The Silly Within Me


Hello my friends

How’s it going for ya?  It’s been a bouncy road these
last few weeks up this ways.  To start off with and get
it out of the way,  my tumor turned out to be cancer and
now I’m waiting for further info on what to do about it.
The doctor cut out a lot of it,  but not sure if more will
need to be cut out.  We’re waiting for test results.  So
that’s all that there is about that for now.  Now another
topic.  Last week our septic lines froze and I called our
landlord.  He came and started working on it at 7 PM
and it was in the single digits then.  He worked on into
the night until 3 AM.  It had gotten down to 0 F degrees.
He managed to get the septic line thawed and insulated
so it would not happen again,  but I was afraid Calvin
was gonna get frostbite and pneumonia.  He seemed to
be OK.  He came by early the next morning to see if
our toilets were still flushing.  I said yes and thanked
him.  I told him to go home now and get off of his ankle.
He slipped on the ice a week or so ago and broke it
and now has it in a brace.  He told me that he was sad
that I have cancer,  because we’re his favorite tenants.
He said we’re like family to him.  I told him that I don’t
think God is quite done with me yet,  so we’ll be here for
a while longer :).  Ok,  so what else is going on around
here?  My weather program says that we might get a
lot of snow this week starting Tuesday.  Right now it’s
21 F degrees at 2:15 PM.  That was the high for today.
The temperature should begin dropping soon to about
5 below zero by morning.  I’ve gotta go and check on
Benny to see if he’s done playing in the snow hehehe.
I’ll be back.  I’m back.  Benny was waiting for me on
the steps.  He followed me back in here.  Milo was
sleeping on my side of the bed with his head on my
pillow hehehe,  but when he saw Benny,  he followed
him in here and I gave them both a treat so that they
would leave me alone and let me finish writing LOL.
Yeppers,  they’re contented now.  Now back to my
rambling hehehe.  According to my weather program,
all of the snowing should commence around midnight
Monday night.  We shall see hehehe.  So far it’s been
a rather mild winter for us up here compared to our
previous winters.  BUT,  it’s far from over.  We still
have a few months of winter left and it could become
nasty LOL.  Benny and Milo are now lying in their
doggy beds right beside me.  Hopefully they’ll sleep
for a while 🙂  Benny just sat up as if he could hear
my thoughts LOL.  He’s now looking up at me with
his little toothy grin :).  Boy,  it’s sure windy outside.
That wind is blowing pretty strong.  I can almost feel
our house shake hehehe.  Ok,  so it is a little bit being
my PC monitor is rocking a tad LOL.  This is a single
wide mobile home after all hehehe.  We haven’t any
wind block and we are on a hill so we do get the brunt
of the wind.  The nearest trees to us are about a 1000
feet away and they aren’t in the direction that the wind
blows LOL.  We get most of our hardest winds from
the south which is right outside our front door and if
you’ve ever seen any of the pictures that I’ve taken
outside our front door,  you know that there is only
a field in front of us with trees way off in the distance.
Yeppers and the blowing snow tends to pile up right
outside in our driveway and against the house LOL.
There have been times that I had to go and open the
screen door every 30 or 40 minutes to keep the snow
from piling up against it and blocking us in hehehe.
It’s a life that you either get used to or move hehehe.
I actually don’t mind it as long as we have heating
oil to fuel our furnace hehehe.  The snow is pretty.
I love to watch it snow and will often go outside with
the boys and play in it.  Although with my health as
it has been recently, I haven’t done as much playing
as I’ve done in the past.  Benny is kind of noticing
it.  He looks at me like,  you used to stay out here
with me a lot longer 🙂  I always try to make up for
it when I can.  I’ll see how far I can walk out in the
field of snow before turning back LOL.  When I go
to check the mail,  Benny will often follow me.  Milo
will from time to time.  They are good boys.  They
know to not get in the road and to sit and wait for
me to get the mail and then head back to the house
with me.  I hope I have many more years to share
with Judy and the boys as well as all of you.  I do
enjoy sharing my thoughts with you.  It actually
helps me deal with the problems that come and go.
We all have problems.  Yours might seem worse
than others,  but if you really look around,  you
might find that there are a few that have problems
that just don’t wave a large flag saying I’m sick
or my life is a mess.  I’ve always tried to keep my
whining down to a bear minimum LOL.  I’d rather
make others smile.  That always makes me feel
better.  Knowing that I have made one of you to
feel a little better through my levity always brings
me joy.  Judy spends most of her time trying not
to look at me when I’m  being silly which is most
of the time hehehe.  She knows if she looks at me
that she’ll break up into tears laughing hehehe.
She often has tears in her eyes when she finally
turns around to face me LOL.  I often make up
silly lyrics to popular songs or little tunes you
hear on commercials.  I can’t help it,  it’s the
silly within me LOL.  I thank God for the silly
outlook that he has put inside me,  for if it were
not for that,  I might of never found the profound
poet inside my mind.  Look around you now and
find the laughable moments that you might have
overlooked.  Those times might help you to look
passed the sadness and find a smile.  God gives
us choices to either laugh,  cry,  smile or frown.
Often what we’re crying about is something that
we should just accept and move on and find the
laughter.  If a loved one dies,  then remember
the good times and you might find yourself with
a great big smile.  To be able to share the good
times with anybody is a blessing and memories
make those times live on as do those loved ones.
Keep the love alive inside your heart and share
it with others to make those memories never end.
Let the bad times fade from sight as the good
times are more highlighted.  Of course we all have
bad times,  but you can learn to let them be just
lessons learned and times that are no more and
move on.  Now I believe I have rambled quite
enough and it’s time for me to be searching for
a word or phrase within all of my rambling that I
can use for the title for today’s brand new poem.
So,  it’s away I go to that place of my recollection
that I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.
I believe I found a decent title not too for back.
and now after checking I see that it has not been
used YET,  so here it goes,  being used hehehe.

The Silly Within Me

With thinking there is
a story to say
that might be silly
which right now’s OK.
The silly within me
from things I remember
often become as
a smiles burning ember.
The sights and the sounds
that somehow begin
are maybe laughter
from the silly within.
My imagination
that often runs wild
the silly within me
is timeframes compiled.
Painted from the morsels
of smile giving days
the silly within me
is what that displays.
Even the bad times
from yesterdays glance
the silly within me
gives right now a chance.
With every minute
that my eyes can see
I try hard to find
the silly within me.
Yet many days are
much harder to smile,
but the silly within me
makes better a while.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 25,  2015

So there ya go.  I hope you enjoyed my rambling and
maybe even the poem LOL.  I know,  the poem’s not
that great,  but it’s all that my tiny brain thought of 🙂
I never have a clue of what I am going to write.  The
title often takes off with a life of its own as I type the
words hehehe.  It’s 16 F degrees right now at 4 PM 🙂
Yeppers,  the temperature is dropping and that wind
is still a blowing.  LOL my monitor almost looks like
a really weak pendulum as it swishes back and forth
keeping time with the breeze hehehehehehehehehe.
That ain’t no breeze.  That there be a freaking gust 🙂
LOL and it be,  Rocking me gently,  rocking slowly,
don’t ya know that’s how it blows.  Yea that wind’s
sure blowing this home around LOL.  Oops,  I found
once again the silly within me hehehe.  Anyways,
it looks like Milo will be needing to go pee being
he’s over there drinking water and that boy has
a small bladder LOL.  Oh well,  I reckon it’s time
for me to be telling you what I tell you almost every
week and that is,  I wrote some more poems and
haiku.  Yep,  10 more poems with one of the being
sort of Christmassy.  Also I wrote once again 22
haiku for all of my haiku lovers,  but I accidently
wrote one extra,  so there are 23 this week LOL.
Well,  ain’t I surprised!  Milo didn’t have to go out
and go potty this time.  He went right back to his
bed and laid down.  So,  I guess I can begin my
search for that not so elusive off switch,  but not
before I wish you a most wonderful weekend and
a blessings filled week.  Remember,  Jesus loves
you and we do too.  Now,  where is that dad gum
off switch hiding this time?  Hey,  you’re getting
pretty good at hiding.  I almost didn’t see you
there hiding behind my escape key hehehehe.
I said getting good as sort of an insult to ya if
you didn’t quite get the concept hehehehehehe.
Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill.  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 +1 hehehehehehehehe 🙂

Time Marches On

Where many are walking
their footsteps will find
things they remember
from time after time.
As time marches on
and now meets tomorrow
we might find moments
that are filled with sorrow.
Yet we have choices
to change now today
how that we view things
in their wondrous way.
Time becomes windows
with us looking out
learning some lessons
and what they’re about.
We have a pathway
that soon will be gone
when we’re in Heaven
and time marches on.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

A Snowflake Will Fall

With winters passion
comes snowflakes rejoice
speaking as doorways
with a white sort of voice.
Magical wonderful
scenes become found
as snowflakes will fall
and land on the ground.
One by one snowflakes
become as a painting
falling from the sky
that I’m not complaining.
For every snowflake
creates its own view
that which a snowflake
will most surely do.
Sometimes the snow mounds
are found oh so tall
within the moments
a snowflake will fall.
Particular pathways
are found day and night
as a snowflake will fall
to make such a sight.
Maybe as pictures
that only you see
a snowflake will fall
so delicately.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Within A Cloud

A sky of blue
holds fluffy shrouds
found within
some passing clouds.
Within a cloud
the magic starts
making pictures
time imparts.
Some as grey clouds
some as white
within a cloud
holds greatest sight.
Scenes transposing
views to see
within a cloud
a slight degree.
Stories written
day to day
within a cloud
is great display.
Painted loosely
in the sky
as the clouds all
float on by.
Within a cloud
the time begins
brought together
with the winds.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Another Moment

When time on Earth
is found at end
another moment
is around the bend.
All the problems
health displays
another moment
shines its ways.
Heavens doorway
gives us all
another moment
to stand tall.
It makes passed days
another moment
bad and good.
Let God’s glory
shine His Son
another moment
said and done.
Let your lifestyle
show true love
another moment
from above.
Don’t let passed days
just be found
another moment
comes around.
Chances choices
can become
another moment
said and done.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

I Can Recall

My life has been
so many things
some as nightmares
some as dreams.
I can recall
the yesterdays
that my life seemed
only greys.
My life’s moved on
from then and there
I can recall
from disrepair.
The choices I chose
or did not choose
showed me how
to win and lose.
The many times
of life’s Earthquakes
I can recall
so many mistakes.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

The Rooftop White

With snow a falling
winter’s bringing
winters winds
just blowing singing.
Then as snowflakes
gather around
some land high
and some the ground.
On our rooftop
snow is landing
giving more
a place for standing.
It then becomes
a distant sight
a rooftop white.
As ones pass by
they can see
the rooftop white
a slight degree.
Snowflakes landing
gathering true
to make the rooftop
white to view.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Timid Waters

Beneath the ice
holds waters deep
breathing moments
that might seep.
Timid waters
rushing through
beneath the ice
of winters hue.
Flowing going
but not seen
timid waters
Displayed as ice
on top to see
timid waters
are so free.
Currents driving
winters ways
timid waters
then  emblaze.
As the ice then
loses hold
timid waters
then unfold.
Bringing forth
a sight to see
timid waters
running free.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

The Lighter Side

When problems come
through days ahead
you might find
you only dread,
but the lighter
side of days
can be with a
different gaze
Looking for the
better times
and not just
the days land mines.
The lighter side
of problems found
might hold laughter
sight and sound.
Look beyond the
troubled views
and then find
some better news.
Silly thinking
might preside
to some laughter
the lighter side.
Of course keep mind
of what that’s true,
but keep the lighter
side in you.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Looking Back Christmas

With decades ago
comes times I remember
looking back Christmas
found in December.
When I was younger
and time only showed
Christmases found with
a much lesser load.
Looking back Christmas
brings me to find
times that my journeys
were peace of mind.
With all the memories
comes greater days
looking back Christmas
through all the greys.
My life has found joyful
now that is seen
looking back Christmas
now is a dream.
Winters own portholes
become such a sight
looking back Christmas
that now I delight.
I know now that Christmas
is what lives inside
looking back now days
with Jesus applied.
Peaceful comes bountiful
as I impart
looking back Christmas
with a God beating heart.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

Little Lantern

When the lights have
ceased to shine
little lantern
you’re so fine.
For when darkness
comes within
little lantern
you begin.
We are thankful
in the night
little lantern
with your light.
For when troubles
come our way
little lantern
you display.
Power lines will
often break
leaving us
found wide awake.
So little lantern
we are proud
with you here
your light endowed.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

for Jan 24,  2015

As we walk forwards
we leave footprints in our wake
that others will see.

Sometimes our journeys
are connected to others
that we do not see.

Patience is hard
when the obvious is seen
leaving you waiting.

Pointless is wishing
when the wishes are empty
without any good.

Losing direction
can often find you lessons
that you have needed.

Because becomes said
often when we have no clue
of the best answer.

Looking for peaceful
needs you to search from within
as a breath that’s breathed.

When death comes knocking
greet it with a smile of peace
for Heaven awaits.

Allowing anger
to control all that you do
will cause much regret.

Now’s but a shadow
of yesterdays that are gone,
that we’ve maybe changed.

When life gives lemons
let it help you remember
all of the good times.

A dog found barking
is often trying to talk
or then maybe not.

Mind set illusions
will often find a desert
with cactus thinking.

Winter winds subside
when its season has moved on
leaving us springtime.

A journey might  fail
when each footstep is a ghost
hidden in our fears.

Change is direction
needed for us to let go
of our passed mistakes.

Looking for mistakes
in the people that you see
might show you your own.

The wealth of others
has no bearing on your life
but that of wanting.

Belief in Jesus
will not get you in Heaven
for you must love Him.

With our coming death
a new life will then blossom
as angels are born.

Sometimes our mistakes
will turn into our blessings
as time moves onwards.

The truth that is said
will often be hard to hear
due to our choices.

Love will come alive
as your heart allows Jesus
to stoke the fire.

©By Bill Pearce
Jan 24,  2015

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