All Things Are Possible


Hello my friends

How’ve ya been?  We’ve been doing pretty well.  I finally found
an MD doctor and he has taken me on as a new patient.   Last
Tuesday was my first visit.  I gave them all of my transcripts
from Medical city to copy.  Boy they loved me for that hehehe.
I’ve gotta hang onto them myself being they are from 1994-
95 and they only hang onto records for 10 years or that is what
I was told.  The lady looked at the large folder of doctors notes
and went sheesh hehehe.  I said sorry,  she said it’s OK LOL.
Anyways,  I have a male MD and he is talking about having
this lump taken off of my shoulder and a few moles off of my
back of course after he makes sure that they’re not cancerous.
I’m scheduled to see him again in January.  I just hope all of
that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  OH well,  it’s gotta be
done.  I have many other things that I will have him focusing
on that I hope he can help me with,  but many things that I’m
sure he can’t do no more than my previous doctors.  Oh well.
Life goes on or at least it does in some form of existence :).
I’m not afraid of dying.  I’ve been there knocking at the door
and from what I saw it was very peaceful,  but it was not my
time and so I lived.  Now,  what else is there to talk about?
We’ve still got white stuff on the ground.  It’s been lightly
snowing most of the day and me and the boys went out for
a little stroll in the field.  Ok so it turned out to be just me
a Benny being that Milo wasn’t crazy about the idea of
going out there,  but he did come out a little ways before
turning around to head back home hehehe.  Benny on the
other hand did as always,  just bounced around as he went
exploring and when I was ready to head back,  I had to
keep hollering,  BENNY COME ON,  IT’S TIME TO
HEAD BACK.  He would start running towards me but
just as a child with ADHD he tends to get distracted by
the littlest things such as a clump of grass or a mound of
snow and I’ve gotta keep reminding him that it’s time to
head back to the house hehehehe.  Milo by that time was
already on the front steps barking saying he’s ready to
go back inside LOL.  It was sort of cold,  but nothing
that compared to what it will be in next few weeks LOL.
Right now at 3:00 PM it’s 32 F degrees.  It was around
17 F degrees this morning.  Again,  nothing compared
to what it will be in the near future hehehe.  Judy and I
were talking about the weather just the other day and
she reminded me that it’s still considered Autumn/FALL
and winter hasn’t officially gotten here yet :).  Of course
there’s nary a tree with any leaves left to fall other than
of course the Evergreens that stay green all year long
and they don’t really have leaves.  It’s just me and the
boys again if ya haven’t guessed by now LOL.  Judy’s
doing her weekly thing :).  Me and the boys use it as
guy time hehehe.  OK,  so they’re dogs,  they are our
boys.  If anyone was to stand and listen outside our
door they would think we were talking to real kids :).
The sky has cleared up a bit.  Benny just now started
raising a ruckus because he heard a car outside,  but
it was just the neighbors.  I held him up to the door
and let him have a look.  That shut him up hehehehe.
Milo is sound asleep in floor next to me.  He didn’t
pay Benny no mind LOL.  I think he knew it was way
too early for mom to be home :).  Before Judy headed
out this morning,  I decided to lie back down for a bit
being I hadn’t gotten much sleep due to my freaken
restroom breaks and arthritis.  Milo hopped up in the
bed with me and then shortly thereafter Benny came
looking for a spot beside me LOL.  Judy through them
a kiss goodbye and gave me a kiss and me and the boys
laid there for a little while,  but being that my intestines
were still acting up quite a bit,  I decided to get up and
then they followed.  My intestines and arthritis are two
things that the doctor will not be able to help me with.
Believe me I know LOL.  After 2 decades of having to
deal with the issues,  I have just accepted them as part
of life hehehe.  Of course not the good part,  but part
of it none the less LOL.  Tonight at 8 o’clock I’ve
gotta set the DVR to record North Woods Law.  Judy
should be home soon enough to watch Finding Bigfoot.
It’s not on until 10 o’clock.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve
seen The Hunt for Hogzilla at 9 hehehe.  It’s already
getting dark outside and it’s only 4:15.  The day just
seemed to fly by.  I’m sure that the closer to winter
it gets the lesser of sunlight we’ll be seeing.  That’s
how it is.  Of course it’s nothing like Barrow Alaska
that now only has maybe 3 hours of daylight hehehe.
Fairbanks AK has only 6 hours of daylight right now.
Yeppers,  that would make for a short day and the
days get even shorter.  Alaskan summers might have
near 23 hours of daylight with just a brief encounter
with night hehehe.  That would be hard to get used
to,  but I reckon if I could get used to this weather
up here in Maine, I could get used to Alaska,  but
I would rather NOT hehehe.  LOL,  I had to put up
the fence in our bedroom to keep Benny from going
in the living room and barking at every car that he
heard :).  Him and Milo are both lying down in the
floor beside me now.  It’s looking like we might get
some sleet,  freezing rain and snow tomorrow.  I hope
Judy hasn’t got anywhere she’s gotta go.  The snow
isn’t near as bad as the freezing rain and sleet in my
book.  Milo is snoring away hehehe.  He’s sawing
logs.  If we had a fireplace I’d say Milo,  save a few
logs for the fire LOL.  Fireplaces and mobile homes
don’t work well together hehehe.  My stomach is
starting to talk to me.  Judy and I had breakfast
before she left,  but that has already gone through
my system and exited hehehe.  I might fix me and
the boys something to eat if I get time,  otherwise
I’ll wait until Judy gets home tonight.  In any case
I’ve gotta go to the kitchen and fetch me another
soda water.  I’m back!  Benny is now sleeping on
our bed or he was.  When I came through,  he sat
up and watched me as I went to the kitchen and
back,  then he laid back down.  I gave him a little
pat on the head :).  This household is most surely
held in God’s Hands.  Yes,  sin still functions as it
will,  but we are forgiven through His Son’s Grace.
Ones that think that they never sin are sorely blind,
for even just a mere unclean thought is sin,  but we
are forgiven through Jesus.  LOL I would maybe
already have this all written if I didn’t have to run
to the bathroom ever 15 minutes hehehe.  Here’s
my Christmas wish.   All I want for Christmas is
a colon and some sleep :).  Ok,  so I’d like to have
a little less arthritis too hehehe.  Oh well,  I guess
I’ll settle for some Christmas snow HoHoHo :).
Of course,  since we moved up here,  we have had
a white Christmas every year and often a white
Easter hehehe.  I love snow,  but hate the ice that
follows when it melts and refreezes.  No matter!
I am happy that God has brought Judy and her
family into my life and most grateful for these boys
that God has given us.  I know that,  with God,  all
things are possible.  Judy bought me that plaque
a few years ago and it’s hanging right in between
us.  It’s a good reminder that He is in control and
what seems bad to us,  might just be a lesson to
learn or a way to bring others together.  Our view
on life is very slim,  for we don’t see the whole
picture.  All of my passed struggles have made
me stronger,  for if back then I had to go through
what I am going through today with health issues,
I don’t think I could of handled it.  God will not
allow more than we can handle.  It’s us that puts
our limitations on what we can handle and often
ones will give up.  We see life as a long period
of time,  but to God,  life within our fleshly bodies
is but just a moment.  Heaven is forever.  Now,
I think I have gone and rambled quite enough and
it’s time for me to begin my little quest for a word
or phrase to use as a title for today’s brand new
poem,  so it’s away I go to that little place of my
recollection through all that I’ve written here,
in search of a good title from that place that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  Hey,
it looks like I found a good title that I haven’t
already used,  so here goes.

All Things Are Possible

When struggles seem endless
as time moves along
all things are possible
with God dusk to dawn.
When peace is not displayed
and anger is found
all things are possible
with God’s solid ground.
When sickness is upon you
with health wished to find
all things are possible
with a God peace of mind.
When you’re with sadness
of the loss of a life
all things are possible
with God’s shining light.
When someone’s harmed you
and left you in pain
all things are possible
with peace to attain.
When right now shows storm clouds
with lightning and thunder
all things are possible
to fill us with wonder.
When you’re days ended
and you’re needing fresh air
all things are possible
with God through a prayer.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 16,  2014

I hope you enjoyed my rambling and all as well as
maybe even the poem.  Hopefully my poem made at
least a little sense to you.  I had to stop mid poem
and let Milo outside to go potty and Benny went out
too.  Milo came right back in as always,  but Benny
is still out there exploring LOL.  I guess I will stop
here and go see if Benny is ready to come inside :).
OK,  I’m back and Benny was sitting on the steps
and ready to come in.  Milo came with me to check
on Benny and they joined up and ran side by side
all the way back here through the kitchen and our
bedroom LOL.  They do love each other and look
out for one another.  I just gave them both some
duck jerky.  That’ll tide them over till I can get
this done and feed them.  I had to stop once again
and fill their 4 1/2 gallon water jug hehehehehe.
They have a 2 1/2 gallon water bowl jug in the
bedroom.  but they tend to forget about it until
they are in there sleeping or something LOL :).
Anyways,  they are taken care of now and maybe
just maybe I can get this finished without too
many more interruptions hehehe.  So without
any further ado,  it’s time to tell you what I tell
you almost every week and that is,  I wrote
some more poems and haiku.  Yep,  10 more
poems with a little addition hehehehe.  Like
5 more poems.  Hey,  I was in a writing mood.
Anyways,  so I wrote 15 poems this week and
5 of them are Christmas poems.  Yes,  I also
wrote one extra haiku hehehe and so I wrote
23 in all for all of my haiku lovers out there
I hope you can find one or two of either or
both that you like.  Now,  it’s time for me to
begin my search for that not so elusive off
switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful weekend or at least what’s left of
it and a Blessings filled week.  Remember,
Jesus loves you and we do too.  Now,  where
is that off switch hiding this week?  LOL
I saw it but it was sort of weird.  It’s hiding
in my glasses case and it looks like it might
of got stuck.  Hehehe next time make sure
that you fit ya silly thing.  Gotcha,  see ya
CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill and Judy Pearce

P.S. Two of the poems are written about Judy and I
with one of the two also about Benny and Milo :).
I also wrote one poem just about the boys hehehe.

Now on with the poems and haiku
10+5 and 22 hehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Books Of Time

Stages set to
pages turned
books of time are
then discerned.
Read as journals
words of time
and some might then
even rhyme.
It’s our books
as worded phrase
that connects
our future days.
Scenes encountered
times expose
might be highs
or maybe lows.
Books of time
might just be seen
as a wishful
moments dream.
Yet some pages
that we read
books of time
might fill our need.
Words from passed days
own design
might show hope
in books of time.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

As Snowflakes Fall

While looking outside
I see a whitish color
wintertime’s arrival
as snowflakes will flutter.
Blowing in the breeze
like some little butterflies
as snowflakes fall
from those wintery skies.
Scenes start transposing
as time moves along
and I find myself
singing a little Christmas song.
The joy of the snowflakes
is found Christmastime
within all the blueprints
of its own design.
As snowflakes fall
my heart beats faster
seeking for that moment
that lives forever after.
A Christmas remembrance
that wins over all
is enlightened by the minutes
as snowflakes fall.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

A Misty Day

The view is weak
while I seek sight
a misty day
and misty night.
The distant view
seems lesser now
from what surely
mist will allow
The stage is set
with night to come
a misty day
without much sun.
My view outside
is shadows gaze
through the mist
with less sunrays.
The time moves on
as I sit here
a misty day
year after year.
My view gets less
as time moves on
a misty day
seeks newer dawn.
Through the night
the mist will stay
to come again
a misty day.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

Four Legged Brothers
(Benny and Milo)

Two dogs as our boys
will play through the night
four legged brothers
that God did unite.
They are our children
with hearts full of love
they’re not the same breed
but they fit like a glove.
Two dogs as our boys
in wintertime’s day
trudge on through the snow
while together they play.
Their ages are distant
with seven years apart
but they act just like brothers
with a similar heart.
Four legged brothers
we will love forever
as we watch them always
playing together.
Even while sleeping
they’re together with love
while we watch smiling
thanking God up above.
Those four legged brothers
of God’s Own design
came to be with us
and surely entwine.
We watch them always
with smiles on our face
four legged brothers
God gave with His Grace.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

In My Head

I hear songs
of Christmas time
in my head
that great design.
All those songs
to sing around
heart and soul
from town to town.
In my head
I clearly view
all those songs
we sang so true.
Younger years
with mom and dad,
sister too
and oh so glad.
Us found singing
songs so sweet
was such a treat.
Dad put train tracks
around the tree
and turned the train on
and set it free.
Around and around
it chugged along
while we sang
a Christmas song.
In my head
I still can find
that great feeling
of Christmastime.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

A Simple Guess

With right or wrong
and what we’ve had
a simple guess
can turn out bad.
Not first checking
left or right
a simple guess
might dynamite.
Check with others
firstly so
before you let
your guess to blow.
A simple guess
might turn out good,
yes thank God
and knock on wood.
But a guess
so simply made,
might be found
a bad crusade.
So if you’re knowledge
isn’t best,
ask for help,
put guess to rest.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

Our Christmas Tree

With lights all glowing
great to see
December brought
our Christmas tree.
That wondrous music
I could hear
around our tree
we sung sincere.
Our Christmas tree
brought smiling faces
way back when
as time embraces.
Hearts all warmed
by Christmastime
our Christmas tree
brought wondrous rhyme.
Songs of beauty
God so sweet
and His Son
with love complete.
Our Christmas tree
gave memories
that are now
as deep blue seas.
Oceans of waves
that I remember
our Christmas tree
each great December.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

Point The Way

Lord God Almighty
point the way
show me what to
do and say.
Help me find my
right direction.
Point the way to
my correction.
God I thank You
for Your Hand
always there
to help me stand.
Point the way Lord
where to go,
because Dear Jesus
I don’t know.
I’m a sinner
by and by
for I’m human
life applied.
Help me Jesus
to be strong
and do right
and not so wrong.
Point the way
my Lord above
show me grace
that’s filled with love.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

Searching For Peaceful

Often my footsteps
make footprints in place
searching for peaceful
to put on my face.
Searching through minutes
of moments design
to take a glimmer
and make it as mine.
For often peaceful
is not clearly seen
but just some hopeful
that’s found in a dream.
Nobodies peaceful
for all of the time.
There will be moments
as minutes land mine.
So we all search on
sometimes in the dark
trying to find peaceful
that we can embark.
Searching for peaceful
is much easier done
when you have help from
Lord God’s Only Son.
So when your peaceful
has left out the door
look up to Heaven
and pray for some more.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

Snow Trodden Footprints

Within my journeys
in the snow
I saw some footprints
where I go.
It seemed those footprints
mimicked mine
step by step
and time to time.
Snow trodden footsteps
clear as day
seemed to go
within my way.
Then I noticed
something strange
all those footprints
didn’t change.
They were my size
sure to fact
and they fit me
so exact.
Then I noticed
something more
things I passed
were same before.
Those were made
by only me
snow trodden footprints
I could see.
Then I looked on
clear in sight
saw where lefts ways
should turn right.
I had gone in
circles true,
but lights to home
were still in view.
I headed for our
front porch light
then by evening
edge of night.
I was tired from
that suspense
that I walked
snow trodden footprints.

©By Bill Pearce 🙂
Nov 12,  2014

Two Souls

With miles found to travel
two souls found a way
to bond them together
and change their display.
They united through poetry
and grew to a shine
that was the beginning
of two souls in time.
Their heartbeats grew stronger
as they journeyed on
from Maine unto Texas
with a new mornings dawn.
The two souls I speak of
are ones that you know,
you and I together
with each day to grow.
We’ve found many patterns
in our lives to change,
but after a long while
they seem not so strange.
You and I together
found two dogs so fine
and they’re as our children
we love all the time.
Two souls were so distant,
but now have earned more
with us all together
seeing what’s now in-store
Those boys are so loving
as we continue to grow
You and I together
with Benny and Milo.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13,  2014

To Judy Pearce
(and Benny and Milo)
From Bill Pearce

Through Poetry

What began through poetry
turned into two hearts
uniting through syllables
as God’s work or art.
Our words found a journey
that neither had known
and then through poetry
new life was grown.
With distance between us
the miles went away
as poetry showed us
a wonderful day.
We found through poetry
two hearts now as one
as God showed us blessings
that came from His Son.
Our love was magnified
as we donned our rings
that then through poetry
had turned amazing.
We’ve spent many years now
with love you and me
that we found so long ago
through poetry.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13,  2014

To Judy Pearce
From Bill Pearce

December Begins

While November shadows
still show on the ground
December is waiting
to surely be found.
Time displays memories
that autumn’s recorded
showing the magic that
time has rewarded.
It’s through the seasons
of time and agin
that we might surely
see snow to transcend.
Then as December begins
and gets on its way
Christmas comes closer
with day after day.
Many decorations
will light up the nights
as December begins with
Christmas delights.
So many are waiting
for snow to fall down
with feelings of Christmas
as it comes to town.
Then as the season
grabs hold with its wins
Christmas comes surely
when December begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 13,  2014

A Shadow of Christmas

With a shadow of Christmas
ones seek to remember
those special timeframes
found in December.
As the minutes tick faster
they find such a glimpse
with music then playing
a Christmas past tense.
The scenes come alive
as minutes tick faster
with a shadow of Christmas
that many are after.
So many still recall
their yesterdays at glance
with a shadow of Christmas
with its song and dance.
The family togetherness
of so long ago
is a shadow of Christmas
some see in the snow.
Christmas lights all twinkling
as the season comes alive
makes a shadow of Christmas
to always survive.
Many generations
of a Christmastime review
makes a shadow of Christmas
still live in me and you.
Those times we remember
when much younger we were
makes a shadow of Christmas
to once again occur.
Using all those memories
of our lives long ago
makes a shadow of Christmas
much more than shadow.
Becoming as a new day
that allows memories
a shadow of Christmas
can rustle like the leaves.
Coming alive with blessings
and letting it to shine
makes a shadow of Christmas
become more sublime.
So as the seasons move on
and Christmastime is found
let a shadow of Christmas
help the magic come to town.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15,  2014

Lingering Lullabies

Deep in a dream world
of wishes come true
lingering lullabies
will come into view.
Scenes found so magical
as oceans of fishes
come from the lingering
lullabies wishes.
When our reality
is filled with nightmares
lingering lullabies
make chocolate éclairs.
Sweetness of dreamworld
and blessings so fine
lingering lullabies
show their design.
It’s when those lullabies
are journeys complete
that they are lingering
dreamlands of sleep.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 15,  2014

for Nov 12,  2014

Searching for snowflakes
might give a crick in your neck
due to looking up.

As many gather
the differences might change
as likeness occurs.

Yesterdays turmoil
might repeat many timeframes
if it is ignored.

Little bitty things
in some enormous places
might be important.

Morning brings sunrise
that might be hidden by clouds,
but yet still be there.

Living on the edge
could lead to your destruction,
so back off a bit.

Some sounds in the night
might be mistaken for bad,
when it’s just the wind.

Many people lie
losing sight of what is true
and end up lonely.

Years often pass by
leaving many in the dark
without not a clue.

Meandering thoughts
bring about endless rubbish
unless words make sense.

An early winter
awakens the scenery
filling it with snow.

Letting laziness
to create your excuses
will soon be exposed.

Without exercise
the body’s wither away
making us weaklings.

Being popular
might be good for a moment,
but it can get old.

Lessons from our past
can be teachers for others
to show right from wrong.

Living in a dream
might turn into a nightmare
if you don’t wake up.

Many challenges
come as sticking with the truth
and not a facade.

Life is like a rose
for we must deal with some thorns
to see the beauty.

Focusing on war
dilutes the vision of peace
that needs common ground.

Dominoes await
the constant falling structure
to start their journey.

An ocean breeze dream
comes as a mere memory
from passed days gone by.

Waiting for others
might find you standing in rain
as some don’t hurry.

When our peace is vague
let God help distinguish it
to find the blessings.

©By Bill Pearce
Nov 12,  2014

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