey
as waves come ashore
when the ocean of mind
finds answers to soar.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

for Nov 8,  2014

As we may daydream
some realities might shone
and make us depressed.

Today displays time
in a mysterious way
that we might not see.

Too many choices
can create many problems,
so keep it simple.

When tumbleweeds blow
they often become larger
as they might unite.

Allowing bad thoughts
can cause an intense landslide
as troubles rush in.

Looking in mirrors
does not always show the truth
of what’s deep inside.

With just but a breath
God put life inside our hearts
and gave us free will.

When looking outwards
our inwards sights get clouded
and we lose ourselves.

Emotions of rain
give a last minute rainbow
as a smile from God.

As fall says farewell
we find winter winds blowing
bringing us some snow.

Tree limbs with snowflakes
become artwork of winter
as more snow gathers.

With a simple choice
your life can be good or bad,
so use common sense.

As today finds end
it leaves shadows of itself
found within our minds.

When a page is turned
it might find redundancy
later in the book.

Searching for snowflakes
finds me staring at the stars
in the dark of night.

Within our worries
holds the choice for acceptance
to God’s Will be done.

When found in pity
look around you at others
and see how they smile.

Sometimes a problem
is but only a molehill
and not a mountain.

What might seem as bad
could turn out to be the best
hidden in the rough.

Looks of a liar
are often within their eyes
as they drift about.

A journey of words
begins with some syllables
and some emotion.

There are many clowns
with their smiles just painted on
hiding every frown.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 8,  2014

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