Just Accept What That Is


Hello my friends

It’s snowing vigorously at the moment :). I had to go
out and shovel our steps and part of our driveway so
that the boys could go potty. Milo tried to go out and
pee a few hours ago and couldn’t get beyond the first
step LOL. I walked out to check the mail before I did
the shoveling and that was a chore. The snow all the
way to the mailbox was at least a foot or more deep 🙂
The roads looked nasty. It’s whiteout conditions and
so Judy didn’t have to go to her sister’s house to take
care of her mom being Judy’s sister didn’t go to work
either hehehe. My old back is aching right now from
shoveling snow. While I was outside shoveling, Benny
and Milo came out to go potty and Benny was so happy
that he stayed out with me waiting for me to finish. He
was jumping up on my leg wanting me to pet him LOL.
Judy took a few pictures of me shoveling and Benny
jumping up wanting me to pet him. Although it was
a little hard to shovel and pet him at the same time 😉
When walking to the mailbox I took a video there and
back. In the mean time my right hand that had no glove
on it got a little frozen being I needed it free to use my
camera and can’t work the buttons with my glove on.
Judy was rinsing out soda cans and I borrowed the
water faucet for a brief to thaw out my fingers hehehe.
So yes it is snowing and I see no sign of it stopping
any time soon. It looks like it may snow on through
the night and it’s supposed to snow again Tuesday 🙂
I don’t mind the snow as long as we haven’t gotta go
no where or I haven’t gotta shovel too much, but it’s
looking like I may have to go and shovel again being
it’s snowing so heavily and the winds blowing so much.
We’ve already gotten well over a foot of snow today.
With that added to what we already had, there’s a
few megatons of snow out there hehehe. It’s hard to
believe that spring is just 5 days away LOL. Nope it
shows no sign of it up here. Oh yea, my Windows 8
PC died and I have to send it to my friend at Century
Computer in Texas to have it fixed, so in the mean
time my reliable Windows XP will be doing all of the
work. Many of my poems and journals are on my
Windows 8 PC so I can’t really check too well to see
if I have duplicate poem titles, but I can check on
what I have on this PC. Hopefully they can get my
Windows 8 PC fixed, because it has many of my old
family pictures on it not to mention many of my poems
that I haven’t got on this PC. Reason being, Windows
8 Windows Live mail is not compatible with Outlook
Express and no way that I’ve found that I can move
them to Outlook Express. Oh well, life goes on 🙂
So, what all has happened this passed week? That’s
a good question! Our landlord finally made it over to
sort of fix our front storm door to where it will shut.
It’s far from perfect, but it will do till he can get back
and fix it better. My tummy’s grumbling. I haven’t
eaten yet today. I had another rough morning with
my stomach and allergies so I didn’t feel like eating
when Judy ate this morning. Of course the reason she
was eating this morning was because she was planning
on heading over to her sister’s house up until she got
a message from her saying forget it, because she’s
not getting out in this mess LOL. After Judy saw how
bad it was getting, she was glad that she didn’t have
to go out in the mess hehehe. I just heard the snow
plows head down the road again. They’ll be busy all
evening the way that it’s snowing, because when I
walked out to the mailbox and headed back, I couldn’t
tell where I had walked. All my tracks had already
disappeared. As I look out the window right now it
looks like it hasn’t eased up any on the snowing LOL.
The wind is still blowing pretty heavily also. Yep 🙂
it looks like I will have to go out and shovel again so
that the boys can get out to go potty. Milo is right
behind me eating some dried dog food and Benny is
lying down right beside him waiting his turn hehehe.
Milo got done and now Benny is eating. There are
3 pans of dried food, but the silly boys seems to
always eat from the same pan. If Milo eats from
another Benny will wait right behind kind of like
monkey see, monkey do hehehe. Benny will eat
anything that Milo eats LOL. Before we got Milo
we couldn’t get Benny to eat a few dried foods and a
few other dog foods, but now if he sees Milo eating
it he figures it must be good, so give him some LOL.
They’re both lying down in the floor sleeping now.
I think I need to change out my keyboards. This
PC has a smaller keyboard than I am used to and
it makes it a bit difficult with my big hands. My old
fingers tend to hit 2 keys at a time being the buttons
are so small. Plus the fact this keyboard is BLACK.
The keyboard that I am used to typing on is a white
Labtec and the buttons are twice the size hehehe.
Every freaking time I try to hit the enter button on
this keyboard I end up hitting the buttons above or
below which above is the brackets and below is the
shift button hehehe. So, as soon as I get my other
PC unplugged and packed for delivery I’ll be also
switching out the keyboards until the day that I get
my PC back from Texas. Then I will be switching
my big monitor and keyboard back to it. For the
mean time this will do. It seems our home is still
alive and well and God is still looking out for us.
We have our share of struggles, but nothing like
what we see many others dealing with. There is
always someone worse off than you, but they may
not see it that way. It’s the owner of the problems
that puts and value of their struggles. Yet, if we
would more times just accept what that is there
we might not view the problems as large as they
might of seemed. Let God show you all of the
blessings that you may have been overlooking
due to your own shortsightedness. Look at the
grand picture. Find all of the joy that you have
experienced and rekindle it in your mind. Often
it’s just our perception that determines the grand
scale of our problems. Often someone else might
look at your life and say, you are so very lucky.
Find the blessings and don’t stay focused on the
bad times. Now I believe I need to take my little
venture back through all that I’ve written here to
see if I can find a good word or phrase that I can
use for the title for today’s brand new poem. So
it’s away I go to that place of my recollection that
I always like to call RECOLLECT VILLE. Hmm,
it seems I may have found a title that I haven’t
already used, so let’s give it a try hehehehehe.
Here goes

Just Accept What That Is

So often we will worry
and struggle hard to find
a portion of a moment
with a little peace of mind.
Just accept what that is
for so often that’s the case
that will show you the blessings
from your daily rat race.
So many will be found just
looking at their troubles
and making them much larger
as they display their doubles.
The windows of acceptance
will most often give a way
to find you some peacefulness
day after day.
So, don’t always be looking
at the problems in place,
just accept what that is
and find a smile on your face.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 15, 2015

Yes, I wrote that to myself LOL as I do many of my
poems. Hopefully it will help you as well. There are
a ton of things that are out of my grasp for fixing so
I need to accept them as they are and find the many
blessings that God has given me and be happy. I’m sure
that many of you have problems dealing with things
out of your control as well. Hehehe I have to face the
fact that it will still be snowing come spring time LOL.
I don’t mind it, but I’m not looking forward to all of
the slush that will follow when the snow starts to melt.
Yuck! Forget about washing the car LOL. It’ll just
get messy once you drive out of the car wash hehehe.
Anyways, there’s not much else to tell ya. We live
such an exciting life hehehe. So I reckon it’s time
for me to tell you what I tell you almost every week
and that is, I wrote some more poems and haiku 🙂
Yeppers, 10 more poems and 22 haiku for all of my
haiku lovers out there. Nope no Christmas poems
this week LOL. Maybe next week. So with that said
I guess I need to start my search for that confounded
off switch, but not before I wish you a most joyful
weekend or whatever is left of it and a blessings filled
week. Remember, Jesus loves you and we do too.
OK, so where is that off switch hiding this time????
I see ya you silly little varmint. Hiding on top of my
messed up PC won’t save you. You keep hanging your
legs over the side of it kicking them as if I won’t see
it LOL. Gotcha, see ya CLICK zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

God bless from Bill, Judy, Benny and Milo Pearce

Now on with the poems and haiku
10 and 22 hehehehehehehehehehe 🙂

Tomorrow’s Gaze

With sights and sounds
from other days
we might just find
tomorrow’s gaze.
Found inside
a moments glance
there might be
some song and dance.
Many a moment
of time in view
might be things
we thought so true.
Tomorrow’s gaze
could become seen
more than merely
just a dream.
Pathways written
distant days
might be inside
tomorrow’s gaze.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

A Kiss of Winter

As days bring forth
a kiss of winter
the time ticks on
for spring to enter.
Scenes begin their
changing ways
a kiss of winter
then just fades.
Leaving echoes
scenes to shine
a little snow
from wintertime.
A kiss of winter
soon becomes
a kiss of spring
to summers sun.
Each kiss fondly
displays true
it’s own timely
seasons view.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Disheartened Plans

When things go wrong
and plans are blown
don’t just sit
and grunt and groan.
Seek a better
place in time
for a smile
to surely find.
Think of good times
surely so
not disheartened
filled with woe.
For we’re surely
of a few times
dismal seed.
So don’t let your
can’t and cans
be filled with
disheartened plans.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Not Forgotten

Soon our journeys
will end true
leaving others
our own view.
Not forgotten
when we die
we are beacons
in the sky.
Ones might wonder
how and when
not forgotten
does begin,
but the answers
are with God
even though some
might seem odd.
Not forgotten
pages turn
with some lessons
we’ll discern.
Maybe not so
great to see,
but they still
teach you and me.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Life Begins

With a heartbeat
life begins
then in time
it surely ends.
That’s our lives
with passing time
life begins
as yours and mine.
Each with prospect
soon to see
life begins
to be what’ll be.
Days of yonder
began so
that through Jesus
surely grow.
Lessons painted
loss and wins
is what’s learned
when life begins.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Winter Lives

With snow of March
that time derives
winter lives
somehow survives.
Mornings gazing
brings to view
scenes we’re seeing
Winter lives
as flakes of white
way up here
each day and night.
March has hidden
springs detail
as some snowflakes
then set sail.
Winter lives
as life moves on
then until
its time is gone.
Here in Maine
winds whirl and whiz,
for in March then
winter lives.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Turbulent Thoughts

While in alone ville
I have time to think
the turbulent thoughts
of time frames to drink.
Found in a river
of thoughts long ago
the turbulent thoughts
continue to grow.
Seasons of footsteps
paving a way
the river of time is
day after day.
Turbulent thoughts
from alone villes design
then come alive
and surely unwind.
Finding the good times
from what was thought lost
this is alone villes
turbulent thoughts.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

Waiting On God

Often we’ll hurry
and worry alot
while waiting on God
we’ve surely forgot.
Many things happen
as our mysteries
sometimes as calm
and then crashing seas.
Patiently waiting
will often be found
with many blessings
that God sends around.
Yet often hurry
will lead us astray
when we’re not waiting
for God to display.
Lessons are endless
with time frames abroad
and often it’s better when
waiting on God.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

A Snow Looking Cloud

A day looking upwards
brings clouds looking down
and a snow looking cloud
that’s spreading around.
Snowflakes of journeys
are gathering true
as a snow looking cloud
just adds to my view.
Seasonal winds blow
with moments quite proud
as I look upward
at a snow looking cloud.
The pages of journals
from its history
a snow looking cloud
creates what I see.
Scenes so transfixing
as I look around
are a snow looking cloud
that right now looks down.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

My Flashlight

The dark of night’s
not dark at all
as my flashlight
helps recall.
Lighting pathways
here and there
yes my flashlight
shines a glare.
No the darkness
cannot when
for my flashlight’s
never dim.
It shines brightly
in the night
with its little
beam of light.
There’s no shadows
that scare me,
for my flashlight
helps me see.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

for Mar 14, 2015

Without a moment
life has a very slim chance
for learning lessons.

When looking upwards
you might see a few snowflakes
or maybe some rain.

One that’s a liar
could find himself being caught
as truth is displayed.

Halfway to today
could find a few thoughts at night
filled with some regrets.

As the day finds end
many thoughts might come alive
asking some questions.

Nobody’s perfect
for we are all imperfect,
but perfect to God.

Looks of another
might not show their true colors.
Don’t be quick to judge.

Painting a picture
can be done with memories
found in a moment.

The depth of your heart
will display as time goes by
either shallow or deep.

Without some windows
there’s so much that we would miss
without stepping out.

Time can be funny
as it ticks on with laughter
and maybe some frowns.

A paper story
can be wadded up and burned,
so make it as heard.

Nearing tomorrow
finds episodes imagined
that may not come true.

Beyond a snowflake
is a wintery turnstile
filled with some breezes.

A brick laid fireplace
displays a chimney so high
with smoke flowing out.

Loss of a loved one
could create an empty void,
but God intervenes.

Finding a footprint
could disclose a good pathway
or maybe not so.

Life in misery
will often find you alone
if you whine too much.

Belief in others
can open a door to yourself
as you look beyond.

Pointless perception
might find you standing alone
because no one cares.

Love can be splendor
if it’s truly from the heart
and not just shallow.

Minutes show seconds
that many might overlook
due to the hours.

©By Bill Pearce
Mar 14, 2015

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