Filled With His Dazzles


Hello my friends

I hope your passed week has been well and your weekend
has not been too stressful.  Judy and I have been doing OK.
Benny and Milo are being ornery as ever LOL.  Milo had to
go to the vet Friday and get his shots.  Now he is up to date
the same as Benny.  The weather has seemed to of calmed
down a little bit up here.  Right now it’s 28 F degrees,  but
this morning it was –8 F degrees.  That’s still not too awful
bad.  The snowing has calmed down for the moment.  I don’t
see much snow for the next few days.  Just a few inches or
so tonight through Monday morning and maybe a little bit
Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.  Time will tell!
Yeppers,  the old snowmaker is taking a breather or so it
seems.  We still have tons of that white stuff outside and
every time we look outside without sunshades we go snow
blind.  Yep,  that’s quite a mirror out there hehehe.  Mister
Sun shines brightly on it 🙂  Even the moon makes night like
day as it’s light is reflected off of the snow.  On a clear night
who needs a porch light?  Not us hehehe!  We do have to
watch our step as we walk down the steps,  because there
is often ice on them.  especially at the bottom of the steps
where the snow has refroze and turned to ice.  I know :),
you’re saying isn’t snow already ice?  Yes it is,  but in its
snow based flake form,  it isn’t slick to walk on,  but when
it has melted slightly due to the sunlight and then refroze
it becomes that old slick and slippery ice that causes ones
to slip and slide and fall on their butts like I’ve done a few
times hehehe.  I was walking Milo outside the vets office
so he could go potty and he led me to a place that didn’t
look that bad,  but when my feet landed on it I found out
that it was no longer just snow,  but a thin sheet of ice and
my feet went sliding causing me to fall and land flat on my
backside LOL OUCH.  I’m OK,  it’s not the first time that
I have done that.  I might of been wearing my cleats if we
had been at home,  but cleats are real hard on floor mats
so I don’t wear them in the car.  Also if I had been aware
of that slick spot I would have stayed in the snow hehehe.
He apparently did not need to potty.  He was just wanting
to explore.  We were done at the vet and were ready to
head home.  He was just scratching at the car door and
all like he needed to go potty,  but nope.  Just wanted to
look around and watch daddy fall on his butt hehehehe.
Benny and Milo are lying in the floor next to me sound
asleep.  Judy is over at her sister’s house as she is almost
every Sunday taking care of her mom while Judy’s sister
Trudy goes to work.  It actually makes it easy for me to
do my writing hehehe.  When she’s home,  Milo begins
barking at her for treats.  LOL he knows he’ll get yelled
at if he does that to me especially when I am busy,  but
he knows mom will give in and give them both a treat :).
I will if I’m not busy at the moment,  otherwise they will
just have to wait.  They’re good boys, when they want to
be ;).  Ok next topic.  It looks like we will be able to get
our car fixed this month,  of course,  that’s if they don’t
all of the sudden say that it will cost more than they had
estimated.  Then again it will have to wait,  but we are
hoping that we can finally get the driver side door fixed
where we don’t have to open it from the inside hehehe.
That is such a pain.  Yep,  it will be nice to get that fixed.
So what else is there to yammer about?  It looks like it
could snow at any moment.  I do love to watch it snow 🙂
It gives me a calming sensation of course unless it’s a
blizzard and I’m having to walk to the mailbox in it LOL.
Then it is a blinding sort of stinging sensation hehehehe.
Gotta check the mail,  because who knows,  the mailbox
might be plowed under by a snowplow and I might not
be able to get to it if I wait hehehe.  The wonderful life
of Northern Maine 🙂  Yes there are a few struggles to
go through,  but then anywhere you live there are a few
things that you might not want to deal with.  I learned
through my dads guidance how to look for the blessings.
Anywhere you go,  you can find problems,  but if you
look with better eyes you can also find the moments
that make it all worth while.  I love the snow and I love
to watch the plants come alive when winter has finally
ended.  I also love to watch the fall colors become as
a painting from God filled with His dazzles.  With each
season comes more blessings to find.  Sometimes we
might miss them due to a dark cloud overhead that is
then your only perception.  Look passed the problems
and find the joy that is so often mistaken for a passing
day.  My daddy always told me that if things are not
going my way then go look in the mirror and find the
reason and change it.  Often it’s just the way that we
are viewing a moment and not the moment in itself.
If you see a dark cloud,  then look for the rainbow.
It might be right in front of your face.  Many have
health issues and there is always someone that has
worse problems than you,  but they are making it.
Find the joy within a blue sky or a snowflake falling.
Look beyond the clouds of grey and find the silver
lining.  Sometimes all you need to do is look in the
mirror and smile.  When you see yourself smiling
back in the mirror it might spawn a real true smile.
Learn to love yourself.  If you don’t love yourself,
how can you expect others to truly love you?  I will
often stand in front of the mirror and say to myself,
get over it,  yes you have problems,  but you’re not
alone.  I can often hear  my daddy’s words echoing
back at me saying Bill,  home can be anywhere you
might be at the moment,  so be happy where you
are.  Welcome Home!   Yep,  my dad gave me a lot
of great advice.  🙂 He might of thought I wasn’t
listening,  but I heard him Loud and Clear hehehe.
I miss my dad,  but I talk to him always and I can
often hear his voice talking to me.  Thank You
God for allowing me to be raised in a home blessed
with a Christian mom,  dad and sister that became
more than a family.  We became friends.  So now
I believe it’s time for me to be taking my little
venture back through I that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem and
so I am off.  Headed back hunting through all of
my recollections.  It’s away to that place that I
always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE.  I think
I found a decent title as I strolled about halfway
back through all my rambling.  Now after checking
to see if it has been used or not,  I find that it has
not been used,  so now it shall be used.  Here goes!

Filled With His Dazzles

When life’s with burdens
worn to mere frazzles
it can be better when
filled with His dazzles.
The stars up above us
that twinkle and shine
can turn a moment
from water to wine.
Filled with His dazzles
as each moments seen
God can turn nightmares
into a great dream.
Losing what’s worried
in prayer driven whiles
can turn your frowning
into greater smiles.
Filled with His dazzles
are times we’ve forgotten
that are the moments then
seemed as just rotten.
Yet all the bad times
of yesterdays page
might make today now
shine on the stage.
For as compared to
passed days of frazzles
we can see better then
filled with His dazzles.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 1,  2015

There ya go.  Ok,  you might not of understood the poem,
but I hope you at least enjoyed my rambling and had a clue
of what I was talking about LOL.  It was so nice and quiet
in here,  but Benny just broke the silence when he heard
a truck and he began barking at it as he ran for the front
door :).  Hey,  he’s a dog,  dogs bark.  If he could talk I’m
pretty sure he would be saying,  “I heard a truck. Did you
hear the truck?  I heard its motor.  Did you hear its motor?
Hey dad,  did you hear the truck?  Come and look and see
if it is coming here.  Dad,  did you hear the truck,  etc etc”?
LOL,  I’m not sure I want him to be able to talk hehehehe.
He might have things to say that right now he can see that
makes no sense to us through his barking so he only barks
when he thinks we really need to look LOL.  Milo barks on
mostly just 4 occasions.  1- when he needs to go out and
potty.  2- when he is ready to come back inside.  3- when
he wants a treat or food.  4- when he thinks Benny is onto
something and he joins in barking with him.  That about
covers it hehehe.  Benny barks at Milo to get him to play
with him :).  It’s a strange place here at the Pearce’s place,
but we love it.  Both of the boys are once again lying in
the floor right behind and beside me.  I’m surrounded 🙂
Milo drags his bed around the room most times to get
closer to either Judy or I and often to get closer to Benny.
I thank God for giving them to us and filling our home
with joy.  I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I tell
you almost every week and that is,  I wrote some more
poems and haiku.  Yeppers,  10 more poems and 22 more
haiku for all of my haiku lovers out there.  Now I believe
it’s time for me to begin my search for that not so great
at hiding off switch,  but not before I wish you a most
wonderful and blessed weekend or whatever is left of
it and a truly blessings filled week. Remember,  Jesus
loves you and we do too.  Now,  where’s that freaken
off switch hiding this week?  Ok,  I think I see ya in
the floor right behind my Cheetos.  I might not of seen
ya if you hadn’t of been trying to sneak some out of
the bag :).  Gotcha,  see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill,  Judy,  Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

The Hermit

One stands in sands
of timeless days
the hermit is found
in so many ways.
Maybe not clearly
as ones would surmise
the hermit stands
in sands they devise.
They might be there
right in front of you
the lonely one
you thought you knew.
Their footprints made
might hide away
what the hermit
might or may.
A solitary man
or woman of time
might be the hermit
inside of their mind.
Even amongst others
they might stand alone
this person of time
that many thought known.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Faces Of Home

Doorways we’ve entered
and hung up our hat
turned into home
with a warm welcome mat.
Faces of home then
began a phase
stories well written
for upcoming days.
Seasons found changing
are what that are seen
in faces of home with
a nightmare and dream.
Often the days will
disclose certain views
in faces of home that
have worn out shoes.
Even the doorways
that ones will begin
the faces of home will
welcome them in.
It is inside us
where home does reside
with faces of home
where we walk inside.
Hanging our hat up
and coat that we wear
faces of home can
be anywhere.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Canopy Of Stars

The sky of the nighttime
with Venus and Mars
is filled so full of
a canopy of stars.
The worlds relations
to this greatest sight
is that of a painting
that’s found in the night.
A canopy of Stars
that twinkles thereunto
is found each clear night
as a wonderful view.
A painting that’s painted
by magical hands
that’s of God’s artwork
that surely withstands.
The times everlasting
that we’ve always known
is a canopy of stars
some see all alone.
Some look up at night
and find their own place
smiling from the Heavens
right down on their face.
For even loneliness
Venus and Mars
gives ones some comfort from
a canopy of stars.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Winter’s Morning

With cold winds blowing
beginning each day
a winter’s morning is
every which way.
The sun arises
with a seasonal hue
as a winter’s morning
with a sky maybe blue.
Maybe some clouds will
form in the sky
of a winter’s morning
with snowflakes to fly.
White flakes of winter
then fall to the ground
of a winter’s morning
by dawn to be found.
Seasonal pages then
turn oh so fine
of a winter’s morning
with greater design.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Sapphire Days

A sky of blues
or maybe greys
might disclose
some bright sunrays.
The stage that’s seen
morning to night
could become
a wonderful sight.
With sapphire days
and bluish skies
we might be found
with how’s and why’s.
Some illusions
might be seen
in the clouds
a submarine.
Sapphire days
of blue details
within the clouds
a ship with sails.
All the changes
of which amaze
are found within
those sapphire days.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Glistening Lake

A scene that I’m seeing
that my eyes partake
might be some ice
on a glistening lake.
Reflecting as echoes
more than just twice
a glistening lake
is patterned with ice.
When the sun’s shining
on its wondrous view
the lake then becomes
a glistening hue.
Acting like a mirror
of waters that shine
the lake is then found
as an ice driven shrine.
Holding within it
some waters awake
is a wintertime scene
of a glistening lake.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

Spirit Of Trees

Some winds found blowing
might seem as the seas
within the forest
of a spirit of trees.
Waving their branches
as the wind blows
the spirit of trees
just grows and grows.
They show their directions
of every which way
the wind that’s blowing
of now and today.
The spirit of trees
is found day and night
relaying status
of each ways delight.
They seem to tell us
the words oh so clear
as spirit of trees
of our yesteryear.
Look deep within them
and search for some words
in the spirit of trees
for the flutter of birds.
You’ll then awaken
to see in the breeze
the true life that lives
in the spirit of trees.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Touch Without Touch

Living in a world
a touch without touch
seeking to find things
maybe not much.
Touching with our eyes,
but our fingers don’t know
a touch without touch
of how things bestow.
Life in a bubble
without any feeling
brings ones a sky
with a low ceiling.
Looking for passion
without getting near
could become lonely
and not so sincere.
Painting a picture
of not very much
is what that happens
a touch without touch.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28, 2015

Beyond The Lakes

Way beyond
the view I see
is a sight
for you and me.
Beyond the lakes
of fields of dreams
we might find
so many things.
A magical place
of here and there
might come alive
most everywhere.
Beyond the lakes
of our own sights
the stars might shine
in distant nights.
The memories
of give and takes
might find good
beyond the lakes.
Worthwhile scenes
of which we find
beyond the lakes
might then unwind.
Way beyond
the things we see
might be better
things to be.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

A Frozen Pond

Tomorrows story
found at dawn
might just be
a frozen pond.
A story told
in winter’s way
a frozen pond
might then display.
The seasons winds
will blow across
a frozen pond
of movement loss.
The depth of time
of waters wave
a frozen pond
does not display.
It only shows
an icy glance
where someone
can sing and dance.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

for Feb 28,  2015

When some storms blow in
let the lessons of the past
show peace in the clouds.

Life is a journey
that we all might stumble on
as many mistakes.

Legions of shadows
follow us from yesterdays
that we’ve forgotten.

The depth of oceans
holds our imaginations
and some might be real.

Looking deep in time
you might see yourself standing
amidst some quicksand.

Lowering standards
could cost your integrity
and lose who you are.

Truthful awakens
when lying has met its match
and you are exposed.

Living in a dream
could become as a nightmare
when you awaken.

If now is denied
it can become good or bad.
It depends on truth.

Seeking tomorrow
might display a few roadblocks,
but vanish when there.

Acting like a fool
might become what some perceive
as who that you are.

Dreaming of summer
shouldn’t lose track of today
and what to enjoy.

Paying someone back
for an ill deed that they’ve done
might come back on you.

Allowing a moment
to be all that you can be
could cause you to sink.

Journeys of many
becomes as footsteps followed
repeating mistakes.

Morning comes shining
even if there are some clouds
hiding the sunshine.

As time moves onwards
it leaves pieces of itself
within our shadows.

Another’s wisdom
might seem as stupidity
as you’re viewing it.

Having and holding
could one day need letting go
to have once again.

More than yesterday
are the things that we have learned
and grown much wiser.

A tiny anthill
has many ants inside it
working together.

Life is a pathway
that we choose our right and wrong
while seeing results.

©By Bill Pearce
Feb 28,  2015

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